The Role of the Church in Politics


ChurchHe was the Dean of St Michael’s Cathedral. The very Reverend Harold Edmund Crichlow I believe is now Dean Emeritus. His was the voice of the church that propelled the movement that ultimately led to the defeat of the real Democratic Labour Party back in 1976. I take it that the role of the church has not changed, therefore I ask the question how come the church of today remains so muted when the transgressions of those that now masquerade under the banner of Errol Barrow’s party readily bring to mind Don Dillinger, save for the fact that whereas he used a gun their weapon of choice is a pen? The actions of this Freundel Stuart led army of insensitivity are clearly not designed for the advancement of the average Barbadian, therefore the voice of the church needs to be brought to the fore. It is here that this writer calls on Senator Apostle Dr David Durant to assist in the restoration of hope for the poor, the demographic upon which governmental wrath has been unleashed.

As a man of the cloth how do you sit in silence in the face of the CAHILL fiasco…IONICS and others that all seem to suggest malfeasance? As if this were not bad enough their blatant disregard for public opinion brought them just last week to the inglorious spectacle of trying to defend the indefensible. Sir, I put it to you that 17.5% was value added temporarily. Today that my friend remains a permanent imposition. How do you then justify the Shakespearean demand of your 10% of flesh? All this at a time when the Nation is being implored to come together in celebration of fifty years of independence.

Might I remind you Senator Apostle Dr Durant that while money was spent to purchase fireworks to light the sky in January for a milestone that arrives in November, countless minions have grown tired of the postal workers delivering everything but their tax returns, to be used to pay the road tax and others waiting to fix vehicles that fell victim to roads not repaired for as long as workers have not received a raise of pay. In the face of such hardship 10% represented a necessity so that life may be palatable. Tell that to Granny and Grandpa as they too wait with bated breath on the lookout for a pension check. These are the old folk Senator Apostle Dr Durant that are now expected to celebrate fifty years of independence in grand style with you and your group. In many instances Senator Apostle Dr Durant, their first order of business every morning is dumping the contents of the topsy. Much to celebrate…ya think? Through their tireless efforts they would have paved the way so that you who now crave your all important 10% could climb the ladder of success…..the same ladder you all so shamelessly kick down.

Sir some years ago in an attempt to bring sanctity to the image of a crooked cohort you exposed yourself to the ridicule that false prophecy attracts in a Christian society. Here is your chance to redeem the waning image of the church, in a way that surely would bring gladness to the heart of your Dean Emeritus. Repudiate the wanton greediness of this army of insensitivity, for by your silence complicity becomes your judgement. They have shown that the all mighty dollar is their God. Now is the time to prove to your congregation who is yours.

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  1. how come the church of today remains so muted when the transgressions of those that now masquerade under the?@@@@@

    Understand , what ever is said at church on Sundays or any other day , is under the full direction of the Government,

    Its a play book,you will hear it at church on Sunday in the News on tv then in the News papers as if it was an act of God,

    Ask more Questions get more answers, All a Fraud game Ministers in the House of the DBLP and the Ministers in the CHURCH is the same ANIMAL , A VAT AND TAX COLLECTOR ON SUNDAYS,

    Most stores closed on Sundays so they can get their share of your hard earn money, Money is the root of all evil? and the CHURCH will collect that EVIL,

  2. HAMILTON HILL @ all questions have answers , and for this post,

    All your questions and answers came about for these are the answers to what is needed to cover up Massive Land Fraud, misdirection of the DBLP, So you dont focus on their crime boss actions,

    We are glad that you are at this point to ask Questions, Ask CBC or the Nation to put a mic in their faces and ask the questions,

  3. Did someone not say on here that the chuch gets some sorta tax free concession, they too suck the blood of the taxpayers, they may not want to go against the politicians who enable them to feed off the taxpayers.

    Churches seem more interested in helping and enriching themselves.

  4. Well Well

    In your comment above, probably without realising it, you showed how this country is doomed. If you replaced “churches” with “the major trade unions and CTUSAB” you would still be correct.

    • @Hamilton

      Remember very well Dean Harold Crichlow and his strident deliveries from the pulpit. Nowadays the influence is with the Pentecostals, unlike Crichlow who appeard to shoot with just cause this lot is politically aligned.










