Rape and Women’s Health

Submitted by Felicia Browne
Submitted by Felicia Browne, Human Rights Advocate

Submitted by Felicia Browne, Human Rights Advocate

Rape and genderbased violence is a grave human rights violation. The victims of rape and other forms of sexual assault have experienced physical and mental health conditions, often including acute traumatic injuries. A cute traumatic injuries in sexual assault can be relatively minor, including scratches, bruises, and welts. However, some women sustain fractures, head and facial trauma, lacerations, bullet wounds, or even death. T he annual police report on sexual offences reports “For the year 2015 the Sexual Offences Category realised a decrease of twenty four (24) cases or 9% from 2014. As it relates to detection rates, 2015 realized a 53% detection rate as compared to 62% in 2014. There was an overall decrease in Sexual Offences for 2015. However, the offence of Rape showed an increase of 11 cases. Detection rate decreased by 11% for Sexual Offences.”

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95 thoughts on “Rape and Women’s Health

  1. Caribbean men need only look to Europe and North America to see the disgraceful way in which radical feminists like Felicia have waged war on men with ideological campaigns against “rape”.
    Give them an inch, they will take a yard, and then another, and another. Prominent men, from Julian Assange to Kobe Bryant to Roman Polanski to Bill Cosby to Jian Ghomeshi have faced or are facing lengthy jail terms because of fraudulent claims made by worthless women. False rape charges are everywhere. When Mike Tyson had money, women in Chicago used to boast about shaking him down for cash if he accidentally brushed past them in a bar. At the University of Virginia, Duke University, Hofstra University, and hundreds of other universities, colleges and high schools, men’s lives have been ruined by false rape charges. At universities in California, men are now required by law to obtain affirmative and explicit consent in advance from a female sex partner, who can withdraw that consent in the middle of sexual intercourse, likely turning the unfortunate male into a “rapist”.
    Felicia is a misandrist. Don’t let her ruin Barbados for men.

  2. Chad 99999 , try not to get embroiled and be cast away into an avalanche of emotionalism, granted that the femi nazis have overplayed their hands on the issue of sexual harassment and the much needed support for their sexist causes might be dwindling
    However the issue of Rape is a legitimate and cannot be easily brushed aside because of scandalous news reporting which regulates a profit for big dollars and advertising
    in the final ruling the law will decide truth from falsehood

  3. chad 999dont forget OJ or marion barry etal they were all innocent as well, the only one that I believe got screwed was Tyson. I hope Cosby gets what he deserves , his wife is one stupid putz or maybe an enabler . I wonder who is going to play Cosby in the movie

  4. Chad is unbelievable. ..Polanski loved little 13 year old girls, he spent at least 2 decades outside of the US hiding from that pedophile charge….too many pedophiles on the loose.

    As it is underaged girls and boys in Barbados are targeted way too young to become sexual victims, by the time they reach teenage, they are already damaged goods, leading to damaged adults….from the politicians at the bottom and everyone in between and up to the top are well known for these vile activities, no one is ever charged. Bear in mind that although it’s epidemic proportions in Europe and North America, many tasks force are set up and operational for this billion dollar industry that traffics in children.

    Too many famous men believe they are entitled, so they get what they deserve for playing fast and loose. That is much better than taking a straight razor to them, I think.

  5. “At universities in California, men are now required by law to obtain affirmative and explicit consent in advance from a female sex partner, who can withdraw that consent in the middle of sexual intercourse, likely turning the unfortunate male into a “rapist”.”

    Well ya better start being nice to females before and after, act like gentlemen and not like beasts, females will then have no need to change their minds halfway…lol

  6. geez WW what are they doing in California,…. treating women equally…. probably just another fad. It seems like chad thinks that women are like golf balls, you have to whack them around a few times before you can get into the hole, what I have seen in bajan women are they are a lot smarter than the men but have to play dumb to keep one around.

  7. Wow! some of what I’ve read in regards to what’s being said about RAPE is sad. No one should have any sexual acts with anyone without that person’s consent..PERIOD..

    It seems that most men from the Islands has the feeling that they are SUPERIOR to women. And women MUST be humble and accepting. The strange thing about it is that when they come to the US, and get into any relationship with American Women. They change the game plan quickly. Barbadian women when I was a boy in Barbados, would take beatings in, or out of the house. And nothing was said or done about it.

    I have seen men kicking women in the streets and people encouraging the men that the woman deserves what she’s getting. Don’t worry about who has done what to whom where.
    But worry about what you are doing to your women in Barbados, and any of the other Islands, and feeling proud of treating a woman worse than you would your dog if you have one. This behavior MUST STOP. The punishment for whatever reason seem to be treated with less harsher punishments than the crime. GROW UP, WISE UP, a woman isn’t our personal property to do with as we please. We as men shouldn’t feel that we have the rights over women to take anything from her when we are being rejected. TAKE NO AS WHAT IT IS *NO.

    I’m quite sure if this should happen to your mothers, sisters, daughters, or any other family members. You would be ready to kill that person. Or try to castrate them.

    This isn’t no joke. You are playing with the lives of others that deserves better treatment. Say whatever you want about the way that I feel about this RAPING. Honestly I don’t care. But if we are really the men that we should be. And truly LOVE & RESPECT our own. Then we should do likewise to those that aren’t part of our family members.

