Breeding The Alternative Lifestyle

The name of the person who submitted this concern has been withheld.

How is it that a house of lesbians in Pickwick Gap, can have young children mixed up in their lifestyle, especially boys. The father of the youngest one tries hard to combat what he sees to no avail, isn’t the Child Care Board aware of this morally incorrect situation. When its the men doing foolishness, society takes a stand, when it’s the women they keep quiet.

What are the rights of children, the advertisement says on Channel 8. Somebody better check up on this before it gets any further out of hand.

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  1. @David,

    Exactly what is a house of Lesbians?

    How are the children mixed up in their lifestyles?

    There has to be a clear distinction between a same sex couple raising children and child exploitation.

    If children are being exploited and abused the writer should report this matter to the Police.

  2. Bajans need to mind their own business. Live and let live. A man and woman in a house raising children does not guarantee happy, well-adjusted children. And almost ALL lesbians and homosexual males come from a mother and father situation (as opposed to same sex parents). Also, many children are raised by their aunts and grandmothers (absentee father). If lesbian couples are loving parents, what’s the problem. Get off your high horses and let people live. Sheri

  3. I endorse of the cleric in Antigua, who strongly spoke out against same sex relations and the government and church accepting the same. How on earth can two men or two women have children? The morals of this country is FAST going down the drain and somebody needs to put a stop to it before God does. Islandgal246 cuss me black or white but you and all the rest needs to examine yourselves.

  4. @ islandgal246;

    “And almost ALL lesbians and homosexual males come from a mother and father situation (as opposed to same sex parents).”

    What pearls of wisdom cometh from the island gal!

    I like that one since it exposes the whole hypocritical attitude of Bajans regarding the approx. 10 % of them who are gay or lesbian! Let the Bajan religious “Right (eous)” and moral police explain that!

    Bajan lesbians have been raising children from time immemorial. Bajan married men and Macho men have been fathering children and still dallying with effeminate homosexsual men (aka “sheshes” or transvestites) just as long. Nothing new under the Sun!

    I am not condoning or condemning any so-called alternative lifestyle.
    The motto is: To each his or her own. Live and let live! There is a whole multi-faceted world out there with as many options and pathways to life as there are sunbeams. Who are we to judge?

  5. Heard a pastor said that the high levels of lesbianism in Barbados is due to high levels of witchcraft. Don’t know how true.

  6. bullers and wickers should be allowed as has always been the case to pursue their irregular sexual preference free of interference as long as they do not interfere with persons not so incloined or children who are protected by the laws of barbados. they should not beallowed to adopt children but should be encouraged to procreate in order that they can raise their own offsdpring in the manner they like. the laws of barbados are designed to protect children including the protection of children from irregular behavioural norms.

  7. The existence of loving, caring parents is far more important to the wellbeing of a child than are the sexual preferences of the persons in those responsible positions. It also seems as though at least one person in that house is/was bisexual.

    Pedophilia is another discussion, inasmuch as most convicted pedophiles are categorized as heterosexual by people who think that they know their sexual preference.

    It is interesting to hear much of the noise coming from pulpits and those whom support teachings that come from there. Very few of these discussions address the abuse and other forms of violence that take place within apparently heterosexual home situations. The treatment of children as chattel and a host of other anti social behaviours that are viewed as “normal” by some. Alleged “men of God” involved in atrocities that would make a street corner pickpocket seem virtuous. We really do not know that much about homosexual parenting. It is just “coming out”. We should be aware of bad parenting and there is more judgement value in outcome than there is in individual feeling and opinion. Were we to apply all of the advice available from the compilation of early writings which we now refer to as the Bible, we would have far less adultery, murders, lust of many types, gluttony, hunger and child abuse. Homosexual parenting may be the answer although I suspect that the outcomes will have a spread quite similar to that of other parenting types.

  8. Folks that was not me posting at …….islandgal246 | October 10, 2011 at 7:39 PM | even though I totally agree what the poster says. It is going to be soon corrected.

  9. There is more violence and sexual abuse in heterosexual relationships that children are exposed to than any I have heard of with same sex unions. I cam e form a family of with a mother and father and my father was a violent drunk who abused our mother for the 25 years they were married. He was a womanizer and someone who would put his friends before his family. The hypocrites who call themselves Christians should be the last to talk, stop throwing stones when most of wunna live in glass houses.

  10. What I, Sheri, (not islandgal246) meant to say is, that lesbians and homosexuals come from situations where they see a man and a woman in a home. You don’t become a lesbian from being raised by a lesbian or a gay male by being raised by a homosexual male. The situation of same sex partners raising children is somewhat new, so no blame can be placed there, as yet. Same sex orientation comes from a “normal” household setup. So millertheanunnaki needs to take a chill pill. My apologies for posting on islandgal246. Sheri

  11. @ Sheri:
    “You don’t become a lesbian from being raised by a lesbian or a gay male by being raised by a homosexual male.” “Same sex orientation comes from a “normal” household setup”.

    I have not said anything that goes contrary to what you have said!
    Are you sure you are ascribing criticism to the right blogger?
    I totally support your position. Re-read my thread!
    But I will take your advice and take a chill pill on this topic.

