Jagdeo Ally And Top PPP Financier Ed Ahmad Dragged Off Delta Flight By FBI

Submitted by Rickford Burke


Ed Ahmad, Guyanese-American Realtor and businessman

Brooklyn, New York: United States FBI Agents yesterday forcibly dragged Queens Guyanese-American Realtor and businessman, Ed Ahmad, off a Delta Airlines flight that was bound for Guyana, and arrested him on mortgage fraud charges.

Ahmad is a close political ally of Guyana’s President Bharrat Jagdeo and a top financier of Jagdeo’s ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP).

Ahmad, who owns major businesses in Guyana including, Building Materials and Appliances Depot and the entire Leonora Estate Management residence compound, which the Bharrat Jagdeo administration ostensibly sold to him below market value, is also a person of interest in at least one other ongoing FBI probe. Reports are that “Ahmad had already boarded Delta Flight 383 at JFK International Airport heading to Guyana when Federal agents boarded the aircraft and forcibly removed him in handcuffs.”

The US Justice Department in a criminal complaint filed in the Eastern District of New York alleges that “Ahmad conducted an extensive scheme to commit mortgage fraud; regularly lying about applicants’ income and using straw buyers to conceal his involvement.” He was released on $2.5 million bail.

Media accounts in New York indicate that His lawyer, Steven Kartagner, refused to reveal whether Ahmad was in discussions with the FBI and prosecutors before he attempted to flee to Guyana.

According to NY Net News “Over the last 24 months, the FBI has made a number of arrests in New York’s little Guyana (Richmond Hill/Ozone Park, Queens). Guyanese realtors it seems have been neck deep in running various mortgage schemes in the U.S. Ed Ahmad who holds an office on Liberty Ave, Richmond Hill, Queens.”

This the second key ally of President Jagdeo and top financier of his ruling party that has been nabbed by US law enforcement. Close Presidential ally, Roger Khan, was in 2007 arrested by US authorities and charged with drug trafficking and witness tampering. He was convicted and is currently serving a 15 year sentence in the US.

Reached for a comment on Ahmad’s arrest and its impact on the Jagdeo government, a New York based Caribbean political analyst observed that “the noose is tightening around the corrupt PPP cabal.” He asserted that “the intricate web of corruption and criminality that has been tightly woven around President Jagdeo is being systematically unravelled and that the long arms of justice is inevitable for those who operate as if they are above the law and act with impunity and  inordinate arrogance in so doing.”

Reports are that a number of Queens based Guyanese-American Realtors and other professionals have suddenly and seemingly hurriedly returned to Guyana, allegedly under the guise of working for the PPP. Many observers now question if their motive for returning to Guyana is avoiding prosecution for possible mortgage and bank fraud.

42 thoughts on “Jagdeo Ally And Top PPP Financier Ed Ahmad Dragged Off Delta Flight By FBI

  1. It seems appropriate that this incident should occur at a time when we are discussing the need for transparency in public office.

    • @CCC

      Each time you post a comment like the last it is a reminder to BU that we have one more blog to post about the importance of proclaiming transparency legislation in Barbados.

      Stay tuned!

    • It was interesting to hear Peter Simmons, brother of former CJ Sir David Simmons referring to President Jagdeo as a ‘cerebral politician’.

      On what basis Sir?

      It was more of a surprise even to hear President Jagdeo in a post summit interview suggesting he was asked to lead the Caricom Secretariat to which he declined.

  2. Guyana’s President Bharrat Jagdeo and his PPP are great friends of the Barbados Labour Party.

    Birds of a feather flock together.

    Members of the Barbados Labour Party are always praising the Guyana PPP govt.

  3. DAVID

    You are interested in transparency, yet you hide under bed and write BARBADOS UNDERGROUND.

    Why don’t you become transparent and tell Barbados who you are.
    After all you should lead by example!

  4. Why should he reveal himself? Could be very dangerous for him, other than the enemies he knows that he has, there are probably about 1000 others who hate him whom he does not know of.

    Leave him alone.

    p.s I think David is an AI. 🙂

    • We find it amusing that CCC and DLPites absolutely loved BU when we took a stand which was anti-BLP last general election.

      If the corruption and FOI legislation remain outstanding this general election BU can signal from now that our stand will be anti-DLP.

