Barbados – More About Pig-food Than Paideia

Submitted by Pachamama

The Black-African trained, philosopher, Plato concluded that Greek education was only ‘fit for pigs’. Another Greek, Socrates, also educated in Kemet, considered paideia, or deep education, as singularly worthwhile. Both Plato and Socrates were educated for decades at the feet of Black-African scholars. From the Pre-Dynastic Period to the 30th Dynasty, these were the inventors of the foundations of all knowledge. For example, the first script known to man, the Medu Netcher.

Modern Barbados represents the pigpen of a Greek miseducation as circuitously routed through the Sumerians, Phoenicians, Romans and Anglo-Saxons, with diversions. So Greek education has become Western education and the stench emanating from its pigpen is now making it impossible for average people to survive, throughout the world.

Any independent observer of world affairs cannot avoid certain fundamental conclusions. These must include the reality that western civilization, if it ever was, is at its nadir. There is indeed an emerging ‘consensus’ that any development beyond this point could only be in the areas of inter-planetary industrialization, 5-G technologies, cyber security, artificial intelligence (AI) etc. All undergird by a vicious, rapacious, financialization of economy as manifested recently by Courts Barbados Ltd establishing a financial arm. Most corporations of any substance now have either a bank, a shadow bank, a hedge fund and/or a finance company to engage in what Sambbo, Ptah, deemed to be ungodly – making money from money. Up to 95% of corporate profits are now coming from investments in financial instruments. Bricks and mortar entities are now, more and more, used in mobilization. Mottley should be aware that crypto-currencies represent a bubble which will be the first to see deep reversals, as has happened already, and they should be avoided at all cost. Also, we see no measurement in her BERT of the galloping de-dollarization movement throughout the world. Since MAM seems to believe herself as the darling of the IMF maybe she should demand to repay them in Barbados dollars.

But for Owen Seymour Arthur (OSA) to suggest a development model of the kind he misled this country with for 14 years borders on treason. For Hilary McDonald Beckles and the UWI, which is the preeminent industrial producer of pig food, according to Plato, to sanctify Arthur’s work with a professorship is worthy of the ultimate fate. Nobody, including OSA or anybody else at the UWI, can explain to the peoples of this region the workings of a financialized economy, yet professorships can be awarded. The elites of our region have never failed to find the flimsiest justifications for their useless existences. Who is not a professor, is a doctor, a legend, a knight, a dame, a QC, a blog master, or some pig shiite! Titles and entitlements are the names of their games; all are useless claims to fame for elite forces on all sides.

And Plato’s pig food has not seeped, it has flooded, the new Barbados Labour Party government of Mia Amor Mottley (MAM), with its, all-powerful, one-party, statist regime, masquerading as democracy. On a point of full disclosure, we must admit that Mottley has brought a distinctively different texture of ‘leadership’ to government. We are afraid however that the early signs seem to indicate that there was no real ‘Mottley revolution’ as Hilary McDonald Beckles self-servingly mouthed days after her resounding electoral victory. What we witnessed was no more than the pig food of political marketing as made infamous by Edward Bernays, Lippmann and their Joseph Goebbels. More worrying is Mottley’s insistence that a team of ‘economic advisors’ led by a Kevin Greenidge, an agent of the Atlanticists, Clyde Mascoll, a man too well-rooted in theories which have delivered antidevelopment to the South and Avinash Persaud, a real-real false ‘professor’, are to be the ‘corporate undertakers’ for Barbados. It is a team which has not a clue about the workings of a degenerative capitalist system or the financialization of economy as an end-stage manifestation. A team which has the temerity to advise the hapless people of Barbados that a BERT plan could bring deliverance, in the medium-term, while failing to adequately measure the impending deep corrections within leading economies which will be worse than 2008 by orders of magnitude, as we have long predicted, and as others are only now starting to say will occur before the end of 2019. Why has a guillotine not been appropriately erected, as an instrument for radical transformation? For the “T’ in BERT is for tinkering! How is it possible to have transformation without the long-denied land appropriation? How could the merchants of pig food, with a straight face, continue to insist that the debt owed our ancestors is to be put at their (his) disposal but never is there a demand for land appropriation? The elites in Barbados are all kef and kin. There are no differences between Beckles, Arthur, Cow Williams, Bizzy Williams, Charles Herbert and Joseph Atherley. They are all the same swine seeking pig food from the public’s purse.

