When Obituaries Make Pleasure

Submitted by Charles Knighton
Charles leacock, DPP

Charles leacock, DPP

“Carson Anthony Ismael….had pleaded guilty to manslaughter earlier in the Continuous Assizes. Calista Alleyne, whose throat was cut, died on May 26, 2010.  Ismael had previously been convicted of causing the death of his former wife Kirani Ismael back in January 2007. The charge had been assault occasioning actual bodily harm. He was sentenced to 16 months in jail for that offense, suspended for two years.” “Study ordered on manslayer”, Midweek Nation

“How dare someone take the life of someone else in a jealous rage and then follow it up with the most cowardly act of drinking a poisonous substance, unable to face the consequences of one’s actions?”  Janelle Husbands, December 10 Advocate

Consequences, Ms. Husbands? In Barbados? Where the Director of Public Prosecutions is only too eager to see manslayers as opposed to murderers? Where the average sentence for men who kill their partners is 5 years in prison? Where in an understatement of appalling proportions Mr. Ismael, who has now killed two female partners in less than five years, is deemed in need of “anger management counseling” in the probation report furnished to the court. Really?! Only in Islamic countries would the leniency shown to the killers of women in Barbados seem harsh.

Evidently, truly retributive justice in Barbados must be self-inflicted. Far from the outrage expressed by Ms. Husbands, and for the reasons stated above, learning that those who have murdered a reputed loved-one have subsequently taken their own lives brings to me a sense of proper closure, inclusive of the knowledge that they will never be free to kill again. Had Mr. Ismael availed himself of a grammoxone cocktail after killing his former wife in 2007, Ms. Alleyne would be with us today.

While not a vindictive individual by nature, I do believe there is something to the axiom of reaping what we sow. That being said, I have never wished death on any individual. I have, however, perused certain obituaries with pleasure. Ms. Husbands may find a certain amount of catharsis in such an endeavor.

21 thoughts on “When Obituaries Make Pleasure

  1. we somehow forget that after this life, there is the judgement…when someone kills then kills himself in order to avoid prosecution, he will, the minute his spirit leaves his body face God the creator of life. now whether we believe that or no has no bearing on the fact that there is a God.

  2. The REAL story however, is the fact that this country has allowed itself to be infested with a DPP who clearly is disposed to making excuses for murderers, (including vicious premeditated murders where someone break into a family home and slowly and deliberately HANG a teenage girl who trusted him…..)
    A DPP who has so far failed to find ANY wrong doing from an arrogant, ill spoken dishonest insurance fraud – who openly robbed thousands of Bajans (including his friend sleepy Stuart) and blatantly flaunts the ill-gotten money…..
    Shiite then….even Foreign Banks have been moved to take SOME action out of EMBARRASSMENT…..but not our LAW enforcer….

    Any country, that could tolerate such officials – for so long- ….DESERVE exactly what we are about to get…..
    Brass bowls….!!

    • @Bushie

      Did you hear your good friend PW on the radio yesterday bellowing to the world that xenophobia is on the rise in Barbados? Of course his position was purely anecdota …lol.

  3. @ David
    PW is Bushie’s pal – as you well know….
    The poor chap is trying to make a name for himself by being contrary…. This is a well trod road – used successfully by the likes of Frank Alleyne, Hilary Beckles, George Belle….etc
    …of course those fellows were bright…. 🙂

    It speaks VOLUMES that he is a star attraction for VOB and the NATION (which, we now all know, are organs OWNED and operated by forces committed to the destruction of the ‘pride of Barbados’ in the name of “ONE CARIBBEAN” – or CSME.)

    What the hell is a political scientist? ….apart from an obvious OXYMORON? LOL Ha Ha
    Guess they can’t call him a pollster anymore – since he was complaining that he can’t get any polling work after the last botched polls before elections….? Ha Ha LOL
    …and since he has been accused on BU (NOT by Bushie) of liking to tek too much poles…..

  4. BT
    ……”ONE CARIBBEAN”……”pride of Barbados”….
    You have finally hit the nail on the head as for a hundred years we Bajans have been traveling up and down the Caribbean showing our pride and creating one Caribbean.
    Yes sadly xenophobia does exist in Bim,against our very own.

  5. PW has his moments, i actually prefer him to the Holder woman who cannot answer a simple questions such as “did the present government DLP, wait too late to implement necessary job cuts to save the island?? she could not answer because according to many, she was given a ‘political analyst’ job by the DLP and would have been immediately dismissed, her weak , inane answer that it is a cash flow problem in no way answered the questions…ergo, weakling, political yardfowl….a female of my ilk would have answered truthfully and without hesitation or dodging.

  6. @ Bush Tea

    It is a thing to marvel about the systematic, rather blind adherence that is practices in BIM “promoting incompetents and rewarding slovenly practices”.

    Every country in the world that we Bajans love to commend and praise for their vision, Englant, Amurica and Kan-A-da, (correct annunciation only) only promotes its “best” to its leadership posts.

