The Grenville Phillips Column | Marijuana – to legalise or not?

We were told that if we wanted the youth vote, that we must agree to legalise marijuana for recreational use.  Well, Solutions Barbados policies will significantly benefit the youth of Barbados.  However, while we plan to allow non-addictive extracts to be prescribed by doctors for medicinal uses, recreational use of marijuana is another question.

In a Solutions Barbados administration, using marijuana will not attract a prison sentence or court presence, but a fine, much like how illegal parking attracts a parking ticket.  Marijuana will remain an illegal substance in order to protect our youth.

Many of our youth tend to push the boundaries of what previous generations agreed was generally acceptable behaviour.  Some of our behaviours result from researched health and safety standards while some are cultural.

Our youth tend to push the boundaries of all behaviours during their development as they find their own way.  Parents and guardians are responsible for restraining them if their behaviours can cause harm to themselves or others.

During interactions with some young teenagers, they noted that they did not use Facebook, for the simple reason that many their parents used it.  Instead, they used the more recently developed application, Instagram, which few of their parents used.

Our youth have a natural desire to express themselves differently from the previous generation.  This desire is normal and may be expressed by their embracing the latest technological equipment, music, dress and/or other types of fashion.

The styles between generations is sufficiently far apart that our youth tend to stand out when they are with adults.  However, when competing to be different among their peers, they may be tempted to cross the boundary of is legally accepted.  They may express their desire to stand out among their peers by exceeding the speed limit, which is why their car insurance premiums are higher.

Some youth are attracted to marijuana for the simple reason that it is illegal.  However, if it is legalised, then they will likely find something else to differentiate themselves from the normal crowd.  In the US, where states legalised marijuana for recreational use, the youth turned to brain altering drugs, and deaths from overdosing on opioids increased significantly.

Legalising something harmful may seem like a good solution to reduce the costs of policing.  However, I do not think that the foreseen consequential damage to our youth is worth it.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and the founder of Solutions Barbados.  He can be reached at

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  1. Alcohol was legalized.., it is the most destructive recreational drug..and despiteb being the cause of the most deaths and destruction to family life it is still legal and marijuana does not cause death and is nowhere as harmful as alcohol….nor does it cause any of the alcohol related damages and diseases, liver disease, brain damage…. just to name same..

    BTW Grenville…that scam yall got going pumping up the views on SBs facebook page to fool bajans that 65,000 or more viewed ya page is not going to work, not even the trump scandal gets that many views and millions worldwide view every article related to trump….yall are scam artists…stop trying to bamboozle the electorate.

    Pumping up viewer numbers is distasteful, tacky and juvenile.

    Ah know what yall did and am watching.

  2. Mr Blogmaster, I presume you are the final arbiter of misleading data published by esssayist on your blog….

    I am an interested party to drug data and like others read and keep abreast of data points like marijuana and opiods. I am not an expert and am not attempting to be one here….BUT Phillips’ remark that “In the US, where states legalised marijuana for recreational use, the youth turned to brain altering drugs, and deaths from overdosing on opioids increased significantly” is GROSSLY misleading.

    Let one expert (fact checker from Snopes) contradict:

    “… The majority of drug overdose deaths (more than six out of ten) involve an opioid [….] 91 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose.

    “We now know that overdoses from prescription opioids are a driving factor in the 15-year increase in opioid overdose deaths […] Deaths from prescription opioids — drugs like oxycodone, hydrocodone, and methadone — have more than quadrupled since 1999.

    “While these drugs can be both addictive and deadly in their own right, numerous studies have demonstrated an association between non-medical (i.e. recreational) prescription drug use and illicit drug use such as heroin, which has similar chemical properties to opioids…

    “From 2002–2013, past month heroin use, past year heroin use, and heroin addiction have all increased among 18-25 year olds. The number of people who started to use heroin in the past year is also trending up. Among new heroin users, approximately three out of four report ABUSING PERSCRIPTION (my emohasis) opioids prior to using heroin.”

    Simply stated the conclusion the candidate made re weed legalization and youth trying to be further on the edge with stringer drugs is wrong. To add further expert commentary:

    “The cause of this epidemic is not controversial — researchers almost universally attribute it to legal prescriptions from medical doctors that are either used by a patient legally, or illicitly diverted from a doctor to another individual. ”

    The amusing thing is that this fact check was based on bombast from the president’s then press secretary Sean Spicer’ and was labelled as a ‘pernicious falsehood’ re the potential linkage between weed and opioids.

    I am sure Mr Phillips is not adopting such tendencies simply to generate publicity so I expect he would take the opportunity to update his misleading data because “the fact [is] that studies increasingly suggest that cannabis legalization results in a reduction of opioid overdoses”!

    • @Dee Word

      This matter requires a liberal thinking and because of our conservative mindset we will be left behind. In many countries with a more progressive mindset the discussion has moved on to using marijuana/weed in public/workplace.