The so-called Leader of the Opposition, Joseph Atherley, is a mature idiot who has tricked the people of Barbados for a higher level of pig food. He obviously sees nothing improper with him being a politically gluttonous pig. But it seems to give his typology of Bajan a kind of perverse self-importance in wanting to pass a law that could limit bloggers from saying that he is a complete ass (whole). It tells you about the eminence of ignorance pervading the parliament of Barbados, a poor-rakey parliament still, according to OSA. Does he not know that it is impossible to so exert pressure on speech in an Internet age, unless you are Google? What could be more disgraceful than he pretending to lead an opposition to a regime to which he is a long-standing member? Indeed, the Mottley victory may well hasten the end of duopoly politics in Barbados. Bajans might have well leaped from the frying pan into the fire. Joseph Atherley provides the quintessential proof of deep crisis within elite forces in Barbados and elsewhere. We should all work to hasten their total demise, by any means necessary. Let’s carry these pigs to market!

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  1. So far this govt has done everything in its power to favour the rich and catspraddle the poor
    Nothing gets my blood boiling more than those tax waivers given mostly to the rich like the money belong to the blp govt and Mia Mottley
    Then to add insult to injury govt took all liberty to juck their hands in poor pensioners and local investors savings and tell them they must wait fifteen years for their money
    That kind of sh.iit being done along with all the other austerity plans is fkingg well u fair

  2. Clearly you were completely resistant to ANY form of brainwashing by the ‘powers-that-be’ during your stint away from BU…

    You did not pull a single punch…
    Welcome back.

  3. Socrates and Plato were among the first moral philosophers in Western Intellectual Tradition…all other philosophers prior to the both of these men were regarded as nature philosophers … something to chew on as we contemplate Africa’s role in World History…

  4. Pachamama

    You could really hush … because for close to a decade you and others of your making got on this very blog and decried the DLP government as though the BLP government was going to be any better … so as the old people sah … wunnah mek wunnah bed so wunnah haa fee lie in aa it …

  5. Pachca….glad to see you touch the topic that daily exposes the government as not ready yet and never will be, because they have gone way past the primary stage by decades of the miseducation that now has them all at the stage from the parliament to the judiciary to the bar association to the UWI of being regional laughing stocks and clueless clowns. .

    Case in point…..Mia is only now getting it…she needs to read every single treaty and charter that Barbados is signatory to…

    …..she needs to make it MANDATORY that her idiot ministers, senators and all her hangerson read every single charter and treaty that Barbados is signatory to PARTICULARY as it pertains to human rights abuses of the ELDERLY and the majority population who elected HER and them at the people’s expense. ..and then just maybe in their old and middle age….they will ALL FINALLY LEARN SOMETHING OF VALUE TO BENEFIT THE BLACK POPULATION and not just a 1% of bribers…from their perches at the taxpayer funded parliament.

    The treaties and charters were presented for signature to protect the people THEY REPRESENT and not to be misused by corrupt ministers, lawyers and senators to abuse the people and BREAK THE LAWS AND THE SPIRIT OF THESE TREATIES.

    “Prime Minister Mia Mottley has thrown a lifeline for pensioners feeling the squeeze under Barbados’ domestic debt restructuring programme.

    On Tuesday, she announced that pensioners 60 years and over who had matured Government savings bonds would get a lump sum of $20 000 “in cash” on Friday and a further $30 000 by March next year.

    Overall, Government would ensure that those with up to $250 000 invested recoup their money in four years, slashing the uncertain 15-year period that was first announced.”

