To David Estwick and Cabinet, it must be about Barbados

Cabinet of Barbados

Cabinet of Barbados

In the last six years Barbados has been consumed by an unprecedented type of polarising politics. It is a politics which has reordered national priorities. No longer are decisions made on the basis of what is important on the national front but more to do with what is politically expedient. Political pundits had warned that the 2-seat majority government which resulted from the last general election would have landed us here. A classic illustration is the government’s commitment to send home 3,000 public sector workers but because of political imperatives the national exigency has had to be sacrificed, the result; a bloated Cabinet.

Perhaps the best example of politics trumping commonsense and national interest is the 9-day topical issue –  the Estwick Affair. One member of parliament holds the trump card (theoretically) which potentially affects the balance of government in Barbados. Whereas Arthur would have fired Estwick from Cabinet a long time ago – he had bench strength in the House – Prime Minister Stuart is forced to tolerate a minister who has made it known publicly he disagrees with Cabinet; a severe break from convention.  BU referred to Estwick’s trump card as theoretical because he has developed the reputation as a bluffer.

If the country was focussed on the national priority we should be grilling Estwick about what the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) has achieved under his stewardship since 2010. Insiders are aware it took several days of suasion to get him to accept the agriculture ministry.

In fact he was on the verge of resigning we understand. In 2010 when Estwick finally accepted the transfer to the MoA he saw reason to list his achievements as Minister of Economic Affairs. We are asking Estwick to again list his achievements as Minister of Agriculture. If we want to promote a system of meritocracy in the country then the value of our leaders must be evaluated by their achievements. Estwick has been instrumental in starting the construction of the Barbados Water Authority building and installation three tanks to store molasses at the Bridgetown port. But what is his report card? More importantly what have you done to further Dr. Estwick to further the cause of food security for Barbados? What initiatives have you implemented or have in the pipeline to reduce our humongous food import bill? Earning foreign exchange is our lifeblood and it is scary to read reports that forex has declined by 100 million in the month of January 2014.

Time to stop the silly games and accept the responsibility of managing the country. A listen to the debate in parliament yesterday should be sufficient to indicate we have an intellectual deficit affecting that august chamber.


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  1. Hmmmmmmmm………………………where is this article heading? What is it intended to create? sometimes you have to leave things to unfold.

    • @QUESTION 10

      Do you think this is a game?

      Barbadians, especially those living here, have a right to demand better for our people.

    • If he faced difficulties then convention dictated he should have resigned and made his feeling known as a backbencher. He can’t be at the table sipping from the cup but slapping the hand of the Prime Minister under whose privilege he serves in our system. He owed it to the people if he faced difficulties to make them known.

  2. “What have you achieved?”….yes, it is a fair question but with the addition of “given the difficulties you faced”.

  3. Question…….

    If we must cut back on imported food products and rely more on home grown products WHY are the home products so expensive?

    • Barbados is a high cost location namely because of labour. Economies of scale may help local farmers to be competitive on some products BUT the lure of earning forex must provoke our leaders to come up with a plan i.e. the degree we need to support the agriculture industry. We give subsidies to airline to cart tourists to Barbados don’t we?

    • How long have we talked, talked, talked about creating synergy between the ministries of tourism and agriculture? The benefit would be a direct savings in forex as a result of the hospitality sector being encouraged (incentives could be used) to use more local agriculture inputs. What is wrong or how difficult is it for government to enable this approach?

      What about the creative industries: creating/enabling the marketplace to buy local art and related products and services?

      What about the furniture and craftsmen?

      There is so much we could have done to help ourselves instead of business as usual approach.

  4. Why would Sinckler wait until AFTER the workers have been laid off to try and engage the opposition leader, or in his words “throw down the gauntlet”, to change the constitution in order to accommodate cutting public workers salaries by 40% instead of massive layoffs.

    Apparently Sinckler does not think it would have been more prudent to do so BEFORE the layoffs, what was he doing that he could not think of this latest light bulb moment. So, they really expect anyone to take the DLP ministers serious.

  5. No David…that won’t do. If your question is fair, which it is, it is also fair to ask for further and better particulars.

    • No David…that won’t do. If your question is fair, which it is, it is also fair to ask for further and better particulars.

      Agree but the ball is in Estwick’s court if he is being chafed.


    Things in Barbados cost seem to be based on the tourist . The tourist can afford the prices for its may be cheap for them or the same prices back home, Coconut water now cost more than milk ,Milk is 4 times the US prices, Butter and other things, Same with the Land , now seem to be selling for 29 bds a sq ft , up from 25sgft.

    Remember its all about the land , Until the land is taken care of Most will rush to be rich before it law shows up..
    NHC taking Plantation land to sell for pvt builders with no home for the Bajans , Built, sell , leave the island and this stone turns in to a ROCK paved over with no where to grow any thing,
    We will be at the port looking for food like beggars at the port.
    NHC for the tourist
    UDC for the local lawyers to feed on , More Crooks, liars and Scumbags.

  7. David

    Mind maybe he’s reading this. Someone told me the other day that the CJ regularly reads us. At first he was smiling. Now he is weeping.

    • Mind maybe he’s reading this. Someone told me the other day that the CJ regularly reads us. At first he was smiling. Now he is weeping.

      The CJ has been stymied by the bureaucracy coupled with a lack of resources and has shown a lack of inventiveness/imagination to implement changes even if described as baby steps.

  8. @Well Well
    “Apparently Sinckler does not think it would have been more prudent to do so BEFORE the layoffs, what was he doing that he could not think of this latest light bulb moment. So, they really expect anyone to take the DLP ministers serious”………………………………………………….

    And that my friend is the crux of the matter. No one has any faith, trust or confidence in them.

    When MAM and the BLP were offering solutions way back in 2008/9 and asking these arrogant incompetent useless wild boys to sit down and let them all put their heads together for the good of Barbados…………the Stinkliar and Pornville each told her on the floor of Parliament ………..”we dont want to hear nothing from wunnuh, wunnah had wunnah time, now is we time, we gine do things we way, any ideas wunnah got, keep to wunnah selves”.

    More recently she suggested to get together a group to help solve the problems (even if she had dissent from OSA) and what she told by the Fumbler….I dont want no eminent persons…the liar, the joker from St Lucy were eminent enough for him. In the August budget the liar told MAM to put her suggestions on paper.

    And at this late stage, he wants MAM to draft a paper to cut public workers salaries? What a jackass! The Fumbler said on Sunday that he was not committing political suicide (shades of Sandi?). Does the Stinkliar think that MAM is dumb like he is to commit political suicide?

