Mia Mottley Accuses Government Ministers of Entering Shady Arrangement with Cahill Energy and Trans Tech Inc

Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley used the cloak of parliamentary privilege in her reply to the 2015 Budget and Financial Statement to accuse […] the government  – specifically Ministers Denis Kellman, Denis Lowe, Darcy Boyce and Minister Sinckler –  of entering a shady arrangement with Cahill Energy to build a USD700 million Waste to Energy Gasification plant in Barbados.  She referred to several documents during a lengthy prosecution of the matter which she promised to make public.

Mia Mottley also directed additional charges at Ministers Michael Lashley and Denis Lowe. She accused both of them of driving luxury vehicles registered to Trans Tech Inc, a company owned by Lloyd Brathwaite. She further accused Lowe and Lashley of approving questionable invoices for repairs to trucks owned by the Transport Board and the Sanitation Authority by Trans Tech .

BU will update an audio file of Mia Mottley’s reply to the 2015 Budget and Financial Statement very soon.

162 thoughts on “Mia Mottley Accuses Government Ministers of Entering Shady Arrangement with Cahill Energy and Trans Tech Inc

  1. Mia Mottley accuses herself of shady dealings as an Attorney!
    Does Mia Mottley possess the Legal Education Certificate (LEC) required to practice law in Barbados?

    Mamma……mia! !
    This investigation will be hotter than FIFA!

  2. David, Bushie spoke well of your perspective of change and Mia so the ten points goes to him. You really on an epiphany wid this Mottley ‘change agent’ ting…now you citing Mikhail Gorbachev.

    I understand your strong focus that we must have a drastic change to flush out the dirt in Bajan politics and corporate life generally and Bushie’s “who the hell has an unblemished record…” resonates well.

    But when a serial burglary offender appears to get righteous and supposedly provides the inside scoop on jobs done by her rival burglary gang…months after these matters became public one should be VERY cautious.

    I am glad to get the inside details but there is no way that I can trust the motives of that serial offender considering the lengthy delay in providing this scoop and then the piece-meal release of details to achieve maximum public value.

    And oh by the way Gorbachev as a well entrenched insider did lead massive change …he led his country’s complete dissolution and restart as you know. Gorbachev essentially deposed himself with his change agency because he was so committed to a new way forward; he fell on the sword he unsheathed.

    Do you honestly think Mia Mottley has any such intentions to dismantle our ‘pay to play’ antics or eventually fall on the sword which her mouthings could unsheathe…her Emperor’s new clothes. To badly paraphrase Sen Bensten’s zinger to Sen Qualye back in ’88: we have the record of Gorbachev and Mia Mottley is definitely no Gorbachev.

    I too want change David but I see MAM as a DT clone: smart, suave, seductively attractive, sweet-tongue and as as slick as a serpent!

    @ Simple Simon, You are quite funny….”The U.S. does have to deal with some not so nice foreigners…and sometimes has to hold its nose in order to do so.”

    So you think many countries don’t have to hold their noses when doing business with US too!

    Awesome place the US; absolutely one of the best for freedom and taking your rights into a court of law but also one of the most corrupt…very sophisticated corruption now though.

    When banks get fined gazillions of $$ by regulators after duping citizens on mortgage financing under the ‘watchful eye’ of said regulators…you don’t call that corruption?

    When companies that market forces would have catspraddled get saved with a bail-out to ‘protect’ the overall economy and then key managers – whose backsides would otherwise have been on grass – still get enormous bonuses…..do you hold you nose from the stink or do you say ‘well we had to meet their contractual obligations’.

    • @Dee Word

      You seem to possess a crystal ball to guide how you see events playing out in the future. How do you know what will be trigger for change/spring?

      You don’t.

    • @Dee Word

      What evidence are you referring?

      What we have here, in case you missed it, is an Opposition leader questioning a government on a lack of sensitivity to conflict of interest in the case of ministers Lashley and Lowe leasing from TransTech, why certain parties are being awarded the bulk of the contracts in the form of JADA/Preconco, questioning why the Housing Credit Fund paid a dividend to pay PRECONCO on the GORTO project etc, why the lack of transparency with CAHILL re: new technology in plasma gasification We are debating governance issues from a political perspective. W

  3. True David I absolutely do not, otherwise I would be heading to South Carolina to advise on next steps with my crystal ball.

