Politics and Blind Loyalty

Submitted by Hamilton Hill
"The Faithful Few From Quakers"

“The Faithful Few From Quakers”

A few years ago while on a jaunt to Atlantic City we saw an attractive billboard advertising none other than the fabulous Drifters. For my wife and I this represented the chance of a lifetime. Our very first dance was to one of their tunes. We had just walked together not under but on the Boardwalk. Yes there was indeed Sand In My Shoes, and with a chance to relive those sweet days of yesteryear who could resist This Magic Moment? We bought our tickets and snuggled up for our stroll down memory lane. We heard our songs but they didn’t sound the same. There was no Ben E. King. There was no Bill Pinkney, no Johnny Moore, no Rudy Lewis. This group was still The Drifters. A similar predicament today confronts certain parts of the constituency of St. Michael South Central.

Since the inception of single member government blind faith and abiding loyalty to the Democratic Labour Party is all that was known by “The Faithful Few From Quakers.” That was the name given us by the late J M G M Tom Adams. For all that has happened….or better put not happened, I ask the question upon what exactly is today’s blind faith hinged? How do you not see that except for the name you have caught a different, very different kettle of fish? They say that there is none so blind as he who will not see. Does that include he who was bought? For the record let me make it clear that neither Richard Sealy nor David Gill is deserving of another chance, for they both have failed the people in the most miserable of ways. One sharp shower and every side street off Quakers road offers its trapped residents reminiscence of the gushing tides that stole Chuck Berry and Wallace Blackman all the way back in 1970.

Nothing has changed since 1989. That said let me get back to this bunch that promised care, concern and compassion….today’s DLP. Whether your name is Adam or Eve, Toby or Steve, you are 100% certain that many more than three thousand persons are about to be made redundant. Yet there was this Jack ass football tournament, an attempt to sanitize the findings of the CLICO investigation, as if bajans doan know a thief when we see one. A cabinet that is larger than the elected members on the government bench, and a set of constituency councils that stretch government’s expenditure even greater than the very objectionable stipends Owen Arthur paid on a monthly basis to the likes of Phillip Goddard, Angela Walcott, Keisha Ward and the like. Just how is that reconciled? He who short changed every diabetic in Barbados now seeks to tell us why in these most difficult of times Ministers should not give up their perks. Question for Quakers. Does that sound like a Dr. Caddle, a Reynold Weeks or a Dipper Barrow to any of you? Different kettle of fish my friends, and surely you have not forgotten where in relation to fish the rot starts.

Let me now direct these last few remarks to the “Sealy Foot Soldier who seems to think that criticism of the sorry excuse that passes for representation in south central is blasphemous. My dear Sir when Dr.Carlos Chase tells this country that the QEH is lacking in medication, only to be rebutted by a ministerial statement that says that this government is not aware of such, and right in your backyard a poor man who would have given his all to this land is forced to find ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS out of pocket every time he gets chemotherapy and you, having permitted yourself to be the conduit feeding Sealy’s charade in South Central pretend not to know, I make bold the claim of a stifled conscience. I put it to you sir, oh divine ruler who holds carte blanche over my beloved Quakers Road that Clo the small business woman who sold chicken legs, is now replaced by Cleo the prostitute who opens her legs, and that represents change in my village. Truth will never be denied and surely the modus operandi is as clear as day. South Central Elected Larry Mayers. The general council Selected Richard Sealy. His conduit was hand picked by him, but in terms of commitment and contribution to community much is left to be desired. What we have is the end of the bowel contesting against the bladder,waste matter clogging everywhere. Right in the middle of it all is our very own version of Henderson Bovell.

Ya really should be shame doa!

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  1. Hamilton

    The problem that people like you I have is that we grew up in a time when there were politicians that you could look up to. Those days are long gone and from what is on the horizon, there is no likelihood that Barbados would see politicians that could match Barrow or Tom Adams anytime soon.

  2. Hamilton Hill; I just read an amazingly beautiful report on this weekend’s Naniki Jazz concert by Wade Gibbon’s in Barbados Today. It was an impressive piece of prose and perhaps the best commentary on a show by a Bajan Journalist that I have ever read. I think it can be summed up in the the statement that the Supremes of 40 years or so lives on.

    Your introduction, by way of the example of the past very talented world rated Pop singing group, the Drifters, and the modern very ordinary Drifters, and comparing that situation to the ancient and modern DLP is a poignant one that shows how far the mighty DLP have fallen from the pinnacle of its early days, taking the whole of Barbados with it, to being a mere shadow of its former self.

    You must be aware that it isn’t only in Carrington’s village that die-hard DLP supporters must be holding their heads in shame at the depth to which their heroes have fallen but throughout the Island as well.

    But the modern day BLP does not appear to be very far behind. They have to reform radically and rapidly to give Bajans some reasonable hope that they constitute an alternative that we can confidently expect to lead the country out of its current woes. Failure to do so will lead to a chaotic downwardly spiraling Barbados.

