Felicia Browne, Human Rights Advocate

Felicia Browne, Human Rights Advocate

Rape describes a form of sexual assault by one person against another which may include psychological coercion and physical force and may involve vaginal, anal and oral penetration.

Although homosexual and heterosexual […]males may be victims, most victims of sexual assault are females who have been forcibly penetrated by an individual or group of men. The more general term sexual assault may or may not involve forced sexual intercourse with the offender but verbal threats and other types of physical assault. A recent report released by the Royal St. Lucian Police Force has shown an increase in sexual offences targeting young females. 11 more cases during the months of September to October suggests that sexual assaults are being under-reported in St. Lucia. It is well-known fact that victims are often apprehensive to file reports against sexual offenders due to fear of 1) being stigmatized, 2) being held responsible for the assault, and 3) retaliation by the offender(who is typically known to the victim). Violence against women encompasses, but is not limited to: physical, sexual and psychological violence occurring in the family, to female spouses and children in the household, Sexual assault against girls and women also occur outside the home in the streets, in the workplace, as well as the schools.

Human and Gender Rights advocate, Felicia Browne is calling for women to take a leading role to ensure that sexual assaults against women, and in particular gang-rape carries similar penalties to capital offences such as murder. Sexual assault against women has for far too long been seen as a minor offence in which the victim is typically blamed for having been violently and involuntarily sexually assaulted. Although Browne advocates for stricter laws to be implemented, she does not believe that additional laws will automatically provide victims with the degree of protection that is needed.

Browne adds that “rape of a woman or a male, is often a life sentence for the victim. Each victim has to live with the psychological impact of the traumatic event for the rest of her/his life, many without the benefit of any psychological treatment or counselling. In some cases, the assault may be so violent that the victim dies as a result of injuries inflicted by the perpetrator, by suicide due to resulting shame or abandonment by their family or their community and in some countries by stoning or hanging under laws that that sentence any victim of rape to death. It is critical that women and girls take the lead now to demand stricter penalties for sexual assault including psychiatric evaluations for perpetrators who may suffer from developmental and neuropsychiatric disorders as well as traumatic brain injuries causing sexually aggressive and predatory behaviours. Individuals, such as sexual predators, who cannot be effectively treated for their conditions such that their criminal behaviours are eliminated or successfully controlled should be mandated to serve a sentence of life imprisonment”.

Browne maintains that thus far legislation for psychiatric evaluation and treatment for sexual offenders has not resulted in significantly improved outcomes for females in terms of rates of sexual assault. While studies show that treatment of perpetrators does not eliminate sexual crimes, they do suggest that treatment can decrease the incidence of sex offenses and provide some protection for potential victims. Among a minority of sex offenders who are mentally ill, adequate treatment of underlying mental illnesses may in some cases significantly reduce the risk of further sexual crimes. However, in other cases, the underlying causes of offenders behaviours may be significantly more complex, may require longer and more extensive treatment, and in some cases may be totally unresponsive to any treatment.

In recent years, there has been an increased application of cognitive–behavioural therapies and interventions in the treatment of sex offenders. This type of therapy and approach aims to assist offenders in taking responsibility for the thoughts and behaviours that led them to the offence, and to help them develop cognitive and behavioural tools and skills which enable them to understand, control and/or avoid high-risk situations and triggers that could lead to reoffending. Other cognitive–behavioural techniques such as olfactory aversion and covert desensitization have been demonstrated to be effective in reducing deviant arousal. However, none of these interventions necessarily provide a cure. Many sex offenders have abnormal personality traits or personality disorders. Some may have a diagnosis of paraphilia, while others may have intellectual or learning disabilities or biological factors that contribute to their offending. Similar to other people with chronic illnesses and addictions, offenders must typically continue treatment and continue to practice the skills they have learned for the rest of their lives.

20 thoughts on “Sexual Assault of Women IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY

  1. most communities have access to menfolk either when they are in their mother’s care as infants or at early education stage. How is it that with all our technology we can’t get caregivers to inculcate the rules of non-violence – or at least identify and treat deviants with special therapies. Isn’t this the basic purpose of education – “to lead out” (into civilization)? Please have your organization insist on the teaching of DECORUM to children in schools as well as to young parents.

  2. @ Miss Browne

    It is my belief like you that the punishment for rape should be incarceration and that violent and gang rapes should carry equitable sentences as for murder, it is a crime against humanity and should be met with the ultimate punishment a court can enforce.

    Any man who says that the clothing that a woman wears encourages her rape is a potential rapist and any woman hearing such a pronouncement from a man is a fool to go anywhere with him alone

    I am a “waning” homophobe (waning because the passage of time seems to expose me to some young men who are differently disposed and whom I grudgingly respect, notwithstanding my Bulbados derogatory remarks from time to time) so the following remarks are directed to women mostly but given that there are men who prey upon men I guess that a man may apply de ole man’s advice as well.

    A woman needs to be able to read from a look from a man what is a look of admiration, what is a look of “girl you look so good I would lef my wife for you”, and the third look of a predator who is stalking you, waiting on that unprotected moment.

