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Barbados Cabinet

Barbados Cabinet

2015 was, to my mind, the year in which the guard was emphatically passed from the remnants of my parent’s generation to my children’s own. I’ve now fully accepted that 2016 and beyond is not about me or my generation (those of us still surviving are all pensioners with not much more to contribute to the country than the allowances which the Freundal Stuart administration is taking from our meagre pensions) but about how our children and their children’s children will live and survive in this new age of almost incomprehensible technology and likely overweening service to self by those that will lead them.

I therefore think that what is needed in the review of 2015 is the teasing out of the occurrences that will be most influential on their lives in 2016 and beyond. I don’t think the portents are good.

This year has started with a crass attempt by the Freundal Stuart administration to push a project whose main purpose is to perpetuate the hold that the DLP now has on the Government and to implement the elevation of Freundal Stuart to the history books as the father of the future Republic of Barbados to join, according to his own statement, Errol Barrow, the father of Independence and Owen Arthur, the Father of something grand which I can’t even recall.

Errol Barrow made a great contribution to the country outside of leading the fight for Independence and so too did Owen Arthur in economic management in his years at the helm. On the other hand, Freundal Stuart’s administration will go down in history as the worst one we have ever inflicted on ourselves, with Freundal Stuart himself displaying an unmatched poverty in leadership in respect of any yardstick that might be chosen.

The year long strategic celebration of our 50th year of Independence and the concomitant thrust for our elevation to republican status are therefore patent ploys by the Government to distract the country from the above realization and lull us into acceptance of another term for them when every effort and resource should instead be concentrated on getting us out of the morass that has been largely created by them.

Republicanism might be a good thing for Barbados but not as it appears to have been framed at present. If our leaders can identify how Republicanism will improve the lot of the majority of our citizens and correct many of the ills identified in the past 50 years It should be pursued carefully and deliberately and certainly not within the next 2 years.

So 2015 was characterized by two main happenings which, imho [in my opinion], could be most influential re. governance in this country in the future.

The most important of these was the possibility of our taking on republican status without it being the resultant of the groundswell of the people’s wishes but rather a strategy for deifying a failed leader and for extending the rule of the current lot.

The next most important was the lessons enshrined in the Cahill affair which, to me, suggested that a Government that cared little for normal checks and balances was able to survive by a policy of non-engagement with its publics in this most important of projects. Such survival sends the wrong messages to Governments in waiting and must be nipped in the bud in such a way that future governments will be unwilling to take such a path again.

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  1. Well Well & Consequences2 January 9, 2016 at 6:15 AM #

    AND Alvin…just in case you still have trouble defining the word ….regress….there are many parishes on the island where the residents are suffering for water, I don’t expect you to identify with or feel sympathy for them, despite you looking just like them, because you lack a soul, but these people have no potable water, not enough for long time survival free of disease etc…….just so you know, that in 2016, that is the ultimate in a country regressing, when a countries’ citizens don’t have access to clean water, it means that it is regressing at a rapid rate to a level lower than Haiti, despite the leaders trying to bullshit and deceive the people….tell that to your political masters and try and desist from making a complete ass of yourself at your age.


  2. Alvin Cummins January 9, 2016 at 10:05 PM #

    @ Well Well,
    If I accepted all the foolishness you write, in an effort to show how backward we are; how visionless our leaders and their advisors are, how corrupt our Civil Servants are, and how stupid our people are, then I would indeed be an ass. I however, can think and think clearly uncontaminated by any fog; however created; somewhat akin to the fog from the Chillum pipes Timothy and the brethren used to create in his “yard” in Mona. I can think clearly and above all I can see through you. The people who live in areas where there haas been chronic water shortages for many years, should have the understanding, the guidance from their representatives and the assistance of these same representatives; one or in reality, more than two of them having been Ministers for many years. This situation did not occur for the first time in 2015, or even in 2008. But for however long, the residents themselves, singly or collectively could have taken corrective action. Do like the parents and grandparents used to do. Buy or beg for barrels, drums or whatever. Dig and or construct your own cisterns to collect rain water for your washing and to flush your toilets and handle your own ablutions. Buy, even on hire purchase, your own barrels for your drinking water. Practice water conservation; wash your clothes in a tub; it did not kill your parents or grandparents, in other words unplug your washing machine (if you have one) . Prepare for the dry season. air you have a car get a number of containers with tight lids, and when you go somewhere that has water, fill these containers and transport them back home.In tough times one must learn to swallow one’s pride. If you visit a friend where you can’t be allowed to take a shower, get another friend and “shake off the dust of that person’s house. Friends are friends when they can come to your assistance when times are hard, regardless to who is to blame.
    Government can never be all things to all men. There are limitations imposed by many factors.Whenever the blame,e stops the problems still are not solved.No person an wave a magic wand, shout “Shazam” and the problem is solved.Our country does not have limitless resources, or money, and things still take time to be procured, and shipped, and then installed, and our workers are not as efficient as we expect them to be; and these are your brothers and sisters.


