Ajax Ronald Robinson: Playing Selfish With the Bony Calf

Submitted by HIMILTON A. HILL
Ronald Robinson - photo credit: Nation newspaper

Ronald Robinson – photo credit: Nation newspaper

As a crop-over junkie this time of year normally represents for me a period of revelry, for by any and all means necessary I will contract the infection of festival fever.  BU, Facebook, Twitter, the newspapers are read but nothing can solicit a response, for such are the symptoms of festival fever. Getting Down To Brasstacks, normally my favourite radio program takes a back seat to Fireworks for not only do I love the combination of Dennis J and crazy Carol Roberts in the afternoon, but this festival fever thing is overwhelming.

Yesterday [June 5th] the Voice of Barbados Brasstacks program for me took on the passion and intensity associated with Fireworks as the Owner/CEO/Managing Director/Chief cook and bottle washer of a construction company called AJAX made for all of Barbados to hear, a prima facie case of unfair treatment by the boys in charge.

“The name is Ronald Edwin Robinson” he begun as with the style and intonation of a Baptist Minister perched in comfort of his pulpit any Sunday morning, Robbie made an impassioned and dare I say truthful presentation as it relates to the way the crumbs that fall from the table are guided.

That he was echoing and rightly so concerns voiced by business mogul Cow Williams does not diminish the relevance of this question. Robbie where was your sense of fair play back in the mid nineties? As your level of maturity precluded the public use of names lets hold fast to this tenet of decency and simply ask did you not think that back then they too had to eat? Did you not think that there was enough room at the table for …..?

So true is the saying that the longest day has an end, and chicks do come home to roost. This one though best fits you my brother: There is a price to pay for running with the hares while hunting with the hounds. This sorry lot that now continues to wreck havoc upon the poor people of Barbados will one day, sooner rather than later be called on to answer for their misdeeds. They will pay their price. You Robbie should shut the hell up, teck yah lumps and deal wid it, for what goes around, as sure as night replaces day will come around. Just shut the hell up!

50 thoughts on “Ajax Ronald Robinson: Playing Selfish With the Bony Calf

  1. I winder what would happen if all contracts in Barbados were awarded on the basis of merit.

    Would the economy fail?

  2. It is the evil wicked unproductive criminal TAXATION system that has been used by DLP/BLP government over the years to help thwart the natural progression upwards and expansion outwards of many businesses of the broad masses and middle classes of people of this country.

    One of the first acts of a certain future coalitional regime of Barbados and of which the PDC will be part shall be to begin the process of dismantling of this very destructive irrational TAXATION SYSTEM and to initiate the process of the creation of a post-TAXATION society for Barbados, and at the same time too to allow for the emergence of a new, dynamic and productive entrepreneurial sector in this country.


  3. I agreed that the Robinson (AJAK) should just shut the hell up,because men like Robinson, Arthur’s const, are no good .
    They will pay for the misdeeds. ask them if they give a small man with a truck a job , Not them, the selfish bunch , they go and credit a truck first so as to keep all the work . I was made redundant in 2002 and looking for a job as a truck driver a Black friend with a big truck told me if you had a small truck you will get some work with me
    , I took my payout money buy a used small truck from Japan and before it get here the man went and credit a truck and ask me to come and drive for him , not one of the many Black Constructors and Trucker give me a job with the truck , one day I go a call from Mr Week of CO William Quarries and he give me a jobs with that truck for over 10 years , by the way he is what we call a white man

  4. who you think you fooling | June 6, 2014 at 10:49 PM |
    My bet is watchman is Bajan and white. Any takers?
    Black Barbadians from time immemorial have been voicing similar treatment meted out to them.

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  6. BB its a ploy by the watchman’s of this world to confuse and divide those who they feel are incapable and incompetent to deal with business affairs. You maybe a watchman yourself.

  7. So funny to hear the epitome of SELFISHNESS making a public outcry for a level playing field. Do so, don’t like so. ..for pain is not considered to be real, until I feeling it.

  8. It is no secret Mr. Robinson benefited from a significant amount of work under the previous BLP administration; that not withstanding, he made a valid point re the no tender process for the pending mains laying project.
    If public funds from the NIS are being used in the project, a tendering process should have been used for some portion of the work to be done.

  9. The damn man Robinson right!

    Well SOMEBODY has to call for transparency and integrity…..and it certainly don’t appear that the typical Bajan BRASS BOWL has the balls to do so (except for Caswell and Lowdown) …so perhaps we should be GRATEFUL if Robinson makes the call.

    Wuh shiite….if he was trying to be a businessman in a CROOKED environment and now recognizes that the environment needs to change what the hell is the point of cursing him for calling for the CORRECT approach now?

