DLP: No Longer Relevant to Barbados

Henderson Bovell

Henderson Bovell

First there was the lost of consumer and investor confidence, then a capital flight from Barbados and now a brain-drain has been triggered. There was also a time when all of the young men and women were taken from Africa and only the old (who could not re-produce) were left. Barbados is in serious trouble but the Government has not yet realise!

A country without its youth and or its best, fertile brains, is doomed. But, this is the society the DLP is building. Not long ago, (and as one of its trademark excuses) the DLP was telling this country that it cannot do anything to ease the pressure locally, until and unless President Obama in America, Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain and Prime Minister Steven Harper of Canada – get it right in their respected country.

Well, two days ago, Canadians came with job offers and within the first session, over 800 young Barbadians had responded directly. Obviously feeling irrelevant but wanting to claim credit for jobs being created “outside of Barbados” and on the strength of the same Canadian economy the DLP said it needed to be strong – in order for it to do similar things here – a shamed Labour Minister comes out of hiding but only to  beg potential employers to come through the DLP, with vacancies, first. She and this-failed-DLP-Government, which plans to send-home a secret number of thousands – still do not get it! Barbadians no longer see this-failed-DLP-Government as being relevant to their needs.

One of the major expenditure items for any Government of Barbados, going forwards – will be: “Retiring Benefits” or “Pensions.” A few years ago when the BLP was in office – the issue of ‘population aging’ was being discussed in a serious way.  The concern then was that there would be fewer people of working age to provide pensions for a rapidly growing, retired and retiring population. The DLP alleges that it is building some society but issues like ‘population aging’ are not on its agenda or at the top of its, “to-do-list:” sending home people, causing an increase in the cost of living, the rate of poverty and unemployment and creating human suffering – is!

The DLP has practically gone into hiding! There was a time when you could not keep DLP Ministers off CBC- TV! Some nights, all 18 members of its large; unproductive Cabinet were in the news, touring buildings or doing some frivolous thing. Imagine! The DLP passed Constituency Council legislation, which commits DLP Parliamentarians, legally – to report to their constituents but they even now break the law in their desperation to avoid any and all contact with the very people they should be representing and reporting to by law – but are causing to suffer and feel that they (DLP Parliamentarians) now need police and other protection, from.

What vulgar crap that the Opposition is not putting forward anything or ideas on the table? What can the Opposition do to cause investors and consumers to have or restore confidence in this failed-DLP-Government? This is pure distraction, intended  to downplay the fact that this fiscal crisis is purely of the DLP’s making – caused by it “Fatted Calf Doctrine” and the same political entitlement spending, which the Opposition warned against?

In desperation, because it has been caught holding the smoking gun, the DLP is in panic mode and wants to implicate the BLP even more so than fixing the mess it has created – hence it still proceeding with its political entitlement programme, while asking the country to make more sacrifice – than will not fix the current problem. “Sleepy,” how can anybody blame the BLP when it is the dems who lied; deceived and betrayed the country?

The DLP has now abandoned the people and has figuratively and literally – left them in the dark, as regards a number of things, including: the Rihanna Deal; the Sandals Deal, the true state of the economy; how many people it bloated the Public Service with since January 15th 2008;  and what is the real position with the IMF!

Fortunately for Barbados and Barbadians, Mia Mottley and “Team BLP” are the ones holding the people’s hand in the darkness! Mia Mottley has been shining the light and is the beacon of hope and as any patriotic-guardian would – she  is the one handing drowning Barbadians life-jackets, while – with sleeves rolled-up – is trying to steady the sinking Barbados, to safe harbour, despite strong and loud objection from armchair critics and others.

This is bizarre, especially since it is already known that the DLP has long abandoned ship, leaving it rudderless, with terrified Barbadians on-board! You know the crisis is serious when (with trade unions and the Church on its side) the Government tells the country that the Cabinet is discussing a list of names of people to be sent home (not the entire Cabinet resigning) but with the plan being that no two people from any one house will be placed on the bread-line.

Sounds like and an excuse to do mischief. So the Government has now also become intrusive and will sit in an air-conditioned room, over “luxury food and “drink” and determine who is NOT worthy for a serving of the fatted calf.  In the mean time, everybody working in the Public Service must keep their head down and keep their mouth shut. Such fear now grips this country but neither the Church nor trade unions are bothered.

Barbados needs a new politics and a fresh start! It has to be re-imagined! We need to build a much stronger and better society and economy. Mia Mottley is therefore the right Captain at the right time. She has remained with the people and has introduced progressive  initiatives such as: Live and Direct Community Meetings; Rubbing Shoulders and the current Peoples’ Assembly, while even encouraging those who have – to adopt or partner with a family and help them survive this period.

Mia Mottley is on the right track and hers is the correct and mature approach to governance. She is on the job, focused and busy attending to the peoples’ business! The first order of business is to re-imagine Barbados. I think she did that beautifully in her address to the Barbados Chamber of Industry and Commerce on September 29th 2010.  Barbados has now to be rescued. If it is not – there will be nothing for anybody to lead in a year’s time!  Barbados then has to be re-cast. We needs to build a better Barbados. Let us create history! There is work to be done — let us get busy, each person according to his ability.

This country, the CSME and the regions needs a new historic beginning that will immediately capture the attention of the world. Mia Mottley has already unveiled a blue-print for a new politics in Barbados. Given the perilous state of the country and the lack of confidence in the present Barbados-government – Mia Mottley could be the “change” Barbados and the region needs.

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  1. Bovell both parties and you should know because you eat off the tables of both. you yourself is not relevant to no one or any institution.

  2. Mia Mottley is therefore the right Captain at the right time. She has remained with the people and has introduced progressive initiatives such as: Live and Direct Community Meetings; Rubbing Shoulders and the current Peoples’ Assembly


  3. Barbados lost all credibility years ago. The island became known worldwide for it’s corruption and the ease of bribing government officials so/as foreign companies could utilize it’s lax laws and total lack of prosecution to skirt international laws. Just look at how easy one Tom Haughton was able to utilize his base in your island to skirt international shipping laws and to openly ship counterfeit drugs world wide without fear of prosecution… . Bribery…..under the table deals and outright illegal actions flourishes and those who desire to utilize your island for their illegal acts know that all they have to do is fatten the bank accounts of the local government officials and all is well….
    Brain drain??????? First you have to find anyone with a brain……it won’t be an easy task for anyone with any amount of greay matter between their ears have already left.

  4. fter reading the interesting article penned by Albert Brandford in the Nation newspaper of April, 29 2007 it prompted me to muse on how our Barbados society has continued to allow an already corrupt system of government to become even more corrupt. It is intentional not to litter this writing with any theoretical concepts usually disseminated by many of our well known political scientists and social commentators. Brandford quoted Richie Haynes when he wore an NDP cap back in 1994 as saying:

    “Most of the stealing in Government takes place where Government interfaces with the private sector of Barbados. You can’t steal salaries and you can’t steal debt payments. The next big chunk would have to be in terms of contracts, tenders … and that is where the ‘thiefing’ takes place.
    – Dr Richie Haynes, leader of the National Democratic Party (NDP), 1994”

    Although it is not a particularly profound statement it is one which all of us who keep our ears to the ground can very well agree with. We look around and observe MP’s who enter government having come from decent jobs but not necessarily paying extravagant salaries, and after a couple of years on the government side we observe the ostentatious lifestyle which many of them embrace. In recent times we seen Rommel Marshall, an insurance agent in his former life who after spending a few years in government now owns property all over Barbados, a business in Bridgetown, drives a Mercedes and we can go on. There is Noel “Barney” Lynch and Gline “Wuk Fuh Wuk” Clarke – Barbados Free Press has written voluminously on these two. Now we see the Prime Minister driving around E50 which is a Lexus jeep which no doubt he would have acquired duty free but if paid for would be significant in price even on a PM salary.

    We however tend to focus on politicians when discussing corruption but what about those judges who sit on the bench while still covertly managing their law firms and legal practices? What about those priests who accept “donations” to their personal accounts for performing the “blessings” at functions? What about those bankers who approve personal loans for prominent individuals with the unspoken expectation that the organizations they head would benefit from significant contracts. We must never forget that the government is responsible for a very significant share of the business which private sector depends on for its very survival sometimes.

    My musing is not to become trap in any Willie Lynch syndrome but only to use the argument that any organ or individual in a Barbados society must logically be a microcosm of the environment. The individuals which make-up our political parties therefore will not be immune to the material lifestyle which now pervades our society. The conundrum for a cynical electorate though is that historically it does not matter which party is in power; the behaviour remains the same. What a vigilant Barbados society must do is to ensure that we advocate for the appropriate safe guards to be established and enforced so that corruption is discouraged, identified when it rears its ugly head and weeded-out with haste.

  5. Whew! Over here at BU we cannot but admire the tenacity which Barbados Free Press continues to demonstrate on this VECO story. There is an old saying that where there is smoke some fire must be close. Keep going BFP we can smell something real stink!

    BU as usual want to add its two pence by commenting on the Pier Head project. We hope that BFP with its army of sources can polish-up this story for us. A major part of the Bridgetown Redevelopment Plan is the development of the Pier Head, which is majority if not wholly owned by Barbados Shipping & Trading, soon to be Neal & Massy Barbados Shipping & Trading. A Google has tossed up that CB Richard Ellis Hotels Limited has signed an agreement with Pier Head Investment Inc to operate a 5 Star 200 room hotel on the Pier Head to be completed by 2010. The development will also include apartments, marina, maritime museum, duty free shops and much more.

