Bizzy Williams

Bizzy Williams

On the 17 April 2016 BU posted the Ionics Freshwater agreement with the Barbados Water Authority (BWA). Many questions were asked but as usual taxpayers have been met with silence. However with a general election looming in less than 2 years expect to hear the political rhetoric levels rise and for sleeping giants to awaken.

BU received the following Excel spreadsheets which purport to support the 10% of BWA’s annual revenue paid to one entity Ionics Freshwater limited, a company owned by Bizzy Williams’ of Williams Industries Group. The huge slice of the national budget given to Bjerkham, Maloney and Williams continue to create disquiet in our tiny nation.

Water Supply with Ionics Incorporated Agreement (Scam), LEAKED

by David on April 17, 2016 in Barbados News Edit

27,000 m3 x BDS$0.80 x 365 DAYS x 15 years = BDS$118,260,000.00 or BDS$118 MILLION DOLLARS.. Imagine being given the opportunity to spend BDS$18 MILLIONS DOLLARS to build a new water treatment plant with a no-risk contract with Barbados Water Authority where them would take all the water treated and where BWA would repay you […]

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64 thoughts on “The Great IONICS SCAM

  1. “The huge slice of the national budget given to Bjerkham, Maloney and Williams continue to create disquiet in our tiny nation.”

    The politicians and ministers in Barbados should be ashamed of themselves, they sell out their people without fail, sell them out to parasites and nuisances…, and actually feel proud.

    Now they cannot replace the 1.5 billion unaccounted for money in the treasury neither will the prime minister say where the money went…..whose bank accounts are now well padded, I hope all those bank accounts are all in the UK😂

  2. David

    You must understand that these people kick back good and together with the politicians, who refuse to put laws in place to declare their assets, plunder this little island.

  3. wunna betta keep ya mout shut. Maloney gun turn off he investments and Bizzy gun turn off he spigot…

  4. Word on the street is that the Garbage trucks in the Bridgetown Port were imported by none other than Mark Maloney, but because of the steam now under his backside, another one of his sidekicks is taking responsibility for ownership.
    What a devious web we spin in Barbados, aided and abeted ,by a number of black spiders .

  5. It would be interesting to find out how much money Maloney, Bizzy, Cow, Trempro and Bjerkham scammed from the Barbadian tax payers in the last 30-40 years.

  6. Sadly, only the end users of drugs end up in Dodds but never those who steal from the poor. When will we hold these who squander our future accountable?

  7. @Colonel Buggy,

    That does not surprise anyone. I always thought that only Mark Maloney would have the money to buy 15 garbage trucks. ….With our own money, mind you.

    I guess with all the heat on Lowe down and Maloney, the morons will have to lay low until after Crop Over when you will hear how much garbage has been generated and which needs to be cleared.

    Never mind that Mr Cherry has been begging for some work as he has trucks available. ……and a black government refuses to give a black man a job.

    So much for the government giving 40% of all government contracts to the small black man.

  8. In the July/August Budget the Minister of Finance will announce user fees for SSA garbage collection and the unholy plan hatched with Maloney, Lowe and Wlliams will be revealed.

  9. @Heather

    “It would be interesting to find out how much money Maloney, Bizzy, Cow, Trempro and Bjerkham scammed from the Barbadian tax payers in the last 30-40 years”

    Enough to buy

    Luxury Cars
    Luxury Houses
    Apartments in London, Toronto and NYC
    Race and Rally Cars
    Polo Ponies
    Polo Fields
    Luxury Boats
    First Class Plane Tickets
    Private Planes
    Race Horses
    Fine Wine Collections
    Rolex Watches
    Ranches in Argentina
    Outside Women
    Outside Men
    Prostitues & Pimps
    Privatised Businesses
    Freedom from Prosecution
    Town Planning Approval
    Boat Loads of Cement
    Etc Etc Etc

  10. The black government ministers in Barbados should be exiled and locked up in a hole in the ground thousands of miles away from the bajan population…they are truly criminals and have been for decades.