    I know that your post above would have been perhaps the most difficult one you have had to write on BU but you did it. Congrats on an excellent post and let us both hope that somehow Barbados will come out of this debacle in a few years time and start moving forward again with the successors of the present day DLP and BLP parties coming into their own again after having been forged in the coming figurative fires wrought by the sheer ineptitude of Freundal Stuart and his team.

  3. This Blog is part of the problem. This blog gives people a chance to vent. People such as Caswell and Walter Blackman, individuals who should be out there in the huskings. In the old days people like Caswell and Walter would have been on the street corners all through Bridgetown bringing their message to the people in order to be heard . Nowadays they can just sit in the comfort of their abodes and type. So they have gone SOFT !!!!!
    They think that when they send out a message , many will hear and that words would turn into action.


  4. Just to emphasize how low that we have sunk,as a nation , a Government Department , the Animal Control Unit, I think, is inviting people to come out on the 21st January, Errol Barrows Day , to their Headquarters , and bring along picnic baskets and their dogs.
    We have gone to the dogs!!!. Errol Barrow must be rolling in the Caribbean Sea, for Barkbados.

  5. With many layoffs pending in the public sector, to be quickly followed by the private sector, I do hope that the Minister responsible for immigration and the Chief Immigration Officer,begin to scrutinise and restrict the number of work permits being afforded to “non nationals,as no suitable local applicant could not be found.” There should be a minimum qualification requirement for any job, and about time that we have in place a Job Description for every type of Job in Barbados.(Senator Sukoo-Byer take note) I find it preposterous and distasteful in this day of age when every politician in this country are heralding the superior intelligence of Bajans, that every time Codrington High school in St John needs a teacher, they are requesting a work permit to bring in a non national. Why?
    This too, is a form of Politics and Blind loyalty, to the disadvantage of locals. Not to mention a kick in the arse to the University of the West Indies, the Community College and Erdiston Teachers Training College.
    And what are the unions, which represents teachers in this island, take on this ?


    The illegal erection of the Billboards was a signal moment and an indication that the DLP would do what they believe it takes to win no matter what. As long as they can get away with it. I nearly said that they would do anything to win.The lies told in both elections also indicate the nature of the DLP’s approach, further demonstrated by the illegal action of -vote-buying.

    Add to this the way the PM operates which is almost contemptuous, His mode of operating signals a kind of disrespect for the people that is unmatched by any other Prime Minister in the history of Barbados. Lucille Baird is the latest person of note to refer to his style. The attitude of the DLP and its leader is not good for Barbados

    This attitude has been to the detriment of our country and it is going to take take some time for us to get back on even keel.

  7. Given that there is no foreseeable world economic BOOM it may be a good time for the DLP government to resign and let the BLP and their good luck charm take over.

    Maybe it is worth a try even with Mia as leader. The BLP may be the “Magic”Barbados needs.

    This attitude has been to the detriment of our country and it is going to take take some time for us to get back on even keel.
    Captain FS (Francesco Schettino) Master of the keeled over Costa Concordia.
    Captain FS (Freundal Stuart) Master of the leaning Costa Bim

  9. Barbados’ most astute Prime Minister, Mr. Freundel Stuart continues to lead this great country with much aplomb.

    He is the darling of thousands of his adoring citizens.

    Only 3 bovine creatures in the subsatnce of JUST ASKING , Colonel Buggy and Caswell Franklyn….believes otherwise.

    Fortunately, for all the other rational Barbadian citizens we have learnt to ignore the confused !

  10. Astute my asss
    Leading who or what
    LEADING ???
    More like Lead -in
    Lead in his frigging shoes that is slowing him down
    The laziest PM ever and you talking crap bout leading/ Man kisss Ninja Man botsy in the middle of Broad Street on a Saturday morning bout 11 clock do !!!
    Leading where -down in a sand hole ! or a SANDY HOLE A LA SANDIFORD -1991-94
    Man give me a phucking break moron !

  11. Colonel Buggy | January 19, 2014 at 10:52 PM |

    This attitude has been to the detriment of our country and it is going to take take some time for us to get back on even keel.
    Captain FS (Francesco Schettino) Master of the keeled over Costa Concordia.
    Captain FS (Freundal Stuart) Master of the leaning Costa Bim

    Costing Barbados its Reputation

    The men on Brasstacks Sunday said that the DLP moved far away from its moorings when it abandoned the Free Education plank that was the bedrock of its philosophy.

    The DLP is a sham-

    a shame really !
    That is the leadership of F S

  12. “Given that there is no foreseeable world economic BOOM it may be a good time for the DLP government to resign and let the BLP and their good luck charm take over.”

    Not necessarily the BLP particularly in their present cannibalistic state and repeatedly snubbed by the same trade unions for whom they feign support with politically expedient notions of ‘backing the trade unions and taking to the streets’; oh were it possible that the present bunch governing our affairs of state could be substituted with another more competent bunch from within the cupboards of the DLP.

  13. “There comes a time when silence is betrayal” Martin Luther King on Freundal Stuart Hon. Prime Minister of Barbados.

    @ Mr. Hill.

    Without a doubt this article took alot of balls, particularly since you have used your real name. Be prepared for the opening chime of business at the lawyers around Barbados today Monday having said that my admiration.

