Bajan Black Lives Then and Now

Submitted by Roslyn Stanherd

The fervent tone of most of the panellists supporting the removal of Lord Nelson’s statute on the Sunday July 12, 2020 programme, ‘The Peoples Business’ muted that of the sole panellist against its removal.  There was a lot of emotion, stated positions but no balance view on why the statute should be removed.  Research was necessary to determine fact from fiction and emotion from material evidence.

Lord Nelson shared via his writings, his ‘old-school’ views of a profitable British colonial system dependent on the slave trade, i.e., supporting money for the plantation owners and death for thousands of slaves.  Production was of prime importance to plantation owners who had mortgages to pay. The common practice therefore was for slave owners to deliberately work slaves to death via overwork, poor nutrition, poor work conditions, brutality, and disease simply because it was cheaper to replace slaves every 7 years than to feed them properly.  The high death rate among the Barbados slave population in the 1770s is evidenced by the annual importation of the 5,000 slaves necessary to increase the population by 700 per year. Therefore, slave owners by their actions bring into question the validity of the contention that Lord Nelson’s sinking of ships carrying food including bread fruit to the islands caused the death of thousands of slaves.  Sugar cane was a land intensive crop that required plantations used most of the arable land. With few exceptions, slaves were only allowed to cultivate food crops on rubble land but were granted limited time to do so. Owners did import costly foodstuff but they rationed these with a stingy hand. It was the Amelioration Act of 1798 which forced planters to improve conditions for slaves.

Yes, he spoke of his support for slave owners and the slave trade but was Lord Nelson overtly or privately racist.  Evidence suggests otherwise. He helped secure the release of slaves, hired ex slaves, paid them well and supported the idea that plantation slaves should be replaced by freed, paid industrious Chinese workers.

Finally, his success at the Battle of Trafalgar created the conditions that supported the British abolitionists.  Now in control of the seas, the British adhered to the abolition of slavery capturing 1600 slave ships and freeing around 150,000 slaves.

Whether we choose to learn our full history or err on the side of emotion is left to us.

The Sunday Nation of July 12, 2020 article ‘Black Lives in the Spotlight’ by Colville Mounsey addressed realities centred around the position “that elements of our historical starting points still shape the Barbadian economic power structure’.  This balanced article provided a contra position that was interesting, in that it might remind one of the American constitution which informs that all men are created equal, yet generations of blacks continue to be marginalized. The article is worth the read.

From my Barbados experience, though black business people had limited experience running businesses, they all had good ideas.  Unfortunately, they were naive always expecting business to be good and never planning for worst case scenarios.  Their mindsets prevented them from being responsive to situations which hampered businesses growth and development. In addition, money to cover business lags was not every easily accessible and most of them failed.

Retail banks and credit unions are usually wary of startups. Most of the local companies once providing funding to businesses as well as offering much needed advice and guidance are no longer in operation. A business plan along with collateral security are prerequisites for obtaining loans but whites and Indians have the option of obtaining financial handouts and other material support from family and friends something that is a rarity for blacks. In addition, the long preparatory process inclusive of financial assessment  can open doors for ideas to be subtly and overtly sabotaged.

Even at the end of a successful black businessman life cycle there is generally no succession plan for the handover of the business to a competent offspring. A failed black business most often means a loss of property/ies with black people poorer for it. Successful black businessmen also fail on a macro level in that they do not transfer key business information and knowledge via offers of support and guidance to start ups.

Then there’s this; the A students work for private enterprise, the B students for Government and the C for themselves, with the later typically starting at an early age.  There is no need to guess the categories preferred by black people.

My response is not analytical because there’s little evidence to support the perceptions and questions raised by those who doubt that black businesses are disadvantaged.  It is an area that should be investigated/researched.  Meanwhile, successful black businessmen should develop strategies to offer support to startup businesses.

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  1. let me tell you about the snakes and ladder
    you move up your waist move up your shoulder
    me climb up the ladder
    everywhere me go they call me super duper
    me work with a mic and not a chisel and a hammer
    some say me chat sweet some say me do stammer
    no warrior no tarry here me break down any barrier

  2. Hal AustinJuly 30, 2020 5:45 AM

    Was Obama a descendant of slavery?



