Caribbean Tourism: Coming Together for the Benefit of ALL

Adrian Loveridge - Hotelier

Adrian Loveridge – Hotelier

According to figures released by the Barbados Statistical Service January 2014 recorded the second highest long stay visitor arrivals from the United Kingdom in the last 12 years, with 18,134 persons. Only January 2009 exceeded this number with 20,911 persons. Having said this, there is still a mountain to climb especially if you look at the situation in perspective, January 2009 performance has to take into account recent past performance. In 2012 our single largest market registered a decline in every consecutive month of that year, ending with an overall fall of 15,631 stay-over visitors.

2013 finished with another 4,786 arrivals down over 2012. Over the last two year’s we have already more than 20,000 ‘lost’ British visitors to make up for. February 2014 United Kingdom figures continued with what hopefully will be an ongoing trend with a 10.2 per cent increase when compared with the identical month a year ago.

Sadly though the decline across other markets resulted in an overall fall, registering the lowest stay-over numbers for any February during the last 11 years. More than any, the second month of the calendar is often the barometer of whether the winter season is going to end successfully or not.

We know that the ‘Brits’ and Europeans stay longer therefore it is reasonable to assume they spend more, so based on this knowledge should we not be spending a larger proportion of precious marketing resources in this market?

The January ‘stats’ clearly show that price or the cost of the product can drive additional business as the majority of the increased numbers arrived on two British charter airlines, Thomson and Thomas Cook. In some cases seats with these carriers are half the price of what the scheduled airlines are charging, which can make all the difference for a family of four.

Once we get past next month it would appear that some of these additional flight options are not available for the softer summer months, so supply and demand will largely govern fare price levels. Naturally everything must be done to protect the legacy airlines, Virgin Atlantic and British Airways, but is it time to revisit the possibility of targeted charters from airports other than Gatwick and Manchester?

We are now just weeks away from Scotland’s referendum on 18th September. The Scottish Government has already pledged to reduce (initially by 50 per cent) and then possibly abolish the dreaded APD (Advance Passenger Duty) if there is a YES vote. This would give their airports a distinct commercial advantage for not just direct but also connecting flights. British Airways, group CEO, Willie Walsh, has called this a possible ‘positive development’.

Hopefully discussions are already taking place with the decision makers of Norwegian Air who have recently relocated their long haul subsidiary to Dublin in the Republic of Ireland, which in terms of airport capacity ranks as Europe’s tenth largest, carrying over 20 million passengers in 2013. Flights originating in Eire are also not subject to APD.

Norwegian will commence flights across the fiercely competitive transatlantic out of Gatwick in July and are expanding their fleet with an almost incredulous order of 260 new aircraft. If they could be persuaded to fly a limited charter out of Dublin to Barbados, this would also help us build the prosperous largely recession-proof Scandinavian market with connecting flights plus open up the Baltic States.

And if there is a perceived capacity risk, then are we really too proud or myopic to share such a service with St. Lucia or Grenada on a triangular route?

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  1. Seem that my analysis supporting increased numbers based on observation was not so far wrong at all or was spot on which suggests that the BTA must be doing something right for once. Commiserations are therefore in order for the much maligned Minister.

  2. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, if there wasn’t an increase in visitors this year (the longest winter in recent memory) you would really be in trouble. Get that carnival fever started around the world, and let people know Barbados is not just a winter destination.

  3. While I welcome the first month (January 2014) recording any growth of the last consecutive 22 months, we have to keep this is true perspective.

    2013 recorded the LOWEST number (508,520) of long stay visitors for
    11 years, so any growth this year has to reflect that fact.

    2012 – 536,303
    2011 – 567,724
    2010 – 532,180
    2009 – 518,564
    2008 – 567,667
    2007 – 572,937
    2006 – 562,558
    2005 – 547,534
    2004 – 551,502
    2003 – 531,211

  4. When the PDC perceives any oral or written statements from persons to the effect that some one or some business OWES TAXES to the government, we cringe at such colossal ignorance, submissiveness and fear indwelling in such persons on perceiving such statements.

    For, as we have said many times before on here and elsewhere, there is ABSOLUTELY no way that any one or any business or any other relevant entity can OWE the government of Barbados any TAXES, since – in the government’s threatening to STEAL To ROB/ and, furthermore, in its actually STEALING and ROBBING (TAXING) every day countless portions of the remunerations of the relevant persons, businesses and other entities, it is and will be wholly performing criminal illegal acts.