  3. Georgie Porgie January 9, 2016 at 11:19 PM #



  4. Well Well & Consequences2 January 10, 2016 at 5:03 AM #

    Alvin….Is that what you do in Canada, use drums and barrels for water. I never do that, when I turn on a tap in Canada, I get water….how dare you, the people pay water bills every month to get water from a tap, your incompetent leaders refused for years to focus on the mains problems, instead they were looking for crooked Canadians to skim money from scams at the taxpayers expense….how dare you blame the people suffering for water for the water shortage.

    Having drums of water just in case something happens is a choice and should be just that, a just in case scenario, not a habit and a return to the 50s as you want. Why do you hate your people’s right to protest unfair treatment and assertion of their rights so much Alvin, you would not want to see Canadians treated like that, you said you helped them get rid of the incompetent Harper government, but want to see people who look like you revert to 1950s standards, led by your DBLP government and revert to how you grew up in those harsh days in 2016..

    You believe the current generations should experience what you did, but look how your experience growing up has you bitter and lack feelings for people who look like unless they reduce themselves to yardfowls for your political party, what is wrong with you, why are you so beastly to your own, why can’t the people in Barbados enjoy the same standard, quality and level of services you enjoy in Canada, they pay their taxes, they are entitled, it is their right under international law, how dare you try to take away their rights.

    I have never turned on a tap in NYC and not get water, not even in the 2002-3 blackout, as a matter of fact water in NYC is free, no water bills. I have never turned on a tap in Canada and not get water. It is the responsibilty of any government to make sure their people have an adequate supply of clean, potable water, at all times, without fail. That is why government ministers get a salary and not for accumulating yardfowls at the taxpayers expense and search out foreign criminals to ruin the island’s reputation.

    Do you think that a high level standard of services should only be available for you and others who live in North America, what makes you think you are more special than your people who live in Barbados, what makes you think the same standard of services should not be made available to them even though they pay taxes, what is wrong with you Alvin…….you are beginning to disgust me and you are now showing everyone how you and your masters think and what they talk about if they can’t have their own disgusting way with the people..

    People should not be forced to pay water bills every month and not receive water, is that a prelude to REPUBLIC OF BARBADOS (ROB) Alvin. That Ph.D you got is a useless piece of crap….I certainly hope it was not at the expense of the people in Barbados.


  5. Alvin Cummins January 10, 2016 at 11:42 AM #

    @Well Well’ I read the first sentence in your contribution and it confirmed my suspicion. You are without doubt the biggest idiot contributing to BU.
    Toronto draws its water from Lake Ontario,Nuff said!!!
    You going to compare that with Barbados? Lake Ontario is many many times the size of Barbados. In terms of population ratio, the ratio of people in Barbados drawing from the underground aquifers, the ratio differential is skewed in favour of residents of Toronto. They will never have a water shortage; drought does not and will never affect them In Barbados,. If rain does not fall, and expensive desalination plants are not utilized, there will be NO water.
    In Toronto we expect to have electricity when we turn on our light switches. Yet in early 2014 there was an ice storm that resulted in over 200,000 people not having electricity for over six days, and some even longer. My electricity came back on Christmas Eve night. Having lived in North America you know what it is like to be without heating. You can’t cook, you can’t wash, you are perpetually cold, you can’t even heat water ( if the pumps work) to bathe. You have to walk up the stairs to get to your apartment at all times. Some apartment buildings did not even have emergency lights in the hallways. I KNOW what is is like not to have. As a boy growing up in Barbados I had to go to the standpipe to catch buckets of water to use at home. Because you pay your taxes does not mean that the government can guarantee you everything.
    And in many instances; especially poor people do not even have to pay taxes. They are below the threshold for such payments.

