Barbados Today Publishes Story Of Local Businessman ‘Conned’!

Local businessman beatened and stabbed post video of incident online - click image

After being stabbed and beaten two weeks ago, a Christ Church businessman is today trying to “flush out” the perpetrators by going public with his ordeal. Not only has the victim started his own website, he has made a video with the footage taken from the security cameras stationed in a particular area in his massage parlour.

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0 thoughts on “Barbados Today Publishes Story Of Local Businessman ‘Conned’!

  1. After reading comments elsewhere where some prefer to make sport about this matter, it seems we have become insensitive/numb to what is wrong. Some believe the man got what he deserved. We have found ourselves in a truly bad place. There two separate issues here both driven by wrong doing.

  2. Ouch sticks and stones might break my bones but chains and wipes excite me, he got way more than he bargained for, P.S. In S & M you only play with a explicitly trusted partner and there is always a code word if that partner gets to rough, to let them know that it has gone or is going to far. Who the rasshole lets a former pregnant employee talk them into S &M a novice that’s who. Feel bad for him but son don’t play unless you know the rules of the game.

  3. This business looks and sounds illegal so I will recommend that that this man get out of it pronto. These shady businesses will attract shady characters. Look how this boss man nearly lost his life over a bit of puss. He was into S&M and he got more than he bargained for. And that young girl ent got nuh shame nuh. I hope that she and the boyfriend get arrested. Mr Boss man yuh got a whipping yuh will neva forget. Close yuh shop and look for a decent job or go plant up some ground.

  4. I could be wrong, but this businessman should be prosecuted using the evidence that he produced. He ought to be ashamed, not publishing stories on the internet looking for justice. His hands are not clean.

  5. This should be a wake up call for old men who like young girls and bring them in their homes or have sex with them in lonely places.Women are now part of the criminal gangs and are sometimes the ones pushing the men to do these evil acts to buy weave for their hair and false nails.

    While his sex acts are disgusting just as the homosexual drag show at the plantation – a crime is a crime and those 2 young people must be prosecuted.

    Bring back Hanging.

    I hope those bullers who allowed the show at the Plantation Restaurant,organised the show,participated in the show and those bullers who attended and watched the show, find time to ask God forgiveness for their perversion and change their stinking lifestyle.

    Because of persons holding high political office and having a voice on the radio and in print they are pushing their stinking vice in the country as something which is ‘normal’.

    But God ain’t sleeping you see a young one dropped down dead just so – more to come.

  6. @David
    I agree with your comment completely. I also figured the “various serious issues” which this situation presented as I mentioned in an email would fly over the head of most people, simply because of the “substance,” “laugh-ability” and “questionable origins” of the incident. I’m glad you posted it because comments elsewhere and the 2 here so far are THE truest and clearest indication of why this country will not improve (where it matters most) despite the ravings, criticisms and cries for change, justice and equality from almost everyone on other blogs and in other fora. We shall (generally speaking) continue to be prejudicial, judgmental, hypocritical and in essence, reap what we have sown.

  7. We have a number of things parading around as news, David. I am even wondering what is the value of posting this incident. Worse incidents than these occur, however, the actors are quite aware of what they are involved in and accept, as he should, the probable outcomes.
    On the other hand, it gives some insight into the a world that is not known or generally seen by barbadians.

  8. @lemuel
    Good post. The question begs, what would/should “ordinary Barbadians” do if they chose to acknowledge this world that is not generally seen. Bare in mind that this world is the primary cause of many of the issues and concerns raised in other threads, but we still seem content to “keep it in the dark with hushed tones” or pretend it doesn’t exist to the degree it does.

  9. I believe in justice. A crime is a crime no matter what. As a result, I do not condone the actions of the perpetrators. I will however say that I am surprised that this businessman has come forward, essentially airing his own dirty laundry. In his place, I certainly would not have exposed my own fault…

    I hope that all guilty parties in this unfortunate incident are brought to justice. The only innocent victim here is the unborn child.

  10. Defining this man as a “Business man” is just plain wrong. Already in my Bajan Business people are not worth the the importance attributed to them, and this makes it even worst. So what “business” activity is he legitimately engaged in? I read something about the women rents a station from him? what does that mean?

  11. Our live and let live approach is going to be the death of us. Let us liken a society to a piece of fabric with cottons intricately interwoven. The strength and ‘integrity’ of the fabric are all dependent on the quality of the individual pieces of cotton.

  12. The guy runs a “massage Parlour” most likely with happy endings, which is his business, hence the term business man. Apparently not illegal in Bim, the ads large and in charge in the Nation Newspaper all the time, “erotic massage, gentleman’s club,etc.”

    As for the S&M thing more prevalent that would be admitted, and I will say nothing is wrong with what you chose to do in your bedroom as long as it is between two consenting adults, be it anal,S&M or whatever. Plus a lot of the so call hypocrites on this site most likely have nothing to say when them bending their wives, girlfriends or outside women over the bed given them anal. So he with out sin, do what this is from the God you so call Christian who spew hate of homosexuals and others who swing how they want to, cast the first stone that’s what. None of you can’t do it, so pack up your venom and go home.

