Malaysian Flight 370: How Does a Triple 7 Disappear in 2014?

The Flight simulator which belongs to Capt Zaharie Ahmad Shah of Malaysian Airlines

Follow an online conversation posted by Captain Zahari Ahmad Shah when he sought help to setup this Flight Simulator

Before BU family member Sargeant accuses the BU household of navel gazing …

72 thoughts on “Malaysian Flight 370: How Does a Triple 7 Disappear in 2014?

  1. Hi David
    Well you are late to the party I did make a comment about this about a week ago, but better late than never.

  2. Been following this riveting and intriguing story,one of suspense the many theories thrown out as to the hows, why,s this all happened also the possibilty that this plane was carrying something of value that hijacker/s wanted with a probabilty that the hijacker/s might have used parachutes as an escape route

  3. From the moment it was disclosed that the plane had made a turn before disappearing. I remarked to colleagues that the plane had not in my view which could be wrong crashed but had been deliberately diverted to somewhere else possibly one of the islands in the indian ocean for reasons known only to the perpetrators.

  4. @David

    Given what has transpired within the last few days I am as stymied as anyone else and any outlandish theory cannot be dismissed outright I even hear about alien abduction 

    At the beginning I surmised that it was a terrorist incident against China by the Uyghurs as a follow up on the recent attack when they allegedly killed 30 people in killed Xinjiang Province but given the conflicting reports and the drip drop of information being released by the Malaysian Gov’t it is hard to formulate a sound position ( or at least one that will stand up to any scrutiny) . I am not alone in this as the so called experts are at sea ( pardon the inference) and have a hard time trying to get a handle on this matter.
    What it does show that in a world of increased security and paranoia over air travel that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link and it exposes the Malaysian Gov’t as a bunch of incompetents from the word go. It has a has a 200 million dollar asset in the form of a 767 airline and yet they did not think it was prudent to see if the people who board their airlines were travelling on stolen documents. After the story broke about the two passengers one of the Gov’t spokesmen said that one of the men looked like Mario Balotelli and the world Press immediately announced that one of the men with the stolen passports was Black. And it goes downhill from there the latest news is that it ascended to 45000 ft. turned around and flew back over Malaysia yet their Air Force did not do as much as intercept or query the Pilot’s actions.

    Since no group has claimed responsibility and given the fuel limitations there are a few possibilities but the main one is that the plane is at the bottom of some ocean and they may never find it, remember the Black Box from the Air France that went down off Brazil was recovered two years later and they had a good idea where that plane crashed.

    Conspiracy theory any one? BAFBFP…….?

    • @Sarge

      What we know is the extent the US networks feel they have to demonize the pilot and copilot.

      On Sunday, 16 March 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


  5. This is not a mystery as much as a cluster phuck. How can it be so difficult to locate a giant plane? I read today that they have now concluded the plane was deliberately diverted.
    Yes, it would take a whole week to figure that out.
    Meanwhile families grow more despondent by the day with no hope of knowing what happened to their loved ones cause the Malaysian government is muddling the efforts and refused international help in the beginning. After much criticism started accepting help but now complaining their are too many cooks and its a diplomatic issue. Umm, big friggin plane left your country, ended contact, diverted, never reached its destination, you cant find it due to no infrastructure to do so one week later…yes, Malaysian authorities congratulate yourselves. You are really doing a fanstatic job over there. That plane has just got to be somewhere at the bottom of the Indian ocean with its innocent victims, the question is why? Too many human liabilities aboard to be just hijacked and parked out somewhere.

  6. @David

    The Malaysian Gov’t is leading this effort and t is up to them to ask for assistance, it is not that the US networks are demonizing anyone, they are all looking for answers and each possibility must be examined. I for my part have heard only good things about the Pilot and the only negative I have heard about the co-pilot is that he once invited two young Aussie women in the cockpit ( uh huh) but we don’t know if that is true because he isn’t around to confirm or deny.

    • Why would some networks be driven to speculate that the pilot took a dive to commit suicide? There is no evidence, all we know is that a big plane has disappeared.

      On Sunday, 16 March 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


  7. The pilots previous actions and his poor judgement has given enoug reason for media and public scrutiny, as reported he once gave open access to the cockpit area to passengers, an area which is restricted

  8. Malaysian Flight 370: How Does a Triple 7 Disappear in 2014?

    The ANSWER is simple: ALIENS

    They walk among us , they look like us ; They speak our languages

  9. I am sorry for the families.

    The scientists can’t seem to offer a rational explanation.

    No wreckage has been seen washed up on any shore anywhere.