    • A worrying trend is the many videos posted to social media that portray women in a bad light. We see a growing culture of women being treated any how, any way.

  8. There are a number of participants on this thread for whom the woman is always right.
    I suspect some of you are (selfish) women, who believe life is a out “me, myself, and I”. And some of you are men caught in a time warp. The world has hanged. Men are not kicking women around. Most never did.

  9. Gosh! I said I turn a new leaf but you know how the SSS is. You will always find a man talking some type of toilet bup about woman activist all because of the positions of authority us women are assuming these days. Gone are the days when men could sway or heads with a bunch of toilet bup well, the women that cannot easily be sway, I better say. The last man that tried that overpowering nonsense to get a bit more from me, just because I allow him to have a goodnight hug, paid the ultimate price when Phillis (my short thick clobbering stick) came crashing down on his head, and once across his knees. I am not saying that I cannot be raped, but I would love a man to try it. I do not work out and go to self-defense lessons to be raped or molested. I would rape your ass with injuries that will start from your head and finish at your toes. Men got this thing in their heads that the modern woman is as easy as ever before. They better think again. I am no lady, but I certainly ain’t no bodies pleasure thing either. You interested me, you got a whole lot to prove before I say yes. By the way, he pressed charges against me, but the fool did not know that my cameras are not mounted secretly in the house for decoration. I turn around made sure his lies worked in my favour with a nice tidy sum.

  10. @Sunshine

    You are utterly despicable – a typical “modern” female with a chip on your shoulder, and a malicious attitude towards half the human population. I hope no man ever lifts a finger to help you if you ever need help.

  11. Lol….Lawson, Chad needs a woman like me. I will have him straight and acting like a real man within 24 hours, he can ask my sons and one is armed forces, when asked by his superiors who fightens him most in the world, his reply was….my Mom. This is the new age woman, accept it or get off the planet.

    Mr. C….thank you for being one of the conscious males in Barbados who is able to dissect the problems to it’s barest component. Men like you are needed to direct and teach young boys to grow up like men and not beasts, beating women in the streets to appease the pack mentality blacks tend to have at gleefully seeing their own people brutalized, particularly, women and children.

  12. @Well Well & Consequences January 19, 2016 at 9:14 AM “Chad is unbelievable. ..Polanski loved little 13 year old girls”

    Roman Polanski did NOT love 13 year old girls. Roman Polanski loved Roman Polanski, and sexually assaulted girls.

    Sexual assault is NOT love.

  13. I stand corrected Simple…lol but am sure our Chad would call it love and blame the 13 year old girls.

  14. @chad99999 January 19, 2016 at 4:58 AM “Prominent men, from Julian Assange to Kobe Bryant to Roman Polanski to Bill Cosby to Jian Ghomeshi have faced or are facing lengthy jail terms because of fraudulent claims made by worthless women.

    CBC Canada fired Jian Ghomeshi who was their star boy, and it was not because of fraudulent claims.

    What is a worthless woman? Is it a woman who has ever had sex with 1 man, with 2, with 10, with 1,000?

    And when is a man a worthless man? When he has had sex with 1 woman? with 2? with 10? with 1,000?

    Can you explain then since you said on an earlier post that part of a woman’s duty is to have sex with men. How is she then worthless when she carries out this important duty?

    I don’t understand you.

    Can you please explain?

  15. Ha ! Ha!the femni Nazis got the men by the balls. serve wunna a.sses right. Many men today have become girlie men and have given up their authority easily and now find themselves having to grin and bear whatever the female throws in their faces. The future of the male gender looks dismissal as feminist comes out of the woodwork armned with new rules and standards to hang a tight noose around the neck of the male gender if they look at the female crosseyed. Men be prepared for more rape charges to be levied against your gender especially if you are wealthy.

  16. By todays standards a worthless woman /slut is a two timing whore who lays in wait for the opportune time to seize a man assests using conniving tricks like sexual games to trap a man into bed and then call “rape allegations to get his money

  17. Chad,

    I am a woman with a wonderful son so I advocate for the rights of both sexes. You need to take a step back and look at this situation with a clearer mind. Women have been abused for most of the world’s existence. Now a few women are taking advantage of their increased power and you are crying out. Spare a thought for what we have suffered. And I mean WE literally as I was molested while trying to get home from school in the Fairchild Street bus terminal. I had been pushed into a crowd that was trying to board a bus. A hand wriggled under my skirt and only retreated when I started to kick and scream. There were only men, no boys in the immediate vicinity. Also I escaped being raped by being alert and having quick reflexes whilst walking along Enterprise Road some years ago. I could tell you more but it is too personal. It is tough for us women out there. Don’t let a few lying women take away from that fact!

  18. AC…sounds a lot like politicians to me.

    You will always find deceitful women who lie…but women, young girls and boys more often than not are victims in every sense ofthe word and have been for centuries. Too many men still believe that their physical strengh or wealth and power gives them some right to exploit the vulnerable. Now they find themselves coming up against women even more brutal in some instances than they envisioned, it scares them, but there is no turning back, ignorant men create too many victims, they are too destructive.