  6. Glad to see our young children from primary school level understand the concept of STANDING UP FOR THEIR RIGHTS FROM AN EARLY AGE…they can now teach the adults in Barbados from the parliament coming on down something…no one from ministry of miseducation, the school, the government or anywhere else better don’t look at these children sideways or try to victimize them or any such adult idiocy or there will be hell to pay…I promise..

    “Hundreds of students at Grantley Adams Memorial School are on a “hunger strike”.
    And they intend to fast for all of the six hours they spend at the Blackman’s, St Joseph school until they are allowed to purchase food from vendors again.

    On Monday, principal Valdez Francis banned the children from buying food from outside vendors, ordering them to only purchase from the canteen. He locked all of the school’s gates and stood vigil outside for the lunch hour.

    On Tuesday, the upset children told THE NATION the vendors and canteen sold the same thing, but the vendors’ food, such as burgers, chips and fried chicken, were not only significantly cheaper, but also tastier. (MB)”

  7. “….. food, such as burgers, chips and fried chicken”, and no doubt all washed down with some billious coloured, sugar laden, soft drink. Heart disease, strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure win the day, but no need to worry when we got so many universities right here in little Bim training doctors these days. Sounds like Barbados should be able to provide future MDs a good living with a steady stream of patients coming through their clinic door.

    • Always interesting what motivates Barbadians to stand up. Junk food it is!

      Who said that we need civic awareness initiatives in Barbados?

  8. It’s really the parents should prepare meals for their children instead of allowing them to eat the rubbish prepared in school canteens etc, but the issue here is the canteen sells the same thing to these kids…MORE EXPENSIVE and worse substandard quality than the vendors …although Mia has austerity and layoffs in place….

    AND…it is well known that every new government place their friends and families with these school canteen contracts to sell overpriced, unhealthy shite to the taxpayer’s children…that right there is the problem..

  9. What life line
    How many times is she going to change the agreements to fast tracked payments to the investors
    What life line another bold faced move of smoke and mirrors
    Should never have touch the investors money in the first place in her rush to pay the fat cats hired by the IMF
    Fool me once cant fool me twice

  10. David Mr Blogmaster, picking up on a point from the essay re making money from money (or trying to at the govt level) and coupling to your essays on Sandals’ tax breaks vrs the economic benefits to a nation from the hotel’s presence, I wonder how Bajans consider tax breaks reported at $1.5 plus Billion over multiple years to garner a long term investment of supposedly $2.5 Billion plus and some 25,000 high paying jobs!

    Of course this being the Amazon HQ2 deal in NYC.

    Is it crazy to ‘give away $100 if you expect (supposedly guranteed) to get back ~$170? Has our Sandals benefits materialized or are these types of tax rebates irrelevant anyhow because you can’t tax ZERO $ …that’s to say if there is no hotel or HQ investnent then there would be nothing to tax or give away anyhow!

    And of course the comparison between NYC and Arlington where the latter with its much lower tax base was able to offer just under $800 million in rebates and will get a similiar $2.5 Billion investment from Amazon.

    If Amazon were inclined to build a testing facility here let’s say …at just several millions…. based on the scenarios described above they would come in and basically own a slice of the nation and thus be a very disruptive force…so circling back to the essay it’s very reasonable to say that a PRACTICAL response could be NO THANKS!

    Crazy right! I gone.

  11. Further more why should Mia and her goons be belived after stealing people money without any form of consent given by them
    All she had to do was pass legislation and that was it
    Only a fool would belive the pig shi..t coming out of this govt mouth

  12. Mia knew of the San Jose Charter on the Rights of the ELDERLY in Latin America and the Caribbean, she knows from any of those pensioners reached AGED 60…she was blatantly violating their rights to their own money, because she and her crooks…did not care…but what she did not count on…is other people knowing about those unique rights that are afforded to the elderly once they reach age 60….throughout the Americas..including the Caribbean, she was hoping the BLACK POPULATION WHO ELECTED HER…never found out.