  6. As you pointed this guy calling himself Dr Durant is under heavy manners for saying he was going to make sure the man who would not lie,cheat or steal would not pass on his watch.Idiot of the highest class.Then he brings some other charlatan here recently under some pretext to rob more stupid bajans.
    Btw the former dean is now silenced by his pick in the Senate as deputy president.How things have changed since he railed against the same DLP in ’76.He now is in the embrace of a bunch ‘o crooks and not a peek from Harold Edmund since he said of the decision to send Darwin Dottin on leave…….’you can’t treat senior public servants like that’.According to Dr Zin Henry the ‘upshot’ of that faux pax is 200 actors in the police force led by a policeman who is before the court on some kind ‘o charge.
    It is clear that the church has lost its way and its influence.Rumour has it that John Holder is to be knighted in the November dispensation…..the first black Bajan archbishop of the West Indies.If that is so,don’t expect him to rock the boat.Anglicans say he and Freundel can hold hands on both counts of Silence and Inaction.

  7. From the last utterances of the Dear Bishop ,at the DLP’s anniversary service, it would now appear that many of these new age mega churches are mere extensions of the political party which they so openly support, in the same fashion as the Constituency Councils and the Constituency Branch meetings. How else can one interpret it when a man of the cloth proclaims to the whole of his congregation and to his guests, ” We won last time, and we will win again, God is on our side” You mean to tell me that there was not a single supporter of the Barbados Labour Party , or anyone without any allegiance to either political party, in the congregation, with the guts to walk out , and stay out?
    Why time after time do we Bajans humbly and silently accept these heavy size 12 kicks up our backsides?
    When Jesus returns, it looks like he will have to rent a few bulldozers from COW to push down these houses of the Lawd. Upending a few tables ,just will not cut it..

  8. My priest is a dem so I know he will never speak out against them.

    He was even made a chairman of a constituency council. He eventually gave it up when he realised he could not handle the work and manage a church.

    For the first time in all the years that I was a member, I had never heard politics preached from my pulpit until he and his sidekick came. The most one of the older part time priest would tell the congregation is to go out and vote…..he used to say if you think the government has done a good job, vote for them, if you think they have not done a good job, vote agianst them. But he would never go and preach a sermon on the government regardless of party. The rector never got into politics.

    But in 2008, with a new team of preists in charge, my church pulpit was used to proclaim the epiphany that was to start from St John by another fraud who masqueraded as a priest. He had in attendance the five candidates a few Sundays before the election and he lambasted OSA and the BLP. When people in the congregation complained, he meekly said …..oh we have not isolated the BLP, they are welcomed to come. Well he got rewarded with a big diplomatic posting. Hope he is enjoying it cause it wont last too long.

    My priest must know that the party he supports is destroying Barbados as it is reflected in the collection plate. He could tek that!

  9. But who would ever believe a word that comes out of “Bishop” Durant’s mouth after he knew that the king was gravely ill ( he had to know, he was one ofThompson right hand men) and he could boldly announce that he would not die under his watch…….like he thought he was God. He could only be a sanctimonious hypocrite who reads the Bible but never understood a word.

    All of these morons know that this bunch is the worst set of people DT could have pulled together just to win an election and they should be ashamed to call EWB’s name!

  10. Some of the crap we see tolerated in churches today, vis a vis politicians, would never have occurred under the watch of one Anglican priest , who has now passed away., Cannon George Clark, who presided at St Ann’s Church for almost 35 years.
    When I go to funerals at that church,and others nearby , without fail the MP for that constituency makes a late entry, with teeth skinning , shaking hands, and kissing women on his way to a seat at the front of the church. Rev Clarke , would have balled him out ,and then usher him out, and that’s putting it nicely.
    Then we have the lady from the constituency next door,who often sends a note, via the verger , to the Priest so that he can publicly announce her presence. And quite often , when this done, she soon makes her exit.
    At many churches the presence of politicians sitting among the congregation is announced. At an ordinary service, Christ has priority ,and it should be accorded to Him and not a fickle politician. At a funeral service , priority is reserved for the deceased and mourning relatives, not politicians.
    Perhaps people should take a leaf out of the book of a mourning daughter,who in no uncertain terms wiped the broad grin off a politician’s face, when she confronted him and told him that he is not welcome at her mothers funeral.
    Reverents, Bishops , Pastors, Elders, Apostles , Priests and Brothers need to stop paying homage to these charlatans , many of whom come to church as part of their canvassing policy. A handsome spread in the collection plate is not all.