    Note what GP said above. Even though they were “privileged they had a hundred gallon tank, in which they kept water (even though they did not have to use it). They thought of emergency situations. Why can’t the other people; like those in St. Joseph think the same way. Looking at today’s Sunday Sun, much of what I wrote above is voiced by others. One lady says that the problem existed from early in her childhood; she is now a grandmother. And they are still suffering? There are too many damn mendicants in this country, among certain elements of the society. They are Bible thumpers but don’t inculcate the words of their Bibles, such as “The Lord helps those who help themselves.” Help yourselves. Co-operate. Help your neighbours.
    What makes me think they should not/could not, have the same level of service as people in North America? Simple, we are too small. We have to import too much. We don’t have enough foreign exchange to purchase what is needed. If the water authorities in Scarborough needed pipes to relay some mains; as happened recently in Scarborough, a quick phone call to a company on Eglinton Ave that makes these pipes would result in their delivery in a couple of days. Can the same thing happen if the Barbados Water Authority wanted to repair the same size mains? Common sense would tell you that that is not possible. But you would; according to your (il)logic EXPECT “the same level of service” and convince those who don’t know otherwise that the government is incompetent.
    People forget, but all the way back in the Sandiford administration, the IMF had recommended an increase in Water Rates so that the replacement of mains could be tackled. It is nothing new. And talking of water bills; there is a minimum amount everyone says, after that they pay according to their usage, so if the bill is high, it means you have used a lot. If I put in ten dollars in gas and it takes me ten miles, I cannot expect to put in the same ten dollars and go fifty miles. If I want to go further it will cost me more money. Si a person with a five hundred dollar bill is obviously using more water than a person with a hundred dollar bill. CONSERVE!!

    If my brother or sister is an idiot, he/she is an idiot, and all the blame and coverup does not get around the fact that they are idiots, and I will say he/she is an idiot. The 1950’s standards taught cleanliness is next to Godliness. It taught neighbourliness. It did not mean there were not standpipe fights, but people also used community showers; there were no washing machines etc to put a strain on the little resources available.
    Think lady!

    Oh, By the way, I am definitely NOT a bitter person. I have had too many blessings. Bitterness is a negative. I have no space in my being for negatives either persons or things.


  6. Well Well & Consequences2 January 10, 2016 at 1:16 PM #

    Alvin….as usual you still would not address why DBLP over the decades did not address the advice given to them about the water situation and actually do something about it…..Canada is gigantic compared to Barbados, have numerous lakes to supply their needs, one phone call as you said by those employed to do so and their water problems are fixed.

    Barbados is a dot and needs much less water than Canada, but have an endless water supply under the island. Why have your lazy ass DBLP ministers not made that phone call over the last 30 years and gotten the water problem fixed, as the Canadians would.

    If as you say you are not bitter, then you are just uncaring and unfeeling for the water needs of those on the island. How long will 50 gallons of water last for a family of 6 while they wait for the lazy DBLP government to get off their asses and access water under the island. How long will these drums, tanks and containers of water last while the people affected wait for DBLP to get off their asses. All ya’ll are sickening.

    If you take a lengthy shower you could use up 20 gallons easily, these people are paying the BWA for water. You are just being nasty. Why don’t you tell the tourists on the island to bathe in a bucket or go ask a neighbor for a shower you, you….jackass.