  3. Solutions Barbados (SB) is a little bit pregnant.

    If a plant is to be termed an ‘illegal substance’ because of its natural compounds then Grenville Phillips has a lot of ‘illegal substances’ in his cupboard/s.

    Things like toilet bowl cleaners, Clorox, vinegar, bathroom cleaners, many sprays and scores of products found on store shelves produce some similar effects.

    In addition there are mushrooms, of a certain type, growing wild all over the place, which are even more potent.

    Should we expect prohibitions on these as well.

    Generally, SB needs to decide whether they are pregnant or not. In any case, that decision has already been taken out of our hands by market forces.

  4. @ Grenville

    Nothing about the foreign exchange used to “import” marijuana, nothing about the potential economic benefits from government regulating and facilitating the industry. Nothing on the impact it can have on our most vital industry Tourism. Do you have an opinion on these matters?

    Do you know anyone who smokes marijuana that has moved on to cocaine or opiods. I DON’T.
    Marijuana is an all rounder (neither an upper or a downer), what you experience with it cannot be enhanced or improved by moving on to something stronger.

    It has been shown in repeated studies that marijuana is not a gateway drug. Lack of discipline and a weak family structure, boredom, a follower’s mentality and mental illness are some of the gateways.

    (The facebook instagram example is ridiculous. Look at the iphone both young and old love it.)

    We now have evidence that a government can successfully monetize marijuana (Colorado). What are your views on this? Is it applicable to Barbados

    Barbados has been left behind in many areas because we have both an inability and an aversion to thinking outside of the box. Your views lie perfectly withing the current box on marijuana, they do nothing to address the paradigm shift that is occurring before our very eyes.

    Kudos for at least addressing the many hours wasted in our courts for a few grams

  5. Meanwhile Country Barbados lurches from one day to the next because one stupid JA for a man thinks he can hold a country and its economy to ransom.In some far off day when reasonable heads prevailed it was thought that the constitution should include a clause that in the likelihood of an unforeseen but justified situation,there should be a grace period for recovery,government being a continuum.It was never meant to indicate an automatic extension of the 5 year mandate.If so,the next parliament should have a revisit of the Constitution so that the authority to extend is removed and only an emergency as declared by the GG would suffice.All the more reason why George Belle’s view that we are into a dictatorship is correct.This present fool is ruling by fiat,completely unfettered by a dissolved Parliament where the majority resided to unseat his ass,one time,as happened in ’94.

  6. Please also legislate to get rid of the useless office of the GG in the future no reason to keep it, it has shown itself to serve no purpose that benefits the citizens and is not worth keeping past 2020…it is a burden.

  7. Hard to engage in the discussion when one person dominates each and every issue / article presented .
    It is high time the administrator realize and come to an understanding that one person over usage of an issue is an exhaustive exercise in futility and more so takes away from the quality of any given issue or article and the opinion of what others have presented

  8. When will yardfowls learn, I will make it my personal business to destroy any hopes yall have of becoming active yardfowls in parliament after this election..all yall will be able to do is cackle on BU, it will be a pleasure listening to you.

  9. Hal Austin and Mariposa can haul allyuh donkeys.Well Well makes some telling points 98% of the time.After rawl, who among we perfect.I’m sure WW would say 99.9%.

  10. Gabriel…dont mind ac yardfowl MariSopa…she does that when she wants to plagiarize something I posted, but I got a surprise waiting for her…June soon come.

  11. “In the US, where states legalised marijuana for recreational use, the youth turned to brain altering drugs, and deaths from overdosing on opioids increased significantly.”

    What a load of horseshit. Pot is legalized in a few states. The opioid problem exists in all, and a majority of the victims and users are NOT youth. In Canada, opioid deaths have quadrupled and pot is currently legal in NO province.

    Yes, youth will always try to differentiate themselves from their parents. Yet, suggesting you would not decriminalize pot, because youth would simply turn to something which is illegal, is weak. Today I find more pot being smoked at social functions of my generation, than at those consisting primarily of millennials.

  12. That might be a much safer topic for Grenville, buggery laws… because he obviously does no research on the topics he pops up. with…before convincing us of his madness..

    .I have had a battle for the last 8 years trying to stay off opioids for pain, because the addiction V pain is not worth the trauma….prefer deal with the pain or use medical marijuana.

  13. please hurry up and legalize marijuana …i have a bet with a friend that the custom agents can go slower.

  14. Talk is becoming increasingly cheap the closer we get to elections in Barbados. Since NOTHING has been done to move the county forward by this government since 2016, let’s look at the look at the recreational users (about 80% of the population) and ask them if the country should legalize marijuana. Honestly, Barbados needs a strong leader to make these hard decisions because no one can deny the truth, which is that drug dealers make more more money than M.P.s make in a month!

  15. Well Well cut and paste. Your longwinded diatribe is significantly contributing to flight of those who used to frequent this blog
    Just look around and see the many who has taken an exit some of whose contributions added value when compared to the few repeats who seem mostly to be engaging out of boredom or having political axes to grind.

