Our Precious Environment!

Submitted by Anthony Davis
Denis Lowe (1) Peter Allard (r)

Denis Lowe (1) Peter Allard (r)

Landowners who ignore Government’s warnings to debush their vacant lots will be named, shamed, and even forced to pay a fine if they want to ever develop or sell that property. “Tired of people not responding to appeals to clear their land, Minister of the Environment and Drainage, Dr. Denis Lowe, said that his ministry was ready to take action. He said he had received a report about 25 undeveloped lots in the Southern Heights, Christ Church, community – just one example of several cases of delinquency all across the island Source: Page 3 of “Barbados Today”, dated 28 November, 2013

I would suggest that the Ministry of the Environment and Drainage remove the log in its own eye before looking at the mope in in the eyes of private landowners. A prime example of Government’s delinquency is the building from which the BTA has moved. It is overrun with grass, and the trees are hanging over the sidewalk. That is very unsightly, especially that that area is a very high-traffic one.

Will the Minister of Housing be “named and shamed and be forced to pay a fine” if he does not “move with haste to clean up that ministry’s lots”?

Does the Minister think that when rats and vermin see a particular lot they recognize it as belonging to the Ministry of Housing, and tell themselves that they cannot go on there?

How about the mosquitoes?

“A rose by any other name is still a rose,” Mr. Minister. You call it a levy, but I call it another tax with which you intend burdening the already heavily taxed populace of this country. Are you planning on confiscating people’s property? This is also Blackmail! There is a skip next to the bus terminal in Oistins which is not removed before 6 a.m. This stinks and sometimes the truck does not get there until later. By this time the egrets, other birds, fowls, and cats have gone into it, and opened the bags, and the contents and some of the bags are strewn around it. This odour is very sickening, and the sight of it is very abominable. There are many people – including tourists who we would like to see return to Barbados – who go to Miami Beach for their early morning dips, and the first thing that greets them is the stench of that skip!On top of that, the skip is not removed on Saturdays and Sundays, and this makes it worse. The sight and smell of that skip are more obnoxious then!

Does this not come under your purview, Mr. Minister?

How about making sure that that skip is moved earlier so that people going for their swim, or those who have to commute through Oistins do not have that unsightly, foul-smelling skip to deal with first thing in the morning?

Do you not want to put a levy on the Ministry of Health for allowing this to continue day in, day out?

People in glass houses should not throw stones. You, as Minister of the Environment, should clean up your act first. We keep hearing about anti-pollution laws that will be coming, but it seems that they are coming on a slow boat from China.

On Wednesday 27 November, 2013, I was at a bus stop in Oistins when a ZR pulled off. It laid down such a smoke screen it would have made the BDF jealous!

A lady said: “nuff to kill yuh!”

She may have said it in jest but the particulates in diesel exhaust can give us lung cancer, because they are just as deadly as those which coal miners inhale, and from which many of them contract lung cancer!

This is also in your portfolio Mr. Minister!

Stop talking the talk, and start walking the walk!

There is nothing wrong with making people clean up their lots but the Government should set an example!

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  1. Ask Peter Allard to threaten him and probably he would get off his lazy vindictive ass and do something for the population other than the Williams.

  2. Mr. Lowe you people make me so sick. All of a sudden you want to do something when all along you were doing nothing. This lack of enforcement is reminiscing of the island’s approach to dealing with delinquency. It also paints a bleak picture of the level procrastination that permeates throughout the island as well.

    • The problem with us is we measure success by the size of a building or equipment purchased. What about how attitudes behavious are tilted?

  3. Ask Dr Denis Lowe if he took any money from Williams Industries or got any other tokens of inducement. Perhaps why he busy as bizzy

  4. Wunna don’t have to go that far as a farmer at Pegwell Boggs II would never vote for him again nor any party. I finish voting

  5. Ah hear de government got info on Mia and she was threatened with exposure if she went ahead with her meeting last Saturday. How can we as Bajans have confidence in our political system when corruption is so rampant among them. Don’t believe me ask Dale Marshall, Gline Clarke, Darcy Boyce, Owen Arthur,Barney Lynch and others. Who ah miss out perhaps Donville Inniss with de QEH Everson Elcock $10million power plant cost overrun which was originally quoted at $8million. Crooks Incorporated is what our politicians have become.

