The Brutality of the Royal Barbados Police Force, with video


Highlighted from Nazim’s Police Statement

Many locals have been quick to share their views on the several tragic events that occurred in the USA recently where Black men were shot like dogs by White policemen.  Not so fast! Is the below for real? Happening in Bimshire?Barbados Underground


Extracted from Nazim’s Police Statement

Hundreds Forcible Disappear in Middle East.nazzi is me famuly. peeps got to know tht police in only killing you in amrica it hapning hay in barbados. De pulice killing yuh bout hay pecilly wen you por. and den dem cuva up an say tht Nazzi is wo hurt heself. ef one uh dem din call we Nazzi get kill in day at statun hill. pun a night dem got unmark cars drving tru hay J2917 n xa2735, dah 1 hurdle is a crmnl wid a badge. god done lik ugly tanks fo publesh man.


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  1. Dear President Obama,

    Should you visit Barbados any time soon I would like to suggest that you not to look like anyone that the police even remotely suspect of a crime.

    In Fact Sir, might i suggest that you send some pictures over to the Royal Barbados Police Force, before you come just to avoid any incidents

    Certainly Mr. President, like many other concerned citizens, I would advise that, even if you have relatives from certain parts of Barbados, you may do best NOT TO claim to have come from “Haynesville Marl Hole or the Pine” (I AM FROM THE PINE) because those areas are the areas where the Royal Barbados Police Force will target when they need to “meet a quota” to solve outstanding crimes and therefore will target poor unfortunate black citizens from underprivileged areas.

    When Air Force One arrives in BIM, do try not to pass through Jamaica, or any of the “Low islands” and make sure that none of your staff has an accent that can be mistaken for “low islanders” or after cursory searches for non existent drugs, there will be “a washpan of licks” afforded them simply for the crime of “undesirable City of Origin”

    Remember to use your satellite phone while on the island because any call that you make in the country WILL BE ILLEGALLY MONITORED BY OUR POLICE.

    Finally Sir, I note that you and your wife have been champions for the UnderDogs and for those who have no voice for themselves.

    I would beg you sir to ask that some justice is given to poor me sir, Nazim Blackett from the Pine.

    I would be appreciative if you could intervene and instruct “the higher ups in government” not our Director of Public Prosecutions, please avoid him, but could you advise them that beating citizens for crimes IS NOT THE FUNCTION OF THE POLICE, ANYWHERE IN THE CIVILIZED WORLD, where real policing is done.

    I know that you are a busy man and are quite busy with the Presidential Elections but this is a poor 6 ft. 7 inch 20 year old black boy’s wish whose only “crime” is to have been born black

    Nazim Blackett
    Victim of Barbados Police Brutality

  2. @ Hants

    Two things

    There are some elements about this story which is spot on in sync with Nazim Blackett’s story

    These are

    Marsha Cooke “I ask them who did I assault… they said the police”

    So after NOT FINDING ANY DRUGS she is now accused of assaulting the police

    She continues

    “I was wondering if I was hearing correctly I said how did I assault the police, and never got charge at the airport? but all of a sudden their story changed.

    Now they were saying no drugs was on me.”

    Then the lock her up and beat her and then let her see the doctor one day afterwards.

    She is still lucky? that she was not “Myried” i.e. fingers pushed up into her.

    But as is the pattern with Nazzim, she is kept in a state of fear and like him incarcerated and LIKE NAZIM charged with crimes of no relatable nature other than “we ent find no drugs but we got to charge you with something”

    My query is about the picture with her ear.

    She is wearing a hair net? thing Hairnet suggests that she is out of prison now

    And aside of little import.

    If you zoom the roof you see there is a rafter with a bolt in a close boarded roof however “the perspective” at the sides of the house and the wall and the “light” are confusing for a wooden roof

    I going have to speak to the Sargeant bout this too? When a person retired we does doan got a ting to do but play police.

  3. Here are three more pages from Nazim Blackett’s Statement.

    The officers on the overlapping shift are really pissed with this matter.