  11. I attended a funeral at a Catholic Church, there were the usual couple of politicians showing their faces.
    I was overjoyed when the Priest, coming towards the end of the service, publicly recognised only one member of the congregation, a brother Anglican cleric, who he invited , next time he comes, to sit in the chancery with him.
    At another funeral service, in a packed rural parish church, it annoyed me to see a senior clergyman from another denomination sitting on the grass outside of the church while politicians were being ushered in , to reserve seats.

  12. Hamilton Hill

    Good post!

    Expand it, and send it to the Anglican Bishop as well as the Ecumenical Council to let them know that morality and righteousness in Barbados are in their death throes, killed by the examples of seeming successes of blatant immoral and unrighteous actions by this current Administration led by a PM who appears to always condone the normally indefensible.

    Tell them to read BU for the examples of moral turpitude from CLICO to SpeakerGate and CAHILL and several others.

  13. People are not asking for a complete divorce of religion from politics, they prefer to see a workable ” live wid ” relationship.

  14. David May 15, 2016 at 10:19 PM #
    Not sure how one can separate religion and politics.

    “Religion” did not co-exist with politics or the state for the first 300 years of th church, simply because the two were never meant to merge. Read your NT through and you will find this to be crystal clear!

    Cerca in AD 313, the devil who had been defeated by the church who preferred to be martyred than follow the dictates of the state, the Emperor merged the state with some jokers to form the Roman Catholic church Church. This organisation has always been a political organisation along with the groups spawned off it,,except the PLymouth Brethren which came out of the Anglican church of its time to be separate.

    From AD 313, the true church went under ground and moved from place to place as the Lolards Waldenses Albigenses Petrobrucians etc All these groups suffered intense persecution because of their stance.

    Any good text of Church History will clear this matter up.
    Check also Fox Book of Martyrs., The Trail of Blood etc

    But the main text is to understand the NT
    This is what is said about the early Church in Acts 2
    Then they that gladly received his word were baptized: and the same day there were added unto them about three thousand souls.
    42 And they continued stedfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.

  15. @ GP
    There IS a role for the church to play in politics….SALT.

    The Church should be there to ‘flavour’ community life; to provide meaning, taste, and contrast.
    The Church should be exemplifying the fruits of LOVE; the armour of righteousness and the power of faith…..
    … but if the salt have lost his flavour, with which shall it be salted? it is thereafter good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden …

    …and before it is ‘cast out to be trodden’, Bushie will be here to whack the shiite out of the whole set of brass bowls….

  16. Churches have ceased to be local churches and have ceased to continue stedfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in prayers.


  17. re The Church should be there to ‘flavour’ community life; to provide meaning, taste, and contrast.
    The Church should be exemplifying the fruits of LOVE; the armour of righteousness and the power of faith…..
    … but if the salt have lost his flavour, with which shall it be salted? it is thereafter good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden …



    Ephesus represents the Apostolic & the (post Apostolic Church) (A.D. 33 to A.D. 100). —Revelation 2:1-7
    Smyrna represents the church of the martyrs ( the persecuted church)(A.D. 100 to A.D. 313). —Revelation 2:8-11
    Pergamos represents the period of pa­gan Rome (the patronized or state church) (A.D. 313 to A.D. 590). –Revelation 2:12-17
    Thyatira rep­resents papal Rome of the dark ages to the 16th century (the Papal church) (A.D. 590 to A.D. 1517). –Revelation 2:18-29
    Sardis is the church of the Renaissance and the Reformation- the Protestant church) (A.D. 1517 to A.D. 1792).– Revelation 3:1-6

    Philadephia (the practical church) is the missionary church of the revival of the 19th century (A.D. 1792 to A.D. 1914).– Revelation 3:7-13

    Laodicea (the present day church)is the end time apostate church (A.D. 1914 to the second coming of Christ). –Revelation 3:14-22

    Ephesus sets before us FUNDAMENTALISM
    It was the FORMAL CHURCH
    Smyrna had a problem with RITUALISM
    It was the FEARFUL CHURCH
    Pergamos had a problem with CLERICALISM
    Thyatira had a problem with SACERDOTALISM
    It was the FALSE CHURCH
    Sardis had a problem with LIBERALISM
    Philadephia existence of REVIVALISM
    It was the FEEBLE CHURCH
    Laodicea has the problem of MATERIALISM

  18. The church could not stand idly by if a pagan regime came to power. We do not accept pagans as our rulers.

  19. @ Hamilton perhaps when the churches 10% tithe is being affected they will start to sing a different tune.