  16. Didn’t 60 minutes do an exposé that revealed that the opioid epidemic in the US was partly fueled by billion dollar pharmaceutical firms aided and abetted by Gov’t which flooded small towns with drugs on a continuous basis? The white collar criminals leading these firms are immune from prosecution but the US taxpayer has to foot the bill for rehabilitation (where services exist)

  17. Grenville is worried about legalization in a few US States, what happens when marijuana is legalized in a whole country? Canada is on track to legalise it come Canada Day 2018, In addition to fireworks, barbecues and beer Canadians will be able to celebrate the country’s 151st birthday with a toke (on private property and residential homes). In Ontario we will be able to grow up to four plants for personal use. I suspect that the Canadian visitors coming in Winter will have their own supply- depriving the local entrepreneurs of some sales.

    That smoky haze on the Air Canada flight is not from the aerosol spray that is dumped on passengers as the plane enters Barbados airspace.

  18. Gosh what a pity Canada keeps getting colder and colder, I could drink marijuana tea all day…were the winters not so bad for my issues.

    ac yardfowl mariSopa…the window of opportunity for you to steal and plagarize any of my posts have passed, stop whining,..

    …barbadpstoday got rid of you from haunting their blog with ya political yardfowl nonsense which added no value, so now ya return to ya vomit…haunting BU…no one missed ya….ya think we did not notice ya sticks and stones diatribe which pissed other commenters off and had them throwing stones at ya…..because it made absolutely no sense…none of it.

  19. Lawson…ya just jealous of my boyfriend.

    Instead of posting a bunch of unresearched rubbish most of the time Grenville would do well to follow the lead of those leaders more intelligent and sane than himself.

    “Cannabis is set to be legalised in Antigua and Barbuda, as Prime Minister says ‘racist’ laws that banned it damaged the Rastafarian community

    PM Gaston Browne said cannabis will be legalised for medicinal and other uses

    He apologised to Rastafarians for ‘demonisation’ inflicted upon them

    He said the move was part of reparations for the wrongs inflicted on Rastafarians
    The PM said cannabis use was now socially acceptable and part of the culture

    PUBLISHED: 21:35 BST, 17 April 2018 | UPDATED: 22:35 BST, 17 April 2018

    View comments
    Antigua and Barbuda will allow the use of medical cannabis, Prime Minister Gaston Browne has announced, in addition to decriminalising the possession of small amounts of the drug

    In explaining the move Mr Browne said that that the prohibition of cannabis was not prompted by the health or well-being of users, but to serve the ‘racist, political and economic interests of the global powers at that time’.

    The Prime Minister said his government’s plans to legalise cannabis for medicinal and ‘other’ uses.”

  20. WW what crap that is like apologizing to Jehovah witnesses after the aids or hep c crisis, this is all about the money nothing else, remember when they thought thalidomide or bringing weasels to barbados was a good thing.

  21. The other Caribbean countries that decriminalised marijuana for personal use in small quantities are: Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Belize and the US Virgin Islands.

    Ironically, other than Jamaica, SVG has been described as “the most prolific producer of marijuana in the Caribbean.” However, SVG’s government ruled out the possibility of legalizing the drug for recreational use, but is considering its legalization for medicinal purposes.

    During his budget presentation on Monday, February 12, 2018, Finance Minister Camillo Gonsalves said: “Unregulated consumption of recreational marijuana poses a number of risks and challenges that we do not currently have the data on which to make informed decisions, or the capacity to manage effectively.”

    He added that the Vincentian society still has a “divergence of views” about the recreational use of cannabis, but the government was willing because of the growth of medical marijuana industry internationally to international cease the opportunity and leverage available local expertise.

  22. No different to how ending the prohibition of alcohol affected the world…but this time it will be with less deadly side effects and more beneficial healthwise….a win win for everyone…including and particularly for the racist metropolitan countries that demonized the plant to benefit themselves financially and criminalized black people for using it, in the first place.

  23. Gonzalves is lying…more than enough scientific data on the benefits which outweigh any health risk for marijuana users is available on any science forum, he is not a scientist.

  24. @ Mr Blogmaster, I have not followed Delaware’s legalization of marijuana use (possession of small quantities] closely but generally across the US the introduction of legal possession and use of weed for medicinal purposes and in those states which allow recreational use (in private primarily)there have been generally no egregious or bad social results linked to the use if the drug.

    The sceince behind the drug usage is actually quite extensive as this has been studied for eons now. Of course since late ’90s US states started ‘experimenting’ with allowing greater weed usage.

    Simply stated the biological (scientific) issues of using a substance that has proven chemical properties that can act as a depressant while also exciting conditions associated with the chemical properties of a hallucinogen will be significant.

    Whether weed is a greater source of societal issues than alcohol and other dangerous substances is the endless debate.