    For, no person, no business, no other relevant entity can logically reasonably – and without reasonable resistance too to the government – be handing over WHAT IS THEIRS – portions of their remuneration properties – to any government knowing full well that the government is was going to ROB had intended to ROB them of their remuneration properties, on some false belief some false assumption of theirs that, in such circumstances of the government intending and going to ROB them of portions of their own remuneration properties, they are actually OWING a ROBBING THIEVING government what is ABSOLUTELY theirs, merely because the government (sic) is saying so.

    Moreover, there can be no legal or rational or contractual basis for such entities handing over portions of their own remunerations to such a government that intends to STEAL/ROB them of their remunerations. NONE AT ALL!!

    Therefore, what we must tell these persons, businesses and other entities that the government of Barbados falsely claims OWE them TAXES – is this: that they must NEVER EVER hand over such of their remuneration properties to the government ( mere people like us) what so ever these mere mortals who form the government say in regard of they OWING the government TAXES. Conscientiously NEVER EVER!! What ever the forces or sanctions threatened or used by government!!

    For, these DLP and BLP Governments cannot be ROBBING the relevant people, businesses and other entities of what is theirs, and then when some of these entities in some circumstances RIGHTLY do not hand over portions of their own remunerations to the government, they are later faced with the government threatening to seize and dispose of their properties and rights to lands, and such like, to make up for what these thieving DLP/BLP governments falsely evilly wickedly claim these entities OWE them; and furthermore then they are later faced with prosecution by these said agencies in the law courts of the people and worst threatened by Judicial officers of the said courts with fines (also terribly wrong), jail terms, with court orders to sell their homes, take over their rights to land and dispose them, when they do not make arrangements with the government in handing over what is theirs to the government and do not become known accomplices to their own terrorization, victimization and dispossession by a government that is supposed to help secure their persons and help protect their properties in law.

    What blatant dehumanization indeed!!

    Clearly, those are aspects of FASCISM and TOTALITARIANISM that are being found in modern day Barbados and that we are describing here, and we denounce such governmental intentions and actions in the strongest terms.

    Surely, the days of DLP and BLP governments keeping the so many people in Barbados in ignorance and fear are soon OVER, with the further growth and development of the PDC and the CUP in the hearts, souls and minds of many more people in this country.



  5. @ balance | March 17, 2014 at 5:50 AM |
    “Seem that my analysis supporting increased numbers based on observation was not so far wrong at all or was spot on which suggests that the BTA must be doing something right for once. Commiserations are therefore in order for the much maligned Minister.”

    So the Minister and his lieutenants can stow away the twin bogeys of international recession and the dreaded APD for Barbados’s underperformance in that industry?

    It’s raining tourists again in Bim and paradise has returned to that sector.
    All future problems and fabricated alibis must now all be homegrown, you agree balance?

  6. All future problems and fabricated alibis must now all be homegrown, you agree balance?”
    Never ever believed that our problems were principally external or that nothing could have been done to change the situation based on my knowlegde of the intricacies of Government financial management based on many years of hands on experience and direct training. Still i do believe that that where credit is perceived to be due, credit must be given.

  7. Expect more Canadians.

    The Chum FM Breakfast in Barbados promotion is the best since they started it.
    They have been running it on mainstream TV in Toronto every day.

    I won’t use statistics to prove my point and I am not talking about people who win the contest. It is the fact that Barbados is the focus of the ad.

    You all can continue the attacks on the BTA and the government but Chum FM Breakfast in BARBADOS promotion is great for Tourism in Barbados.


  8. Hants,

    hopefully you are right, but we have to face the facts and 2013 recorded the second lowest (67,295) number of long stay Canadian visitors for the last five tears.
    It is long overdue that ‘we’ start telling the truth and concentrate on solving the obvious problems.

  9. @ balance | March 17, 2014 at 9:40 AM |
    “Still i do believe that that where credit is perceived to be due, credit must be given.”

    And that is why you should also thank Mother Nature for making not just Barbados but the entire Caribbean a most attractive and warm destination for the current winter season.
    If the summer shows significant improvements then the MoT and his advertising elves could be commended.

    Just remember balance one snowbird event does not indicate an avalanche of permanent arrivals.
    Keep the crime down, stop the harassment, clean up the place, make it accessible for the travelling disabled and offer value for money and then you will see how attractive Bim will once again become as the destination of choice (especially for the Brits and English-speaking Canadians) in the Eastern Caribbean.

