MP Gline Clarke Delivers the Gift of Truth

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Think Tank and Watchdog Group
Gline Clarke MP

Gline Clarke MP

I think the Government needs to be more (in) consensus. I do not think the Government has the answers to the problems of the economy. I am not sure it is on this side either but we have to move together, we have to work together for the good of the country.”

BLP Opposition MP, Mr. Gline Clarke, Nation Newspaper, Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Mahogany Coconut Group and thousands of other right thinking citizens should now be very clear, that the BLP/DLP collective has hit a brick wall, and has thrown its hands up in the air in utter despair. Mr. Clarke a minister in the last BLP/DLP government has now spoken the truth: The Government does not have the answers and the Opposition is equally hopeless.

We note that nobody from the BLP/DLP has questioned the accuracy of Clarke’s statement. This means that Clarke is unimpressed with his leader Mia Mottley and his Prime Minister, Freundel Stuart. It was the best independence gift Barbadians got from any of the thirty jokers in their Parliament – the gift of truth.

It was the MCG that called for a government of national unity, after the razor thin election result (16-14) but we were scorned by the opportunists, who believe that a national government will weaken their strangle hold on the pathetic governance of Barbados. We will continue to promote governments of national unity throughout the Caribbean because we are confident, that the peoples of the Caribbean are sick of the current dispensations, which are masquerading as Labour Parties; Democratic parties etc. When indeed they are neither for labour nor democracy. The parade of misplaced, basically visionless men and women, mostly from the corrupt legal profession, and the equally corrupt intellectual class, hoodwinking Caribbean people, must come to an end. We did not survive four hundred years of Massa; to be enslaved by those who are now mismanaging the region.

We will continue to urge men and women of all colours and professions to come together and rescue our region from impending doom. We will not apologise for calling a spade, a spade. We will say to the Right Honourable Gline Clarke, thank you for finding the truth, after you were a real and ruthless participant in the game that has finally brought Barbados and the entire Caribbean to the brink of social and economic disaster. But as we were taught but our elders: it is never too late to do the right thing. We now implore you to join the Mahogany Coconut Group in its quest for a new Caribbean Nation. Thank You for your honesty.

40 thoughts on “MP Gline Clarke Delivers the Gift of Truth

  1. I have been saying for the longest time that the Government is pathetic and the Opposition is not much better. Gline seems to have finally read Frankly Speaking.

    But pray tell me what nonsense you are talking about a national unity government. Are you going to constitute it using the same thirty people that apparently don’t have a clue? We need new blood.

  2. Gline Clarke wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him on his ass. Just words the bunch of Jokers – that’s too nice a term to use while describing them – not one of them has the welfare of the people as their motive only to line their pockets and partake of the fatted calf.

  3. “It was the MCG that called for a government of national unity, after the razor thin election result (16-14) but we were scorned by the opportunists”

    Pray tell me , Mr Mahogany. How will it work as parliament is presently constituted at the moment? Will parliamentarians like Mr Clarke be asked to stop warming the parliamentary benches by relinquishing their seats or will Mr Stuart be asked to hand over to M Arthur or will parliament be prorogued and persons selected to run the affairs of the country without elections. I am not poopoohing your suggestion but it does not seem logical to me in the present circumstances.

  4. We have had ‘new’ blood for the last fifty years and this so-called new blood is as new as the old blood. This is a cultural problem that permeates every facet of Barbados. we are talking about change, uh. In our business sometimes to get a misguided organization to change you’ve got to get rid of everybody, all the people and institutions, and then try to bring in what you called new blood.

    On the other hand, a national unity government will serve the purpose of letting Bajans see that both Bees and Dees are conspiring against us. That the artificial divide is unhelpful and a mere fiction. And we could go on. and on. In the final analysis this is a class issue. So let’s wipe out, at least, all the elites – without apology. Like the French revolution!

    • Gline Clarke’s credibility may emerge if he repays all the pocket change he got when he was minister of transport and minibusses.

  5. cud dear david the man speak the truth and u gone and attack he,wuh happen to transparency, or was that transparently too transparent fuh you to handle,

    • @ac

      This is something you will grapple with but truth and transparency must be demonstrated through action and not flowery words to be opportunistic. An example is the outstanding transparency legislation since 1976.