    I suggest she reads that charter to George Payne and Dale Marshall..

  13. Thanks, my friend Bushie, others

    Took a sabbatical. These days we tend to find ourselves in all manner of distant locations


    You seem to be a perennial idiot. Plato and Socrates were the students of Kemet but yet you think it necessary to repeat the tired mouthings, the slogans, of those who would want to make the student appear greater than the teacher.

    You should now tell us about Proteus and Beauteous and the suckling from a wolf/dog, in your mythology, make belief.

    Lexicon, you are a slave, still. And with such slave mentalities around it will be impossible for Barbados to survive. THE SLAVE MUST DIE, FOR BARBADOS TO LIVE.

    We care not about any part of your duopoly. Only you and the DLP are doing is waiting at first slip to capture a misguided people next time around.

    Get use to it, every Bajan has not to play your silly political game.

    But, is the DLP not dead? We had, long before the last election, sentenced Fruendel Stuart and his band of crooks to a public execution. Has that sentence not been carried out?

    • @Pacha

      As at today 11:39AM the DLP is dead in the minds of many if post election activity by the party is weighed.

  14. It’s really the parents should prepare meals for their children instead of allowing them to eat the rubbish prepared in school canteens etc,..and should be the ones teaching them from an early age to prepare their own breakfast and lunch and brown bag it to school, my children did that even in NYC, was not about to allow them to eat other people’s substandard garbage..

    I believe these Grantley Adams kids are between the ages of 11-16 or 17…more than old enough to prepare their own lunches, particularly now that austerity and layoffs will be a continuum in the economy for quite some time.

  15. How about removing the levy tax placed on the water tax off those investors bills which can be a monthly savings for them
    I meaning it might not be much but it would be a savings long term until govt get their plans and agreement in orderly plan
    Sh.iit the unfairness by which govt has placed these investors in a fight for their economic life in old age stinks the whole house up and govt should not be allowed to change payment plans and agreements to these investors at the drop of a hat to appease the IMF

  16. Where there is a swill there is a sway..when I was at Weymouth campus I never once thought of buying a pear cutter or bread and fish from Ms Sealy at the gate.Not then, not now.Purchased the school canteen fare from Mrs Maloney before whom one stood speechless until served and then to Pearl(Wes’s aunt)or to Grannie for half loaf and one (half salt bread and one fish cake)or a loaf and two or if u had 12c a white bowl of split peas and rice with beef stew which we smelled all morning and got hunger pangs from around 10 am until lunch break at 12.30p

  17. Gabriel

    Good memories there buddy.Luv it .

    I could almost smell that rice and stew.

    Have you noticed that in our younger days – you could smell the delicious scent of pork chops or stew etc.These not only does the food have no taste but that nice aroma is also missing.

  18. I spent a large part of my youth buying ten cents flour pones from Mrs Sealy, and look what they have done to me? The st ate can control food hygiene in ways that would benefit the kids, but without depriving these poor, self-employed people from making a living. We have lost our humanity.
    I know one highly reputed doctor whose grand mother sold outside St Giles school. It did not stop him from being bright and ambitious, although some people in Barbados no doubt would think such poor people should not be doctors.
    By the way, that is what the much celebrated Barrow said about one of our best post-war lawyers who aspired to be a member of parliament.

  19. John King is still TALKING SHITE…what Mia can do is pursue the thieves in the former DLP government and all the OFFSHORE ACCOUNTS that she well knows exists because she and ALL her family have offshore accounts too..

    ….. pursue Cow , Maloney, Bjerkham and Bizzy Williams for all the money they stole from the treasury and NIS Pension…have the money frozen and returned to the PEOPLE in Barbados who it was stolen from and make sure her ministers don’t TIEF it…instead of WRITING OFF the money like if it was hers AND NOT STOLEN FROM THE PEOPLE..then the people will no longer have those many financial challenges…that all these asses are gushing about..

