Reparations is Not a Nicety, it is an Absolute Necessity

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel

Not only is it a neces­sity for those that were enslaved and BRO­KEN and DOMES­TI­CATED, but it is also a neces­sity if moral equi­lib­rium is to be restored to a world that has become totally vam­pire oriented.

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178 thoughts on “Reparations is Not a Nicety, it is an Absolute Necessity

  1. Anybody who beliives that this guy Paul is “being real” is a dichead .this guy is a captalist and has learned how to use lies and deceit to make money.

  2. @ac
    You sound potentially very racist DENIGRATING black people as “easily manipulated and laid back attitude”. If you continue in that mode I may have to notify the Black Panthers to take care of this matter! lol

  3. Sorry MB if i offended ur sensibilities but ur comment aboutblacks waiting for something offended all good…no hard feelings justbecareful ..words can bite yu in the ass

  4. AC talk about denigrating black people, your comment of the “mostly white jury couldn’t do the right thing.” How do you know it wasn’t the blacks that weren’t convinced. Yes believe it or not black people do have opinions that that may not be along race lines, like others they do take jury duty seriously, they assess evidence and not just vote with their heart or color you do these people more of a dis-service than anybody by saying their thought process doesn’t count, You are validating what you seem in some bizarre way to be fighting against, that blacks are sheeple rather than individuals that should be judged on their own merit.

  5. Talking about throwingv spaghetti in the air hoping some to stick…the possibilty of two Black jurors convincing eight white jurors to find that jerk guilty is between slim and none.more likely the two black jurors were hold out…in any case the verdict was a pharse and a blatant attempt to pacify a public .

  6. Lawson ur cock and bull assumption is just as assine as the verdict .u just think blacks are dumb and can,t understand the difference between self defense and out and out calculated murder.

  7. O.K now u use yuh racist bait to call me dumb…just because i refuse to go only with your cockamame theory. about the two blacks convincing whites to find a white guy not guilty for killing a black hey a whole raceof blacks can.t even get the whites convince that reparations are necessary and now u want me to belive that this half assed decision can be blame on two black jurors. well i.ll be dam

  8. And furthermore anybody who can,t see that there was an obvious contracdiction in the two decisions .one in which Dunn was charge and found guilty with firing at the men in the car in which one died and the muder charge of a mistrial got rocks in their head . go figure.

  9. @ac
    My concern is that some black youth/ adults reading that there is a possibility of cash $$$ coming their way might believe that they should “tek it easy and wait”. If you are convinced that there is no danger of that type of thinking fine. To me this is NOT racist because I know plenty nuff white people like that! Half of bloody Europe and Nth America! LazyAsses dont have a race!

  10. The reason why such language can be tied to racism is that it got its origins from slavery blacks were beaten because the chose not to be abused through force labour and were caled lazy .the same pereception still exists in the mids of many whites .tagging blacks as having a gimme gimme attitude .Btw if one wants to stretch the argument the white establishment receives handouts in the name of concessions but no one accused them of looking for freeness.

  11. But then again why would anybody accused a race of people justifyingly asking for justice as those “looking “for freebies, is just unreal and smacks of racist banter..and bigotry just imagine “yourself” having property that others took from u and then u go to court and the judge tells u that u have no case but looking forfreeness wonder what we be the reaction.

  12. I think it is road rage.

    I have a friend in the US who was stuck in a traffic jam.

    For some reason the guy behind got out of his car to accost my friend.

    My friend saw him coming in the rear view mirror and reached across to the glove compartment.

    The guy when he saw that move stopped, turned around and got back in his car.

    Incidentally, there was no gun in the glove compartment but the guy read the move, understood how he felt and realized that while he might have felt himself big and bad there might well have been someone bigger and badder than him … and what’s worse, he figured he was bringing his fists to a gun fight.

    My friend is always cool, alert and aware of what is going on around his car.

    The point is, people are idiots.

    My friend gave the guy time to think before he arrived at his window and things escalated.

    The guy could just as easily have pulled a gun and started firing and it would not have mattered.

    In that instance there would have been no premeditation, just a moment of insanity.

    Those US people are crazy, but they are not stupid!!

    That guy does not belong behind a wheel in a car on the road and fortunately, the system saw to it.

    I have not read much about the case but that is just my take from what I have seen.

    That guy is a lunatic and needs restraint.