  6. the truth is that the BLP solutions so far is TO SELL! SELL and SELL! while the DLP has taken a route that is conditional upon preserving what little is left and owned of Barbadians, meanwhile trying to secure the livelihoods of many , this is a tough economy and finding the answers are harder than finding a needle in a haystack,

  7. For those who missed this post that appeared in BU a few months ago and who are questioning how MCG would go about a govt of national unity.
    Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Think Tank and Watchdog Group
    Good Evening,
    Fellow Barbadians, let me say how pleased I am, that our recently held general election was incident free and fair. Let me congratulate all the candidates for maintaining the democratic process and thanks to all those hard working citizens, who ensured that the highest standards of conduct prevailed.
    Let me specially congratulate our main opposition, the Barbados Labour Party, on its success although the party of which I currently have the honor of leading, the Democratic Labour Party was victorious on this occasion. As you know, the result was very close and while the Democratic Labour Party was returned to office, the voters clearly showed that they are looking to both parties to solve our problems. In other words, while we are buoyed by the victory, we realize that these are challenging times and both parties have put the health of our economy, as their main priority.
    Cognizant of this reality, immediately after the results of the general election, I held discussions with The right Honorable, Mr. Owen Arthur, who was the opposition leader going into the elections and sought his position on what I call a bi-partisan cabinet to administer the affairs of our country. Mr. Arthur, while being very interested in such a possibility, suggested to me, that I ought to discuss the idea with the right Honorable Ms. Mia Mottley, who has since become the Leader of our opposition.
    After very frank and intense discussions involving members of both parties, I am pleased to announce, that I have formed a cabinet, comprising of both the government and the opposition to administer the affairs of our beloved nation. This cabinet will consist of five members from the government and three from within the opposition. The cabinet, on recommendation from the eight mentioned, will also include three members chosen from civil society.
    The main focus will be to approach this challenging period with unified leadership and to send a very clear single to the citizens of our country, that the elections are over and it is indeed time to put Barbados first. The cabinet I now lead will consist of the following members of Parliament and those chosen from the civil society……………….
    We ask you to join us in this new era of political maturity. Let us now work not only as a unified political force but more importantly as a unified Barbados. This promises to be an exciting and fruitful journey, for our young democracy, as we approach fifty years of independence and statehood.
    I thank you and may God continue to bless Barbados.

    (This is the speech that Barbados deserved and still deserves. It is not too late)

  8. @Mahogany,
    There are no provisions in any of the constitutions of the Caribbean islands,either those that are independent, or those that are still protectorates, that provide for governments of National Unity. The closest is Cuba that is governed by committees responsible to the National commitee of the Party.

  9. The DLP and the BLP must go!!

    They are the sources of the majority of the national social political material financial problems facing this country.

    The situation is that if they are not permanently driven out of the parliament by the broad masses and middle classes of people in less than five years they will continue to systematically destroy many more of the political material financial affairs of the people of this country.

    We say Remove the Damned DLP and the BLasted BLP from the parliament of this country!


  10. @ Alvin Cummins
    Point Taken. However the MCG remains respectful of the wishes of the electorate regardless of the quality of parliamentarians . The MGC clearly states that the Cabinet would include members from the Opposition and civil society chosen by the said cabinet. This would take a very high level of political maturity to become a reality. The MCG always attempts to offer suggestions. The national unity cabinet that will form the government , will give the entire country a feeling of national pride . Of course , we are not expecting that this would be a popular idea because of the petty party squabbles and desire of the BLP/DLP collective to run and ruin country. It is the same pattern in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and ,many of our other island states. We are moving forward with our mandate to change the mental political climate of the entire region.The MCG is working hard to weaken the strangle hold these political parties have on all Caribbean Nation people. However we are also firm that we respect the views of others. Regardless of what others may think, these political parties throughout the region are nor easy to unseat. We are confident that ideas properly presented to the broad masses will eventually trump votes

  11. Barbados is a capitalist democratic country.

    If the PDC or MCTT want to govern Barbados they should run a full slate of candidates in the next general election and let Barbadians decide.

  12. Caswell is right that there needs to be new blood.Problem is that our minds are conditioned to offer support for this lot .The revolution has to begin with the education of the people.There is as much malfeasance today as there was yesterday,yet the best we can do is remove persons from party boats for having a spliff.Their names will be dragged through the mud and they will be stained for life.Racketeers like those who procure backdoor deals that sink CLICO,that crash the Transport Board,that benefited from the sweetheart deal with Carnival Cruise Lines,these mother f…ers have not spent a day in jail.Just like our boy Hendy B the other members of the old guard will return from hibernation to resume their assault on the public purse,while those who made legitimate contributions to this country suffer the pitfalls of old age,for soon not even pension will come their way.