  19. “Now they find themselves coming up against women even more brutal in some instances than they envisioned, it scares them, but there is no turning back, ignorant men create too many victims, they are too destructive.”

    For an adult, you are exceedingly naïve.
    Some years ago, a writer visited the Dominican Republic to research a book about the prostitutes of a town where many North American and European visitors pay the locals for sex. Since the writer was a feminist, she planned to write about the exploitation of poor, unsophisticated women by cynical foreigners. Instead, what she found was that the Dominican women were very good at ripping off foreign men. Some tricked or seduced the men into sponsoring them as immigrants to rich countries, etc. In other words, the women were taking advantage of the men who, in the feminist perspective, were trying to use them.

    It has always been thus. For every woman who is abused by a man, there are two or three men being abused by women. In case you haven’t noticed, women everywhere live longer than men. Throughout the Western world, on average, they enjoy more leisure than men, and are now better educated than men, as measured by years of formal schooling. Even when the man earns more money, it is usually the woman who makes most of the decisions on spending that money. Wake up, you feeble minded males, and see what women are doing to you.

  20. the problem with the bajan male is god gave him a big dick and a brain but only enough blood to work one of them at any given time. It is not to often I agree with the women but having daughters has changed a lot of my way of thinking.

  21. look wunna there was a time when i back women one hundred percent but those were the type who were decent and one thousand percent dedicated to being a loving wife and mother even when their deceitful husbands were sleeping around with every mary and jane and personally i had no problem bad mouthing the husbands on behalf of the wife.however since the femminist movement evolved from being a role model for equality a a different tpye of woman emerged after feminism became a reality and has woven itself into ballistic missile against men women became bolder and for any and every reason became anti male and which at that point i made a one hundred degree turn around in my thinking stepped back a little and started to re access the diabolical change which women had towards against all male
    i can tell stories of women who boasted among their cohorts revealing with laughter sinister plots against men some of these men were naive but have good hearts and the female knew what an easy advantage it was for them to get whatever they want from the men

  22. Chad….females from the Domican Republic are known prostitutes, most are extremely beautiful when young and men drool behind them, panting like dogs while knowing they are prostitutes, I saw it many years ago in Curacoa. These men leave their wives and children at home and chase after prostitutes, they get what they deserve…..who do you think is being naive when that happens.

    I have never met a man who did not say if he was a woman, he would be a whore, some are whores without being female……exactly who are you trying to fool or convince….am sure you also said the same thing a few times…ya’ll love whores, the nastier, the better.

  23. Ghee Whiz WW /C you have been in a sewer plenty times cause there is where that type of man-rat lives.. To think that you would even by word association admit to knowing those kind of rodents

  24. DBLP and their yardfowls know those types of rodents too, they bring them in from Brazil by the plane loads. Do you want me to give ya the addresses in Barbados where they stay,…ya pimp.

  25. @ Well Well
    I have never met a man who did not say if he was a woman, he would be a whore, some are whores without being female……exactly who are you trying to fool or convince….am sure you also said the same thing a few times…ya’ll love whores, the nastier, the better.
    Interesting…. We can just imagine the company you must be keeping……

  26. Wuh loss WW&C you seem to be dragging around plenty of peoples dirty laundry just be careful yuh don,t brek yuh back yuh hear..hee !hee!

  27. The Bushman….stop being hypocritical, from what I hear….Bushhill is a tourist attraction, stop playing coy and am sure AC is one of the attractions…..why do ya think they keep warning Barbados about human trafficking. I am not the one writing those reports, I just see them.

  28. I know less than you AC…but I do know the hypocrites who go to church, holler the loudest, pretend they are the salt of the earth, those who are eminent and esteemed and are nothing but whoremongers, pimps and prostitutes……that I know.

  29. Btw what about them hard back women who molest teen age boys . A few years ago there were several stories connecting female teachers to having sexual intercourse with prepubescent boys One such case comes to mind about a teacher while being a high school teacher used her sexual prowess to seduce young a young student ,the story was document in several media outlets i believe the teacher even had a child from the boy and she also served jail time . several years later when he was of adult age they got married
    On that score not a a peeking sound was uttered from the hypocritical femi nazis

  30. see what i mean WW/C there you go again highlighting another “Know ” HEE ! HEE girl you got to be the new versions of the encyclopedia Britannica XX Xrated volume A-Z Hee ! Hee

  31. Yes it was….that before with predatory females, teachers and others having sex and children with underage boysvis reported daily in US papers, it is a trend. It’s also prevalent in the islands. I wonder where they learned their predatory behaviors, was it handed down from their father’s DNA maybe.

  32. Female Teacher Sex Offenders -Sexual Predators – Sex Crimes

    Female Teacher – Student Sex Crime Cases are Being Exposed
    It wasn’t that long ago that female on male sexual violence wouldn’t have resulted in criminal charges at all.
    Believe it or not, in some states in America the law is so biased against male victims that it doesn’t even recognize female on male sexual assaults. Canadian law enforcement is no better.
    Education of police and having more female police officers has led to more sensitivity to claims that males are sexually assaulted and by females, according to some authorities on the subject of sexual abuse and assault.
    There exists a clear and wide disparity between the sentencing of convicted female and male sex offenders.