    But I do know that an honest change agent with her ‘enfant terible’ days behind and is committed to a frank and honest dismantling of ‘pay to play’ would have operated much differently than this political gamesmanship.

    Maybe after laying her charges in Parliament, the next day with great fanfare she would have held a press conference outside the DPP offices immediately after submitting her evidence there; maybe she would have also then with greater fanfare laid a civil suit against the alleged illegal actors on conflict of interest or bring Parliamentary charges for bringing that chamber into disrepute.

    In sum David a look for the most arcane or seldom used legally sound tactic that would have said pellucidly ‘no more business as usual’. Not to win necessarily but to really shake up the show!

    Let’s be clear we want the same end result. Change.

    But didn’t we go through this same bull- do do with Thompson and his revealing evidence and don’t we prosecute the DLP here daily re the missing integrity legislation DT solemnly promised to enact as soon as elected. How is that working for the CLICO folks????

    David, she is focused only on her Machiavellian goals and has ABSOLUTELY no interest in the destruction of corrupt practices in this country.

    A DT repeat… A swirl and come again.

    But of course, hope springs eternal so we await your epiphany of Mottley’s pivot. If nothing else it does show that you are very genuinely committed to change in our country as you are willing to grasp at any and all straws of change hope.

    Very commendable but part naivete (too jaded to notice) also!

  4. David seriously. You raise five ok. Should I go back to Owen’s tenure and raise five the oppo laid forth then or maybe raise ten.

    If we are talking about corruption how can her remarks make any difference now to the howls of corruption under her Edu-Tech boondongle, for example?

    The ‘evidence’ I refer to is the substantive charges of malfeasance she alleges. Just as Thompson made his charges.

    As explained by you above, Mottley -or any of the others- would be hard-pressed to honestly question anyone about governance issues, but we fully accept that politicians cannot have any ‘shame’ or they would never speak.

    So sir, if in that context Mottley is your pivot of change then proceed apace. Excuse me if I don’t follow your Piped Pier on that journey…but I will applaud the tune though.

    On corruption, I just want a different minstrel….but alas that is really too much to ask as she is the anointed.

    I gone.

    • @Dee Word

      You should play the ball and not the man.

      Even a diddly drop bowler can take the prized wicket to create an opportunity for the team.

  5. De Ingrunt word;

    Just a meagre 2-cents worth from my own ingrunt and dotish perspective.

    Seems to me that something is slightly amiss with your normally pellucidly clear focus.

    I am totally with David in this matter, fwliw.

    We have here what appears to be a clear cut prosecutable case of total and abject corruption by identifiable members of this government. You, Pacha and Caswell would all seem, in the final analysis, in varying degrees, to be saying that we should ignore or throw it out because of the unproven innuendos of former infelicities by MAM, the secondary whistleblower, despite the relative enormity of the current situation and the likely wide ranging repercussions on all aspects of our Country’s development including our environment, health, tourism, deteriorating morality, finances, etc. etc.

    Pacha is right, there has long been a culture of corruption in Barbados, but if we think it is wrong and should be combatted, shouldn’t we stop looking the gift horse, MAM, in the mouth and let her do her thing that has at least the possibility of reducing the incidence of that corruption rather than throwing up our hands in the air and allowing it to fester and metastasize into a mess that will soon be impossible to fix and will surely seal our fate as a failed banana republic?

    I think that this is an opportunity to use the current situation to bring the enormity of corruption in high places in Barbados to the view of the public and we should grasp it.

    Don’t let a clear animus against the current messenger deflect against the possible effectiveness of the message, whether or not we are witnessing an epiphany or pivoting of that messenger.

  6. Good morning Bushie dahling……Hmmmm yuh mussee drink some fire water to let yuh tongue grudgingly acknowledge that MAM got some intelligence and on a path for change. Lemme telll yuh someting it will take a woman to expose these rogues and charlatans. Not a man will dare go against their kind. She will make some enemies but will make more admirers along the way.