    Trans Saharan Slave Trade.

    Ancestors probably sold slaves to Arab traders.

    “The Arab slave trade originated before Islam and lasted more than a millennium.[25][26][27] Arab traders brought Africans across the Indian Ocean from present-day Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania,[28] Eritrea, Ethiopia and elsewhere in East Africa to present-day Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Somalia, Turkeyand other parts of the Middle East[29] and South Asia (mainly Pakistan and India). Unlike the trans-Atlantic slave trade to the New World, Arabs supplied African slaves to the Muslim world, which at its peak stretched over three continents from the Atlantic to the Far East.”

  3. @ DofBU

    Can you stop flaming people with Grenville’s nonsense please, cease and desist, cut it in the bud

  4. Al Sharpton got bent all outta shape when Obama came on the scene because he figures Obama had not come through the crucible of slavery in America and was not qualified as he was to run for President.

    Almost certainly however, his ancestry practically guarantees he was involved in the slave trade, as a slaver.

  5. “his ancestry .. guarantees .. slave trade .. slaver”

    Johnny boy wonder the beige bajan troll boy is masturbating* again on the net

    (*) called having a wank in english

  6. Well, there you go! Finally Grenville’s most gentlemanly supporter TheO has arrived at the place where this “hater and cyberbully” resided from the days of the “Buy your Casket” offering.


    That story went against all common sense and was therefore FAKE.

    That Grenville is also a clown has become more and more obvious until finally people can no longer adhere to their gentlemanly training.

    I suspected he was such from his very first offering but being more “genteel” than Piece (and that really is not hard) I gave him the benefit of the doubt for a little while, knowing that the truth would be revealed in due course.

    Thankfully, I have never been fazed by the barbs of those who berate me for telling the truths their “broughtupsy” has taught them not to perceive or admit.

    This rebel thinks for herself and never needed permission nor approval.

    These are “the worst of times” and these can also be transformed into “the best of times”. I always thought that Dicken’s opening line to be the most thought provoking I have ever read.

    This is a time when we need to examine all that we have been taught and clean out the rubbish.

    This is a time for questioning and challenging norms and conventions and traditions and the way it has “always been done”.

    The only way we can build a new world is to build new people. WE are the building blocks.

    And before I give the impression that I think I have nothing to examine and change, let me assure you that the challenges of my son (who everybody gleefully informs me is just like me whenever I complain) have already changed me and will continue to do so.

    The world is in labour, trying to birth a new child.

    I found my labour to be very painful but it was the best thing I ever did. I now look at my son and think how motherhood has made me a better person.

    And I tell my labour story and smile.

  7. 555

    Yup! Having a wank in the queen’s English!

    PS. His idol just saw the job numbers and is suggesting delaying the election.

    The man wants the election delayed until he has time to fix the economy. Fool does not understand that if he had managed the virus better he would’t be in this position.

    He does not understand that a president plays the hand he is dealt and is judged accordingly

    He actually expects people to say that he was doing well before the infortunate China virus hit.

    He does not understand that crisis is part of every president’s life and it is his/her job to manage it.

    Truly a very stable genius with a playbook borrowed from the 1950s, promising white suburban housewives/moms to keep their neighbourhoods free of low income housing (translated black criminals and white woman rapists). But the white suburban housewives/moms are on the streets marching for the black “criminals” and “rapists”.

    The times they are a-changing!

  8. Thanks for the 6:18 a.m. post.

    It seems as if we are in a circuitous loop where the same problem appears again and again. The militancy required to create a proper response to these injustices is lacking. I can why a fellow would be unwilling to make the extra step over the line. He/she reasons “if they were so harsh on that guy for a loaf of bread, what do you think they will do with me.” But until one man is willing to mek a jail for his rights nothing will change.

    It is difficult to know if our agitation solves anything. No thanks were ever expressed, but it appears that the BU brigade may have save a fellow from being washed away (warned to say nothing orhe was washed away).

  9. Meanwhile the smartest man on BU ponders such questions as “Who own the land that nelson statue is on?”

    and informs us on Obama’s role as a slaver
    “Almost certainly however, his ancestry practically guarantees he was involved in the slave trade, as a slaver.”