  13. there was a high possiblty that Dunn was under the influence. of alchol.if these charges are left unchallenged by way of a not having a new trial a not guilty verdict a dangerous precedantwould have been established formenting in jurors minds that black lives can be wipe out under the disguise of laws to protect white establishmnent and people lilke Zimmerman and Dunn.

  14. See what I mean about crazy.

    In America, a car makes people do foolish things.

    Here a man comes out of his house at 1 in the morning to find his car has been vandalized.

    So, he opens up at the perpetrator’s car.

    He kills a 15 year old girl.

    Both the man and the girl are black ……colour is not an issue.

    Is it the car?

    Is it that the man was under pressure in life and just blew?

    Maybe it’s the gun?

    The girl is or was probably a school mate of the man’s son!! May very well have been in his house before.

    The man is not stupid, he will find himself a lawyer or he will have one appointed.

    Wonder what the lawyer will tell him to plead?

    I would go for instantaneous insanity because this last case shows the stand your ground law doesn’t get you off !!

    Wonder how many times the stand your ground law has actually got any body off?

    Zimmerman was also not stupid, his lawyer did not even use the stand your ground law, he went for self defense.

    It worked, but no way it can work here.


    Reparations is Not a Nicety, it is an Absolute Necessity, and also for Violet Beckles and her family, We can not have it one way and not another , wrong is WRONG and right is Right,
    can not be two faced in matters,


    We have heard of this person , but we dont know their points,,If Barbados dont pay their Bills , why should other pay them or loan , If all starts at home , Then we look international, Jamaican Lady needs to be paid ,If you dont think 700,000 or so dollars will not stop or hold up 25Million you are wrong,Credit is the same for people , persons, Banking, in and out side of a Nation. We can not pick and Chuse what Bills we want to Pay,
    Until Barbados pay and own up to its own bills and court judgements < I would not give these crooks one cent nor penny,Do away with the penny and now they want to do away with the cent.Crooks Liars and Scumbags

  17. AC You have just heard from one of the back jurors in the Dunn trial. Now I know you will denigrate her again calling her an oreo, but it was just as I said not everyone is as racist as you and can be impartial. This is your problem you are so full of racism that you are myopic,

  18. Lawson
    Why don’t you go and warm ya self or something useful nuh??!
    How the hell can ac be racist?

    How many racist laws have she passed or enforced?
    How many slaves’ labour have she exploited and benefited from?
    How many poor souls’ asses did she beat mercilessly?

    ….all ac does is write a lotta shiite on BU, just like you, Miller, Ross and especially Bushie….so tell us what makes her racist …please.

    “Racist” is people like you so who are enjoying the fruits of your ancestors exploitation of defenseless slaves

    “Racist” is all your friends back here who congregate down Cattlewash to devise hidden agendas – designed to deprive ordinary Bajans of their rightful share of the national cake….

    “Racist” is something that requires POWER to exemplify.
    It is not a crime to think ….or even speak ill of another. The crime is attributed when once you have acted, or benefitted from the thought…..

    What racist what!?!,
    …!! ….LOL Ha Ha Ha. Oh shirt!!!

  19. @Bushie
    “Racist” is people like you so who are enjoying the fruits of your ancestors exploitation of defenseless slaves

    “Racist” is all your friends back here who congregate down Cattlewash to devise hidden agendas – designed to deprive ordinary Bajans of their rightful share of the national cake….

    BUT Bushie I like i did get trick by these White MOFOs too yuh!! I din get a banana far less other fruits, wuhloss! Gobluma my family did be exploited nuff! Din even get a pick down Cattlewash, deed and fate!

    National cake get eat by the Politicians axe de Bs and Ds in which digestive track the “cake” gone! Lord havest mercy! First it did Whitey and now Darkes gone wid de balance! Heaven help ma doe!

    Can’t trust NO colour / race at all!!!

  20. I have noticed the family trees in Barbados go in a straight line, I guess that goes hand and hand with a small island.AC is a black racist she does not like white people and is very open about it.
    All I said was how did she know it wasn’t a black juror that may have not believed the evidence and she attacked rather than see it as a possibility. I believe in possibilities like you may not be a big mouthed dick for instance.
    No BT I have gotten my money the old fashioned way …working, I go to cattlewash just the same as ordinary bajans to drink and have fun

  21. It was interesting in Bim at Christmas. Wunna keep telling me that the races dont mix but at one dinner I met couple guests that were quite dark and indeed the younger couple were identified as outside family. Wunna ever hear such? Behind the times peeps!

    Next party dark bro attending for lunch and dat is 3yrs running that he get a pick. Wuhlo!