    Here are some of the females accused and/or convicted of sex crimes against children.

    United States Canada UK Australia

    Jessica Streeper 33, female teacher accused of sex with 13 year old boy

    Philadelphia Jessica Streeper, a 33-year-old teacher in the Norristown Teacher School District, is accused of having a sexual relationship and exchanging “sexts” with an 8th grader.

    Female teacher’s assistant, 35, ‘had sex with her son’s friend, 14, several times over 10 months’

    The Daily Mail, UK, Published 7 February 2013

    A mother faces rape charges for allegedly having sex with one of her son’s 14-year-old friends several times over a 10-month period.
    Katheryn L. Carmean, 35, who works as an assistant with handicapped children at Seaford Middle School in Delaware, was picked up by police at her job on Wednesday.
    Police launched an investigation into Carmean after the boy told a relative he had sex with the woman when he stayed at her former home near Laurel, Delaware.

    Teacher sex offender accussed-Andrea Connors Fort Worth Former Fort Thomas teacher Andrea Connors was sentenced to spend 90 days in jail Wednesday, on charges of having a sex with a male student multiple times, CBS affiliate WKRC reports.

    numerous cases of female sex offenders are taking place and not a word from those caring nazi femminist


  33. David said that you WW/c have devalued his website with your daily dosages of long and boring illicit and illegitimate allegations none of which you have the balls to show proof

  34. AC…what are you 12, I don’t do yardfowl, what are you complaining about, woman up for once….and you know what, I don’t have to show anything, all I have to do is sit back and watch the other shoe drop……and drop it will.

  35. AC…what are you so riled up about…I thought ya’ll were so innocent, so respectable so religious….so goddamn hypocritical.

    Innocent people don’t get crazy and defensive like that….innocent people stay silent. Do not provoke me, am not your fellow yardfowl

  36. I know for a fact that some men in Barbados have a serious problem with beating women, and some go as far as to beat them under their feet with objects to avoid any physical evidence.

  37. An ex- Bajan girl of mine who I met here in the states, told me that her Bajan boy took her to the beach one night and beat her so badly. She went on to state that she had no way to ran neither could she call on no one for help.

  38. Well, well, well! No wonder we are in such a mess in this country! Look, there are both male and female predators out there. But men are physically stronger and have been the biggest offenders traditionally. The abuse was even institutionalized and in some countries it still is. Now the women are trying to catch up. If any of them abuse my son only God would stop me from fixing them myself. As for the men who get fooled by the “pretty” women while looking for love in all the wrong places…they get what they deserve.

    As for why women live longer, it is because we are more resilient and stronger emotionally. We give vent to our feelings and work them through with our girlfriends. Men have the unfortunate habit of making fun of another men who have been exploited. There is little support offered. So men bottle up their feelings and allow them to fester. Stress kills!

    We (both sexes) will both be better off when we learn to have respect for HUMAN BEINGS regardless of sex. I repeat, I am a woman with a wonderful son. I want it BOTH ways.

  39. Donna I am not sure what your saying but it sounds like my son is gay so a woman may be able to beat him up, only ugly women are capable of love, married men live longer ( it only seems longer) and you want it both ways presumably missionary and doggie style. This is why you are in a mess you are sending out mixed messages

  40. I raised 2 very strong sons, but I raised them to respect women and all people in general, in so doing while they were growing up god help the idiot friend or sick adult male or female who tried to indoctrinate them, or filled their heads with bullshit trying to turn them into male beasts or my daughters into mini whores.

    The environments are hostile and unhealthy to raising children, not many people see anything wrong with it,no one wants to address the problems so they continue to escalate. It will take a collective and individual efforts to reverse that much damage.

  41. Well Well

    I commend you for rearing two young men with the right attitude towards the female species, but when you’re born and bred in a culture where one of the former prime ministers of Barbados, was known for beating women brutally, what is to be expected from the young men who saw him as they role model?

  42. Dompey….I see we are back to the leaders on the island setting the worst possible examples to the young people over the decades and still expect things to be different in 2016….maybe the first step to healing is accepting their failures and moving on from there or the monsters they themselves are creating on a daily basis will eventually haunt them more….as we are already seeing.

    I remember years ago Patsy Springer had a restaurant on the street the other side of the Central Bank, all the leaders used to gather there to gamble, of course in those days as family members to one or the other, young people would not have been aware, but these devils would talk about their exploits and if there is a hell for them to roast, I hope it has gotten hotter…and will be even hotter for this new bunch of politicians

    Many of the problems reside in the leaders and manifest themselves in the followers.

  43. So when a man is beating a woman where are her parents or siblings? Does she not tell them? Once a tourist man threatened one of my sisters on the job. She was just a teen fresh out of school and on her first job. My mother was in church when she got the news. She stopped off at home, got her Collins and went to my sister’s work place (which was also her work place) and taught that white tourist man which God to serve.

    I don’t think he even came back to Barbados.


    If you hit my daughter you will have to have a little chat with my ‘lins.

    The best way to deal with a bullying man is to respond with greater force (using stealth if neccessary)

    Wrap to ‘lins in a piece of newspaper and stick the sharp end it in your Bible.