    I cannot wait for his explanation on why socks go missing in the washer.

  10. @Donna
    Truly a very stable genius with a playbook borrowed from the 1950s, promising white suburban housewives/moms to keep their neighbourhoods free of low income housing (translated black criminals and white woman rapists).
    What borrowed from the 1950s? Nothing new here he is going back to what he and his father did in keeping Black people from their apartment buildings, “low income” is a substitute for black people, there is no dog whistle anymore the dog barking loud and clear.

  11. Herman Cain black businessman and one time Republican Presidential candidate who contracted COVID19 after attending Trump’s Tulsa rally has died.

  12. One black stooge dead! You beat me to the post, Sarge! One less ignorant sellout Trump supporting black man!

    I did know about his and his father’s “NO N***gers allowed housing policies.

    But….. the funeral of a teal tough guy is about to begin. I cannot miss the reading of his letter to America, written while he contemplated his impending death.

    Passing the baton. It was a good time for him to die. It will create a pause and think moment and then add fuel to the fire of the movement.

  13. I am sure you you have the same opinion of Alveda King, From what I sense from you is even though your labor was painful it probably paled to those that were around you.. Sorry going upstairs for a movement

  14. Correct, remember that his daddy was arrested at a KKK rally in New Yawk.

    For sure Trump is representing the white supremacists, with the urging of Evangelical madman Pence too.

    I see various minority people still supporting them, not just the Republican Uncle Toms, but regular people, have to say, just a special kind of stupid.

    As for the Uncle Toms like that doctor fellow, it really gets across some inkling of how they were seen and despised in the past. Like WT?.

    I keep remembering Sam L. Jackson’s brilliant portrayal of Stephen the ‘Uncle Tom’ right hand in Django Unchained.

  15. As for that statue in Heroes Sq erected by the few plantation owners and privileged of the time, get rid of it.

    Time to stop the long talk. Put Bussa there instead.

  16. Still with the drunken so-called jokes. And yes it was a challenge for those present at my son’s birth. The professionals insisted I must give birth lying down but I could not take that. I felt better sitting up. They insisted. I refused. The father to be tried to hold me down. I bit him where I could reach. Turned out to be his nipple. He hollered and let go. Long story cut short, child was born perfectly fine in quick time and the professionals now know what they should always have known – there is more than one way to give birth. There is life outside the European text books. Africans often give birth squatting.

    So yes, I do tend to make people uncomfortable both naturally and deliberately. I find it necessary.

    Unfortunately my small efforts at getting into “good trouble” pale way into insignificance when compared to people like John Lewis.

    Never have I been envious of a man who grew up poor, was jailed forty times, got his head busted and his body bruised, beaten and bloodied more than once and died riddled with cancer.

    What a life he lived and what a difference he made!

    Poor me!

  17. @G Phillips or to the Blogmaster rather … you present GPII’s essay’s here to provoke discussion but he no longer debates/discusses them, so this retort is really to you.

    “A group of US doctors claimed to have successfully treated their COVID-19 patients. They claimed to have used a combination of drugs that included Hydroxychloroquine […] Since the US President suggested that Hydroxychloroquine should be examined as a potential treatment, the drug got politicised. For purely political reasons, a campaign was started to discredit this drug.”

    Phillips, blames the media for a smear campaign but has absolutely no qualms himself…smearing EVERYONE else with HIS half-truths. …. THE POTUS has politicized the drug hydroxychloroquine by making unsubstantiated clams about its efficacy.

    We know that all patient-doctor advice is governed by what is best for the patient, therefore if hydrox.. is a valid medication then so determine between the doc and the user.

    However, the drug has NOT been proven to work as expected in all controlled studies completed and therefore it was only approved on an emergency basis by the CDC. With that in mind, NO politician – particularly the very powerful POTUS – should be UNDERMINING a national pandemic response by publicly heralding un-proven cures … to do as he did is to POLITICIZE the drug…… He is the culprit NOT the MEDIA.

    —-“We are living in an age where our medical and media professionals, are eager to sacrifice their professional integrity for political reasons.[…] The reason for the surge in fake news and fake science coming out of the US, is the upcoming Presidential election. With their journalists and academics, the end justifies the means.