    If he and dem were not so pig headed, arrogant and drunk with power, we would not be in the position we are in today. No wonder Estwick has them having sleepless nights! Idiots! Monkeys handling guns!

  9. On the south coast, I have seen a lot of tourists on the beach but are they really spending? When they book hotels, is the money coming into Barbados?

    I ask this because we now learn today that our foreign reserves have fallen by 100 million dollars in January.

  10. Sometimes actors get caught up in their TV/movie roles and beleive that they can dodge a bullet, kill your ex-wife, pay a hitman to terminate the spouse and things like this that normal people like us will not even entertain… or would we?

    The Pit Bull has become so engrossed in his “character” that the general populace have failed to realise where his true skill lies and now, the very characteristic that made him passingly attractive to the mottley population, an euphemism for comical in the Eric Fly sense, now has David captive and, irrespective of the things that he has siad, or may continue to say, that make sense, he, like Arnold Schwartzeneger of “Terminator Fame” is now deemed to have a Pit Bull mentality, dog-like unreasoned mentality, erratic and unpredictable.

    But if one were to examine the written recommendations of the goodly doctor, long before this “do the right thing” littany started, one would see that he is on record giving some sound advise when things were relatively good.

    I quote the pitbull doctor “Barbados has a very heavy debt burden. We now pay $981 million BDS per year from a-revenue of $2.4 billion BDS. This is the key to the continued underdevelopment of the country. I suggested that we introduce a debt restructuring program to take advantage of the very low international interest rates being offered on Country to Country loans and Private Sector Loans. The proposal from Economic Affairs highlighted that we could realize a savings of $541 million dollars per year for 25 years if my recommendation is followed by interest rate savings as well as
    principle savings. This Strategy would achieve the targets in the MTFS by 2012 and show a healthy surplus on the fiscal balance by 2014 and reduce the Debt/GDP ratio to 66% of GDP by 2014.”

    Examine the recommendation for what it is worth, sound advice to give our country breathing space, when there was air left in the global bubble.

    Remember Gearbox, circa 1976, on Broad Street, with several hundred people around him shouting while examining what turned out to be a single hair, remember the words of the purported madman “I have seen many hairs around a cvnt but I have never seen so many cvnts around one hair”

    The problem is that when you are daubed with the brush as an actor who plays in B grade movies, or like Staphano on Days of them Fvuked Up Lives, you can never get the role of a star boy.

    DE laid down with dem dogs and has now arisen wid dem fleas.

    Mark my words, de ole man may not be here in 2016, but de DLP dog is dead, dem gine loose every single seat, including St John wid its Sleeping Widow.

    I doubt that DE will do the honourable thing and throw himself on his sword for three reasons (i) his pension will be forfeit (ii) the DLP government will come crashing down and (iii) the name David Estwick will go down in the an(n)als of Bulbados for time immemorial, ast the single dog (Pit Bull) that caused the demise of the DLP and its confinement to the political doldrums forever.

  11. PUDRYR

    Excellent piece uh de keyboard above. Three minor mistakes though;
    (1) He has already earned his pension;
    (2) The DLP does not necessarily have to come crashing down if he sits as an independent and abstains or votes with the DLP in future;
    (3) DE would not ultimately be the cause of the DLP’s demise if he causes a crash of the Government by voting his conscience on an important vote like the Estimates. Those more culpable would be the MoF and the PM and his Cabinet colleagues by virtue of their implementing demonstrably and exceedingly flawed policies (against his advice) that had of necessity to lead us to the situation we are now in. Indeed, he might be regarded in the future, other things being above board, as the one whose brave actions led to the ultimate birth of a new, stronger Barbados.


    The CJ have to be reading, he made his own comments before about the lawyers, He knows that he will get more pulse from BU and a better reading than the Ministers on a lie detector test,
    He knows they must be locking him out ,supported by the crook lawyers as he already know,
    The people need to understand that , long talk and buying votes cant help,
    Neither can MAM , She may act like she can Help for MAM as AG working under the lies as the crown and working for Violet Beckles , use that to work her way in to her Estate and took what she wanted and paid out with , She also have a very big part to play in this estate of Fraud, So yes she might be the best person to act to look to help , for this is part of her brain child, Let not for get Britton’S Hill cave in killing a Family , Where she get the deed and permission to build ,
    We at Plantati0on Deeds Hold the only seem copy of the Deed in Barbados and Violet Beckles not sold her nothing. MAM need to be in Jail on murder counts,
    The Nation and CBC will not print or ask questions.So what do we have to read and voice our thinking ad knowing , ? B U ,….

  13. Prodigal…..I am not political, but it’s plain to see the DLP ministers were playing the ass from day one, instead of having the constitution laws changed months ago to help these workers now on the breadline, Sinckler was busy trying to put the image in everyone’s head of Mia running down Broad Street naked in his mind it was in her bid o seek attention.

    Inniss is too busy with his other business ventures to want advice from the opposition, I have never heard such an asinine and idiotic statement spoken from a public leader, not even from the many Republican idiots in the house of representative s in the US.

    Ross……It is being said that NO ONE even listens to the CJ, hope he is reading this……..

  14. PUDRYR
    So, with DE having given such sound advice, why wasn’t it followed? It is part of the Barbadian psyche that no matter how good the advice is, if you didn’t think of it first, you should ignore it. Nobody else should get the credit. As for achievements at the MOA, have you ever tried swimming in mud?

  15. Quantcast
    David | February 12, 2014 at 9:14 AM |
    “If he faced difficulties then convention dictated he should have resigned and made his feeling known as a backbencher. He can’t be at the table sipping from the cup but slapping the hand of the Prime Minister under whose privilege he serves in our system. He owed it to the people if he faced difficulties to make them known”

    I do agree with the gist of your comment but under whose privilege does the Prime Minister serve?

  16. Looking at the list of Ministers at the top of the page, I have some suggestions to make………….you know Dems say we BLP bloggers only criticise, we dont offer solutions. Here goes:

    Cut the following Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries:

    *Jepter Ince…….he had no right to still be anywhere near the Ministry of Finance when he could be on Brasstacks talking about the country’s physical deficit when he was referring to the Fiscal deficit

    *Darcy Boyce………whatever he does can be handled by who ever handles trade….by now he has been repaid for his treachery.

    *Irene Sandiford Garner……..She is just a traveller and a socialiser on the cocktail circuit……cut her and let the lazy Richard Sealy do some work for a change. The taxpayers cannot be forced to pay for her lifestyle. I am sure the credit union would be pleased to hire her again.