  5. @CCC
    I don’t recall you asking for David to declare his hand when your party was in opposition. What de f#%k is your problem now? Wunnuh party hacks think that all people scared uh wunnuh?

  6. We need to start locking up politicians in Barbados. Thanks to the Ministers of Housing we now have to a $70 million bill. Can Johnny Tudor and others tells us why Al Barrack is so insistent. How much much money did Jada put into the DLP and BLP election campaigns? These days will soon be funny nites if things continue like this.

  7. http://www.nationnews.com/articles/view/ex-sagicor-manager-off-to-dodds/

    Ex-Sagicor manager off to Dodds

    printshare0 comments Roger DaCosta Smith (centre) being escorted to court yesterday to answer theft charges. (Lennox Devonish)

    By Tim Slinger | Sun, July 24, 2011 – 12:11 AM
    FORMER SAGICOR MANAGER Roger DaCosta Smith was remanded to Dodds Prison yesterday when he apppeared in the District “A” Magistrates’ Court on charges of stealing over $1.6 million.

    A stoic Smith stood in the dock as Acting Magistrate Manila Renee read out 18 counts of dishonesty, dating from as far back as 2003, and including offences of fraud, money laundering and theft from Sagicor Life Incorporated.

    Some of the charges included the purchasing of several thousands of dollars of household furniture and appliances from Courts, DaCosta Mannings and Designer Decor.

    An application for bail was set aside when defence counsel Sir Richard Cheltenham, QC, along with Shelly-Ann Seecharan, conceded that prospective bailors for Smith were not able to satisfy the required documented proof of sureties’ assets and worth at the time.

    As a result, an agreement was reached for an adjournment until Tuesday for the next hearing of the matter.

    Full story in today’s SUNDAY SUN.

  8. Persons like myself who just want to vent find this medium very refreshing. Past experience tells why such a format is necessary,and my hope is that it takes root to the point where the media as we know it,dies a natural death. Carson you surely would have heard the saying that what is good for the Goose is good for the Gander.Tiefing is tiefing, straight up. B or D it makes no difference,for poor folk are the ones feel the pain.

  9. Why did Roger Da costa Smith choose to wear a red shirt? Everytime I see someone in a red shirt and handcuffs, I start thinking of “De Bajan Santa Claus”and what should have been. More importantly though it screams at us the absolute need for integrity legislation .I am sure that Hallam and Co. would agree with me. De good life…. dat taste never leaves ya system.Not true Hallam?

  10. Hammy Hill who said…….
    Why did Roger Da costa Smith choose to wear a red shirt?” Looking for support perhaps? or wanting to belong?

    No doubt a pic to save. For me he will always be “former BLP candidate Roger Smith.”

    • Amusing to listen to VOB reporting his arrest as ‘a political candidate’, the correct news reports should have been a BLP candidate.

      The is the news with out manipulation.

  11. David, stay under you bed! It belongs to someone you know, I hope. I also enjoy spouting my brand of tripe under an assumed name using “facts” that suit my views and then not knowing whom David happens to be. In case you are someone about whom I care, I appalygize..

  12. @Hammilton Hill

    I thought it funny to see Roger in his Party colour (red) accompanied by two policemen, one in DLP blue and the other in BLP red. Both parties were well represented. lol

  13. Carson Cadogan
    I am also anonymous as you are Carson. What is the problem with David being anonymous?
    Are you receiving some of the tax payers money illegally like the fanatics who supported the BLP and wanted to destroy this blog leading up to the elections.
    Are you getting upset because persons want to see integrity in public life?
    I supported the DLP on the basis that the BLP was really taking the voting public for idiots.
    I and many others will not support them again with this sham of setting up the Integrity legislation to fail.
    You do know that losing the independent voters will give the government back to the corrupt BLP.
    Do you want that?

  14. According to de flying fish & cou cou column…..

    De BLP concern about Roger Smith’s situation???

    Damage control

    A CERTAIN GROUP is anxious about its name being associated with a former colleague.

    The person was among them and was considered a leading light until he abruptly quit their number and tried to keep a low profile.

    However, now that he is in the limelight, and not in the most flattering way, the group is wondering how his unfortunate situation may affect them.

  15. Yes David, Why don’t you become transparent and tell Barbados who you are.
    An Hants would use his fish market linguistic education to tell you what a idiot you are.
    Imagine what could happen if Owen Arthur becomes PM again.