  10. Hants,

    and hopefully you are giving the BTA your full support with the Ontario Road Show taking place this week.

  11. @ PDC

    Dear PDC or should i say the two man crew of Mark Adamson and Akil Umi, there is a time and place for everything, including your Taxation rant.

    Winter for roughly 5 months will drive anyone to come to warm climes, if it is affordable and 1 star hotels don’t continue to extort 5 star hotel rates.

    Suggestion from de grandson.

    First Step. Create a Ministry of Tourism website where all dese tourisses can enter their name, date of visit, email address, passport and Ticket number on the site.

    Second Step. invite each tourist to enter the email of their friends in their “electronic envelope” (de grandson call it some highfaluting name dat i ent unnnerstand) and do an electronic invite for dem friends Oh a controlled mass mail-out)

    Third Step. Offer a free week at Sandy Lane paid for by the MoT for the tourist dat get de most people coming to Bulbados.(Sandy Lane or de fellow at de Crane would do dis for free if dem see benefits to dem arrivals)

    Link the back-end of the site to the accomodation/hotels dem and for the Love of GOD try to influence dem low grade hotels to drop dem ingrunt rates) You can have different categories of incentives for various targets/referrals who convert to visitors

    De grandson is a bright fellow en he does wuk at *** bank. I tell he dat I expect dat de fellow Richard Sealy and he cohort gine read dis and tek it and phvck it up as usual causing de Immigration Department is a Law to itself so de likelyhood uh MoT getting de anmes uh who “convert” is as likely as Gearbox statue replacing Lord Nelson at de top uh Broad Street.

    I still love he, even doah he bank is one uh dem dat does teif ole people dat dead wifout any body knowing bout dem passbook accounts! dem does doan even escheat de accounts, jes plain teif de money. Man it does mek me cry whu dem does do.

    Anyways, i ent gine ramble too much wid dis post.

    De missus gone tuh *** wid some uh de udder grans en i lef heah to cook, wash and fend fuh meself.

    Sister Headley was did want to cum ovah heah but given she “intentions” plussing de fact dat tings may or may not work “down south”, i tink it is bettah dat she stan home at she. De granson bring lunch yesterday en ting so i gine warm up de pot en eat sumting…

    Step Four. Get de inept Immigration Department to provide confirmations of arrivals and

  12. Step Four. Get de inept Immigration Department to provide confirmations of arrivals and please, contrary to your normal practices, give the tourises their reward for their marketing.

    Tourises love free tings and em will market anyting dat get dem a free trip or a discount offa sumting.

    I sure dat de granson idea ent gine cost wunna no $ 11M but now dat i study it, dat means dat Sealy en company ent gine get no kickbacks nuh. Drat, de bag bust up!!

  13. Adrian

    Just checked the BTA Canada website, but do not see anything about the Ontario Road Show taking place this week.

    Where do I look for details, locations, times, etc?

  14. @Adrian Loveridge,

    I support Barbados by “selling it” to everyone I can including those who have above average income.

    The battle the BTA faces in some Canadian markets is the influx of immigrants over the last 10 years who are now in areas that white Canadians used to live in.

    Major cities in Canada are now multicultural and that presents difficulties for the BTA.

    We can all criticize but there was a time when one advertisement in the Toronto Saturday star would be enough to fill a plane but they were almost all white people looking to get a tan.

    Sorry Adrian but your statistics don’t influence me because they do not consider the changes in the Canadian market.

    All I hope is that Tourism improves so that my friends and family will feel less pain from the recession Barbados is feeling right now.

  15. Does it make sense to count the cruise tourist who disembark at Grantley Adams, board a tour bus and head straight to the port to board a cruise liner, how is that part of B’dos’ tourist numbers?

  16. MOF just stated in Parliament that Hilton Barbados is FULL. Now check their webite and at least six room options available tonight.

  17. Adrian Loveridge wrote “but we have to face the facts and 2013 recorded the second lowest (67,295) number of long stay Canadian visitors for the last five years.”

    You need to face the fact that the Canadian economy has been flat over the last 5 years and employment figures are skewed by the fact that an increasing number of jobs in Ontario are minimum wage + 50cents per hour.

    Western Canada (oil country) is always doing well but they probably prefer to go to Vegas.

    It is time to look forward and support efforts to bring more Tourists to Barbados.

    Even I might take up an offer from Marville Travel in May.