    Being an ole man I too can appreciate the passing of the guard to the empty shadows.

    Your clinical description of the intestinal challenges that these inept organs of government enact from nomination to House of Assembly, galvanized me to try to rise to the standard of your writing by remarking this.

    The melody was in these men and women of times afore!!

    For the musically inclined this statement would be understood even as it left my lips for they can appreciate that, if one were to strip the accompanying music from Ben E King, Nat King Cole, Aretha Franklyn and all of those melodious voices, you still have crooners!! The ultimate in voice on this side of the divide.

    That is the crux of this matter, shadows of men and women, masked in the accompanying electrical braying, all of the enhanced acoustics, the music videos and the sleight of hand, and we arrive at a place called progress, besieged by men and women of little substance, straw.

    Yesterday i spent some time reviewing documentaries on Martin Luther King and Malcolm X in my attempt to get an understanding of these giants of men who, know full well that they were going to die, still continued on their respective paths.

    Commitment to country, to cause, to a thing bigger than yourself is not something that is easily inculcated in a people but the other malady of indolence and indigence, like grass, easily finds root in the psyche of man.

    That is why war and other (natural) ravages are good for with them comes purging of the weak and undesirables, and the strong surface, else we find ourselves, like we are today in BIM, in that singularly dangerous place where “sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity” run rampant.

    • One can speculate if the view of the E11 has changed or if they have closed ranks to protect pensions.

      On 20 January 2014 09:35, Barbados Underground

    • @Caswell

      Note with interest David Ellis has challenged your credo by calling the talk show because your motivation maybe to poach members. Here is BU’s response to Ellis: so what! The revelations coming from Caswell trumps such a lilliputian response.

  14. @ David[BU]

    I think it is the latter

    As a pensioner I can say that one’s gratuity and one’s pension is computed on the last salary that one had in the last appointed post.

    Caswell will confirm if de ole man right but sincing dat is true it would be ingrunt for dem (not de DEMs) to tek a salary cut right now

    THe Law of Self Preservation loosely translated as Brek fuh Wunna Selves.

    Oh and David[BU] i realize dat dem got a body call de Spelling Police en dem (agin dat political word creeping in dere) dem have bruised, en battered, one enemy to de English Language Mark Fenty ex-US military I unnerstan (Well we all know dat dem US peoples does speak eubonics, so he gots an excus’)

    Cud you please let dem know dat Mr. AC is a literate person but dat his wife is, by reason of BU laissez passe allowed to assasinate de English language like Minister Ronald Jones at de Minstry uh Edukasion!!

  15. @ Caswell… understood but the fight has to continue. While you may claim not to know your stance has been an inspiration to many, much to the chagrin of the selected few. Please continue to bring to the fore all that they would rather hide.

  16. @ pieceuhderock…. you like you did peeping doa. Before my two feet did clear de shop door,de foot soldier did talking bout lawyer. Perhaps he plan to sell pudding & souse cause all there is to get from me is head and guts.

  17. The Canadian govt laid off 43000 workers last year . in the private sector kellogs was moving operations sears is to lay off 1600 etc , what amazed me the other day was your Canadian job fair.. With all those people without work, a lot of them new immigrants themselves what jobs if any will be offered to foreigners. I hope they actually had cases and were able to show how many others have made it to Canada by working with their company. When people get desperate they will do anything , give their last money in the faint hope of a job I hope there was not a fee for them to sign up. When a govt gets desperate they build a hotel and give it to someone

  18. David

    I have been calling the talk shows for many years and some will always suspect my motives. But I know who and what I am and I will not be deterred by the likes of David Ellis.

    I can question his motives as well. Yesterday, there was a Brasstacks show which was designed to tear down Arthur, as though he needed help in that regard: Reudon Eversley who claims that Arthur ran him from the country; Arthur’s negrocrat none other than Harold Hoyte; and Peter Wickham who wants Mia to become PM so that gay rights legislation could become a reality.

  19. @ Fractured BLP | January 20, 2014 at 12:52 AM |
    “Barbados’ most astute Prime Minister, Mr. Freundel Stuart continues to lead this great country with much aplomb. He is the darling of thousands of his adoring citizens.”

    We never thought there could ever come a day when we would be ‘forced’ to totally agree with you, Fractured. But we have finally met at that junction of conjugation or intellectual consanguinity.
    Yes indeed he is the darling (or should it be the ugly duckling that has transmogrified into an arrogant lame duck) to many thousands of public sector workers who will soon be homeless citizens whose heads might be cracked open and possibly shot should they try to camp out any where Two Mile Hill.

    But we know that will never happen because your MoF has again promised ad nauseam to establish the Central Revenue Authority (CRA) by another April Fool’s day as he did last year and the year before.
    By some magical pronouncement hundreds of millions of dollars will be collected in VAT, Land taxes and income tax from the thousands of adoring loyal citizens like doctors and lawyers and the many self-employed. This money would then be used to reduce the fiscal deficit and allow the thousands laid off to be reemployed in the vicious cycle of rearing and slaughtering the fatted calf.