  7. Alvin Cummins January 10, 2016 at 2:15 PM #

    @Well Well,
    Again your stupidity and bias are showing. I said that in Toronto, if a load of pipes is needed, a phone call can have them delivered in a short time. If even the same phone call was made from Barbados it would take at least two whole months before the same order could reach Barbados. I was putting things in perspective.Why do you need to take “a lengthy shower that would use at least 20 gallons of water’? Shouldn’t you turn off the running water while you are putting soap on your body and turn it back on when that is finished,AND RINSE IT OFF? WITH PROPER CONSERVATION THAT FIFTY GALLON TANK WOULD LAST A LONG TIME.You, as usual do not listen to what people, especially people in authority are saying, because the solutions and the steps being taken to alleviate the problem are being detailed each day. You want a “SHSZAM answer. The world does not work like that.. By the way have you calculated how much per gallon Bajans are paying for their water? Less than the cost of coca cola. Do your calculations. I won’t do them for you. DEspite what they are portraying is their high water costs they , under normal circumstances, pay less than a dollar a day.
    Can I have sympathy for a person;a farmer, who keeps pigs and chickens, who does not have storage tanks to catch rain water to feed those these animals and fowls? That is what the old people used to do. Why can’t the young people do it now?


  8. Well Well & Consequences2 January 10, 2016 at 3:53 PM #

    Alvin….people are PAYING for water, you cannot tell them what to do, they are not begging for the water, it’s up to them to use their discretion. You do not say the same thing to the hotels who waste water or the golf courses who are among the chief culprits of this water problem by wasting water for the last 20 years…..I have personally seen water running down Sandy Lane road by the golf course for weeks, you are a hypocrite. When there is a burst main it takes the BWA months after repeated calls to arrive and fix the problem, you either have to know someone to get it done or they tell you some lie while hundreds of millions of gallons of water runs out on the streets for months, this has gone on for decades. Each and everyone of DBLP ministers were too self-absorbed to deal with the matter of sourcing water… here they are, exposed for the world to see….are you not ashamed, Alvin. Punching above their weight my ass, you plagarist.


  9. TheGazer January 10, 2016 at 4:12 PM #

    I think Alvin is trying to punch above his weight and is failing.
    Barbados must be moving forward and not backward. The delivery of running of water must be seen as a necessity and not as a stroke of fortune or misfortune. Yardfowlism is what is ruining our island and making life more difficult than it needs to be. The artificial bifurcation is what is keeping Barbados from continually punching above its weight. With this insane division we are depriving ourselves of the talents and abilities of half the population.


  10. David January 10, 2016 at 4:16 PM #

    The point Alvin I missing is that while it makes commonsense for Barbadian to install water tanks, it does not give a free pass to the government and the BWA to efficiently manage our water resource.


  11. Well Well & Consequences2 January 10, 2016 at 5:05 PM #

    Alvin is unable to grab the concept that these people pay the BWA for water and even if they have a thousand tanks or barrels filled with water, they are entitled to turn on a tap and access water they are paying for….Alvin is wicked and would prefer see these people pay for water all their lives and don’t receive a drop of water from BWA, while they bathe iin buckets and everyone else including the tourists enjoy free access to water, this dude is evil and am glad my instincts are sharp, he is poisonous and determined that these people should be disenfranchised from having access to the water. I don’t get how a black man can be so viciously opposed to his own people having access to water they pay for…’s amazing and disturbing.


  12. Alvin Cummins January 10, 2016 at 5:44 PM #

    @ Well Well &David
    .Where have I EVER spoken about denying persons access to water? You people feel that taking precautions, preparing for emergencies, and accepting the natural variations in nature itself is backward. Although I have easy access to water and electricity in Toronto, I always keep containers with water, renewed every two weeks, and have battery powered lanterns, in preparation for when repairs have to be made to the plumbing system, or when the electricity goes off and both happen often.. All I am saying is that if people KNOW that they live in an area where there are shortages or outages they must take the necessary precautions. If you are not prepared to do that and something happens then you have only yourself to blame. I am sure that under town planning regulations persons living in certain areas, and persons building dwellings of certain sizes are mandated to have water tanks in their plans submitted for building approval. Does this mean that other people cannot do it? People in Bermuda and the Bahamas do this as a natural process. What’s wrong with Bajans that they can’t do the same thing? When I lived in Qatar, although they have big desalination plants and draw their water from the Arabian Gulf, each house had an external container that was filled from the mains, and equipped with a small pump that filled the
    No one is talking about giving a “free pass” to anyone. If there is no water in the aquifers because of drought there is none, simple as that. I have listened carefully to the personnel at BWA indicate what the problems are, their proposals on how they are going to fix them, and the time frame. In the meantime the people will have to make do. If you don’t have the money to buy a Mercedes, you will have to exist with a second hand car until you get the money.Does that mean you can’t take the bus to get to work? You people are such hypocrites that I am compelled to battle with you.And you can’t put me down. I will always answer you.Whether or not you call me a yard fowl until judgement day.