    Our source who is well positioned and we know to be very reliable has told us is that there was a bid process held recently to determine the company to do the redevelopment work on the Pier Head. The process had to be scrapped when the VECO news broke recently about high ranking officials who were indicted in Alaska. VECO was one of the bidders!

    The big question is why no similar sanction on the New Prison project Mr. Dale Marshall? After all you have given VECO and their involvement on the building of the prison a clean bill of health. Again BU ask why the double standards on this one Mr. Attorney General?

  6. @ MICHAEL SAUNDERS- strengthening your point

    AN ANGRY Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch abruptly pulled the plug during a live radio broadcast yesterday after a question was raised about his alleged rise from being a “virtual beggar” to millionaire status in recent years. Lynch told Starcom Network’s Sunday Brasstacks talk-show host David Ellis, who was putting the issue of the minister’s reported wealth accumulation after receiving an emailed query in the studio, that the question was “as disrespectful as you can get”.


    To hear the level of virtual panic in utterances from some people on the BS&T/Neal & Massy merger, one might imagine the Barbados partner was being swallowed up against its will. For all we know, the reported disproportionate shareholding may well justify the term take-over, despite assurance from BS&T’s chairman that the transaction, yet to be approved by securities agencies in Barbados and T&T, is a friendly merger of unequals; and that BS&T was not for sale.


    Everybody knows that the best predictor of future performance – is past performance.

    That’s why a store owner doesn’t hire a paroled thief just out of jail for the position of head cashier.

    The Government of Barbados has poured millions and millions into the GEMS hotels and refuses to provide an accounting even though it is required by law. They can’t even say how much they have lost.

    Nor will they provide any explanation for government purchases of run-down hotels that belong to “special friends” of the government.

    Now our Instant Millionaire Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch wants us to believe that everything can be solved with yet more tax money and the same management team – with, of course, absolutely no accounting for what has been spent thus far.

    “Just give me one more chance” says the applicant for the Head Cashier’s
    See our previous story Barbados Government Enters Time-Share Vacation Hucksterism – But Shuns The Words “Time Share”

    We notice that in the original announcement as reported in the link above, Minister Lynch said that Hotels & Resorts would be the company that was given the land to build condos. The latest report (below) indicates that the land is being given to a company called “Sapphire Inc.”

    I wonder who owns “Sapphire Inc.” and if any politicians or their family members have any shares?

  9. Everyone wants to go to heaven, and no one wants to die. The road to hell is always paved with good intentions. Subsequently, we as citizens not only of Barbados, but of this globe should look at the political malfeasance around us, as of our own making. Barbadians, me included couldn’t wait for fresh political blood for Mr. Arthur to be replaced as the Prime Minister. Well, history has proven now, that not all change is good change. What faces our Island nation and its people, is of herculean magnitude. This economic monstrosity, requires denizen political and economic minds, committed to pulling Barbados out of this economic abyss. We are facing perilous times, when the global economies are existing within the parameters of a global economic tsunami. In the interest of fairness, as clueless as Mr. Stuart, and Mr. Sinckler may appear to be, we cannot lay all of Barbados’ financial blame, at their feet. It is imperative that we use holistic economic approaches to revive a lethargic, if not unresponsive economy. As most Barbadians have celebrated “Errol Barrow” day, we must be mindful, that the late great EW Barrow, believed whole heartedly in our country’s motto, “Pride In Industry.” Let us hearken to the admonishments of our fore fathers, and decipher the reality of “Pride In Industry.” Barbados has suffered significant divestiture, within a decade. What are we building as a people and as a nation, are we just super consumers? What does Barbados own, besides debt? Where is Barbados’ educational rating, by the way Barbados use to possess one of the highest literacy rates in the world. What can we export as bajans, except the crop over festival, and a nice jump up time. Are we, those of us writing on this blog, committed to making the difficult decisions, and taking the kind of accountability, to move Barbados forward in the 21 Century. Our mentalities must change from being the most comfortable slaves on the planet, to people willing to serve and if needed, die for the belief that generations yet unborn, need a better, kinder and more economically viable Barbados. The global rat race has caught up to Barbados, and our citizenry has bought into the global misfortune, lock, stock and barrel. Hence, it does not matter which political party sit at the helm of government, the answers will always be the same. In order to change the government, you must change the people, are you ready for change, bajans? Excellence, is doing the right thing, when not a single soul is looking. We must endeavor to be excellent again, to change our outlook of believing that a government solves all of the problems of its people. We are the government, and the government is led by the governed. I thank all of you for teaching me, I am a student of each of you. The most effective form of communication, is the art of listening.

  10. The first order of business is to re-imagine Barbados. I think she did that beautifully in her address to the Barbados Chamber of Industry and Commerce on September 29th 2010.

    @ Hello Henderson JACKASS Bovell

    Was it not in October 2010 after such a beautiful speech by MAM ( as you claim) that OSA and his other BLP Parliamentarians removed MAM from the BLP leadership ?

    It was clear then as it is now…..that you are the only BLP jackass who thinks so highly of MAM !

    If for any reason you are ever in doubt go back to OSA comments about her a few days ago !

  11. By the way Henderson JACKASS Bovell have you repaid the BLP the sum of money you stole while MAM presided over the BLP party leadeship between 2008 and 2010 ?


    Well things have to get very bad and worse for people to hear what we are saying and said at PLANTATION DEEDS,

    WE can see that the more that happen and the worse it gets,is when more people will see the light,
    This Henderson Bovell points out what he see and what he is looking for , to hide from people , He also soon will have to learn to not look out for friends and look for work if they win , But to look out for the people of Barbados and tell the truth when writing ,When no one tell the truth nothing can be fixed and it cost us all more to hide lies ,
    The crook liars and scumbags that is making up work for friends and then pocketing funds, GEMS , CLICO,COW,VECO,LAWYERS, JUDGES, DPP,TONY BEST AND Henderson Bovell, CBC, BRASS TACKS, NEWSPAPERS, IS AT FAULT,
    Now we just need to the people to go home from worked , hired in jobs that some were not needed in the first place , But you hire to make sure they have much voters in their pockets, But not to worry , With in the 12 to 18 months of the next election they will get back work in time to vote for them after a nice recovery, So they must go home sooner, To save money , why then keep them on 2 weeks more , that is good for the people but a waste of money for the government , Sold out by the Union heads , and trust me , I know how them crooks work. Been there and saw that.

  13. @Michael Saunders
    And I quote: “Brain drain??????? First you have to find anyone with a brain……it won’t be an easy task for anyone with any amount of greay matter between their ears have already left.”

    Mike, believe it or not, they are still many people here with the ability to think, think out of the box( I don’t personally like that term), and think radically, being able to assimilate seemingly un-related ideas together into novel concepts. These people, though not many in number, are experiencing a phenomenal level of resistance to their ascension to levels where they can either make or influence the decisions made that can positively impact us, or at least potentially do so. This isn’t to say you are wrong in your assessment, its just to say that they are here, but they are suppressed.
    This resistance is provided by many classes of untermensch. Some of these lower level, bottom crawlers are intellectual corpses, others are implementational cripples, and still others are just blind sheep who follow aimlessly and exhibit scatophagic tendencies.The net result is failure to achieve anything other than confusion and distrust.
    Just a few days ago, a Canadian firm that came to our shores to recruit Barbadian talent for the Canadian market. To me, the firm is obviously under the impression that there ARE some talented individuals here whom they believe can be better facilitated in Canada. When they perform their assessment of the wealth of applicants, they will undoubtedly choose the cream of that lot and add to the growing intellectual and vocational void that Barbados is already creating for itself. Added to this already dire situation, the impending passage and successful signing into law of that Immigration bill now passing through the two US houses of government, will worsen the plight of this country as many more Barbadians with skills, talents and novel ideas take leave of this stagnant land once again for better prospects as did happen in the earlier part of the 1900 to 2000 century.
    What we have here is a group of old, useless, selfish, myopic idiots who want what they want, want their own way, want nothing to change unless they can control and guide the change. Whats almost blasphemous is that they want success in that bundle I just mentioned. These diametrically different ideas have never been implemented by ANY country known to man with any measure of success. Success comes with change and change has to flourish from a willingness and burning desire to succeed. Its almost cyclical.
    Their ( these decision makers and supposed leaders) level of selfishness and stupidity is astounding but they refuse to see their folly. They go to international events, sit at tables with renowned persons in their respective fields and contribute nothing there only to the detriment of this country whom by their misrepresentation is ignored and sidelined. They return here with nothing to contribute other than a poorly written and compiled report which goes and sits at the desk of another useless eater.
    No amount of writing in this blog, or news column will change us and our silly ways. What will change us is action. When 3000 of our people go home, but Trinidad keeps sending people here to work in their businesses that we support, and we don’t put an end to that practice, nothing will change! When we staff our most successful companies with ex-pats when they are Barbadians here that can fill those vacancies and WE the Barbadian consumer supports that business, NOTHING will change!
    When we can be disadvantaged in our own country, but guest moderators on Brass Tacks can come out talking tripe about not wanting to see Barbadians take the steps needed to correct these injustices BECAUSE these steps will paint us black in the international community but said moderators have a vested interest in seeing things continue the way they are going because it is to their own selfish benefit, NOTHING will change!
    When anybody, everybody and their mothers can come to Barbados, do as they please, steal lands belonging to Barbadians and ministers don’t act in accordance with the laws of this land to protect the very people who put them there, NOTHING will change!
    I say, let Barbados suffer. Let those who are young, vibrant, full of novel ideas and plans, go abroad and take up the challenge of building successful lives and careers in other lands. Contribute to the advancement of a country that is not your own, but a country that embraced and facilitated you with the tools that can contribute to your success. Let the lawyers, politicians and social “elite” stay here and have no one else to down trod and disadvantage. Let their gleaming social structures come crumbling down at the loss of the masses to prop them up. Let them descend into confusion and despair while trying to retain the appearance of their importance. Leave this land that has shown you utter disrespect and disdain, and go forth to make your goals and visions a reality.
    Barbados doesn’t want change or success, they want things to remain the same as they were. Our colonisers are no longer white, they are black, but times and opinions have changed, and we will make them fail!

