Down With the Monarchy!

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Think Tank and Watchdog Group

It would be an act of gross hypocrisy for the Mahogany Coconut Group, to oppose the recent statements of the Prime Minister of Barbados, Mr. Freundel Stuart, regarding his intentions to move the country to Republic status. The MCG from its inception has canvassed for all Caribbean island nations, to rid themselves of the monarchy. We are therefore in full and unapologetic support of the Prime Minister of Barbados, on this particular issue.

While we understand that many believe that his position is a mere diversionary tool to tactic criticism of the current perilous state of the Barbados economy; we are equally convinced that those who oppose the country becoming a republic, are using the same critical state of the economy, to strengthen their unpatriotic position.

The political gymnastics of both the ruling Democratic Labour Party and the Opposition, Barbados Labour Party, are on show. Under the last BLP administration, then Prime Minister Mr. Owen Arthur made a promise to carry the country to true statehood and reneged after brutal criticism from many white Barbadians and some black citizens as well, who simply could not mentally accept that the Queen would no longer be head of state. To put it bluntly: Mr. Arthur and the Barbados Labour Party backed down.

The argument that the economy is too weak at this time is porous at best because under the said BLP they always bragged about how great the economy was and yet they could not deliver on the promise. We see their current stance as nothing more than a political red herring and a dastardly way of retracting from their position on the island becoming a republic.

We therefore urge the Prime Minister to carry the resolution to Parliament with great haste. If the resolution fails to secure the necessary two thirds majority, those who vote against it will be condemned to infamy for putting politics before true nationhood. Barbados no longer needs the Queen to be its head of state, regardless of the economy or any other negative confronting the country at this time.

MCG urges all Caribbean states to rid themselves of the monarchy without delay.


  • Bush Tea April 5, 2015 at 12:58 PM #

    ….while drug dealing sons of the connected are free on bail after being caught with a whole damn container… steupsss…
    Maybe COP Dottin had no choice. The spirit of Tom Adams is still alive, so too is that of his purported son.
    The Adams (SY) Family due to an alleged merger, is well represented and protected by the same very people who are now looking out for the likes of Leroy Parris.
    Repu..lsive Barbados


  • Dee Ingrunt Word

    There was an interesting article in the Jamaican Observer_ which touched on the subject of politics in Jamaica and questioned how citizens rate their best and brightest.

    This is of course apropos our local scene and speaks to the fact that many young folks who study external to the region and do exceptionally well are not as inclined to return and continue the building process for the next generation as the bright stars did in the 50’s and 60’s.

    This is true across all disciplines and in athletics as well. But wherein lies the problem?

    Per the Observer article, how does a Jamaican law graduate who like Barack Obama is only the second black person to be elected as Editor of the prestigious Harvard Law Review forge a career for himself in the political tribalism of a Jamaica or a Barbados for that matter.

    An individual of his caliber can obviously write a future life story that is limited only by his ambition. The article reproduced names of other Law Review editors to make that point: US Supreme Court Justices: Bader-Ginsburg, Scalia and Roberts; US Sen and Presidential nominee Cruz to name a few.

    But back to the Jamaican star. Was his problem as espoused by a US based Jamaican professor and former political adviser that ” academics are not recognised in Jamaica. People are more into persons in popular culture, sports and finance… It’s the nature of the Jamaican standard.”

    Or was it the position stated by a UWI professorial counterpart that, “he … had a great sense of Jamaican history and had all the attributes of a good leader. But he left too early to make an impact here”.

    Or, perhaps, based on what we have seen throughout the region and particularly in Barbados, it’s somewhere well in between.

    Those who excel in US and England see no practical reason to wage local battles and gain seemingly pyrrhic victories of ‘minor’ positions in local government or corporate entities. The big battles of moving nations forward and leaving untouchable legacies are long over so the really ambitious set their sights in the developed world to become stars there.

    That is a model entrenched now for the last several years as the scholarship/exhibitioner/other award winners are much more likely to be outside Barbados as they are to be working here or in the region.

    So to the David Patton’s of our region one can only hope that this new model involves a continuous process of reaching back and helping others and institutions from the region to grow and develop .

    Coming back may not be as important as reaching back!


  • Dee Ingrunt Word

    Correction; David PANTON’s of our region…


  • An Errol Barrow prediction. One day we will wake up…………………… Antigua and Barbuda today, Barbados tomorrow.
    What really is Caricom’s take on this? Under the treaty of Chaguaramus, these bought Citizens could one day be added to Hanson / Plantation’s list.


  • Easy Squeeze (make no riot)

    Divorcing GBR is just a formality as BRB has been independent since 1966 which is long enough separation to grant a decree nisi followed by the decree absolute


  • Like

  • Dump the Queen, but when the President of the United States of America,say jump,we do a pole vault .


  • “Minister of Industry and Commerce Donville Inniss today cautioned bloggers and others who use social media to “deliberately spew filth” about fellow Barbadians to be mindful there were consequences under the law for such activities” ……………Barbados Today 4-8-15 (Computer Misuse Act)

    “As far as senior Government minister Donville Inniss is concerned, Barbados is 49 years late becoming a republic and anyone who thinks the country should wait any longer is “innately lazy intellectually” and has “no pride in being Barbadian”……………….Barbados Today 4-9-15

    “Minister of Industry and Commerce Donville Inniss is promising local manufacturers he will be doing all in his power to save their businesses from a crippling 70 per cent duty imposed by some Eastern Caribbean countries, as he lashed out at the CARICOM Secretariat for behaving “toothless” in these kinds of matters”……………..Barbados Today 4-9-15

    Isn’t this the biggest hypocrite in the Caribbean! He wants to silence the populace with a $50,000 fine & 5 years in prison. Then Mr Big Stuff, you should remand yourself to Dodds for your comments calling Barbadians innately lazy intellectually, and referring to the Caricom Secretariat as “toothless” You haven’t the common sense, along with your PM to put the economy right. but, as usual try to brow beat the common man who pays your wages you pompous _ _ _………………


  • South African students applaud removal of British colonialist’s statue
    By Annie Ramos, CNN
    Updated 1257 GMT (1957 HKT) April 10, 2015
    Story highlights
    Cape Town students demand Cecil Rhodes’ statue come down
    They use the hashtag #RhodesMustFall
    School takes it down
    (CNN)A South African university is celebrating the removal of a British colonialist’s statue after weeks of protests.

    University of Cape Town students took to social media to demand Cecil Rhodes’ statue come down, saying his legacy is tainted with racism.

    Take down Nelson

    Lord Nelson must go.


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