Children as Commodities (Breed! Breed!)

The following is an interesting Editorial which deals with the call for women to ‘breed’!
Roman Catholic priest, Father Clement Paul

Roman Catholic priest, Father Clement Paul

The need to preserve our current social security system may be regarded as paramount if we are minded to maintain a reasonable standard of existence in future for our more vulnerable citizens. Hence, we suppose, the recent concerns expressed by the Labour Minister with regard to the viability of the sickness benefit scheme if claims continued at the present rates and the suggestions made over time for there to be an increase in births to offset the costs attached to the probable number of elderly citizens receiving pensions in the immediate future. In a scenario of declining birth rates, there will naturally arise a growing gap between the working age population that fund these programmes and the elderly who avail of them.

And while we are not yet at a crisis stage comparatively speaking; for example in 2013 Italy had a fertility rate of 1.4 with 14% only of its population under 15 and 21 % at 65 and older, and Japan with an identical fertility rate numbered 13% and 24% respectively, a declining birth rate in Barbados currently with a fertility rate of 1.84, may see us reaching a similar predicament in the near future.

The call for an increase in the number of children produced locally is not new. Many years ago, one recalls the self-styled “Cement Man” on the call-in radio programmes publicly exhorting our women to “breed, breed”, although we do not now recall whether it was effected for reasons of social security sustainability purely or for a mere increase in population numbers.

There was a later endorsement of that call to childbearing arms, and more recently repeated, by the Honourable Minister of Education, Mr Ronald Jones, who predicted danger for the country in the next fifty years if our current fertility rate is maintained.

The debate has been joined in the last two weeks by two religious leaders lending public support to the proposal, although with clear conditions in both cases. First, pastor and Senator, Dr David Durant, suggested that the state may have to consider “giving a monetary incentive to married couples to have more children”. Perhaps the Senator is unaware, but Barbados law no longer makes a distinction between partnerships with the so-called “benefit of clergy” and those not so favoured for purposes of some family rights. Both the Succession Act 1979 and the Family Law Act 1981 recognize certain property rights in couples who have cohabited for a stipulated period of time in a “union other than marriage”. Moreover, the Status of Children Act 1975 put paid to the notion of improperly so described “illegitimate children” -the progeny of unmarried parents.

The issue has been further pursued by Roman Catholic priest, Father Clement Paul OP. In an intriguingly ironic, though understandable spiel, he blames the Barbados Family Planning Association and the local termination of pregnancy statute for the low fertility rate in Barbados. He endorses the call for a taxpayer-funded program to increase the number of children, although he also cautions that it must be done in a marital union only.

We do not agree that any public benefits should be provided on a basis restricted to those of traditional marital status when the ultimate objective is for all couples to assist the state to manage the viability of its social security system in the foreseeable future. For one, it smacks too much of a theocratic fiat in a secular constitutional democracy, for another it would be a discriminatory and hence unlawful exclusion from state assets under existing law.

45 thoughts on “Children as Commodities (Breed! Breed!)

  1. Take a look around and see the sicknesses that are sexually transmitted. Look at the amount of condoms distributed to the people of child bearing age and then take a hard look at why (couples) people are not producing babies, because they are aware and very careful of who their partners are. Look at the strip clubs spring up in your neighborhood and decide if you want a quick and painful death.

    Our people has to act responsibly and know what is required in raising a healthy baby.

    With the government cutting back on everything and imposing heavy taxes on us we must pay attention to where we are heading in the long run with regard to our partners and their healthy lifestyles.

  2. The Cement Man well known for always referring to L Austin Husbands as a glorified Beach Bum,advocated that there was in his view,a conspiracy to reduce children of African descent in Barbados while the Indians breed like rabbits and would sooner rather than later take over Barbados.
    Well Astor “the cement man” Marshall is being proved right.This foolish government is embracing Indian muslims in Barbados to the extent that they have their own enclave in the Husbands/Clairmont area an area comprising over 30 house lots near Queens College and which was snapped up by all Indians.Furthermore,these same Indians are now being encouraged to make a bid for a seat in parliament.These people can’t even speak the language and purport to represent black barbadians in parliament.Only the DLP with Inniss and Sinckler engaging an Indian to sell their chicken wings would push this agenda.

  3. I bet none of those two piece of reverends/priest got any children…leave the children where they are….they are much safer.

    As for Ronald Jones he should be ashamed.

  4. There is no shortage of black yourh in the Caribbean. Jamaica and Haiti are teeming with youth and young families. Ditto the Windward Islands. Just offer them citizenship to settle in Barbados.