    This is an astonishing display of hypocrisy where the perpetrator is presented as the victim! Utterly flimsy BS.

    It was the POTUS who started this surge in FAKERY when he stood before the world and lied about his inauguration crowd size…HE demanded a govt agency doctor photos to validate his lies; HE demanded his press secretary speak his lies to the world… IT is his WH adviser who advised the world about HIS ‘alternative facts’.

    So let’s be crystal clear… the upcoming election is NOT the reason for the fake news and fake science … it must be the DEFINING RESULT about who started it. We need to get back to sanity and not the mad-science of the man who also told the world : “… I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in one minute, and is there a way you can do something like that by injection inside, or almost a cleaning.”

    “It is easy to get swept-up in the US media bias. However, it is important to understand that they have a specific agenda – that they seem willing to justify misleading the public to achieve.”

    For all the liberal or leaning liberal media houses like CNN, Huffington Post, NYT, Washington Post and NPR to name a few there are equally a number (and often with a better REACH of public viewers/listeners).. like Fox, American Spectator, National Review, The Federalist, WSJ etc.

    More important is that there is such grave competition in the media space that there has been significant mergers and acquisitions which have seen conservative and conservative leaning ownership of large numbers of local, regional and national publications/radio/media sites. It is DISINGENUOUS and almost a down-right falsehood to suggest that right-wing voices do not have an outsize impact that is likely greater than – and certainly equal to – the liberal voices in media!

    In short, Mr. Grenville Phillips II the Chartered Structural Engineer and of President of Solutions Barbados just essayed an excellent piece of FAKE NEWS with his lovely references and Alternative Facts…. it’s all bout this US President who is FULL of FAKERY!

    • @Dee Word

      There is no appetite to respond on behalf of Grenville, his submission was updated to the blog in a comments box as received in the inbox.

  18. Sarge, don’t we all dream of sex from time to time, more so when we are young and full of the lust for life?

    But I must say that I have never tried the duppy sex thingy yet.

  19. “Never have I been envious of a man who grew up poor, was jailed forty times, got his head busted and his body bruised, beaten and bloodied more than once and died riddled with cancer…What a life he lived and what a difference he made!”

    Poor us. indeed. May this great man ever have a lasting impact on us all!

  20. Only 6% of black women voted for Trump, the lowest percentage of any group in the United State. The idiots who have brought out Immanuel don’t know that we black women, especially we black working class women are not anywhere as stupid as they would like us to be.

    If other Americans had voted like black women, Donald Trump would not have become President of the United States, there would not now to 4,461,465 Americans sickened with covid, there would not be 151,451 Americans dead from covid, mostly white people, and the American economy would not now be in a tail spin.

  21. Here I was saying that Obama couldn’t match the other speakers that spoke of the past. I should have known better!

    I thought all that was left was for him to speak to the present and what is necessary for future.

    Bam! He smashed it!

    He declared war, and ultimately peace…. even if the racists don’t know it yet!

  22. Yes donna your description sounds a lot like the chest buster scene out of the Alien movie which I for one am not surprised , but you dodged my question on Alveda King ….she liked herman cain ..There seems to be a lot of older black men dying arthur cain cummings lewis etc how can a hag like rbg keep clinging on and all these fellas fall away in short order.

  23. Cuhdear Bajan,

    But did not the Bible imply that a man should not allow a woman to lead in the decision – making???

    For we were and I presume ARE, more susceptible to the DECEPTION of Satan???


    Yuh see why I could never swallow the Bible whole???

  24. cudhear 151000 covid deaths mostly white people, are you suggesting that blacks are under performing, whites are taking all the hospital beds or that new york and new jersey with there near 50000 deaths are 1/3 of the 50 states are totally incompetant.

  25. Never heard of Alveda King.

    PS. My baby was born beautiful as was his mother although he could have passed for a white child. Thankfully the sun has done its work and he is now identifiable as my child.

    Nothing alien looking about us. Don’t picture regular aliens with beautiful skin like ours. They are usually mottled or speckled like you.

    PS. I understand from my mother that I was 1st runner up in a cute baby contest IN ENGLAND in the 1960s. I refused to enter my baby in any such frivolity even though I was urged to do so. Beauty contests are not consistent with my values.