  13. Cynthia Forde is right about the value of reinstating the application of capital punishment….
    Imagine a man kills a woman and get 5 years…!? No wonder he feel it worthwhile to kill again…..or that other semi-literate men conclude that it is no big deal….

    We would also be taking a step in the right direction if we were to arrest, charge and incarcerate all those jokers like “Wuk fuh Wuk” for all the shiite that they have done while in public office.
    …that way only SERIOUS and COMMITTED candidates would even present themselves for election to office….

    If we reward and encourage SHIITE – what do you expect to get continually thrown at your brass bowl?

  14. @ Bush Tea | December 3, 2013 at 8:03 AM |

    You would also include Greenverbs Parris in that list fit for incarceration?

    Or is he too smart a brass bowl worthy of your estimable consideration and above the law and being protected by your idol?

  15. @ Miller
    If it EVER comes down to it, Caswell and Bushie will not only lock up Parris and everyone else complicit in the CLICO robbery, but YOUR own ass will also be shaky too…….
    …as you well know…… 🙂

  16. @ Bush Tea | December 3, 2013 at 8:50 AM |

    The only way my ass will be shaky is if Parris is behind me.
    What you plan to do, extradite me? Lol!!

    BTW, don’t forget Thornhill should also be on the list. Or are you forgetting he is holding public office as the chairman of the EGFL and protected by no other than your idol?
    You are just a wind up baby doll full of hot air. Let us hear you make a specific challenge to the PM and MoF to get rid of that financial safe breaker T T.

  17. David | December 2, 2013 at 10:19 PM |
    Gline Clarke’s credibility may emerge if he repays all the pocket change he got when he was minister of transport and minibusses

    You people have a way of rubbishing every idea put forward by not dealing with what is put forward

    Pathetic lot !!!
    Always looking outward
    Who will remain in -Purgatory

  18. ac | December 2, 2013 at 10:31 PM |
    the truth is that the BLP solutions so far is TO SELL! SELL and SELL!

    And pray , tell me whats wrong with that ?
    You people must disabuse yourself of the notion
    that Government must own this and that
    Government is here to regulate
    Let the private sector do their thing and let market forces
    determine courses of action.
    Absolutely nothing wrong with selling
    you name it

    … is also a good way of recognizing an idiot….or a parro…..

    Wise man uses money to acquire real wealth
    Brass bowl looses wealth to acquire money….
    Bushie (2013) 🙂

  20. Miller
    What you plan to do, extradite me? Lol!!
    …so when Caswell tek over Integrity ’bout here you planning to run and hide….?
    You can run from Caswell….but not from Bushie wid the BBE connections 🙂

  21. Clarke belong to the same class as Leroy the Leper.They all belong to the Mercedes Benz ‘look at me man, I is a poor bare foot boy from the village and I get to own a Benz’.Wuh you got man!

    • It seems based on which side of the political fence we reside we are willing to forgive the politicians for their malfeasance. We like it so!

  22. Read what you wrote carefully
    Read it slowly
    You do not seem to understand what you have written

    Wise man uses money to acquire real wealth
    Brass bowl looses wealth to acquire money….
    Bushie (2013)

  23. @ PDC, and replace them with your lot? I agree with the comment field a full slate of candidates and face the voters. I will bet my pension that they will all lose their deposit.

  24. I think before the civil service is cut by 3 thousand, we should start with the ministers first, too many ministers and doing nothing,then the parliamen tarians,too many for a small island and population,then abolish the senate it serves NO peurpose and costituency coucils should GO.

  25. Wuhloss, Sinckler hay putting some licks in Mia in de House. Got she like a yo yo or a mock stick. Cuddear.

    • His job is not to put licks in anyone: his job is to fix the problems in this economy, but he is doing what he knows how to do. The stupid theatrics that they use to win elections is not the skill that is necessary at this time. Unfortunately, that is all he knows.


  26. Pompasettin and in few weeks gotta face people and send them home. Chris Instead of growing more adipose tissue grow some humility. Is it true tourism is down again in spite of all the grandstanding by the Minister and BTA Chairman?

    • Most of the debate in the House today was disgraceful given where we are as an economy. Six years later and we are in election mode with both parties blaming the other. A big shame.