  25. David BU

    I believe decisions will be made based on emotion……and not science.

    I note with interest what MoF Gonslaves said about his administration currently not having data, to make informed decisions…………as it relates to the number of risks and challenges posed by the unregulated consumption of recreational marijuana………hence, his administration’s reluctance to legalize the drug.

    However, Antigua and Barbuda prime minister, Gaston Browne, announced the passage of the Misuse of Drugs (Amendment) Act, 2018, which states “a person who is in possession of a maximum of 15 grams of the drug Cannabis or Cannabis resin is not guilty of an offence.”

    It also makes it “lawful” to cultivate up to four cannabis plants per household and expunges marijuana convictions involving a quantity of 15 grams or less and that Tourist establishments are allowed to set aside “open areas” where guests can smoke cannabis.

    ………but the Act does not remove legal penalties for the sale of the drug.

    Browne also issued a “genuine” apology to the Rastafarian Community, because prohibition and demonization of cannabis “have led to Rastafari being brutalized and castigated by Police and other Government authorities, because of the utilization of the plant Cannabis Sativa.”

    “We have asserted that Rastafari sacramental or spiritual use be acknowledged, and that Rastafari be given a stake in production and benefits to be derived from the medicinal and other uses going forward.”

    “Let us regard this as reparations for Rastafari, for the wrongs inflicted on this significant minority group in our countries, through the so called “war on drugs” which evidently was prompted by pernicious prohibition.”

    Introducing Rastafari in the marijuana argument is clearly done for “emotional reasons.”

  26. We must first DIFFERENTIATE (or recognize the differences between) using herb for MEDICINAL purposes and RECREATIONAL purposes

    The fact that SVG’s government decided to legalize herb for medicinal use is a clear indication that they availed themselves of the relevant scientific data to make that decision.

    However, Gonsalves said his administration does not have any data pertaining to effects of using herb for RECREATIONAL purposes for them to make informed decisions relative to legalizing it specifically for that reason.

  27. ********However, Gonsalves said his administration does not have any data pertaining to effects of the UNREGULATED use of herb for RECREATIONAL purposes for them to make informed decisions relative to legalizing it specifically for that reason.

  28. These studies on the health benefits to marijuana USERS are available from the Business Insider, are ongoing and are worth following..for when they expand the field of participants.

    “In August, a study published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology suggested that pot smokers could have a greatly reduced risk of stroke. Researchers from the University of Texas at Dallas found chronic cannabis users have higher blood flow to the brain and extract more oxygen from cerebral blood flow than nonusers. THC is known to relax blood vessels.

    These changes effectively reduce the risk of stroke and blood clots.

    The study should be taken with a grain of salt, however, as it included fewer than 200 participants.”

  29. Apparently this is how citizens of St. Vincent feel, that will always be the problem in the Caribbean, excluding the very same people who should be included and who should be at at the front benefitting from any policies related to marijuana, if only for the decades old fact that they were the ones being imprisoned for possession and not those in the society who believe themselves higher up and better off…and were never arrested.

    “Yesterday at 12:33pm ·
    BOOMRADIO was alight yesterday when Ras John, a right hand man of the dictator Gonsalves tore them apart on their medicinal marijuana policy of excluding poor Vincentians.

    POOR PEOPLE MUST NEVER GET RICH…. is the policy of the ULP and their Goons.”

  30. @ David Bu

    I hope you observed that, with the introduction of poor people being deprived of benefits to be derived from the sale of herb…….is a clear indication this discussion is going forward based on emotion and not rational thinking.

    Gonsalves mentioned “unregulated” use of marijuana within the context of recreational use.

    I grew up in the ghetto and have witnessed many of my age mates, youngsters and oldsters smoke weed “morning, noon and night,” not for medicinal purposes, but for recreation. In other words, they abuse weed….. and it has affected their health, relationships with others (they often became aggressive after smoking spliffs on a continuous basis), and even their work.

    Abusing any substance would have grave repercussions for the user, whether that substance is medication, natural herbs, rice, bread, milk or alcohol.

    Medication is administered to sick individuals for a specific period of time. For example, people suffering from hypertension are encouraged to take “life time medication.” But prolonged usage affects the kidneys.

    Moringa seeds, for example, provide a number of health benefits and are an excellent source of many nutrients such as vitamins, mineral dietary fibers (that acts as a natural laxative, improves bowel movement and thus ensures smooth elimination of waste from our system), phytonutrients and antioxidants.

    However, the unregulated consumption of too many Moringa seeds may give rise to problems like abdominal cramping, diarrhea, malabsorption, constipation, intestinal gas, and intestinal blockage.

    Marijuana is “no exception.”



    We already got too many people foolishing-up their heads with marijuana.

    And recreation what.

    Our youngsters need and want work.

    Not recreation.