    Imagine we have a minister with a doctorate in SHITE waving it in the faces of Barbadians and questioning the qualifications of MAM. This same minister who says his doctorate is in theology has NEVER applied within the execution of his job. He has flaunted his position in the faces of the public when criticized. The same public who elected him to office.

    Imagine we have an unmarried father of a PM who no one has ever seen him with a partner except his FRIEND LP, calls himself HONEST. A CHRISTIAN, now who refuses to go down that road to investigate what MAM exposed. Is the donkey’s ASS that big to accommodate such a bulbous head?

    If wunna don’t think that international agencies not investigating the operations of this fake company called Cahill wuna reel wrong. But tell muh something, how can a fake company with no assets be for sale?

    • Denis Lowe’s doctorate is not theology:

      Dr. The Hon. Denis Lowe, M.P.

      Minister of the Environment and Drainage

      Dr. the Honourable Denis Lowe, M.P., specialises in Developmental/Clinical Psychology. He was appointed Minister of the Environment and Drainage in June 2011, having held those posts and the additional portfolio of Water Resources since November 2008. He was re-appointed as Minister of the Environment and Drainage on February 28, 2013.

      He previously held the portfolio of Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Urban Development.
      Before assuming this ministerial portfolio, he was Managing Director and Principal Consultant with Life View International. Dr. Lowe has worked extensively with the University of Cincinnati (his tertiary alma mater) and in the state of Ohio in varying capacities, all with a focus on social development. 

      He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, which he obtained in 1984. A year later, he achieved his Masters in Education from the University of Cincinnati, majoring in Developmental Psychology with a minor in Social Science Research and Policy Development. He was awarded a Doctorate in Education from the same university in 1989. Again, his major was Developmental Psychology, but his minor had changed to Educational Research.

      Dr. Lowe is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in Barbados and a Certified HIV and AIDS Educator with the American Red Cross at the Drew University School of Medicine.
      He has participated in several research projects from 1988 to 1996 which included issues such as cocaine use during pregnancy, teens in crisis, community involvement in the fight against substance abuse, and the social climate in integrated schools.

      Dr. Lowe has also delivered several presentations and executed many training projects here in Barbados and in the USA. Some of these presentations include: "Perinatal Substance Abuse: The Residential Experience"; "Advantages of Careers in Education"; "Principles of Productive Living"; and "Stress Management".

  7. Ingrint word;

    Just saw your post above;

    You said “On corruption, I just want a different minstrel….but alas that is really too much to ask as she is the anointed.”

    What other minstrel are you likely to get now or in the near future from within the political class sitting in Parliament?

    Yuh really thought through what you are saying?

    If we accept that all o dem corrupt, can’t you see that this is a breakthrough in relation to the previous hints of corruption?

    The only overt stances and action re. corruption, outside of previous utterings on political platforms, that I can recall now are the Duffus Commission and the St Joseph hospital enquiry. All others were mere froth that were ensured to lead nowhere.

    Here we have a situation of possible corruption that relegates all the previous cases to being mere same-old-same-old situations. The stakes are exceeding high here. Barbados’ standing in the world and our future is at stake and I think Mia Mottley recognizes this even if you and the DLP can’t.

    What other minstrel exists in Barbados that has the potential to prosecute this case?

    Is there someone else in Parliament that can do it?
    Is there someone in the private sector?

    If you reflect you will see that Mia Mottley is the only one, with all her unproven warts, that has the possibility of reducing the incidence of corruption at this scale in the short run and in the long run, with new players, to develop systems that could remove the possibility of a reenaction of the Cahill affair and make it difficult for corrupt ministers and public servants to exploit the system.