    *Patrick Todd…….. he can help out a funeral home, they are quite busy these days. But what the heck does he do? Last in, first out should be applied to him.

    *Harry Husbands…….his task is done, there are no more private schools to tour, he could ask David Ellis for a moderator pick again.

    *Esther Byer Suckoo………she was a failure in every ministry she had. Just ask Sir Roy or Alex McDonald……even the dead king realised that she was out of her depths and shifted her every reshuffle he had…why should the taxpayers be saddled with her, she has her practice, let her go back to what she knows best

    *Maxine McClean…….. a total failure, should have been fired a long time ago over the Myrie incident….more so too because she refused to face the electorate, she did not even speak on a platform during the election.

    Donville Inniss can have some more responsibility, when MAM had a similar job, they laughed at her and said it was a part time job….his is a part time job, he now even have time to be General Secretary of the DLP. He cannot be that busy as he has time like Kellman to speak on every matter.

    Dennis Lowe can pick up some more responsibility to keep him busy, he would have less time to look to see what he could get for himself.

    Last and least, this lazy Fumbler we have as a PM can take a full time ministry and do some real work. He is still to this day doing the same things a dying man was/was not doing.

    So there you have it mr/ms fraud “just asking”………. these are some suggestions to help take Barbados out of the dark bottomless pit. Six cabinet members axed……great savings to the taxpayers!

  17. Can anyone tell me if persons working in Dr Estwick’s ministry are still forbidden to interact with those in the ministry of finance?

  18. At PS: If Fumble would give up the Ministry of Town Planning to Donville it really wouldn’t matter to anyone whether he came to work or not. That ministry is key to our development and has been paralysed for five years.

  19. @ David
    What is Barbados, anyhow? What has it been? Is what it has been been any good to most of us? It what it has been helpful in the future? What kind of a future should that be? Should that be a future as based on the last 500 years? Or should a longer cultural experience be brought to the national dialogue table?

  20. @ Pacha

    I see in Barbados Today that, while paying tribute to the late Sylia Pearline Springerthe, the PM is lamenting the demise of the Village Tailor, as the Executive Class (no doubt including his Ministers) shop for their clothing in New York, London and Miami, .

    Sounds like the PM would like Barbados to be what it has been

  21. The scary thing abut having a drop in FX of $100 million is that it occurred when we being told by some Ministers that January was a bumper crop for tourism. Thank God we have some brain surgeons presently on the island to figure out all of this mess and create a forward path for our future….the IMF will do it. None of the local leaders seem to be able to figure it out. Just get ready to tighten your belts and buy local whenever you can, car pool, stop buying unnecessary imports. The party is over.

  22. David

    You claim that the CJ has been stymied by the bureaucracy coupled with lack of resources…. Where did you get that? Could you tell me how many judgments has been delivered by the CJ? And then tell me what resources are needed to deliver judgments.

  23. This DLP government came to power by acts of dishonest doing, lead by David Thompson who was a lier, and thief
    He and Leroy Parris thief Clico policyholders money to pay like minded people for the votes to win , please look at all the ministers see how confusing their are , the God is at work with the praying
    of people who money was stolen from
    clico , the devil is at work in the DLP camp for the blood money deal
    we the people are the collateral damage

  24. @question 10
    That the only way to explain the Confused and conflicting ways of the ministers actions , and also how the DLP supporters
    on this blog are thinking , these people are really mindless , I have no fears because I know God is at work, it just a matter of time

  25. Well Well | February 12, 2014 at 9:16 AM |

    “Why would Sinckler wait until AFTER the workers have been laid off to try and engage the opposition leader, or in his words “throw down the gauntlet”, to change the constitution in order to accommodate cutting public workers salaries by 40% instead of massive layoffs.

    Apparently Sinckler does not think it would have been more prudent to do so BEFORE the layoffs, what was he doing that he could not think of this latest light bulb moment. So, they really expect anyone to take the DLP ministers serious.”

    The challenge thrown out by Mr Sinckler to the Opposition to move a resolution to further cut Public Workers salaries which have been cut indirectly since 2010 is another example of the political gimmickry the administration continues to unashamedly foist on the country even in these perilous times when the situation begs for serious discourse from those charged with the responsibility of managing. Having blamed the recession from day one for the disastrous state of the economy; wouldn’t it have been prudent for a visionary administration to move such an amendment in their last term when they had the required majority to do so. That challenge is for the gullible and ought to be thrown into the political dustbin.
    In 1991, before cutting salaries less we forget in addition to sending home workers, the then administration in their wisdom sought permission from affected public workers( Judges, Director of Public prosecutions, Auditor General were immune to the cuts by law) by way of written communication to cut their salaries to facilitate the value of the Barbadian dollar. It is my understanding that the majority of public workers assented and the constitution was accordingly amended to pave the way for the cuts which were challenged unsuccessfully all the way to Her Majesty’s Privy Council by the National union of Public workers. In fulfilment of an election campaign promise, the incoming administration amended the law to rightfully in my view prevent the ‘willy-nilly’ cutting of public workers salaries. Do you think that it could be fair that every time a Government finds itself in trouble in its management of the economy that Public servants and public servants alone should be penalised and made to feel the brunt of austerity measures because they depend on the public purse for their survival. Not at all. Public servants alone do not benefit from the economy and should not sit idly by and allow themselves to be the scapegoats for the failures of any administration. WOULD IT NOT BE FAIRER FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO INTRODUCE A 10% STABILIZATION TAX ACROSS THE BOARD TO ENCOMPASS BOTH PRIVATE SECTOR AND PUBLIC SECTOR WORKERS SO THAT THE RAIN WOULD BE ALLOWED TO FALL ON THE JUST AND UNJUST.

  26. “Barbados is a high cost location namely because of labour”
    In addition to the high taxes( to cover the freenesses we once enjoyed but now slowly dismantled) imposed on goods at the point of entry and which are passed on to the consumer by the importer to recoup his expenses.

    • In addition to the high taxes( to cover the freenesses we once enjoyed but now slowly dismantled) imposed on goods at the point of entry and which are passed on to the consumer by the importer to recoup his expenses.

      There is a price to pay for not being a producer.

  27. Speaking about ‘It must be about Barbados ‘ the newspaper headlines today would be more accurate thusly ‘ BLP refuses to join GOB to ensure Barbadian jobs are saved’.

    Its unbelievable that a heartless opposition refuses to cooperate with government to repeal a piece of legislation to allow pay cuts instead of job losses. That chilling action by the BLP is the defining moment of the current economic crisis. The stark reality of this depraved BLP stance means their moaning and crying for displaced workers are fake the only thing real is the crocodile tears.