  44. And that was after she pushed another son outlaw up against a 5th floor balcony railing and threatened to throw him over.

    I think that she was on the RCMP wanted list up to the time of her death.

    RCMP you can take her offa your list now.

    All her life she went to church every Sunday and twice during the week.

    But don’t touch her daughters except in love.

    The best way to deal with bullies is to be a bigger bully.

    It works.

  45. I feel that it is the parents’ duty to beat their son outlaw if he beats their daughter.

    If every man understood that he would be beaten by his parents in law if he touched their girlfriend/wife except in love it would dramatically reduce the rate of domestic violence.

  46. And for those of you who will talk about the sanctity of marriage.

    Marriage [or liv wid] loses its sanctity once some idiot starts beating your daughter.

  47. I would like all to take a step back, and look at what’s happening in BARBADOS with this ABUSE SITUATION. Forget about whatever other part of the world is doing what to whom.
    The IMPORTANCE is about BARBADOS. I don’t live in Barbados. I haven’t for over 56 years now. But I’ll be always concern about what happens in BARBADOS and to the folks in BARBADOS, I still have family there.

    When you are spending money on music that degrades women, and dancing to it Isn’t kool at all. You are endorsing what’s being said about your MOTHERS,DAUGHTERS, SISTERS AND ANY OTHER FEMALES IN YOUR FAMILY.

    It seems that both males and females continue to loose focus on HAVING MOTHERS.
    I don’t care what a woman does. If it’s not what you want. Step off and go your way. When you beat that woman up, rape her, and in some cases kill her. SORRY cannot bring her back, or ease the pain..

    These actions solves NOTHING. It only creates new problems. We as men HAVE to set better examples for our sons and daughters. This isn’t no joking matter. THIS IS SERIOUS AND SHOULD BE DEALT WITH AS SUCH.

    You can call me whatever you want to call me. I honestly could care less. The TRUTH can hurt only if it’s not accepted.


  48. Mr.C. What you mean about forgetting what is happening in other parts of the world! What happens in other parts of the world affects everyone. Are you trying to ignore the other issues out of folly or ignorance for the despicable actions of sex abuse by the female predicated on children.
    As a matter of facts all acts of sexual abuse should be talked about none should be given preference over tge other
    I really find it hypocritical that those would shout the loudest on acts prepetrated on adult females are always selective in their concerns with their agendas

  49. Lawson,

    I deliberately didn’t edit that statement just to see who would misinterpret it. I was expecting that sick comment from some dirty- minded old man. It seems you fit the bill. What I said was since I am a woman with a son I advocate for RESPECT for both sexes. Also, my son is only twelve years old, you perverted fool . We were talking about women teachers molesting their students. I said if any one of them molests my CHILD I would be tempted to fix them myself. Now who is the mess, you pervert?!!!

  50. Oh, and the pretty women was a reference to Chad 999 who spoke about women from the Dominican Republic conning men in some red light district. Silly old coot!

  51. And I never said married men live longer. I said WOMEN LIVE LONGER THAN MEN. In future if you have nothing to say try saying nothing.

  52. Mr. C….that is the way everyone should try thinking, just to make a difference, the North America and Europe are huge, the bigger their social problems. The size of Barbados will not change in our lifetime. There has never been a population explosion on the island, so population size remains more or less a constant. There is no excuse why the people individually or collectively cannot identify the reasons for the social upheaval re predatory sexual deviance being perpetrated by both males and females against each other and particularly sexual violence against vulnerable children as well as domestic violence, brutality, beatings and killing of females.

    But if you know the mentality well, particularly some who are in positions to make a difference and a positive change, they prefer the salacious and malicious gossiping that these brutalities generate too much to want it to change, they perfer focus on other countries to justify the continuation of savage brutality againt women and children and that is the bottomline.

    I remember in the early 2000s, people who were diagnosed with aids had to travel to the US for treatment because their healthcare providers would make a list of their names and circulate it across the island, they had no privacy and nothing to protect them…I am yet to hear a list of the names of pedophiles being circulated acoss the island, those slimes are protected at all costs.

    As a rule the victims are never protected….victimization rules the island. Thrre are not many with the ability to analyze situations and provide workable solutions, it’s a hot mess.

  53. @Well Well & Consequences January 20, 2016 at 6:52 PM “I remember in the early 2000s, people who were diagnosed with aids had to travel to the US for treatment because their healthcare providers would make a list of their names and circulate it across the island, they had no privacy and nothing to protect them…”


    How many people from anywhere in the world can afford to go to the U.S. for the treatment of anything?

    Did the U.S. have or does the U.S have a system of publicly funded health care which is open to non U.S tax paying foreigners?

    After the initial treatment did these foreigners remain in the U.S. for the rest of their lives?

    Did these foreigners have the appropriate visa to remain in the U.S. long term?

    And were these foreigners able to find and hold work in the U.S? Severe illness, and no job and no money notwithstanding?

    And if not how did these foreigners continue to pay for their HIV/AIDS treatment in the U.S.?

    And who were these health care providers who were circulating names all across the island? And did nobody complaining to the appropriate professional body?