    It would appear as if they have collected additional information which, ONCE THE ACTING COMMISSIONER OF POLICE COMES OUT & SPEAKS ON THIS MATTER, depending on what he says in his official report, may, if contrary to the facts, prove to be extremely embarrassing for him and the RBPF hierarchy.

    One can understand what the Sargeant is saying though.

    If the leading CoP does not have the ability, through his chain of command, to investigate a crime committed in District Station A, a police facility, then why should he be believed or more importantly why should he be tasked with the responsibility for policing crime across the island?

    Our RBPF has some serious problems with morale, work ethics, favouritism, equipment, lack of opportunities, poor pay, and the list is really long and festering.

  4. “Breaking the law by citizens and breaking the law by policemen is still breaking the law.”
    After reading the statement the allegations are gut wrenching and if true these officers must spend some time at Dodds.

  5. @ Piece

    The police in Barbados have been beating people for centuries.

    We believe that the only way to stop police brutality is to disband the whole force and start again.

    This violence is the main way used by police to get confessions from accused persons.

    Indeed, Johnny Cheltenham is on record as having stated that 90% of charges are entirely based on the confessions of accused person to the police.

    Accused person are routinely made to give evidence against themselves in Barbados and elsewhere. No Miranda!

    Most of the people who have been in Parliament have been lawyers. And all these people would have known that poor people are beaten daily by the Barbados Police-State Force.

    Everybody in the legal system know this. Judges, magistrates, commissioner, everybody. Prisoners complain all the time to courts but nothing is ever done to stop this obvious illegality.

    A long time ago a man they used to beat called ‘Daigun’ attempted to cut off Lion Man’s hand. But Lion Man was a trickster, he sent a younger policeman to one entrance, the door where Daigun thought he would come through.

    When the young officer put in his hand to unbolt the door Daigun cut it off. He had to drive the commissioner after that.

    When you see policemen/women anywhere pretending that they are so professional when everywhere in this world brutality is their main instrument to instill fear in the modern police state, like Barbados.

    In recent times, they have been employing psychological methods, which are no less torturous.

    But for the ignorant police in Barbados unless you are somebody’s son or got money or the ability to sue them in international courts, nobody will give a brassbowl about you.

  6. In speaking to Officer *** at dominoes I asked about two things as I had promised.

    @ Disgusted Voter

    What is stated above is as true as John 3.16. We have been invaded by bad cops.

    The Sargeant was talking about how the RBPF had changed in a few ways, most of them negatively.

    They are not all “big, black, ingrunt and ugly” like in the old days “now you have smaller fellows, who are partly educated and that part is mixed with goat”

    I nearly peed myself when he said that

    He said that it is now a case where more and more they (the Force) are realizing that the quality of person applying for the police force is “more criminal than the criminals they have to be dealing with every day, and the only thing that keeps those guys in check, is promotions.

    They DO NOT GET PROMOTED BEYOND A CERTAIN LEVEL or it would be a really bad problem!!

    They “the sadists” serve a purpose given some of the extremely sick criminals that they encounter on the road but the problem comes when these officers, get “turned on” and CANT BE TURNED OFF.

    Even some of the officers in the Force are afraid of them, he is not cause “he will dispatch them if they step overboard…”

    Imagine that, The RBPF do not know what to do with the beast that they have become!!

    It is a self fulfilling prophecy, the more they works to remove the criminals, the more criminal minded the Police Force is becoming.

    The Marsha Cooke case is an excellent example of “Cops Gone Bad”

    A poor black woman (from Jamaica) Marsha Cooke is accused of being a mule. It is found that she is not a mule, but a few things happen.

    Like a few Jamaicans, while in custody Cooke speaks up, not rambunctiously, just speaks up. That is not liked, and that sets of “the cycle” that the Sargeant mentioned earlier.

    Because of the Myrie matter and court case, what has happened is that Jamaica is now “on scope” but officials are conscious about how they “search the suspects.”

    It seem that she was beaten by a few “overzealous ones” on duty to humble that attitude. Not like Nazim, but for a woman, the book to her head on the eardrum, well any blow to a prisoner by a police officer is illegal

    It only caused further fear in the subject of the beating. It escalated and it appeared that she was not going to “be silent” upon being released, so it was necessary to destroy the credibility of the victim again, hence the trumped up charges AND HER INCARCERATION.