  26. Lawson all I am suggesting is that there are more white people than black people in the united states.

    In addition all I am suggesting is that if black men and white men and women had followed thee lead of black women the United States would have been saved a lot of grief and a lot of money.

    We all like happiness and money, nor so?

  27. And LIFE! We like living! This evil orange moron is killing people!

    PS. If you are looking for an alien I think your Agent Orange looks very much like one. UGLY!

  28. Cudhear we can agree on a few things, the govenors of ny and new jersey are the worst… have allowed the most deaths returning people with covid to retirement residences was total incompetance and criminal your right i dont think women would be that stupid.
    You can die by the cure or the disease all countries have to get open its sad to say but old people are expendable and will have to
    look after themselves young people need to work they arent collecting pensions every month.
    You said about a million black women voted for trump, yet he increased wages for all blacks women and men, brought in criminal justice reform so a lot of black people will be back with family, opened economic zones in disadvantaged areas all for for that little amount of votes. What have the guys done that got the most of the votes all those years,
    Everybody wants to be happy and have a reasonable standard of living when govt cant provide it alcohol is cheap,….5 deputy beer 10 bucks what does that tell you.

  29. I am at loss for words.
    This Herman Cain thing. So silly.
    I hope our Florida resident wears a mask.

  30. Lawson,

    Looked that King woman up.
    Remarkable and stupid. Every family has its WHITE sheep.

    You idiotically parrot all the Trump talking points still. But….

    His criminal justice reform was a show designed to fool black people and win the black votes It did not go half as far as it should have. It was a crumb. In the meantime he released police departments from consent decrees towards reforms. His injustice department has refused to investigate and prosecute civil rights abuses.

    Wuhnuh really think black people foolish!

    Black unemployment was not due to any specific policy Trump introduced. The ratio of black to white unemployment remained unchanged. Unemployment and specifically black unemployment was on the decline under Obama. Nothing new. AND the wages meant that the black people still have to work two or three jobs to make ends meet. The promised increases did not materialise.

    And…. the economy would already have been opened relatively safely if he had managed the virus effectively. He needed a plan. His plan was to pretend it was harmless and would magically disappear.

    And black people found out “what they have got to lose” – their lives!

    You really think black people foolish! Ain’t nobody swallowing your load of crap! You told me you were going upstairs to have a movement. I guess that was not successful because you are still full of it!

  31. And here you are insulting another woman because if her age. RPG is a ‘hag”. I suppose she should curl up and die since she has lost her sex appeal!

    RPG is doing her best to hold on to save America from another extreme right wing looney in the Supreme Court.

    What a woman!

  32. Lawson called a name last week or earlier this week and I googled it.
    I suspected that the name he called today was related to MLK but googled just to be certain.
    I did not google RPG as I suspected he meant RBG.
    Man, you got to stop calling names and inventing people.

    RPG: rocket-propelled grenade
    RHG: grenade used by BDF

  33. :-)I think the last three people that believe trump is a stable genius are all from Barbados.
    Oops, I forgot my boy MB and FC.
    The last five 🙂

  34. Correction RBG.

    And what the black women did not get under the Democrats is what the Republicans stop them from getting. The “GRIM REAPER” so named himself for a reason.

  35. I repeat.

    If white American men and women, and if black American men had WISELY followed the lead of black women, Donald Trump would have remained a has-been reality show host/landlord/weekend golfer, serial marry-er, in none of those roles would he have had the “opportunity” to preside over the virtually destruction of the U.S. economy, and over the deaths of more than 150,000 people.

    Nobody can dispute that.

  36. @TheOGazerts July 30, 2020 5:10 PM “I hope our Florida resident wears a mask.”

    Our Florida resident has likely not left home since January. I bet his youngish wife is keeping him indoors and taking excellent care of him, because he like me int no spring chicken.

  37. OUR FLORIDA RESIDENT MAY NOT BE MASKED (HE HIDING IN THE HOUSE) BUT HE SURE IS MUZZLED! He is, after all, a medical doctor and can no longer defend the very stable genius and creator of COVID COUNTRY who has MADE AMERICA SICK AGAIN.