  6. Almost everyone on this island is blood related. In many villages around the island cousins are making dozens. Many of the offspring have traits that are definite signs of inbreeding. o One village has people with teeth growing out of the roof of their mouths, their parents and grand parents all have this trait. The younger ones producing with their cousins look weird. They do not go outside the village for sex partners so any family member will do. This is a reality folks.

    Barbadians are plagued with many non communicable diseases that many believe stem from too close family DNA. I was cussed by some here on BU when I stated that we need to bring people in from outside to help replenish the DNA pool. I was told that Black people don’t sleep with their kin by some.

    The government wants a steady supply of people to sustain the country and have to face the fact that we have a rapidly aging population. The family unit has changed where both parents must work to be able feed and clothe their families. For the government to want to pay incentive to people to have more children is just crazy. How much money are they speaking about? Will they pay for all their health, education and provide a job when they reach adulthood? Does the government really understand the cost of raising a child in Barbados? Where everything costs 30 times more that its true value?

    By continuing to raise taxes government is killing businesses big and small, reducing the spending power of its citizens and dissuading people from investing in Barbados.

    Government has to become accountable for the millions of dollars wasted and adapt to working with a smaller government. Until this happens then we are on the path of many failed states if not there already.

  7. Just boosting the number of able bodies is a solution only if they are expected to provide manual labor. A more comprehensive policy needs to be placed on table as some of these children will need to acquire and develop the expertise necessary to maintain the forward progress of the islands.

    We cannot be making it more difficult for our children to have an education and at the same time call for an increase in the number of children. Not all of them may be interested in changing bed-sheets and being bellboys.

    As a nation we should be interested in all our citizens; those born in and out of wedlock. Itt seems as if some would like to discriminate against the “bastards” of Barbados even before birth.

  8. We always have new genes coming in. We used to have the Vincentians and St. Lucians in abundance. We had the Guyanese in droves until recently but many are still here. In my neighbourhood there are many Guyanese, a few Vincentians, a St. Lucian and I even met two Jamaican young people at the village shop who have moved into the area. Nationwide, Trinidadians are here in their numbers and the Jamaicans….. well…… We have to change our attitude towards them though.

  9. @IG
    Almost everyone on this island is blood related.
    Me and you could be kin? Well I like my gardening too but no way I could be as accomplished as you and I hope yuh don’t fuhget that you promised me some fishcakes in a long ago blog so don’t be surprised when de hubby announce that some strange man called Sarge at de door claiming to be your cousin coming to enjoy your hospitality.

    Dey got some people here that if we wuz to meet at a family reunion dey would be bassa bassa fuh days similar to the ones that the Jones clan formerly of Cox Road/Edey Village used to have in the late 50”s early 60’s, in any event what Bajans could be dealing with is shame and scandal in de family “Yuh fadda ain’t yuf faddah but yuh fadda don’t know”.

  10. Went to a relatives funeral once, met about 500 people I did not know and would never know if I met them on the streets again, all relatives, that is what happens in small societies, most people marry outside the island to prevent inbreeding.

  11. Sarge you could be cause I heard my grand father’s family came from Barbadoes even though I was born in Grenada. And Sargeant dem say I does cook too sweet! Yuh welcome anytime yuh in Bim! Any one by the name of Bush Tea arriving without an invitement will be fed to my 6.5 dogs!

  12. abajanhowe September 2, 2016 at 8:10 PM #
    Take a look around and see the sicknesses that are sexually transmitted. Look at the amount of condoms distributed to the people of child bearing age
    An old boy told me that the young people hold a fete by him every week-end, and they leave enough beer cans to build a Transport Board bus , and more than enough condoms to build a set of tyres for it.

  13. Colonel….good one, all those nauseating looking PIGS do is fatten themselves and continue to turn the majority into paupers….aided by government ministers…….those PIGS have believed themselves to be the hidden defacto government for decades, making ALL the decisions just to enrich themselves off the backs if the majority. ..aided by illiterate government ministers.

    And thise jackssses Durant and Paul want to force the birth of more children into that nasty environment, that nasty situation….without getting rid of these PIGS and vipers off the bacjs of the people.

    There is a program called WIC, Women, Infants and Children, in the US, all the bigger countries have a program to aid ALL pregnant mothers from their 5 month of pregnancy, it of course varies from country to country…until at least the children’s 5th year of life….ALL CHILDREN.