    The Sargeant suggested that even they, THE POLICE, can’t be sure of ANY MATTER WHERE A SUSPECT claims to be the victim of a beating.

    He strongly suggested that cameras be used in all such circumstances AND WENT ON TO SAY “the recordings ARE NOT MANAGED BY POLICE!!” That amazed me, he said such evidence WILL BE TAMPERED WITH OR DISAPPEAR!!

    So she is beaten and the whole followup about assaulting an officer, incarceration, transportation to another station, keep away from court, then carry to court to have a fine imposed, all of this is to “dissuade the victim” of any Myrie actions.

    Where is a Jamaican po woman going to get US$2500 from? Whoring?

    Their strategy is “if she gets perplexed by the system enough, she goes back home, and with all the trumped up charges, over time the matter is swept under the carpet.”

    • Some time ago it was mooted that Barbados look to recruit from outside of Barbados as an approach to switchout the culture in the police force. Why have we not had the case of the policemen against the CoP and AG resolved expeditiously?

      Do we understand what happens when you tug a lion by the tail?

  7. @ Pachamama

    One thing that is happening globally, and locally, is that more suspects, mainly young men, are not shunning incidences of gunplay with Cops like they used to before.

    Cops everywhere are becoming a target and there is an equally scary accompanying “phenomenon”, more cops are being killed AND the perpetrators of their killings are not being found.

    That people are killing cops is a bothersome trend, BUT that they are killing cops and not being discovered. that is a serious concern for police assuredly

    The Sargeant made some comments about that Tip Line and how effective it was proving to be OR NOT.

    You are absolutely right about it needing to be “rebuilt” cause it is a veritable mess as is.

    @ Colonel Buggy

    Was the RBPF able to pass that CALEA test (

    one could only wonder, if the answer to that questin is yes, what did they submit for evaluation???

  8. @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    One of three things can happen in the circumstances of tugging the lion’s tail.

    One can find oneself mauled by or killed by the lions like those two Chinese visitors to the zoo who got out of their car to take closer pictures

    Or the lion can find itself very dead like how the Silverback Gorilla in the United States found itself.

    Or like how the police find themselves, unable to walk their beats, after certain hours

    Lion Man of whom Pachamama spoke earlier is dead too, is he not?

    I think I recall someone say that to Mark Fenty aka the Dompey.

    All of us going home, like Dipper did, on the rise, or like Sleepy did, quietly.

    One day too, you and I will go home, in different circumstances Honourable Blogmaster.

    Like you, I would hope to rest like Sleepy but such is only “as My God Wills”.

    Would it not be great though, if you, or I, had such options available, that we could invoke extirpation on those who “untimely ripped us from this dream?”

    Personally, i think the choice is one the RBPF has to make where its police officers say that they want to police communities where the citizenry ses them and respects them and feels confident that they can call 1800 TIPS or whatever their number is, as opposed to “man if i call in deah they ingrunt swine at Station Hill going give my name and phone number to the same criminals that i tipping them off about”

    I would hope that they choose Door # 1

  9. @ David July 30, 2016 at 7:55 PM # re: “Some time ago it was mooted that Barbados look to recruit from outside of Barbados as an approach to switchout the culture in the police force…”

    That sir is the proverbial ‘mouthful’. It is so simple and yet profoundly captures the complete crash of our Bajan trust, integrity and decency.

    I am young enough and yet old enough to have attended secondary school with Bajans who were recruited to police forces, teaching and other public sector professions in places like Bermuda and Cayman Islands and beyond; of course those many years my senior can say the same.

    It is thus deeply ironic (and sad) that we have moved over the more recent years to now be ‘mooted’ as an importer of those talents.

  10. @Pieces, you prosecute an important matter even as you skillfully lambaste the current police leaders for maintaining a morass of ineptitude.

    We all remember when ‘community policing’ was branded as such with much ado under Durant (as memory serves). The fact that the concept was always there – in the old days it was just called ‘GOOD policing’- and must always be an integral part of any effective police strategy is not lost on anyone of course.