  11. @Colonel Buggy

    If this information can be validated and proven, this is the evidence needed that shows, further, that Dennis Lowe’s reluctance to buy trucks on the frivolity of justifiable lack of money foolishness, was just a smoke screen for Mark Maloney to place, yet again, another tentacle in the coffers of tax payers money. This matter, if true, requires thorough investigation relative to the relationship this administration has with Mark Maloney and why sacrifices are being made to keep him in the money.

  12. Don’t blame Mark the businessman.

    Blame the gullible clients in successive governments over the years.

    Accountability can only be reached when there is a tool to enforce it.

    Just observing.

  13. Curious… What would the US embassy do?
    We are not Puerto Rico. We are a spovereign state.
    Unless these jokers do something that is inimical to US interest we are saddled with them forever; unless, we developed a national pair…….

  14. Steupsss… What’s new?

    Aided by our ‘highly educated’, post-independence leaders, the albino-centrics among us have been pissing on us Bajan brass bowls now for decades. As far as the likes of Bizzy, COW and Maloney are concerned, it is now their inalienable right to continue to do so.

    Who is to blame?
    1…The jackasses who have guided our national education system over the years….
    2…The Judases who accept a few pieces of silver to sell off their kin into slavery..
    3…The Press who manage to spin the whole charade as ‘punching above our own weight’..
    4…The Church – (f’fers!!)
    5…Caswell, Jeff, Walter and those few among us, who have eyes to see, …but who have chosen to put on blinders in their efforts to fit in with the other brass bowls…

    On the positive side however, Bajan brass bowls seem to enjoy albino piss….example being Maloney’s yard hands.

  15. @ David,
    How much money have you paid for water; not from Ionics, over the years. Do you want backk that money? If the contract has been made those are the terms of the contract. Since the water was used it had to be paid for, and will continue to be paid for. The only difference between Cherry And Maloney is that Cherry is a Bajan black, and Williams is a Bajan “white”. They are both Bajans. Is your racism showing through? Have not yu people been calling for greater Private Sector Involvement and investment? If Cherry; who before the DLP was elected, got all the jobs, had bought the trucks would you people be quarrelling? If he got all the jobs now would you be agitating on behalf of the whites? NEVER!!. Do we want a country where racial strife must be constantly fomented, by whatever means?

    • @Alvin

      Took a deep breath before responding to you.

      Have you read the Special Report by the Auditor General concerning the Operations of the BWA? Particularly the part very critical of the agreement which commits the government and taxpayers of Barbados to pay Ionics a guaranteed amount whether the BWA had the capacity to receive the amount or not?

      Also, are you aware the BWA had an opportunity recently when the agreement expired to take control of IONICS, from all reports the agreement was rolled and not a word from Estwick and government?

      Must you be so blindly partisan 24/7?

  16. Alvin reads nothing, he just stupidly responds without facts…in his little yardfowl mind, it’s always.,, “wuh BLP do it for years so DLP could do it too”…., it’s never about the benefits or lack of to his people, never mind the contracts with minorities steals billions of dollars from the treasury, never mind those acts of treachery by ministers continually disenfranches black bajans…Alvin will continue to be an idiot until they take him feet first out of that apartment in Eglinton…, he will always be useless to his own people.

    The penultimate definition of growing up and staying stupid, under the union jack.

  17. Bad Boy Al Capone June 25, 2016 at 9:39 PM #
    We must start sending these documents to the US Embassy
    No need to . The US Embassy is apprised of all the going ons in Barbados.
    In Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States has been accused of torturing people there , to get them to talk ,using snowboarding and sleep deprivation torturing methods.
    Not so with the US Embassy here in Barbados, they throw parties,invite Bajans,and use methods like Jack Daniels and Hennessey to get the words flowing.

  18. What can we do to ensure that the next government cannot do the same to us and the country? As sure as night follows day, be assured that the same operatives are already filling their little black bags with bribes for the little black men and women who will form the next government.