    Of course Caribbean ministers in their selfishness, backwardness and ignorance would never want to make life easier for pregnant women, mothers and children, in Barbados and the Caribbean by introducing such programs…some of them have children born in these countries, ask Innis and otgers with chikdren birn in US and ither places. …so it’s not as they do not know these programs exist…they prefer take the taxpayers money and give to criminals in exchange for bribes…but yet want the people to populate the country…hell NO, the people are not animals to be mistreated, misused, robbed and then used for politicians and their criminal friends, business partners and masters to become wealthy.

    Leave the population as it is….if they want more people….let them import people from the other islands, already grown, or hire surrogates to give birth and pay hundreds of millions for the pleasure, from their own pockets…lowlife politicians.

    Caribbean mothers have had to struggle with little or no help from government coffers or from many of the males who father their children…post slavery….they have had to struggle to grow their children, now these slimebags want to talk about paying married couple ps ONLY to populate the island…oh please.

  14. We have a fair size Bajan Negro diaspora residing in many different countries. Why not appeal to this group to return to the island.

    • @Exclaimer

      You know the reason why many in the Diaspora will not return – perceived bad treatment by service providers, inadequate health system compared to developed countries etc.

  15. Donna September 3, 2016 at 10:45 AM #

    “We always have new genes coming in. We used to have the Vincentians and St. Lucians in abundance. We had the Guyanese in droves until recently but many are still here.”

    @ Donna

    It seems as though the Vincentians and St. Lucians came to Barbados primarily to work. However, the Guyanese, Jamaicans and Trinidadians are more interested in entrepreneurship. Many Guyanese and Jamaicans, for example, are operating shops/bars or building bars illegally on sites such as the old Fairchild Street Market. Others are into vending and can be seen occupying spots on the outside of markets (take a walk in front the Cheapside Market any weekend), while Barbadians have to rent market space inside. They can also be found vending in Bridgetown areas such as Marhill Street, Spry Street or any alley.

    Recently, they have “infiltrated” the cleaning firms such as Winston Enterprises, Master’s Touch, etc., as well as stores in Swan Street. I note with interest if one enters Thani’s Shoe Shop or any of the other popular shoes retail outlet, you are not at first approached by a sales clerk, but by Jamaican or Guyanese women asking if “you want duty free.”

    Fortunately for them, Guyanese and Jamaicans have been acquiring property through the illegal route of squatting, while we have to apply to Trinidadian or Canadian owned banks for mortgages.

    Their illegal status prevents them from contributing to Barbados via value added, income or corporation taxes. However, their taking from our economy in the form of remittances would obvious result in growth in the economies of their respective countries.

    What implications or impact would these developments have on Barbados if the status quo is allowed to remain as it is presently?

    We complain about foreigners owning land on the west and south coast. However, if the status quo remains the same, soon rural Barbados will be owned by these people. And seeing how easy it is to live in Barbados, as is not the case in other Caribbean islands, they will bring in their relatives and soon they will take over our island. Guyanese and Jamaicans believe they have an absolute right to live in Barbados.

    The hypocrites will cry xenophobia or make references to Barbadians living in the USA (Trump is seeking to deal with that), UK or Europe.

    Barbados needs an immigration policy.

  16. “Exclaimer September 4, 2016 at 6:20 AM #
    We have a fair size Bajan Negro diaspora residing in many different countries. Why not appeal to this group to return to the island.”

    That “fair size negro” population is not stupid, they have been exposed to how developed countries operate and are well aware of what the pettyminded, small island politicians do, what they are capable of.

    Besides, those blacks who live in the developed countries are not welcomed back in Barbados because according to the idiots on the island “dem tink dem could come back here and change tings”. It’s the mentality of bajans contributing to the destruction of the island.

    The best solution is for Barbados to allow young people of child bearing age into the island from other islands, it will also serve to eliminate the inbreeding.

    Allowing it legally will help eliminate the illegal issues……they allow in all these expats who drive up the cost of real estate outside the reach of the average bajan anyway, properties never to be owned by people on the island again…so what’s the differnce, is it they only want the wealthy to take everything from them….they gotta know.

  17. The issue has been further pursued by Roman Catholic priest, Father Clement Paul OP. In an intriguingly ironic, though understandable spiel, he blames the Barbados Family Planning Association and the local termination of pregnancy statute for the low fertility rate in Barbados.
    ..And Father Paul should know. It is believed that a few embryos found in the Bridgetown Sewerage Plant originated from an organisation,close to his Jemmotts Lane Cathedral.