  16. @ David

    CCC only pulling your legs. He knows that this is the best BLOG site in the world. Your ID is not necessary. I am sure that if you reveal your ID, the site would be full of personal abuse and no meaninful debates will take place.

  17. rickford rourke you need to get off jagde’s back. unlike mr burnham he ddoes not seek to impose himself dictatorially on the people of guyana but decry mr jagdeo as much as you wish history will record that mr jagdeo is leaving guyana in a better state than he found it and he is willingly moving along after a most successful tenure as president of the country again unlike mr burnham whose tenure left the people of guyana as virtual beggars in the caribbean landscape.the effects of the devastation heaped on guyana by burnham and his cohorts through the despotic paramountcy of the party practice will take many more years to unravel but jagdeo has given them a start.this constant harping about corruption among jagdeo’s friends in an effort to taint jagdeo himself will not negate the good work he has done during his term of office. there can be no greater level of corruption in guyans than that perpertrated during the reign of mr burnham, the effects we are still seeing now.

  18. David wrote “We find it amusing that CCC and DLPites absolutely loved BU”.

    Yuh boy Hants still love BU although he notice yuh leaning away from Dems.
    Nuh problem. Barbados got nuff “floor crossers”.

  19. barbados and guyana until recently has always enjoyed mutually favorable relations.we bajans do have a lot of kith and kin in guyana probably as a result of our need to seek employment opportunities elsewhere when we were not so developed. lest you forget carson, guyana’s high commissioner to england, mr lionel luckhoo used to represent the interests of barbados in london in the early stages of our independence.

  20. David wrote “If the corruption and FOI legislation remain outstanding this general election BU can signal from now that our stand will be anti-DLP.”

    Does that mean you will become pro BLP?

    anti-DLP. mmmmm. I beginning to smell a rat. BU and BFP could be owned by the same group of people.
    Hants is a cynical bastard who does not trust people he cannot identify.

  21. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/pol_shady_moneyman_loan_wolf_ame8jgquFT57ZjWMH6nSgK

    Edul Ahmad

    Age: 43

    Born: Guyana; immigrated to the US in 1983

    Education: B.S., Baruch College, 1988

    Home: South Ozone Park

    Married: Bibi Ahmad

    Businesses: The Ahmad Group — Century 21 Ahmad Realty, Ace Mortgage Inc., Chateau Royale catering hall, Citywide Holding Inc., South America Woods, Pure Rice Manufacture, Cancept Clothing, Wholesale Building Supplies, Ed Ahmad Cup. Inc. (cricket)

    Associates: State Sen. John Sampson, US Rep. Gregory Meeks, Guyanese President Bharrat Jagdeo

    Lawsuits: July 8, 2010, suit alleges predatory lending and real-estate fraud, 2009 foreclosure action on Jamaica home

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/queens/pol_shady_moneyman_loan_wolf_ame8jgquFT57ZjWMH6nSgK#ixzz1T34j5yEZ

  22. @balance

    The only indicator you content yourself with is GDP? What about the indices in the HDI which places Guyana just above Haiti? What about Freedom House and Transparency International perennial reports?

  23. Keep Advocating pro-people positions David.
    It is your blog and you can do anything you like.

    I am pro DLP and will advocate pro DLP positions but more importantly (to me) anti OwenArthur.

    Now I promise to behave cause I don’t want to get ban until after de next election..

  24. DAVID

    “BU is about what is right for the people”

    That is why it is imperative that you support the DLP!