    But no longer does a society attempt to reflect or mirror the integrity expected of their institutions of law and order …the society now reflects the realities of those institutions:corruption.

    There was a time, anecdotally told in Hollywood movies but also evidenced in actual news and book accounts, that to kill a cop was to incur the comprehensive wrath of officialdom…your criminal enterprise and you were extinguished. That has long ago changed. And the reasons are well noted.

    So your remark – most important first – is an understatement for the ages: “that…[people] are killing cops and not being discovered. that is a serious concern for police…” AND “that people are killing cops is a bothersome trend..”

    If local police commissioners had an inviolable process that all interrogations had to be recorded with video and audio…notwithstanding the evidence tampering mentioned, then things would be different…If all cases of prisoner physical abuse were thoroughly ventilated things would be different…If local attorneys had won major cases against corrupt cops which led to or emanated from their criminal prosecution then our little island could never be at this point.

    So maybe we do need to try the T&T approach of many years ago and recruit a top Canadian or British copper as Commissioner and give him or her a clear mandate. But of course there are many problems with that…

    A very expensive package to get anyone of caliber; and that would not sit well with folks like Caswell and the many cops fighting for better wages.

    If the recruit is White all hell would erupt. And if he is Black all de other hell would break loose.

    And of course any such recruit would be dismissed the first day he (internally) called out the DPP or started to look closely at crimes by our elites (Mrs. Smith’s for example.)

    Bad cops come from a bad society. But a good society is forged by the efforts of good cops.

    So according to you there is no hope as the police leadership has been successively poor and the gov’t and people definitely WILL NOT/CANNOT recruit an outsider for the top job.

  11. Will not be tolerant of cops killing alleged suspects at the drop of a hat but society must be efficient and responsible in addressing these issues when the need is being called for affecting positive change making every effort by ensuring that the pendulum is not being swung too far from one side to another

    • @Hants

      There must be more to this matter. Note the accused policewoman has resigned effective 6 August.

      On Sun, Jul 31, 2016 at 11:38 AM, Barbados Underground wrote:


  12. (CNN)Two police officers in East Cleveland, Ohio, are out of a job after a robbery suspect alleged they beat him up and pushed him down a cliff after arresting him.

    Police fired the officers, and the case has been referred to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, Mayor Gary Norton said. He declined to provide details about the alleged misconduct but said the officers could face a range of charges, including police brutality, kidnapping and assault.
    “We are not dealing with an issue of race,” the mayor told CNN, noting that both the officers and the suspect are African-American. “We are dealing with what is in the minds of individuals that are empowered with a badge and a gun. It is a sickening thing to have to deal with as a mayor.”
    The accused officers could not be immediately reached for comment. They have not been charged.
    East Cleveland is a suburb of Cleveland, where federal investigators found a pattern of police excessive force in 2014. But the cities have separate police departments.
    In East Cleveland, Norton said the alleged incident began early Sunday after police arrested a robbery suspect accused of stealing an iPhone.
    ‘A complete shock’
    Suspect Jesse Nickerson made a complaint to a supervisor after his arrest, police Chief Michael Cardilli told CNN.
    Attorney Heather McCullough, a public defender who’s representing Nickerson, said he recounted his version of events to her in court Thursday.
    “It was a complete shock. … He told me they had taken him to the park, beaten him up and thrown him over a cliff,” she said. “He had an obvious injury to his face. When he first came in to the courtroom, he stumbled a little bit and he was doubled over.”
    Nickerson showed “visible signs of an altercation” and sustained minor abrasions, the police chief said.

    • We have yet another case where local CoP Tyrone Griffith has promised to investigate a questionable extrajudicial shooting.

      Are we satisfied the RBPF has the capacity to self investigate?


  13. @ Honourable Blogmaster

    No we should not be.

    These are fast becoming a group of criminals “empowered by a badge”

    Acting Commissioner of Police can and will do nothing because he is part of the Brotherhood

    @ De Word

    I am on the road and I started to reply to your response of 1:31 am which is spot on namely the hiring of extra regional talent and giving them the mandate for change.