    The question for you, Fractured Fool, to pose to the MoF is if the people to be made redundant from the Customs & Excise, Inland Revenue, Land Tax and Licensing Authority are included in that list to go by March 31 before the establishment of the CRA.
    Or will he, the MoF, be so managerial competent as to absorb so many people under one administrative roof crawling over one another like maggots over a dead carcass while the IMF looks on in total ineffective amazement?

    We are prepared to bet that the setting up and running of the CRA by April would continue to be just a pipe dream of an idiot living in a fool’s paradise. It would do him and his fellow members of that moribund administration to first concentrate on the completion of the St. John polyclinic and let the IMF deal with the CRA business.
    The creation of the CRA is certainly way above the MoF’s pay-grade.

    But the miller likes surprises and is willing to sing the MoF’s praises and join his sycophant band as a cheerleader and chief ‘funny ‘fool if he could pull it off by April fool’s day without the loss of any jobs (as previously promised) from any of the agencies to be merged to form one Authority.

  20. A major problem in Barbados has always been our selfish tendencies, where once we get ours, to hell with all others. The politicians understand this better than most so that their tactic of infiltrating certain communities, and soliciting the help of those perceived as leaders in the communities continues to work to this very day. The same applies to the journalistic fraternity, the mecca of political prostitution. Caswell’s motives will be questioned so as to have him back off and fall in line. Who questions the motives of the moderator that now seeks to pave the way for the light & power to continue smartly?

  21. Hamilton Hill,

    A very well written piece.

    The DLP/BLP must go!!

    As for Sinkler and his abject foolishness about getting more professionals and others to hand over soon from now more of what is rightfully theirs to a criminal TAX stealing thieving robbing government, we ask him: why does he not personally come and steal rob us of our own remunerations?? Huh? Why not?

    It is high time many more Barbadians think about destroying this evil wicked TAXATION system.


  22. Caswell my big foot has he ever dealt with the charges laid here about car theft, one man union, being fired by Mia Mottley et al. Tackle them frontally and maybe we might start to listen to some of your stupid egotistical I man rants, Franklyn. Watching the news how did Dwight Sutherland beat Suckoo again? My word that boy is a rough and ready joke mind you he can be mistaken to be the twin of House Speaker Carrington both lack what we term good looks. No way a sweet beauty like Suckoo should be beaten by a beast like Sutherland. Now he joins Wood calling for Bajans to riot. The BLP better not start something they cant finish.

    So Wood is back from Trinidad. Word was that he lives there.Guess he is running from the bullets. Barbados is on a difficult but right track all loyal citizens must support the government policies so we can right size the economy and start growing again. What are the alternatives? The BLP has put forward none.

    Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur tells us Mia and her band of wild people do not know what they are doing. He expresses absolutely no confidence in Mottley’s leadership. To that we can all say AMEN! Even ignorant Caswell don’t trust or like Mottley. Lest we forget Caswell blamed Mottley for the BLP’s defeat last year.

  23. WOW ! quote of the day”tearing down Arthur” wait OSA doing a damm good job of “tearing” all by himself all others that indulge is like putting icing on the cake… up to Now no one can understand his other overall motives that would lead to the destruction of HIS party implosion ….

  24. Ruffin

    Caswell is an honest and upright contributor to publsic discussion ,

    Be off !!! you flea infested mongrel son of a stinking scoundrel

  25. Speaking about venting……heard yall Minister Inniss venting about his light bill and giving up his profession to serve the people (like someone took a gun put it to his head and made him become a minister), not once, but two terms, and none of the ministers should have to give up their salaries because they work so hard and take so much verbal abuse and serve Barbados so much and work so hard and subject their family to such hardships and yada, yada yada………has anyone ever heard how stink Inniss verbally abuses people, I am definitely no match for him.

    Anyhow, I believe that was just a distraction from the questions I am asking about that HPV vaccine, and the briibes that were taken to use the island’s children as the latest guinea pigs and the threat from Ferdinand to make the vaccine mandatory, I thought that is what would have been addressed, not Inniss’ hissy/sissy fit………..or do they want me to talk out all I know about that scam and the people who now monopolize the healthcare scam, oops, i mean system on the island……..they better have Ferdinand retract that.threat

  26. Ruffin

    Reading your post shows you have nothing to offer but to insult others. Sutherland won by being truthful and focusing on his constituents. How come a beautiful lady like Santia beat Tannis Probably she is beautiful on the outside but might not be beautiful in the inside and the people voted accordingly.

    We are all two-mouth miscreants. When Owen was leader, people were castigating him and hitting him below his belt. Now Mia is leader we are seeing destructive elements trying to bring her down. Simply, we try to destroy anyone who might be the leader. What a shame.

  27. Probably she is beautiful on the outside but might not be beautiful in the inside and the people voted accordingly. Reference to Suckoo.

  28. By the way, though some of the lawyers on BU may not have known or remembered and those like Ross would keep the information to themselves in true LOWYER (not misspelt) style)….from what I gathered from two attorneys who knows most of the subsections etc by heart. Owen Arthur was justified in refusing and bewzing Mia for trying to set him up, as a former Prime Minister it is illegal for him to sit on any eminent persons group because of etc, etc,….Mia as an attorney, former Deputy PM, Former Attorney General, should have known this……Owen should have cussed her ass some more for trying to set him up.