    Maybe I am an outsider but I have NEVER received a list of names of people with HIV/AIDS (or even a list of names of people of high blood pressure?)

    And I have never heard of anybody else circulating or receiving such a list.

  54. Simple…your questions can easily be voided simply because Bajans who have relatives in the US and I can say at least 50K or more do have relatives who are US citizens, been living their for decades, have HEALTH INSURANCE and you are allowed in the US to add family members, as I remember it you could add quite a number, on your health care plan, whether they are aliens or Martians or from Venus.

    I have no clue why you feel people from the Caribbean trying to get treatment would not be allowed to do so…..I will not getvinto the organizations who offer help, too much time to explain or you can do some research. I will also not mention at length who do have the money to pay for their care, not all Bajans are paupers, why do you have the idea that they are, it’s demeaning.

    I can show you 12 out of my head who have the means.

  55. I am in and out of Barbados, you say you never saw a list, does not mean it was never circulated, just means you never saw one….I have seen two….maybe we do not travel in the same circles.

  56. @Well Well & Consequences January 20, 2016 at 10:35 PM “Simple…your questions can easily be voided simply because Bajans who have relatives in the US and I can say at least 50K or more do have relatives who are US citizens, been living their for decades, have HEALTH INSURANCE and you are allowed in the US to add family members, as I remember it you could add quite a number, on your health care plan, whether they are aliens or Martians or from Venus.”

    Please do not mislead people. Insurance companies in the U.S. and elsewhere define “family” pretty narrowly.

    Often “family” is defined very, very, very narrowly as spouse and dependent children, typically unmarried children younger than 25 and in full time education.

    I have never heard of any insurance company anywhere which permits adult siblings to be added to one’s insurance cover. Also they do not cover cousins, first, second or third, or sisters and brother in law etc.

    If insurance companies defined “family” as widely as we do in our Caribbean families (where your great grand,mother’s, second cousin’s grandson is family) they would all go bankrupt.

    Why do you thing that the homosexual community in the U.S. put up/is putting up such a big fight for homosexual marriage to be legally recognized. It is largely because homosexual partners who had been living in the same house for decades were not recognized in law as spouses and so were not entitled to be covered by their partner’s insurance ( and not entitles to inherit either if one partner died intestate)

  57. @Well Well & Consequences January 20, 2016 at 10:37 PM #
    I am in and out of Barbados, you say you never saw a list, does not mean it was never circulated, just means you never saw one….I have seen two….maybe we do not travel in the same circles.

    Nope. We do NOT travel in the same circles. I do not make it my business to peek into other people’s medical files. And people know me better than to send me such lists.

  58. donna it it a shame you are irrelevant in this conversation , you are obviously divorced with an axe to grind. please do not confuse a tutu with a gi let that dad get involved before you and your child think it is alright to swap outfits

  59. Simple….the circles I travel in would want to know about these lists that violates the privacy of patients so that the leaders would know it’s time to put privacy laws in place to protect the patients from unwarranted malicious acts of circulating their names and broadcasting their health issues…..big difference….not wanting to know is a sign of not caring what happens to others, a big part of the main problems that has weakened the society….so carry on smartly. Some circles do care.

  60. chad99999 January 19, 2016 at 12:45 PM #

    You are utterly despicable – a typical “modern” female with a chip on your shoulder, and a malicious attitude towards half the human population. I hope no man ever lifts a finger to help you if you ever need help.

    Chad five 9’s, I am far more despicable than your simpleton perspective of me, but that seems to be affecting you not me. And this malicious attitude towards the human population, man you are only trying to demonize me. Pleasssssse! That chip you are talking about graduated several years ago into a driving me where I am today. You know where that is? At the top of my field where I compete amongst the mighty field of drooling testicles and winking eyes. I do not ask for your help, but you all seem to believe that it is your moral duty to extend a helping hand to us, women. Chad, you men cannot resist a beautiful woman. When I work out in the gym I have no less than 3 or 4 men wanting to help with the weights or show me the correct way to do this or that plank. And if I have on tights, you just stand there staring your eyeballs out or come over to tell me things like, ” God did not make you so beautiful not to be stared at.” Or, to tell me they would give me the whole clip of hundreds to be their girlfriend. Once I had a flat tire and proceeded to fix it myself since I do not mind breaking a nail, and low and below what happen next, two cars stop to help me with the tire. When I insisted I have done it many times they insisted that this is a man’s job.

    Chad, you are so bewitched by us that you cannot help but help. One thing I do not do is use you. And if you think that a nice smile and a thank you is a come on for you to touch my 175 cm frame, you better be prepared to receive some pain. I will floor your ass if you are not consented to touch me. Hope that helps you understand how despicable, more, I really am. Remember Chad, sticks and stones, STICKS AND STONES.

  61. No wonder you call yourself Simple…..there is so much you do not know re insurance and who can qualify, I worked at the then HIP HEALTH PLAN OF NY,, many moons ago, approving applications for health plans….just like you know nothing about US immigration, or Sydney Burnet Alleyne and that one is in Barbados…..Simple Simon…..stick to what you know.