  8. What Miadisplayed on that night in Parliament has absolutely nothing to do with change of any kind but an urgency to deplet and unravel a change of confidence which the people had restored in govt.coupled with an undermining of what is in the country and people,s interest.
    Mia,s voice was infused was infused with tones of vindictivness with an intent to gain power.
    Given as Mia claims to have supportong Facts and evedience Mia could has easily brought such allegations before the House during her weekly attendance / debate as a concern pertaining to govt matters and the people,s right to know. However as one can clearly see that the avenue which she chose had nothing to do with transparency but an on going puerile attack to humiliate govt .
    Nevertheless in her rants and raves and the inabilty to delivered factual evedience she hung her character on deceit and a fatal exposure of her inner demons to appease and satisfy a few while missing the most important clue a”desire”of wanting to satisfy All

  9. David;

    Your 9:07 am post that suggests that Dr. Lowe’s PhD was not in theology strongly suggests that his Ph.D was obtained from the University of Cincinnati. viz

    “Dr. Lowe has worked extensively with the University of Cincinnati (his tertiary alma mater) “

    Could you or DD or one of the other internet search whizs check with the University of Cincinnati to determine if he does indeed have a PhD from that institution and if so, when he obtained it?

    If he doesn’t have a Ph.D from the U of Cincinnati that blurb by the DLP is false information and they should be requested to correct it publicly. If his PhD is from elsewhere the question could be asked why would he allow that false information to be published on his behalf?

  10. Are-we, I suspect that all ah we, you, David and I must be smoking the same tampi on this Mottley ting cause I can agree that folks like you too who have a ” normally pellucidly clear focus” wobbling real serious on this matter.

    I actually thought I was as pellucid unequivocal as a fatal heart-attack actually (LOL) but I’ll accept your rebuke that I was not.

    So not to relitigate my position but if after Thompson’s monstrous corruption flame-out and our absolute clear knowledge of the fraternal, societal and familial relationship of these two political ‘friends’ who have the same goals and aims to be PM (at all costs) and you are so clear in your opinion then dear God help us.

    If after all that a man of your in-depth background (as clearly shown here) can opine : “…that Mia Mottley is the only one … that has the possibility of reducing the incidence of corruption…” then we are truly and properly going to hell!

    That she will “develop systems that could remove the possibility of a reenaction of the Cahill …”. We definitely smoking too much of the herb at our mid-century plus ages. LOL!

    btw, yes I did think it through as there are MANY people in and out of Parliament who could lead the anti-corruption charge but as you rightly suggest surely none of them have the burning passion to grapple with this as Ms. Machiavelli does.

    And lastly, I admire Mia Mottley’s intellect and passion. Always have. Over the years she has evolved as a formidable political force. But I abhor what she has become (or maybe she always was a family trait) a person so steeped in corruption. Same with Davey boy…

    So my ‘clear animus’ is seeing a repeat of the DT syndrome being embraced.

    Oh, we can discuss another time whether the two commissions you cited did anything more to modify or penalize bad behavior in our society than the other frothy ones. I suggest they really did NOT.

  11. Let de Ole man Rise in defense of what is being nuanced “per change agent”

    As wunna know de ole man ent got no brief for Mottley, Froon or nun uh DEM

    I accept what the Blogmaster says relative to it being possible that like Malcolm X adjusted his hatred towards all white men post Hajj, and as Bushie said Saul of Tarsus did become Paul, ALL THESE THINGS BEING EQUAL, I would ask the Blogmaster to pause to consider this.

    We are three years from a imminent general election which, GOD being the only denominator her, is the ONLY AUTHORITY to thwart the plans of men, NOTWITHSTANDING the pronouncement of the Apostle of GOD and now Senator, saying that “HE David Thompson, will not die on his (Durant’s) watch”

    May I respectfully suggest that Motley is ONLY stroking the fires of dissent AND HAS NO INTENTION OF USHERING A NEW AGE of transparency or accountability.

    The objective is in sight, her eyes are on the prize, OF ILARO COURT and she will not like Haman, build any gallows to hang herself 1095 days AFORE that moment of coronation.

    She WILL BE PRIME MINISTER, Barring the death that we, AND ALL OTHER DESPOTS, INCLUDING FUMBLE, are doomed to face. irrespective of having appointed a Chief Justice as one’s friend to buffet the impending changes to the Constitution.

    There are really a few things that can change the inevitable.

    The charlatan Private Sector continues on its path of self aggrandizement and does their usual Bizzy-like double-cross and pays out two DLP ministers, the ones who have no Ministry that they can fleece like Sinckliar, Lashes, Quisling or DownLow, to bring a disolution of Parliament

    Social Dissent a la 1937 with the cracking of heads and some pivotal deaths

    Or “true change” effected by men and woman who, unlike me and the rest of us nom de plumes, get our jollies here by insulting the bad english of AC, the ramblings of the other fellow the pervert who use to live up by ** Hill and peep through the stables at the policemens DEM, and put themselves up for public service with FOI and Integrity central to their service.