    So maybe aliens.

    Or one theory which I heard, the pilot and copilot had a quarrel (you know the regular nasty office politics) the quarrel escalated to a physical fight (this would account for the erratic up and down movements of the plane) and the older guy died.

    Now the younger guy says “stit” what am I going to do”

    So he decided to turn back go home and surrender to the authorities.

    But part way there he had a change of heart and continued flying until he found a landing spot in a clearing in the Malaysian jungle.

    Or he kept flying until the plane ran out of fuel and crashed in the ocean, but there is no debris washed up anywhere..

    So back to aliens or hiding out in the jungle somewhere.

    This is my best shot. I am NOT a scientist. I may not even have much sense.

    After all I am only a

    Simple Simon.

    • @Simple Simon

      The big flaw in your theory is that the flight path of flight 370 seems to have challenged radar detection for it to have been unplanned.

      On Sunday, 16 March 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


    • @Simple Simple

      Again your secondary argument is suspect because the two were rostered there it eliminates prep landing by the two.

  10. How well trained was the younger pilot? If the old guy died of a heart attack was the younger guy capable of flying the plane pn to Bejing or back to Kuala Lumpur?

  11. David | March 16, 2014 at 3:01 PM |

    Why would some networks be driven to speculate that the pilot took a dive to commit suicide? There is no evidence, all we know is that a big plane has disappeared.

    Pilot suicide has been suspected before in other crashes.

    It isn’t networks speculation.

    Sometimes it is what is not found rather than what is found that solves cases.

    Right now the authorities are in the data gathering phase.

    • The verdict seems to that Cimea wants to hook up with Russia, a big fail for NATO and the USA?

      On Sunday, 16 March 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


    • @John

      This thing only gets more intriguing if we consider that the plane has/had two transmitters on board which trigger a signal if there is a jar or exposure to salt water.

  12. CNN has just reported that a short brown skinned Barbadian male was among the passengers of the missing Malaysian plane flight # MH 370 .

    Does anyone know the whereabouts of Owen Seymour Arthur ?

    When was he last seen in Barbaados ?

    Can David of BU do some more investigation on this matter…. now that the UWI guild elections are over ?

  13. @Fractured BLP

    Many Bajans were hoping that 16 people whose names will not be mentioned can vanish like this plane did!

  14. Conspiracy theory any one? BAFBFP…….?
    Possibly if there is any credibility to the purported doctrine adopted by the Policy Committee of the Bilderburg Group and the purported Secret Study to bring America into the New World Order.

  15. @David
    The verdict seems to that Cimea wants to hook up with Russia, a big fail for NATO and the USA?
    Are you surprised? As Bob Gates the former US Defense Secretary remarked “Crimea is lost”. When 60% of the population are of Russian descent and have a kinship with Russia, Russian blood is thicker than Ukrainian water so no amount of hand wrangling by the West will change that fact.

    The former Ukrainian PM had sticky fingers but the some members of the new Gov’t are similar to the neo Nazi Parties that have been springing up all over Europe. The noise from the West is not to get Crimea back into Ukraine’s hands but to stop Putin from seizing eastern Ukraine.

    • @Sargeant

      One can understand the popularity of todays decision but if Putin’s ambition is to create a cold war climate to give momentum to reclaiming old unions…interesting times ahead.

  16. Perhaps the West needs to rebuild the outer German Border wall to include some of the former Soviet satellite states, as Mr Putin and his Generals will not be satisfied to drop anchor at the outer Ukraine Border. They still have a score to settle with Estonia, who prematurely declared independence and set up big boulders to stop the advancing Russian tanks,if they came ,at a time when the then Soviet Union resources, and will, was at their lowest ebb. The bear has been aroused and has tasted blood.
    Most of the NATO member countries, including the great US of A,over the years since the fall of the Berlin wall, have depleted their armed forces considerably, some of which are technically not Armies, but Defence Forces, while Russia has been maintaining high numbers of troops, tanks, artillery , aircraft and an ever expanding Navy.,and has been always in a high state of readiness.
    Some of the NATO forces over these same years, have engaged in joint military exercises with the Russian Armed Forces. Now the Russians , no longer have to rely on the sneaky SOXMIS, to feed back information on the battle tactics used by the western armies, as they have seen it first hand on these joint army exercises on the Steppes of Russia.
    Cold War Phase 2 , will be a bit warmer than the one I spent almost a decade peering and waiting for Ivan to rattle his T54’s and BRDM’s down Helmstadt and across the wide open Soltau Plains..