    Bajans are a bunch of sneaky hypocrites who does do the dawg in the dark but act prime and proper in the light.

    That being said Bajan men does do some shite for a piece of pussy, when a man gets an erection does he lose the little brain cells he has, just asking?

  13. An admitted arrangement of sex for money, even between consenting adults, is solicitation for an act of prostitution and contrary to the law of Barbados and must be prosecuted. The Assault and battery are not excusable and must be prosecuted. The ranting and raving about Bajans being hypocritical has no application here, or elsewhere as a matter of fact. Bajans have a right to order their society through laws, and where the violation of those laws is clear, it is to the detriment of the entire society and the Guardians of the Law, the Police and the Courts must protect the society..

  14. If this business was registered I hope that the ministry of health had gone to inspect the premises. Brothels and these sleazy massage parlours should be illegal in Barbados. If they appear to be an up front business then spot checks should be done by the police to see if they are complying with the laws of Barbados. Then again if some members of the force are clients then we have real problems.

  15. to the police at hasting, can some one tell me why a zr owner was given a cuff in the face and today he have a black and blue and a burst nose because the was told by a police officer in plaincloth to move and on and he and they went to words. he ask the zr driver to go to hasting with the van, where the hittin happen, and the charge the man for hittin him o for hitting him with the van .who will guard the guard even with the police, we are not safe .all zr driver not the same, my advice to this guy to see illigal advice .remember god dont sleep and will not let people like them ufair his people, pslam 33.20,patience………

  16. @BMcDonald
    I beg to disagree re. “hypocritical has no application”, but I applaud your rose coloured lenses and optimism in the willingness and/or ability of the organs of justice, law and order. Not to mention the “genuine desire” of us John Public to get actively involved in solving our own problems.

    You’re getting there. Slowly but surely. And our problems are more than real. They’re really unbelievable.

    If sex for money is illegal, is advertising it in the major newspaper daily illegal too?

  17. After reading the story I am still confused as to who is the victim.

    Is the pregnant prostitute the victim because she is made to sleep with her boss for money?

    Or is the father-harlot who likes being beaten the victim?

    It seems to me that if the father harlot likes being beaten then he got double his $100 worth. In addition he had the pleasure of being threatened and the pleasure of the likely loss of $10,000

    It is impossible to unfair a maschoist, since by their very nature maschoists enjoy being beaten and unfaired.

    The police wasting their time with this one.

  18. Lets hope this guy did not demand the girl get extraordinary with him before he could pay her what he said he owed her,
    Perhaps that is why the BF was called. The guy seems to be leaving out many chapters of this event. This requires serious investigation.

  19. Many of these massage parlors or sex shops are manned by girls from Jamaica, Guyana and some of the other islands. There is also the growing practice of gas stations to hire mainly low-skilled females from the islands. A worrying trend.

  20. There you go again about people from “the islands”. Who are their main customers? People from the islands too? When are we going to realise that we have to look in the mirrror?

  21. @jack spratt

    And what will provoke us to look in the mirror? The symptoms will help us not so? You prefer we ignore what is manifesting all around us? Barbados has become the warehouse of unskilled labour and whorehouse of the Caribbean partly because of an open door immigration policy of the last government. We have to help people from themselves spratt. A careful look at Bajan society shows we have departed from the values which have served us well. Nothing you or the other apologists will stop BU from our view on this issue.

  22. I cannot stop your views BU or David or whoever you speak for. But I can certainly point out where you pretend that Barbados is so innocent and pure and blame every one else who is not Barbadian for our problems. That is crazy!

  23. It might be a colonial failing however. England is blaming the West Indians, Barbadians included for the riots!

  24. @ David ….”Many of these massage parlors or sex shops are manned by girls from Jamaica, Guyana and some of the other islands.”

    David dearest how do you know this? Are you a frequent customers of these businesses?

  25. I am shocked at the kind of comments coming from this video most people writing here seem to have missed the point that is a crime have been committed, if the gentleman was killed we would not be arguing whether his business is legitimate or not no one is totally innocent and we are all SINNERS we cannot cast stones.We have unsolved murders and people missing here in Barbados don’t you think that the perpetrators could be young girls also going after old men or vice versa.This video teaches us a lot about our own weaknesses but moreso it tells me that this is not a first time act.I think this crime needs to be taken more seriously and those two criminals investigated for other crimes

  26. @Islandgal246

    Earlier you wrote the following “Look how this boss man nearly lost his life over a bit of puss.” And you call yourself a woman of the world?

    It was ever thus from time immemorial, why was Adam thrown out of the Garden? Didn’t we just witness the President of what is still the most powerful nation in the world almost lose the Presidency because of the flash of a thong and the promised land beyond. The high and mighty as well the lowly among us have been embarrassed and humiliated because they wanted “a piece”. Lives have been lost, reputation shredded, families torn asunder because someone wanted “a piece”.