  20. Point taken GP, but it would be VERY difficult for church members to be like that and NOT have something to say or do about the political systems that affect everything.
    For example, how someone calling himself the ‘Bishop of Barbados’ can remain silent amid the clear bribe-taking and scams surrounding CLICO. Cahill etc is beyond belief …. even given the fact that they have ALL been brought for their precious ‘Tax-Free’ status.

    ‘Opening a church’ is one of the most attractive prospects currently available to lazy-ass bums who are looking for easy, tax-free work. It therefore explains 80% of the shiite institutions we call ‘church’.
    Of the remainder, 15% are traditionalists providing work for Codrington graduates to service rituals such as funerals, weddings etc; and the other 5% are mad.

    @ Hamilton
    Expecting a Barbadian church to stand up for righteousness is like expecting Froon to go after the KNOWN and UNKNOWN CLICO crooks… wishful thinking.

    The TRUE church is practically DEAD….. killed by albino-centricity (the love and worship of money) ….and because this world has lost its flavour, it has become good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden … Matt 5:13

    Even as we blog, we are witnessing our now ‘good-for-nothing’ world disintegrate before our very eyes….soon to be ‘trodden’ by the very ‘money-god’ that we have chosen to worship instead….

  21. My biggest regret is that I did not become a pastor under a tent in Barbados because from there within a couple of months, I too would have had a mega building on prime land called a church with a spurious, driving a Ford Escalade with darkened windows that is parked in a mega house of my own design overlooking the sea from a mega spot and would then be able to buy the government or no, better yet, have the government buy me. Money, money is not the root of all evil, it is the root of a grand life and what better way to achieve it but through the holiness of the church, right next to God and straight to heaven because He Himself blessed me. Life in the tropics is quite the most amazing.

  22. This is a true story. A few years ago a group of us came home to attend the funeral of the brother of one in the group. I am not going to call the name of the church nor that of the priest, suffice to say that it is very close to the Westbury Cemetery. Imaging our shock to see the casket sitting for an excessively long time in the vestibule of the church, only to find out that our friend had journeyed into Bridgetown in search of an ATM. He was told by the officiating minister that he would not proceed until he was paid. Let me quote. ” I will not accept a visa nor any debit card. I want cash”. He has since been elevated to a top post in the clergy. Sorry mum but I am saying again even though it makes you mad. When the good Lord returns we will all be in the same Line, headed in the same direction. At fifty eighth I am yet to meet a true Christian or a ghost. Yes GP this moron will sooner see Casper than a true Christian.

  23. Re
    The TRUE church is practically DEAD….
    This is what was predicted
    Laodicea (the present day church)is the end time apostate church (A.D. 1914 to the second coming of Christ). –Revelation 3:14-22

    Laodicea has the problem of MATERIALISM It’s the FASHIONABLE CHURCH

    Re . killed by albino-centricity (the love and worship of money) ….and because this world has lost its flavour, it has become good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden … Matt 5:13
    Even as we blog, we are witnessing our now ‘good-for-nothing’ world disintegrate before our very eyes….soon to be ‘trodden’ by the very ‘money-god’ that we have chosen to worship instead….

  24. VOB is always bringing news clips of the voices of the people.Stetson Ah begging you…Go out by restoration ministries and poll the opinion of that congregation. Some journalist needs to ask the goodly God fearing Apostle for his thoughts. The curt no comment that is expected can be used as a news clip. We must not ease up. This bunch is becoming more and more brazen as the days go by. Steve Blackett and the Richard “Haughty Dick”Sealy have left hurtful impressions indelibly etched in our memories.These two heifers have were most offensive.