    As men seated in conversation with other men we have heard the comments of the rapists in waiting, we know who is the village idiot who can’t get the female rabbit, even if he paid for it, and we also know the fellows who we would not let our sisters or female relatives date.

    I saw them stone a young woman accused of adultery to death recently and wondered as to the collective bestiality which engulfed these men who administered her death sentence and how each could raise each stone, from the first, to the last, to destroy the life of our sister, as if we were savages

    But then de ole man had an epiphany and wondered what was the difference between each of those stones and the interval of excruciating pain on impact and that of softer stones administered to 250,000 bodies by successive BDLP governments and de ole man asked My Lord to come for his world…

  3. What is worrying these days, an additional worry, young men are attracted to females old enough to be their grandmothers that is a little much that a young man young enough to be your son or grandson see you passing on the street and telling you what he would do with you, it’s bad enough they stalk the young females, but leave the senior females alone, some look rather healthy for their ages, but that should not give the males a license. Have some respect.

  4. Well Well chasing the old hags around home just allows these boys to hone there skills for when the snows arrive up north and the great white whales make their way south. Just like professional athletes if their game is not at its best level and they get stale a potential meal ticket could slip through and be scooped up by a better prepared individual. There are ways you can make yourself less alluring to the bajan male …stand beside an attractive friend…. chew tobacco…learn the difference between a lesbian and a dyke, then go out and by a lumberjack shirt and finally when they are hassling you just say excuse me for a minute ….and walk into the mens washroom…trust me he will have disappeared when you come out

  5. Lawson… do have a point, but it’s not every day you remember while walking down the street that you have to work on these young dudes’ psyche. We are talking about females in their late 50s and 60s, who are not even thinking about some young boy, it’s frightening, don’t bank on them being deterred by you going into the men’s room either, they may be swinging both ways, bi or metro.

  6. Well Well what do you call a bajan woman with no asshole……single or divorced … your right respect is taught at a young age and a lot of these dudes don’t have it. But just to be sure aaaaare you talking black guys or men in general

  7. In the United States, black men were executed for raping white women in southern states until the 1950s. But not even white leaders in racist states like Alabama or Mississippi would propose capital punishment for rape today, and if they did, they would be overruled by the US Supreme Court.
    So when a feminist like Felicia wants the government to kill men who are convicted of rape, she is descending into lunacy. I can only characterize her mentality as misandrist. Our own worst enemies are ourselves. Lock up this woman and throw away the key.

  8. Lawson….it’s within the race, black males are taught from a very early age , by other males that females are fair game and that they themselves are the cat’s meow in sexual prowess, they are mislead from too early an age, these males run around most of their lives believing themselves to be entitled, they have no useful role models to guide them, so they believe every female is attracted to their disrespectful charms, hence the new generation of males have added senior citizens, females past middle age, to their list of conquests their excuse is that the females, old enough to be their grandmothers ‘still look good’; that is adding a whole new twist to perversion. I don’t see that as honing their sexual skills, something is wrong. It has become a societal problem.

  9. Chad99999

    Where in Ms. Browne’s submission did she explicitly say anything about “killing men convicted of rape” you do know that that is not the same thing as “similar penalties to capital offences such as murder??” don’t you??

    You do know that Life without parole is also a penalty for the capital offence of murder, don’t you?

    Now let me ask you this stupid question Chad One number less that 10,000, suppose I was 21, and suppose me and few uh my boys, 11 uh dem did see you 13 year old sister and decide dat she “old enough to bleed” and we were to gang rape her and just suppose that one of my eager 11 had aids, like de black lipped fellow, you was going still have that same “live and let live” mamby pamby opinion that you voiced earlier?

    I did not thing so!!

  10. So far the discussion has dealt with the etiologies of sexual assault of women and children as its main focus, but has fallen short on the effective ways of preventing or deterring this atrocious behaviour.

    There hasn’t been any talk regarding a Sex Offenders Registry in Barbados for those persons who have been convicted of the most egregious sexual assaults perpetrated upon women and Children in our society.

    The Sex Offenders Registry has proven to be effective tool, as well it seem to send a message of deterrent to those persons who are contemplating the sexual assault of an innocent woman or child.

    However, there is an argument circulating out there which seems to indicate that a Sex offenders Registry wouldn’t work as well in Barbados or in the Caribbean, as it does in the United States because of the vigilante mentality that is conducive to the inhabitants of the region of the Caribbean.

  11. Dompey……you have openly confessed on BU to having been lured to watch the sexual abuse of young girls by grown policemen when you were a young boy ‘man they lambast she’ your words, not mine. You may have since haddaughters and am sure as a father you are now aware how easily adults trap unsuspecting children into sexual promiscuity.

    Sexual predator registry would not work in Barbados for the same reason stamping out corruption is so difficult and seem impossibke to contain, it’s an incestuous society, the same people who would be charged with managing the registry are the same culprits or related to the offenders.