  19. This is the reason why I stop commenting on here for a while. I am going to concentrate on producing posters. Alvin Cummins is a very sick and deprive man, the worst of what education can produce.

  20. @ FearPlay
    Some were already hired in pre-emptive anticipation of the current lot of judases having outlived their expiry dates…
    The albino-centrics (ACs) simple bribe all the options….

  21. Of course Fearplay…goes without saying, why do you think Mia, Bizzy, Cow, Harris etc did not want the blogs’s a direct threat to protecting the bribetaking, paying and corruption, and since Harris’ sojourn in creating his own government has failed miserably, he now has to find a way to remotely control Mia should she be the next prime minister. I am sure that will not be difficult seeing as Harris is a corrupter who accumulates dirt and filth which he is not shy about using to get what he wants.

    So yes, the corrupters are waiting to wrought destruction on the treasury after the next elections, steal as much as they can and do whatever the ministers allow. The politicians, all of them, have been compromised for decades. Rommel Marshall..another of Harris’ bribed politicians was desperately trying to slither back into the opposition, but he is so compromised, they are all afrad and don’t want him anywhere near the party, particularly if elected.

    They have all created this pit of vipers and monsters, both political parties…they are the ones to rid the taxpayers of these parasites.

  22. @ The Gazer

    You said and I quote “What would the US embassy do?”

    It is not what would the Government of the United States do, it is what it is doing.

    The US Government is not one to be trifled with they were going to lock his ass up

    Fortunately for the reputation of the United nations or unfortunately for him Ashe did not make it to that appointment with a US penitentiary

    …DOBBS FERRY, New York — A former president of the U.N. General Assembly awaiting trial in a bribery scandal died in a weightlifting accident when a barbell he was lifting from a bench dropped on his neck, an autopsy revealed Thursday.

    The reports goes on to state “The police department said in a statement that the death appears accidental, but provided little information otherwise…”

    THe target of the investigation is not this small fry Ashe, who like Jack Warner, were bogolords on their respective local scenes, it is who their bosses are and how they can be leveraged to get the big boys.

    Tax evasion.

    Tax evasion and Money laundering.

    Those are going to be the two items that are going to feature and continue featuring in the prosecution of and locking up of these bogolords pun our local scenes who feel that they can go to Murica and do as they like with their ill gotten gains and feel that, not having paid and declared their incomes in their respective jurisdictions they can go to Murica and front.

    Lef dem.

    More Ashe’s coming

  23. Lol….they like to model and front.., Dizzy Bizzy went up to NY and sending back reports to the media in Bim like he is some world leader, fooling the idiots, a mere non entity in the US.

    Dobbs Ferry, swanky area just outside the city. If ya taking metronorth, it’s within the first couple stops.

    They all have to come down to people level.

  24. @pieceuhderockyeahright – <…DOBBS FERRY, New York — A former president of the U.N. General Assembly awaiting trial in a bribery scandal died in a weightlifting accident.> Time for conspiracy theory; is there any possibility that the goodly gentleman was involved with powerful figures in a much larger scam, the exposure of which would bring about global repercussions and his “accidental” death by barbell was a convenient way of closing that chapter, once and for all?

  25. None of our crooked politicians are likely to die in a barbell accident. From the bloated look of many of them, they are most likely to die from a Bar-b-cue accident

  26. Bush Tea June 26, 2016 at 8:56 AM #

    “Aided by our ‘highly educated’, post-independence leaders, the albino-centrics among us have been pissing on us Bajan brass bowls now for decades. As far as the likes of Bizzy, COW and Maloney are concerned, it is now their inalienable right to continue to do so.

    Who is to blame?
    ……Caswell, Jeff, Walter and those few among us, who have eyes to see, …but who have chosen to put on blinders in their efforts to fit in with the other brass bowls…”

    As Bajans would say, “Boy, you ain’t easy!”

    Are you going to place the blame for all of society’s ills on the doorsteps of your favourite “unholy” Trinity?