    Wunna needs to get some Whitey friends! OR identify your light family and invite them over. My far off cousin daughter gots a brown Bajan man soooooooooo.

    Looks like everybody gin end up down Cattlewash and then King Dyal will finally be right when he nused to say we is “cattle”

  22. lawson and what did the black juror say to imply that she voted along with the white juros,,as far as i know she did not say whether she voted yea or nay on murder charges,,,,,,,so what is your point…..chill bro,, the jury had eight whites none of whom have said that they voted for guilty

  23. AC I must be missing something ,when the woman said she thought it was self defense till he started shooting after the car left ergo not first degree that about says it all. I am very happy that the justice system has found impartial people no matter what the outcome, that is what a fair trial is all about.

  24. what so just about a man killing another person and goes free by laws which were meant to protect the whites,,,,,have u noticed how O<j simpson was hunted down until the whites finally got their chance to throw him in jail for brandishing a gun, and now in less than a year the same establishment who wanted justice for their own lets two murders free after killing two black unarmed kids what justice,, can u see justice in a man going to spend fourteen years for brandishing a gun and two killers let free in less than a year,,,,,,,

  25. In the grand scheme of things life is not fair to everybody, OJ is not the best example if you honestly do not think he murdered those people your kidding yourself. Do I think he should still be in jail for the memorabilia theft no. Do I think Tyson should have gone to jail for rape… again no. Do I think everyone deserves a fair trial yes but once you have that trial I believe the death penalty for cold callous murder should be enforced as I do not believe a leopard can change its spots and they never want to …till they are caught. That is why I want an impartial, race religion free jury to see the evidence make a decision, then let the state take over and mete out justice according to guidelines equal to all for each level of crime. luckily most murderers are usually black on black or white on white so we don’t have this added side show that seems to accompany these cases. It has become big business for shows like cnn, fox or others to whip people into a frenzy to generate market share .Controversy is big business , they do not want everybody getting along,
    These laws were not meant to protect the whites they were there to protect the rich. The law has come a long way in America. At one time you just had to be black to go to jail. Now…you have to be black and poor.

  26. my point to u lawson that in the O J verdict ,,the whites overwhelming were outrage and let their voices be heard,,,,,,having O J in jail is vindication,,,,, the 14year sentence was not about fair or justice but what the whites see as closure and justice for a murder they believed he committed over twenty years now fast forward to present we have zimmerman go free and Dunn a mistrial they outrage is tempered by whites and sporadic,,,not with the same outrage of the O verdict with calls for justices,,yet two unarmed black kids have been killed senselessly by two whites ,,,,,,,u think that ten years from now with laws like “stand your ground”..that Zimmerman or Dunn will go to jail for killing unarmed blacks,,,,then in reality and fairness of mind who then does the laws serve to protect and are they not racist,,,,,,,note that O J., was going to collect his property that was rightfully his,,,,do u think that if a white man was collecting his property from a black that he would be in jail….OJ sentenced does stem from the fact of brandishing a gun or because of fairness or justices but because of outrage from the white establishment,,…..unfortunately the same outrage which the blacks had about the zimmerman verdict did not have an impact on the predominately white jury in the DUnn trail who were able to influence “maybe” some of our own….. and most importantly gives jurors the freedom to free killers using racist laws which give whites the upper hand in dispensing justice against blacks


  27. what were are arguing is the Law ….. the law is presented as: “a person having a right to defend themselves and using fear as such a right of defense ” then it does not really matter who the jurors are the Law is rigid and makes it hard for jurors especially mixed to reach an agreement ,,having more whites only help to strengthen or bolster with inequality

  28. The trouble with American jurisprudence I believe is at the state level because at the federal level, the sentencing guidelines are clear. At the federal level a judge must act within the periphery of the stipulated sentencing guidelines. However, at the state level the judge is given a bet more latitude to determine sentencing; he can either give the max or decided on the minimum. Jury selection is very crucial in determining whether or not a black man or white man will walk. And this is of course in relation to the history of racism in America.

  29. David, I hope that I am not insulting your intelligence by informing you that your understanding of America judicial system is quite limited.