    Were the government to go back to the polls an objective Mia pursues twenty four hours a day every day the BLP will be soundly beaten. The DLP campaign simply has to be constructed around the dastardly acts of the BLP to deny cooperation with government to save 3000 public sector jobs coupled with BLP reluctance to participate in the 10% pay cuts for Parliamentarians.

    The public wants to hear from BLP pimps and loafers at UWI. Jokers like Straughan and Belle should be duty bound to weigh in on this disgraceful stance by the opposition. We must hear from the Church and private sector. The trade unions should speak up on the BLP’s rigid position. Leadership at all levels in the society must make their voices heard on this matter. Miller, prodigal ,Caswell and the yard fowl brigade will soon be here with a bariffle of lies and spin to justify the shocking refusal of Mia, Kerrie Simmons and that sad lot to save Barbadians from the bread line.

    • Cabinet meeting should be lively tomorrow you think?

      At the point we are agreed that we are NOT in an IMF program and continue to receive technical assistance?

  28. @Waiting, you honestly believe Bajans would expect an opposition party to go beyond the call of duty and bring an unpopular piece of legislation to parliament. Don’t you think the government should take the legislation to parliament and force the opposition to vote against if it is convinced a salary cut for civil servant is what a majority of Bajans want
    I’m with Balance in believing that all Bajans and not only civil servant need to share the burden this time.

  29. There is more than enough evidence to support the position that during the initial stages of the economic meld down in America: Republican as well as Democratic governors, had opted for furlough days, salaries freezes, changes in the health benefit plans and a reduction in the hourly pay rate of the public sector worker. ( No job losses) And these measures, however painful, had proven effective over an extented period of time. (At least many people were able to keep their jobs and healthcare benefits, irrespective of the new measures) Now, it seems as though the DLP is heading in this direct but without much avail!

  30. @ Prodigal Son

    Your list is very interesting but you seem to have forgotten the consultants and managers. These are a few to start with:

    Robert “Bobby” Morris is the CARICOM Ambassador. During his tenure, what has he done to the Caribbean unity cause? What are his views on the Myrie case? Has he made progress with the fishing agreement? I have not heard him on speaking on anything pertaining to CARICOM. Instead, he can be seen at luncheons or DLP meetings talking about the trade union, history or spreading DLP propaganda. Is he being paid for this?
    Maureen Holder is the political analyst/consultant at CBC. She should be the propaganda consultant, since her aim is to criticise the Opposition Leader, stifle the contributions of those persons who may have another view of the DLP [often labeling them as BLP supporters], criticize Peter Wickham and the other VOB moderators, while heaping praise on the DLP. At least she is earning her money, obnoxious as she is.
    Hugh Foster is the consultant at the Tourism Board. We all know he canvassed for James Paul. Exactly, what is his job and what is his track record at the board?
    What work is Undene Whittaker being paid for?
    Hamilton Lashley is still a consultant.
    What about the General Manager at the Transport Board? She can be seen at DLP scenic rides, wearing a DLP t-shirt and hugging Ronald Jones {front page of the Sunday Sun}. Yet the Transport Board in turmoil. Image, a banker in charge of transport

  31. @ Mark Fenty, there is also more than enough evidence that those policies by GOP and Democratic governors plus the introduction of right to work laws have led to the widening of the gap between the super rich and everyone else in America.

  32. The operational cost within many of these state agencies were seriously reduced as a way to save money. Travel was seriously limited given the price of gas at the initial stage of the crisis etc.

  33. Waiting

    You are more ignorant than I thought. After six years of your destructive lying party ignoring every suggestion to improve the way you were governing or lack thereof, you really think that the BLP would commit political suicide now trying to help you liars out of the dark hole you have this country in.

    Why, we Bees know how you play politics……..nasty and you would turn around and hang the BLP politically with this! You liars would tell the public workers that the BLP cut their salaries. This crisis is yours, so own it!

  34. @ Waiting

    Are you for real, or just plain stupid?

    On December 13, 2013, Chris Sinckler made a ministerial statement in parliament in which he indicated the government’s decision to lay off 3,500 civil servants. This was decided by the Cabinet, were members of the BLP there, or did they hear the same way we did?

    It was the duty of Stuart and Sinckler to propose the suggestion of repealing the legislation to prevent cutting of salaries to the Opposition before bringing it to the House. This could have been done in the same way they hasten to parliament to adjust the laws governing the PAC, after it was revealed that the Ministry of Finance was providing funds directly to the NHC [to pay some of the same workers they sent home], and not seeking the relevant authorization to do so.

    To suggest the BLP should propose a resolution to ask government to cut salaries after the fact is somewhat ludicrous.

    • Artaxerxes

      Don’t bother about “waiting”, he was a BLP stalwart but his thieving ways have forced him into the arms of the DLP in order to get contracts to earn enough money to compensate the clients that he stole from.

      You also asked if he is for real, or just plain stupid. The answer is clearly yes or he wouldn’t have overdosed on Viagra to keep up with a young thing damaging his heart in the process.

      Oh, by the way “Waiting” sending your emissaries to complain to my friends about what I write on BU would not help you, I dance to the beat of my own drum: I am not controlled by anyone, so you need not bother. Leave me alone.


  35. “I’m with Balance in believing that all Bajans and not only civil servant need to share the burden this time”
    In addition Bajan Yankee, no one would be allowed to travel unless they are in receipt of a tax clearance from Inland Revenue and the Vat Dept. If you are not indebted to these agencies ,then you have nothing to worry about.
    Institute ‘Operation Clean sweep” to target all self-employed persons with a view to bringing them into the tax net to share some of the burden of paying Govt bills instead of relying solely on those captured in the system; rather than hounding the vendors on the street, attach income tax payment clearance to vending license acquisition; it is inconceivable that in this day and age that fish vendors can work in Govt subsidised markets and are quick to make a big stink when the ice machine is not working or the water turn off and these same fish market vendors brag about how much money they make and do not pay a cent in income tax or national insurance yet have market licenses issued by the Govt to work.

    • @balance

      Agree that your suggestion is a good one however if implemented several prominent people in Barbados would have to remain on the rock.

  36. @ Waiting | February 12, 2014 at 8:26 PM |

    Even in the face of a mountain of evidence provided by the IMF you fools still refuse to listen to commonsense.
    Do you really fathom the serious quagmire of economic challenges Bim is in? Let us suppose the Opposition were to agree to your call for an amendment to the Constitution to cut public sector pay across the board, do you really feel the IMF would allow you guys to take back on the payroll (even with the cut) 3,500 earmarked for immediate dismissal or the pending wave of redundancies to stem from the merging, privatization and closure of Public Sector enterprises (PEs).