  12. @chad8999….Exactly what is your point? Don’t answer, just accept mine.Since rape has nothing to do with love nor sex but is strictly about depraved violence, I am inclined to agree whole heartedly with you that rapists should not be executed. We need to chop off their dickeys. ….half inch at a time. Do you understand the trauma a female experiences from just an unwanted touch, much less penetration?

  13. Wunna see when de ole man say dat we menses know which uh we friends is rapists pun de loose??

    Wunna cud imagine dat Chad99999 is actually a young man out there in our society on the loose??

    @ Well Well & Consequences

    You remember the pervert’s remarks well

    @ Hamilton Hill

    The best deterrent against rape is as you say castration, a piece at a time, with salt

    Our society seems to be fast loosing the battle to address the psychology and eradication of rape but the thought of being thusly emasculated on a systematic basis, hopefully in public, may prove to be useful, given where we are going real fast…

  14. Well Well

    Yes, I must confessed that I was party to such action, but intellectually and sophistically, I was operating with a moral compass equal to that of a Bush Tea or a Lawson. Now with that being said, it is best that I inform you that those young victims may have being lured by the offer of cash, even though the law precluded such relationship. Nonetheless, as I revisit these troubling experiences with the necessary knowledge and understanding in hand, I am mindful of the psychological as well as the emotional damage, these sexual encounters may or may not have had on these young victims.

    Nevertheless, I myself being as young as some of these victims at the time couldn’t possibly be in anyway, shape or form culpable for the actions of these young officers, who may have been several years older than myself at the time.

    And one must also note that none of these victims as I recall quite vividly, weren’t below the age of fifteen, but were shy of eighteen years of age, which made those sexual encounters Indecent Carnal Knowledge by the Barbadian penal code, and Statutory Rape as well as Corrupting the Morals of Minor by the American judicial standards. But what would one anticipate when the fox is charged with the responsibility of guarding the hen house?

    And finally, what is important as I look back on these unpleasant experiences, is the fact that the public has now been informed of this dirty secret which remains hidden deep within the hearts and minds of the perpetrators and victims who still continues to suffer in silence.

  15. Piece….blessed with an eidetic memory…lol

    Dompey….that was really the point of my recall, adults corrupt the minds of children, these officers were not content with luring young girls, but were depraved enough to lure young boys to watch…..depravity against the young is too widespread.

  16. @ Domps

    Your recant is well stated.

    I guess that in a roundabout way you may actually be saying that, if you were asked today about your comments in a previous post here on BU, where “lambaste” featured in a sentence with a seemingly salacious timbre, that you would never repeat such words with such gusto @ today right?

    All uh we, rather, most uh we menses have do ingrunce when we was young but we have put aside such things and cannot be talking “rape is fun” statements like others (whom I am sure had consumed a bottle of Owen Arfur sorry Alleyne Arfur.)

    I know, and have known, a few women who have been given life sentences of pure horror, indelibly scarred as a result of RAPE.

    Any man who remains silent and does not speak to other males as to its shame and criminality is a tacit rapist. FULL PHREAKING STOP.

    Men learn from other men, lasciviousness, disrespect and other anti-dignity behaviours specifically directed towards women.

    “She seeing she period, it is that time of the month, she going through menopause” are no different that “he is a “short” man, he does jes’ tickle you wid he ting, “he cant get hard even if it did get put in a freezer” they demean the target of the comment and should not be practiced.

  17. @ pudryr. …Your comment timed at 12:17pm could not be better said. That sentence about women being given life sentences of pure horror struck a chord from deep within. I know a fourteen year old who was only touched while fully clothed mind you, and for months cried and spoke of feeling dirty. That clone of Chad9999 is now housed in St Philip and if the Gods have granted my wish, getting bull every other day.

  18. Please pardon me for changing the subject but while we are on this incarceration thing let me make this point. I understand that capital punishment may not be a deterrent to murderers, but don’t you get some sense of comfort knowing that we ain’t got to feed these repeat offenders, if we pop their necks? In any event they aren’t fit to breathe the same air we do. I know what makes my wish a pipe dream. …makes me question the significance of the end of this month as well.

  19. @ww &Conseuences one sure thing ac can credeit to uour intellect is if the subject is about horse sh,it and all agree it smells like perfume you will agree,
    You are one far face hypocrite. Your spine iks so bent that it now protrudes from your collar bone,

    No! would not get the victory of sweet revenge when these maggots are put to sleep , in death their is no pain, i want to see them locked behind bars for life with no opportunity of them ever seeing the light of day four square meals and no contact with the outside world until God snuff the living daylights out of their physical being ,Hopefully on their way out they might have encountered an illness so debilitating that their psychical bodies cry out in pain daily from head to toe, Death is too easy a price f let the physical body stay around for a while until it meets the hell on earth which these maggots deserves,

  20. AC…now that you got that off your chest, maybe you can enlighten us on what Fruendel and his band of contract signers are going to do about Canadian Cow-an and her sidekick the psychic Cindy.

    At this time am sure that Cow-an is wishing for GOB, the very same victory of sweet revenge you wish on rapists, how are your ministers digesting that, anyone on sleeping pills yet?

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