    I need to ask someone infinitely wiser than I will ever be, why is it that in Bulbados this sane practice of promoting competence is overturned, and, instead of hiring/electing/promoting our best, we have adopted the practice to make sure that the PS, the Deputy PS and all of our senior management positions are occupied by Brass Bowls.

    Is it something that

    1. is in the water that we drink, water than Seethru contributed in no small way when he converted Zone 1 land to Zone 2 and permitted it to be sold for commercial building, or
    2. contaminants that leak daily from Jose and Jose’ shit* trucks which are parked in Zone 1 land in the Belle, land that is accorded carte blanche sanction because MM is a silent partner of Jose & Jose or
    3. is it the oil that leaked in at the Gibbons Boggs place in Ch..Ch. that the environmental cuntsultants said the leakage did not do anything to the surrounding lands

    As one gets closer to “the other side”, one’s reasoning skills, which were never in the inteligencia spectrum, become further impaired, so i must seek guidance from wiser men.

    How de hell Charles Leacock get to be DPP and to constantly apply dese disproportionate sentences pun murderers en ting?

    You can bet your bottom dollar, (I should not use that phrase bout bottom, causing dis is Bulbados) let me rephrase, you can bet your last dollar that if it was one uh he family dat get murder, dem did gine get the now defunct death penalty put pun dem.

    “Amoral men, defective moral reasoning led by inept politicians and men of their ilk, hell bent on practicing fiduciary infelicities that aggrandise self, an euphemism for “the Fatted Calf”, produce this environment what we call Beautiful Barbados, Gem of the Caribbean Sea”

  7. What i am wondering is if Parris will back up a truck to CIBC and load up 8 million dollars drive home and put it all in a safe, as we can clearly see, getting a cashier’s check is not an option since no bank in Barbados will cash it…..lol

  8. @ PUDRYR
    “…..we have adopted the practice to make sure that the PS, the Deputy PS and all of our senior management positions are occupied by Brass Bowls”
    You may not believe this Piece, but Bajans actually feel that success is a GOD-GIVEN right, that is totally divorced from effort, ability, performance or productivity. We therefore see no issue with sharing the fatted calf with family, friends and lovers and having little regard for talent, skill, performance or results.
    …then we cry and get upset when things fall apart….

    As Bushie observed YEARS ago on BU, while we have no end of incompetent idiots in Parliament, who can’t even run a Transport Board with $ MILLIONS in subsidies……you can check any ZR stand and find hoards of young men who are able to run ZR vans profitably DESPITE the best efforts of the police, MTW, the driving public, EXORBITANT taxes imposed on them, …and piss poor facilities in the stands…..
    Not tell Bushie why THESE are not the kinds of people running the damn country….

    Our education system is ass-backwards.
    It penalizes REAL talent and ability – while promoting the incompetent, sissy, nerds like PW to national roles.
    Too many women like ac in charge…..

  9. Bushie watch yuh mout! If I were in charge of Education or even a teacher you will certainly see change. My method of teaching will be an exchange of knowledge between me and my students. Lively debate about current and past events. I would let the students teach me what they have learnt about the subject. I will allow my students to come up with unorthodox ways of solving problems. I will allow my students to THINK for themselves.

  10. @ Islandgal
    LOL Ha Ha
    Stop talking foolishness U! …in other words- STFU! 🙂

    If you was a teacher your students would do all that you said – and MORE….when their come to know that 2X4 that you carry under that skirt of yours…. LOL

  11. Bushie you are so biased and out of date HUSH do! You are so set in your concrete that you are covered in moss and dog shoite!

  12. islandgal246 | December 16, 2013 at 8:53 PM |

    Bushie you are so biased and out of date HUSH do! You are so set in your concrete that you are covered in moss and dog shoite!

    ……………………………………………………………………………………………………….oops!!!! roflmao!!

  13. @Well Well ….Parris has no choice but to purchase a very large bed! Since no bank in Barbados wants his money in their vaults, he will not only be forced to buy everything (Range Rovers & Jaguars down to Sugar Cakes) in cash, he will have to store his loot under the bed.

    Unfortunately, the furniture stores in Barbados do not have beds large enough to hold Parris’ money, so he most likely will have to import one of those HUGE “Sheik Beds” from Saudia Arabia, that hold as many as 24 wives together at one time!!

    His immediate problem is: How is he going to get the money out to Saudia Arabia? No Bank here will sell Parris a Bank Draft in Saudi Ryals, even with exchange control permission from one of his PALS Doc. DeLie.
    And even if he got pass Customs at GAIA with two suitcases full of cash, I am certain they don’t take Bajan Dollars in Saudia Arabia. What a dilemma!
    SO ….Mr. Man At The “Hellum”, who loves his coffee “decapitated”, why not give all your money to the Salvation Army? It’s no use to you!

  14. Grinding Stone…we are witnessing the old saying, you can’t plant corn and reap edoes. Parris may try Abu Dhabi or DUbai, but there is still that same damn problem, the Africans could pull it off for him, but they will keep ALL the cash, salvation army in Barbados is looking better and better, it would cleanse his conscience, that’s for sure. lol

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