    Caswell has practically entered the political, cut-throat arena of industrial relations and, as the head of a small fledgling union, now has to invest a lot of time and energy in trying to increase his union’s membership. Higher membership translates into increased chances of his union’s survival.
    Whatever time and energy Caswell has left, he seems to contribute a great proportion of it towards educating the public of Barbados about the rules and regulations that govern us, and making us aware of when they are being breached.

    Jeff always has to be keenly and acutely aware of the role that he plays in developing the legal minds of young West Indians, and the responsibilities that lie on his shoulders with respect to the Free Trade Commission. Exposing these perceived roles and responsibilities to the glare of public scrutiny, albeit in pursuit of enhancing public awareness and public education, is inherently risky.
    Effective handling of these risks demands a skillful balancing act, almost on a daily basis. Jeff has skillfully maintained his balance. Do you think he could have done so if he had “chosen to put on blinders”?
    Jeff and Caswell possess their own respective unique qualities and I haven’t seen any scenarios played out on BU that would lead me to think that are trying “to fit in” with anybody or anything. They are evolving.

    As for me, I will play the role of Jesus Christ ,with a twist, in this one. Go ahead and crucify me. Through my death, Jeff and Caswell will be saved. On the third day, I will rise from the dead, but instead of going to heaven in a whirlwind, I will continue to live as if nothing had happened.

    I just swerved past blasphemy and discovered neo-christianity.

  27. LOL @ Walter
    Bushie was wondering what you were up to…. we know how it is when wunna former ‘poor boys’ meet up with the big dollars… In your case it seems that you are now wont to talk shiite …like Lawson….

    LOL… what Caswell ‘busy with what small union’ what…?
    What do you think would have happened if Churchill had taken up fencing or some such shiite career like ‘running a small union’ …instead of his calling when England was at risk?
    Do you know that Churchill was just like Caswell in many ways…
    ..a damn trouble tree at school
    ..he was not a top student by any measure
    ..was a low ranked cadet and mediocre military officer..
    ..and most notably, his mouth sweet like a red JuC.

    You can talk what ev’r you like
    Truth is…Caswell doing shiite…

    The same goes for you and Jeff.
    To whom much is given, MUCH is expected.

    Anyway, Bushie won’t crucify you…
    It is now too late even for “Bushie’s unholy trinity” to turn things around
    …so you may as well enjoy the remaining time with the US dollars…. 🙂

  28. We can’t understand how there could be resistance to the implementation of the guillotine, as a moral instrument for control.

    We wonder if anybody anywhere still thinks that any amount of pleading, any amount of other legal threats, falling short, could now control these levels of official corruption.

    The public beheading of Bizzy Williams will send the correct message to all and sundry.

    Even the threat of such a sanction will make known thieves to return ill-gotten gain with some haste, we feel. LOL

  29. The Barbados government, like in any Mafia operation, we have to assume a scam is always going on.

    What we have to watch for, is the scam of the scam, not the scam itself, cause we know that’s going on, all the time. LOL

    Now, that will tell us more about official crime than the scam itself. LOL

  30. Pacha
    It would take a society with strong and serious commitments to righteousness, truth, and justice to seek to apply the use of the guillotine.
    It will never happen…

    Don’t you realise that Bajans do not feel that strongly about the lotta shiite going on around them…. they are mostly upset at being left out of the action.

    When the shit finally hits the big fan, we ALL will deserve the resulting mess.

  31. Bush Tea June 26, 2016 at 9:48 PM #

    “Bushie was wondering what you were up to…. we know how it is when wunna former ‘poor boys’ meet up with the big dollars…”

    For the past 8 months, I have been “listening” to the various voices on BU. As the date of the next general election draws nigh, I have noticed the gradual and subtle transformation as everything gets distilled through a political strainer. BU is a subset of the wider population, so we can conclude that the same thing is trending in various conversations across the island.