  14. This Thread seems to be all over the place. Cannot follow the incoherent arguments presented here. Some persons seem to want to demonstrate that “them have sense” and everybody else stupid

  15. @ Just Commenting | January 22, 2014 at 7:50 AM |

    Brilliant analysis and well presented.

    Young talented Bajans must see themselves as future workers and citizens of the world and do like their forefathers of the first half of the last country (even some from before as with the migration to Guyana) and seek to emigrate as if their feet have wings.
    The country’s economy and social organizations are about to go through a phase of metamorphosis that would see the dislocation and disintegration of economic and social structures not experienced in any recent cycle of the country’s political economy and sociological manifestations since the 1930’s.

    What the country is going through are just the death throes of a decaying dying system and the birth bangs of a new order of socio-economic things to come.
    To use a phrase attributed to Sir Lloyd plagiarized in a moment of philosophical excitement: ‘we must destroy before we can build back’.
    Pachamama might be quite familiar with this uroboric effect upon man and his contrived cyclical word of social organization.

  16. Couldn’t quite make it past the fifth word of the first sentence? Are you sure you meant “lost”?

    Couldn’t quite get to the end of the first paragraph? Is the unnecessary exclamation meant to substitute for the necessary “d” at the end of “realised”?

    It’s not exactly lapidary prose, is it?

    If you spell at the level of an eight year-old, the prospects are bright that your thinking will be childish.

  17. Did you really mean “respected country”? Or were you trying (and failing) to say “respective countries”?

    We guess you won’t be part of the “brain drain”. Countries that import people generally prefer people who can spell.

  18. @ Jack Bowman | January 22, 2014 at 9:21 AM |

    Why don’t you do a critical analysis (if you are damn capable) of what Just Commenting @ | January 22, 2014 at 7:50 AM wrote instead of nitpicking at the waffle emanating from a political trumpeter and intellectual lightweight?
    You are behaving like a real pettifogging pedantic jackass, now, Jacko.

    Have you ever considered the fact you are really testing the ‘unlimited’ patience of David the blog master?

  19. “Have you ever considered the fact you are really testing the ‘unlimited’ patience of David the blog master?”


  20. Can anyone shed some light on reports making the rounds in the north of the island – that yesterday on EWB Day Owen Seymour Arthur visited John Moore Bar and after a few gulpfuls of his favourite alcoholic beverage he stumbled out of the bar into the road and was struck by a car
    driven by Mia Amor Mottley ?

    It was further reported that she refused to stop even when several eyewitnesses shouted for her to so after it became clear who the accident victim was.

    If true….this awful.

  21. Fractured BLP.

    Basically “a te lenocinium politicam”.
    Within a democratic system, people do have preferences and should be applaud. However, you become a total distraction to serious problems affecting our country and you work hard to be political pimp with a spiteful brain.

  22. @ Jack Bowman
    Blogging should be viewed as an expression of one’s feeling. The writers in most cases are not masters of the English language, but type information hoping that someone will either answer or criticise the information. However, instead of you using your so-called intellectual skills to inform others, you prefer to criticize.
    “O praeclara tibi stultus esse vivere”

  23. Wow, Fractured
    “sed tanti non respondere amentis” BTW, do you feel sensible people would accept such stupidity as per your Jan 22 writing @ 9:48 a.m.

  24. Plantation…..worry not thyself, according to Bajans, it could get “worser” for these fly-by-night leaders……..read this.

    Some of us are noticing a pattern with DLP leader PM Stuart, whenever there is an erupting scandal which will naturally cause a shit storm, Stuart immediately goes into invisible mode, can’t be seen or heard, more than likely in hope that no shit hits his black suits, that successfully pushes the usual suspects to the front to face the cameras every single day,, in this case Inniss AKA always in a scam 1, Lashley AKA always in a Scam 2 and Sinckler AKA always telling lies 1, 2, and 3 because Sinckler is in a class all by himself.

    Since Sinckler has openly threatened to start taxing lawyers and doctors on the island (so wait, they are telling us that these professionals were not paying taxes before?) that’s another story…..I am left to declare very LOUD and CLEAR in case any BU lawyers/doctors are now scared to do so, that as long as the FDA has a drug that it previously approved now under investigation, it means people have died, are now dying or disabled and/or very ill with the said drug being highly suspect, the FDA does not investigate approved drugs unless something is very wrong, in other words, they are forced to investigate the HPV Vaccine.

    Naturally, this means that the DLP government has introduced such a potentially dangerous drug to the island’s children, per chance if any child/children has already been vaccinated, the parents of such children can speak to their attorney(s) about their rights to initiate legal action against the DLP for exposing their children to potential illness, disability and death, the DLP’s not practicing DUE DILIGENCE or pretending to not practice due diligence is no one else’s problem but the DLP’s, The only attorney I see on the island with the testicular fortitude to carry forward such an investigation is David Commissiong. None of the DLP’s lying excuse can cut it this time around.

    Since PM Stuart is the leader who never seems to know what is happening on the ground in Barbados or in his cabinet (the eager 11 and their chicken coup) even though he is an attorney, it would do him well to enlighten himself to the fact that there could also be a potential lawsuit very separate and distinct that would and could be initiated if Elizabeth Ferdinand advises (forces) Stuart’s government to make injecting the children of Barbados with the now being investigated HVP Vaccine mandatory.

    This lawsuit will as promised not only come from within Barbados but also from outside since most people living in North America have relatives who reside in Barbados and most of them are underage. PM Stuart will not be able to escape this particular shit storm, not even in an underground bunker. If the parents in Barbados and the Caribbean have become too complacent where the health and well being of their children are concerned, we will show them how not to be, a precedent has to be set, these sleazy local politicians have to be stopped one way or the next.

    Now, I am advising PM Stuart to tell Elizabeth Ferdinand to keep her old dried up hands off the children of Barbados and keep her equally old dried up ass REAL QUIET…….I don’t care how EXPENSIVE she claims the cost of the HPV Vaccine was to acquire or whoever financed that scam to use the children on the island as lab rats and guinea pigs.

    It will be interesting to find out if Bailey (a white guy) and part-owner of the insurance company with Harris (an indian guy) knows about all these goings on. Harris is well known on the island as being very politically connected to both BLP, he got the contract for the Transport Board Insurance through Marshall and Arthur AND now has a close business partnership with Inniss of DLP.

    The Harris family now owns ALL of the large, given the size of the island and with the exception of FMH, private clinics on the island and also owns ALL the MRI machines on the island, maybe with the exception of one machine, only.

    To be politically connected means business people in Barbados with access to millions of dollars tend to get the idea that they are UNTOUCHABLE on the island, that notion is ENCOURAGED by the politicians, particularly since politicians know so very well that the mentality of the majority population on the island is that they are poor and therefore helpless to fight such monied individuals and are likely to lose any legal battles anyway because of the deep level of business and monetary involvement of local politicians and lawyers with such individuals, in other words the said voters they need and whom the politicians should be serving, they don’t……..the politicians continually show that they could care less about the majority on the island just like their esteemed and wealthy business friends.

  25. @limitone:
    For the past two years I have been investigating the actions of one Tom Haughton. He had set up shop on your island knowing that all he had to do was pay off the local government officials which left him free to practice his illegal trade.
    He was able to transship thousands of units of counterfeit Avastin along with numerous other counterfeit drugs to unsuspecting consumers worldwide well hiding behind the fact that Barbados would not allow anything to happen to their benefactor.
    Through investigating international bank transfers I was able to find close to $1,500,000 being drawn on his bank accounts which seemed to disappear just prior to his setting up shop in your island……..then, after this monies arrived, he was able to do as he pleased…..
    Upon taking a closer look at the business practices this just came across as ??BUSINESS AS USUAL??? with those in power becoming very well off while those who are under them starve.
    Yes anyone who desires to improve themselves…anyone who desires a future for their families…..anyone who wants to be able to provide for their children’s future has one of two oppositions….either join the corruption and illegal scams that your government officials are famous for or….GET THE HELL OUT!!!!!!!!!
    Brain drain….yes and as I stated anyone with the slightest amount of grey matter will get out while they can.
    I realize that Canada has offered numerous of your brightest and most valued citizens a chance for a life where they are not being exploited by the corruption that is ramped in your island. These youth desire an amount of stability that is completely non existent in their homeland seeing the level of corruption and exploitation that exists openly with your government officials.
    Michael Saunders

  26. Tell me Why has a complaint on January 22, 2014 at 10:52 AM.

    Here it is:

    “@ Jack Bowman Blogging should be viewed as an expression of one’s feeling. The writers in most cases are not masters of the English language, but type information hoping that someone will either answer or criticise the information. However, instead of you using your so-called intellectual skills to inform others, you prefer to criticize.
    ‘O praeclara tibi stultus esse vivere’.”