  18. Exclaimer September 4, 2016 at 6:20 AM
    Yes we have a lot of Bajans living abroad, but will they return home? Most of those who lived abroad and returned to Barbados , to be saddled with the title “Returning National”, were from the United Kingdom. Many subsequently returned to the UK, because , as David pointed out, the treatment meted out to them, by officialdom, building contractors and their own relatives. Almost every day in the local obituaries, we can read of the passing of one of these persons who in the 1950’s and 60’s ventured off to England, and having had enough returned to Barbados.
    The great majority of the second and third generation of Barbadians born in the UK, have no great yearning to return to Barbados to settle down. A short vacation or a few days during crop over, is their limit. There are also those who were taken at a very early age from Barbados to join a mother or father in the UK. These too have no wish to return and settle down, in what some of second and third generation , rightly or wrongly, describe as primitive Barbados.
    As far as those Bajans living in Canada and the United States are concerned , resettling in Barbados is an ugly option.

  19. The birth rate is low because the marriage rate is low. Because truthfully who in their right mind wants to bear and raise children without a partner who has publicly sworn in writing and in .front of multiple witnesses (this is called a marriage ceremony) that he/she will stick around for the 20 to 25 years it takes to raise a child to adulthood.

    We know that marriage partners sometimes tire of their spouse and of the responsibilities of child raising and take off for easier pastures.

    We know too that non-married partners abandon their spouses and children at an even greater rate.

    If we can fix marriage, then we will be able to fix the birth rate.

    And fixing marriage starts here. A long time ago a certain fella whom we all know very well said:

    “I command you, love one another.”

  20. Maybe first ya need to fix the spouses straying outside of marriage…and how are you going to do that…..with EVERYONE so sexually promiscuous, it’s said to be an epidemic on the island, if it’s not the usual males with their village rams mentality, it’s some females with their alleycats mentality.

    Leave the children where they are…there are not enough foster caring or adoption programs on the island, if there are any at all, to shelter and protect more children…but there are child pedophiles and child abusers, more per square mile than many other countries….there are no WIC programs to help mothers grow their children. at least age 5….the jackasses in government would NEVER even think of such, their intellects cannot proceed further than the sex act.

    ……there ain’t shit set up by government to facilitate an onslaught of new births….but all the clowns in government want to support a population explosion…..with their mouths only.

    …….ya have to PREPARE FOR and MAINTAIN such events. Ya have to recognize the impact of the high incidences of AIDS on thousands of new births….recognize the impact of ZIKA….kids born with microcephaly…etc….ya cannot support these problems with talk.

    BTW…have they fixed the ceiling and covered the exposed wiring in the new borns ward at the QEH Hospital yet…..people saw exposed wires 6 months ago.

  21. “These too have no wish to return and settle down, in what some of second and third generation , rightly or wrongly, describe as primitive Barbados.”

    “As far as those Bajans living in Canada and the United States are concerned , resettling in Barbados is an ugly option.”

    Colonel….the island is primitive and regressing rapidly, the leaders are obviously incapable of thinking progressively or seeing the island and people move forward to better things….no one in their right mind wants to return to that….it’s called going back, ya should be moving forward.

    The leaders just have to open their mouths and crap jumps out, it’s amazing that some of them have lived abroad and still display the backward mentality….it’s a power thing, an amazing stupidity.

  22. So no one should be surprised that I would advise people who follow Ronald Jones, David Durant and Clement Paul’s foolish advise to have chikdren they cannot financially or emotionall afford, to not only save the newspaper clippings of their advice, but if at anytime you have problems financially or emotionally while raising those children….take the kids and leave them at parliament’s door for the ministers to support…or take them to the catholic church and leave them there, the catholic church collects money, they can well afford to support a few thousand children.

    If ya lose your proof of their advice, the newspaper clippings, ya can get them on the online archives…these reverand/priest and ministers are encouraging you to buy a big foot horse, but will never be willing to help you feed it…..these are the same lowlifes who will blame you as the parent, for everything that goes wrong in those children’s lives, when it is their stupid empty brained idea for you to have the children jn the first place, without providing you with programs and means of support for an explosion of children.


  23. What this miniscule overpopulated island needs is more children to join the ranks of the unemployed and the unemployable.
    A much better solution to the perceived benefit problems of the future would be for the thieving rasshole government to pay back the money they “borrowed” (read “stole”) from the fund.

  24. Bookworm…some greedy idiots like themselves, oith local and foreign, may be in the background encoursging the minieters to build another prison…ya need people to populate prisons.

    I do not believe in coincidences…… the very same lowlife scum am sure are the ones flooding the island with guns and drugs…the same bribers, friends and business partners of the jackasses in parliament.


    This is how employers treat employees in Barbados, this is how insurance companies treat the injured people in Barbados,…..wait for them to die instead of paying money owed to save their lives.