    Trump was very muted today at the bullshit “briefing”. He was muted last time I watched too. He can’t even convince himself anymore! Even he isn’t falling for his own crap!

    The COVID numbers rising and the GDP falling! And the election looming!

    And he hears a little voice in the distance growing ever closer and louder…..”Lock him up!”

  38. And the thing is America has some of the most brilliant scientists in the world.

    Mourning for Americans, because of course some of them are my very close beloved kin.

  39. The Arawak cement plant cannot end any better, the property was stolen from a Black man, all 67 acres, another family robbed of their birthright, their beneficiaries robbed of their futures, the controversy surrounding that theft of multiple properties and an impressive bank account…still reverberates in Barbados and the US today..ask the present government…and am sure that they know by now they will never escape their Karma for what they all did.

    Cuddear…it is indeed a sad situation in US, we can all hope that things get better, for the sake of our families and the innocent who never envisioned that their lives will be reduced to a living nightmare by circumstances deliberate and otherwise, but all out of their control..

  40. I have an uncle and several first and second cousins and a little baby third cousin in Florida. I have a first cousin in Atlanta and two second cousins. I have other cousins in other parts of America.

    I do not rejoice at America’s plight but I do think that this experience may be like a good vomit that makes America better in the end.

    There has always been a toxicity slow poisoning them. They need to vomit it up.

    They are also teaching the rest of the world a lesson we will not forget for a long time.

    We can no longer ignore our own toxic brew!

  41. Theo if you want me to take what you say seriously best look if i wrote rbg or not. You seem to have aligned yourselves with the vile Donna the one that hopes that a great achiever like herman cain (that young black men should follow his example ) should rot in hell. Always dragging black men down who dare venture out away from the panhandler, social assistance, food stamp, banger society she is comfortable with and make their own decisions not ordered by their mamas ( that poor boy)

  42. As “vile” as I may be, (and there is not one who knows me who will join you in that) the whole world knows that there is at least one who is more vile. And it is that person with whom you align YOURSELF as did that Herman whatever.

    I have no problem with conservative thinking, I think it serves as a check and balance on excessive liberalism. My problem is with evil. Donald Trump is evil. Those who promote and support him are perpetuating a dreadful evil on the whole DAMNED world.

    Any good Herman whatever may have done is now cancelled out and far exceeded by this horrible endorsement of pure evil.




  43. My, my, my! Now we know what you think of black people! “Panhandling, foodstamping, bangers!”

    Herman whatever seems to have been an exception in your mind. I guess he did not drain the resources of the good, hardworking white people.

    You just cannot hide it! You are indeed a racist!7

  44. Typical left …racist, …your racist…your all racists….white noise… just heard me praise Cain, Ms King etc good people are good people thats not racist that political choice . But the truth is starting to come out …the difference between a bitch and a whore is a whore screws everyone a bitch screws everyone but you……I knew trump was going to have haters when he only grabbed starlets pussys, but cant you get over it.

  45. I am sure you have heard worse Hal, your living in british isles the only area that thinks -unt is more of a noun that barbados

  46. I can see the tv series Donna and Donald………………..Don am I the only one…yes Donna all the rest have been 9’s and 10’s

  47. Let the man speak! He isn’t bothering me!

    So am I a bitch or a whore? Your gibberish is a challenge.

    I am of course still too young and juicy to be a hag. No wrinkles like Pelosi and RBG so you can’t order me to retire or die!

    Typical misogynistic insults! No difference between you and Trump!

    When you are sober again maybe somebody could explain to you the racism which leads you to “the exceptional negro” pronouncements. It is as known as the “but I have a black friend” defence.

    By the way, isn’t Obama very articulate?



  49. Typical if you dont for biden you aint black… or white you have the free will to vote for whomever you like your the only one calling people sell outs or uncle toms. you do know the dems hated black started the clan and enslaved more of your people than any others in usa talk about brain washed

  50. I am becoming better at gibberish!

    So now I am too ugly or unworthy to be screwed by Trump or to even have my pussy grabbed! And THAT, in your opinion, is my problem.

    Tell me more!

  51. Poor Lawson,

    I already said I have no problem with conservatives. They have their uses. They keep the liberals in check.