  13. David January 10, 2016 at 6:00 PM #


    You are the one with a hard nut. Of course Barbadians need to tack action based on the incompetence of the BWA BUT it does NOT mean Bajans must be silent. It is a simple point to understand. Based on today’s newspaper report Barbadians have been installing water tanks in the thousands. When Thompson addressed the BWA after the 60% hike in 2009 who would thought we would be here in 2016.


  14. Well Well & Consequences2 January 10, 2016 at 8:50 PM #

    The precautions should have been taken by DBLP during the last 30 years with all the millions of tax dollars they spent paying consultants for advice and documenation about sourcing water which they never used and that are still sitting on their desks catching dust.

    Even during negative 40 weather the power does not go off that often in Canada unless the ice froms on the power lines and bring them down and service is always restored asap unless it’s extreme then it takes Hydro a few days to restore full service, they do however, set up online maps telling you an approximate time for return of power and the areas affected, but that is in extreme weather, flooding in the spring causes some problems with those lightening storms in Toronto but that is also temporary and I can’t ever remember water going off even then, so ya lying about the water…I hear you got a blackout in the northern part of Barbados as we speak……lol.

    Who told you the people of St. Joseph don’t store water and how long do you expect that stored water to last if the water trucks don’t arrive on time and if there is not an adequate supply available from the trucks, people and animals drink water throughout the day, farmers use hundreds of gallons of water daily, you are being very presumptions and unfair to these people without just cause, since you cannot prove they do not store water and with all they are experiencing, they are still being overcharged by BWA for water they are not receiving, something you refuse to acknowledge or get through your thick arrogant skull, they receive bills although they get no water, am sure you will also tell me that’s their own fault, they are to blame for that…..right Alvin.

    How are they expected to pay for more water tanks or drums for water when they have to pay a water bill and where will they get the water to refill the drums and tanks from ….Alvin. Again how do you know they are not storing water, when did any of them tell you that, everyone stores water, for your information….it’s nothing new, no anamoly there, but water runs out and has to be replaced.

    DBLP governments are at fault with this water issue, they have been wasteful with taxpayers money over the last decades, ignoring what is most important and water for the people should have been their top priority, not more and more golf courses. It is the responsibilty of DBLP to provide water for the citizens, it’s part of their job description. However they get the water, is their problem, but the taxpayers are entitled to water.

    Apparently, blame the people suffering… your motto, while giving a free pass to the politicians whose job it is to supply water. How much are you paid for being so despicable. They will not get a free pass on this one…. because of their incompetence, there could have been a catastrophic spread of disease due to lack of water and their careless statements suggesting these people have to survive how they could, while you jump on here with your lying propoganda.

    You obviously care nothing about the peole uňless they are yardfowls and your bck pattint politicians, but yòu the oñe ave to live wth that.


  15. Alvin Cummins January 11, 2016 at 10:33 AM #

    @Well and David.
    David, what was the purpose of the hike in water rates? From early in the millennia the government had bee advised (mandated?) by the IMF to increase the water rates, to get funding for the purchase and installation of fresh water pipes because the current ones were leaking too much. They (the new DLP administration; because the BLP were afraid to follow the advice) did this, bought the pipes and began the rehabilitation programme; still ongoing. You can’t then accuse the present administration of not taking action.