  29. The BLP infighting continues. After claiming that Owen Arthur neglected St. George South for 14 years and refusing to serve under Owen Arthur, Sir Louis Tull is clearly no fan of Owen.
    Mia Mottley knows how Tull feels and she asked him to come and speak publicly and in a not so subtle way to tell Owen Arthur to go home.
    The strategy is that Mottley does not publicly undermine Arthur but behind the scenes she does everything to sabotage Owen including putting him in a position where he is being seen as unpatriotic.

    Owen knows this, his friends know it but to explain this publicly would open another can of worms.
    People, Arthur has clearly seen a pattern of behavior with this woman over the last 20 years and he has come to the conclusion that MIA MOTTLEY IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED.
    Just observing.

    • @Bajanfuhlife

      In the same way the DLP climbed the Mascoll Thompson mountain so too will the BLP. It is politic.

  30. @ Bajanfalife. ..To your comment that Mia is not to be trusted I say to you that the BLP is not to be trusted. As a people that has always claimed to be so well educated, just how difficult can it be to discern that just like the DLP they are very much a part of the con game that has landed our country into its present predicament. After serving eighteen years in their parliament England still saw it fit to jail an MP who dared to break their laws .Here in Barbados these guys, their friends, family and their outside women as well, live lavishly on the backs of you and I.Something has got to give, and that happens only when enough of us decide not to take it any longer. Now is the time for us to reverse this troglodytic mentality that those before us passed on. The BLP is no different from the DLP.

  31. When the BLP lost power in 1986,Owen Arthur,David Simmons and Henry Forde carried the fight gallantly to the DLP.With the loss of the 1991 election and Henry giving up the party leadership role,the BLP’s internal management determined that the party would be well served by giving the leadership role to OSA.Louis Tull was overlooked and he never forgave those responsible.Actually OSA was the proverbial dark horse since he was not well known as a force in the party.
    Hearing Louis Tull last night,I concluded that he was being spiteful towards OSA again and is doing the dirty work of MAM with perhaps the promise of a reward in the future make up of Pilgrim House.For sure he wont get anything significant from OSA the prospective Leader of the BLP.
    I am convinced that the DLP realises the value of OSA as a winning card for the BLP owing to his leadership and knowledge of managing the Barbados economy and for the confidence which is rposed in him by investors ,local and foreign.OSA means jobs for Barbadians,first and foremost.
    This crap talk by Pornville Inniss about losing his minister pick and salary is just a whole lot of hogwash.If he sees serving the country as a job,it shows the waste of money spent on educating this fool.A typical stupid remark by an equally stupid person.
    Btw who is this moron Eversley.Where is he from?

  32. @Well Well,
    I am a qualified Exfoliative Cytologist; did it for years and attended and received training in screenings at the collegel of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University since in 1966; and was involved with Pap Smear screenings in Barbados when athe special unit was set up. The incidence of cervical cancer in Barbados has beeen very high for many years. The discovery of the association of strains of Human Papiloma virus with cervical cancer and the development of the vaccine is a wonderful chance to rectify this problem’ Some years ago;I was fortunate to attend the lecture at the Toronto General Hospital, under the aegis of the University of Toronto when the inventor of the HPV vaccine presented his findings and the scientific basis of his findings and the development of the vaccine. Since then the United Nations has given the vaccine, its development, manufacture and the vaccination program its blessings. Well over a hundred million persons have received the vaccing. In developments such as these bribes do not have to be given to anybody. First world countries have come into the forefront in espousing the benefits to the program. Here in Barbados it is voluntary, but like all programmes it takes time to get full acceptance. I have been involved in Rubella testing on a large scale because at one time all females of child bearing age were screened for Rubella virus on entry into Mt. Sinai hospital in Toronto.You can check one of my papers published in the Journal ov clinical Microbiology It is good to be protected in the early stages rather than suffer the consequences later. If females can be protected early it is much better than suffering from cancer of the cervix laater. It is a worthwhile effort the health authorities are undertaking and should be supported. Remember the words of the earlier sages:Prevention is better than cure.

    • Thanks Alvin. I am now better informed. Why don’t you stick to educating us rather than your political thing.


  33. typhoid Well Well….its that kind of thinking that has allowed polio to make a comeback, most of us remember getting a bsg shot for TB even today a flu shot is recommended but people avoid it when it is offered but like in Winnipeg when the woman from China died there was such a panic rush there wasn’t enough vaccine to go around. Be ahead of the curve WW but you may be right about the world being flat

  34. So are you saying that every time someone comes along selling a new vaccine we should all run and take it up and give it to our teenagers?
    You every checked the history of these drug companies?
    You of all people should know what white people would do for a couple million dollars….
    All Well Well seems to be calling for is TRANSPARENCY.
    Who is paying for this?
    Who is benefiting?
    What is the experience to date?
    What is the likelihood of death and injury from the vaccine?
    What are the proven benefits (and Bushie don’t mean financial to the drug dealers…)?

