Speaker of the House Michael Carrington Matter Referred to the Committee of Privileges

The matter of a recent judgement – Tales from the Courts–Justice Jacqueline Cornelius Makes Speaker of the House Michael Carrington PAY XXIV  directed at the Speaker of Parliament Michael Carrington was raised by member of parliament Santia Bradshaw. In a private member’s motion it was asked that Carrington be asked to explain himself to the House of Assembly known as the highest court of the land or to recuse himself until final ruling is ordered by the High Court. Deputy Speaker ruled that the matter be referred to the Committee of Privileges. BU believes until such time the Committee of Privileges hears the matter Deputy Speaker Mara Thompson will preside over the august body.

149 thoughts on “Speaker of the House Michael Carrington Matter Referred to the Committee of Privileges

  1. In a previous related post David asked: “David January 15, 2015 at 4:14 PM # : Why would a 90 year old jurist feel the need to play the party card?”

    Caswell Franklyn replied: “Caswell Franklyn January 15, 2015 at 4:17 PM #: SENILITY”

    I recall the days when Sir Frederick Smith hosted a radio call-in-program on Fridays [I can’t remember the radio station], entitled “Lawyer on Call”, during which he offered legal advice to callers.

    It’s rather strange Sir Sleepy is taking a completely different stance on this matter with Carrington with-holding Griffiths’ funds and documents, especially taking into consideration he used that program to harshly criticize lawyers who took advantage of their clients by embezzling or with-holding their money or property, often suggesting these dishonest individuals should be incarcerated for their nefarious deeds.

    Is it safe to assume that Sir Frederick is a hypocrite?

    • Artaxerxes

      You wrote: “Is it safe to assume that Sir Frederick is a hypocrite?”

      It not safe to make that assumption. I don’t believe for one moment that he is a hypocrite. I do not want to be offensive to Sir Frederick but he is showing advanced signs of dementia, so please be kind to him.


  2. ac sais ” January 15, 2015 at 7:59 PM # i refer this matter to the COMMITTEE of PRIVILEGES …If pigs had wings they would fly but they don.t CARRY ON SMARTLY DOOM AND GLOOMERS”

    Yeah, pigs don’t have wings. And certain people, know NOTHING about morality, integrity and what is right or wrong. And we know, we KNOWWWW, that nothing proper will be done about this issue, we GET that, because as you say ‘if pigs have wings, so we ‘can xiss off’ right????

    You know what is so hurtful, that we employees have to pay our taxes (hey another thing, you know that earnings are to be taxed, I wonder if that income was taxed?????) paye the stupid consolidation tax, for money to be burnt. Pay our road taxes and act like good lil citizens, but folks who should be held to a higher standard, don’t give a xxit and as you say, have the attitude that we ‘can xiss off’.

    Well, news for you ac sweet sexy thing, next election is going to be different. Things going happen, we going tell alla wunna to to likewise and we going get some new people. I hope nuff folks come out and spend the $250 dollars to run independent.

    Those who do, may not get it back, but it is $250 well spent if it makes wunna sweat even a lil bit.

    You know, I was cool to just now, then get blue vex, thinking how hard I work, how many years of being a ‘good citizen’ I put in and then as Bushie say xxxxxbowls can get in the House and at like that??? It gotta done.

    This CRAP gotta done!

  3. Sir Frederick merely playing party lines, from one of those old parties what was it??? the ELP, MLP, what was that??? Oh….onedem DLP or BDLP or such.

    Who really cares??

  4. Sir Frederick is merely echoing what the Prime Minister let out a few months ago. The Political Class looks after its own. The Masonic Lodge of Palmetto Street.

  5. @ Togetherness

    earlier in the precursor article You said, and I quote “With each statement from Owen and action by Mottley the likelihood of the BLP winning an election anytime soon recedes.”

    It could only be the bombshell news that Own has on Mia that could save the Democratic Labour Party from the absolute 30.0 defeat that they will suffer in 2018.

    St. John is gone and the myth of Barrow and Kellman land is dead like The late David Thompson

  6. Prodigal Son January 17, 2015 at 3:02 PM #

    Oh please, really? They cannot do any worse than many of the Ministers of the current AND previous administrations.

    Especially not when they are compared to the likes of ‘Five and Ten’, ‘Wuk Fuh Wuk’, Poochie, ‘Man That Know Evating bout Evating but does Nothing’, from the North, Seat Slash Man, I want a Plantation Man, Six Million (or is it Fifteen) Dollar Mother Man, Jumping Jack Man (left and right and back again).

    You REALLY want to go there???

    But then, I have not said anything, nor named names. I have just played with words. You cant identify any of these, so your point stands….. my statement has not merit, as none of these are identifiable..


    Only one thing, why oh why does every Prime Minister see it fit to place certain people as head of CBC, what is that??? Unfortunately, if we were not so sure of their good intentions, we would think it was because they appear to be good friends with said individuals. But that would be wrong, Right?

    As you say, these folks do a great job, who could match it, who???

  7. @ Hants

    What does a third party mean?

    The structures and processes and calibre and constitution of the BLP AND THE DLP simply WILL NOT FACILITATE what changes are necessary.

    We have to depart from mediocrity and political largesse and deploy a new ethos of pride in what we do for country, community, family and self.

    It is not being utopian minded to support a thrust and mindset where Barbados and Barbadians are reoriented to a system where our compensation is based on the work effort we exert and our promotions and responsibilities are tied to our competencies as opposed to our ability to suck the minister’s private parts or some nepotism based on party allegiance

    We have no choice but to depart from these two spiritually empty political sepulchers because on this trajectory we have been following for 30 years we are seeing that they both have led us to Westbury cemetery

    Change or Die, while seemingly a dramatic slogan, is in actual fact where we are at January 2015

    Someone shared that the cutting of the sugarcane crop can’t start because the government is broke and has no idea where it is going to get the money to pay the workers

    Change or Die. Maybe de ole man should do like Kiki and Plantation Deeds and change me name….

  8. It appears that the work ethic of Barbadians is in question. Rather than use general theories, why not conduct research specific to Barbados to determine which Barbadians are most productive; the conditions that create the atmosphere for their productivity; and use that model across all entities?

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