  25. On the Tony Cozier blog, Vincent opines
    I hope that those in Bim will make their feelings known on thursday and every week thereafter……do you know what effect shuting down the country one day a week will have on the merchant&political class?


  26. @GP
    From AD 313, the true church went under ground and moved from place to place as the Lolards Waldenses Albigenses Petrobrucians etc All these groups suffered intense persecution because of their stance.
    This is an aside as I am not versed in Church History but am a bit of an amateur history buff (thanks to the late Ronnie Hughes), a few years ago I was driving late in the evening with my radio tuned to the local CBC (Canada) when an interesting program called “Ideas” was being broadcast. The topic that evening was the Albigensian Crusade and the slaughter of the Cathars

    I heard the name Simon de Montfort who was the answer to a trivia question that we used to have in Barbados back in the day e.g.”Free Food for you and your family” which was sponsored by the bottlers of Coca Cola.

    Just an aside that we hear so much about the “Crusades” when the Church went to war against Islam but not so much about this other “Crusade” when the Church went to war against a breakaway sect of its own followers.

    An Etymologist could probably confirm that the origin of the words Cathartic and Catharsis could trace their roots back to the Cathars.

    Here audio of part 1 & 2 of the program

    • @GP

      We have been doing a little research about this matter of the Church and politics. Many papers/articles have been quick to make the difference between Church and politics and religion religion and politics.

  27. Implicit in your argument, or maybe in jest, there is an assumption that the church has, or ever had, a superior moral position.

    We have argued differently, we see the null hypothesis – meaning there is no measureable differences between church and state.

    Let’s suggest a number of metrics. Stealing money from the poor. On this score there are no measurable difference. One asked for a tithe and the other has an ability to balance mismanagement by taxation.

    On the score of false promises. The church’s raison detre is about some by-and-by. A false promise that can NEVER be proved and rest on what they call faith. Political parties are well known for making similar promises with no firm intentions of fulfilling them – a political heaven.

    Get our drift!

  28. The Christian Church is a relic of colonialism. It was a bulwark of the racism and the slave economy in Barbados, and its function has changed very little since.

    • @GP

      The point being made is not what the colonist took with them. We always come to this point in the argument on BU where some need to agree to disagree. What is faith?

  29. DAVID
    I have seen a lot online about this matter of the Church and politics. None of these give a Biblical perspective I agree with you that there is a “difference between Church and politics and religion and politics.”

    If you check the NT, a local Church is always an assembly of baptised (by immersion) believers in Christ.

    Unfortunately what is referred to as the “church” today is a far cry from this.

    Similarly from Acts 2:41 the major activity of the early church was that they “they continued stedfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.”

    Note also from the same passage “And all that believed were together, and had all things common;
    45 And sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men, as every man had need.
    46 And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart,
    47 Praising God, and having favour with all the people.
    The early Church were said to be Communists– which they were not. They shared what they had. They met in houses.

    Some where along the way it all went wrong and has ended up as the mess it is today–just as predicted in Revelation 2-3.

  30. re Boatbuilder May 16, 2016 at 10:12 AM #

    The Christian Church is a relic of colonialism. It was a bulwark of the racism and the slave economy in Barbados, and its function has changed very little since.

    STICK to building boats and desist from talking about what you know little. YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ECCLESIOLOGY

    What is true is that the English colonists took three things with them everywhere they went. CRICKET CHURCH COLLEGE. All three of these were meant as disciplines. CRICKET IS NOT A GAME……..IT IS A DISCIPLINE. ONLY THE DISCIPLINED PLAY IT VERY WELL CONSISTENTLY.

  31. How are the titles Pastor, Apostle, Bishop or Prophet applied to these politically motivated Pentecostal preachers?

  32. The church is good business. Check the Roman Catholic church – one Pope ring could buy a huge piece of land for the migrants from wars created by the west, so they can begin a new city where they can fight amongst themselves. Imagine what the sale of two could bring. And followers pouring in more for dem RC coffers by the day.

    The churches we see springing up from the USA right across the Caribbean raking it in so those who manufacture big cars, airplanes, jewellery et al can continue to do so as the huge demand has shown. And followers pouring in more for their hollering coffers by the day.

    So best not to knock the churches. Dem doing a good job of raising monies under the cloak of no taxation on behalf of God Himself.

