No Mr. Prime Minister

Submitted by William Skinner
Prime Minister Freundel Stuart

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart

Our Prime Minister, Mr.Freundel Stuart has now determined that technology is partially to blame for declining standards. Many of the issues we now confront began to surface in the mid-seventies. When the gangs first appeared, they were dismissed as “wayward youth”; after we ignored the agriculture sector for nearly forty years, we were then advised to make kitchen gardens and when the cracks started to manifest themselves in the school system, we opened so-called “Centers” with little or no format or known purpose.

When it was obvious that the drug culture was taking root and a drastic well planned approach was needed, the then top law enforcement officer announced his hands were tied. This led to a mammoth Crop Over hit by the Red Plastic bag. Problems at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, we blame nurses; problems at the school plant we blame teachers and problems with garbage disposal we blame sanitation workers.

Of course all the problems related to productivity are blamed on the workers. We never critique the corporate culture that is set by management. We complain daily about our youth but ignore those who are gallantly setting up businesses, involved in the arts and are trying their best to find themselves in a society that offers little or no assistance to our young entrepreneurs.

What we are failing to admit is the woeful lack of any visionary national policy and our perpetual belief that we can complain and hope for the return of a Barbados that is really gone forever. We look around and are convinced that all the changes in the entire world are temporary. We believe that one of these mornings, we will wake up and be put in a time capsule that will land us in an idyllic Barbados with quaint little villages, where the poor are expected only to be: poor, peaceful and polite.

It is not technology, it is a deepening poverty that can no longer be ignored; it is a stagnant political culture inherent in our two major political parties and an education system that to all intents and purposes, can no longer produce the kind of citizen needed to carry us for another fifty years.

Mr. Prime Minister, technology is not the problem. We can throw all the computers, cell phones and other gadgets in the Careenage and such an act will not solve any of our problems. It is not that simple, Sir.


84 Comments on “No Mr. Prime Minister”

  1. Kammie Holder August 28, 2016 at 10:32 AM #

    We need doers and not just talkers. Critical Thinkers as well as persons who are totally results focused who will solve our problems with minimum collateral damage. The problem falls squarely at the feet of the Prime Ministers feet as leader of the country who is just damn selfish to seek help from the NGOs and wider community.

    Square pegs in round holes must be replaced with round pegs for too many incompetences appointed to positions due to yardfowlism. Tired of hearing party supporters saying other party did the same, Barbados is bigger than their parties. #ANewWay


  2. SuckaBubby August 28, 2016 at 11:22 AM #

    Mr Holder, Mr King has taken upon himself to start this blog.I think we owe Mr King a huge debt to follow through on his idea and draw on that wellspring of boldness.We are too far gone to wait on Ministers and whoever in the status quo.To do is is akin to what an old man once told me, if the horse didn’t eat oats you cant expect it to shite out oats.We cant continue to expect reasonable actions from unreasonable people.A nation within a nation.


  3. pieceuhderockyeahright August 28, 2016 at 3:18 PM #

    For those of you with balls, have you ever gotten up to speak and one single hair got caught in your boxers?

    I tell you what!!

    It is not the most complimentary picture of your grimacing face that CBC Reporting Lies shows of you at 7.30 pm.

    This UNESCO Designation is likened to Fumbles being held by all of them, at the same time and yanked.

    Without a doubt, had it just been the beach matter then all of this would be over and Fumbles would have done signed the permission for Baloney.

    But this UNESCO tingy, whuloss.

    Looka dis!

    “In 2013, the San Antonio Express-News reported on that very influence when the US National Park director explained to city leaders that a proposed 26-story hotel and time-share building on top of the Joske Building at the Alamo Plaza could jeopardize the pending designation.

    Former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, now HUD czar, wanted that UN designation badly. He said, “No one on the council is going to do anything that jeopardizes the World Heritage site designation. They canned the lucrative hotel project.”

    The positioning of a hotel in Bridgetown would be the hoteliers dream.

    The immediacy of the Designation and the time requirement to build the Hyatt Centric brand are the things that are “being weighed” here by Fumbles.

    Whether it was Fumbles or Mugabe neither, while the future tourism related benefits of the project are favourable can afford to risk the bird in the hand for the two in the bush…and now with the curlies being held right before election time, the pain alone going mek Fumbles got to let dis one pass.

    Sorry Abundant Lane and Baloney, sometimes you win and sometimes you loose…


  4. Well Well & Consequences August 28, 2016 at 3:30 PM #

    Piece.,,,,.,Fruendel and Inniss want yanking hard, both at the same time….while sitting right next to each other.