    Tired of this lotta shiite of “wunna do it – so we going do it too…”

    Same shiite with Peter Boos….
    Imagine a damn white man have to stand up to say publicly what a lotta damn NONSENSE going on bout here..?
    …a man who did the same nonsense when he was in his prime?
    …the sorta nonsense perfected by white people…!!

    ….if we ain’t got the balls to stand up publicly and call out these things …at least STFU when others who may not be “perfect” like us stand up and do so…..

  10. Pain means nothing to me until I feeling it. I mekking nuff noise now bout cleaning up the spot, so dat when the new landlords tek over dem bound ta remember me!

  11. @ Hamilton
    Pain means nothing to me until I feeling it.
    Correct…..That is an unfortunate FACT of life…..especially for brass.. WE all are guilty.
    It is why we continue to be distracted from the REAL SPIRITUAL purpose of life by the trinkets of ‘the economy’, by sex, by the routine of just living until we die….
    …when crunch time comes….when our LIMITED TIME is at an end… and the meaninglessness of our priorities become clear, THEN we too will feel the pain of wasted priorities….

    ….so if an equally guilty brass bowl manages to see the light, and the error of his previous ways, who are we to cast stones…?

    Bushie says …. If a fella is trying to do the RIGHT thing… for whatever reason… he deserves at least qualified support….

    Shiite man….if only we can get Caswell to see the damn light with BUP…..

  12. @Bushie
    robinson only shouting loud because he aint getting none of the sweets, until a fairer system is put in place, the more things change they will remain the same. until caswell get he party going nothing will change.

    I could recall the said robinson promising some money to sponsor a sporting project and he gave the organistion the run around and never delivered when the time arrived.
    u cant eat ur cake and have it,u play politics u get burn,

  13. robinson only shouting loud because he aint getting none of the sweets,….”
    …and why are you here shouting loud on every blog?
    Were you one of the begging mendicants looking for handouts in the name of “sports” that Robinson buffed…?
    If going around begging for handouts and being miffed when businessmen refuse to hand over their hard earned cash is your basis for contributing here …perhaps you should buzz off …before Balaam put another set of lashes in your tail…..

  14. @ waiting
    I am black like Robinson, Arthur’s Const,
    Arthur’s Block, Block&Tile , and the many
    Black constructors in Barbados , who are very selfish when it come to shearing ,
    As I said Mr Keith Weekes of CO William Quarries give a job, freighting ! and I work at the quarries for over 10 years and make
    a living, many times I carry sand & stone to black people, who ask is the truck yours ?
    I say yes, they say give me a # , so as to get me next time they want sand or stone
    But the next time they call CO William , and when I turn up, they lost my # , but remembered CO William # , That what black do to black , many years ago I work in the auto industry with some black workshop bosses , if you do job work and have to be paid $200-300 that week it was a big problem with them , a man call George Ullyett in Content, uses to say to me , the more you work for, the better it get
    He is what we call a white man , must I say a good white man .

  15. @Mr. Bushie

    I am shouting just like u on every blog. and u reiterate, he crying sour milk. For your information, I was helping the orgniser of the event and roby with he making outself approached the orgniser saying we is friends and you didn’t even contact me but I gine give one thousand dollars, the man never get a cent after many run arounds. The got something name honesty, perhaps that’s not in ur vocabulary. I hope it is.

    • @Bush Tea

      As usual you striking close to the bullseye. Do we agree with Robinson the job should have been tendered for? If the answer is yes then attacking him is silly. A classic case of attacking the messenger and forgetting about the message.

      On Saturday, June 7, 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


  16. who you think you fooling | June 7, 2014 at 8:32 AM |
    BB its a ploy by the watchman’s of this world to confuse and divide those who they feel are incapable and incompetent to deal with business affairs. You maybe a watchman yourself.
    A Red under the Bed , eh?

  17. I would like to suggest to Mr Robinson that he take the Government of Barbados to court over not being awarded the contract. A precedent has been set when C.O.Williams was not offered the contract on either Highway 2A or the ABC expansion,and was awarded $1million by the High Court. Of course he had a top class lawyer to represent him.

  18. @ David
    If Robinson was given some work in the project , under the table , like the many he had before ,nobody would have known about any tendered contract and he being leave out ,,
    David , Robinson know you pass the % of $ upfront , before the work , but his problem is he has no $$$$$

    • @watchman

      Let us say you are correct. Now answer the question, should the project have been put out to tender yes or no?

      On Saturday, June 7, 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


  19. @buggy

    get ur facts straight, cow won based on the statement blackman made, the govt is not bound to accept the highest or lowest bidder, Robinson u win some and u lose some. Politic is no respector of persons/

    • The question posed again, was the project put out to tender? Until this question is answered then which bids are accepted or declined is a non point.

