Political Commentator Calls-out Prime Minister About Weapons

Robert Clarke, Attorney-at-Law

Robert Clarke, Attorney-at-Law and Vice President of People’s Empowerment Party

Would the Prime Minister of Barbados state and let the People of Barbados know what information he has that the Barbadian Public might take to violence to try to ‘bring down the Government’? Would the Prime Minister of Barbados state and let the People of Barbados know how many guns and rubber bullets the Government has imported into Barbados within the last six (6) months and for what purpose these weapons have been imported?

Is it possible that the Government Ministers by their statements are trying to induce the Barbadian People to react violently because of their current economic condition by the ineptitude and inability of the Government to deal with the cause of the economic problems facing Barbados? Would the Prime Minister of Barbados and the Minister of Finance explain in detail to the People of Barbados their inability or lack of understanding that our major problem is the cost of the heavy import of food stuff, imported by the major Companies who operate the Barbados Chamber of Commerce; and by their heavy imports of gas, diesel and kerosene oil which facilitates the running of the energy sector which together represent approximately two thirds of our National Budget and is a drain on our foreign reserves?

The Government can cut back on the importation of food which Barbados can produce. We are nearly all self sufficient in poultry. We can develop the pig industry on a larger scale. We can massively open up the development of our black belly sheep and stop the importation of inferior lamb from New Zealand. There are other areas of agriculture that we can establish.

In terms of energy, we can open discussions immediately with the Venezuelan Government and PetroCaribe and ALBA on the supply of Petrol. We can have serious discussions with the Chinese Government or Brazilian Government on either the importation of solar systems, or the setting up of a solar system factory in Barbados to produce these panels and the Government can ensure that all new buildings must carry solar energy systems.

We can set up a windmill farm after discussions with the major manufacturers of windmill energy, to be placed along the East Coast of St. Lucy, St. Andrew and St. Joseph which. These would supply nearly all of the electricity needed in Barbados. I think it is imperative that the Government of Barbados respond to the above if it really has the interest of the People of Barbados at heart and negate any possibility of people unrest.

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  1. Got distracted there for a minute sorry, I would not worry too much about government, if it’s true about rubber bullets and riot gear, from what I am understanding and I have no reason to doubt it for one minute, that might very well be a distraction to cover the cache of arms steadily being imported to Barbados by millionaire businessmen who are well protected by their politician business partners, after all said businessman and family now owns at least 4 private clinics in Barbados added to the existing insurance company. Unfortunately for the majority on the island when these weapons trickle down into the ghettos and middle class areas, it’s the young men and women who are totally ignorant to these power plays who go to prison for possession of these arms and ammunition, not the scum dog millionaires who have the financial resources, politician partners/political protection and outside contacts to keep a steady flow of death and destruction alive and well…..like monopolizing the island’s healthcare to fully privatize the health system in Barbados is not enough for them….oh no….not enough, greed has no end.

    Finally, what influence will Harris have over the regulation of the Fair Trading Commission seeing as how him and Inniss are now conjoined twins and business partners, joined firmly at the hip.

    For years I have personally known the minority bajan white community being well stocked with arms and ammunition, you can guarantee that 95% of these arms are unlicensed and totally illegal, and more are still being acquired.

    In saying that………PM Stuart should really ask his esteemed friend Parris what he is doing lately and see if it’s not also somewhere along the lines of arms and ammunition, separate and distinct from the above players.

    It’s time these protected criminals are thoroughly investigated, oops, did I say investigated by the police in Barbados, I forgot, no one on the island will have the balls to do that, too much more information will be revealed into the public domain and everyone will see them for the frauds they really are………beware the enemies within.

  2. Well Well It can never be….. not because if we were having romantic escapades on the beach that people looking.. would think I was riding a llamas. Not because our views seem to differ. on almost any issue. Not because whenever you say something that makes sense it starts with a man once told me…. Its because I couldn’t stand the thought of having more than one mother-inlaw.

  3. Some years ago when a number of hardened criminals, like Woggie and company broke out of Glendairy, and had the hold country scared, they were reported to have broken into a plantation house in the Lower Estate area, I think, where the owner said that 7 guns were stolen. True or false, this revelation that one man had seven guns in his home did not seem to bother anyone in authority unduly, and that was in the 90’s. Today those 7 guns , has probably increased to 25. A private militia in the making, or strongly established.

  4. My large ookpik, the threat of guns and bullets entering the island must be more of a concern for you than lets say your less tufted compatriots If the importation of an inordinate amount of firearms and ammunition comes to pass may I suggest a few safety tips that may be of some help at this risky time for you.
    No sudden moves, be the sloth don’t shock anyone
    Do not sing, almost anyone will shoot an animal if it sounds like it is in pain
    Do not go out in the rain, that extra 50 pds of water absorption will slow you down.
    When confronted by superior numbers yell DLP run around in a circle chasing your tail … piss on everyone…. then expect a treat.
    And lastly your wookiness don’t worry about getting a Brazilian, you best get the southamerican.

  5. Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite denied government has imported tear gas and rubber bullets into Barbados. We recall Brathwaite denied any knowledge of making a claim to Faceback for information.

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