    Oh but certainly I informed others. I alerted others to the writer’s level of cognition. The writer’s “information” (as you call it) is not information. It’s opinion. The opinion is very poorly expressed. Indeed, the opinion is conveyed in a prose style befitting an eight year-old. That being irrefutably the case, it is meet to question the writer’s thinking.

    The crucial word in your contribution, Tell me Why, is “type”. That’s exactly correct. People who “type” are not necessarily “writing”. They’re typing. Typing requires no thought. It just involves filling space with written words.

    And why are my intellectual skills “so-called”? Who called them that? You see, Tell me Why, that’s typing. It’s not writing or thinking. It’s just a cliché that you insert robotically into your typing. There is no real thought behind it. What you mean is: “I don’t think you’re intelligent”, but the cliché (“so-called”) was easier to type, even though it doesn’t actually make any sense.

    Stringing clichés together is not writing. It’s not thought. It’s just boring.
    Futue te ipsum.

  27. Just Commenting beams in with some insight on January 22, 2014 at 7:50 AM.

    Here’s the insight: “Mike, believe it or not, they are still many people here with the ability to think, think out of the box( I don’t personally like that term), and think radically”.

    Hello, Just Commenting. I trust that you and yours are well.

    You are conflating two, particularly execrable, clichés from business-speak.

    People are urged to think differently with the admonition that they should “think outside the box”.

    People who think that they think outside the box will try to sell you a computer that works “out of the box”. They mean you take it out of the box, and plug it in, and it will work.

    These are two different clichés. Following me?

    People who think like this, even if they “don’t personally like that term”, are very unlikely to be able to offer advice on how to “think radically”.

  28. Bovell u are a first class idiot for even bringiing up the topic of Candians giving bajans jobs..u are an arrogant self serving douche bag. unable to find yoiur way in society and bestbelive that others ought to be like You .in theheight of many people soon to be without a job.U find it necessary to drive a political wedge which indicates that u couldn,t give a rass ass about nobody other than your sleezy self

  29. Bovell u time would be best sopent trying to find a LEADER for the BLP cause come 2018 MIA cannot WIN she is now damaged goods and according to OSA her leadership has so forth lacks the confidence desrious of strong leadership furthermore she insist on gimmickry a sure sign of her failure while trying to find a way to connect to the masses.. Negro YOUR GOOSE is already cook and being served up by OSA..

  30. ac…..what is it about Bovell bothering you so, as a female and maybe a mother, one would think you would be more concerned about children of Barbados being served up doses of the HVP vaccine now being investigated in the US.

  31. Jack. At least you admit. You used an essay instead of a precise and failed to get over your point. Check the nonsense you typed….. “That’s exactly correct. People who “type” are not necessarily “writing”. They’re typing. Typing requires no thought. It just involves filling space with written words”.

    Do yourself a favour and “et vade, et milvi volant” I am going to do a Freundel on you …..Ignore, and refuse to reply.

  32. There is some truth in the rumour. Only one problem though !
    Keep ears to the ground and tuned for more on this unraveling story not totally expected

    By Tomorrow bout here going to be singing a different tune
    Those in the know , know whats happening and what has happened.

    • @Michael Saunders

      Interested to know how you were able to access confidential information about the wire

      On Wednesday, 22 January 2014, Barbados Underground <

  33. I was interested to read the front page article in the Advocate in which Michael Lashley is quoted announcing two new bus terminals in Bridgetown.
    Government clearly does not understand the meaning of the word “broke”. It announces yet another ambitious development while it has no money. Even if it gets the private sector to fund it, it will still have to make repayments which will further increase the public sector deficit.
    He also seems to want contractors to express their interest. I don’t think they will get many takers as one contractor enquiring was purportedly told they didn’t stand a chance unless they were in with Jada. What’s the betting the decision has already been made?

  34. Dennis Clarke demitting office in October too? Wait,, he and Sir Roy plan this? After selling out the poor workers and getting all the meat from the fatted calf, ‘dem decide to leave office. How convenient.

  35. St George’s Dragon

    I agree totally with your prayer; “Please God let it be Fumble.”

    But dah can’ happen!


    Well Well , Dam Well Well oh my dear Goodness.Now the Doctors are crooks , liars and scumbags?
    Well we know the DbLP GOVERNMENT LOVE too LIE. for the sake of the people lets hope they are also Lies about sending the people home.,,

  37. David; The confusion promises to be just around the corner. In October the horses might already be out of the stable.

  38. Dennis Clarke and Sir Roy Trotman, TWO blasted crooks, followed by Walter Maloney and Cedric Murrell I hope the workers will see them for what they are worth.. The riot gears up at the defence force headquarters must be coming out of the cases and plastics all like now.

  39. WOMEN will Head the BWU and NUPW




  40. Listening to Dennis Clarke today it should now truly be his swansong as head of the NUPW. It is now clear that he is grossly UNFIT to lead any public union ANYWHERE. If i was a member of the NUPW i would be calling for his resignation IMMEDIATELYYYYYYYY!!!!!He has now lost the moral AUTHORITY to lead the NUPW!!!!!. His comments, regardless of how truthful they are or not, are not what the supposed “head” of a public union should be making and is really a big SMACK in the face to AT LEAST the “temporary” workers in the public service. I mean he basically INFERS the temporary workers have no cause to FIGHT for !!!! He basically INFERS that the public workers are at the mercy of the gov’t and that the NUPW cannot stop it. YOU CANT MAKE THOSE STATEMENTS OR INFER SUCH AS THE HEAD OF ANY WORKERS UNION!!!!!!! Leave those comments for the social commentators!!!!!!. HIS ROLE SHOULD BE TO DEFEND THE PUBLIC WORKERS, TEMPORARY OR PERMANENT, FROM ANY “MALICIOUSNESS” FROM ANY GOV’T. The public workers at least the “temporary ones” must now be seriously pondering WHAT NEXT because their supposed HEAD is sympathetic to whom he should be defending them against!!!!!!! IT is clear as day NOW that he is a DEM, so much so that he has sold out his own union.
    This DENNIS CLARKE states that the temporary workers have no “job” per se. REALLY!!! tell those that were temporary for 5 years or more that bundle of ASS. He should be fighting to get at much of those that are “temporary” for extraordinarily LONG periods to get appointed.
    To Donville Inniss and his statements on cut in his pay, it is clear NOW that not only this DEM gov’t don’t know what they are doing, they don’t even know how to do it (i.e don’t know what they are doing) properly!!!!!! You shouldn’t as a minister make those statements in this economic climate when your gov’t sending home 3000 people to NO PAY when you getting SOME PAY (far more than most of these persons). It smacks of TOTAL INSENSITIVITY!!!!! I mean even if you watch the comedy Yes! Minister you should at least LEARN THAT!!!!

    Good post above. But as Bushtea might say; What can you expect from Brass bowls?

  42. Having seen a small part of Dennis Clarke’s statements on CBC-TV tonight I can’t help but feel sorry for Government that has taken on the very difficult task of developing a list of workers who will be sent home in only 9 days time in an environment where detailed prior information on who is on the list is likely to be available to workers as soon as the list is developed with the resultant inevitable but self inflicted chaos for the government when individual stories of hardship hit the Press.

    Ideally, the politicians should have scrupulously removed themselves from any involvement in the development and approval of the list and the implementation of the process. Their role should have been advising the CPO in writing the detailed criteria under which the list would have been developed by the top Public servants and then washing their hands clean of any other involvement in the list.

    The criteria should have been weighted re. such considerations as:- Last in First out; Single breadwinners in a household exempted; At least one breadwinner from any household exempted; Special, scarce expertise (as identified by the various departments) exempted; workers serving for over 5 years exempted if a vacant post in their area of expertise exists; Good personnel reports considered; etc. There should have been no consideration of political allegiance or leanings in the criteria.

    That the list, or relevant expurgated departmental summaries of it, is apparently not yet available to the Unions suggests that there are difficulties still being encountered in its finalisation.

    No politician should be able to insert or remove anyone from the list and its final perusal and acceptance should be by the Head of the Civil Service or the CPO, not by any Minister. The relevant Minister could then rubber stamp but not change it or direct that individual changes be made.

    I suspect that the above process might not be the one being used now since, inter alia, there was a hint that Politicians are or will be involved in the development of the list and, if so, there are likely to be serious implementation problems that might result.

    Such problems were very predictable given the way in which the layoffs were announced before Christmas and the postponement of the first tranche of layoffs by two weeks. In hindsight perhaps, it begs the question of why would the Government feel itself constrained to prematurely announce the layoffs just before Christmas when it could have been working on a list and cleaning it up and then announcing the layoffs this month after ensuring that all the systems were set up to ameliorate the problems which those workers who were laid off would surely encounter?

    It would appear that they had no other option on 13th December. Did the Credit Suisse loan come later? Would this have extended their options? Is it now possible to tone down or al least postpone the layoffs for a mont or so?