    Whom do you guys thing you are dealing with? Clyde Mascoll, Mottley or Estwick?

    Do you, johnny, understand the gravamen of the following statement(s):

    “Outlook and risks. Recent fiscal measures, if fully implemented, should stabilize debt levels by 2016. However, downside risks are considerable and failure to implement corrective policies could result in a disorderly adjustment process. Even with full implementation, fiscal financing pressures and external sector sustainability would remain challenging.”

    “Delays or failure to implement planned fiscal measures. These risks are not negligible (e.g.
    there is ongoing pressure from labor unions to unwind layoff decisions). A continuation of
    policy trends could lead to further monetization of the deficit, drop in investor confidence,
    further reserves losses, and pressure on the currency peg.”

    The IMF have given you guys a “temporary” (like the workers used for electoral purposes and now abused and refused) stay of execution.
    Make use of the limited time to prepare and present a case for a commutation from financial death (significant adjustment in your currency, like 50 % forthwith, with inevitable downward spiralling) to a long stay in fiscal prison.

  37. Does anyone believe that Dr Estwick will be allowed to deliver his power point presentation tomorrow in light of the IMF release today?

  38. @Bajan in NY
    We need not engage such a debate at this time because I can assure you, that when Clinton relinquished power to Bush Jr between 2000 or was it 2001? The definition of the middle class was still on the lips of the average American. You’re quite right though; after 8 years of mismanagement by the Bush Administration, the gap between the rich and poor has gotten wider. And finally, those two illegal wars which actually cost the American taxpayers a $100 million dollars a week, did a blow job on the middle class in America friend.

  39. Finally point, Clinton who happens to be a Democrat left a surplus at the end of his tenure. The first president in our modern times, who was able to wiped out the national debt.

  40. “To suggest the BLP should propose a resolution to ask government to cut salaries after the fact is somewhat ludicrous”

    And what makes it all the more ludicrous is that the minister of Finance should be aware that cutting the salaries of the entire public service et al Statutory Boards would not even make the slightest dent in a fiscal deficit bucket in excess of $300 million dollars and climbing because of the dithering by the current administration

  41. Please , understand the DLP supporters on
    BU are software programs that come from
    Underground the Tomb in St.John , so take
    The mindless writing as you know it is DEAD

  42. @Artax
    is it politically ill- advisable to cut salaries at a time when the island is face with an economic crisis of this magnitude? We have seen this done in places such as Unites States, Canada and throughout Europe just to name a few and it has been proven to produced measurable results. The numbers however, that the government is talking about seen rather astronomical and would obviously affect operation within each department one would think. But who am I to comment on what government ought or ought not do; obviously these people are in a better position than you or I and knows precisely what is needed to get the island running again.

  43. Every time one looks at the above picture of the cabinet of Barbados one can’t help but feel cheated at the fact that for all that has been said in just about every quarter, this bunch of fat cats pretend to be oblivious to the suffering of poor bajans.Symbolic or not a there is where the very first cut should have been made.

  44. The blp yardfowls can cackle bray and bellyache all wunna want.. the measures gonna stay in place .waiting tohear from DE not gonna change nothing as the PM correctly stated that vacillating and flip flopping would only take us backward. if the BLP had better and more alternatives plans than layoffs (ones that they a called for previously they should have stated them ) and stop pretending differently.we all heard about the sale of Barbados and bajans said NO…

  45. the DLP knew full well in 2013 that the persons they bought on to help win an election was reckless and would have done further damage to the economy, the ppl they bought on in 2008 they could not even get pay and was borrowing to pay them, and still bring on more in 2013 ,all of this happen under that fool for ah PM , they made the crisis much worse that it ought to be ,they have proven they cannot govern and should be remove from office

  46. @ac u does really listen to ur self doh ? i know how it is when ya got to tow de party line but cheese on man review de evidence mannnn, and face the fact that the DLP further destroyed the economy with their inept polices and poor governance

  47. right now the govt is fighting tooth and nail outside and inside interest WHO belives that bado,s is for sale to any and every body DE has been suckered in unwittingly by such people some of these snakes vivid reminders of the EDEN story but all must understand that when when something is SOLD the chances of the rightful owners every regaining is between slim and none..Bajans must wake up and realise that something must be amidst when silent voices are heard but never seen asking for permanant entry

  48. So whAt do “we” have here a bunch of belly achers call in themselves “patriots” unwilling to even lift a finger or make any sacrifice to help their country. but have no qualms about looking and asking others to make

    • @ac

      Address the IMF Article IV report which validates many of the positions taken on BU, if you have the capacity to do so. Note Estwick disagrees with IMF recommended retrenchment.

  49. @ac | February 13, 2014 at 11:32 AM |

    Ac, what has become of your soul mate Carson Cadogan the erstwhile resident comedian on BU? Is he still the No. 1 patriot of George Street?

    Is he still prepared to vilify the miller for calling the garden spade Worrell a lying incompetent joker of a spade?
    Lagarde intends to ensure the wobbling Worrell gets his comeuppance for being uppity with his lying deceitful self.

    We would have supported his brazenness only if he was indeed a genuine intellectual instead of being a lying jumped-up puppet bent on manipulating financial data to suit his sycophantic desires to kiss the MoF’s backside.

    Why wasn’t he man enough (like the latter day saint Estwick) to stand up to Sinckliar demanding that he euphemistically prints money to save the boss liar’s backside and help him win an elections in February 2013?

    Here is what the IMF (with direct but unwritten instructions from Christine) has told the ‘authorities’:
    You either get rid of the little deceitful untrustworthy devil, the printer of fake money, or we turn your currency into monopoly money, useful only to children of yesteryear as cut-plate in their play-play shops.

  50. ‘ac | February 13, 2014 at 10:11 AM |

    The blp yardfowls can cackle bray and bellyache all wunna want.. the measures gonna stay in place .waiting tohear from DE not gonna change nothing as the PM correctly stated that vacillating and flip flopping would only take us backward’

  51. AC…………….you are becoming more and more irrelevant as things heat up for the government, you think it’s hot now, wait until all that gasoline is poured on the backsides of their esteemed friends and business partners. HA!!! By the way, no one put them in their current positions, they did it all by themselves without any help except from their friends.

    • Barbadians familiar with the early 90’s will recall what happened when the private sector withdrew its support, flight of capital resulted. This is the time for a leader to get all sectors all barbadians onboard. The simplistic position of ac will not work. The 2-seat majority, which was predicted, will continue to create incohesion.

