Same Sex Lobby …Propagandistic Brainwashing

Submitted by Charles Knighton

“The homo thing has been the brainwashing manipulator’s greatest triumph.” Richard Hoad, July 10,2015

While we expect special interest groups, who usually base their beliefs on emotion rather than fact, to rely on propagandistic brainwashing to achieve their ends, we now live in an age where even the outcome of supposedly dispassionate scientific studies are skewed to reflect the researcher’s biases.


It has become difficult to know who or what to believe.

It seemed like a ground breaking piece of research. A study published in the journal Science last December found that a 20-minute chat with an openly gay person was often enough to turn a same-sex marriage opponent into a supporter. Gay rights campaigners hailed the paper as proof that empathy could conquer prejudice. The only problem? The study was bunk. One of the authors had faked the results, and in May the paper was retracted.

That such a flawed piece of “research” made it to publication wasn’t surprising to many scientists. Richard Horton, editor of The Lancet medical journal, claims that up to 50 percent of all scientific papers may simply be untrue. Instances of wholesale fraud, as in the gay marriage study, are still relatively rare. But researchers too often seem to sculpt data to fit their preferred theory of the world, or run badly designed experiments that confuse association with causation or inflate modest findings into sensational and unequivocal conclusions. (Walnuts reduce your risk of diabetes!)

This epidemic of bad science can’t just be blamed on researchers; the media and public are also complicit. Few of us are interested in the often unglamorous reality of science—a process that’s filled with dead ends, false starts and incremental steps toward greater knowledge. Attention—and funding—goes to research that promises exciting breakthroughs or simplistic solutions to complex problems. That puts pressure on researchers and universities to hit home runs.

This doesn’t mean we should stop trusting science; it’s still the best tool we have for understanding the world. We just need to be more skeptical, and less like sheeps, when it comes to people in white coats bearing extraordinary data.


  • But Richard Hoad is not an expert on anything [except goat farming] so why are you quoting him?


  • Simple Simon July 11, 2015 at 12:59 AM #

    But Richard Hoad is not an expert on anything [except goat farming] so why are you quoting him?
    The same could be said about the chap from Nazareth , he was only a carpenter.


  • St George's Dragon

    Jesus never said anything about homosexuality. How come Christians are so anti-gay?


  • Perhaps Christians have misunderstood the 10th Commandment. Among other things, Thou shall not covet thy neighbour’s ass.


  • @ St George’s Dragon
    Jesus never said anything about homosexuality. How come Christians are so anti-gay?
    Boss man… he never said one word ’bout shagging sheep either.
    ….but we all know that Baffy doing bare shiite… 🙂

    steupsss …somebody would have to tell you not to play up in shit…?
    Shame on you Dragon.


  • Bush Tea

    But it is perfectly acceptable to play up in shite so long it is the opposite sex? I don’t understand the relative moral worldview which some fellas of Bush Tea’s liken employ as their see fit.


  • Bush Tea

    The entire Christain faith is predicated of freewill. A what that simply entails is this papa: When God embarked upon His plan of creation, He wanted man His most precious resources to act as though he had had within him the intellect to make his own individual choices, even if those choices contravened God’s divine authority. In the book of Genesis it was told that Adam and Eve were instructed by God not to eat of specific tree in the Garden of Eden, but with some prompting from Devil, their acted upon the self-determination which God had fixed them with and did otherwise. So my point is simply this: if two men or two women decide to love each other in a way with affronts the collective-conscience of the majority, the choice as well as the consequences of such choice are they own to had. If it is Hell their decided upon who are you and me to say otherwise? That choice was given the the gay and lesbian by the hands of the Almighty God, and if their should choose death over life, then the choice alone belong to them.


  • @Dompey
    Bro that may be their individual choice, fair enough, but like the drug addict and the alcoholic, why are they determine to rope in other bystanders and passersby in. We all must now, to put it mildly, bend over backwards to accommodate them.
    What would have happened if, ten years the Archbishop of Canterbury or the Pope had declared that all same sex couples must get married? They would have been crucified.