    I make sure I stick to what I know so I do not end up looking stupid, if I don’t know I ask or do research. I do not challenge anyone just to show myself to be more knowledgeable or the person to be a liar. I like to read and try to understand because I might learn something, even from the punished AC. I will not challenge anyone unless am absolutely sure am right.

    It is a rule that has served me well so I do not look stupid. I can’t tell you what to do but if you continue to challenge what you don’t know, I will continue to show you up. My reason for being on the blog is to learn something and hope others can learn something from my comments. I am not a crab and have no intention of acting like one, it’s unbecoming of people who try to project intelligence.

  62. Lawson,

    I would hazard a guess that you have lost the use of one head and are in the process of losing the other ( a reference to your two head theory). I … said… that….I…. have… a ….son… and… so… I …will… not…. condemn…. men… without…. accepting…. that…. women… are… often…. guilty …. too. How does that come across as man-bashing? Instead of ignoring my comments if you found them irrelevant you decided to ridicule me in a sexual manner making inferences as to my sexual preferences and those of my twelve-year-old son. All your comments were way off base. If you had followed the discussion you would, if you had any comprehension skills, have understood my responses to the ongoing conversation. Instead you chose to attack me based on your flawed interpretations. Fool, I am divorced and very good friends with my ex. My son’s father is involved in my son’s life and is the first person I call to discuss any difficulties.

    It is a shame that on a blog about the abuse of women you should seek to degrade me in such a manner. I hope no one treats your daughters the way you have ATTEMPTED to treat me. But remember – what goes around tends to come around. And please, if you have ANY CLASS AT ALL, stop trying to make inferences about my son’s sexuality. He is as heterosexual as they come. You are in poor taste, to say the least.

    You are precisely the kind of man that gives men a bad name.

    From now on you don’t exist.

  63. You know what? If this is the level this blog has sunk to I think I’ll be done with this forum. I have better things to do.


  64. @ ac:-

    My comment regarding thinking about what’s happening in Barbados first, and not about other places in the world. You have taken it out of context.
    So from what you are saying,because it’s happening in other parts of the world, then it’s ok if it happens in Barbados?

    My reasoning is based on this. What others eat or drink in other parts of the world,can never, or will never fill the stomachs of the folks in Barbados.
    The sad part of this whole thing is that in-regardless of whatever lifestyle any woman chose. It STILL don’t give any of us as men the rights to RAPE or ABUSE them.
    Many people ABUSE and RAPE children not only out of sickness. But some does it out of hatred for the parents of the child. Whichever way doesn’t make it right either. These situation should be brought to the light so that people can be more aware of the person,or persons who’s in their neighborhoods, that has these problems.

    Some men seem to act as the old slave masters treated their women as PROPERTY, and conveniences for sexual pleasures. So has slavery STOPPED? What we as so called black people doing to each other places us in a very sad situation of being DISRESPECTFUL, and not MINDFUL of our actions towards one another.

    We MUST show more concern for, and about each other PERIOD. If we don’t, then who will do it for us? Stop followings what others are doing in other parts of the world. And FOCUS on making Barbados and the people in Barbados to be able to have a much better quality of life. Show the rest of the world that we are LEADERS, and all the education that’s being given isn’t wasted.

    I TRUST AND BELIEVE IN YOU, AND YOU SHOULD BELIEVE EVEN MORE IN YOURSELVES. So start cleaning up your acts of ABUSE, RAPE AND VIOLENCE TOWARDS EACH OTHER. Show more LOVE and RESPECT.. Going to church, and reading the Bible, but still doing undercover deeds, and ignoring things aren’t going to help with change. LET CHANGE STARTING FROM TODAY.

    I don’t live in Barbados, but Barbados will remain inside of me regardless of where I call home. LOVE AND RESPECT CAN GO A LONG WAY.


  65. @Donna
    There will always be jerks in the two genders. Don’t let them stop you from contributing. I enjoy what you have to sayt.

  66. @ DONNA:-
    I have read what you’ve said. I RESPECT you to the fullest for putting that person in check. But this is the reason why I had stop putting anything here. At times it seems that to some it’s an opportunity to show dumbness, and ignorance. In my opinion, these are very serious issues that we all need to collectively work at finding a solution. PLEASE don’t get me wrong. this isn’t the attitude of all. But the few does make a difference. Donna, forgive that person’s ignorance, and short-sightedness, in see only what he wanted to see. I wish you and yours all the best in and out of life.

  67. MR.C January 22, 2016 at 3:55 PM #

    So from what you are saying,because it’s happening in other parts of the world, then it’s ok if it happens in Barbados?


    Far from what you have concluded in reference to my comment
    i would gladly differ but rather conclude that Barbados or any country should remain alert and vigilant to other countries social issues and be mindful of lessons learned from these countries ( other people backyard) as a preventive guide when similar occurences arrive at our doorstep

  68. @ ac:-
    I am NOT saying what’s happening in other parts of the world is of no importance to Barbados. But what I am saying is that you need to focus more on What the people in Barbados are doing to each other, and STOP trying to make comparisons. It seem that for whatever reason,or reasons what’s happening in other countries that others in Barbados are adopting the same actions when it comes to violence and crime. For such a small country, THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE AND SHOULD BE DEALT WITH MUCH MORE SERIOUSLY. Now you can run with that and keep on debating. But I said what I said and you are FREE to take it whichever way you feel to.

