Water Supply with Ionics Incorporated Agreement (Scam), LEAKED

Estwick_BWA27,000 m3 x BDS$0.80 x 365 DAYS x 15 years = BDS$118,260,000.00 or BDS$118 MILLION DOLLARS.. Imagine being given the opportunity to spend BDS$18 MILLIONS DOLLARS to build a new water treatment plant with a no-risk contract with Barbados Water Authority where them would take all the water treated and where BWA would repay you BDS$118 MILLION DOLLARS in 15 yearsBU Tipster

The generation and distribution of water has always been a topical issue in Barbados long labelled a water scarce country. However, in the last 12 months it is difficult to recall a period post th 70s where access to potable water has reached such a level of criticality. The seriousness of water management in Barbados is best illustrated by the robinhoods who journey to the North of the island to distribute water.

We (BU et al) accept that the issues affecting water management are complex, we also accept many have been of our making. BU shares the following – Water Supply Agreement with Ionics Incorporated for the Supply of 27,000m3/Day of Desalinated Water from a Reverse Osmosis Desalination Facility.



    “The regular schedule shutdown of 8 p.m. until ‎4 a.m. will continue from tomorrow night April 26 ‎until further notice”.



  • Clearly the BU bloggers have the disposable income to buy bottled water.

    Some ah wunna may have to fedex wunna water from Miami.


  • Trying to figure out why this contract is a scam. Someone enlighten me.


  • It is a scam because taxpayers have been ask to pay for water the BWA has no capacity to receive, it is a scam, if we understand from comments, the government rolled over the contract when it had an option to buy out for a negligible price.


  • It is a scam because someone wanted to sell a project and didn’t give a rats ass about whether the BWA and the people would actually get the water which the plant is capable of producing.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    It is a scam because everything else including all other contracts signed between the Bizzy’s et al and the 2 governments for over 40 years have been scams to rob the taxpayers of Barbados of their money to enrich all involved.


  • Who from the BWA profited from the original Ionics deal and from the new Ionics deal?


  • @Ticonderoga

    If you know tell us. What we all know is that a couple people have been high profile, occupying senor positions at the company for many years, dear John and the Chairman.


  • Vincent Haynes

    Interesting point made in this article about government need to take the water issue seriously……….How Isreal handles its water and agriculture,should be a must follow for Bim.



  • Well Well & Consequences

    And Israel is just a pile of sand in the desert, yet they are so efficient in the way they handle their lack of resources, says a lot about the lack of everything coming from local government ministers.


  • David

    What is needed is for BWA to stop entering into perverted ‘deals’ with known bandits. In essence the Auditor General of Barbados has described the BWA/IONICS deal as being SHAMEFUL AND AN ABUSE OF STATE FUNDS.


  • Johnny Goodman

    Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari is demanding greater international cooperation in returning hundreds of millions of dollars in Nigerian funds hidden abroad. Buhari was elected in March 2015 on an anti-corruption ticket and has pledged to reclaim billions of dollars allegedly lost to dodgy dealings and mismanagement. The West African oil giant has endured decades of endemic corruption, with state funds being secreted abroad by public figures including ex-military ruler Sani Abacha. The late general, who led Nigeria between 1993 and his death in 1998, is suspected of looting up to $5 billion in public funds during his reign. Switzerland recently agreed to return $321 million Abacha had hidden …


  • @David April 17, 2016 at 2:41 PM “What choice dos the government have to negotiate? It does not have the resources to buy.”

    Soak the rich. That is how sensible governments get money.


  • #ANYWAY must be found. Able bodied citizens wanted who will nother be bought.


  • The same name appear every time.

    Desal plants to arrive soon


    Added 14 May 2016


    Minister of Agriculture and Water Resource Management Dr David Estwick. (FP)

    TWO NEW PACKAGED desalination plants are expected to arrive on the island next week, Minister of Agriculture and Water Resource Management Dr David Estwick has announced.

    Related articles

    They are being brought in by Williams Industries and Innotech, which have reportedly been dealing independently with IDE, the largest desalination company in the world, and Australia’s Osmoflo.

    Speaking in the House of Assembly Thursday night, the minister said while he was not involved in those arrangements, his ministry and the Barbados Water Authority were proceeding with the long-term solution to the country’s water woes by setting up salt water desalination.

    “The Water Authority has engaged Williams Industries, and the present desalination plant in Spring Garden will be expanded to pull out an additional three million gallons of water,” he said. (WILLCOMM)

    – See more at: http://www.nationnews.com/nationnews/news/81211/desal-plants-arrive-soon#sthash.4ktbaYhv.dpuf


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