  18. Casinoes … Clothing-optional Resorts (Sam Lords, North Point and Peace and Quiet) … and Marijuana-tolerant zones (Mandela Park, the Inner Basin and the New Central Bank show off public facility ..)

  19. Adrian

    From Travelpress – Barbados Hits the Road

    The Barbados Tourism Authority is holding its Ontario Road Show receptions in Ontario this month, providing an update on what’s new on the island and on upcoming festivals. Windsor will be visited March 17, London and Oakville March 18, Markham March 19, Ajax March 20 and Etobicoke March 21. Some receptions are in the afternoon and others in the evening. Each will have a reception, presentation and prizes. For more, call 1-888-Barbados or e-mail, or

    Why are the venues, times etc, not included?

  20. Hants

    DD agrees that Breakfast in Barbados is getting lots of TV exposure, and do hope that the exposure will result in increased Canadian visitors.

    But; the focus is to gain listeners for 104.5 CHUM FM by phoning in to win a free trip to Barbados and attend the “Biggest Concert Barbados has ever seen”. More listeners =higher ad rates for CHUM

    I am not convinced that the CHUM promotion will drive a lot of visitors to Barbados in addition the the 70 lucky winners.

    At least if all the winners spend all the dollars on the $1,500.00 CIBC Adventura Gold Card in Barbados, there will be a total spend of CAD $105,000 (BDS $210,000) in the economy.

  21. @ lawson | March 17, 2014 at 11:59 AM |
    More brilliance from the BTA, having their event in Windsor on St Patrick’s day??????

    I am sure that BTA has arranged for all the pubs in Windsor to be serving Banks instead of Guinness

  22. What it shows is not a lot of effort put in to knowing the market you are in. It would be like holding a visit Ireland event on kadooment. getting paid but wondering why no-one came They say everyone is irish on st pattys day meaning you can right off the 18 as well. I disagree with Hants when new immigrants are getting a vacation they are going home unless their country is worn torn and even then. The Canadian market for Barbados hasn’t changed, returning nationals, their decendants, or the pastey face white man (me) and his ilk. wanting that tan

  23. re Hants | March 17, 2014 at 12:28 PM |

    I, too, support Barbados by “selling it” to everyone I can including those who have above average income, and those who do not have above average income.

    I do not understand your reasoning that the influx of immigrants over the last 10 years who are now in areas that “white” Canadians used to live in prevents with the “white” Canadians, or the immigrants for that matter, from choosing Barbados as a vacation destination.

    That there was a time when one advertisement in the Toronto Saturday Star would be enough to fill a plane with all those “white” people looking to get a tan, suggests that it might be timely to see one of those ads again.

    Sorry Hants, but your argument does not influence me to believe that it is the immigrants that are causing the “white” Canadians to choose to vacation elsewhere. It is the lack of Toronto Saturday Star ads. Butch seems to think that Toronto Star (and Globe & Mail) ads cause Canadians to choose, St. Lucia, Grenada, T&C, Bahamas and Jamaica etc

    I, too, hope is that Tourism improves so that my friends and family will feel less pain from the recession Barbados is feeling right now.


      17 March 2014

      $240m Plasma Gasification Waste to Energy Deal Signed in Barbados

      Guernsey-based Cahill Energy has signed an agreement with the government of Barbados to build and operate a plasma gasification waste to energy facility on the Caribbean island.

      The company said that it expects to invest up to $240 million in the proposed plant which, is set to be located in Vaucluse, St Thomas.

      Cahill claimed that once operational the plant will be capable of generating up to 25% of the island’s energy, providing the government of Barbados several hundred million dollars in estimated savings over the 30 year lifetime of the contract.

      The company added that it is expecting to utilise plasma gasification technology from Calgary, Canada based Alter NRG (T: NRG).

      It is hoped that once operational the plant will divert some 650 tonnes of solid waste per day from landfill, while generating up to 25% of the island’s power requirements.

      “Cahill Energy offers us a real solution to becoming energy independent, while at the same time reducing our massive oil import bill,” explained Barbados’s minister of environment, the honourable Dr Denis S. Lowe.

      The a minister of energy in the Office of the prime minister, the honourable Darcy W. Boyce, added: “Thiswaste to energy project is a major step to put Barbados firmly on the way to its initial target of replacing by 2029, 29% of its oil based electricity by generation from renewable and alternative energy.”

      “Indeed, this project will help Barbados significantly to reach this target ten years earlier than planned,” he continued.

      Cahill added that it received legal advice on the deal from international law firm Taylor Wessing.