    What is wrong with Well Well’s position here? (Apart from her being a witch with a flying broom that allows her to be everywhere…? ) 🙂

  35. @ Alvin Cummins | January 20, 2014 at 10:06 PM |

    Thanks very much for your most enlightening contribution.

    It is indeed very refreshing to hear you espouse the intellectual soundness of science and its importance to making life easier for mankind on this orb full of known and unknown bacteria and other organisms that could be inimical to his existence.

    We are surprised, albeit glad, to see you go down this path of argument instead of recommending that young adults abstain from sex until they are married and well brainwashed by the Church about the evils of sex outside of marriage.

    We wonder, though, if you would be prepared to accept the scientific evidence based on research on the beneficial use of marijuana for medical reasons including using it as a possible palliative agent in the relief of glaucoma which you, personally, might find most interesting.
    Would you prepared to go along with the decriminalization of certain usages deemed beneficial to human health?

    Again, let us say how impress we are with the informed approach you have taken to this most important topic raised by you.
    Only if you could bring a scintilla of similar brilliance to other topics like finance and economics there would be hope of your intellectual salvation.
    However, we don’t expect you to change your political views. That would be asking you to rearrange your own DNA. (LOL!!).

  36. If the BLP believes that Mia Mottley is their winning card, let them bank on her.
    I think Owen Arthur has seen many things in Mottley CONSISTENTLY that cause him to come to a conclusion to warn Bajans about this woman. If the BLP refuses to hear Arthur’s warning and choose to curse Arthur and run him out of parliament, then that is their choice.

    I personally am amazed at how nasty the Mottley supporters are being towards Mr. Arthur. It seems like the Mottley crew see it as their right to take over the BLP and will try to destroy anyone in the BLP that will not sing in Mottley’s choir.
    They have now turned their venom towards Owen Arthur. This fracture in the BLP IS SERIOUS and DEEP. I remember George Griffith saying that the party needed to purge itself of certain elements like Mottley. She is now trying to turn the tables on the Arthur supporters. THIS IS A BLP WAR.

  37. Alvin and Lawson……I suggest the two of you expose your sons and daughters and grandchildren to be used as the lab rats and guinea pigs instead and leave the children of the Caribbean alone…..what the hell happened to using monkeys, rabbits and rats instead.

  38. Bush Tea…….even though the other sheeple appear not to know……..Alvin is a follower, and Lawson, a mental patient, he claims I am his fellow patient…anyhow, the FDA is investigating the drug, which will give Merck at least 2 years to make 40 billion dollars to payout a class action lawsuit, not counting the 20 billion a year they have made for at least the last 8 years…..gotta ski in Switzerland…..as I said above let Alvin and Lawson’s relatives be the lab rats and when the drug has been perfected, then introduce it to the Caribbean, until then, leave the kids in Barbados and the other islands alone. They can use Eastern and Western Europe as guinea pigs too, no great loss there.

  39. On the other hand though Well Well, people who tend to be so trusting and simple are generally much happier individuals than those of us who suspect ulterior motives in others yuh know!

    Bushie have this latent suspicion about people who like money ‘so bad’ that, having accumulated much more than their can spend in 10 lifetimes, they continue to be driven to do everything in their power to amass even more dollars….
    LOL…especially when they are old as shiite already.. 🙂

    Also companies that recently ADMITTED to cheating by producing and selling drugs which they KNEW to be dangerous will always BEGIN by being suspects in Bushie’s mind …. Even if they come with salvation itself….
    …Bushie is just that kinda fella….

    So people like us will always be unhappy, suspicious and sad. It is a consequence of common sense which (fortunately) has not been endemic in Barbados …..leaving us with a bunch of happy brass bowls who feel that their dollar is actually worth US 50 cents and that Merck actually care if their children get cancer 20 years down the road….

    Merck will make Billions of dollars by reducing the chance of a person getting cancer by 10%.
    Those same brass bowls could reduce the chance of cancer by 80% – at NO COST to themselves by such KNOWN actions as:
    Not eating the processed shiite foods that the other set of crooks are pushing ….but eating natural foods.
    Not drinking another sweet drink…
    Not smoking and drinking excessively
    Not treating sex as if they are dogs
    Exercising and living healthy lifestyles instead of sitting in front of a TV or computer like a jackass all day
    Spending some time in the SUN every day…

    But brass bowls always look for the easy way out….swallow a pill…get an injection…..get a loan..