  32. @Artax April 19, 2018 4:15 PM “I grew up in the ghetto and have witnessed many of my age mates, youngsters and oldsters smoke weed “morning, noon and night,” not for medicinal purposes, but for recreation. In other words, they abuse weed….. and it has affected their health, relationships with others (they often became aggressive after smoking spliffs on a continuous basis), and even their work.”

    Something that people too often forget to take into consideration.

    Marujuana/lighters/toddlers/caregivers high, sleepy, inattentive on marijuana/toddlers playing with the lighters/house fires/another poor family with nowhere to live/another burden on the taxpayers.

  33. Just like with food, water, alcohol, medicines, snacks, sodas and everything else, nothing should be abused, abuse comes with dire consequences.

    alcohol, cigarettes etc are legal and not everyone uses or abuses them, they know better due to all the educational material out there…same with marijuana, everything should be enjoyed in very small doses…education is the key.

  34. Which is a very strong indication that EVERYTHING has addictive properties and should be used in moderation.

    two days ago my daughter bought a particular brand of Breyers ice cream, a brand I never tasted before, but it is a struggle to keep my mind of that brand two day later, and I have had my fill of all the best kinds HaagenDaz, Dove, you name it I have eaten it, but this particular brand is obviously very addictive.

    Same with Kahlua coffee liqueur, or Amaruhla or Baileys, or……

  35. Dear All:

    Following an intervention from Anton Shepherd on another site where this was posted, I was unable to find the statistic to support the phrase “and deaths from overdosing on opioids increased significantly” which was included at the end of the second last paragraph. I must therefore accept the contrary evidence he supplied.

    Best regards,

  36. Condolences to Douglas Trotman on the passing of his wife, who was waiting from 2015 for permission to use medical marijuana from those in power who had the means to alleviate her suffering, alas from what I understand she only recently got permission to be able to access medical marijuana, three years too late.

    According to Nationnews article and the names called… seems all those who had the power to help ease her pain, were a huge presence at her funeral yesterday.

    The FDA has recently approved medical marijuana in the treatment of epilepsy, that is just the beginning.

  37. Just got around to this article. I delayed because I was not expecting much and sad to say it delivered even less than I expected.

    Untrue and nonsense: “In the US, where states legalised marijuana for recreational use, the youth turned to brain altering drugs, and deaths from overdosing on opioids increased significantly.”

  38. Marijuana became illegal in Barbados on 28th September 1928 when the British 1925 Dangerous Drugs Act came into force. There were no Parliamentary debates about the legislation in either Britain or Barbados. There has never been a shred of clinical, criminological, or other evidence that marijuana warranted illegal status.

    Marijuana was added to the agenda of the 1925 Convention on Narcotics Control because Egypt and Turkey proposed it. Both countries had histories of prohibition based on interpretations of Islamic law, none of which is applicable to Barbados in 2018.

  39. Grenville, you should be inquiring what damage marijuana prohibition is doing to Barbados. The answer is that the damage done by making the plant illegal, both economically and socially, is profound and long lasting.

    I’m not talking about the possible economic benefits of marijuana. I’m referring to the young lives destroyed by incarceration; the enormous sums of money wasted in the police, judicial, and penal systems; particularly the devastating social damage of its widespread use by the upper classes while the lower classes are prosecuted in a flagrantly discriminatory fashion.

    Some have asked whether young people in Barbados will benefit socially and healthwise from legalizing recreational marijuana… the answer to that question is as follows: for upper class youth there will be no change in their health or social status; lower class youth, however, will benefit enormously both socially and healthwise because incarceration is clinically proven to have dramatic negative outcomes both socially and healthwise. Furthermore, a fraction of the public resources that we now waste in the police, judicial and penal systems can be redeployed to the actual benefit of young people.

  40. @ PLT
    Furthermore, a fraction of the public resources that we now waste in the police, judicial and penal systems can be redeployed to the actual benefit of young people.
    Except that we know that, as things currently stand, that fraction WON’T be redeployed to benefit any young people, but into the pockets of the usual suspects – via OTHER questionable scams.

    The marijuana law and its prolonged travesty against common sense is a testimony to the lack of vision, wisdom and basic leadership abilities of successive governments.

    If we could so blindly follow such idiotic laws …for so long…. at such national costs, then what is the CHANCE that we could make any sense of the FUNDAMENTAL values of life; of social development; and of success? …practically ZERO.

    It is not surprising that brassbowlery is endemic in such a era….

  41. Mr Blogmaster the hallmark of a professional is that he or she brings a clear, unstinting and unequivocally rigeur to the task at hand.

    Obviously if that task is their profession then superior knowledge affords them the ability to be accurate at all times. But yet even outside their area of professional expertise one expects that rigeur in the display of careful research leading to accurate comments. One may not agree with the thrust of the commentary but can be impressed with the degree of accuracy and the fact based argument.

    For example, @PLT displays excellent research on all topics he offers here so too @John actually.