      Read More

      Alter NRG to Supply 15 MW Plasma Gasification Waste to Energy Plant in China

      Plasma gasification technology developer, Alter NRG is to supply a gasifier to a 15 MW municipal solid waste to energy facility in the City of Bijie, China.

      Plasma Gasification Plant Commissioned for Treating Incinerator Ash

      Alter NRG has commissioned the Westinghouse Plasma torches used at a new incinerator ash vitrification facility constructed by GTS Energy in Shanghai, China.

      Profits Boom as Chinese Waste to Energy Firm Secures Gate Fee Increases

      Hong Kong based waste to energy firm, China Everbright International has increased revenue to over HK$5.3 billion and reported significantly higher profits for the year ending 31 December 2013.

      By Ben Messenger

      Managing Editor

  24. BAFBFP | March 17, 2014 at 1:04 PM |

    Does the threshold of high morals but would likely bring in lots of Forex.

  25. I am listening to the Estimates debate in Parliament.

    On VOB’s news this morning, the poor rakey Speaker said he was traumatised because the Opposition did not attend the 375th celebration of Parliament a few weeks. I did not hear any noise coming from the BLP side as the Stinkliar was telling his lies but these wild boys would not let the Leader of the Opposition speak in peace.

    They disrespect Parliament every time they go in there yet this stupid speaker could say he was traumatised because the BLP did not go to a cocktail party. The man even said that the BLP insulted the GG and the royals. Poor rakey speaker, control the wild boys on your side and ask them to show respect to this same parliament you were celebrating.

    Useless bunch!

  26. @Due Diligence
    I am not convinced that the CHUM promotion will drive a lot of visitors to Barbados in addition the the 70 lucky winners
    How many times are you going to repeat that? Do they have to convince you or the neighbours and friends of the winners as well as the audience who hear and view the ads? Shouldn’t Barbados have a unique promotion to attract visitors?

  27. @ Adrian Loveridge,
    I am not amused with your constant promotion of the tourist industry in Barbados. You do not seem to recognise that the halcyon days of tourism is now history.

    Too much reliance on an industry with ever diminishing profit margins represents at best an indulgence; and at worse fool-hardiness.

    I am sure that you would be happy to know that Talk Sport (the” world’s biggest sports radio station “) based in the UK has just started to advertise that Top Gear will be heading to Barbados, Bushey Park. The ads have been heavily played since yesterday. Let’s hope that those who visit the island spend big; not just in the up-market areas, or at your hotel; but in those locations where they will find authentic Bajan culture.

    On a final note, just see if you could ask all those pistol, trigger-happy goons to put away their weapons during this period. This programme is known for lampooning the countries that it visits. I hope that Barbados will be on its guard.

    On a final, final note your countrymen and women are “spitting feathers” that Caricom have made inquiries concerning reparations and an apology for slavery during that “belle epoch” of European supremacy. I will not ask you to pass comment. However, I am shocked at some of the comments that have been posted. It makes me wonder why so many Brits holiday in the Caribbean. Good night.

  28. @ Exclaimer | March 18, 2014 at 5:53 PM |
    “On a final note, just see if you could ask all those pistol, trigger-happy goons to put away their weapons during this period. This programme is known for lampooning the countries that it visits. I hope that Barbados will be on its guard.”

    A similar call could also be made in respect of the harassment on the streets and beaches, the garbage strewn around the place and the overgrown bush on the country roads posing threats to both health and safety.
    The T G fans and followers would be only too keen to enjoy the beer and food at the Oistins Bay Gardens. Please make sure the toilet facilities are not a let down and become the butt of jokes on the British tele.
    Jeremy Clarkson is familiar with Barbados and will pull no punches in criticising the island and its natives.

  29. @ millertheanunnaki,

    You paint a negative picture of Barbados. Let’s hope that Clarke states with clarity and objectivity what he sees. I hope that two/three months will be sufficient to trim back the excessive growth of the bushes and the removal of the garbage.

    Irrespective of Clarke’s comments nothing will change: the government will remain indifferent to the importance of managing a healthy environment; and the people will continue to litter.

    I am off to catch up on the football.

  30. @ Exclaimer | March 18, 2014 at 7:06 PM |
    “I hope that two/three months will be sufficient to trim back the excessive growth of the bushes and the removal of the garbage”

    Such is possible if only the local authorities see these as important matters that are influential in making a destination desirable enough to be recommended to others, i.e., word of mouth (free) advertising and promotion.