    From the time we are born until we depart this mortal coil it is forever in our thoughts and the sight of well turned leg still warms the cockles of our hearts.

    When we get to the doddering stage, and the magic of the blue pill wears off we still pine for it. Hugh Hefner’s intended a 25 year old left him at the altar; J Howard Marshall married Anna Nicole Smith when he was 88, and even as I type this, the news is that George Soros (all of 80 years) is being sued by his 28 year old mistress (well we know that the lure for these women to older men is money) but what is the lure for older men when even they are beyond reclamation? It proves that when we are unable to do anything with it we still want it close to us.

    It will never change, we are men, we are wired that way.

  27. @islandgal


    It gets better, they are girls who fly around the islands to perform for private parties, you can rent some of these girls for a weekend. There is a whole new world which beacons.

  28. When a ZR picks up passengers at a place other than a bus stop, the operator is committing an offence. Are you aware that the passenger who boards the vehicle in those circumstances is also committing an offence? In much the same way a person who propositions a postitute is also committing an offence.

    If I understand what transpired correctly, the victim was a willing participant up to a point. He was also committing an offence up to that point by his own admission. He was going to pay for the young whore’s services: should he not be prosecuted as well?

  29. I always had faith that the BU family would get past the “moral veil” of this incident and dig into some of the real meat of the matter.

    @Pretty eyes
    Bang On.

    @Islandgal 246
    You’d be amazed at what else happens in “our nice little” Barbados. Committed by and with law makers, law enforcers as well as law breakers. Time to get our collective heads out the sand if we really want to see a better country shine through.

    Many women (low class and professional) have and continue to exploit our “wiring” for their financial and social benefit while pretending to hold the “moral high ground.” If prostitution is simply “sex for money” then we have MANY different classes of prostitutes (male and female)…some found in offices as well as on Bush Hill.

    @Jack Spratt
    I agree. the “islands” provide the “resources” for the activity, but we as Barbadians support, condone, encourage and turn a blind eye to it.

  30. “If prostitution is simply “sex for money” then we have MANY different classes of prostitutes (male and female)…some found in offices as well as on Bush Hill.”

    You forgot mention the CHURCH too!

  31. @Islandgal246
    Yup, that’s right! Sad to say the “decent” type of prostitution has become accepted and encouraged among a significant enough percentage of our younger female population.

  32. David, don’t be an Ostrich. No matter where in the world you live see that thing called flesh it surely is demand driven.

  33. O.k! Remember the last woman who ran a massage parlor in Bim?The end result was murder and imprisonment in a big country. A man is just a man but to be kinky is to be vigilant! Like brother Bob Marley say…..So much things to say right now!!!!!! Another addiction…………..

  34. Quoting David of BU “Barbados has become the…whorehouse of the Caribbean”

    This is only so because a lot of Bajan men are wiling to buy cheap (sometimes diseased) sex even while refusing to have sex with their own wives.

  35. Barbados has only changed in that more people are publicizing their wutlessness.

    40 and 50 years ago “upper class” and “middle class” Bajans were foo ping the maids , an “de young tings down de road.
    Some of the women were turning de young boys into men.

    Barbados is still a nation of hypocrites when it comes to sexual practices same as it was when I was a lad.

  36. It appears we live in a world where we have become so educated that any and every thing that is ‘wrong’ can now be rationalized’ to be right.

  37. No, David. It is not that. It is the modern hypocrisy that pretends that like in Candide, we in Barbados once lived in the best of all possible worlds rather than coping with the reality. See Hants @12:14 am.

    • @spratt

      You need to get pass what use to happen THEN and concentrate on what is happening NOW and its impact and HOW we are going to fix it.

  38. But if it was not a problem then, why is it one now? Or is it that we are more inquiring into matters that do not really concern us?

    • @spratt

      Now you are getting in the ball park.

      You have asked the big question.

      It is why there is discussion.

      We currently exist in what is perceived as the problem.

      We do not have the benefit of foresight but current fears fueled by the fact we live in a different time, the social underpinning etc have changed.

      We cannot* take it for granted that things will be ok by simply doing nothing.

  39. @spratt
    It’s a problem now because everyone knows, sees, hears or are included in blogs and email broadcasts. Hypocrisy and corruption is only revealed when facts are also revealed. Now that we “average” people are aware of the going ons and going outs of our “respected” leaders, David’s question holds absolute relevance. What do we do NOW as a people, other than fret and complain about half of the problem, while ignoring, condoning or reaping the sweets from the other half.

    Lastly, when we as a people get to the stage that we realise and accept that EVERYTHING concerns us in one way or another, then we may take greater ownership of our problems and genuinely seek proper collective solutions to them.

  40. @Spratt

    Let me revise that statement a bit hen. Everything “affects” us. It’s up to us to be concerned or not.

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