    But Jesus, Mary and Joseph WTBadword is this:

    “Following an intervention from Anton Shepherd […], I was unable to find the statistic to support the phrase “and deaths from overdosing on opioids increased significantly” which was included at the end of the second last paragraph. I must therefore accept the contrary evidence he supplied.”

    Am I too understand that this man of rigorous technical professional expertise offered to your site a bunch of BS words about which he ABSOLUTELY HAD NO IDEA of their accuracy ! SMH.

    AfreakingMAZING! What professional conduct.

  42. @ nextparty246 April 20, 2018 9:09 AM
    “Dear All:
    Following an intervention from Anton Shepherd on another site where this was posted, I was unable to find the statistic to support the phrase “and deaths from overdosing on opioids increased significantly” which was included at the end of the second last paragraph. I must therefore accept the contrary evidence he supplied.
    Best regards,

    So what’s your position now, Grenville?

    Are you still that stubborn weathercock stuck at your brainwashed point of the moral compass mired in a cesspool of hypocrisy?

    How can you argue against the legalization of marijuana but has not a word of support in the call for alcohol beverages to be treated likewise?

    But we will tell you why you would never call for equality of treatment for alcohol and marijuana.

    For the banning of alcohol will certainly leave a massive crater in your 10% across-the-board sales tax levy.

    Your ‘simplistic’ tax rules can have no applicability to your god-given cottage industry based plant (herb) which requires very little processing- mechanical or otherwise- with very few ‘controlled’ taxable points at which to add imaginary values to make millionaires out of the likes of the old Wards and the modern day David Seale.

    So how would you recoup you tax revenue shortfalls?
    By imposing a 10% smoking tax equivalent to the excise tax on cigarettes?
    Or would you rely solely on the ‘street fines’ imposed of the wild boys similar to the parking tickets applicable only to those car drivers with ‘unconnected’ registration numbers?

    BTW, Grenville you just cannot have an epiphany involving the ‘spirits’ which require you to be both in the church house and the rum shop too.

    Maybe you ought to consider treating marijuana similar to how the Romans treated ‘Salt’ (Salarium); the excess usage is now considered a serious danger to human health.

    Grenville, how would you like your clients to pay you for your services?
    How would you collect your 10% tax on all ‘Salaries’?

    In Bajan Mickey-Mouse dollars or in grams of common mary-janes in stead of marigolds?

  43. The Barbados marijuana prohibition laws are monumentally idiotic. They are a colonial relic and there is not a single logical justification for keeping them on the books.

    The debates over the whether the substance is benign or harmful are entirely beside the point… EVERYTHING is harmful if abused. I can drown you in a single tablespoonful of water… does that mean we make water illegal?? I have in my kitchen cupboard a drug so powerful yet so widely available that I causes hundreds of deaths each year in Barbados alone. It causes fully 9% of all deaths in Barbados! This evil substance was long the basis of our entire economy. Sugar! It’s a drug that causes far greater negative health outcomes than marijuana does and costs our economy countless millions of dollars. Do you think we should have sugar prohibition?

    The distressing fact is that ALL of our politicians and community leaders and religious leaders are either too stupid or too cowardly to face up to the truth and simply wipe the laws off the books.

  44. There are too many valid and legal reasons NOT TO have Grenville and his SB gang walk into OR control the people’s parliament.

  45. You do not put people in power who claim to be educated and professionals but are yet uninformed and make up their own crap as they go along and expect educated intelligent people to fall in line, that small island crap has to end and not be allowed into the people’s parliament ever again…this is not the time…it will cause the country and people to regress another hundred years or two.

  46. The church was one of the chief culprits helping to demonize and criminalize marijuana and it’s use by Black people , but now not only are their nuns now selling it, but they never stopped smoking it recreationally..

    …and the idiots in Barbados are still displaying their backward ignorance for the world to see.

  47. “In the US, where states legalised marijuana for recreational use, the youth turned to brain altering drugs, and deaths from overdosing on opioids increased significantly…”
    You just can’t make up shit like this and present it as a fact .. makes anything else you say very suspect .retracting the comment when proven wrong doesn’t cut it .. sorry.

    New Cannabis Production Program Launched

    May 1, 2018 | Olds, AB – Olds College is excited to launch a new Cannabis Production program. Offered through Continuing Education, the new program consists of four online courses followed by a two week field study where students will get hands-on experience at Sundial and Terra Life Sciences.

    “Olds College has supported the horticulture industry for over 50 years, offering hands-on programming that explores the production and management of plants, management of pests, landscapes, soils and water systems,” comments Debbie Thompson, Vice President Academic & Student Experience and Chief Innovation Officer. “We are pleased to be working with our new Cannabis Education and Research Industry Advisory Committee, made up of representatives from industry and the College, to create new programming and research opportunities that support the cannabis sector and provide new learning opportunities for our students.”