    During that time, I have walked silently and unobtrusively among you and my fellow Barbadians. I have witnessed, first hand, the increasingly deteriorating attitudes of the drivers on the road (if you don’t have a 4×4, get out of the damn way), the irrepressible urge to build the biggest house on the highest hill (is this desire being fueled totally by drug money?), the widening responsibilities of the civil service being met with shrinking levels of productivity from its employees, the proclivity of females to join forces with males to commit a wide range of criminal acts, the blatant contempt and disregard shown towards any Barbadian who is perceived to be penniless, and the instinctive use of personal attacks and curse words, even in the friendliest of conversations.

    Of course, I can spend all day reciting a litany of woes which afflict Barbados at this time but that exercise would be counter-productive. We (you, your unholy trinity, and every right thinking Barbadian) need to get up off our backsides and try to figure out how we can each contribute to the notion of making Barbados great.

    It is never too late for one of us to make a step in the right direction.

    PS: As for “big dollars”, the moment you “break” a $100 bill in Barbados, it evaporates, Don’t be surprised if the Central Bank comes out with a $1000 bill soon.

  32. Pachamama June 27, 2016 at 7:10 AM #
    “We can’t understand how there could be resistance to the implementation of the guillotine, as a moral instrument for control.

    The public beheading of Bizzy Williams will send the correct message to all and sundry.”

    It is evident that you are still hearing those voices in your schizophrenic head. Go back and tell the psycho-analyst that his treatment did not work, so you want back your money.


    The schizophrenia is with you.

    The kind of a slave you are, have always been, will never be able to conceive the killing of your master.

    You were always maddened by the view that these people have not treated you with the respect you have felt your ‘knowledge’ desires.

    In 2016 you continue to go around bragging about your schooling, to suggest an innate ‘brightness’, the quintessential Bajan jackass.

    We remember well when you, as misguided as you have always been, walked up to a microphone to challenge a man on the alter of your own psychotic demons.

    We remember well, at another place around Belleville how your madness led to your demise.

    You certainly see nothing wrong with societies which continue to kill people for things they see as challenges to the establishment, and we guess your so-called educated makes you a part thereof, even in exile.

    But when and if the masses of people are to rise up and demand basic morality in their government by the use of an instrument known to imbue such, you resort to denigration of such call.

    You have been so-miseducated that you are still waiting to understand that deflation is worse than inflation. And from that childish mentality presumes to be consultant, advisor to institutions.

    We maybe be mad, but we are not foolish – like you!

  34. Bushie 7:37

    Of course you are right.

    This we know too well, but still, we are unafraid to make the case for the public execution of Bizzy Williams to send a message to those who are waiting to thief that the consequences will be dire.

    Of course, we are also proposing a wider application of that device.

    Official corruption has to be rooted out, otherwise nothing else matters.

    Is there any other way, at this advanced stage, to restore some semblance of popular order.

    • @Pacha

      In your metaphorical call to execute a person why not pause to discern where there overlap between those benefiting and those ‘authorizing’?

  35. @ David

    We must not approach this issue as though we are ignorant about its anatomy.

    As though we should see a measurable difference between the people giving authority and those receiving the benefits from, they are equally as implicated.

    You tell us, what else can we do to send a serious message that the industrial scale of ‘thiefing’ must stop.

    • Like you BU is all for supporting discussion in the hunt for solutions to mitigate, mind you this is a global problem. As long as we have to do business in this temporal space there will be the day to say tension such as we are currently managing.

    • @Pacha

      And do you think Barbados has the geopolitical capital to be declared preferred trading status to avoid retaliation?

  36. David

    China is not known for morality in government, business

    Even that government periodically shoots people for egregious acts of corruption. We still buy their cheap goods.

  37. @David

    Thanks for calling our persistent calls for the guillotine, metaphorical. We have previously also argued for the removal of the death penalty.

    We think that you know that we have a greater respect for all living creatures. But the questions still remains, how do we stop people from doing things that make all of us, our society, suffer.

    And regardless as to what we may say they continue, and are adamant their way is correct.

    Of course not, there will be an international outcry against us. So we have to estimate all the costs and potential benefits, make a judgement.

    David, even if we were to use the guillotine once, just once, but maintain the law so to do, official criminals will be turned into Sunday school boys.