  6. Two items we hope to hear more of in the new year; the wire tapping allegedly involving Mia, Dottin and Macdonald; the case where Hinckson called George Payne a thief resulting in Payne suing the tie tongue man whose character is as bad and worthless as Payne’s.

  7. Well Well | December 17, 2013 at 8:05 AM |
    Wunna don’t have to go that far as a farmer at Pegwell Boggs II would never vote for him again nor any party. I finish voting

    Carson…………….is that you??? LLLOOOOOLLLL

  8. It only goes to show that our illustrious members of parliament probably travel more around New York ,Miami and Toronto, that they do in this little 2×2 rock that looks after them handsomely,otherwise the minister would be well aware that this once beautiful island, is now covered in bush and vines from north point to south point, and that much of the recently forested land is owned by the very government of which he is a minister of. Either that or they are travelling around in heavily tinted top of the line cars, and wearing rose tinted glasses.
    This situation has not just suddenly appeared. Many roads in rural areas have become semi-abandoned, as the bush of both sides are shaking hands in the center of the road. Even our premier highway, at times have grass and bush at the sides of the road almost as tall as the neighbouring budding royal palm trees.Would you believe that on the same ABC highway last week and yesterday, teams were busy weeding grass and bush from the bases of the jersey barriers in the centre of the road, that are constructed of concrete and tarmac? No surprising , also to see work teams in the center of Bridgetown weeding grass from the edges of the city streets and sidewalks. Sometimes it is difficult, travelling around Barbados, to distinguish a cane field from an overgrown grass field.

  9. A few photos of our precious environment BWA’s Castle Grant reservoir, looks abandoned, and should well be. But recently during a water outage, reference was made on CBC about the capacity of this reservoir being low.

    This was once arable land in St Andrew,not a stone throw away from the soil conservation and agricultural centre.

    Reference was made to one of the once food baskets of Barbados. ,Pegwell Bogs. Here’s it , since the exit of farmers, Bajans and Guyanese alike.

  10. If the Bridgetown sewerage plant has been knocked out by today’s fire,then this country is doubly deep in the #2.
    Only under the DLP.
    Perhaps the Minister should ascertain from the 25 plot owners in Southern Height why they have shown no interest in developing their lots.
    Perhaps ,the Minister of the Environment could also name and shame the industry operating in Lowlands, next door to this development, which is allowed to constantly emit obnoxious fumes from its operation, which blankets the heavily populated areas ,Southern Heights, Lodge Road, Gall Hill, Kingsland and many other neighbouring communities. These fumes are reminiscent of the Tear Gas used in riots, and at times causes nausea and severe discomfort. If I had bought land in Southern Heights, unaware of this nuisance, that should come under the control of the Ministry of Health / Environment, I too would not carry out any construction, until the relevant ministries do their job and put the kibosh on this smelly,obnoxious plant.
    Certain people in this country are allowed to get away with murder,literally, while some are beaten with scorpions for less.

  11. I am so damn ashamed of these rasshole idiots that I don’t know what to say other than we need to get them it of office by all means before it’s too late.

  12. To select ‘owners’ to victimise, when government properties are kept in such unkempt state, is a joke.

    Drive from the airport, whence a visitor may come, and one begins to see decrepit. The only time that stretch was cleared beautifully was when the former PM was laid to rest, for months before it was kept in wonderful state, go figure. Probably because foreign dignitaries were expected in.

    Since then it has become overgrown again. Bridgetown does not appear to be washed down by the Fire dept like it used to be.

    Government lots are overgrown.

    If Southern Heights is not developed, it is likely because there is no hope of selling a built property, when so many along the South Coast and West Coast are already for sale and unsold.

    Developer putting pressure on Government to force landowners to develop??? One wonders why that was ‘selected’ when there are so many.

    How about the amazing Sam Lords Castle? Who is looking after that and keeping it tidy…or not????? Especially being such a landmark and tourist attraction?


  13. Simple Simon | December 17, 2013 at 11:48 PM |
    But why do we think that forests are bad?
    Its bad when you allow your arable land to go that way, while importing food in tins, and Christmas trees from outside .