  52. @ Mark Fenty

    “Is it politically ill- advisable to cut salaries at a time when the island is face with an economic crisis of this magnitude? We have seen this done in places such as Unites States, Canada and throughout Europe just to name a few and it has been proven to produced measurable results.”

    The above point is taken.

    “But who am I to comment on what government ought or ought not do; obviously these people are in a better position than you or I and knows precisely what is needed to get the island running again.”

    Your point is a bit naïve; if the government were indeed aware of the economic situation confronting this island, surely they would not have employed hundreds of people at the various statutory/quasi organisations or undertake a number of non-productive activities prior to the 2013 elections. Additionally, if pay-cuts were on their list of priorities, certainly they would have discussed such actions with the various unions, while involving the Opposition so as to ensure collective support if they had intended to table a pay cut resolution in parliament.

    To make a ministerial statement of their intended actions of lay-offs by January 15, 2014 and subsequently commence terminations on December 31, 2013; then challenge the opposition to bring a pay cut resolution AFTER THE FACT, is absolutely a ploy to put the BLP on the back foot in an effort to gain political points.

    I must say that you cannot fault the DLP for their political maneuvers; however, if they channeled these efforts into administering the country, we will all be better off.

  53. Wow !

    I just witnessed Dr. Estwick’s presentation in Cabinet and it was UAE.


    Good work colleague.

  54. My suggestion of asking people to put country first is not one of simplistcy.that i am well aware like turning water into wine.. one can assumed that as a given bythe many differing opinions here on BU ..therefore on your comment David i will agree that simplicity is not gonna work .. however one would be hard pressed and ignore that a nation in times of trouble should expect its people to be vigorous and dedicated in call to duty and not be influenced by selfish talk and political tripe

  55. @ Fractured

    Glad you enjoyed the presentation. if it is accepted, does this not erase the level of confidence the Prime Minister had in the Minister and Ministry of Finance, the Council of Economic Advisors and its chairman Dr. Frank Alleyne, Darcy Boyce, Jepter Ince, the Medium Term Fiscal Strategy, the Central Bank and Dr. Delisle Worrell, et al. [including Dr. Estwick as well].

    Mr. Fractured it is very enlightening to know that during the past 6 years of some people on this blog, IMF, Standards & Poors, Moody’s and elsewhere, highlighting the errors of the economic strategies undertaken by this current administration, and you stoutly defending these policies over this time; miraculously, it has taken a 6 minute presentation by Dr. Estwick to convince you that the DLP’s policies were actually wrong.

    Bearing in mind that Estwick was also critical of the goverment’s policies; you, by stating that his presentation was “awesome”, is indicative of the fact you agree with him, then you have conceded that everyone else was right, and you and the DLP were wrong.

    You musee feel like a real idiot now, yuh. My friend, you have demonstrated that you are the epitome of stupidity. I hope you reflect on the stance you have consistently taken on this blog and contemplate your humiliation.

  56. @ ac

    Dr. Estwick has criticised the government’s economic policies, and in answer to your suggestion, brought forth alternative policies. You are now, in innuendo, accusing him of being selfish and unpatriotic.

    I guess ya can’t please wunnah at all.

    The DLP has introduced a new definition of patriotism: blind and unswerving loyalty to an organisation; that is, at if you are not with DEM, then you do not have the country’s best interest at heart.

    Supporters brag that the DLP developed this island intellectually by introducing free secondary education. If an individual capitalises on this initiative and uses his intellect to analytical to bring an alternative perspective, instead of being commended for being independent of thought, he is vilified and accused of being influenced by the Opposition BLP. This message is aggressively relayed by Stuart, Sinckler, Donville Inniss, Blackett, Adriel Brathwaite and Michael Lashley.

    AC, and as indicated by Fractured BLP’s latest post, indicates that both these individuals lack the propensity to think rationally, while seeking to endorse and ratify the diatribe pronounced by the DLP politicians.

    Although many of the contributors to this blog may seem to support the BLP, their thought process, analysis and overall presentation of their contributions[though one may not always agree with some of the content] are logical and consistent.

  57. Artifax !

    This is one time I agree with you that every thing BLPites does and say is well thought out clear and analytical .

    Here are some examples that spring to mind :
    $ 100 million spent on GREENLAND ….still waiting to receive its first sardine tot !

    $ 70 million spent on Eastry House ….both Clyde Mascoll and the Barbados Audit Office still trying to find the location of this building !

    Edmund Hinkson still believes George Payne is a THIEF !

    This is 2014 and after being PM and party colleague of Mia Mottley for over 20 years ….Owen Arthur still tells all of Barbados he has no CONFIDENCE in her !

    And you still wondering why the BLP tieffing , rancid backside still in OPPOSTION ???

    Get loss…..yuh IMBECILE .

  58. @David
    Barbadians familiar with the early 90′s will recall what happened when the private sector withdrew its support, flight of capital resulted. This is the time for a leader to get all sectors all barbadians onboard……………………

    All Barbadians would, I am sure (despite what ac writes) would like to see a change so that confidence can be restored to get this economy going again. But how do we move forward when we have the jackass comment coming from the ‘leader” last Sunday…………..he aint lost no confidence in anybody……wha..wha…if a woman loses confidence in her husband, it is for her to get back the confidence, not the husband…..

    So where do we go forward to rebuild with such a leader with a mindset like this?

  59. It is said the ignorant should have a say, so we the people that have a mind and know the different of right and wrong,on this BU will always have difficulty with the software programs that come from a manufacturing shop in George Street , it is package as Mindboggling software
    That is full of malware that appears with
    Names like AC, Mark Fenty and some other names but it is an aggressive virus
    We know it’s the mindless DLP supporter

    The malware get so aggressive it is has started to write now too

  60. The gospel accordig to Areterexes that only blind men would agree …..what ever the alternatives too littletoo late.DE has biten twice at the apple ..the first time he agreed and there is no turning back .his other two alternatives would be to his emotion and efforts in helping his party to disseminate the policies to the country showing them that in the long run all would benefit. or he can become the third party people are asking for

  61. When all is said and done there is one word to describe P.M. Stuart. Coward! The man doesn’t have the courage to call a press conference and face questions from a pool of individuals. He prefers to occasionally get up in front of party supporters at branch meetings, and have stupid press persons in Barbados run behind him and return to their studios and news rooms with poor quality audio recordings to broadcast to the masses. How often must I hear David Ellis apologise for the quality of the recording from one of those meetings? Why can’t the association of journalist refuse to cover the P.M. and his ministers until they decide to hold official press conferences? To be fair, P.M. Arthur started the trend of not holding press conferences in the later years of his third term, and the spineless press in Barbados has allow the practice to become the norm. The late P.M. David Thompson’s and M.P. Mia Mottley were the two exceptions in the last decade.