    The new Cannabis Production Program, offers four courses online, including:

    Introduction to Horticulture Production
    Introduction to Crop Production and Facilities
    Cannabis Legislation and Documentation
    Horticulture for Cannabis Production
    After students complete the online portion, they will apply the production practices in a hands-on environment through a series of short work experience opportunities at Sundial and Terra Life Sciences.

    “Sundial is committed to the development of a highly skilled cannabis production workforce in Alberta,” explained Sundial’s CEO, Torsten Kuenzlen. “This partnership with Olds College allows us to support our local community while preparing individuals for employment in the cannabis industry.”

    “This program is a valuable addition to the Olds College curriculum, given the growing need for educated and trained employees in the medical cannabis sector,” said Dr. Anil Jain, President and CEO of Terra Life Sciences. “We are proud to support our community neighbour and partner, Olds College, and we look forward to welcoming program participants, and program graduates, to Terra Life Sciences.”

    Registration for the new Cannabis Production Program, opens May 1, with delivery starting July 3, 2018. The College is also developing a second Continuing Education course that will be available in the fall, called Cannabis Retail Advisor. Continuing Education courses are non-credit courses or programs that are offered on a cost-recovery basis and are not subject to approval by Advanced Education.

    Now only if I can get some money from the Student Revolving Loan Fund, I am off to Alberta in the summer for retraining. I know how to grow yams, sweet, potatoes, okras etc. but I could do with retraining to grow herb.

    Cannabis Production Program – Level 1

    What can you expect from this program/course?
    Four online, instructor led, 45 hour equivalent courses
    Stand-alone courses; take individual courses based on your needs
    A two-week hands on field study with local industry
    Accelerated programming for quick entry into the workforce
    This program prepares graduates for employment in the growing cannabis production industry, or to support those already in the workplace. This program provides entry level job-based training paired with hands-on experience, and is committed to providing graduates the skills needed to enter into employment with a range of cannabis producers, from medicinal to adult use. Students can expect to spend 8 weeks in four intensive online courses followed by a 2 week field study. This field study will include spending time with our partners at Terra Life Sciences and Sundial Growers.

    What will you learn?
    Students will learn the foundation skills they need to prepare them for entry level production work in the cannabis industry. Specific areas of instruction include:

    Introductory horticulture science and production

    Greenhouse and other enclosed structures

    Cannabis legislation and documentation

    Cannabis science and production

    Program at a glance
    Credential: Non-credit

    Length of Program: 8 weeks + 2 week field school

    Delivery: Online + 2 weeks at Olds College and area

    Program Dates: July – September

    Registration Deadlines: June 19, 2018

    Costs: $799 + GST per course (5 courses)

    Selection Process for Admission: First come-first served basis. Limit of 20 participants per course

    Admission Requirements: Students must be 18 prior to enrollment. It is recommended that they have their grade 11 education or beyond, and any previous criminal record should be assessed for eligibility in the industry prior to taking courses.

  50. Course Overviews
    Introduction to Horticulture Production (Online)
    July 3 – July 27, 2018
    This course provides an entry level overview of horticulture production for someone completely new to horticulture. Students will learn basic plant botany, plant life cycle, and seed storage of common plants. A variety of propagation methods will be discussed, including plant, seed and vegetative and tissue culture propagation. An overview of how commercial greenhouse crops are produced will be discussed.

    Introduction to Crop Production and Facilities (Online)
    July 3 – July 27, 2018
    In this course, students will be exposed to different types of growing facilities, and their respective crop production systems. Environmental management equipment, irrigation systems, soil management, and pest control will be discussed in the context of crop production. This broad introduction provides students with an initial awareness of the facilities they may encounter in a commercial context.

    Cannabis Legislation and Documentation (Online)
    August 7 – August 31, 2018
    Students will learn the basics for ensuring government compliance surrounding the production of cannabis. Legislative requirements surrounding security requirements for facility and staff, quality assurance and quality control, and post-harvest handling will be discussed. This course will prepare students who intend to work in the cannabis field with an overview of current requirements for compliance and how to remain up to date if and as policies change.

    Pre-Requisites: Must complete the two introductory classes or have a prior horticulture credential. Contact Olds College Continuing Education for more details.
    Horticulture for Cannabis Production (Online)
    August 7 – August 31, 2018
    Students will apply introductory horticulture knowledge to cannabis specific production in this course, to empower them to tend and care for plants in entry level production work. Cannabis botany, growth cycle, genetics & propagation, pest management, and harvesting will be addressed. This will include an introduction to chemical composition of cannabis Typical grow room structures, designs and setups will be discussed.

    Pre-Requisites: Must complete the two introductory classes or have a prior horticulture credential. Contact Olds College Continuing Education for more details.
    Practical Cannabis Production – Field Study (Olds College and Area)
    September 10 – September 21, 2018
    Students will apply the production practices from the Cannabis Production Program in a hands-on environment in a series of short work experience opportunities with a variety of producers across the industry. Students will be exposed to all aspects of production, from propagation through to drying, packaging and the regulatory procedures. This field study will include work at local facilities including our partners Sundial Growers and Terra Life Sciences. Students must have completed the previous four courses in this program.