    THAT IS WHAT MIA CAN DO..that is what she said she would do when LYING on the political platform.

    “King indicated that he was only attempting to encourage Barbadians not to lose hope despite the current challenges.

    “It is hard. I will admit that. Do we want it to be like this? No we don’t. But what are we going to do? We have two choices: we can roll over and die, or we can get up and fight. I say get up and fight. When one door is closed, another door is opened.

    “The Prime Minister has said on a number of occasions that new doors are going to be opened. Let us not focus on the doors that are closed, but let us focus on the new doors. I hope that people begin to understand what I’m saying,” the minister concluded. (KS)”

  20. T.Inniss,
    I remember that stew, served by Ms Maloney and Ms Brathwaite. In my case, it was free – well sort of – paid for by E.D.Mottley’s local government, the City council. Good days.

  21. Welcome back Pachamama.

    It was only just now as i recalled your passion for the missing Guillotine, apparently it was stolen by imps of the former administration, while you were away, that i recalled that comment about the demise of the DLP, the guillotine and the use of that singularly character identifying word “didactic”

    It is good to have you back, but you never left did you?

    I guess that I was too close to “see” who you were but I see much more clearly now.

  22. Comrade Hal Austin, can you tell us what is going on in good old England? With all the brain power you have there I thought the Brexit would have been easily negotiated. Maybe you will soon have to deem the place a failed state – lol.

  23. @ Pachamama,

    Yes de ole man has been using her correct handle.

    NOW THAT THE FIRST OBJECTIVE HAS BEEN ACHIEVED and those Demonic Lying Pimps have been displaced, one can revert to PART II.

    The objective, as you well know, was to ensure absolute decimation of the DLP – Enemy of the “eople and to show the BLP that it can be done.

    In fact de ole man believes that it is time to show these fellers who, MINUS MIA MOTTLEY, are really equally incompetent.

    De Grandson sent de ole man this Stoopid Cartoon for your viewing enjoyment.

    It really belongs next to the ingrunt QUICK SAND PIT ARTICLE elsewhere on the blog but the battle against these Wombats has to change.

    They have to be seen as frauds and crooks to the world PRIOR TO THEM ENGAGING the world players.

    What that will do is to put people on guard as to the intentions of these Honourable Crooks

    What that will mean is that we create a 3rd party from 1st world countries who DEMAND PROPER MANAGEMENT and ACCOUNTABILITY in our processes.

    De grandson has a new tool that sends these items MUCH FURTHER than before so Development Institutions get wind of the tricks IN ADVANCE and insist on additional conditions of engagement.

  24. Piece

    The DLP, like Mr, Harding, cant dead!

    In fact, the first intention of Mugabe was to try to resurrect that which the people gave a death sentence to, the DLP 30-0.

    So your reasoning was philosophically incongruent.

    You must learn to seek the death of both political parties, at the same time. That is real hard to do. But has always been the only way to kill this two-headed vampire.

  25. @ Pachamama

    There was no time to kill it on May 24th 2018 and there was no alternative

    This fellow Grenville was the only alternative and he was espousing nonsense.

    What is to replace the both of them has to be innately competently and possess integrity at get go.

    This is not a job to learn these things on the go, you have to arrive with these things

    So the battle has begun already and 4 have been identified.

    The people are there, the need is there and the season is right

    We will make this so.

  26. @T.Inniss November 14, 2018 11:37 AM “Have you noticed that in our younger days – you could smell the delicious scent of pork chops or stew etc.These not only does the food have no taste but that nice aroma is also missing.”

    Like me you may also have lost most of your sense of smell. Loss of vision or hearing in noticed by the victim and by others, but loss of smell is much more insidious.

    My grands tell me that the food smells real, real good.

    But I can’t smell a thing.

    Sense of taste is going too.

    Next thing the appetite.

    After that there is no next thing.

  27. Sutherland calls for curriculum reform in schools
    Article by
    Barbados Today
    Published on
    November 24, 2018

    As Barbados’ economy undergoes a transformation, the minister responsible for Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Commerce says there’s a need for curriculum reform in schools.