  12. There is nothing to suggest that sexual preference is learned behaviour.

    I have never been attracted to a male at anytime in my life. From the time I was a teenager I wanted to and did exchange bodily fluids with females.

    Homosexuals are born that way and should be treated as human beings.

    It is going to be difficult for children in a same sex household in Barbados because Bajans “pretend” to have high moral standards.

  13. @ Hants

    And what about the people who decide that they want a relationship with a same-sex partner because a different-sex partner hurt them?

    What if the different-sex partner DIDN’T hurt them? Would they still go for a same-sex partner?

    Would they be considered bi-sexual in that case?

  14. Bottom line…..aren’t we here to experience and enjoy life? Sex is about reaching an orgasm, and some people don’t really care how they reach it, they just want to cum… Life can throw us some curve balls, but roll wid them punches and enjoy the game. Outside of rape, incest or exposing minors to porno, etc., what’s wrong with people exploring their sexual appetites. They say a lot of bajan men are bullers. Now, there’s a focus on lesbians. Some of us don’t fu#k at all. Some fu#k and don’t like it. Some fu#k and just fake it. Some fu#k multiple partners, some don’t. Can’t stop it. You can’t stop the fucking. So, with that said, maybe we should ask a gay man’s opinion about how it feels to have a di#k up his ass and how many years of ass fooping does it take before he can no longer drink soup? And ask a lesbian about how it feels just rubbing against another woman and do they usually use dildo, and why use dildos if you’re a lesbian? Maybe we should engage people in sex talk. Maybe we can learn something and be more open minded about life and sex and living and letting people live.

  15. @CCC:
    “Bullers and wickers all want putting in a boat without an oar and push out to sea.”

    You will be in fine company with many of your political friends and foes giving a good helping hand-job without the oar to ensure you keep a straight course to pick up LP on the way since you have dumped one dead man overboard!

  16. Looka, I frum de ol skool, so I in supportin na same sex partners raisin na chil’ren fa shoite. Not me. De worl in a mess a ‘reddy, de lil chil’ren confuse as khunt, why wunna–all wantz ta confuze de lil whunz mo for? Leff de lil whuns outta de big peeple mess. Ef wunna-all wantz ta bull or wick, um is wunna bizniss but pa-leeze, leff out de lil whunz.
    I believes strongly in de famblee unit. Dat meanz, a woman wid a real pokey, a man wid a real doggy n a fu lil pickney runnin bout de house. Nutton cosmetic.’
    Leff dah same sex shoite outta de institution a de ‘home’ n marrij.

    Wunna-all needz ta cast out de bullin n wikkin demonzzz.

    I rebuke wunna-all.

  17. @CCC

    You really, really sure about that, CCC? Then you must be either a prophet or a mind-reader! You sure you ain’t got some of those demons hiding in you that the minister talking about?

  18. @CCC

    You are an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!! A small minded idiot. People like you nailed that guy named Jesus to the cross. You think things should be the way you imagine they should be. Not wanting anyone to have their own desires and their own wishes fulfilled. You should NEVER say anything negative about slavery because the white man thought your black ass was not human,,,you should NEVER say anything about ethnic cleansing, because there are some people in this world that think that people like you should die a slow hard death. You are such an idiot. What, you come up from under that rock just to talk crap????

  19. Boney Peppa is an idiot too it seems….You and CCC should hook up and talk about how other people should live their lives.

  20. And come to think of it, you know what they say about those who protest too much…I could bet you anything that CCC and Boney had same sex. They just don’t anyone else to do it, that’s all………….

  21. Sheri
    If I is a idiot, you would gotta be a real cunt. De same cunt dat you seem ta like ta fcuk. I doan do cunts baby. I like dem long, stiff, big n wid nuff stamina. A cunt cannnn be evva like nun a dem. Doan talk shite woman. You got you views bout de alternative lifestyle and I got mine. Who mek you de defender of dis cause? Ya pussy. I doan like de lifestyle n you ridiculing me in gun mek my opinion change. I doan hate bullas nor wikkas, I jus doan like de fcukin idea of dem confusing chil’ren. It gotta be confusin ta young, impressionable minds, ya scunt. Puss-cee mek ta jukk jukk not rubb rubb but ef dem feel ta rubb rubb, all is fair in love n war but leff out de lil pickney.Dem already got a lot pun dem lil plates why add mo to dem misery? Alternative lifestyle my asshole. Nex ting now, dem gun be askin fa same-sex marriage ta be legislated, as in de ‘great’ USA, mekin a mockery of de institution of marriage.What de fcuk wunna tink um is a ‘tall doe? A pappy-show? stupseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    Not a ting wrong wid me n CCC hookin up, causen he got wah I like,not na rub-up, rub-up dat you seem ta tickle you fancy.(doan cum pun yaself now) Dat kunt is not my stlye, so you could cah ya bumba-clawt. Ya water-mout pussy-rubba. I like dem longgggg n biggggggggg n stiffffffffffffffffffffffff.
    Cum back, I hay waitin fa ya.