  • @Colonel Buggy July 11, 2015 at 12:28 PM “The same could be said about the chap from Nazareth , he was only a carpenter.”

    No he wasn’t only a carpenter. He was the Christ the Son of the Living God.

    And tobesides he could do all kinds of cool stuff like walk on water, raise the dead, feed 5,000 people with only a few bread and twos, and best of all he could turn water into wine.

    The carenter fella who worked for me last week couldn’t do any of that stuff.


  • This sinister, evil, same-sex-marriage agenda, has far deeper roots in Leftists of past generations, then many know or realize!

    What the left has steadfastly said and written and done to marriage and the family over the last two centuries cannot be ignored. Those actions have been undeniable contributing factors – along with many other factors – that in part help explain where we are today.

    Same-sex marriage is not a Marxist plot. It is, however, a crucial final blow to marriage – the only blow that will enable a formal, legal redefinition that will unravel the institution . . . . [W]hat the left has steadfastly done to marriage and the family over the last two centuries – from Marx and Engels and early utopian socialists like Robert Owen and Charles Fourier to modern cultural Marxists and secular progressives – cannot be ignored. The current rapid redefinition of the male-female marital and parental bond that has undergirded civilization for multiple millennia is the end-road of a steady evolution that should not be viewed entirely separate from some very successful attacks by the communist left and radical left generally.

    The journey had many prior destinations. A people do not just one morning wake up and ditch the sacred and natural character of the male-female marital union that served their parents, grandparents, great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents. Ground had been plowed to ready this soil . . . .

    Anyone advocating something as culturally unthinkable as male-male or female-female “marriage,” in any time other than ours, from the ancient Greeks and Romans of 2,000 years ago to the Democrat and Republican parties of just 20 years ago, would have been laughed at – maybe even hauled off by the authorities as dangerous public menaces. Marx and Engels were under surveillance by the governments in their countries simply for arguing for non-monogamous marriage.

    Even gay people weren’t thinking they’d soon live in a culture where not only was the mainstream population supportive of gay marriage but where liberals – our great champions of “tolerance” and “diversity” – would be suing, picketing, boycotting, demonizing and dehumanizing a Baptist grandma who begs them not to force her to make a cake for a gay wedding. Marx and Engels and even wild cultural Marxists like Herbert Marcuse and Wilhelm Reich – who broke down sexual barriers in areas like homosexuality and bisexuality – would be rolling over in their graves. Nonetheless, they would be thrilled to see that every-day (non-communist) Americans have finally found a vehicle to assist the long-time communist dream of (to quote the Communist Manifesto) “the abolition of the family.” Kairos Gem.


  • The process of utterly deceptive ‘gradualism’ has infiltrated our societies so covertly over the centuries, and more so in recent generations, that every aspect and area of our social/moral lives, have been ‘numbed’ into accepting what was simply NO! NO! NO! a generation or so ago!

    Rights, so-called, Human Rights, under which this EVIL same-sex agenda masquerades, essentially maintains, that RIGHT is MIGHT!!!

    Having removed the Eternal IS* which grounds OUGHT* we are reduced to NO absolute TRUTH, thus, relativism rules the day!!!

    Professing themselves to be wise, they became FOOLS!!!!

    History IS replete with the utter ruination, of ALL ancient civilizations, who CHOSE to go this diabolical path, of gross, abased, unrighteous filth! Bar NONE!!!


  • @ Colonel Buggy
    Boss, if ONLY people understood the REAL SYMBOLISM represented by the institution of marriage, and the meaning behind the union of a MAN and a WOMAN, and the establishment and propagation of family units, ….far from societies legalising this abomination, we would be overwhelmed with awe and wonder at the unmatchable LOVE of BBE …along with the brilliant design and engineering that has gone into this reality that we call ‘life on Earth’.

    …but alas, like a child with an iPhone 6, we take brilliant design, boss engineering and easy availability for granted…..and end up doing shiite with high tech…..


  • @ @ Deputy Dawg alias Bush shite,,,,PITY THE FOOL !! FOOL!!


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