To David Estwick and Cabinet, it must be about Barbados

Cabinet of Barbados

Cabinet of Barbados

In the last six years Barbados has been consumed by an unprecedented type of polarising politics. It is a politics which has reordered national priorities. No longer are decisions made on the basis of what is important on the national front but more to do with what is politically expedient. Political pundits had warned that the 2-seat majority government which resulted from the last general election would have landed us here. A classic illustration is the government’s commitment to send home 3,000 public sector workers but because of political imperatives the national exigency has had to be sacrificed, the result; a bloated Cabinet.

Perhaps the best example of politics trumping commonsense and national interest is the 9-day topical issue –  the Estwick Affair. One member of parliament holds the trump card (theoretically) which potentially affects the balance of government in Barbados. Whereas Arthur would have fired Estwick from Cabinet a long time ago – he had bench strength in the House – Prime Minister Stuart is forced to tolerate a minister who has made it known publicly he disagrees with Cabinet; a severe break from convention.  BU referred to Estwick’s trump card as theoretical because he has developed the reputation as a bluffer.

If the country was focussed on the national priority we should be grilling Estwick about what the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) has achieved under his stewardship since 2010. Insiders are aware it took several days of suasion to get him to accept the agriculture ministry.

In fact he was on the verge of resigning we understand. In 2010 when Estwick finally accepted the transfer to the MoA he saw reason to list his achievements as Minister of Economic Affairs. We are asking Estwick to again list his achievements as Minister of Agriculture. If we want to promote a system of meritocracy in the country then the value of our leaders must be evaluated by their achievements. Estwick has been instrumental in starting the construction of the Barbados Water Authority building and installation three tanks to store molasses at the Bridgetown port. But what is his report card? More importantly what have you done to further Dr. Estwick to further the cause of food security for Barbados? What initiatives have you implemented or have in the pipeline to reduce our humongous food import bill? Earning foreign exchange is our lifeblood and it is scary to read reports that forex has declined by 100 million in the month of January 2014.

Time to stop the silly games and accept the responsibility of managing the country. A listen to the debate in parliament yesterday should be sufficient to indicate we have an intellectual deficit affecting that august chamber.


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162 thoughts on “To David Estwick and Cabinet, it must be about Barbados

  1. It is good that we have a Prime Minister in Barbados that is not vindictive and does not use Parliament to abuse and curse individual Barbadians as happened when Mottley and company was in government.
    A Barbados where people can openly associate with an opposition party and not be fearful.

    The Right Hon. Freundel Stuart – I salute you sir . You are a true champion of free speech and democracy.

    If Tennyson Joseph had come into Barbados and called Owen Arthur a “fascist”, a call would have been made to Sir Hilary and a major UWI donor and Joseph would have been silenced.
    Freedom of speech is alive in Barbados under the DLP and long may it continue.
    I give credit where it is due. No wonder despite the economic issues, Barbados is still the most democratic and least corrupt countries in Caribbean.

  2. The mercurial Dr Estwick, some would say he’s a Pitbull during the election season……………. to be released and set upon the opponents but after victory, for some a jackass to be ridden.

    The jackass has lost his sense of Swanson and has turned into Pitbull acting even his owners, the only jackass now are the ones being ridden by the Opposition.

  3. @enuff | February 14, 2014 at 5:19 AM |

    The UAE is 8 hrs ahead of Barbados wunna really expect dem people wudda use their evening to video conference with a government looking to borrow money?…………………………

    They cannot help lying, enuff. The only people watching would have been the IMF officials who were here breathing down their necks and who have now come out and called them liars in the report!

  4. Prodigal,
    You cannot distinguish between fact and fiction, lies and truth- no wonder you support a clown like Mottley.