  30. Again the OJ bad example white people loved the Juice great athlete, good actor bad criminal. But I have heard that alcohol, drugs and jealously can make people do strange things. Just like insulting Asian people by calling them all Chinese, Zimmerman is part Hispanic, Rihanna I believe is part scottish ( where else would she have got those looks and rhythm from) It is very difficult today branding anybody white black or whatever , the killing of blacks by Hispanics we have only seen the tip of that iceberg, but it isn’t news and controversy if a Mexican kills a black or vice versa the news I bet doesn’t even report, its only good when they can drag out baby pictures show the jacks and blocks they used to play with. But with a gun culture this going to happen. The case lately that upsets me the most is the kid they let off because he was too spoilt to know the difference between right and wrong when he drove drunk and killed those people. Insane

  31. David, why do you think that their so many innocent black men sitting in prison throughout America today? And thanks to the Innocent Project many of them are finally able to get some measure of justice.

  32. i,,the laws of justice are written and stacked against blacks,,, we would not be having this argument if the laws were fair ,,,for indeed dunn and zimmerman would be in jail,,,,,,,the jurors are not without guilt either for giving these two men not guilty verdicts,,how is it possible to find a man guilty of using deadly force by use of a firearm to pump several shots into a car but ignores the same evidence which lead to a not guilty verdict in the death of the young man… does not make sense,,,,,the same gun the same dunn all systemically

  33. David, please don’t patronized me because I might be stupid but I am far from being ignorant, I know an insult when I see one.

  34. @ David
    Here is a story that might interest you I hope. There is a black fellow who reside not too far from where I call home in the state of Connecticut. And when he was in his teens, he was convicted for alleged raping a white woman. So with the advancement of the new DNA testing in the state of Connecticut in the middle to the late 1990’s, he was proven to be innocent of those alleged charges. He is now a free man thanks to the efforts of his love ones who believed in his innocence. But, the morale of the story is that the state of Connecticut compensated him the sum of some five- hundred million dollars for every day his spent in prison. And this kind of injustice has been taken place in this country for decades and beyond. Now, correct me if you think that I am incorrect here, but when have your heard of such injustice taking place in the small island of Barbados? David, there is an (Innocent- Project) which comprised of law students and a few prominent lawyers, who goes around the United States and defend black men as well as women who have been convicted wrongfully. There have been so many aquittals of black men who have been convicted wrongfully throughout the country, words can’t obviously express the joy their families must have felt.

    • @Fenty

      Here is some research for you: Barbados is a predominantly Black country where Blacks are routinely placed on remand for years. Can you name the Black Bajan who was on remand fo 10 years in a Bajan prison?

  35. Oh Lawsie David [BU] whu you just gone en do?

    You Challenge Marcus Fenty, citizen of the United States of America, sojourner ONLY in Bulbados, to name a Black Bajan incarcerated in Dodds, jes one?

    How low can you get man?

    You mean that you pulling at the hairs on the man balls to challenge him to cal the name of his next door neighbour pun dis island of Bulbados, someting dat he is incapable of doing, as am I, de same man dat call all de names of the illustrious Royal Barbados Police Force a few weeks back when he get internet at he house!!

    Man I now see why Ross pelting invectives at you man!!

    Low down man, low down… abuse of privilege and tings like dat David…

    Shameful man… I doan know what to say man… i hurted by this act of Goebbelian proportions……

  36. And evidence has emerged in later years, (a death bed confession) indicating that the last lady who was hanged in Barbados, sometime in the late 1940’s was not guilty of the offence. Its never too late to clear her name.

  37. The critical question of Black men being found Guilty of crimes they did not commit is whether or not it is the inability of most White people to tell the difference between Black men is a factor, which it is. Saw a program on TV where a white woman thought “her rapist” was Mr A but only after DNA evidence proved his innocence and the guilt of someone else did she realise her genuine error. She then made peace with thechap and tried to help him when he got out of prison. It was NOT a question of hate or malice just mis identification.

  38. …. and then to confound matters more there is the recent incident where the police prosecuted a black man right here in Barbados for raping two white women.

    The women realized the police had the wrong guy but still had to pay for his defense to get him off.

    True true fact!!

    Just shows mistakes can be made and more importantly there are people who will do the right thing.

    Even made the Telegraph and Guardian in London!!

  39. @Moneybrain
    The critical question of Black men being found Guilty of crimes they did not commit is whether or not it is the inability of most White people to tell the difference between Black men is a factor, which it is
    Yeah yeah we know we all look alike right “Money”? Are some of these whites friends of yours? Don’t worry they are in good company as the former COP in Bim said much the same. It’s time that people stop using this lazy ass excuse to excuse their stupidity/racist attitudes, if they can’t tell one Black person from the other why don’t they give them the benefit of the doubt if they are accused of a crime?