    Politics is good business too, and all those well friendly with them – sweetness coming from all sides.

    I jess vex, as I said above, I did not jump on the bandwagon of shouting the perils of an evil life or getting muhself a nice big job in government (or insurance for that matter).

    All the above doing ’nuff to damage us, the more than foolish sheeples. Caw dem know we just like to sit back and complain. We write under pesudonyms like I do, and got nuff to say too. We carry on and cuss dem all in rumshops or within the walls of our homes. But when time come to get up off our arses and really do something, like march the streets, like close shop for a few days, like stop going to churches, or anything that could bring both church and government to their knees…not a peep from the masses.

    Let us get real. There is no doubt, we like it so.

    • @Gabriel

      And to help with if police permission has been given. Let them arrest people, it will be just what the doctor ordered.

  33. De Ole Man did not want to comment on this subject because it does bring out the worst in me and I is an unlikeable fellah normally so I didnt want to show my worst.

    Because I know that i would talk for a long time pun dis subject and because I know dat wunna dun tire uh my long talk subjects I gine be purposely short.


    …And he blessed him and said,“Blessed be Abram by God Most High, Possessor of heaven and earth; and blessed be God Most High, who has delivered your enemies into your hand!”
    And Abram gave him a tenth of everything.

    The first recorded tithe WAS NOT INSTITUTED BY or COMMANDED BY GOD, it was a man induced thing that these worthless parasites have grown fat on and drive Pajeros and fly gets through while our people suffer.

    All over Barbados (in fact the world) all over our country our people are suffering and need both spiritual and physical food but this demon call the church has abdicated both roles, conscious of, and ONLY CARING FOR, the tithe every Sunday.

    We all know so called Reverends and pastors who can accurately tell what is the income of every one of their parishioners because of this sin again the Body of Christ perpetrated by tithes.

    We all know Pastors who living with all the sisters in the choir, or the brothers, or daughters.

    We all know that they refuse to speak one word against the filth that is our consecutive leadership either under senator David Durant or Reverend Joseph Atherley.

    And yes these scion of the devil himself have the most luxurious of houses AT THE EXPENSE OF THEIR CITIZENS

    This picture best epitomizes what they are

    Ezekiel speaks of them well

    “”Her priests have done violence to My law and have profaned My holy things; they have made no distinction between the holy and the profane, and they have not taught the difference between the unclean and the clean; and they hide their eyes from My sabbaths, and I am profaned among them”.

    Ye have made the House of my Lord a den of thieves…but your reward is sure AND WILL COME…as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west

  34. piece
    your quote from Ezekiel is pertinent

    also no where does the NT say that church members should pay a tithe– and the church is a NT institution

    the NT teaching about giving is clearly found at 2 Corinthians 9:7
    Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.

    12 Cor 16:2 refers to an offering from the churches that was collected to help the poor believers
    Upon the first day of the week let every one of you lay by him in store, as God hath prospered him, that there be no gatherings when I come.

  35. Boatbuilder May 16, 2016 at 10:12 AM #
    The Christian Church is a relic of colonialism. It was a bulwark of the racism and the slave economy in Barbados, and its function has changed very little since.
    And that is why when Caribbean people ventured to the mother country en masse after the last war they were shockingly surprised to find that the people who brought christianity to us, were some of the most ungodly people that they ever met. And to add insult to injury, when some of the ‘immigrants’ decided to continue the tradition of worshiping in an english church, they were politely given the black carpet treatment.

  36. The disrespectful comments here about the Church reek of ignorance and stupidity. Relic of colonialism indeed. Jesus Christ was a Jew. The Church leaders in the Caribbean are almost all black men, and while most are flawed, they compare favourably to the sordid creatures offered up by the political parties that we usually have to rely on for leadership and inspiration. The Christian Church is one of the greatest forces for creating goodwill between Europeans, North Americans and the beggar states of the Caribbean. And it has done a great deal to tackle the problem of racism.
    God forbid, should we have an earthquake or some other natural disaster, it is the Christian churches that will mobilize and distribute most of the resources for the assistance we will receive. So most of you should be quiet if you have nothing good to say.

  37. It is not all the church’s fault it must be said….
    After all they are, like most successful businesses, just fulfilling a need.