  43. David | January 22, 2014 at 7:31 PM |
    Are women respected enough in todays Board Room?
    Even if they are not, chances are given the lack of ambitions demonstrated by this present generation of menfolk, women in 15 to 20 years time , should be occupying the majority of seats in our parliament.

  44. Anyone knowing Henderson Bovell before the 2008 election would have difficulty knowing him now. I saw him out walking on Sunday trying to lose weight and the man put on real size, so things can’t be that tight for him. Go easy Henderson. lol

  45. @Well Well
    For your further information. I already wrote a piece on this

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    Vaccines and their effects are monitored by CDC, Vaccines are not Drugs which are monitored by the FDA.
    Before Vaccines are administered they are subject to YEARS of development trials etc.
    this vaccine has long gone past trial stage and many millions of young ladies have been given the vaccine in all the “first world” cpimtroes. Again, I emphasize that here in Barbados it is voluntary and all information is easily available. Any person who wants to be informed can google it or get some one to google it for them.
    What is the matter with you?”

  46. DLP (formerly CBC) TV

    Can you give any reason why CBC wait until tonight to bring in political analyst Holder to discuss Mia/Owen problems that happened since January 13, 2014. During her broadcast, she kept looking up at someone/something whilst talking as though she was being briefed. Something seems to be amiss to divert people’s attention and it looks fishy.

  47. It is really incredible what is unfolding in this country regarding the Gov’t, the NUPW and the sending home of these 3000-3500 workers!!!!!!! I mean I know Barbados is not really known, in the modern day, as a society where the masses agitate towards a cause but how the Barbadian society is reacting as a whole is really worrying. It is a sign that this society is dying if not dead already!!!!!!! I mean are we going to take whatever bullshit is thrown at us by this gov’t, throw our hands in the air and say we can’t do nothing!!!!!!!. I could remember a quote “if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything”. We have a Gov’t within one year after winning an election’ tells us they ain’t sending home workers, then saying sending home workers would be a last resort, now saying they reached the last resort and workers have to be sent home!!!!!!!!. This has to be the mother of all BULLSHITTING!!!!!!!. This govt is consistently changing their story trending towards worse news . I know that this situation in any other country would have had entirely different results but as they say, ONLY ‘BOUT HEY!!!!! We got a ”supposed” head of a workers union, this Dennis Clarke that tells us it doesn’t make sense striking. REALLY!!! A union head is really saying this?????!!!!!!. Strking is a weapon unions use to agitate for their cause and this Dennis Clarke is trying to tell us this is not a worthy cause !!!!!!! Even if striking MIGHT not achieve anything, you as a supposed Union Head should not make such comments because you lose what leverage you could have against the gov’t from doing further job or pay cuts and you lessen the perceived strength of the Union!!!!! It is the equivalent of a general telling his army, it don’t make sense fighting if we going to lose!!!!! Now we got this Dennis Clarke, this supposed union head trying to pacify his own union and the rest of Barbados. I tell ya I ain’t even a member of the NUPW but I want him to resign for the sake of his own Union.

    • Political partisans will only see as right the policies or mouthing a of their respective parties. Just a few months ago the DLP choir on bU were vehemently shouting that there would be no layoffs. Just a few months ago during the elections those here critiquing Arthur and supporting MAM were cussin her as unfit. This is our problem, even as the economy is sliding deeper in the toilet we do not feel compelled to be dispassionate in our analysis. Sick,

  48. David the partisan politics on BU and in Barbados is ingrained in the society.

    The dependence on Government has to be replaced with aggressive entrepreneurship and risk taking by those who say they care about Barbados.

    Owen and Mia declared their assets.Are they going to invest some of their assets?

    I am sure there are enough Bajan millionaires including politicians who can invest in new businesses.

    Whether DLP or BLP in power all they can do is borrow to finance capital works and now the loans have dried up Barbados is in deep doo doo.

    The private sector can save Barbados.

  49. @ Hants
    Man if you don’t know what going on, why don’t you chill nuh…?
    What invest what?!?
    You truly think that is the problem? …don’t you hear what David keeps saying….. CONFIDENCE HANTS, ….. CONFIDENCE!!

    …what he REALLY means is COMPETENCE, which is what would drive some confidence.

    We have jackasses in a horse race. THAT is the problem.
    Invest shiite!….
    You would invest in (bet on) a jackass in a horse race?

    ….and our REAL dilemma is that our back-up entrant is an even more pathetic jackass …..the very same one which we rejected a few years ago for running in the wrong direction – distracted by bribes and pussy cats….


    LOL…the real answer is to leave out the betting and go with BBE, but if wunna insist on betting, then BUP is the answer…… 🙂

  50. Alvin…i will read your stuff later, but if you don’t mind……….I prefer wait for the outcome of the FDAs investigation and the DLPs info on WHAT IS REALLY IN THOSE VIALS now posing as HVP Vaccine, too much shit is going on to take anybody’s word…..and I know how scientists are very adept at tweaking drugs to make it better and sometimes kill more people in their god-like efforts.

  51. @ Bush Tea | January 23, 2014 at 8:38 AM |
    “Distracted by bribes and pussy cats”

    What a laugh! I like that one, Bushie. A real wisecracker, you are.

    It seems the current blinkered entrant in the horse and donkey race is no better at avoiding the distractions; especially in the one-trick pony race where two top jockeys are vying to ride the same mule. One called ‘the lowe down’ positioned at the rear-end gathering the droppings and the other called the money washer facing backwards and carrying the whip to dander and ‘Lash’ the stubborn animal to the departure hall of the airport.

    Bushie, you are a man that can foretell the future controlled by your BBE. Instead of “que sera, sera”, will the pony-donkey have to be put out of its misery when its feet become broken by a distraction on the horizon called Devaluation?

  52. Miller
    in the PM’s possession is a letter of resignation from the cabinet and the party……………..which one is it that has the PM in a position where he can’t carry out the lay-offs plan and can’t sleep at night?

  53. Unemployment is the U.K. is now down to 7.1 % so things seems to be picking up in the U.k. as well. It is only this embarrassment for a government which is mishandling our economy that is trying to convince others that the who world is in recession.

    But then again, the poor people who like to beg for hand outs and the die hard party faithfuls put them there so who am I to disapprove.

    Dems Now, Dems Again.

  54. @Triangle Bangle
    in the PM’s possession is a letter of resignation from the cabinet and the party……………..which one is it that has the PM in a position where he can’t carry out the lay-offs plan and can’t sleep at night?

    Can it be……………..can it be give all the information please

  55. ALVIN……..your little paper says nothing about the FDA investigation, as always you are trying to give the DLP a pass even though it means killing or maiming the island’s children….as I said this morning, I will wait for the FDA’s final determination after their investigation, what the hell does the DLP know about what is wrong with the drug and why try to force it on the young children and where did they get the drug from and who paid for it……..YALL ARE ASKING FOR TROUBLE……….be careful for what you ask, you may get…….remember, the DLP wanted power, they got it, now they do not know what to do with it……..SEE

  56. Besides Alvin….all those huge numbers you are calling re infection for the HPV virus are in the US a white majority country and tons of them sleep with animals who knows where they are getting invested from by that virus, what they hell does that have to do with the children of Barbados…….again, keep yall asses QUIET.

  57. Am I hearing right Suckoo is on TV saying GOB will send home less than 3000 public officers.
    This is not the news BLP politicians and yardfowls want to hear . BLP yardfowls were praying and hoping over 6000 Bajans would lose their government jobs. Anthony Wood and Dwight Sutherland were hoping against hope that many more would lose their jobs so they could start civil unrest and rioting. It is difficult to comprehend how turds like these two could be representing decent folks.

  58. The Fan
    I read your submission and like others, I ignore your nonsense relating to a views made at the BLP’s session for people to march. In 1991, the people were asked to march. Did we had unrest or riots. Empathy will get you no where; if this is the strategy being played out by you partisan supporters to create unnecessary strive and try to malign innocent people to violence. Martin Luther King march because he realised our colour was being abused, We as a nation is being abused and we must unite and show the world that we can march in a civilised way to show our independent rights.

  59. Re my post of Jan 22nd at 9.30 pm

    Here is a Barbados Today report on what the Minister of Labour had to say yesterday on the status of the layoff situation, 8 days before the first tranche of public workers are to be laid off as given by no less a personage than the PM.

    Government is still yet to determine who will go home at the end of the month, when it begins it retrenchment of 3,000 public sector employees.

    This revelation from Minister of Labour and Social Security Senator Dr Esther Byer-Suckoo, who says, however, that the date of January 31 was not ever given as the date when all persons would go home.

    “[I]f you remember when the announcement was first made in December, a roll-out when the implementation would start was the middle of January, and then to go down to the end of March. When we got to the middle of January, we realized that we didn’t even have the list because we were still agreeing on modalities as well . . . so that the date set for the initial retrenchment of the first batch, if you will, is the end of January. Yes, we expect that some would be able to go home, but not by any means are we going to be in a position to send home those hundreds of people who have to go home.

    “And I say hundreds because, right now, there is no telling what that list is. I have heard people saying oh, 5,000, 6,000; the truth is when we started this exercise, we said that from a fiscal perspective, we could get where we wanted to get if 5,000 people went home. [But], we sat with the union and then it came down, and it came down, and it came down, and I don’t know where it is going to end up because it [is] certainly below 3,000,” she said, suggesting that the final tally could be much less than earlier suggested.