    The United States government and that of the U.K. would gladly underwrite a program like that and officers in the Force are for the most part clamouring to get that external intervention

    The RBPF has about 150 intra staff issues that are significant issues which are not being dealt with

    That is approximately 300 cops less because of the one to many incidences where one or two people feature multiple times, thefts, sexual harassment favouritism promotion denials, bad cops, drug use, drug supply, police protection for criminals and the list goes on

  14. The Sargeant is to provide the Statements about the line up fiasco later this week.

    You know, where eight officers beat Blackett but only two were picked out the lineup and four have been identified but yet to be charged.

    2 into 8 leaves four.

    Blackett cannot leave home to go anywhere because of the extrajudicial death warrant that has been issued on his life by a certain officer

    Imagine that.

    Twenty years old and because you refuse to sign a statement composed by police men saying you killed a man and your family rescues you from a brutal beating to make you sign such AND then said officers contrive to say you are a burglar, imagine now that you are confined to your home for such!!!

    This making sense to you???

    Who are the criminals? Who are the Police???

  15. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right – INRI July 30, 2016 at 8:32 PM #

    Was the RBPF able to pass that CALEA test (
    Yes, they did. That’s why the squad cars were in a similar livery to the US police, and occasionally some politician would beat his chest about the RBPF being the only force outside of the USA to be affiliated with CALEA.

  16. @ Colonel Buggy

    I said I’d go to the CALEA website and start reading up on their measurement tools.

    I read reports on that site and this research paper before reverting to you on that accreditation issue which is like lipstick on a pig.

    The pertinent CALEA measurement tools that inform on my comments on this specific matter of brutality, are the ones that follow and are those I focused/rely on.

    1.Arrests and Citations

    Arrest represents one of the most visible measures of police output. Furthermore, it is one of the few output measures collected from most police agencies in the world.

    This is probably the driving factor behind and underscores why poor black ingrunt peeple from lower socio economic brackets are arrested more than rich or middle class people in Barbados because they the police have a quota to reach as such relates to “solving” crime IRRESPECTIVE OF THE INNOCENCE OF THE PARTIES ARRESTED!!!

    Of interesting note is the following observation “Police departments can influence crime rates any number of ways: departmental policies or structures that INHIBIT or encourage reporting, the behavior of a PBX CALL TAKER or police officer toward an alleged victim, or OUTRIGHT MANIPULATION of crime statistics

    AND IT IS ALSO NOTED THAT NOT ALL CRIME IS REPORTED TO POLICE E.G. “when immigrants fear deportation, AS WITH THAT JAMAICAN WOMAN MARSHA COOKE who would have paid US$500 for a ticket to come to Barbados to be beaten and locked up, domestic abuse victims who fear retaliation from their attackers, or teens fear that reporting a crime will hurt their reputation among their peers, there will exist unknown pockets of crime.

  17. @ Colonel a Buggy

    The counterpoise to the statistic of reported crime is Clearances

    2.Clearances or the number of crimes solved

    A common observation of these studies is that “…detectives manipulated clearance rates to inflate their performance measures.”

    As with Nazim Blackett “…If they arrested a suspect, sometimes police use the arrest to clear other similar offenses, even when the evidence that the cases were related was slim…”

    The CALEA article continues “…furthermore, the detectives demonstrated a profound disinterest in whether the “cleared” cases resulted in court convictions; they viewed their job as generating the clearance regardless of the consequences…”

    This, in the weekly instances of RBPF reports, brings me to wonder if this CALEA accreditation was anything other than a rubber stamp on an appreciable amount of Sadists and Brutes masquerading behind a badge.

    The measurement systems came in for a bashing as well.

    “A report on the future of the Uniform Crime Reporting program listed a number of problems with CLEARANCE RATES that reduce their utility for measuring police performance.”

    Given that 3 police reports dat de ole man has been waiting on for 5 years and assistance on a number of outstanding matters still lags ridiculously, one would tend to agree that the measurement of clearance rates by the RBPF are hopeful at best a euphemism for lies.