    Well Well, again we will be at odds. You complain about golf courses, you complain about hiring consultants and not taking their advice. But increasing the number of golf courses was advised by one set of consultANTS, AS A MEANS OF ATTRACTING THE ALL IMPORTANT TOURISTS. When Apes Hill was constructed they built their own dam and have their own source of water. Potable water from the sewage plant should be used for such purposes. Why isn’t it used? You claim that the people in the affected areas store water, recently purchasing “thousands” of tanks. Do they catch rain water? If they don’t what is the reason, is it because there is no rain? Who to blame for that?
    Politicians set policy. Other workers implement policy. It is the workers who install pipes repair broken mains, and replace them. Check the productivity of the workers whose job it is to drive the trucks, dig the trenches, connect the pipes etc. I know how the workers doing the same jobs in Toronto work. Our workers take twice or three times as long to do the same work. As I said before If I know, I know. Blaming the politicians does not get the work done.
    By the way, I have said it before, but sd you said you do not read my rubbish. Maybe you will read this. NOBODY IS PAYING ME TO DO OR SAY ANYTHING. I happen to love my country and will defend it against those who want to see its demise. I went to the Richard Stout Birthday concert last night. You should go and take in the Teen Talent contests. See the types of young people who come out of these contests. You should hear them and see them perform. You should see the predominance of the young ladies, and then you would see why I will fight tooth and nail to prevent the legalization of Marijuana. The three young men who are now languishing in jail; and who probably will be there for the next ten to twelve years, should have been in such a programme (Richard’s) then they would not have been growing marijuana, shooting at policemen and been arrested.
    The White people, instead of being “crushed” by the Independence celebrations, should be supporting and participating in such “Black” initiatives. They should hang their heads in shame at their lack of participation and support for the country. They profit from the country, but they do nothing (and have done nothing in the last fifty years) to support the country, its culture and cultural industries. What are they beefing about?


  16. Well Well & Consequences2 January 11, 2016 at 12:16 PM #

    Alvin…you should be ashamed to mention the Apes Hill lot building their own dam….when in 1970 there was a major flood in Barbados that killed people, out by the then Globe Theatre was a disaster area….for decades DBLP were advised to build dams to catch the water running out of St. John straight down the Constitution River into the sea in the Harbour, Alvin I am trying to have patience here, but nearly 40 years later the A-holes DBLP governments never did it, they just left it to do itself. I think I heard one of the idiots in your group bullshitting about dams before the last elections, but that is all it was…..bullshitting to get votes, as usual fooling the taxpayers, that is why it has returned to bite ya’ll in the ass, in the form of no water.

    The only thing you will get me to agree with you on is the 2.7% whites on the island who want to be recognized as being white, never heard that one before, since everyone, including me knows that all they did is suck what they could from the 270k blacks on the island over the last 4 decades, now their stomachs are full, they can now boast about spending 6 million, when they are not working on convincing DBLP government to help them make 6 million more.

    They want credit for being white, but make no mistake Alvin, though they should be, but are not, happy to be identified as just Bajan, no color distinction should be necessary and as Bajans are also entitled to live comfortably like the majority bajans, it’s your dumb ass DBLP politicians made them feel they were special, better than the majority blacks and gave them all the tools they needed to enrich themselves at the majorities expense, while ya’ll ignored your own unless you were collecting mindless yardfowls.

    That too has returned to bite DBLP in the ass.


  17. millertheanunnaki January 11, 2016 at 3:10 PM #

    @ Alvin Cummins January 11, 2016 at 10:33 AM
    “Potable water from the sewage plant should be used for such purposes. Why isn’t it used?”

    As a so-called microbiologist, are you sure you would want to make such an assertion without further clarification? Just call it ‘treated water for industrial use’ from the sewage plant; a process that is exceedingly costly and technically difficulty (if not impossible) with the existing facility at Emmerton.

    How do you get “potable water” from the sewage plant? And if it is really ‘potable’ why not make it ‘portable’ for refilling of the various reservoirs around the island?


  18. Bush Tea January 11, 2016 at 3:21 PM #

    @ Miller
    Perhaps potable has a flexible meaning…

    …you hear that Alvin is an idiot….!!
    Now we know where Clare Cowan got her information about potable water….


  19. Well Well & Consequences2 January 11, 2016 at 4:10 PM #

    Miller…that is why I ignore most of what Alvin says and just deal with the important topic at hand as it pertains to highlighting the idiocy of his political masters and there is so much left to highlight, he tends to run himself into trouble with the rubbish spinning around in his head…lol


  20. Well Well & Consequences2 January 11, 2016 at 5:11 PM #

    We need to remind Alvin that he is not the Attorney General in Barbados, he may be the AGs yardfowl, but according to what Adriel Brathwaite said in today’s newspapers re marijuana and he never once mentioned Alvin, he is willing to take the best course while taking the people into consideration, though I am sure he knows no one is holding their breath….it will just drop on them like a ton of bricks one day, like everything else because of their slowness to take care of anything, while hoping it will take care of itself.