      On Saturday, June 7, 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


  20. @ David
    That project was known for a time
    Robinson said he asked for work ,in a project he thought was a BLOT, did not get any , but now his understanding is the NIS money is being used in the project ,he is saying it should have been a tendering process, if Robinson was given some of the work, we wouldn’t be hearing about any
    tendering process , Robinsonis crying is of his own making , his selfish ways

  21. @ David…Let me reiterate if only for the interest of clarity. ” Robby made an impassioned and dare I say truthful presentation, AS IT RELATES TO THE WAY THE CRUMBS THAT FALL FROM THE TABLE ARE GUIDED. ” While the Bushman’s point is valid and duly taken, there are certain facets to this story that simply cannot be overlooked. In the interest of threading cautiously let me phrase my point this way. Do you know when the pistons in the engine start to squeak? WHEN THE OIL STARTS TO DRY UP.
    Here we have the epitome of selfishness, who made no bones about what the focus was, who showed scant regard for lets say humility, who suddenly found out that the system is flawed? Man gimme a break do! Watchman you on point….YANKEEBAJAN….doan mind de bushman, he and Dompey is facebook friends so doan be surprise ef de two ah dem gang up pun ya,but you right too.

  22. When Robinson was getting the Clerk of Works at the Ministry of Education fired under the BLP for just doing his job that is indicating that Robinson was tiefing the government and tax payers of this country he should have known that his time was coming.

    Let him keep the big parties he used to keep for Mia and company and see if he could make a profit. This time make them pay!!

  23. Let Robby pull out his gold front teeth and sell them!! Should attract a fair price. When OSA was doing his nonsense in this place Robby knew who should and should not be fired!!

  24. @ David
    @Bush tea
    All government work should be contracted out to tenders.
    But how can it be done ,when the playing field is not and will not be ever level because of the crooked environment of doing business , Robinson and a lot of black businessmen in Barbados help in the perfection of nonsensical
    When Robinson, Arthur’s const , get the under the table jobs from government and need a truck or two to get the job done , they don’t give smaller trucker a job,they credit a truck, on bank overdraft pay insurance and road tax, stamp their name on the truck, instead of giving smaller black truckers a $75 trip , what you say about that bush tea , any reflections of
    nonsense, Robinson did a lot of it , money don’t like people that treat it BAD , people like Robinson shall BEG before they DIE

    and then get a driver when

  25. @Hamilton

    I fear neither bushie, dumpsy, miller, prodical, david on this blog, I have fortitude, Look at how ac and I dismiss porgie with consummate ease,

    Robinson deserves to suffer now, he use to boast under the blp, let him suffer.

    when the playing feel becomes level bushie, david and his cohorts can talk about transparency and accountability. when u dabble in politics u get what u desire. Roby should remember that one swallow don’t make a summer. Amen,

  26. bush tea asked yuh partner in crime david to do a poll to find out how many bu members would join bup…….not ac ,,,,,

  27. That appearance on fire works was a set up. carol roberts belongs to mia and Robby is Mia man when the BLP in power. Bushie you holding strain for a dead political horse!!! Before 1994, there was no bigger DLP than Robby!!! I find it strange that the DLP yard fowls here do not know him!!

  28. @ David
    Here we have a situation where we ALL can see a case of National Dishonesty that calls out for transparency, fairness and justice…
    Of all the faultless, honest, fair-minded Bajans who could have gone public and decried this situation…..NOT ONE ASK!!!!

    Then a fella comes along and finally a voice is raised against this blatant injustice, ….and what do we hear from the silent gallery?…….that this messenger is not PURE enough to bring this message.

    So who the hell qualifies to stand up for justice…? Who is pure enough? If Robinson has skeletons in his closet then the stink and Karma will get him all his just desserts…
    If he has been on the other side and now wishes to spill the beans…..who better to do so..? Some joker like Dompey who just talk to air his tonsils?

    We are too judgmental and vindictive……never willing to give the benefit of the doubt to people like us… Peter Boos ain’t no saint either….but his message is a sound (BU inspired) one….

    Who did Jesus chose to be disciples? …not fishermen..? …people who are notorious for having a less than pristine character…
    Who was Paul? ….not formerly Saul?
    …think Bushie is a sweetbread….?

    We need to grow up….thank the messenger for a sound message and leave karma to do its work…and more of us need to grow the balls to stand up against shiite….even if we ourselves are not perfect in all ways…

    …and Caswell need to get going with the damn BUP….:)

  29. @ Lemuel
    …so you think that Bushie gives a damn if he is BLP or DLP?

    Public contracts should be put to tender and the details should be published once the contract is awarded….and WHOEVER promotes that….for WHATSOEVER reason…has a sound point.