    I already said the old Democratic Party was the racist party.

    Are you too drunk to know what year it is? I KNOW that you are not too young to know that LBJ handed the racists over to your party with the Civil Rights Bill. And there they have remained ever since.

    Do try to come into the present!

    So…. what have we learnt here-

    Today is July 31, 2020!

    George Wallace is dead! Donald Trump lives!

    The choice is between Biden who does not hate black people and Trump who does.

    A black vote for Trump is a vote against you own interest!

  52. You should buy a pail of bag balm so when you are crying yourself to sleep after trump is re-elected you can avoid the prune up thing that rbg has going.. Or as Ilse Koch used to say nice skin

  53. Just decoded some more gibberish!

    Poor drunken Lawson, my son is only sixteen. I am supposed to make some of his decisions for him. I have gradually let go as is age appropriate. He has chosen his career path with no objection from me and is already making foreign exchange and all from his enterprise. We both agreed he would not return to school but improve his CXC grades from home. He agreed that they would serve as back up just in case, No pressure from me for college or university. I had to back him up against his dad on that score.

    But…. this weekend he is off for four days to a guest house of his choice, with friends of his choice in celebration of his birthday. His dad is supervising. NO MUMMY! HIS CHOICE!

    And just last week I told him he was welcome to live with me for as long as he likes but a man is not a man when he lives with his mother. Thus I was agreeing with him that he should do exactly what he was doing – exploring options for the purchase of land.

    And before you start thinking he wants to get away from me, he is looking to purchase down the hill to the beach where I walk on mornings so he can keep an eye on me. He is buying me two dogs and a surveillance system to keep me safe and he is planning to replicate this very house with slightly bigger rooms.

    MY son is happy here! He thinks I am the best mother in the world – flaws and all!

    And now you may rant alone.

    Racist! Misogynist! Trumpist!

  54. “You seem to have aligned yourselves with the vile Donna”.

    Is this a cry for help?

    Let me add, that the names mentioned here are often listed by “others” are not my example of what is a good person.I hope they are able to sleep well at night, It amuses me when the list of fine black people are “Daiamond and Silk”, Candace Owens, Herman Cain, … I will not call them names, but I think I can easily make myself a better list.

    It seems as if Donna is able to

  55. “You seem to have aligned yourselves with the vile Donna”.

    Is this a cry for help? I can understand if it is.

    It seems as if Donna has a way with words that has a few having to resort to calling her names; and I see that you have allowed your imagination to wander.all over the place.

    For the record, I am trying to be neutral, but if I were to go by your words, I would align myself on her side.

    Let me add, that the names often listed by “others” are not my example of what is a good person. It amuses me when the list of fine black people are “Daiamond and Silk”, Candace Owens, Herman Cain, … I will not call them names, but I think I can easily make myself a better list.

  56. Ha! Lawson exposes himself like a exhibitionist in a trenchcoat.

    All you have to do is poke him and he can’t help spewing his racist, sexist bile!

    I recall with great amusement when 45 govt called me a whore also. MoneyBrain used more delicate language but he too questioned my “virtue” when proded.

    They come here trying to tell us that they are not racist but one little poke and boom!

    Fools blow their cover! (poor as it was)

    The one thing I am yet to decide is – do these guys even KNOW they are racist????

  57. I am not calling anyone ignorant.
    I asked, my wife “If a person is ignorant and ‘unknowingly’ spout racist shit are they ignorant?”
    Her reply, ‘they are not ignorant, they are racist’
    By now, they have knowledge of who is in the same camp as themselves.

    MB puzzles me.
    In the same way that PLT went to bat for CH, I would go to bat for MB.
    MB puzzles me..

    Bentsen: Senator, I served with Jack Kennedy. I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy.

  58. @Lawson July 31, 2020 8:06 AM “…a great achiever like herman cain (that young black men should follow his example.”

    No they should not.

    An elderly black male cancer survivor, perhaps with diabetes and hypertension as well, at a large meeting with no mask, sitting close to others with no mask? What did he think would happen?

    He died to prove a silly point?

    I would advice young black men [and white ones too, especially elderly ones like you} NOT to follow Herman Cain to an unnecessarily early grave.