    Just ask the Blackett’s lawyers how long it has been for them to get statements on the matter of Brutality against Nazim Blackett.

    Yet they can state that Nazim has “graduated from stealing sheep, IN A HOUSING DEVELOPMENT, TO MURDER!!!”

    There is a definitive need for the creation of a new entity that will Police the Royal Barbados since it is obvious that their self policing IS NOT WORKING OUT FOR POOR BLACK MEN OR VISITING JAMAICANS

  18. @ Colonel Buggy

    One more point about that CALEA designation and their own requirements


    Again I would wish readers to realize that I have copied euphemism for plagiarized elements of this article to underscore a point that Pachamama made earlier.

    Police Brutality is not a new phenomenon it is just that technology and tools currently available, to an ever watchful citizenry, brings “equity” to a situation where there was previously little redress for the common man.

    Of one thing we can be certain though “…with all the fabricated? reports by the Attorney General Adriel Nitwit and the Acting Chief of Police Tyrone Griffith even though they would love to fool the public, AND THE VISITING TOURISTS, AND THE US EMBASSY THAT HAD PUMPED MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN THE RBPF, these lied statistics that they created are just that, lies.

    The facts reflect how they are “controlling crime”, effecting unlawful arrests, AND MY FAVOURITE, & SOLVING THEM, BY BRUTALIZING CITIZENS and KILLING A FEW HERE AND THERE.

    This, and the brotherhood of covering up for police criminals, needs to be addressed and disbanded quickly.

    As the Sargeant shared, they have poor morale, serious internal discipline problems, tiefing of personal property, rancid relationships with communities, response times that are low because officers fooling round while driving out the government gas, issues with police corruption rather Sadists masquerading as policemen who are wreaking a regime of brutality on the poor and the helpless, Bajan or foreigner, whom they encounter while effecting police work.

    We have see the face of crime in Barbados and it is the Royal Barbados Police Force

  19. It may have disappeared from the front of Barbados Underground for understandable reasons I.e. People visiting but we need to be vigilant nonetheless.

    De Grandson sent this to me earlier

    In brief the item states “In the 8 August 2016 judgement, the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT), which heard the case in Scotland on 22 July 2016, ruled that Police Scotland had interfered with the privacy rights of the complainants; two serving police officers and two former police officers and their partners…”

    “The IPT found Police Scotland to be in contravention of the Human Rights Act 1998.

    The case comes as the UK government prepares to introduce the Investigatory Powers Bill, which will give sweeping bulk data collection powers, and powers for suspicion-less surveillance of telephone, web and email communications.”

    “One of the complainants, Gerard Gallacher, became a journalist after serving as a police officer. He later wrote about a police investigation, that lasted two and a half years, into the murder of Emma Caldwell, a 27-year-old prostitute, near Glasgow in April 2005…”

    By the way, is this sounding familiar??

    “Gallacher’s “Forgotten Suspect” stories were published in April 2015 in the Scottish Sunday Mail, prompting the Scottish Crown Office to instruct Police Scotland to reopen the murder inquiry.”

    “The stories also led to Police Scotland’s Counter Corruption Unit (CCU) launching a covert criminal investigation on 7 April 2015, to identify any police officers, serving or retired, who might have “made unauthorised disclosure of sensitive/restrictive information that appeared in the articles”.

    “Police misused surveillance to search for possible media leak”

    Does that part sound familiar as the Royal Barbados Police Force continues to monitor the Blackett’s phones NOTWITHSTANDING THAT THE FAMILY ARE VICTIMS OF POLICE BRUTALITY???

    “Police Scotland made applications for surveillance authorisations, claiming that Gallacher was researching a book about the unsolved murders of prostitutes in the Glasgow area, and that it was likely that he had been provided with information by police insiders.”

    Is this sounding familiar as the officers continue to tap Tracey Blackett’s phone (the mother of the victim?

    “The Interception of Communications Commissioner’s Office (Iocco) later wrote to the complainants, as required by law, to notify them that they might have been targeted for surveillance.”

    “It told them that they “may have been adversely affected by a contravention of Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (Ripa) and/or of the Acquisition of Data Communications Code of Practice”.