      On 4 December 2013 01:07, Barbados Underground


    The Government does not have the answers and the Opposition is equally hopeless.@We agree , We at Plantation deeds have the answers , none of them can tell you, for they all a bunch of liar crooks and scumbags , Glen Clarke got to know the truth by now and he still lair for now , DLP and BLP working to together right now to keep the lies moving ,

  28. @PDC,
    Did you ever do Civics at school? Do you understand parliamentary systems; Westminister, congressional, Communist, or any of them? Do you understand Unionism? How much history have you done? Have you learned anything about democracy and the democratic process? How much have you studied about Barbadian Party systems? Have you ever attended a party conference? Have you ever observed how many ordinary Barbadians attend party conferences and make contributions; proposing, discussing and passing resolutions that they want their parliamentarians to bring forward?
    Based on your contributions I am of the opinion;no I change
    that, I know you need to do a lot of studying on systems before you can make a lot of the suggestions you are making.

  29. @Caswell
    Sinckler right like shite! When she start flouncing up sheself for de papers and bad talking how people trying to manage dis economy somebody is to remember Bajans all de foolishness she do, all de money she and Affa lick out when de money was flowing dat we would a be glad for now!

    Anyhow Caswell you don’t worry you head bout Mia, becausin somebody call and tell me Sunday gone dem hope you got court clothes and court money cause you had nuff to say bout a certain teacher and apparently ya facts was wrong wrong wrong. Das wa you is ta worry bout. Have a blessed and wondaful day yuh hear!

  30. Mr. Clarke, you are bigger a man than I thought. You will be vilified by some of your own party members and dishonest economists, for speaking from your heart but what you said is a fact of life. I am convinced that the Barbados economists don’t read newspapers or watch tv international news.
    Saudi Arabia, one of the wealthiest countries in the world is having a serious unemployment problem. As a matter of fact the current unemployment rate in Barbados is lower than Saudi Arabia’s. I would advise the so called economic gurus in Barbados to read the following articles.

    RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — Saudi Arabia, the largest Arab economy, urgently needs to create new jobs in the coming years for the millions of young people expected to enter the kingdom’s workforce, Saudi business leaders and the International Monetary Fund said Tuesday.

    Read more here:

    The following question was asked by a columnist for the U.K Express Newspaper ‘’ Are you secure in your job?
    See her response.

    Are you secure in your job? Full pain of public sector job cuts ‘still to be felt’
    By: Charlotte Meredith
    Published: Mon, April 15, 2013
    JOB losses in the public sector are set to accelerate in the run up to the next general election, according to a new study, with a further 340,000 posts expected to be axed

    Economist Dr John Philpott said that on the current Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) projection, almost as many government jobs will be cut in the next two years as have already been lost since 2010.

    Dr Philpott, director of The Jobs Economist, said the proportion of people employed in the public sector by 2018 was set to be lower than at any time since before the Second World War.

    He said: “If the OBR is right, almost half the pain of public sector jobs cuts expected in the current five-year parliament is still to be felt.

    “This will almost certainly further exacerbate tension between the Government and public sector trade unions at a time when talk of a general strike is in the air,” he added.

    The bleak figures come as it was revealed confidence in job security had improved by just one per cent since January.

    Confidence among part-time workers showed greatest improvement, although it has only increased by a tiny two per cent, Legal & General said in a study.
    Another report showed almost half of firms were planning to recruit staff in the coming year.
    A survey, by workplace firm Regus, of 3,000 business owners and senior managers found half of those hoping to take on workers will focus on sales and marketing.

    Managing director Steve Purdy said: “Businesses are finally gearing up for growth after the protracted downturn.

    “Managing this stage of recovery is crucial, as it carries the huge risk that firms will over-extend themselves.

    The reports were published ahead of the latest unemployment figures on Wednesday.

    A Treasury spokesman said: “The Government remains committed to fiscal consolidation, delivering its spending reductions and rebalancing the economy. Over one million jobs have been created in the private sector since 2010.”

    As the OBR has said, total market sector employment is expected to rise by around 2.6 million between the start of 2011 and the start of 2018, more than offsetting the total reduction in general government employment.”

    A spokesman for the Public and Commercial Services union commented: “This government’s politically-motivated assault on the public sector has been shown to have been a disaster for our economy and our communities.

    “In a week when we are being forced to revisit the damage done by Thatcherite policies, it is shameful to see ministers now imposing pain on millions of people while handing tax cuts to millionaires.”

    I wonder which part of the USA, the Barbados economic-news correspondents, Charlie Skeete and Tony Best live. Life here in the USA is hard as hell . Without food stamps millions would have died since the recession started. Older Blacks here are reminded daily of the days when they or their parents lined up outside the old Town Hall building for handouts from Ernest Deighton ‘’Pappa Mottley’’. If you doubt me , read

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