    Please note: Students must take the previous four courses before taking this field study option. They will be required to attend classes and travel in and around Olds to various facilities for this course and to adhere to relevant industry dress codes.

  51. Now them a good for legalising from 1978 the ganja me smoking so me no just come with a ganja something you could almost crown me the ganja king

    Smoking pot puts youth at higher risk of psychosis: St. Joe’s expert
    “With legalization, a lot of youth are under the misperception that means it is safe for them to use,” said Hamilton’s Dr. Suzanne Archie, scientific adviser of the Schizophrenia Society of Ontario.

    Warnings about the danger pot poses to youth are coming from the Schizophrenia Society of Ontario as legalization of the drug in Canada on Oct. 17 fast approaches.

    “With legalization, a lot of youth are under the misperception that means it is safe for them to use,” said Hamilton’s Dr. Suzanne Archie, scientific adviser of the society.

    But, in fact, there is an increased risk of psychosis among youth smoking marijuana, particularly for those with a family history of serious mental illness like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

    “The younger the person is when they start using marijuana, the greater the risk,” said Archie, who is also clinical director of the Cleghorn Early Intervention in Psychosis Program at St. Joseph’s Healthcare. “The frequency of use makes a difference … so people under the age of 16 who are using three times a week or more tend to be at greater risk.”

    It’s significant considering cannabis-induced psychosis lasts up to one month after drug use has stopped and takes about six months for a full recovery.

    “The marijuana changes the brain’s receptors and it takes a bit of time for their brain to heal and go back to normal,” she said. “The greater the genetic vulnerability for schizophrenia or serious mental illness, the greater the changes.”

    Archie says more than one-third of patients later convert to a diagnosis of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

    “It’s really important to understand the risk,” she said. “Most youth are not aware that they have serious mental illness in the family. Serious mental illness is more common than people think.”

    The society is sounding the alarm about cannabis-induced psychosis as its Peace of Minds Walk takes place Saturday at 10:30 a.m. at Bayfront Park to raise awareness and funds for those living with schizophrenia and psychosis.

    One of the speakers will be 24-year-old Ilyas Khamis, who had his first episode of psychosis four years ago when he was a university student. It’s a common age for mental health issues to arise, with most first episodes occurring between the ages of 18 to 24.

    “I did a lot of pot before I was hospitalized,” he said. “My experience with drugs was mainly as a coping mechanism. I learned I could soothe my emotions, get positive feelings or become more balanced. Obviously, there was a limit to that ending in my psychosis.”

    Khamis tried to get help, making an appointment for a mental health assessment at a university clinic. But the four-month wait was too long as his mental health rapidly declined.

    “I knew there was something wrong and something had changed,” he said. “Eventually, I got the point where I couldn’t trust my own thoughts.”

    He called his mother when he started thinking about suicide and she took him to hospital where he started a long road to recovery. Along the way, he was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, which includes both schizophrenia and mood disorder symptoms.

    He’s now back in his hometown of Oakville, graduated from college and has started a job at St. Joseph’s West 5th Campus as a peer support worker.

    “I did stop using pot and harder drugs after I realized it wasn’t too good for me.”

    A lot of confusion around the relationship between cannabis and mental health stems from two of the active chemicals found in it, cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

    CBD is thought to have antipsychotic and anti-anxiety properties and is being studied for medicinal use.

    “But the proportion of CBD in the marijuana that is sold on the streets today, is still at two per cent,” said Archie. “It’s quite low.”

    In contrast, the amount of THC in street drugs is significantly higher and rising.

    “The marijuana sold on the streets can be anywhere from 15 per cent to 30 per cent THC,” she said. “It’s a lot stronger than it was.”

    THC has the opposite effect on mental health than CBD, making the ratio between the two crucially important.

    “The stronger the THC, the higher the risk of addiction and psychosis among youth,” Archie said.

    She has created a video game to show youth what it’s like to experience the disturbance in perception that is psychosis.

    “The language isn’t very good at explaining what psychosis is, but the video game technology can make it obvious what it means to experience a visual hallucination or an auditory hallucination,” she said. “The parts of the brain that are processing sounds or vision is misperceiving it and misinterpreting it, so it feels like it’s coming from the outside world but actually it is coming from within their brain.”

    The Back to Reality game, which she hopes will one day be in doctor’s offices, schools and youth programs, maps out mental health and addictions services available in Hamilton.

    Grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, CARSTAR, AMS Healthcare, the St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation and the Ontario Trillium Foundation paid for the development of the game.

    Now, Archie is looking to test its ability to educate youth about the risks of cannabis.

    “People are under the belief that it doesn’t have serious mental health effects,” Archie said. “The scientific community has not established safe levels of marijuana use even though the majority of adults can use marijuana and not experience harms.”

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