    When it comes to crime and punishment where black people are concerned Blackstone’s theory “It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer” is put on its head.

  40. Familiar music, familiar sound
    Does mute your thoughts for the underground
    Lonely sight for any turning light
    Future prophesy for the [Incomprehensible]

    There’ll be equal stay and equal play
    The underground where none can betray

    The underground
    The underground
    The underground

    They’ll all turn black so who’s to know
    As a matter of fact, color, creed and breed must go
    There’ll be no light, so there can be no sight
    And you’ll judge your fellow men on the stand
    By what is right

    Familiar music, familiar sound
    Does mute your thoughts for the underground

    The underground

  41. @Sarge
    The reality is that Testing has proved that many Whites DO have a problem telling the difference and it has NOTHING to do with being racist.

    The case I was referring to was a classic and indeed I saw the picture of the truly guilty man and after spending my entire life around black people had loads of trouble telling the innocent one from the guilty fella. I am normally very observant

    I made a mistake a few years ago at a school re-union near the Bar in a dimly lit area where an old pal said hi and asked if i remembered him and I got his name wrong because he had on a cap, was in a dark area and is quite dark himself. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with racism.

  42. Moneybrain
    …when you find your self in a hole and sinking… stop digging nuh! 🙂

    If wunna can’t tell the difference between blacks, then these court decisions – without supporting evidence, are either racist (and note we are talking about people’s lives here not talk) or a sign of some REALLY stupid people….. Which you think it is…?

  43. @Bushie
    I believe you could read and comprehend, or did I make a mistake about that? The info presented is self explanatory for those with an IQ above 99.
    However, for those BLINDED by anything that possibly be considered racial, I am not surprised that they would remain glued to their bias. Any clown knows that many Studies and Tests prove that Eyewitness accounts are totally inferior to Circumstantial Evidence and obviously to DNA/ Scientific info.(when race is NOT a variable farless).

    I do appreciate the gravity of rape and murder trials.

    Bushie, this is NOT even above average effort on your part.

  44. Perhaps we now know ,today, where this present Government stands on the question of reparation. By celebrating a Parliament which for some 195 years, supported slavery and made legislation to keep slavery going,is an endorsement of the establishment during those years of slavery.

  45. …. on the other hand this is the same parliament which freed the slaves and changed the status quo which had existed for millennia,

    …. in fact, long before it had even been dreamed of!!

    This parliament is really a gift from God …… created to do his will …… despite the efforts of wicked people to subvert its purpose.

    We should keep a moment’s silence and reflect on that purpose.

  46. John | February 28, 2014 at 1:26 PM |

    …. on the other hand this is the same parliament which freed the slaves and changed the status quo which had existed for millennia,
    Actually the Plantocracy,who were part and parcel of the Parliament, reaped untold benefits by the abolition of slavery. No longer had they to pay large sums of money down in the Bridgetown slave market to purchase slaves.There was a ready supply of cheap labour in the form of these freed slaves and their offspring, all e paid a pittance, well into the 1950’s. The Planters no longer had to provide food and accommodation to these freed, slaves, who were required to pay rent and provide their own food out of the few cents that they were paid.
    The planter class were therefore better off in the post slavery days, they did not give up something for nothing. Its no wonder, on the eve of South Africa reluctantly abolishing Apartheid ,that after a meeting in Washington, the South African Prime Minister stopped over in Barbados, probably on the advice of the then US President, “to see how apartheid works , without having it on the statute books.”
    Sometime before the Bussa Rebellion took place,Britain decided to form a West Indian Regiment, made up of British Officers, and freed slaves making up the rank and file. The merchants of Bridgetown were up in arms , with England, threatening to withhold the payment of taxes,as it was considered sheer madness to have these black soldiers bearing arms. Then the Bussa uprising came along,and these same Black Soldiers, in the judgement of the same Merchants and Planters, performed admirably, putting down the insurrection. They would have agreed with the local natives of East Africa , who referred to the men of the West India Regiment as “Wazungu Waeusi.” (Black Europeans.)
    The Barbados hard nosed planter class, only ,cede, when its to their benefit.

  47. “This parliament is really a gift from God …… created to do his will …… despite the efforts of wicked people to subvert its purpose.”

    I have not heard such ignorance in a long time like what John just said.
    I wonder where this GOD was before when the slaves were being raped, beaten and killed. I wonder if it was the same GOD the masters brought to the slaves?

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