  38. Pacha…after ya execute Bizzy, there will still be a pool of less than 10,000 to choose several replacements for him….he would be dead, but the black politicians will still be sell outs, corrupt and taking bribes…there will still be Maloney, Bjerkham and Harris and a bunch of other thieves and lowlives.

    Most of the population will still be uninformed, docile, ignorant and still spending their hard earned money with minority crooks, will still listen to the lying, thiefing politicians. Ya will find yaself having to execute more than half the island..which defeats the whole purpose…lol

    As I told a very clinically cold blooded type of gal, it’s best to let the Brexit disaster systematically destroy the Bizzys, Maloneys, Bjerkhams, Harris’ et al, it’s not only superably satisfying, but just watching their deterioration will be the tales of legends to be told to generations of grandchildren of the majority….some bright minds can even write books on their thievery and corruption, practice of racism and discrimination against the majority….inclusive of their subsequent downfall.

    And to make it even sweeter, their downfall would come at the hands of those and the evil system in the UK that the minorities emulate to disenfranchise the majority on the island.

    But first….pressure must be mounted on government to get the minorities all out of the people’s treasury, away from taxpayer funded contracts….get that demon Bjerkham out of the central bank. Let them get in line behind the majority, the6 have been in front for 5 decades.

    And that Pacha….is fitting o8unish….not the escape of death, but the misery of life.

    Although I believe heads should roll in UK…just to send a

    • @Pacha

      When you friends reportedly executed Osama has it deterred so called terrorist from going about their business?

  39. And that Pacha….is fitting punishment….not the escape of death, but the misery of life.

  40. Pachamamum,
    In all of my exchanges with you and the voices in your head, I consciously try to perform the role of an exorcist.

    When I threw that verbal jab at you earlier this morning, I giggled with mischief as I anticipated that you were going to tell me ” where my mother get me from”. Of course, you did not disappoint. By the way, have you run out of curse words to throw at me? Have you discovered the futility of such a tactic?

    In any event, a good, competent therapist has to expect such a classic response from “clients” like you.

    My goal is to use moral suasion, or any means necessary, to make you desist from downgrading and diluting the output of BU with your incessant and deranged shouts of kill, kill, kill, kill, kill.

    You need to get it in your thick, unbalanced skull that violence is not the answer to any of the problems Barbadians currently face.

    You know what I find most amusing? If a village fight were to break out near your home, I bet my last dollar that you would be the first to run under the bed, curl up in a foetal position, and with snot running down your cowardly face, start crying for your mummy.

    You are just a “wannabe terrorist”. Nothing more, nothing less.

  41. Walter Blackman, you are another unfinished product. And the production line which has produced you is still working 24/7.

    What about the historical violence that has been imposed on our societies. Or the violence imposed on poor and dispossessed people by corporatists, politicians.

    Or the violence by Bizzy and your newly found friends within the elites. How can these acts of violence remain unchallenged by you?

    Are you now looking for work from White people again.

    We reiterate our call for the use of the guillotine to confront official corruption in Barbados.

    We, like a real mad man, will choose from a range of responses to any given set of circumstances. You are to remain tethered to the model given you in your antiquated books.

    If we want to use curse words, we will. For us they have pride of place in our lexicon. We certainly see nothing particularly violent with telling you or other people in officialdom or wannabees that they are female rabbits, as are you.

    You may have some admirers in Bushie and a few other people here. But we know, for certain, that you know too little about too much to be taken seriously.

    Your own unbalanced mind has proceeded to do that which you have, in the post, accused us of. You have set about to tell us about what we would or would not do when faced with violence, as though we lived in the village in your twisted mind. A man like you who has never seen a shot fired in anger.

    Walter Blackman, it has long been our determination that you are an idiot. There is little you would have done today to reverse that assessment. The opposite is true.

    We also note that we have been elevated to being a terrorist. Well, Bizzy and his boys may also say the same. For a man who pretends to be an actuary a business consultant you are nothing more that a western, TV educated moron for talking in those terms.