  62. @ Fractured Brain Languid Person

    Okay, same old, same old… Greenland, Eastry House…. However, do you not think it is time that you get over those things. And you talk about theifing.

    We have a scenario where Thompson & Associates billed CLICO $3.33M for legal services rendered which turned out to be a partial payment of gratuity to Parris. Millions of dollars transferred from the Ministry of Finance to NHC without parliamentary approval, yet Kellman cannot get CLICO to finish houses and will opt to sell houses “as is”, other housing projects not nearly completed. Where has all this money gone to? Additionally, then minister Michael Lashley fired chair-person Marilyn Rice-Bowen after she questioned the legitimacy of contracts issued to build houses; now Stuart wants to repeal the PAC after it revealed the transfer of funds from Ministry of Finance detouring parliament.
    Are you aware that employing hundreds of people to win an election, knowing full well that the economical climate was not conducive for such, was not only counter-productive and violated election campaign laws, but can be legitimately categorized as “teifing”?

    As it relates to loss of confidence, Arthur has publically stated, being 1 out of the 14, he has no confidence in Mottley. Conversely, Estwick, being one of 16 {experiencing camaraderie with most of them for over 20 years as well}, publically stated he has no confidence in Stuart, Sinckler, and the other 13. In other words, Arthur against Mottley; whereas Estwick against all the rest.

  63. Fractured BLP | February 13, 2014 at 1:09 PM |
    Wow !

    I just witnessed Dr. Estwick’s presentation in Cabinet and it was UAE
    At least you admit you are a Parliamentarian since you were present at the Cabinet meeting. I now have to ask why we the taxpayers are giving you a salary to spend time on the blogs and Brass Tacks. On Tuesday during the meeting of the house, Parliamentary secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and the St. Andrew mouth piece had the audacity to tell us that she took a break to comment on CBC morning talk show with the so-called political analyst. We also have the moon town spokesperson who loves a microphone. Why are we paying these non performers every month. The same way government can get rid of temporary public servants, why don’t we get rid of 3 to 4 temporary ministers.

  64. Hi Peltdownman

    Thanks for your questions. Well as you asked now that the DE presentation is over what next ?

    Well the UAE envoy has now stated that once Barbados finish repaying the loans the BLP administration borrowed to finance GREENLAND and DODDS PRISON then we will be able to secure the US $ 5 billion.

    So you see …..Arthurnomics still have Barbados in a vice grip !

  65. @ Fractured Brain Languid Person [BLP]

    Additionally, I must expand on this “teifing” issue. Prior to the 2008 election campaign, the DLP went the length and breadth of Barbados informing Barbadians they had proof that the then BLP administration were “teifing”, and once elected to office, they will conduct a number of forensic audits to uncover all financial infelicities, bring those persons at the helm of such to justice, while promising to bring transparency and freedom of information legislation.

    After 8 years, we have seen no such legislation, no one has been held accountable and sent to jail for the wastage and the “empty treasury” Thompson said he found, and the money in overseas bank accounts as revealed by Thompson are yet to be found.

    If you lot were serious about transparency, you would not try to muzzle the PAC, despite the methods, within reason, it may employ to find information. The financials at the NIS and other statutory agencies would be current and people would not be dismissed if they questioned certain matters undertaken by this administration.

    Also, it was good to highlight Arthur driving a BMW jeep, yet no one has found it interesting that against the background of a severe economic crisis, lay-offs in the public and private sector, citizens asked to “wrap themselves in the flag” to help the country, work hours reduced; yet when asked about the reduction of minister’s pay, Donville Inniss informs all and sundry he has bills to pay and children to send school, and Steve Blackett has a new, white, over $200G Audi.

    Ironically, Owen has lost confidence in Mia, so what!!! The regional and international financial regulators [check the consistent downgrades given to Barbados], investors, David Estwick and the majority of rationally thinking Barbadians have LOST ALL CONFIDENCE in this current DLP administration.

  66. Tell me Why

    DLPites are Dear Loving People. We are not afraid to visit the airwaves to interact with our people.

    So you just get used to it… Because it will be no RETREAT no SURRENDER !

    Dems now….Dems ALWAYS !!!!

  67. @ Fractured BLP, you have me cracking up here in cold New York (lol).
    What is the verdict after Dr. Estwick’s PowerPoint presentation? How many viewers were present?

  68. Fractured BLP stated:
    “Well the UAE envoy has now stated that once Barbados finish repaying the loans”
    This is the first part of a series of excuses in getting this loan.

    Next excuse will be the payment of Barrack, Then the repayment of NIS monies, then, then, then we still will not get a cent.

  69. Fractured BLP | February 13, 2014 at 4:26 PM |
    Tell me Why

    DLPites are Dear Loving People. We are not afraid to visit the airwaves to interact with our people
    You admit. Now start interacting with the people and start telling the truth, Dear Lied People.

  70. Bajan in NY

    You know in a room lit by projector lights only it is not easy to verify all who were present.
    The Cabinet Secretary will definitel have that information.
    Just in case you were going to ask….the UAE envoy was present through video conferencing facilities.

    And yes….the US $ 5 billion proposal is genuine.

    And Dr. Estwick now has the ok to seneitise Barbadians further about this proposal.

  71. Fractured BLP. You certain Bizzy didn’t rent you all two of those heavy duty mechanical portable lights used at night.

  72. Fractured……so why are the taxpayers not seeing a copy of the UAE proposal, or do they have to wait for the IMF and credit rating agencies to send the information to the press for bajans to be informed, as usual??

  73. @Fractured BLP
    Are you one of the mindless software programs that come from George Street
    Your producers are recalling the production batch you were made with
    Please note the manufacturing plant has move to St. John Church Yard , you can’t miss it the Boss Wife put up a marble sign

  74. @ Fractured BLP
    You are not leveling with us man!
    I just listened to a news brief in which the IMF chief in Barbados stated that the debt restructuring route favored by Dr. Estwick is not up for consideration.
    Your PowerPoint presentation was apparently a good ole fashion Thursday 1:30 show like the ones I used to attend at the Barbarees Plaza back in the day (lol).

  75. @ Watchman
    It is said that EDUCATION is the progressive discovery of our own IGNORANCE. So therefore, the vocal minority (DLP -Proponents) ought and must act as the counterpoise which exposes the self- righteousness as well as the partiality, that is intricately interlaced in its own conceit.