  5. For those of you who are not aware these thieving claims are made so as to fleece insurance companies.Its just that they have to go through the motions of reporting it to the police etc and if they are not ‘professionals’they get trapped.Those of you who do not have a good word to say for the Commissioner of Police should now re think because here is a favourite of the Democratic Labour Party and the DLP installed Police Service Commission which together,including a High Priest of the Anglican faith,installed Tyrone and now Tyrone complaining that people say this and say that ‘”bout he Force, but it en true”(English is not his strond point)and half of what Tyrone say got lost”due to the quality of the audio”etc.because he can’t handle ‘eself in front the TV camera….
    All you detractors who backing the two UK women that claim the suspect was not the fellow who REAPED them,might want to reconsider your views.

  6. Gabriel………….I understand that it is normal modus used by the British and Americans when staying in Barbados, calling the police for non-existent theft so that their insurance companies will pay them, it is so bad that some of the foreign managers at hotels would have their thieving criminal friends turn up as guests at the hotels in Barbados claiming to lose jewelry and cash, get reimbursed by the hotels and innocent staff fired, or run their money laundering/drug scams from the same hotel, so it’s either insurance scams, laundering/drug scams or out and out theft and lies perpetrated by the tourists….the police are well aware and should be even more vigilant, the DPP needs to make a serious example and send a message by giving them a jail term to match their crimes, the others will think twice about these scams, Barbados is known for condoning shit, that is why the island is used continually…..these small island, impotent people who should be upholding the law against everyone, not only the poor on the island, just love to kiss ass to those they believe are wealthy.

  7. @Bajanfuhlife | February 14, 2014 at 5:12 PM

    I pity you. Suffice to say that every Barbadian now knows that this DLP is worst government ever foisted on Barbados. You and your party are the worst…… nasty liars who have now been exposed and laid bare for the world to see, IMF told you so.

    Liars, liars, liars. Are you and your ilk not ashamed since you have been found out to be such liars?

  8. Wait is this the same Estwick who was Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance when most of the programs he is now raging against were developed? What Damascus moment visited the pit bull after 6 years as a cabinet Minister? An educated guess is that Estwick is so wrapped up in his desire and fury to be Minister of Finance he cant see the forest for the trees. So is the IMF to undo its directives to Barbados to suit a few rich Arabs. Is Barbados to play fast and loose with its economy and the livelihood of civil servants on the “arrangement” he says he’s set up with a few Arabs? No we will not as the PM firmly said no flip flopping. Estwick is a massive let down to his many supporters. It shows in politics you have to expect the unexpected.

    Estwick a man whose main advisor is rape accused Taan Abed instead of working with his team is pushing the country into unnecessary turmoil. Well lets see how this plays out.

    The Pit Bull’s end game is to visit as much damage as possible on his Cabinet colleagues and the DLP for not making him Minister of Finance. That is what this spiteful temper tantrum is all about. We saw a glimpse of the lack of temper control from Estwick in the gun issue.

    Estwick a hero in the last election has gone from hero to zero. At the same time he has cast the discredited and fractured BLP a lifeline. Estwick is a classic example of how unchecked blind ambition can destroy a man and all he worked for.

  9. @Mark Fenty
    Your dishonesty is unlimited. Your life
    dependence on pills made you sold your vote to Aaron .man try Redemption ,but ask David Estwick if it’s helping him , if yes , please start the vaccination to the DLP ministers and your kind of mindless people

  10. @ Clarkson | February 14, 2014 at 6:08 PM |
    “Estwick is a classic example of how unchecked blind ambition can destroy a man and all he worked for.”

    Boy , Oh, boy!
    If is that the way you speak of your political family we can just imagine what you have to say about you enemies. Is this the same pit bull that was brought from the kennel and unleashed on the poor helpless BLP just a year ago?

    You seem to know very much about the raging gunslinger. That is why you can ‘bad talk’ him in such disparagingly hurtful words.
    But as Bob Marley sang:

    “Man to man is so unjust
    Children you don’t know who to trust
    Your worst enemy could be your best friend
    And your best friend your worst enemy
    Some will eat and drink with you
    Then behind you them su su ‘pon you
    Only your friend know your secrets
    So only he could reveal it.”

    The neutered pit bull is in no way damaging his career.
    He would never become the MoF or the PM under the present DLP regime unless he pisses all over Fumble with real threats of bringing down his house of cards for a government.