    Maybe those authorities who read this blog would step up to the plate and have the place hygienically appealing like the Barbados of yore.
    The country has its own share of challenges in the tourism industry in relation to its image of offering value for money.
    It does not need to create an image of it being a nasty and unsafe destination.
    Barbados can do better, for sure. Top Gear can be an excellent medium to promote Bim as a paradise in the sun.

  31. Here is Sarah Vine in today’s Daily Mail on Heremy Clarkson, the Top Gear presenter.

    Clarkson’s not racist – just a bore
    Jeremy Clarksonis in trouble again for a supposedly racist comment on Sunday night’s Thailand edition of Top Gear.

    Racist or not, I fail to understand why everyone gets their knickers in a twist over Clarkson.

    The whole point of the man is to cause outrage: that is what the BBC pays him to do. In him are concentrated all the thwarted fantasies of every overweight, ugly, balding, half-cut pub bore with industrial-strength halitosis that should be banned under the Geneva Convention.

    His existence on our screens is a clear sign of the Corporation’s commitment to public service

  32. Canadian based contributors…. BTA Ontario Road Show
    Windsor event cancelled citing ‘lack of interest’ and London poorly attended.

  33. I get the impression that these shows were targeting Travel Agents.

    We have freezing rain in the GTA today so maybe they will have to cancel the remaining shows.

    Road shows can be very effective.

    Two years ago I was involved in the planning of a “Road Show” that went to 13 locations in the USA and Canada.
    One venue was Madison Square Garden and was attended by 300 “invitees”.

    I was told the shows generated a lot of new business for the Company.

  34. Hants, did they have freezing rain in Windsor on Monday and was the St Patricks Day Parade cancelled?

  35. The UK Chancellor of the Exchequer announced:
    Air passenger duty will be changed. “From next year, all long haul flights will carry the same, lower, band B tax rate that you now pay to fly to the United States.”

  36. Adrian Loveridge | March 19, 2014 at 9:49 AM |
    Hants, did they have freezing rain in Windsor on Monday and was the St Patricks Day Parade cancelled?

    I Hants do not work for the BTA and I really don’t care why the roadshows were cancelled.
    I believe the Toronto office is run by competent individuals and as a hotelier you Adrian Loveridge are free to pick up the phone and call the Toronto office for an explanation.

    I stated the fact that there was a forecast for freezing rain in the GTA and that would justify cancelling events.

    • AIR BLOW


      AIR BLOW Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association president Patricia Affonso-Dass.

      By Shawn Cumberbatch | Sun, March 23, 2014 – 12:09 AM

      Barbados has been left with a hole in its European tourism strategy, and several local hotels now face the prospect of reduced business after Swedish carrier TUI Nordic announced it was pulling the plug on its service to the island.

      Industry sources informed the SUNDAY SUN of the development and Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association (BHTA) president Patricia Affonso-Dass confirmed that the charter would not be returning after this winter, reportedly fed up with “poor sales” here and opting for the more lucrative Jamaican tourism market.

      After a more than ten-year hiatus, the airline was welcomed back to Barbados with much fanfare in December 2011 by a delegation led by Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy.

      At that time it was heralded as the key to Barbados tapping into the lucrative Scandinavian market and justification for the Barbados Tourism Authority having a separate European office outside of Britain.

      But more than two years later TUI officials have now notified local tourism officials that continuing to service the Barbados market was not financially viable.

      Please read the full story in today’s SUNDAY SUN, or in the eNATION edition.

    • TUI Nordic Service Touches Down in Barbados

      A contingent of 280 northern European travelers is now on island following the inaugural TUI Nordic flight between Stockholm Sweden and Barbados.

      Speaking at the inaugural ceremony hosted in the Grace Adams Suite at the Grantley Adams International Airport this past Wednesday, Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy, confirmed that the move to attract more business out of the Scandinavian market was key, especially since the global recession had not majorly impacted the northern European region.

      "We are building a relationship here that has significant growth prospects. We have already confirmed for next winter season a doubling of the capacity from Scandinavia. So this flight is out of Sweden every other week, but next winter season we will have flights every week alternating between Stockholm, Sweden and Helsinki Finland. I would like to think we can build on that and go ever further into Scandinavia."

      Product Manager at TUI Nordic, Johanna Strand, acknowledged the marketing efforts put in place to ensure top of mind awareness of the island within that market, stating that ‘never in TUI’s history have we had such great support from a tourism organization.’

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