  17. Sliding into the territory of mutually assured destruction, a top Russian broadcaster Dmitry Kiselkov was quoted as saying Russia is the only country in the world capable of reducing the United States to radioactive dust.

  18. I have a flight simulator program installed on this pc … I better remove it before somebody from the RBPF break down my door and confiscate it just to mek news .. You know how we bajans is, everyt’ing to look compliant and be part of some international effort

  19. Sargeant .. for you information, and only for your information, there was never a true end to the “cold” war. I think perhaps, you should be grateful for that

  20. @Baffy

    In 2013 I responded to you and posted a video on this plane crash. TB Joshua spoke of the amount people on the flight as well.

    “@ Baffy

    TB Joshua is one of the major prophets in the world right now. A recent prophesy which occurred a few days ago was the train which derailed in France.

    He prophesied of the shooting in the cinema is the US and the bombing in Boston. On Sunday he said he saw a vision of a plane crashing in an Asian country shortly after take-off. When this does occur and its all over CNN you may remember this thread.”

  21. Joshua said the plane is deep in the sea between the Indian Ocean and Indonesia. It will be found by weekend he also said. A few persons who weren’t supposed to be on the flight boarded the plane.

  22. CORRECT !

    The Indian Ocean is the location.

    STAY TUNE for the Official word
    and Confirmation
    I do not expect you BU people to believe anyone but your own selves

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagga– discharging my responsibity

  23. The world’s first cyber hijack?

    A chilling theory suggests the missing Malaysian Airlines plane could have been hijacked using a mobile phone or USB stick. An anti-terror expert believes the speed, altitude and direction of the aircraft could have been changed, simply by sending radio signals from a small remote device.

    A framework of ‘codes’ created by cyber terrorists would also be able to get into the plane’s in- flight entertainment system and override the security software.

    It is also believed, once the systems have been successfully hacked, the plane could be landed by remote control.

    The theory has emerged as the search for flight MH370 continues to grow, with 25 countries now involved in the rescue effort. Malaysian PM Najib Razak confirmed the plane’s disappearance was the result of a ‘ deliberate act’ and could have flown as far as Kazakstan. Daily Mail

    Malaysia’s Premier Najib Razak spoke to PM Manmohan Singh seeking enhanced help from India.

    India on Sunday suspended search operations saying they are waiting for Malaysia to formulate a strategy for further searches.

    The theory that the plane could have been hijacked for a 9/11-type attack on India was debunked by the IAF on Sunday.

  24. everyone is going off in one tangent or another about the flight however most of the people were Chinese ….pisssing them off is insane …..I think it will end up being mechanical

  25. I read that the 20 employees from a Texas based firm, who were on the plane were stationed in Asia. It is said that they were known to be working on cloaking technology, for the Chinese!! They were going to China to test the device which was in the cargo hold.

    Seems to me some other country wanted and probably has their hands on the technology. Or, it is also pIausable that the USA did not want the Chinese to get their hands on it, Lots of theories out there. I say the plane is in plain sight but cloaked. No other explanation.

  26. The plane has be abducted by aliens for experimental purposes back on the home planet of Gromelbot Deep Sixteen, some 300,000 lunar light years away. The 777 plane was refitted by the aliens in mid flight and now has the ability to reach Gromelbot Deep Sixteen within 21 days.

  27. The plane is not missing as in the sense of missing, it is really hidden. Here is whats very suspect in this case. A plane goes “missing” and family members of those on board are able to report that they, the family members, called the cell phones of their loved ones, only to find that these phones ring out and then go to voice-mail.
    Now, if that plane was in the sea, the cellular connections would have gone directly to voice-mail s the phones couldn’t be located by any of the interconnected cellular systems worldwide. So if these phones are actually in the presence of some cellular system, whether that system is all part of a local carrier group or not, the phones can be located. And if they are off, they can be a historical account of their initial location recovered.
    If they are off, one only needs to mine the system logs of the cellular switch to determine where the endpoints reported themselves to be. To make that example a local one, if the plane landed in Jamaica on some landing strip on the North-West of the island, the cellular switches of Digical and LIME will be able to say that these system connected to a tower located at the the North West of Jamaica and be able to give the specifics related to that location. Phones ‘know’ where they are based on the cell site they are connected to. That is how the technology works period. And this was before GPS was integrated into the handsets.
    So, this hoopla is all a joke, someone knows where that pane is, and people saw that plane landing. They are lots of radar accounts of that plane, especially when a target is painted, but its designations aren’t available, it immediately becomes a target of special interest especially to military observers. The media is focusing in the wrong place and purposely so.Its call distracting the public while we work in the shadows.
    Licks gine share soon cause deze fellas et tekking stock ah wuh dem duing.