    The amount of destruction the current DLP has wreaked on the socio-economic landscape will forever remain indelibly etched in the minds of too many Bajans.
    The DLP under EWB was known for facilitating the liberation of many black Bajans from grinding poverty and social circumscription through free comprehensive/secondary education with the opportunities to further their intellectual achievements at the tertiary level.
    The current DLP under Fumble will be known as the party which in less than 10 years reversed all the socio-economic gains made by the average black Bajan.

    Since this is the last term for the DLP forming the government in your lifetime, Estwick would become as old as Methuselah before he sees the DLP back in power

    “Esses” is playing for broke with his pension rights intact.
    Let Fumble play his last card by removing the pathological liar from the position of MoF and give the pit bull an opportunity to be a top dog. At least he deserves a chance to shoot off a few intellectual bullets.
    What do you say, “friend”?

  11. Can’t see how so-called intellegent people could just label Estwick as a traitor and don’t see that what the man is saying is true. Maybe his consience has been bothering him and he can’t take it any longer, maybe some others in the government is feeling the same way but they are selfishly looking for their second term in office no matter what happens to this country. This happens when we elect the UNEMPLOYED or the UNEMPLOYABLE

    • I think we are focusing on Estwick, which to my mind is a cruel deception to sidetrack us from what should be the real issues. If Estwick were serious, he would have found that his stated position is intolerable and resign. Instead, the DEMS plotted with Estwick to control the agenda. Don’t you all realise that Estwick is all people are talking about, that is called setting up a straw man just to knock it down. The real human interest stories about the real suffering that was inflicted by the DLP, including Estwick is not being reported. A clever ploy for people that most people consider idiots. Mind you, every idiot has some talent and their talent is lies and deception.


  12. i keep listening to the rumblings of MIA Mottley and her praising of DE for bringing alternatives and crticising govt.policies ( those which he endorse),,,,,wonder how much longer is it going to take for MIa to publicly state her alternatives to govt policies instead of piggy backing on the coattails of DE in a sorry attempt to gain political mileage,,,,i really don;t think she would have the guts to renege on calling for layoffs or even have the guts to do a UAE

  13. @Caswell
    Been thinking the same thing and waiting patiently. After all of this hullabaloo, there’s only one of two outcomes. He leaves the Cabinet or is demoted. If none of those are the outcome, then we’ve ALL been taken for a cruel and deceitful ride….again.

    I predict that all ministers will go quiet on the issue for at least 3-4 days.

    Estwick’s presentation quoted the 70% (of GDP) domestic consumption figure which has been repeatedly espoused by Mascoll and Arthur. Coincidence? I think not.

    Notice to the use of the Nation for the 3 part leak? Coincidence? I think not

    Just observing

    P.S. Let’s cheer on Stoute and Co.

  14. @ Caswell Franklyn

    Now with our increased cranial capacity as human beings, I can’t understand how anyone with a reasonable amount intelligence could entertained the rhetorical prolixity of Mr. Franklyn. A man who has obviously reached an explanatory threshold as for as DLP politics is concern, so he resorts to sophomores and vitriolic to aggrandized his inadequate analysis of the DLP party politics.

  15. Well it is so refreshing and absorbing to savour Barbados’ victory over T and T last evening.

    At least the victory has created huge quantities of euphoria for thousands of Barbadians…..who have become tired of the barage of hogwash and drivel that is contantly spewed on BU by Milller, Prodigal Daughter and other miscreants of that ilk.

    Without a doubt the victory shows that our youth are constantly aspiring to higher heights imbued with a sense of confidence and pride about themselves, their fellow citizens, their government and their country.

    Thank you Captain STOUTE and Prime Minister STUART for the sense of purpose you have given us.

    Kudos to TEAM BARBADOS !

  16. ac
    Why don’t you go to church this morning and give yuh soul a little rest nuh?
    You ain’t feel it is time to go and ask fuh a little forgiveness fuh you and your political allies…from Fumble to Miller and Mia…?