  25. no david , i do not only concern myself with HDI but without GDP there can be no HDI. however, i cannot fault your reasoning. I SOMETIMES QUERY THE YARDSTICK USED BY INTERNATIONAL AGENCIES TO RANK NATIONS IN TERMS OF HDI and GDP and such like but just for information and balance. measurement of HDI is categorised in the following indices – VERY HIGH- HIGH- MEDIUM- LOW. BARBADOS ranks 42 out of 43 in the VERY HIGH category which includes the UNITED STATES , NORWAY, AUSTRALIA , NEW ZEALAND, FRANCE, UNITED KINGDOM not necessarily in that order; MEXICO, CUBA, TRINIDAD, JAMAICA, RUSSIA, BRAZIL are ranked in the HIGH CATEGORY BETWEEN 44-86; IN THE MEDIUM category between 87-129, guyana is ranked 107 in a group which includes china with a ranking of 91.HAITI IS RANKED 147..the IMF REPORTS THAT BETWEEN 2006-2010. guyana ENJOYED AVERAGE ECONOMIC GROWTH OF4.0 %- AN ENVIABLE ACHIEVMENT AMONG caricom COUNTRIES, THE MAJORITY OF WHOSE ECONOMIES have contracted, especially since the global financial crisis that started in late 2008. few would dispute that the two decades between 1976 and 1996 were lost years for GUYANA- a period when, despite its vast natural resources, the country experienced high debt, collapse of social and physical infrastructure and large scale migration of its best educated people. to paint mr jagdeo with the brush of corruption because an ally of his might be involved in corruption might be a vaild approach in abstract reasoning but in reality we know that birds of a feather do not always or necessarily flock to together. are we to assume that beacuse mr roger smith is charged for theft that mr arthur and all members of the BLP or by extension his wife and children are thieves too.mr jagdeo might very well be corrupt but i say to the rickford rourkes of GUYANA, remove the booboo from your eyes first.

  26. The Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) on Monday said that Edul Ahmad- the New York based realtor who is now on a U$2.5 million bond in connection with mortgage fraud- has not poured money into it. “The PPP wishes to make it absolutely clear that Ahmad has not made any financial contributions to the PPP/C’s 2011 political campaign nor can he be considered in any way part of the PPP structure or the PPP/C Government,” the party said in a statement. The party deemed as “nasty attempts” efforts to link Ahmad’s activities with the PPP or to suggest that he is a financier of the PPP as “nothing but absolute lies”

    The PPP did not distance itself from Ahmad, deny a report by a New York newspaper that he is as a friend of President Bharrat Jagdeo, he owns a hardware store at the Industrial Site location that for decades housed the PPP-aligned Mirror newspaper and bought a large tract of land at Leonora that had once belonged to the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuco).

    Reacting to a story earlier Monday titled “ PPP associate ensnared in New York straw mortgage deals; being electronically monitored”, the party lambasted Demerara Waves Online News (www.demwaves.com), saying that it has joined the ranks of hostile and pro-opposition media. Listing Demerara Waves among Kaieteur News and Stabroek News, the PPP accused this online news site of attacking the government and ruling party. “The People’s Progressive Party has once again noticed that the Demerara Waves website has now openly joined ranks with the pro-opposition media in their continuing onslaught against the PPP and PPP/C Government by spreading falsehoods and misinformation,” the party said in a statement.

  27. Burke, PPP/C government has brought Guyana out of the doldrums of the PNC/HOYTE/BURNHAM/GRANGER era and we have moved Guyana forward from bankruptcy to balance budgets with debt services and balance of payments in control with revenue to spend in all sectors from sports, health, infrastructure-roads, bridges, sea defences, security and so on. And we have a lot more in store for the future with significant funding from important sources for major projects that includes hydro-power, oil and natural gas development and production, mining, and oil refinery. Burke, these are the facts and not the nonsense you wrote.

    This PPP/C government is not presiding over a bankrupt economy as the one they took over from the PNC, neither this PPP government is not denying the freedom or political rights of the people and their political representatives. This PPP/C is a transparent government and does it’s business in the public and that’s why you can ‘nit pick’ on the little things while missing the bigger picture.

  28. This could have never happened under the PNC gov’t………Burnham/Hoyte would have thrown him out and later would have hung him………The PPP restore press freedom to Guyana………this is the disrespect PPP gets in return…..this is no professional journalism.

  29. Queens real estate broker with political ties stopped from traveling to South America for deal
    Last Updated: 1:16 PM, July 29, 2011
    Posted: 1:02 PM, July 29, 2011
    More Print
    A Queens real estate broker who loaned money to Rep. Gregory Meeks today was denied permission to travel to South America – one week after his arrest on mortgage fraud charges.
    Edul Ahmad, who loaned Meeks $40,000 in 2007, had sought to visit his native Guyana to transact an important real estate deal there.
    The businessman – who faces currently charges in New York that he used straw buyers to defraud a bank of hundreds of thousands of dollars – has political friends in high places in Guyana, too, his attorney told Brooklyn federal Magistrate Judge Steven Gold.