    A man who can’t or won’t take care of himself should not be followed by sensible people.

    4,542,620msick Americans

    152,940 dead Americans.

    Most unnecessarily.

    If a foreigner had done this to Americans it would be regarded as an act of terrorism or of war and indeed it would be.

    But what is is called when it is done to you by your own?

  59. LawsonJuly 31, 2020 12:51 PM

    You should buy a pail of bag balm so when you are crying yourself to sleep after trump is re-elected you can avoid the prune up thing that rbg has going.. Or as Ilse Koch used to say nice skin

    And they just keep on jumping off the Trump Train! It sure took a long time for these so-called intelligent people to recognise the fascist!

  60. Quote: Calabresi said he voted for Trump in 2016, and has voted Republican in every presidential election since 1980. He added that he staunchly defended Trump against what he called an “unconstitutional investigation by Robert Mueller” into alleged collusion with Russia and penned another op-ed opposing the president’s impeachment earlier this year.

    “But I am frankly appalled by the president’s recent tweet seeking to postpone the November election,” he wrote. “Until recently, I had taken as political hyperbole the Democrats’ assertion that President Trump is a fascist.

    Oh DEAR!

  61. cudhear I guess that is like someone who keeps on smoking knowing the risks right. but you know I was talking about his business acumen spiritual and public service not his case of bad judgement
    Theo ask your wife if feigning concern about what really happens in your microcosm is racist if so guilty as charged
    Donna I was just giving you a few skin tips from some of our canadian models….daisy mable and elsie

  62. Too late to close the trench coat now, Lawson! I have already seen your junk.

    Oh dear dear me! My mother, the nurse, used to describe that size as a rosebud!


    From a next article
    “Poverty was not concentrated in Africa until recently. In 1990 more than a billion of the extremely poor lived in China and India alone. Since then those economies have grown faster than many of the richest countries in the world and did much to a reduction of global inequality. The concentration of the world’s poorest shifted from East Asia in the 1990s to South Asia in the following decade. Now it has shifted to Sub-Saharan Africa. The projections suggest the geographic concentration of extreme poverty is likely to continue. According to the World Bank forecasts 87% of the world’s poorest are expected to live in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2030 if economic growth follows the trajectory over the recent past.”

    Perhaps the poverty of a nation is ultimately dependent on the vision of its leaders.
    Perhaps the political giants that we boast of are mere dwarves when compare to others; the proverbial one-eyed man in the land of the blind.
    Leaders that have the Caribbean is hurtling towards the bottom. Left so far in the dust that we cannot see the smoke emitted by Singapore. Visionless and corrupt leaders.,

  64. I just saw the King lady in the news. Appears she had some negative comments for Obama.
    A next BU blogger is sharing the info on FB.
    Do you guys share these names with each other? How come you all know these outstanding blacks?

  65. My mama was talking to my papa. I happened to stumble upon them. Even now my son tells me I walk silently and jump him.

  66. Nope! She was telling him a joke about a patient who was always bragging about what a great lover he was and how many women he had. One nurse bet that the man was over compensating. She bet that he had a rosebud. When the man was prepped for surgery she lifted the gown and said to my mother, “Yuh see wuh ah tell yuh? A rosebud!”

    When I grew up and was old enough to hear it my mother repeated the whole story when we came across another braggart on the street.

    “At the same time, The UWI faces many US dollar costs in delivering our programmes, and the question is how these costs will be met and who will meet those costs. These include but are not limited to Library international subscriptions, software licences, ICT hardware, chemicals and specimens,” the UWI said

    That was one part of the argument that made sense, but if you are going to purchase anything from the US/UK/Fra you would expect to pay in a foreign currency. This is true, irregardless of whether you quote the cost of courses in $Ja or $US. But they will pay their lecturers in $Ja.

    I do not see any advantage, unless they are hoping to attract students from outside of the region.

    Waiting on John A or VC to break it down for me.

    True story:
    I remember when I graduated I applied to Mona and secured a position. My mother looked at the salary quoted and told me “I prefer that you stay and look for a job here. You will be unemployed for a while but I will support you. With that salary, you would be working there and I would still be supporting you.”
    That’s what family is for.

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