  17. Bush tea why u “brushing up” against me so early in the morning…did i call your name…….i did not think so,,,,, i did say MIA……..the one wid the bag of gimmicks …although the two of u might be “Gimmickologist”,,,,,in lay terms Dr’s of gimmickry,

  18. what is ESTWICK PLAN…….we have heard CS plan…… what poll

    UAE is not a plan simply put it is the eqivalent of exchanging barbados to the rich oil barons to pay off long term debt coupled with interest rate not knowing the outcome or economic downside in event another global crisis unfolds,,,,,,,,what is necessary is for bajans to keep their eyes wide open and realize that every inch of barbados that is given away to pay down debt cannot be recovered short term or long term…..

  19. ac

    Sinckler does not have a plan, he has set of directives from the IMF. I was in the presence yesterday of a recently retired senior official from the Ministry of Finance & Economic Affairs who described Minister Sinckler as below average intelligence and someone who has struggled to understand matters economic since being place in that Ministry.

    He also described him as the most lazy Minister of Finance he has ever seen.

    • @Gutterperc

      BU will accede as soon as we see the Estwick plan posted so that the PUBLIC can access on demand.

    • The Nation and BU?

      Imagine we have the Estwick alternative leaked to tge Nation and unless one buys the paper version the public is no the wiser.

    • The flaw in Estwick’s proposal or one which requires further explanation is the fact he is willing to refinance debt at a lower rate and/or longer maturities WITHOUT austerity measures. Wouldn’t we find ourselves where we are now 20 years from now?

    • Can we agree the quid pro quo in the Estwick UAE proposal is about Barbados being used as a hub for transshipping cargo and become a partner in gas and oil exploration?

    • @Gutterperc

      BU’s response is not a criticism but a simple summary of the proposal. Barbadians need to understand the issues at play in simple terms; it is our future involved. At the moment all the mess is wrapped up in politics and yardfowlisms.

  20. gitterperc…….your comments are typical yardfowl poop……… tell me what is DE plan……he did outline a process by which barbados can pay off the debt in full. do u agree ……..

  21. How many countries or islands would love to become international transshipment cargo hub, think off all of the jobs and the reduced cost of shipping goods to Barbados and the effect on cost of living.

    We have not done too brilliant thus far with or offshore oil extraction attempts as yet.

  22. @ David
    “….Wouldn’t we find ourselves where we are now 20 years from now?”

    No David…..WORSE…MUCH worse (if that is even possible)

    Look …..what poll what?!?
    There is no damn plan… Plan shiite!!
    Sinckler has no plan
    Estwick has no plan
    Mia has no plan
    Owen has no plan
    …and Stuart is not even with us….
    You mean even now there are jackasses who seem to be looking for a “solution” that will result in us continuing to live ABOVE our means?
    Wunna brass bowl idiots!!!

    There are TWO possible plans ONLY…. T W O !

    Plan 1
    Understand that we are really POOR as ass …..and start living like poor people.

    Or plan 2
    Understand that if we want to live like princes (which we have been doing now for 2 decades), we will HAVE TO URGENTLY start working hard and productively as shiite to EARN the money (and thus the right) to live at that level.

    Estwick only talking shiite because he did not get his way in the damn party. This is his pay-back!!
    Borrowing from the devil to pay off Lucifer is a damn plan?!?

    …and poor Sinckler don’t even understand what the damn problem is in the first place – far less what needs to be done about it….

    But shiite man!! SURELY wunna BU bloggers understand where we are by now…..

  23. @ Gutterperc
    Ask yourself why the UAE would grant Barbados a $3B loan to get transshipment rights when – as you correctly said….”many countries or islands would love to become international transshipment cargo hub, ”
    Why would they not get one of those MANY countries with CHEAPER rates to accept the lucrative offer…?

    When you find an answer to that let Bushie know…

    You see those tricycle ambulances them fellows gave us recently? …pick some sense from that gift….