    Now, let me show you why I KNOW THAT MIA is a fraud who is only out to milk these “corruption allegations? for her own popularity.

    If there was real change anticipated MOTTLEY WOULD EVEN NOW SPELL OUT IN WRITING WHAT SHE WILL DO.

    Without any theatrics MIA AMOR MOTTLEY would get her newspaper to print a full page ad of what we the Sheeple can expect her government to do based on the legislation that she and her dimwitted Dale Marshall former Attorney General HAVE ALREADY CRAFTED, during these SEVEN YEARS!!

    You know we does get here and talk a lot of shyte in the face of GLARING BULLSHYTERS all uh we smart peeple does really show how big a BRASS BOWL each of us is.

    PUT IT IN FVCJING writing and make it a written covenant with the people of BARBADOS which you SIGN BEFORE YOUR RABBLE ROUSING EMOTIVE EXERCISE on Father’s Day and you forward date it for 2018.

    You don’t have to be a lawyer to know that MAM and her mottley crew CANNOT BIND a future Government of 2018 with any document signed in 2015 but if I wanted to see “change agent” elements in Mottley there are some simple things that would partially sway me from my belief, like that of DE INGRUNT WORD and Brother Bush that Mottley is just putting ice cubes in her mouth and blowing cooled air up in our pooches…

  12. Ingrunt Word;

    Despite my dotishness, I still think that you are missing some key elements of how Mia Mottley’s disclosures on the floor of the house might have advanced the possibility for mounting a fight against endemic and deep corruption in the body politic and indeed in the whole society of Barbados and that your views are not advancing any concomitant possibility of reducing such corruption in the near or long term.

    Pachama and others have posited that petty corruption has always been endemic in Barbados and I accept that view. Indeed, it would be surprising if such corruption is not a human characteristic.

    That being so, should we encourage or cast a blind eye to the escalation of such corruption that appears to be evident in 4 ministers, possibly bypassing a sleeping PM, and signing on to a deal that has the clear potential of causing unmentionable havoc to our environment and indeed all aspects of our life in Barbados? Or should we ride with the possibility of a possibly tainted MAM being able to somehow lead an action, from within the political class, that could in some way combat that threat which could derail our national development far into the future?

    I take your point about the prime ministerial ambitions, classism, and even perhaps venality of the late David Thompson’s and Mia but I don’t think that you have demonstrated that Mia is anyway in DT’s class in some of those regards and the CLICO events in this administration show this.

    It seems to me that you are subliminally suggesting that ultimately nothing should be done about the current revelations as corruption is rife and rampant in Barbados and that we should wait for someone else to lead any future charge against corruption but I think, with all due respect to your intellect, that it is not the correct way to proceed. I think that David, who has not given me any reason in his writings to think that he is an unthinking supporter of MAM, has got the strategy right. Use the ammo we now have and watch Mia carefully.

    Of course safeguards will have to be put in place to reduce future corruption

  13. @are-we-there-yet June 19, 2015 at 9:23 AM #

    “Could you or DD or one of the other internet search whizs check with the University of Cincinnati to determine if he does indeed have a PhD from that institution and if so, when he obtained it?”

    Sorry, but search did not find anything about Dr. Denis Lowe’s University of Cincinatee time or academic qualifications.

    This Bajan Reporter 2011 link is interesting


    And this from BFP


    What DD finds curious is that he found nothing concerning Dr. Lowe’s time in Human Resources at CIBC or CIBC FirstCaribbean back min the early 2000s, which was likely his stepping stone into the lucrative field of politics in Barbados.

    Also, how do his qualifications as a Social Scientist and a licensed Clinical Psychologist qualify Dr. Lowe to be Barbados’ Chief Garbage Man, with responsibility to award contracts worth $700 million (or whatever) to a Guernsey (or Canadian?) shell company with no history in WTE; which then shops the contract around the globe for multi-million dollar gain.

