No Confidence Motion

 Mia Mottley, Opposition Leader

Mia Mottley, Opposition Leader

Today (10/05/2016) a No Confidence Motion brought by the Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) is scheduled to be debated in the House of Assembly. The motion is anticipated to discuss government’s mismanagement of the economy – the several downgrades, Sandals, Cahill Energy among others. Not many except the overly optimistic BLP supporter expects the government to demit office as a result of the motion. However the Opposition gets the opportunity in the glare of public view to articulate concerns for the general public to draw conclusions.



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233 Comments on “No Confidence Motion”

  1. DLP (formerly CBC) TV and Radio May 12, 2016 at 9:18 PM #

    I t is so sad how so many persons that support the DEMS has lost grip on not only the economics of Barbados but the simple harsh realities of life that Barbadians are facing..And want to come to an electorate in 2017 – 2018 to asked to be reelected to a 3rd term..”TO DO WHAT!!!!”…Why will people want to reelect an administration that all it has done is increase their suffering!!!!…everything now in 2016 is worst off in 2013 which is worst of than in 2008…This govt is so eye wateringly bad in the context of Barbados it affecting the Richter Scale, causing earthquakes off the North East coast of Barbados…..(God probably said that Barbados don’t get a lot of natural disasters so they brought this DLP “administration” on to us!!!!)….it is an 8 year disaster that Bajans BEGGING, PLEADING that they want to end!!!!..I just want the giant turds on this blog including Ass Clown (AC) and Fractured DLP understand that in Barbados, the electorate don’t vote in Oppositions……they vote out Gov’ts…i.e….they focus on the gov’t performance PRIMARILY!!!!..So wunna ASSHATS could continue to look at the BLP when it is wunna backside that yuh should be looking at!!!!…. The electorate came soooo close in 2013…but they probably though that the cost of throwing out that garbage was too much!!!!!…..Not next time as even with the implementation of a hefty tipping fee….the cost of throwing out the DLP will be small compared to the cost of the damage this “govt” is causing Bdos…(ORRRR they will just throw them in the gullies!!!!) …..

    I just can’t imagine how this DLP Administration will start off an election campaign facing the people in 2017-18….how are they going to put a positive spin on 11 economic downgrades down into junk, a spin on how the NIS has billions of dollars but cant get the benefits to the relevant persons blaming it on a computer system that always like it brek down (people ain’t want to hear THAT!!!!)… are they going to spin why the reverse tax credit is now only $650 when it was $1300.00 when they took office in 2008….how 3000 people they sent home cant get their money when these bastards in parliament want to reinstate\increase their salaries by STEALTH. How are they going to spin why oils prices have dropped from $140 a barrel to $30 but vehicle and factory owners can’t see a reduction in gas \ diesel prices…How are they going to spin the fact that they championed transparency and accountability in 2008 can now only hear this PM at branch meetings (i thought he was PM for all B’dos but like he is the PM of the DLP only!!!!)

    I mean all i could see is this DLP getting hurt the next elections!!!!….All this talk about disasters…the DEMs need to prepare for one….called a landslide that will come tumbling down on their George Street Headquarters!!!!


  2. Prodigal Son May 12, 2016 at 9:28 PM #

    Amen, my brother, well said!


  3. Katpissnpeppa May 12, 2016 at 10:02 PM #

    Well well well


  4. Tell me Why May 12, 2016 at 10:03 PM #

    Politics is becoming vicious with violent language which is sending a strong message to our young people. I have been listening to the many speakers who overlook the subject and find pleasure in going below the belt. Why focus on Mia. Her speech was compiled by her colleagues and she was just the spokesman. Did Maria compiled her speech….I say NO. The language is not hers, the voice I say yes.

    I was impressed with Stephen Lashley, Richard Sealy and the brilliant presentation by Donville “PM in waiting” Inniss. His masterly expression was outstanding and he spoke like a professor lecturing to his students. His political oratorical skill placed him in a position of Prime Minister material. Probably, he would be a better PM. The worst speakers in my view were Kellman, M. Lashley, Lowe and the rest know who failed to respond to what is within. the No Confidence Motion. The BLP will not win this contest, but the populace got food for thought. Take a bow Donville.


  5. Prodigal Son May 12, 2016 at 10:11 PM #

    I found it hard to listen to Kellman, Jones, M Lashley, Lowe, Mara and Blackett……my gosh, he was despicable!


  6. are-we-there-yet May 13, 2016 at 12:00 AM #

    Of the ones I watched tonight, by far the best was Donville Inniss. Dr. Estwick was OK but his presentation was distracting and he made nary a mention of his colleagues.

    I missed practically all of today’s speeches, but from what I heard reported, Maria Agard was excellent except for the last few minutes; Mara Thompson’s was predictably sub standard as was Adriel Brathwaite’s. Steve Blackett was very agitated in a presentation that did not collide with any of the main charges; Denis Lowe spent less than 2 minutes on the Cahill issue.

    None of the speakers seemed to have substantively addressed any of the charges laid by Mia Mottley on Tuesday.

    It appears that Mia Mottley was absent for much of today. Anyone knows the reason? Seems strange that she would have absented herself from hearing the responses to her own no-confidence motion.


  7. Redfactor101 May 13, 2016 at 3:52 AM #

    Lowe’s comments are not consistent with the signed agreements !!!!!!!!
    Has he taken advice on the language he used ???
    I think he has left the door open for the crazy Cahill bitch to sue for damages ????
    Or will she be paid off under the cover of darkness to make this all go away.


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