  14. The symptomatology of West Indies cricket is pathognomonic of contemporary Carribbean calousness.
    Like most diseases one can trace and outline its pathophysiology in much the same way as one can do for the political mire in which we find ourselves.Both are like a slowly developing and metastising cancer.

    We need just to go back 1981 when we banned 18 cricketers for life for plying their trade in South Africa, when there is still more apartheid in Barbados- even if veiled.

    Then we dropped Greenidge Dujon Richards and mistreated Marshall in 1992.

    One of the off shoots of this is that these top players stopped playing regional first class cricket and thereby providing on the job mentoring for the young players just as they had them selves received.

    20 years later the tree has borne its fruit.

  15. I wonder if the black as well as the white pigeon I used to hunt, cook and eat as a young ladstill exist in Barbados today? I hope the monkey Assistant Commissioner Police Alvin Griffith used hunt in St. Lucy when I was a child is still around. I had the pleasure of accompanying him as a young lad on some of his hunts.

  16. Lets hope that the overriding factor in introducing , and about time, Low Sulphur diesel into Barbados is for the concern of peoples health; residents and visitors alike, and not to satisfy the ego and sales of those who drive and market high end cars and SUV’s,equipped with diesel engines,some of which the manufacturers were not satisfied in exporting to Barbados.
    I question that , as thousands upon thousands of residents in Barbados have to suffer constantly as a result of homeowners and gardeners burning household and other material indiscriminately in their backyards, and it does not seem to matter when complaints are made to the Ministry of Health. In fact the last Minister of Health made a promise about 2 years ago ,that legislation would be put in place,”sooner rather ,than later.” to curb this practice. We are definitely still holding our breath.
    Perhaps its the wrong people who are making the complaints.

  17. Mark Fenty | December 19, 2013 at 7:54 AM |
    I wonder if the black as well as the white pigeon I used to hunt, cook and eat as a young ladstill exist in Barbados today? I hope the monkey Assistant Commissioner Police Alvin Griffith …
    Mr Fenty, I for one take offence to you referring another fellow Barbadian as a monkey.

    • @Colonel

      Didn’t the former MP for St. Thomas David Simmons promised that Mount Stinkeroo would be shut down? That was more than a decade ago.

  18. Colonial, I am sorry you misunderstood what I was trying to convey, because it wasn’t my intent to insult anyone and I haven’t as far as I am concern. Nevertheless, What I meant to say is that, I hope the monkeys Assistant Commissioner of Police Alvin Griffith used to hunted back in the 1970’s still exist today in Barbados. When I was a small lad, Commissioner Griffith used to take the guys and myself to St. Lucy, back in the 70’s to hunt monkeys. So perhaps you’re able to answer the question: have we anymore monkeys in the wild in Barbados today?

  19. A lot of young as well as older Barbadians; haven’t the slightest idea that some among us had acquired a taste for Monkey Meat. Let’s say, it is one of our little dirty secretes because by all intents and purpoese, it is a TABOO by West Indian standards.

  20. @Mark Fenty… You are forgiven, seen where your post could lead to misinterpretation.
    You asked if monkeys still live in the wilds in Barbados today? The monkey population has increased many fold in the last decade or so. There are monkeys living around the Garrison, that usually frequent the area vacated by Mobil. All over the island monkeys can be seen boldly sitting on walls or crossing the road without a care in the world, like some of our pedestrians. Moneys in some rural areas, have gone Bajan ,and are now like the mongoose ,eating what we now call free range chickens.
    There is a troop of monkeys in Roebuck Street, these must be real brass monkeys , as they usually occupy the fence and gate of the BLP Headquarters.

  21. Perhaps those 3-wheeled “box carts” ,highlighted in today’s parliamentary debate on Health, which were gifted to the MOH by Saudia Arabia as ambulances,could be put to better use by the Ministry of the Environment / Health, by converting them into refuse collection vehicles , and assigned them to those inner city residential communities, that always seem to have little urban Mount Stinkeroos at every street corner and open space.

  22. I am at a loss as to which entity is responsible for the introduction of Low Sulphur Diesel into Barbados. Is it BNOC or SOL?. If it is BNOC, is it available at all the gas stations on the island, even if they are mostly owned by one company?

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