  40. Well Well both my daughters have had the vaccine, my son has been inoculated for hepatitis as he works in emergency services.
    To answer BT no not every vaccine just the ones that are proven and make sense. I am sure you remember when whooping cough was the leading cause of death in babies before medicine. Its funny Alvin mentioned rubella some people have tried to link inoculations with autism based on a paper by a disbarred physician… fear mongering my jenny McCarthy and her ilk have caused many more deaths and are allowing a resurgence of the disease Why white people preying on you?, blacks are just as good a skinning a pigeon, just ask your Nigerian brothers.
    There is nothing wrong with Well Wells position, every idea or cure should be able to withstand scrutiny. Everyone does what they believe is the best for their family and have to live with the consequences. But if your child had Hansens disease would you not want her to have the medicine to get rid of it? I think there in lies the problem with Well Well like her broom she probably thinks this is another thing that will be stuck in her ass

  41. Lawson…remember the side effects from HPV does not show up for at least 6 or 7 years so don’t blow your trumpet yet, one of my daughters raised in NY around the time they were trying to sell the HPV scam, don’t even try to trick me with the year I am waiting for your ass, has never had the vaccine, did not need to, why? she abstained until she became an adult, early sexual activity is a triggering factor of the HVP virus….something like what Miller is saying, teach your children to abstain and they will not need a vaccine, we are not even so sure that HVP or the threat of the epidemic is not in the imagination $$$$$ sign minds of Merck executives. I don’t know what to say about being lab rats, I much prefer my daughters not be anyone’s lab rats.

    So tell me Lawson, knowing how obscenely rich Merck is, why could they not donate CONDOMS, which has much less side effects than their HVP vaccine poison??? Besides, what I keep saying is Lawson, God forbid, and i would not like it to happen, but should your daughters develop adverse effects from their being vaccinated, you will not live long enough to spend the money you will get from a class action lawsuit in North America, Merck’s bottom line is higher than that paid out to the Thalimide babies of the 50s, not unlike that of the tobacco companies bottom line.

    The Caribbean, their leaders don’t have the balls unless there is a bribe, to sue anyone on their people’s behalf, don’t mind Inniss with the service to country talk, it’s service to self only exists in Barbados, so hear what will happen, the kids will get sick, disabled and die from Mercks little fantasy and will not pay them a dime because their governments are responsible for being idiots and not researching the side effects or that the drug is currently being investigated by FDA and the governments, particularly in Barbados will still not have the money for the healthcare necessary for Merck’s victims NOR, and this is for Alvin, will they have the money for the IMAGINED high cervical cancer rate they now rant about, so tell me Lawson and Alvin, who will be the losers here??

    IN my mind, Caribbean parents have a responsibility to instill in their children the necessity to abstain from sexual activity too early.or just use condoms, I don’t think it’s the responsibility of greedy US drug companies to determine that children should be vaccinated just in case they start having sex too early and just in case they get HPV, which have side effects that would make HPV look like the common cold……shit sounds like madness to me and not unheard of greed in big pharma..

    Bush Tea…don’t mind Alvin and Lawson…..I took a flu shot in NY and got the cold every two weeks, then a lung infection, of course they offered me another drug to fight the lung infection which also made me sick as hell…take a pill for a headache but you can be guaranteed a stroke, heart attack, aneurysm, asthma etc, etc, in side effects.

    Alvin….recently doctors in the Caribbean have been hinting to some patients about medical marijuana, but you know in Barbados if they find a marijuana tree it makes big headlines, so most people will have to travel to Canada or the US for medical marijuana to alleviate their discomfort, don’t you think something is wrong with that picture, but they will let Merck’s middle men push dangerous drugs that are being investigated by the FDA, the other story is that it was approved in the first place, now being investigated…

    Lawson, they really need to narrow their lab rat and guinea pig testing to countries like Europe, honestly.

  42. By the way, Lawson and Ross….i heard Viagra is causing so many deaths across the world that big pharma has settled a class action law suit in the billions, not that those billions will interfere with their bottomline……….yall better start having your families make the necessary arrangements….lol…. remember viagra was not designed for what it’s being used, it is a heart problem drug by design but was retrofitted for perverts or those who can’t normally handle the business, but now it’s causing heart attacks and death….HA!!.

  43. Well Well but what a way to go….there is a pill for abstinence in women … they have to hold it tightly between their knees. As for abstinence in men please post a current picture on BU. A bajan friend of mine when he turned 14 was given a condom by his father saying you will be needing this, he asked ….was this okay with mum, his dad replied it was her idea…now get upstairs while she’s still in the mood Lol

  44. Lawson………….Guess your Mom don’t have to worry, you with your ED (erectile dysfunction) and all……….lol

  45. “You of all people should know what white people would do for a couple million dollars….”
    It’s sad how often threads on this blog revert to racism.

  46. Well Well I guess you think having been married three times and still having the same inlaws is okay but it sounds odd to me. There is a couple of things I find unusual down there, you go to family reunions to pick up men, and you fake orgasms thinking men care.

  47. And just last night in a store in Sheraton Mall, a sales lady, brought a white man to the head of the queue of a long line of people waiting to pay the cashier ,without an excuse me please! , or more disgracefully, a faint of a murmur from those who were being dissed,to used an appropriate modern day slang word. And we are bragging about almost 50 years of Independence.
    Many of us are still living under the evergreen tree in the plantation yard.

  48. As much as I love you Lawson, go take your meds until i am finished..i do have slimier fish to fry re HPV Vaccine being forced on children in Barbados although the drug is being investigated by FDA, means there is a potential for recall and who knew what in the government, who benefited, which Ministers/Senators in Barbados are involved, is the usual suspect insurance company family owned in Barbados involved etc, if you can answer that, I will love you even more.