  76. @ Waiting, cut back on the Kool aid!!! even Reudon Eversly -aka as CCC- Political Strategist for the DLP dismissed the MOF’s call to the Opposition as “Political posturing”.

  77. The MOF is such a “cunning” jackass who he thinks MAM dumb like he is.

    All along this DLP refused to take any advice from the Opposition…they aint want to hear nothing from wunnah, wunnah had 14 years, now is we time, we gine do things we way, any ideas wunnah got put them down on paper and we would look at duh.

    These lying whelps knew that the economy was in serious trouble long before 2013, if they had any sense and we know they dont…..we know that they only know how to curse people who have a different point of view than theirs and how to steal elections……………if they had any sense, they should have pass an amendment to the bill allowing them to cut salaries when they had the majority.

    But alas, they could not, could they? They would have had to tell the people the truth and we all know that truth and the DLP dont mix…… oil and water!

    • What a farce.

      Ministers mum
      Added by Emmanuel Joseph on February 13, 2014.
      Saved under Local News

      The word is mum!

      As Cabinet ministers emerged just before six this evening from a marathon session that started this morning, each member refused to say a word as to whether their colleague Dr David Estwick had presented his expected PowerPoint alternative economic measures to the meeting.

      Each minister approached by reporters stated they could not bring out Cabinet secrets, while some others suggested that in any case they did not have the authority to speak on Cabinet matters.

      Journalists were referred to Cabinet chairman Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, who they said was the only one who could speak to the matter.

      Over the past couple of weeks Minister of Agriculture Estwick, a former Minister of Economic Affairs, had been publicly disagreeing with his Government’s fiscal measures, which he pointed out were the wrong ones to rescue the country and address its massive deficit.

      Estwick had also openly said that the sending home of some 3,000 public sector workers or increasing taxes would not get the country out of its current economic decline.

      Copies of letters which Estwick had addressed to the Prime Minister, and had been obtained by Barbados TODAY, urged Stuart to accept an offer from the United Arab Emirates government which was willing to wipe out the Government’s entire national debt and assist it on the road to sustainable growth.

  78. @ mark Fenty
    You and your kind are not program with understanding ,so therefore I must do this
    Because of the dishonesty of some of The Barrow And Sandiford DLP Ministers and supporters their leave this earth and did not know one day from the next coming to the days on this earth , look at the crop of DLP Ministers and supporter now and see what going on with them , some like you can’t remember what they said yesterday
    So confused it’s disturbing , the devil in hell
    Has leave The DLP with the winning

  79. the DLP govt always had ah way of calling the opposition snake oil sales men , who is de snake oil sales men now Donville ? u and fumble was de head ones with de snake oil talk

  80. @Watchman
    And your former BLP Minister of Tourism Aaron Truss was one of most dishonested politician the island of Barbados has seen. This man brought his way into office By distributing his cold cash from his office located on Roebuck Street at the time. I know this to be a fact because I took some of his cash and while I was in his office, I met people I knew from the communities of: Bank Hall, Station Hill, Dean Village, and Waterford etc. While on the other hand, I never knew or heard of Sir Leroy Trotman, who happened to represented the district at the time to be a dishonest man.


    Sandy Lane robbery fraud
    Added by Dawne Parris on February 13, 2014.
    Saved under Crime, Local News

    Acting Commissioner of Police Tyrone Griffith has confirmed that charges will soon be laid against two people who allegedly lied about $35 million in jewellery and cash being stolen from a residence in the Sandy Lane, St James community.

    In our 12 pm news update, Barbados TODAY reported that two non-nationals – a man and a woman – were being questioned on the matter and fraud charges are expected soon, after police discovered that they had faked the crime.

    At a hastily called press conference this afternoon, Griffith told reporters that the duo had reported that a gold Rolex watch valued at $17,000, one iPad valued at $950, a second iPad valued at $1200, an engagement ring valued at $12.8 million, a platinum necklace valued at $3.2 million, a Cartier platinum ladies watch valued at $19.2 million and $2,000 in cash were stolen.

    However, after receiving “certain information”, investigators yesterday reinterviewed the alleged victims who recanted their stories and subsequently handed over the iPads and Rolex watch which they claimed had been stolen.

    The police chief said the alleged robbery had created panic in the Sandy Lane and neighbouring communities.

    Police had reported that two armed men, wearing masks, robbed the private residence. Lawmen had even provided pictures of the items – provided by the alleged victims – that were said to have been taken.

    did they say FRAUD ;i see we cant have rich folks on the run ,DLP/BLP the new DBLP NEED TO BE CHARGED

  82. The UAE is 8 hrs ahead of Barbados wunna really expect dem people wudda use their evening to video conference with a government looking to borrow money? Stupse. Fractured you getying more desperate.

  83. @PLantation Deeds

          "Two non- national" 

    Please! Give me a break Man. You know how exclutionary your referrenced to those two non-national sounds. There you go again with your xenophobia that you’re obviously unaware of, and perhaps you have forgotten that the world is now a global village? And we ought to be aiming towards Cultural – Universalism that some folk in Barbados is finding it difficult of accept, given the bigotry that envelopes the Barbadian cultural ethos.

  84. Mark………..those two british non-nationals are two thieves and liars who could have gotten innocent people arrested for claiming they lost 35 million dollars and jewelry they did not have or own and that hey were robbed at gun point, I am trying hard to find any commonsense in you defending their actions, when they are merely scum who should be drawn and quartered before being deported.

    Trying pulling that stunt in New York, yes I am a New Yorker. and see what NYPD will do with your ass of African descent.

  85. @Mark Fenty
    You said Aaron Truss used his cash to buy votes and he is dishonest, I agree , but the money was his cash, did he thief it ?
    You taken the cash to vote for him, you are dishonest too, all of Bu and B’dos knows, do you? please state facts of dishonesty for yourself and not Sir Roy/BWU because he is very dishonest with himself as a man and also the BWU members that he sold out many times to his DLP party , after all
    He is dishonestly to more of the dishonest DLP ministers ,you know then , as to the most dishonest and thiefing
    Minister he is DEAD ,thanks to the most highest for the recalled.the road to restore B”dos have started with David Kstwick seeking redemption , it must be hell living within This DLP Family

  86. Watchman, to whom did stated that I voted for Aaron Truss? I said I took the cash as many others did at the time but voted for airhead, not if my life had depended on it.

  87. I wonder how come all of a sudden, the BLP yardfowls want to quote Dr. Estwick and not quote the man that led the BLP for 14 years as Prime Minister – Owen Arthur.
    Just Asking ?

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