    • This is a riveting account of what might have happened with Fight 370.

      A Startlingly Simple Theory About the Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet

      • By Chris Goodfellow  03.18.14  6:30 AM

      There has been a lot of speculation about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Terrorism, hijacking, meteors. I cannot believe the analysis on CNN; it’s almost disturbing. I tend to look for a simpler explanation, and I find it with the 13,000-foot runway at Pulau Langkawi.

      We know the story of MH370: A loaded Boeing 777 departs at midnight from Kuala Lampur, headed to Beijing. A hot night. A heavy aircraft. About an hour out, across the gulf toward Vietnam, the plane goes dark, meaning the transponder and secondary radar tracking go off. Two days later we hear reports that Malaysian military radar (which is a primary radar, meaning the plane is tracked by reflection rather than by transponder interrogation response) has tracked the plane on a southwesterly course back across the Malay Peninsula into the Strait of Malacca.

  28. De plane land ?
    With a 100 tons of collie weed ?
    and the smoke from the collie weed is acting
    as a cloak

    I do not believe that though !

  29. In response to extract

    Fire on board ? and plane flies for 7-8 hours

    no debris along the stretch, no nothing

  30. “All right, good night” was the last message from the cockpit, which reportedly was said around the time that two of the plane’s signaling systems were turned off. : Why would the co-pilot would signal everything was fine if the transponders were turned off?

    • “All right, good night” was the last message from the cockpit, which reportedly was said around the time that two of the plane’s signaling systems were turned off. : Why would the co-pilot would signal everything was fine if the transponders were turned off?

      The author of the article mentions the hypothesis where because of high prevailing temperature there may have been degradation of conditions to the plane’s circuitry unknowing to the pilot when he signaled back to the tower. Comprehension is a prerequisite to understanding anything.

  31. ‘Deep Throat’ called me at 1:30 this morning to tell me that the plane has been stashed on Diego Garcia and the passengers are collateral damage.

  32. The Aussies claim that their satellite imagery of the objects located in the sea is credible evidence, but there is a lot of junk in the Ocean e.g. debris from the Tsunami in Japan is still washing up on beaches on the West Coast of North America and that occurrence was in 2011.

    I hope that they find the plane as well as the black box, I have flown in these birds cross country and across the pond a few times and I would like to know if it was mechanical or pilot error that caused this disaster.

  33. what disaster Sargeant ?

    Alert !!!
    Earth tremor happening in Barbados right about nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  34. @David
    There should be a news blackout on this story, too many false leads and nothing to show for it. With all these satellites spotting objects from space which upon further review cannot be located when the search planes are dispatched, for all we know it could be garbage or migrating whales. Time was we were told that Satellites could spot license plates from Space, perhaps the license plates have to be as big as Bushie’s ego unless they were only referring to US satellites which coincidentally is probably the only country not to have claimed that its eye in the sky located strange objects in the ocean.

    Which leads to another question, how come the US with more sophisticated satellites than any other country hasn’t spotted anything?
    a) They probably don’t want the other countries to know what they are looking at or
    b) They spotted the same objects and knew it was garbage

    The longer the aircraft remains unaccounted for the closer we will be to the nautical equivalent of the Flying Dutchman.

    • @Sargeant How can a blackout be achieved? The Chinese boat has a reporter on board and her reports are being posted to China News Agency which can be accessed via the Internet. How do you know USA is not passing info to Australia but there is an embargo on the info because of security considerations?

  35. @David
    How can a blackout be achieved? The Chinese boat has a reporter on board
    I hope you realise the unintentional humour in those words, there is no one better at keeping things under wrap than the Chinese, how many people died at Tiananmen Square? I think there is some competition or national pride at stake between countries involved in the search in being able to say that “we” located the aircraft and that’s why the Chinese reporter sent out the news report, and lest we forget most of the people on board were Chinese nationals. If however that information doesn’t pan out then we are still back to square one looking for a needle in the biggest haystack that one can envision.

    I posed a rhetorical question about the US satellites not spotting anything, I didn’t assume that they haven’t located anything but was making a point that a few countries have relayed information relative to objects in the water but not the US which has more satellites that all the other countries.

    • @Sargeant

      You are aware that US may want to keep its imagery away from the public for obvious reasons which does NOT mean the search teams have not acted on US satellite sightings.



  37. When all is said and done what will come to light is that who was on the plane, and less importantly, what was on the plane, was too important to be allowed to leave the jurisdiction and could not be allowed to reach Beijing.