    Minister Dwight Sutherland was speaking Friday at the City of Bridgetown Cooperative Credit Union, Lower Broad Street Bridgetown headquarters during the launch of the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Programme.

    The programme is hosted by the Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation (BEF) and the COB.

    Sutherland said Entrepreneurship, which is a Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) subject, should be rolled out in all the sixth form secondary schools.

    “The course of study is only pursued by a few schools. Perhaps there is the need to embark on a more extensive rollout among a greater number of schools in the near future,” he said.

    “The call is being made for us to seriously re-look the curriculum and indeed make it mandatory that entrepreneurship is taught in our secondary schools.”

    Sutherland noted that the 2017/2018 global report, produced by the Global Entrepreneurship Forum, cited a lack of global entrepreneurial development due to the lack of entrepreneurial teachings in schools.

    “One of the major criticisms of our local education system is that it continues to produce graduates who are more preoccupied with finding a job on graduating from school, college or university than with creating jobs,” Sutherland pointed out.

    Speaking to groups of students gathered from St George Secondary, Alleyne Secondary, Grantley Adams Memorial and Coleridge and Parry, Sutherland stressed that Government is seeking to create new wealth and build an entrepreneurial Barbadian who is “empowered and encouraged to take advantage of opportunities at home and aboard”.

    With Barbados’ food import bill amounting to US$400 million, the minister emphasized that agripreneuriship seeks to create employment opportunities and also reduce the island’s dependence on imported produce.

    “Any real chance to achieve long-term and sustainable food security depends on the efforts made today to help our children embrace agriculture with a similar passion demonstrated by our fore parents.”

    The Agricultural Entrepreneurship Programme which is in its second year will feature 36 participants under the age of 18 from secondary schools, and one group from the Christ Church Constituency Council. It will run to March 2, 2019 and will feature training modules on consumer arithmetic, business etiquette, social media management, leadership and more.

  28. UWI to get £200 million in reparation
    Published:Sunday | November 25, 2018 | 12:00 AM

    Vice Chancellor of The University of the West Indies (UWI) Sir Hilary Beckles has reported that The University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom (UK) has agreed to pay £200 million (approximately J$34 billion) of value in reparation payments to The UWI.

    According to Beckles, who recently returned from the UK, “The University of Glasgow has recognised that Jamaican slave owners had adopted the University of Glasgow as their university of choice and that £200 million of value was extracted from Jamaica and the Caribbean.”

    Beckles made the announcement during an interview on the Jamaica News Network (JNN) programme Insight, where he said that the Vice Chancellor of the UK-based university Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli opened up their records, which showed a ‘massive influx’ of grants and endowments from Jamaica.

    He said that the University of Glasgow and The UWI are currently drafting a memorandum of understanding, and the term ‘reparatory justice’ is expected to be included.

    Beckles said the £200 million would be a combination of cash and kind. “We are not on the street corners asking for handouts. We are looking for partnerships and development.”

    One of the projects in which the University of Glasgow has reportedly shown interest involves research in chronic diseases in the Caribbean, including hypertension, diabetes, and childhood obesity.

    “They are looking at the possibility of partnering with us and having a massive institute for chronic disease research that is going to prevent the proliferation of these diseases in the future,” said Beckles.

    £200m from slave trade

    A report dubbed Slavery, Abolition and the University of Glasgow, published recently by the university, reveals that it benefited directly from the slave trade in Africa and the Caribbean in the 18th and 19th centuries to the tune of almost £200 million in today’s money.

    The university has announced that it has launched a wide-ranging and ambitious “reparative justice programme” that is based on the findings of more than two years of research.

    In addition, the University of Glasgow had also announced that it intends to implement programmes and projects that will provide scholarships and exchange programmes for Jamaican and other Caribbean students through its links with The UWI.

    The full interview with Beckles will be aired on JNN on Wednesday at 10 a.m.

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