  24. until one sees the full context of what is being laid out in return,,all inow is speculation,,,,furthermore barbadians have a low tolerance for outside interference in our political affairs and moreover the Arabs are high on bajans list as ones not to be trusted,,,,,,,the trust factor is going to be DE obstacle in convincing bajans that is the right way to go …another problem that Barbados might have to worry about is that after opening its economic affairs and ports to the muslim world ,,the fear real or unreal of terrorist entering our country through those channels does not back barbados into a corner to be seen as prejudice,

  25. Bush tea

    You are a clown and clearly have no idea of what is happening globally to Ports and international shipping. Idiots like you are the ones keeping Barbados back.

    Do you appreciate our wonderful geographical location as it relates to shipping ?

  26. ac

    Don’t trust the Arabs……………..lets stick with ones who enslaved us for nearly 300 years. Some will never learn.

  27. No david but the UAE is pivotal on how the debt can be resloved and to me that is of major importance .moreover whatever other proposals DE might state they too would have negative repercussions to houeholds.there are no two ways of getting around austerity measures

  28. @ Gutterperc
    Wait…you didn’t know before that Bushie was a clown….? It takes a clown to dissect the stupid-assed ideas that wunna so like to come and foist on Bajans….
    The real clowns are those jackasses who would fall for your fairy tale shiite…. Where your Arabian fairy god father will come riding out of the east and save Bajans with $3 billion – so that we can continue liming on our lazy asses and living like lords on other people’s money….
    That shiite only works for prostitutes…and only during their prime…and there is a reason why they are on their asses too….

    All that has happened is that Fumble is an easy target, Sinckler is out of his depth …and the Estwick clan is now taking revenge for the years of snubbing – perhaps rightfully so – but Bushie don’t fall for that kinda shiite….just say so and get wunna revenge….What Arabs what?

    …and as to the centuries of slavery and selling our asses to rich white people…..ALL THE MORE REASON WHY WE SHOULD ALL BE WARY OF SCHEMES SUCH AS YOURS…
    Bushie grandparents did not sacrifice and suffer so that Bushie could sell out his grandchildren like sheep to rich Arabs….due to the stupidity of political whores….

  29. Bushie

    Lets walk willingly into the hands of the IMF. Lets submit to their conditionalities, after all its only 10,000 people to be sent packing. Not a big deal right?

  30. We walked into the IMF’s hands when we borrowed other people’s money in order to enhance our lifestyles….and were unable to pay back.
    ANY IDIOT CAN BORROW IN THE EARLY STAGES… is sweet in the mouth …but it comes back to burn your ass…

    …what is sinister about an entity that will DEMAND that you live within your means?
    ….Wuh COMMONSENSE should have told us that….

    unless we take steps to live WITHIN our national means, we are just spinning topq in mud…..and since brass bowls lack commonsense, the IMF is our best bet…

    There are only TWO practical options for us….
    – reduce our standard of living to within our means…
    OR, INCREASE our national productivity to match our consumption.

    What we need, …is national discipline…not more mendicancy……

  31. Whoring is all some people know how to do, so anyone offering /flashing money will become very attractive to old whores who have run out of Johns. Have we any pride left?

  32. hi, i am 24 years old , i do not consider myself half as intelligent as you all are , but i have a couple of common sense questions that i would like any of you all to answer , being that the BARBADOS
    government is a business and for it to be successful it needs to have an great economy, so question number one is what are our resources , since we cant help but borrow money , where do the funds come from to pay it off ( i know some of you will say the funds to pay it off comes from the taxes that we pay ) , with that being said to qualify for a loan one must have some form of collateral to put up as security , so what is this government putting up in return for receiving funds from the IMF, last question is how do i know that the 100 dollar in my purse is an actual 100 dollar being that we have no goal are silver to give value to our dollars, you see everyone is all about politics and who do what and you do this and what we can do to better ourselves as a nation , first the people of this wonderful country should realize that you the people vote these people in and you should hold them accountable for their own actions which will have a great impact on you the people and your generations to come , my personal opinion is that this government is not ad hearing to the constitution or its bills of rights further more some people sing the anthem and do not even understand what it means “FREEDOM” its sad to say that even with all this dialogue this problem cant be fix unless you the people of this wonderful nation say enough is enough.

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