    Then again one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. We are your terrorist, and are glad to be, maybe a larger numbers of people will, in time, see this discourse as freedom fighting.

  42. @ David

    You must know that your question is pregnant with over-simplifications’

    Having injected that word – terrorist – into this discourse you have then given a miscreant, Walter Blackman, cover, unwittingly, to hurl that epithet towards us.

    This should tell you something about this Walter Blackman. He is no more than a puppet!

    And anybody could be his master. The last words he hears/sees are likely to be the ones repeated.

  43. @ Well Well

    If we kill someone we could face death.

    The family and friends of the deceased are to carry the pain for a lifetime.

    But Bizzy and others could inflict pain on a whole country, for decades at a time, and then an idiot like Walter Blackman would come here defending them. A total ass!

    • @Pacha

      If you want to avoid the question that is fine.

      BTW, do you readily resort to the lexicon you mentioned above in the halls of academia?

  44. David

    There is no need to avoid.


    But we see it as no less valid that your proper English. For it gives voice to certain cultural dynamics.

    One source of information is the oral tradition. We contend that in this regard Bajans have one of the best developed traditions of swearing …………… in the world.

  45. But David

    Even your main man here calls people Brassbowls.

    He is well known as a Christian man.

    But even the Great Bushie understands the specificity, precision of the vernacular. LOL

  46. Pachamamum,
    Our session today is over. A la blogmaster, you have had the last word.

    I will prepare the couch and let you know when our next session will take place.

    In closing, I must say that you have vomited up some rather interesting, but worthless, toxic bile as a result of my provocative nudging. I hope you feel much better.

    So, brave Barbadian warrior and freedom fighter, put on your armour, gather your shield and sword, and see if you can kill more windmills than Don Quixote.

    Run along.

  47. How is it possible that this man Bizzy can be going around Barbados doing public speeches, advising police officers (for 30 gran bu that’s another story), chamber of commerce advising private and public sector alike, speaking (crying really) at Cave Hill, and just generally acting as though he is of a standard to be emulated, when he is purposely using one sided contracts between his company and government, contracts that pay him three and four times the actual production being carried out. Has anyone really read and understood these contracts which have recently come to light ? His success or rather his financial standing in the local context has obviously been cleverly masked before. Based on these leaked contracts with Ionics and SBRC has crystallized misleading the public and even his own people. Shame !! Thanks but he can keep any advice he has, a warped mind cannot offer righteousness.

  48. I was looking for this article to repost this item


    HE REMEMBERS the bout of excruciating pain he suffered in January as if it had happened yesterday. Six months later, Waterford, St Michael resident Winter Daniel says he has figured out what caused it – it was the tap water he was drinking, he claimed.Daniel, a former operator at Barbados Light and Power (BL&P), recalled the trouble he had “with a blockage of water”. He said doctors did all manner of tests but could find no reason for it.“So I came up with the idea of I feel it is the water that giving me the problem so I initiate – me and a partner of mine – to buy some water treatment systems and this is what we came up with,” he said as he showed a water testing meter.”

    I have a special faucet in my house in the guest bathroom that when the plumber put it in when the house was being built I knew it was going to be a problem.

    It started dripping water a month ago and to fix it means that i have to knock down a whole wall with $$ i do not have so after using a wrings to turn it off as far as i could, I put a bucket to catch the drips and it has been there for 4 weeks dripping one drop every 10 seconds

    The first time i emptied the bucket it nearly slipped from my grip and while pouring it out i noted that the bucked was covered in a slime AND there were lumps of white grease in the bottom of the bucket

    I poured it out and put back the bucket and noticed that the film collected (nearly said flim like the Minister of Edykashun) again.

    I want you to try the experiment at your home, one bucket below a tap one drop for 2 weeks and see if what Winter Daniel is saying is true.

    If we poison wunna asses to death by this form of genocide, we doan gots to care cause we can afford to buy Levian Bottled Water and put treatment units on our water supplies.

    I have added some simple muslin to the top of the bucket and it is amazing what it has collected for just one week.

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