    Byer-Suckoo, speaking at a Barbados Light & Power workshop, also revealed Government would be using the “first in, last out” method to determine exactly who would be going home, but this in itself bore some degree of trepidation, as it could result in some of the best workers in government being severed.

    “We do not believe that it is necessarily the best method . . . you have heard us talk about performance appraisal, performance measurement . . . unless there has been performance measurement in the service, there is no other [way] by which you can send home people.

    “I have heard the concern that if we do first in last out, we are sending home some of our better workers. That is all very subjective. [Permanent Secretaries] may know which workers are working well and which ones are not, but if they have not been writing it down; if it has not been documented, there is nothing to go on,” the minister stressed.

    She lamented that in the good times before the crisis hit, such a system of checks and balances was neglected.

    Its pure Chaos with a capital C. and no one wants to say that Freundel and his whole band should also go!

  60. are-we-there-yet? | January 24, 2014 at 8:56 AM |
    Freundel and his whole band should also go!

    Why should they go if the BLP had the interest of Barbados at heart it would join with government to repeal the little piece of the constitution the BLP enacted so workers could volunteer to take a pay cut. Then everyone keeps their jobs. The BLP is solely to blame for these job losses.

  61. @are-we-there-yet? | January 24, 2014 at 8:56 AM |

    Its pure Chaos with a capital C. and no one wants to say that Freundel and his whole band should also go!………………………………….

    awty…you are so right. I am so tired of what is going on in this country, I am tired of this lying DLP government.

    Everyday, it is a different story. Byer Suckoo said yesterday….she does not know ….it started out as 6000 and the unions have now got the numbers down to 3000 but it may be less…..who the hell is she fooling? Right after this story, up came Walter Maloney, (oh my goodness, this man irritates me) and reiterated that the number is 3000 or more, he does not know.

    But awty……..these unions are playing the workers….there is the talk going around in high circles that the unions’ main aim is to get the numbers down by 500 and then they are going to claim victory.

    The unions are playing the workers and worse of all the DLP is. Can you imagine they called those workers to Sherbourne…….fed them, and another chance for a supporter to feed off the fatted calf…..$15,000 to cater. You cannot tell me that this wicked government did not know…….they gave these people green slips when they knew that they were not entitled to get unemployment.

    This is wickedness to the highest order.

  62. @ The fan | January 24, 2014 at 9:06 AM |

    Cut the size of the obese bloated cabinet, close down the fatted calf constituency councils, done away with the football tournaments and the other electoral gimmicks and then you can come with a request for support in amending the Constitution.
    On that score the BLP would look like real idiots if they object.

    First take the mote of selfish fatted calf stupidity out of your own eyes and make the first sacrifices and then we the rational thinking people will listen and heed.

  63. @ Prodigal Son | January 24, 2014 at 9:41 AM |

    Are you surprised about the turn events. January 31 will come and go and the 2,000 expected to go home unless they are known BLP supporters.
    The vacillating incompetence of the DLP administration knows no bounds.
    Fumble will again drop the ball the MoF has passed on to him. Have you noticed the stony silence the MoF has been showing since he washed his hands of the confusion and lucky dip of the number of layoffs ?
    He can now manufacture a good alibi for failing to meet fiscal targets as mandated by the IMF. He can put the blame (behind the scenes) squarely on the PM’s shoulder for screwing up things and as a result trigger the inevitable devaluation. It’s all a plot to pave the way towards Devaluation and eventually blame everybody else but themselves.

  64. In 1991- 92 . OCTOBER 1991 to be exact , Salaries were Cut and thousands were STILL LAID OFF,

    SO Fan you talking –BULL-CRAP !!!



  65. Driver
    It seems that you believe all readers on BU have no sense or follow what is going on in the world. The UK government sent home over 50000 public workers during this term. They cut almost everything including defense spending. Go figure

  66. Mia ‘ wiretapping ‘ Mottley screams that she is surprised the unions are not marching or protesting against the scheduled public service lay offs.

    Just imagine this is the same Mia Mottley who encouraged the UWI students to march and protest against the proposed increase in tuition fees.

    And what was the outcome ?????

    About 10 UWI students heeded the call and were joined by some 40 BLP supporters , rejects and well known crooks like Henderson Bovell .

    If Mia Mottley want to witness or partake in riotus behaviour and protests then she and her band of hooligans should board a plane and head for Ukraine , Egypt or Thailand.

    Rational thinking Barbadians ( including those at the helm of our various Workers’ Unions ) have no time for a blood sucking VAMPIRE like Mia Mottley.

    She needs for just once to take Owen Arthur’s lucid advice….and go and re – incarnate herself !

    She is an old SUCCOUYANT !

    Tennyson Joseph knows about them !

  67. Soucouyant

    The Soucouyant (Sukuya), also called Old Hag, is a supernatural being who has made a pact with the devil to be able to change herself into all kinds of different forms. At night she sheds her human skin and changes into a ball of fire or any kind of animal and casts spells on people to turn them into animals also, but she has to slip back into that skin before dawn breaks and the cock crows, otherwise she will not be able to get back into it. So it may happen, that, when people suspect that an old woman neighbour of theirs is, in fact, a soucouyant, they may trick her by going to her house at night and destroying the skin she left behind by putting salt on it so that it will shrink and she will not be able to get back into it and thus die. In Trinidad, if somebody walks around with a “hicky” (soukie) on his neck, he may get remarks from his friends like: ” Eh, Eh, Soucoyant suck yuh or wha ? ”

    Old people talk: If you wish to discover who the Soucouyant in your village is empty 100 lbs of rice at the village crossroads where she will be compelled to pick them up, one grain at a time – that is how you’ll know the Soucouyant.

  68. @ Fractured BLP | January 24, 2014 at 3:31 PM |

    We just can’t understand how a major mouthpiece of the DLP- a party which is always preaching the virtues of integrity and good governance backed by a Christian ethos- can believe in such evil dabbling.

    Are you the same “Fractured Fucker” that supported the Evangelical Right Wing of Bim to bring the white Devil Bonke to help the DLP steal the last elections?
    Are you the same “Broken Record” for an idiot who tried to compare Fumble Stuart with the great Errol Walton Barrow?
    Even in your wildest nightmares can the Fumbler come close to EWB in any thing under the Sun.
    We believe you might be making a cardinal mistake of mixing up EWB with Cammie “Sweet Girl” Tudor. There is where a more believable comparison lies.
    Right Fractured, you old faggot of a Soucouyant for an old Fag?

  69. Hi Miller,

    Among the list of suspected culprits….I was convinced that you would be the one to reveal yourself as an uncompromising SOUCOUYANT !

    That’s your problem…deal with it !

  70. @ Fractured BLP | January 24, 2014 at 4:20 PM |

    So you have met your match. It takes one to know one.
    That is why the miller can reveal her “soucouyant” self to a fellow sister in the black arts.

    As Bob said:
    “Some will eat and drink with you
    Then behind dem su-su(gossip) pon(upon) you
    Only your friend know your secrets
    So only (s)he could reveal it
    And who the cap fit, let them wear it
    Said I throw me corn, me no call no fowl
    I saying, “Cok-cok-cok, cluck-cluck-cluck”

    Now who is your mummy, Cammie T?

    Now go and and baisez sa fesse.

    Va te faire foutre, trouduc!

    • Interesting to hear a statement this evening that the MoF has dismissed statements from Suckoo and the unions about sending home less people. Interesting indeed.

      On 24 January 2014 21:05, Barbados Underground

  71. @ David | January 24, 2014 at 6:52 PM |

    Now how in tarnation can people reside confidence in an administration that is in a continuous mode of contradiction and confusion?

    How long can the country put up with this nonsense? The unions are very much complicit in this game of charades and ‘monkey-handling-gun’ approach to public administration. The union bosses are very much privy to the realities of the precipitous state of the economy and the prescription written by Dr. IMF.
    Why continue to string along the poor innocent workers who were fooled into believing they had a secure job in exchange for a vote in the right box?

    Here in lies incontrovertible proof that the present administration is incapable of handling the intricacies of governance and exercising sound financial and fiscal management.

    Our regrets are extended to the sorry lot.

  72. @Well Well
    For your information:

    CDC recommends HPV vaccination [PDF – 225 KB] for the prevention of HPV infections responsible for most types of cervical cancer. As with all approved vaccines, CDC and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) closely monitor the safety of HPV vaccines following licensure. Any problems detected with these vaccines will be reported to health officials, health care providers, and the public. Needed action will be taken to ensure the public’s health and safety.

    Between 1965 and 1968 I worked at QEH, in the Cytology section, when the Cytology Screening unit was set up. We screened thousands of Pap smears.The unit is still functioning with very highly trained personnel. Cervical Cancer has always been a problem here and the statistics show a high prevlence and incidence. As I said before, the acceptance of the vaccine is VOLUNTARY, no one is forced to become vaccinated. As a scientist, and one trained in the field, I am aware that there is no medication, vaccine, innoculation or injection that is 100% guaranteed and not liable to present side effects to anyone. Human beings are diverse and what will affect one will not necessarily affect the other. However, if the choice was presented to me; I would base my decision on the available research and information. Anyone can google on the internet and get ALL the information and make their own decision. The government is NOT FORCING ANYONE to force their childen to get vaccinated. Read the label on ANY medication and see the side efects. Any medication has side effects. Every faccine has side effects; either from the reaction to the organism or the adjuvant. Would you say the same thing about vaccines for polio? There are two, Salk and Sabin, vaccines for polio, each with different side reactions. Would you advocate the cessation of vaccines for Polio because of these side effects? Be honest with yourself. You are a sensible educated person; an assessment based on reading of your contributions,, don’t let your biases blind you.
    As I asked before, what is the matter with you? Why are you so cynical?
    I am back home. Love the warm weather.