  69. Sir you are trying to mix apples with oranges . what i have stated is commensurate with other peoples and origins.one can not blindly close eye and adopt a belief that issues that are of a complex nature can be resolved through a method of isolation. Govts have to be involved by looking at information gathered from various in order to tackle and resolve these complex issues in their own back yard.

  70. Sir you are trying to mix apples with oranges . what i have stated is commensurate with other peoples and origins.one can not blindly close eye and adopt a belief that issues that are of a complex nature can be resolved through a method of isolation. Govts have to be involved by looking at information gathered from various sources in order to tackle and resolve these complex issues in their own back yard.

  71. LOL it is always nice to come back from a short trip to see what has become of the seeds sowed.
    So Donna you ARE divorced…obvious from word one…you should get a thicker skin, and realize when someone is yanking your chain. That’s the problem that is happening in Barbados people are losing there sense humour. Its because people are fed the crap there opinion matters…trust me it never does…unless you are packing
    You should be more worried when the religeous weirdos come out rather than me trying to get a rise out of you , Mr C finds blogs better than dating sites at least here there is a chance a woman will say something back to him.
    But like a moth to a flame you will be back, whether you change you name or not that is the question.

  72. @lawson
    Mr C has provided some of the best and most sensible comments for this posting. Unlike some of the men here, he has moved out of the cave.

    It is good to wake up to a laugh and your “at least here there is a chance a woman will say something back to him” was worth a good laugh, Thanks for that line.

  73. Thank you, guys! Nice to be appreciated by real men. Have no fear that I’ll disappear. I meant I was done with this particular post. I posted on another submission seconds after I left this one. It would take more than one uncouth lout to get rid of me.

  74. As I said a moth to a flame , your playing the martyr is to early easter is still months away.
    Typical though it is a submission on wife battery and you have made it all about you

  75. @Donna

    You know strong women are often times viewed as intimating too much of their 10 percent testosterone ‘Bib-rib’ inheritance, which men believe are our indebtedness to allow the availing of their egotistic beliefs, wills, desires, whims, and fancies to go unchecked and unspoiled. You are an intellectual sister who has shown your sleuth against the idiocy of some men’s bloated esteems. So the SSS must ask: are you seeking appreciation on the basis of your articulation just because some man decides to verbalize his opinion in a per usual twisted disposition? Do not run from any God darn man. Stand up and stand by your beliefs regardless of the insults hurled.

  76. David

    The Caribbean islands are showing their failed democracies as their leaders seek to develop everything else needed for their tourist products while neglecting what is needed to keep their people secure, free and positively employed.

  77. SSS,

    Not seeking appreciation but will accept when it comes. I was angry that he insulted my son. I can take what he said about me. I found the discussion aggravating and decided to retreat before I descended to his level. Because I ain’t no candy by nature and can get nasty when provoked but I have decided to be more Christian in my approach and methods.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  78. By the way, SSS I didn’t run from the strange man who tried to rape me. I tripped him and he fell with me on top of him. I got up first and walked away while he ran as fast as he could up a dead end turned and ran past me as I walked away. “Look at you running, ya sick idiot!” Was what he heard from me as he retreated.

    Ya think a braying jackass could frighten me?

  79. Grenada has killed two females from North America in the last year. Not good.
    It has always been an island with a violent streak.Non-stop, politically motivated arson since the 1950s. The top two secondary schools – the GBSS and the Anglican High School for Girls – have been burned down. The GBSS twice. Then there are the murders of political leaders and their supporters. The tourist industry always survives, but the island folk are a little too nasty for their own good.

  80. Donna

    All like now you should have had one of his eyes in your hand or a teeth full of flesh. Anyone who attacks me, is a thief, a blind political pimpy fowl cock with an agenda I will launch into their asses. So sista keep your dignity but the SSS care not to write on here with any deep substance anymore. I reserve that for certain times and certain people.


    LOS ANGELES — A man who made an empire out of his high-heat brand of yoga has been ordered to pay well over $7 million to a former legal adviser who said he sexually harassed her. A Los Angeles jury ordered Bikram yoga founder Bikram Choudhury to pay $6.5 million in punitive damages Tuesday on top of $924,000 in compensatory he was ordered to pay in the same case a day earlier. The woman, Minakshi “Miki” Jafa-Bodden, had said Choudhury sexually harassed her and wrongfully fired her for investigating another woman’s rape allegation.
    “This is a good day for women,” Jafa-Bodden said in a statement following the verdict. Choudhury’s attorney, Robert Tafoya, did not return calls for comment Monday or Tuesday.Jafa-Bodden worked as head of legal and international affairs at Choudhury’s Los Angeles yoga school from spring 2011 until March 2013, when she said she was abruptly fired from her six-figure position for refusing to cover up an investigation into a rape allegation.”Jafa-Bodden faced retaliation and intimidation when she refused to stay silent about witnessing illegal behaviour,” her attorney, Mark Quigley, said in a statement. Additionally, Jafa-Bodden said Choudhury sexually harassed and inappropriately touched her, and tried to get her to stay with him in a hotel suite.

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