    It is the combination of these three things with the emphasis on the who and the destination that sealed the fate of the vessel and the rest of its hapless passengers.

    All of the agencies that are aware of the identities of the passengers, and the package on board, have decided to blanket this in this shroud of incredulity called “How the France can a 777 disappear?”

    The aircraft that isolated the 777 aircraft and jammed the cell phones of the frantic passengers was possibly a AWACS SAD ( A Search and Destroy, modified Airborne Warning and Control System) Craft or a smaller Unmanned Aerial Vehicle which, after jamming the 777’s on board systems, pretended to be “eyes and ears” for the pilots, and “lead it to an appropriate landing strip” – the bottom of the ocean.

    This “accompanying vehicle” probably accompanied by two more, with appropriate cloaking, killed all signals emanating from, and relayed to, the Malaysian 370 commercial aircraft”, convinced its pilots to deviate from its flightpath, and the view of any “onlookers”, satellites, or radar and, once it was in the correct location, deep waters as afforded by the bathymetric topology off Australia and the Pacific Ocean, being that the craft was out of fuel, it just came down.

    Sweepers, a few of the *** sleuth subs and their elite crew of the *** would have in the area to take care of debris left. Bag and tag floating debris, “for country, for king er president, sorry king…”

    They, ***, just could not let those specific personnel reach their destination and they knew where they were going, so, they waited until they were all assembled on the craft, intercepted them, downed the craft, killed them and the rest of the passengers were collateral damage.

    It is better to murder hundreds of passengers with one SAD AWACS than to land said plane, somewhere, in a non-friendly jurisdiction, and lose the “targets of interest”

    Effecting rendition, for multiple targets, of the calibre on that jet, in a nominally controlled country, one where one’s “friendlies” are non existent, does not leave many choices does it.

    Please remember you CAN’T land a 777 without someone seeing it.

    You can be assured that *** is trawling the seabed with the most sophisticated sensors, as is *** and the ** and even if they do find the blackbox(es) of the downed 777, post doctoring, it will confirm what is most assuredly a classic Black Bag Job.

    You can hide and buy land but you cannot hide and wuk it. MI6 probably definitively knows about it too. Their constellation of satellites would have seen it all, Inmarsat included…

    Ole Man Rambling…..and with that one, like Icarus, in the myth of Icarus and Daedalus, the ole man has ventured too close to the sun with this one.

  38. @ Sargeant
    “….perhaps the license plates have to be as big as Bushie’s ego ….”
    Man…are you intimidated by a bush man with a whacker , whose main aspiration in life is a lil’ Gardening pick in BBE land,,,,?
    Seems that Bushie is stuck in you craw Sarge.. LOL problem, other bushmen have been crucified for less…. 🙂

    BTW, ….you had better stay in Canada Sarge, um could be some Annunaki rebels who hijack that plane…and you messing with
    …wunna notice how scarce Miller is recently….??

  39. shut up GP ! SHUT UP BT…………Sarge don;t pay BT any attention ..the only “blackbox : he knows of is the one he uses to pisss in at night……..

  40. @Bushie
    Stuck in craw? Surely you jest whenever you engage me you are always an “also ran” not even in runner up territory. I am just inflating you egotistical balloon before I deflate it again. Wait Miller scarce? What will the political eunuch do if he doesn’t have Miller to appeal to?

    Never mind BT he is famous for sawing off the limb he is sitting on.

  41. LOL @ Sargeant
    Surely you jest whenever you engage me you are always an “also ran” not even in runner up territory.
    ….you must know about the general grade given to “self-praise”…
    …especially when ac happens to be on YOUR side of an argument..
    LOL….Ha Ha …

  42. BTW Sarge, …about Flight 370….just a taste of things to come…
    …our world is a VERY complex reality…..and it is fast approaching a critical and historic phase….


    You need not pay Bushie any heed….cause events will shortly be absolutely convincing….but you (we all) are about to get a full understanding of the Bajan saying…..

  43. So true Bush Tea, so true

    Could Ecuador’ s plume of volcanic ash that is blocking out the sun in several countries and which has circumnavigated the globe, be a forerunner of what John foretold of “and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair ?

    Could what Russia the Red is now doing, and China is planning, be likened to “And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth?

    But we are just ole men who believe in a “fairy tale Bible written by the White man” cannon fodder, not forever young and immortals like some here ….

  44. But we are just ole men who believe in a “fairy tale Bible written by the White man” cannon fodder, not forever young and immortals like some here ….

    ROFL piece you hit the nail pon due head! Bushie and you mekking up stories to fit the scenario. Wanna ent know that aliens got the plane.

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