  73. . Don’t cut people, cut things.@Miller,
    You have lived in Barbados long enough, and know enough of the Barbados experience to remember the days when the Civil Service was the only agency to which BLACK people could aspire to get a permanent or long term job.Tahe private sector was not in the habit of hiring black workers in any managerial capacity and the available jobs were on the plantations. the advent of the opportunity for all members of a family to get a secondary education became available after Independence, and the “flight” of the white people to their havens in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, The United Kingdom and such places opened other opportunities. However, the Government Service became the outlet for Black employees. The provision of social safety nets by various governments meant that persons had to be employed to provide required servicing of these social services, and as the country expanded the service expanded. If austerity now raises its ugly head the size of the civil service becomes the sacrificial lamb to be slaughtered. What is more im;portant than cutting the size or salaries of the civil service is the need to CUT IMPORTS. We have to learn to live without a lot of the importede commodities we consume. I would urge Barbadians to peruse each and every labeled product they buy and reject those they don’t really need that is not produced in Barbados. Cut the size of the vehicles we import, especially those large gas guzzling four wheel drive vans and SUVs

  74. @ Alvin Cummins | January 24, 2014 at 10:05 PM |
    “Cut the size of the vehicles we import, especially those large gas guzzling four wheel drive vans and SUVs.”

    Why are you directing your admonitions at us? We are not the ones who are “cutting” the workers or can institute the reduction in vehicles imports (something that has been proposed to the current administration ad nauseam for the past two years).

    You need to direct your instructions at the Fumbler and his cabal of incompetent nincompoops. Aren’t you one of those ass-lickers who swore on your mother’s grave the DLP will never layoff people (or privatize) and who are now seeking to justify the announced layoffs by arguing the enlightened and competent DLP can do no better despite dismissing from very early sound advice and alternative proposals to avoid the current shit from hitting the fan?

    So you want to cut imports and insist that locals be more jingoistic and discerningly100% Bajan in their shopping? Nothing wrong with that except you have to understand you cannot ban or fiscally discriminate against similar but competing imported consumer goods under WTO rules.

    Why not go a bit further in your cutting and contriving pleas and demand that your DLP administration rid itself of the self-centred fatted calf syndrome and cut the size of the Cabinet to suit the economic wood it is trying to screw the people with.
    Be a man, Mr. Mighty Mousy AC, and make such a ‘call-out’ to the Fumbler!

  75. Well folks there we have it….one of Barbados’ most accomplished and respected PM the Hon. Freundel Jerome Stuart QC, MP has been included on the Queen’s Privy Council.

    What a decent and caring soul, keep up the good work my esteemed Prime Minister.

    Miller and JUST ASKING will never stop singing your praises !

  76. @ Miller
    “……you cannot ban or fiscally discriminate against similar but competing imported consumer goods under WTO rules”

    So Miller, who exactly signed us on to such rules that so clearly restrict us from doing what is in our best national interest?

    Did they sign on in order to access loans which we really COULD NOT AFFORD, and which are today like millstones around our necks?

    …so which jackass would have tied Barbados to a situation such that we would find ourselves in future debt crisis, AND where the obvious solutions have now become illegal?

    …are these the same persons who reloaded the civil service and ALSO passed a constitutional ammendment that removes the option to cut salaries rather than open ourselves to devaluation?

    …are these the same persons who sold all our assets to foreigners? …who now bleed our carcasses dry as they extract every ounce of profit and leave the skeleton for the government to pick up …..like Almond?

    Can you help Bushie with answers to these questions Miller…?

  77. @ Fractured BLP | January 25, 2014 at 8:00 AM |

    Congratulations to him! He has now joined the illustrious company of the Rt. Hon. O. S. Arthur.
    Do you think he would make a fine bedfellow to your bête noir OSA? You know what they say: birds of like feather tend to flock together.

  78. Bush Tea you have posed some very poignant questions to Miller.

    I am sure by now you are quite aware that his anticipated retort would contain a spleen of venom directed to his usual target ‘ Fumble ‘ !

  79. @ Bush Tea | January 25, 2014 at 8:26 AM |

    Yes, Bushie. Here are just two answers (for the time being) that will be put in the form of questions.

    Now who or what is stopping the present government from pulling out of the same organizations that according to you, are hamstring the country from moving on?
    While you are pondering, why not propose the withdrawal from Caricom, CCJ, UN, IMF, IADB, and the various international organizations that are preventing the country from meting out justice the Bushman way like hanging and discriminating against women, gays and other minority groups you consider “inferior” and not of the arrogant Bushman stock.

    Are you the same idiot that questions the present brass bowlery of buying the same Almond with plans to knock it down? Who made that decision or was it made 7 years ago?

    Clearly you are not referring to the BL&P or the remaining shares in the BNB when you talk about selling out assets to foreigners, are you Beer Twit?

    -according to the Nation

    AAAAHHHH !!!



  81. Shiite man miller….a fella ask you a few simple questions for elucidation and to try to get he facts straight and you gone and got your panties all flustered…..

    Bushie never asked you what the present clowns can or cannot do….
    You know how Bushie feels about them….

    …just answer the damn questions for a fella nuh…?


    ….since balance have so far declined to bring some balance to your assertions, Bushie will have to step in here….


    The DLP is bad…..true. (Shiite anyone who will buy an abandoned hotel for $100M, pay to knock um down, spend $500M to build um back…..AND THEN GIVE UM TO A FOREIGNER gotta got in goat…)

    But the BLP JUST AS BAD (as you will discover when Miller answers Bushie’s questions above)

    But you wanna know what is “WORSEST”…?
    LOL a big mouth blogger who predicted election results of 29:1 and end up losing the poll….. HA HA HA LOL oh shiRTTTT!!!

  83. @Miller,
    The government does not have to ban imports. My words; directed at the people (consumers) were to cut the imports of goods etc. If they don’t buy the importers will Have to Cut the import. It is individuals who make the decision regarding the type of vehicle they want to purchase, and what they buy from the supermarket.Only day before yesterday I was in a supercentre supermarket and saw a bottle of Guava Jelly, “prepared in costa rica for SBI distributors” (in very fine writing). I immediately put it back on the shelf, because I know that there are many local
    people making guava jelly. Why can’t SBI contract with these local producers to “prepare” for them. This would cut down on foreign exchange. These are the types of things that are necessary. Further people keep making reference to “Public workers” being sent home. We know that constitutionally that cannot be done, yet people like Miller keep calling for government to do so, and criticizing because it is not done. uestion for Miller. Are members of the Cabinet “public workers”? And Miller, why are you critical of “buying Almond and knocking it down? I seem to remember the implosion; and the photographs to bear witness, of a certain Hilton Hotel, and its rebuilding. Who was it borrowed “for a rainy day? Note I am not harping back; a term you like to use but find odious.And Miller, when you are critical of the present government for selling off the remaining shares of the BNB, wasn’t it your government that negotiated the sale of the shares and had within the agreement that when the purchaser had acquiared a certain percent of shares all remaining hsres (unoffered) had to be sold to the purchaser? I seem to remember the letter that was sent by Republic Bank drawing this to the attention of shareholders.
    By the way, women are not a minority group in Barbados, they are the majority of the population.

  84. The DLP: Betrayal, Gimmicks, Lies, Deception, Uncertainty, Contradiction, Confusion and Chaos

    Labour Minister Suckoo joins the DLP’s political circus, as regards Government pretending to be serious about fixing the problem it manufactured by bloating the Public Service of Barbados (in a recession) and immediately the country is reminded of a report in the international media, recently – which alleged that a female American politician, who had intended to attend the funeral of Nelson Mandela, ended up in South Korea.

    Before the Labour Minister spoke, there was “confusion” and “uncertainty!” There is now “contradiction” and total “chaos.” It appears that the “truth,” as regards ‘the number of persons the DLP needs to downsize the Public Service by’ (to correct the bloating it has manufactured in that Sector) is totally dependent on the time of day and which Minister of Cabinet, is speaking. It is all about numbers and the DLP knows this well!

    Do you see why (given its party-first; country-and-anything-else-after, doctrine) bajans are justified in feeling that the present DLP Cabinet is an “unproductive cost overrun?” Why should the country be exposed to such a DLP-circus, especially when the Minister of Finance stated last August in the Budget that the Government was borrowing $14m per month to pay 7,000 temporary employees? And where did those temporary workers come from when the Public Service Act, was suppose to give security of tenure to everybody employed before 2007?

    Perhaps now that the Labour Minister is in such a talkative mood, she can tell the country, exactly how many people have been engaged in the Public Service of Barbados, since January 15th 2008? It also seems rather straightforward that the Public Service should be reverted to its composition, as at December 31st, 2007. But to do such would inconvenience the same dems for whom the fatted calf is now being slaughtered!