    “He’s personal friends with the current president and the past president,” said Ahmad’s attorney Steven Kartagener.
    Indeed, Ahmad is a frequent visitor to Guyana and is known in the country as a friend of President Bharrat Jagdeo, who has been in office since 1999, sources told The Post.
    The relationship appears to transcend friendship to involve business interests.
    In 2009, the Ahmad Group sent 29 tons of building supplies – including roof tiles and kitchen sinks – to Jagdeo at the state house in Georgetown, Guyana’s capital city, according to shipping records.
    Ahmad’s “close ties” with Guyana were among the objections raised today by Assistant US Attorney Alexander Solomon in opposing the businessman’s request during a hearing in Brooklyn federal court.
    Despite posting a $2.5 million bond, Ahmad – if granted permission to travel out of the country – could choose to remain in Guyana to avoid a New York fraud trial, Solomon told Gold.
    The judge agreed, and denied the 43-year-old businessman’s request to travel – citing the fact that Guyana has no extradition treaty with the US.
    Allegations of predatory lending, forged documentation, falsified mortgage information and missing records have dogged Ahmad for years, The Post reported last week.
    State officials have investigated the real estate broker five times since 2006, referring two of those probes to the Queens District Attorney’s Office for review, according to state Department of State records.
    Another probe by the state Banking Department and Department of State in 2007 turned up home buyers who said they were given mortgages for more than they could afford and allegations that their names were forged on documents.
    Last week, Ahmad was arrested by FBI agents on mortgage fraud charges for allegedly bilking a lender, Countrywide Home Loans, in connection with the purchase of properties in Queens in 2007.
    Ahmad immigrated to the U.S. in 1983 and earned a bachelor’s degree from Baruch College in 1988. He started his company, the Ahmad Group, in 1993, according to the company’s web site.
    Among his diverse business interests are Century 21 Ahmad Realty, a mortgage brokerage and the Chateau Royale catering hall in Richmond Hill.
    At least one of the alleged straw purchasers in the federal mortgage fraud case was identified as an employee of Ahmad realty firm, according to papers filed by Brooklyn federal prosecutors.
    Ahmad plans to fight the feds’ charges.
    Kartagener declined to comment after today’s hearing.
    Meeks, who is under federal probe for his role in a Queens charity, repaid Ahmad’s personal loan with 12.5 percent interest — after the FBI questioned Ahmad about it.
    Read more:

  30. Flyer links alleged New York mortgage fraudster to PPP PDF | Print |
    Written by Denis Scott Chabrol
    Tuesday, 26 July 2011 19:30

    As Guyana’s Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) attempts to distance itself from accused New York mortgage fraudster, Ed Ahmad, evidence has emerged linking him to the governing party.
    He was one of the contact-persons for the party’s meeting that was held on April 29,2011 at Club Tobago, Queens, New York.
    The event was organised by the Association of Concerned Guyanese New York (ACG-NY), a PPP front-group in the United States.
    The flyer invitation surfaced after the PPP erroneously accused Demerara Waves Online News ( http://www.demwaves.com) of suggesting that Ahmad has helped financed the party’s 2011 general election campaign.
    “The nasty attempts to link Ahmad’s activities with the PPP or to suggest that he is a financier of the PPP are nothing but absolute lies,” the party said Monday in a statement.
    The party said Ahmad could not “be considered in any way part of the PPP structure or the PPP/C Government.”
    Ahmad is on a US$2.5 million bond and subjected to electronic monitoring until a case by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for alleged mortgage fraud is heard in a New York case.
    But the PPP has not dealt with aspects of Monday’s Demerara Waves Online News report that state that one of New York’s leading newspapers lists President Bharrat Jagdeo as one of Ahmad’s friends.
    The PPP has also not refuted that Ahmad owns a hardware store at the Industrial site location of the PPP-aligned Mirror newspaper and
    has also bought 17 acres of land at Leonora where he plans to build a gated upscale community of 87 houses and other amenities.
    The realtor was heading to Guyana last Thursday on a Delta-bound flight when he was un-checked from the flight. He appeared in a New York court the following day and was placed on the bond

  31. dion monize – if you have a friend accused of or found to be involved in criminal activity, does your association with him make you a thief ?

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