    Now, it seems odd to me that there are at least 3 medical doctors in Parliament, Suckoo, Estwick and the retired Senator Frazer, these took oaths to FIRST DO NO HARM……Did these doctors know or not about the HPV drugs, how the hell did that get past them and if it did not why did one of them not speak out about it, don’t these purchases have to be approved by the Senate?

    Who paid for the drugs?? that is the most important question, because the DLP government is broke, why is Elizabeth Ferdinand so hot and sweaty to make this HPV vaccine that is under investigation mandatory in Barbados, it has the potential to kill, disable and make very ill, so who is ass enough to make that type of drug mandatory, who is the middle man pushing the drugs on the island and who is his/her contact, I would not even ask again why from PM Stuart coming down or going up depending on how you look at it, did not research the drug, the internet was not made for just viewing porn, but is the best and easiest research tool …………..that is why it’s hard to believe no one in the government or the opposition side can claim ignorance if there is a lawsuit presented to the CCJ..

  49. Well Well | January 21, 2014 at 1:23 PM |
    By the way, Lawson and Ross….i heard Viagra is causing so many deaths across the world that big pharma has settled a class action law suit .
    Causing Deaths ? It was supposed to raised the dead.

    • @GP

      There are reports that taking Viagra caused blood clots and led to death for some. Not sure the efficacy of the reports.

      On 22 January 2014 03:41, Barbados Underground

  50. DAVID


  51. GP……..I only said what I heard about VIagra, I did not say anything was factual, I said nothing about blood clots, are you telling me there is definitely something going on with death worldwide, in Barbados there are cases where the guys cocked up (no pun intended) and died and the young girls ran like hell, don’t know if that is a ball by ball explanation…………..heard at least 5 or 6 of those cases, you will now have to tell me the physiology of VIagra.

    Boy Blue…………….nothing can raise Lawson and Ross’ dead..lol

    • Well Well

      The guys have to be careful with Viagra. We almost lost one of the commenters on BU after he had been using Viagra like it was going out of style in order to keep up with a young girl. He ended up a the QEH at death’s door with serious heart problems. Thankfully, the doctors were skilled so he lived to use Cialis instead. LOL!


  52. GP……..I understand it’s factual about the class action payout re Viagra deaths, so something must be wrong with the drug.

  53. Actually the first Viagra death was a women after her husband had taken 10 of the pills by mistake Well Well leave Ross and me alone you dry old harpy When your husband gets out of prison you should buy him some Viagra eye drops they will make him look hard.

  54. Lawson…..and here I was thinking that you and Ross loved me and would love to kiss? me……..see I told you to take your meds, that is what happens when you don’t…lol

  55. RE lawson | January 22, 2014 at 2:55 PM |
    Actually the first Viagra death was a women after her husband had taken 10 of the pills by mistake


  56. Well Well | January 22, 2014 at 2:15 PM |

    in Barbados there are cases where the guys cocked up (no pun intended) and died and the young girls ran like hell, don’t know if that is a ball by ball explanation…………..heard at least 5 or 6 of those cases, you will now have to tell me the physiology of VIagra.



  57. GP even if the man passed out, the woman could still have committed suicide. There is a new stronger Viagra pill coming on the market apparently it will give you a hard on…. even with your own wife.

  58. GP…..I understand it’s only really older men who go for viagra, young ones should not be needing this stuff.

  59. Caswell………….I wonder why that sounds like Comrade Bobby, he always boasts about Viagra and Cialis..damn, these guys are nothing but dare devils…..lol

    • Well Well

      I can safely say that it was not Bobby. And I can also safely say that it was not Hal Austin: we have not missed his notes on this blog.


  60. Bush Tea……..Is Onions an attorney, I am sensing this is about 2 attorneys, which one of BU’s attorneys is missing? I have missed a few….Jeff Cumberbatch is one

  61. Is there any truth to a rumour making the rounds in the BLP camp that Mia Mottley aided and abetted by Sir Louis Tull has expelled Owen Arthur from the party ?

    If true ….then the saga continues !

  62. “Is there any truth to a rumour making the rounds in the BLP camp that Mia Mottley aided and abetted by Sir Louis Tull has expelled Owen Arthur from the party ?”
    It is time that he is held accountable for his actions which are serving to bring the party into disrepute. He made his legitimate point about his reservations to Ms Mottley on her recommendation for him to serve on the emiment group suggested by her and she apologised. He could have let the matter rest in the interest of party unity.

  63. Many people who support one or both political parties in Barbados by means of of hefty campaign contributions, have earned themselves the right to Blind Eyed Loyalty.,as ably demonstrated.
    Over the years we have seen black street vendors in Swan Street being removed from plying their trade in front of mostly Asian owned shops,in fact some shop owners were asked to removed their wares on display on the side walk outside of the storefront. The authorities even went as far as bringing in the texas ranger in the form of Inspector Bowen, God rest his soul, a heavy roller and a bulldozer to clean up the town.
    But meanwhile on upper Bay Street, the untouchable lady continues to defy the same laws , middle finger style.
    Politics and Blind Loyalty ,the right of some.

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