    Then ya got all these retards coming on here trying to justify the idiocy.


  5. Recall August 28, 2016 at 3:34 PM #

    Fumbles MUST get Maloney his permission, Fumbles ain’t got no choice in the matter. He owes the fact that he got PM in 2010 and re-elected in 2013 to the Great White Northern Cabal. They pull the strings and he moves accordingly.


  6. pieceuhderockyeahright - INRI August 28, 2016 at 3:47 PM #

    @ Recall

    In any other matter I would be inclined to agree with you but this is an intricate matter.

    Let me show you how it is by use of this plagiarism from the same Alamo article included for impact rather relevance

    “The Harbinger report also estimated the UNESCO designation’s widespread potential economic impact felt across Bexar County by 2025, as low as $44 million to as high as $105 million. They predict 465 to 1,098 jobs will be added and anywhere between $0.8-2.2 million might be added in local hotel tax revenue.

    In 2014, Reuters noted that the Alamo is the largest tourist attraction in Texas, attracting about 2.5 million visitors a year.”

    What will be the recurring revenues of the Hyatt?

    What % of those remain in Barbados?

    How many people will it employ?

    What will that mean in terms of wages and other contributions to employment?

    What, if anything, will Barbados loose in terms of its overall visitor count, if we loose the UNESCO designation?

    Which Prime Minister, wants to be remembered as “the PM who caused Barbados to be delisted by UNESCO?”


  7. Well Well & Consequences August 28, 2016 at 4:15 PM #

    ACs…I told yall before am done you will grunt, I have not even gotten statrted yet, brace ya selves and deal with it.


  8. islandgal August 28, 2016 at 8:02 PM #

    “The positioning of a hotel in Bridgetown would be the hoteliers dream.”

    Piece what Hoteliers dream??? Bridgetown is DYING if it isn’t DEAD as yet. Many large corporations are not located there so what kind of businessmen will this hotel be catering to??? The fake hair Salesmen?

    Bridgetown needs a good scrubbing and a remodeling. Many of our old warehouses can be gentrified. The problem is that those who are in charge haven’t a clue and our maintenance record is piss poor. Look at the PM’s Office, it has been like that for the past 50 years with no improvement.

    This island is like a piece of litmus paper floating on the water’s surface. Eventually the paper will become waterlogged and sink if we allow things to continue as they are. Take your pick SINK or SWIM? By the way many of wunna can’t even swim so wunna better learn to dog paddle real fast.


  9. BimJim August 30, 2016 at 9:47 AM #

    Is about time I hear wunnuh talk bout alltwoboaf ah dese Labour Parties a waste of time and the yard fowls even wusser dan dat. But hear dis – the day Granville Phillips announce fuh de nex elections, I know wunnuh SAME said lickrish idjets gine lick wunnuh mout pon he head – and everybody associated with him tuh. Fickle doan even begin to describe wunnuh. Troot be told, chuppit doan even begin to describe wunnuh neidah.

    Barbados nused to be THE MOST RESPECTED ISLAND IN THE EASTERN CARIBBEAN in education, manners, business and standard of living. In a short 30 years the poliTRICKS – liars and tiefs all ah dem, now lately controlled by a deaf and dumb half-asleep Chief Fumbling Jackass – turn we country into bare cow-poop shyte with rich rich politicians and poor poor people, mostly igrunt people from schoolteachers to schoolchrildren, and now the phones smarter than the people – just like wunnuh Gods and Goddesses in the NewEssEh cross de water dey y’all does beg tuh watch an foller like family pon de TV.

    We country now $10 BILLION in debt. Once upon a time that could never have happened, dese days de elites does only talk bout eff dem should keep on printing we money or not. just like wunnuh Gods and Goddesses in the NewEssEh now $23 TRILLION in debt – and still printing money like um gine outta style.

    So eff wunnuh doan see nuttn wrong bout hey and wunnuh doan see nuttn wrong bout dey neidah, den the real problem is wunnuh… and wunnuh does gots to be de wussest most igruntest greedy self-centered yard fowls anybody does never want tuh see.

    So whuh yuh gunna gimme fuh Chrissmuss? Yuh better some up to standard!!

    Look, wunnuh go and eat off some puddn’n’souse, hear. When devaluation come and all dem elites does emmygrate to ketch up wid all de millions dem did exporting to safe havens all dese years, is WUNNUH gine feel de pain, not dem.

    But doan listen tuh my brassbowl idjet nonsense, I know I ent talkin bout nuttn dat y’all fowls does wants to hear.

    I. Gone


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