  14. Black man obsessed with qualifications.White man obsessed with wealth generation.Ask Bizzy,COW,Maloney,Kyffin or Bjerkhamn

  15. Are-We-There-Yet, I remain confounded by your analysis on this matter but we will agree to disagree…

    re your “I don’t think that you have demonstrated that Mia is anyway in DT’s class”, I wasn’t trying to show that in the least because in my view she is way beyond DT’s class.

    As a student on politics I suspect you have read or heard of the machinations of ‘Tammny Hall’ the graft and corrupt policies of politics of the day in US. Mottley is a scion of such Bajan political graft and corruption from the days of her grandad, so if you perceive that we should play semantics between her and David on the matter of corruption, then leave me out.

    I wish Ms Mottley’s campaign well but any real champion would have moved forward apace as I mentioned previously or if I am so off-based then consider the suggestion from above when Pieces noted:

    “If there was real change anticipated MOTTLEY WOULD EVEN NOW SPELL OUT IN WRITING WHAT SHE WILL DO.” And may I add, shake up the status quo tremendously with those actions.

    So let’s cut to the chase. We want change and if Mottley’s remarks a few days in Parliament is David’s pivot then ‘hallelujah’.

  16. Assuming that Lowe’s certification was made a document of the House,it is only a matter of time that it appears or should appear in the Official Gazette.BU members be on the look out for the Gazette and tell the BU membership in the usual manner what Lowe put forward for our information and guidance.Why do I think it won’t happen.

  17. Ingrunt Word;

    re my “I don’t think that you have demonstrated that Mia is anyway in DT’s class” and your response “I wasn’t trying to show that in the least because in my view she is way beyond DT’s class”. I was’nt talking about political dynastic class with MAM being a scion of the Mottley Clan started by rugged Mottley long ago and DT who sought to start his own dynasty, borne of people in his school days suggesting that he was “Toms Son as well as Thompson” and doing whatever he thought necessary to effect that status even to the extent of going totally outside the law in money laundering for the estimable LP.

    I was talking about proven or provable dastardly doings by the two. But perhaps the vigour of your responses savour of a suggestion that she or her family dealings have personally affected or are known by you. If that is so, let the BU family know the details so that we can adjudicate the dastardliness of the two. nb. the provable DT case is already on BU, you can now give us the facts in a case against Mottley.

    But I’ve often heard that politics is “the art of the possible”. I suspect Mia Mottley went as far as is currently politic at this time. The future will tell if she is pushed to go further.

    But let’s agree to disagree about this matter.

  18. @ Are we There Yet

    You have have posed a question which from 3.55 p.m. there have been no answers to.

    Either it is that the website has not been taking submissions on this topic, that it is Friday and people are glad to be free for the weekend and not have to suffer through the idiocy of Monday Tuesday and Wednesday or that people are afraid to answer your questions.

    De Ole Man will therefore venture where fools fear to thread with these proven, unproven or provable dastardly threads which, given the fact that no one is ever prosecuted for any such actions, fall into the category of speculation and “dem telling lies because dem grudge he/she” or she-he (depending pun who you talking bout) brilliance.

    The Syrup Scam at the Ministry of Education/School meals

    The Edutech compensations.

    Jose and Jose’s never ending MoH and MTW contracts through H** till Lashes and Whisper dun DEM (no Pun intended)

    The Veco scandal, dem is some of the proven, unproven or unprovable acts.

    No you can start to adjudicate (dat is a big word dat I got to Wikipedia it source) the dastardliness of the two.

    I am sure dat de udders gine submit some mo, using dem customary nom de plumes

    Oh dis submission is eider based pun balls, stupidity, a death wish or a healthy understanding of IEDs…

    • And how creative a solution is asking Bajans to shut the country down? Surprise surprise it is not in our DNA. Prospective leaders must win the hearts and minds with proposals which are pragmatic and will resonate.

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  21. BajanReporter.com (@bajanreporter)
    July 20, 2015 at 12:13 pm

    Heard Fumble screeching this morning on VOB that if Statutory Board staff are called to retire at 60 then they must go, does this apply to the PM himself and the GG as well?

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