    Surely the Cabinet knows what ‘perilous fiscal crisis,’ means! And surely after six years as the Government, by now, they ought to know what a deficit of 9.5% of GDP, at the end of this financial year: March31st, says about a Government, which is trying to distract the country into believing that once its undisclosed thousands are sent home, the crisis will end. But why should there be such dithering if the principle of last-in, first-out is applied – unless this oppressive Government appointed its people ahead of people who it found. This is the same DLP that sent home everybody it found and the UDC and replaced them with people it was sure, were all Dems!

    It would take no magic to figure-out that $14m X 12months is some $168m. Put another way (and based on the DLP numbers) to pay those 7,000 over a twelve-month period, will increase the deficit in a full financial year, by some 2%. For a failed-DLP-Government that is broke and broken, that is a major problem!

    It comes as no surprise that (like the union) Suckoo just does not get it! Perhaps Minister Sinckler could explain to her that (given the problem he outlined in his August budget, as regards those 7,000 temporary employees) in order for a pay cut to yield the equivalent amount in terms of expenditure reduction for the Government, it would have to be in the region of 25%, applied to everybody in the Public Service.

    Seems like Minister Suckoo would prefer if nobody would say anything so that the DLP would be able to bully persons employed legitimately within the Public Service – to agree to an abstract pay cut, so that it can continue to bloat the public service with the dems it engaged, even during the elections, as part of its fatted calf doctrine. But that is only a gimmick because some in that very Cabinet do not support any pay cut, which (in any even) is yet another DLP distraction!

    I say “abstract pay cut” because the DLP knows it does not have a two-thirds majority in Parliament to effect the necessary changes to the Constitution of Barbados, given the 1995 BLP amendment, thereto. But if it feels so strongly about the matter, bring it to Parliament!

    All of this is a gimmick but the country does not seem able to figure it out! That: precisely because there was no pay increase, that apparent savings was not put to productive use but might have been used instead to engage even more dems and cause even more bloating, in a recession, resulting is galloping expenditure, increased borrowing, increased interest rates, increased debt and the country now being asked to make sacrifices for the DLP’s recklessness, from which dems are benefiting at the expense of the country.

    In the meantime, the DLP circus continues, while the country sinks further. Giving the impression that there is some victory for unions in getting the Government to reduce the number of people it bloated the Public Service with – is the very excuse the DLP needs to give its people an extension to feed on the fatted calf and to suck even harder on the already sore nipples. So that, by massaging the union’s ego and throwing it a bone, the dems wins but the country loses and edges even closer to a devaluation and a further downgrade.

    Having contributed to the current mess, which they now find overwhelming in their old-age, some will run away, while the younger ones and others – will remain on the crime scene, only long enough to also qualify for pension. Meanwhile the country gets surprisingly confused about what the real problem is – even thought the DLP had made it crystal clear that it will “slaughter the fatted calf for its members and those who had stayed loyal to the DLP.”

    The DLP will do just enough not to upset the IMF, Rating Agencies and lending institutions. It knows that it can only execute its “fatted calf philosophy,” if it has state power. All the while, the DLP is calculating numbers because numbers means votes and getting the most votes per constituency, still means electoral victory. But, the country sits on its hands and fall for trademark-DLP-crap. Even the Church cannot believe it and is now saying that pray alone will not help! Now this is a remarkable turn of events!

    Despite the mess it has manufactured, the DLP is already thinking about winning the next election, hence – what creative gimmick Barbadians will be willing to buy and swallow (on this occasion) to see it over the finish line, first!

    And as expected, the gimmicks have started again! The Government’ misplaced priorities have become even more clear but only to those who are not addicted to gossips and froth! This broke and broken failed-DLP-Government does not have money to buy buses but it plans to build bus shelters, even while having a $40m debt at the Transport Board! Barbadians cannot buy food and have significantly reduced spending power but somehow will be generating more garbage requiring a new incinerator. The QEH and Polyclinics do not have basic drugs but the Dems purport to be building new buildings, yet cannot finish the St. John Polyclinic! What vulgar nonsense?

    And the country does not think that it is time to reel-in this outlandish concoction of tropical hogwash and froth, and put it in the junk pile!

  85. @ Bush Tea | January 25, 2014 at 10:31 AM |

    I left you to ac


    THE DLP promised that they were not going to pay off one public servant after bloating the public Service but now change and sending home people. They predicted that no one would go home–What is happening now ! You should deal with that not with any prediction that I made based on factors that presented at the time I made the predictions.

    When I found out that vote -buying was going on , I changed the prediction but people like you would ignore that fact.

    You are happy that my prediction was wrong so suffocate now in your DLP induced filth , Bush Tea .

    I don’t feel like cussing today -so I spare you and your bad smelling mouth Bush Tea

  86. Bushie mouth smell sweet enuff…. 🙂
    …um is the lotta bush tea like Wuh Sir Viv used to drink… Ha Ha

    Bushie was JUST ASKING if you is woman enuff to admit yuh was WRONG den and probably WRONG again… LOL

  87. The DLP: Power Without a Plan, A Lost Leader and a Dangerous Public Nuisance

    Even before the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition made the patriotic call for the establishment of an “Eminent Persons Committee” to chart a progressive path forward for Barbados [a call that has since received support from like-minded Eminent Barbadians – some of whom are highly respected within the halls of the United Nations] Finance Minister Sinkler had essentially indicated in his August 2013 Budget – that investors and persons with serious money to “LOSE” – have lost confidence in this failed-DLP-Government: diplomatic speak for ‘a crisis of confidence’ and there being a capital-flight from the country.

    In fact, foreign and other investors had no confidence in the DLP before the February General Elections and once the result was known, they immediately decided that they have had enough and are no longer prepared to wait-around or play russian-roulette.

    Then a rumour surfaced that a Foreign Currency Account, which had $1.7 billion, mysteriously diminished to a mere $300 million. That was the status then! All that time, despite downgrades; serious concern that the Government is printing money; enterprises and sectors failing; the debt and deficit spiraling out-of-control; and the lack of consumer and investor confidence having reached alarming proportions – the DLP was going along, as if it could still be business as usual.

    With it being clear that the DLP has no plan and no ideas how to end this crisis and put the country on the “pathway to progress” it promised – a patriotic Mia Mottley, who has a vision for Barbados – advance a laudable and progressive plan (consistent with the quality outlined on September 29th 2010 during her address to the BCCI) – which would give Barbados a chance to regain the hope and confidence that the DLP has squandered.

    You begin to understand the extent of this crisis, when the DLP goes from accusing Trinidadians of being allowed to “buy-up” Barbados, and telling the region: ‘ever so welcome wait for a call’ – to a DLP Cabinet Minister actually going there “cap-in-hand” to literally beg Trinidadian businessmen to ‘please’ have confidence in the DLP and invest here, despite there being a Barbados Ambassador to Caricom.

    Investors and serious people had no confidence in the DLP before the February 2013 General Election and they do not have any now, except were they to see an opportunity for a bargain-buy at a fire-side-sale! In the absence of fresh general election, an Eminent Person’s Group is the last brilliant idea for a restoration of investor but consumer confidence and yet another squandered chance for Barbados to collectively change course; preserve its sovereignty; avoid external dictates and occupation, as well as avoid becoming a failed society.

    To Barbados’ disbelief, the Prime Minister has now said “no” to the progressive and patriotic idea for the establishment of an Eminent Person Committee, suggesting instead, that his Cabinet (the very people who manufactured this crisis, unknown to themselves and are best known for confusion and contraction themselves on the very policy they conceptualised) are all eminent person, because they are duly elected.

    This show the extent to which the DLP are prepared to go to defend their “fatted calf doctrine” even in the face of severe human suffering. If the Prime Minister has a better plan; a credible alternative or even serious ideas, which he and his Cabinet have so far kept secret from Barbadians and the IMF, as regards – how they intend to get the country out of this perilous fiscal crisis his failed-DLP-Government has manufactured and if they suddenly have ideas to ease the human suffering the DLP is causing, now would be a good time to tell the country. But they also had budgets, a Medium Term Fiscal Strategy a revised one and other policies – none of which have worked. That explains the lack of confidence in them and “perhaps” also – the justified call for an ’eminent persons committee.’

    But, having spoken on the issue, the entire world (including potential investors) now have confirmation that the next year (or how ever long this country sits on its hands and allows them DLP to waste more time) will be “more of the same, but much worse, since things are deteriorating by the minute. Democracy is a very dangerous thing! It is the only excuse the DLP now has to continue ‘wasting time’ and ‘loitering,’ thereby preventing fresh elections or alternatively – an Eminent Person’s Group, which could put an end to this DLP madness.

    But it would have to be the ultimate in political stupidity that this oppressive DLP would say “NO” to an eminent persons committee but could have the nerve to compel the country to make even more sacrifices, as punishment for its flawed policies; poor judgment; bad decisions and arrogance. The fact that the crisis it has manufactured – is times more harmful to Barbados than the two global financial crisis, combined – does not bother the DLP. This failed -DLP-Government is simply not willing to entertain any discussion or threat to its free bus rides, summer camps, constituency councils, political football or blaoting of the public service.

    But saying “no” to an Eminent Person’s Committee, despite not having any credible plan or alternative and having promised social care – is further proof that this-failed-DLP-Government is not interested in the welfare of the people and has declared war on Barbados and Barbadians.

    The DLP is no more than a duly elected Government, which has lost its way. Is has no plan and that makes it a weak and very dangerous ‘lost leader’ and a “public nuisance.”

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