    At least civilized countries have Freedom of Information laws that permit people the ability to know when their government is spying on them and not revert to the famous Dale Smiley Teets comment about “national security interests”

    We Bajans have to be vigilant.




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  21. @ Hants

    “EXACTLY ONE MONTH after Marlon Smith reportedly escaped police custody, and with “word on the streets” that he is dead, a close relative is beginning to lose hope that he will never be found.

    “Trikelia Cumberbatch, Smith’s youngest sister, told the WEEKEND NATION that the last time anyone had heard or seen Smith was on September 7 when police picked him up as he was driving out of Storey Gap, Codrington Hill, St Michael, a short distance from his home.

    She said since then no one had heard or seen the 37-year-old farmer and father of four.
    Cumberbatch insisted that if her brother was alive he would have found a way to get into contact with his family to let them know he was safe. (RB)”

    Isn’t this another interesting Nazzim Blackett-like trinket from Trikelia.

    You have recently said that these murders that are plaguing the streets are traditionally restricted to the gaza and the ghetto.

    More and more we are seeing that the killings on the streets are expanding from gaza to the middle class.

    Of course the Royal Barbados Police Force has always been on scope but there is no Video to determine where Marlon Smith is.

    But who gives a shyt##e Hants.

    He ent nobody and he come from a family where the sister ent even got she hair presentable for the cameras like the Chadderton family.

    Like the Merribody say “when de men kill de men all dat going lef is de wumen…”

    Cum leh we wuk up and have a good time nuh??

  22. On an interesting note nine months after the first Investigation/Report was promised by the substantive Commissioner of Police Tyronne Griffith, here is the latest on this matter.

    “WITHIN THE next week it should be known if police officers will face charges in the brutal beating of Nazim Blackett last May.”

    “Acting Assistant Commissioner in charge of crime Lybron Sobers, told the WEEKEND NATION he expected the file to be completed and on the desk of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) by next Friday.”

    It will be interesting to note what is in that report and what, IF ANY FAULT, BLAME or SANCTION is accorded the perpetrators of this crime against the less socially empowered citizens of Barbados euphemism for the “have nots” and de po’ man

    Again, thanks go out to the Honourable Blogmaster David King without whose “gateway to the world” this exposure would not have been possible.

    And while the ole man does not mean to wax religious on this Friday morning, I might still present this passage for consideration

    15And one of them, when he saw that he was healed, turned back, and with a loud voice glorified God,
    16And fell down on his face at his feet, giving him thanks: and he was a Samaritan.
    17And Jesus answering said, Were there not ten cleansed? but where are the nine?
    18There are not found that returned to give glory to God, save this stranger.
    19And he said unto him, Arise, go thy way: thy faith hath made thee whole.

    Many times The Honourable Blogmaster does go out on a limb, sacrificing his personal safety and that of his family to bring things to the ungrateful people of Barbados.

    None of us know ar realise the daily fights that he and his lawyers have with the parties of the Democratic Labour Party through their Office of the Attorney General and its agents to keep the platform running.

    We all see how Aussie Moore and Hal Austin (to a lesser degree) does come here and campaign religiously for We Anonymice to expose ourselves like how Sankey Price exposed the movementations of those two schoolchildren in lascivious engagements that nearly got Roy Morris and Vivianne Gittens locked up.

    De Ole Man still waits as the bilateral Aid from the Peoples Republic of China has yet to unfold rather be unleashed upon the people of barbados as they will seek to close down free use of the internet

    Additionally, De Ole Man, and a few others here, fear that with the coming of Mugabe that BU will not be able to stem that tide which she shall legislate against all social media and the Mugabe version of the Lèse-majestéwhich will be enforced a la Verla Depieza style that will make it a crime of violating the majesty of the House of Assembly and offences against the dignity of a reigning sovereign or against the Head of State Fumbles (today) and Mugabe (tomorrow?)

    Just ask Carl Moore bout what he feel should be done about people who put faeces into the mouth of Ministers who regularly talk shyte to us

    Well Done David King, Well Done

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