    Here is the problem.
    There comes a time in the life in all brass bowls, when it finally dawns on them that there HAS to be more to life than accumulating money… especially those who have successfully done so…
    Their next thoughts are ‘YOU!!! …suppose there IS a God….. and suppose i missed the boat…and suppose he knows the things I did to get this money…..
    Shiite!!! …time to find a church and get things in shape bozie….

    Naturally such a person is keen to impress the ‘servant’ of God… and to do so in the way that he knows best….

    Wuh SOMEBODY has to place themselves in a position to tek de money…. en’t it?
    It is a public service… of sorts…. en’t it?

    @ Money B
    You ready yet boss…?

  38. @ GP

    That is precisely the thing that “they” – these church posturers ARE NOT GETTING!

    What is their purpose?

    What do they toil for?

    What is their harvest? responsibility? message? lifestyle?

    Who seek ye? We seek Jesus of Nazareth

    And Whom must we serve?

    GOD or mammon GOD or Caesar?

    These scion have lost their way and have become servants of the fallen one as opposed to The True and Living GOD by whom we live and have our being.

    When a thing is wrong, wherever you see it to be wrong, you rise and challenge it GP.

    It is like your conviction and use of capital letters which for many might seem to be shouting but for those of us who “too were once young” realize that ASTIGMATISM is best “diminished” by caps.

    These are not small men like the rest of us GP, these are men and women of the cloth who have supposedly taken a vow to harvest the souls of men.

    Yet they seek only to harvest the money at every occasion they get

    Let me show you something that disturbs me greatly.

    If and when our donkeys die our families pay the church a fee to bury our scvnts and that fee is supposed to cover expenses of the church for opening that day etc.

    In the middle of burying my black as* them effers ask for an offertory for such is the cravatiousness of their nature that they to rape the compulsory congregants for MORE.

    Not content to speak to the issue of the transient nature of my/your soul those rapists want to raid your wallet.

    “Her leaders pronounce judgment for a bribe, Her priests instruct for a price And her prophets divine for money Yet they lean on the LORD saying, “Is not the LORD in our midst? Calamity will not come upon us.”

    These are the exact words of the apostle Dr David Durant when he invoked the name of the Almighty with he of the division of the Fatted Calf

    But woe unto them GP these SCUM OF THE EARTH “It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble.”

  39. The church I attend have no paid staff.
    A lot of the funds received is given to missionaries or the elderly
    The offering is collected once weekly as prescribed in the NT, and takes very little time.
    There is never preaching on “tithes” in our church group nor do we ask for offerings.

    The elders and deacons are all laymen.

  40. Following Jesus the Christ is about humility GP.

    Which of our pastors on this island who while pretending to proclaim and follow Jesus and serve GOD pun a Sunday effect this act full assured that

    (a) “no disease can harm them”
    (b) “they follow Jesus the Christ in such Absolute Act of Humility to all men and
    (c) “there is not Jew nor Gentile, clean or unclean. just spirit, and fellow citizen in GOD, imbued with the Breath of Life from our GOD

    which of these do you see doing this GP?

    Name me one of these sanctimonious scum that would do this GP?

    That is why I smile and the Chad’s of this world who enjoy “form” without “substance”

    By their works shall ye know them

    • @PUDRYR

      It is the Wayne Jackmans of this Barbados who seem more willing to get out there to help the poor and the hungry.

  41. @ the Blogmaster

    Invariably the fact of the matter is that Saul on his road to Damascus having converted remembered who he was, WITHOUT CHRIST, and therefore being saved, sought out those that were on similar roads, like Wayne.

    The “play, play holier than thou christians’ who abound in BIM, the ones who get up in church and have the “funny feelings” and love doing o the brotherly and sisterly embraces, at the insistence of the rip off pastor, and love going to the Stadium, of Garfield Sobers or Creflo Dollar conventions, it is they that are beloved of men, and revered, and whom we boy down to in BIM.

    Strangers to GOD’s Word and “prostitutors” of His Worth

  42. A question was posed to me recently. Who are the actual legal owners of these seemingly stand alone mega church buildings? the pastor, the congregation, investors or a consortium?

  43. Hope she gets a few years in jail.

    I hope I die before I become old weak and feeble.

    We must never condone elderly abuse.

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