    And the jackass that is Ronald Jones and the clowns David Durant and Clement Paul want people of child bearing age to bring babies into the world so that they can be mistreated like this…yall are beasts.

  26. Perhaps if we want to raise the birth rate ,instead of paying married couples to do so,we should take a leaf out of the Kensignton New Road book, and allow a Bajan man to have more that one wife.

  27. @ Colonel Buggy September 6, 2016 at 6:27 PM

    Colonel, Sir, it takes a man with your intellect, international experience and acquired sagacity to remove himself from the mundane and pedestrian to see the bigger picture.

    It is because of you and PUDRYR (INRI) that BU is much richer in intellectual content underpinned by a wide girth of experience earned from the University of Hard Knocks.

    It is exactly as a result of these unfettered breeders that Barbados would soon become ‘Barbadostan’.

    You can bet your last burka that the BFPA will always see these harems as no-go areas of unfettered procreation and Fr. Bully Paul and the Very Rev. Raise the Dead Durant will do what Bro. Winston J. Massiah used to say by remaining silent since the Bible instructs man and woman to be fruitful and multiple like rabbits.

  28. Colonel…as far as we have heard, they already do that, but is that not illegal on the island…so why is the Kensington Rd crew aĺlowed to do it….it’s illegal.

  29. Well Well & Consequences September 6, 2016 at 7:48 PM #
    One marriage is legal and registered , the others are religious and unregistered .

  30. Nobody has ever stopped a Bajan man from having children with multiple women. The birth shortage is because that women have decided that they are sick and tired of the bare hard work (notice all 4 letter words) of raising children with little time and even less money from the fathers of the children.

    When the men man-up and start giving significant time and money to child rearing, then the women will again begin child bearing.

    But then again the men might discover that child raising is expensive, and bare hard work and may well decide that they don’t want to spend their time and money that way.

    So we may have to off-shore the job.

    Get low wage foreigners to do it for us.

  31. islandgal September 3, 2016 at 9:17 AM #\
    And this is increasingly prevalent today as no one bothers to sit down and point out the family line to their children. I know of a recent case where two young first cousins were living together.The male had made some enquiries about the girl,but this did not deter him.
    Very often when I attend funerals or other family gatherings, they are individuals present who are related to me ,and other who are related to my wife. And many who are related to both of us.
    Also a common thing to hear people say these days, is that an individual is related to his/ her mother or father, and presumably not to him or her..

  32. You find that in close communities and small islands…men and women do have these secret affairs and tell no one, even when children are involved, the children never know they may be marrying or invilved with a brother, sister, uncle, aunt or cousins, their parents themselves never know that they too were the products of inbreeding. …this inbreeding damages the gene pool…..decades of inbreeding and damage produces all types of physical and mental retardation.

    Now we have an idea why the ACs are so damn retarded.

    It will be more practical, prudent, healthy and productive to import males and females of childbearing ages…from the other islands.

  33. Colonel…they got no choice….. decades of inbreeding damaged the gene pool, ya cannot tell one of them from the other, they all look alike…they have to introduce new genes to the pool or become extinct….after 400 years, the minority population is still less than 10,000…..excluding those who immigrated to Australia and other places, post independence.


    Is that the dangerous and deadly situations that the 3 goats Jones, Durant and Paul want to bring innocent children into……

    …… it’s said this dude is married and got killed because of his outside girl…..

    ……. people who have no respect for the institution of marriage….should not have children….picking up taxpayer’s money and paying them to breed will not change these outcomes….jackasses.


    Have black men no self-resoect, here is another jackass quoting a dead pope from the Vatican…….the same vatican that believe blacks should be slaves from birth to death….the same vatican that condones there always be a ready supply of children available for their pedophile priests to rape, so the vatican can cover up those rapes and destruction of young lives.

    No man wearing a dress who does not have a uterus should be telling females with uteruses what to do with theirs….this angers women to see in 2016 black men are still too STUPID to see what is directly in front of them…..women are in control of THEIR own bodies,..not government and certainly not some idiot priest/reverend in a church.

    If government would create programs to help the FEMALE from her 2nd trimester to the child’s 5th year of life, with the essentials for raising small children.,., then women would not find it too expensive and difficult to have children…it is very expensive and too many MEN run away from their responsibilities. ..whether married or not.

    You cannot raise children on thin air and irresponsible MEN.

    Until the governments in Barbados get serious about their population growth…and get some help for these WOMEN….do not complain about the dwindling birthrates. ..ya lucky ya getting any births at all….given the track records of the MEN…educate your useless males.

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