  21. Alvin Cummins January 11, 2016 at 10:40 PM #

    @ Miller and Atra as well as Well Well.
    Well Well accused of being a plagiarist. The following, enclosed in inverted commas is pasted from a website that defines Potable water. Of course there are many other sites which will give the same information. I am doing this because you people still do not seem to understand what it is otherwise you would not be making the kinds of comments you do.

    “Potable water is water which is fit for consumption by humans and other animals. It is also called drinking water, in a reference to its intended use. Water may be naturally potable, as is the case with pristine springs, or it may need to be treated in order to be safe. In either instance, the safety of water is assessed with tests which look for potentially harmful contaminants.

    The issue of access to potable water is very important. In developed countries, people may not put a great deal of thought into the source of their water. In many First World nations, citizens can turn on a tap for fresh, potable water which may also be enriched with substances for health. In developing countries, however, and especially in Africa, a large proportion of the population does not have access to safe water.

    Water which is not safe to drink can carry diseases and heavy metals. People who consume this water will become ill, and there is a risk of death. Unfortunately, even in areas where the water is known to be unsafe, people may drink it anyway, out of desperation. The lack of potable water is often accompanied by other lapses in sanitation, such as open sewers and limited garbage collection. Many of these public health issues impact the poor more than anyone else.

    Water which is contaminated can be treated to turn it into potable water. One of the easiest ways to treat water is boiling. Boiling water may not remove heavy contaminants, but it can neutralize most bacteria and viruses which may be present. Water can also be treated with chemicals such as bleach, which sometimes come in the form of tablets for field and camping use. In addition, water can be pumped through a filter to remove particulates.

    Because water quality is important, many nations strive to protect the safety of their water and to increase access to potable water. Some countries have laws governing water safety, with severe penalties for polluters. These nations typically test water on a regular basis for contaminants, making the results of this testing available to citizens by request. In developing nations, many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are working to improve water quality conditions, along with other basic sanitation.

    Even in first world countries, after a major disaster, access to potable water may be limited. People in this situation can look for potable water in hot water heaters and toilet tanks, and they should save this water for drinking. For bathing and cleaning, non-potable water can often be used. Keeping purification tablets on hand in an emergency preparedness kit is also an excellent idea. After major storms and hurricanes, citizens should wait to be assured that their water is potable, in case sewage pipes have ruptured and contaminated the water supply.”

    Potable water can be used to give to animals as well, and it can be used for irrigation. Instead of discharging waste water from the sewage plants into the sea, it should be treated and used to wATER PLANTS, USED FOR IRRIGATION AND SUNDEY OTHER USES.

    Well Well, I am not the AG, neither do I think like him. He has his opinions, I have mine, and they do not have to coincide. I don’t follow what he says, and neither do I have to agree with his agenda. I know Marijuana is bad. I witnessed a number of young ladies perform last night; portages of the Richard Stoute Teen Talent Contests, and I hope they keep that purity. If they do, they will reach the stars, for I saw and heard many star potentials last night. My favourite however was the four year old boy singing calypso, with a voice and vocal range that was better than a lot of older singers. He can go far.that is what I admire. not the legalization of marijuana. You can advocate it if you want, I never will.


  22. Well Well & Consequences2 January 12, 2016 at 6:25 AM #

    Alvin….the way you were going on I thought you had some type of traction and power to change and implement new laws or keep existing laws in place re marijuana use. One think I now know about you is that you read too slow, however, no biggie, better for me.

    Marijuana is not bad, it’s the misuse and abuse of the substance that is bad, just like alcohol, cocaine, sex, food etc, am sure when you need to have a tooth pulled you are more than happy the dentist has novocaine, a derivative of cocaine in his possession though, legal or no, same with the people who need marijuana to alleviate spinal pain etc.

    One of the ways of misusing marijuana is having it distributed it out during an election campaign to accumulate votes, is that the only time it becomes legal Alvin….why are you now distancing yourself from the AG, up to today, those DBLP politicians could not fart unless you were right there….


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