  22. Sheri……… Bonny is muh friend an ah doan like how yuh treatin she. She does likes she menz infact nuff menz BUT she ent nuh whorianna. She doan cheat pon she menz, she does dun wid dem first before she start wid de new manz. So looka doan let we get too vicious jest leff Bonny to voice she opinion like yuh voice yours. OK?

  23. @Bonny Peppa:
    “I like dem long, stiff, big n wid nuff stamina.”
    Why would a hot sexy girl like you think that Fondle Stuart is the kind of man that can meet your requirements? Looks (as you should know) can be deceptive as you might have found out during your short visit (as rumoured) to the Court at Lord Carter’s haunted residence.
    A diabetic man might be sweet but rising to the occasion to provide you with the beautiful sight of a “long stiff one with nuff stamina” might not be a realistic expectation from a pancreatic-dysfunctional man whose younger days were spent in the company and at the feet of a Kingmaker whose lifestyle you so ardently condemn. Birds of a similar plumage tend to belong to the same flock and sometimes share the same nest in Black Rock.

    @ Sheri: Bonny ( P **** ending in “a” or “y” ) is too hot for you to handle, sorry I mean fondle!


  25. Sheri

    Me n ya myrrhh is de same ho’s.

    Doan worry wid Sheri. I jess havin fun as usual. ya kno me. I doan tek nutton tu serius. life too short. N ef I offend anybody bout hay, doan look fa na apologies, causen I doan give a fcuk. Pun BU, ya gottta giv sum n tek sum.

    Or wahevva ya name is, looka, get anedda name man, I now bite my tong tryin ta call dah name. de onlies ting dat stickin in my head is de ‘nuki’ part. you know wah is a nuki doe? LOLL

    Lissen, leave my Fondle for ma pleeze. Wah de ‘shaff’ cannnnn manage, de tong willl assist in. Leff he for me. N i hear dat big nose men does be doubly blessed n highly flavoured. Leff my husban for ma.

    You does hear me condem sumbody lifestyle? stupseeeeeeeeeeee.All I say is dat ‘peeple dat liv in glass houses, shud not pelt rocks’. dat is all i does say.
    ya demon.

  26. @ Bonny Peppa;
    Doan worry bout the long name. U kan call me nuki’ nukurts or even nuk nuk. I din no u like de tong works. Sheri might do a better job fa ya.

    Be careful Fondle shaft might slip and go in the rong hole and he might not notice the difference.

  27. Have mercy people. The tings I does learn on here. I hope you people n got nuh gran children with computers who does read BU.

    So Fondle Stuart and Cammie bin lovers? he, he, he.

    tell muh more, what bout EWB? some seh he did bi. n Tom, wuh I hear he too and dat he like to beat de wimmen dem.

    Any ways, we dont know what you people are doing. So, to each his own and leave the gays alone. They are my best friends and family.

  28. millertheanunnaki | October 12, 2011 at 8:29 PM | Be careful Fondle shaft might slip and go in the rong hole and he might not notice the difference.

    Not notice a difference – what are you saying bout Bonny

  29. Leave me out of your mouth Mr. Millertheanunnaki :). And Bonny Peppa, et al., I too am on here just to pass some time and have a lil fun. Nothing taken to heart. Have a great day all….muahhhhhhhhhhh……=)

  30. @ Sheri:
    I was implying that you can do a better job at putting a good tongue lashing on Bonny Peppa when she steps out of line. That is, match her word for word. Sometimes the bonny girl can get a bit too hot to handle so we have to give her a little sugar water to cool her tongue a bit! But we could cuss one another with a bit more perfume in our mouths.

    I too am doing a bit of ribbing. Remember laughter is the best medicine. We certainly can do with a good dose ever so often given what is happening all around us, both locally and internationally. As our old folks used to be: Lord, come fa ya world!!

    I luv ya, Cheri gal; just like bonny sweet peppa!

  31. Ting Long, Long
    LOLL. I luv de name. murdahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Millanuki is sayin dat Bonny versatile. N dat any hole is a hole. All is fair in luv n warrr. N dat Fondle is a bed-room ‘bully’. Any port fa a storm.
    Ya demon. Ting Long, Long Ting.

    Dats de spirit dawlink. Na hard feelins frum me needa. One luv Boo.

    How ya doin Hunny-suckle? Dese demons pun BU in got na sorta behaviah a’tall. Xcep me, of course. LOLL.

    LOL. ya demon.Yes, I into tongs, chains, hancuffs, whips, ice-blocks, melted chocolates etc. Why dontchya leeve Ms Sheri alone, ya vagabon.

    Colonel Buggy
    mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, rite pun dem lipz a yourn.

  32. @ Bonny Peppa
    “Ting Long, Long”.
    I luv dat name ya give me real bad! Girl ya like ya could see tru cyberspace and see what I have to offer. But I don’t think you can handle, sorry, fondle it.
    That is why I have fallen for mon cherie amour. I believe she has what it takes to satisfy Mr.Ting Long Long (aka Tricky Dick from Long Bay).

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