    @ ac
    …you mean that you don’t get it….?
    Do you think that there is ANY WAY that a jackass like you could find your way in the BUP?
    Don’t you understand ANYTHING…?
    The WHOLE point is to bring competent , intelligent, talented people together who can CONTRIBUTE to Barbados……
    …not to assemble retarded mendicants, lackies and yardfowls….stay with the DLP where you can flock comfortably…..

    • @Bush

      On the basis of the responses so far the rotten system which the Auditor General has been at pain to point out over successive administration will continue.

      We like it so it seems.

  30. welll well after a late night sleep..to wake up to hear this long horned dictator one bush tea,, talking shit and mad as hellll if any one says anything against his BUP,,,,,,, here is a man who has nothing good to say about bajans,,in general labeled them as less intelligent ,,and stupid ,,yet got the nerve to ask bajans to join with him in forming a group of INTELLIGENT<<< COMPETENT <<<<<<<i guess he forget to add his favorite word,,, BRASS BOWLS,,,,

  31. Bushie:
    You may not realize what you are doing and I understand you principled stance here. But, please do not try to ram a man like robby down peoples’ throat and think that there shall be no push back?

    He is the worse as a model or truth finder and the very worse as he has been an accessory to this kind of under hand dealing when the BLP was in power. So do not come with that holier than thou script to drag Robby sorry ass here for people on BU to have sympathy!!

    When he was sucking at the nipples of the Treasury and keeping those big parties why did he not come on BU then and say his conscience has him and he know what Mia and OSA doing is wrong!!

  32. Bushie:
    On another note, once you can assure me that you keeping ALL political yard fowls and members of the political class from around BUP, then I joining in a flash!!!

  33. @ Lemuel
    Clearly you are a saint and thus well placed to know who is a “worse model of truth” and who is not….not Bushie…
    Bushie knows within himself for example…what he would do with Islandgal if given half a chance – and so is unqualified to make judgments about the weaknesses of others like Robinson.
    As said before, if Satan himself – or even his deputy ac – were to call for openness and transparency in the award of PUBLIC contracts, Bushie would support them….

    If Bushie ever reaches your level of perfection perhaps the bushman will take a stand similar to yours…

  34. Bushie:
    I aint quarrel with your concepts, but you know as well as I do that if Satan came he like Robby would not be the best person as the whistle blower!! Bush man I have had to deal with many people who this man hurt, yes forgiveness is there but these people can not forget when in some instance these people were deprived of the livelihood and the ability to feed their families. I draw the line with that kind of behavior!!

    • @Lemuel

      Understand where you are coming fro but the message!

      On 8 June 2014 13:50, Barbados Underground wrote:


  35. @David
    Robinson did not bring a message , he highlighted his problem, with being leave out of a project , had Robinson been given work in the project nobody would have known ,the day he came on VOB , his concerned was who the new company that got some of the work in the project belong to, the tendering process talk and NIS money , was his trump cards and he used
    them , now what is the message that Robinson bring ? My understanding is his
    behavior as a black businessman got him to where he at , hope he has the ability to moved

  36. man bushie everytime u open uh mout to tek a leak,,uh piss stink wid hypocricy,,,how in the hell can any one support a self serving clown like robinson,,the negro gets up on vob when his as,.ss is on fire to look fuh support ,until then when everything was passed under table to him he said nutting,,can;t stand them kind,cause they dangerous just like uh……now the question as to whether contracts should be given full transparency,,ABSOLUTELY ! but when one has benefited from illegality in years and said nutting,,they words are plain self serving…and nobody care two shits what they have to say except a hypocrite like,,fuh some reason uh always seem to find them kind to be good company,,,,,i wonder why….talking about man speaking truth…fuh real,,only when things don’t go his way,,,,,

    • @watchman

      Your point is understood but we cannot become stuck on attacking Robinson, it is about actioning what he has brought to the table. Because of his input it motivated Hamilton to raise the issue and the ensuing discussion. The reality is that Barbados has become politically polarized around all the issues but something will have to give.

  37. @David
    I agreed , I am like you, working, praying and hoping that change come for the better,because I love this rock

  38. @Lemuel June 7, 2014 at 10:47 PM ” carol roberts belongs to mia”

    Belong to?

    I thought that massa day dun de’d and that nobody owns anybody else.

  39. Robbie is no fool. He’s a smart guy. Sorry to say that when things were going his way he never thought of helping another up-and-coming black businessman. He screwed me and caused me to lose my equipment. What goes around comes around so deal wid it Robbie

  40. I am now convinced that Barbadians are the most docile race on the face of this earth. Even though afforded the protection of anonymity, this has been a missed opportunity for many. Let all future cries fall on deaf ears. I purposely waited until now to make this declaration.

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