Barbados Labour Party (BLP) Manifesto 2008

2008 BLP Manifesto - Only The Best For Barbados

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Barbados Labour Party (BLP) released their Manifesto 2008 at Eagle Hall tonight.

It was the turn of the Barbados Labour Party BLP) to launch their Manifest.

  • In is the BLP’s turn tonight. Unfortunately we missed most of Rommel Marshall’s presentation who was the first-up because of audio issues with the streaming.


  • The second speaker up to the podium was Jeffery Bostic, the candidate for the City. he made the point that the BLP manifesto was produced in Barbados. A reference to the current accusation that the DLP has been importing shirts from St. Lucia and accepting assistance from Taiwan. He focused on the plans to target the youth. This will involve the establishment of 4 Youth Centres across Barbados. There will be a focus on self-improvement with the expansion of the much discussed Project Oasis. Develop Youth Camps. Construct a multi-sport facility for many disciplines e.g. netball, volleyball, basketball etc. Expose the country to the use of computers. Upgrade subventions to community based organizations…


  • Third speaker-up was Dalton Lovell who delivered the BLP promises concerning culture. His speech appeared to be more parochial that national. It was obviously decided that he should use the occasion as a sell job. His presentation was also affected by a gremlin.

Ismael Roett is on his way out but was given a slot to say a few words. He used the occasion to defend his decision in the Hardwood Affair. He also reminded the public of the period 1994 when many Civil Servants were sent home by Sandiford Administration. His delivery was an impassioned one as he tried to make a connection to poverty alleviation and the BLP.

  • Next man up was Rudy Grant. The theme of his opening salvo was to remind the audience of the 1994 period i.e. lay-offs and 8% cuts – a case of fear tactics.
  • Surprisingly Mascoll was next. We were surprise to hear Mascoll batting a that position in the batting order. he reminded Barbadians of the removal of twenty six thousand people from the Income Tax list. He quite rightly reminded Barbadians of the rise of the middle class under the Arthur administration. As a reward the BLP manifesto will give back to them. He used the example of managers in the private sector who have been in place for a long time so why not Arthur. He appealed to the female vote by outlining opportunities where they had benefited under the Arthur policies. He reinforced the idea that the foreign reserves of the country is very strong which now stands ar over 2 billion dollars, Yet another speaker affected by the gremlins…
  • We are back-up in time to hear Elizabeth Thompson outlining energy initiatives in the Budget. We like the idea of Barbadians getting incentives to push them to embrace energy measures in their household and the type of energy saving vehicles they purchase. Ooops here comes the gremlins again!

Ok people this is where we sign-off. When the BLP publishes its manifesto online we will provide the link on our sidebar.

116 thoughts on “Barbados Labour Party (BLP) Manifesto 2008

  1. harold hoyte said on x trail tonight that the blp manifesto was far more comprehensive than the one put out by the dlp

  2. #

    Donald Duck, esq // January 9, 2008 at 11:11 pm

    harold hoyte said on x trail tonight that the blp manifesto was far more comprehensive than the one put out by the dlp


    What do you think that harhoyte means by comprehensive? Those of us who can count know that the Blanifesto has more pages than the DLP document. But when you have the “runnings” you have to use a lot of toilet paper to clean up your mess.

    I was waiting to see whether any of the bloggers had studied the BLP document, before putting in my two cents. However, it looks like I’m going to have to spend my penny.

  3. Undertaker and Donald Duck, esq

    Man the meeting at Bussa tonight was Hot! Hot! Hot!

    David Thompson exposed Owen and friends as the frauds that we know they are, but are afraid to admit.

    Before a crowd as big as the one at Oistins, he and Chris Sinckler had the cheques rolling out one after the other on the big screens. .

    Man I tell you it was ACID! and now I am convinced ,that despite the sh**e that that fellow Belle and them talking, the BLP would lose the election on corruption and other infelicities. (remember Owen said that they were ‘squeaky clean’) Turns out that Owen was the most corrupt of all – he, his friends David Shorey and Hallam Nicholls.

    It was cat p*ss and pepper.

    Owen and Asscoll were cowering in a car listening. I don’t know how any member of the BLP could show their face today. Or how anybody would admit to being a member.

    This weekend will be the worst nightmare in the life of the BLP

    Dah fuh lick yuh

  4. THE BLP’s program as outlined in their manifesto is far more expensive than the DLP’s. yet people like Donald duck are unable to address that, despite talking about the cost of the DLp programs.

    The DLP’s programs are well thought out and quite targeted to particular issues. The BLP really has a wash pan of vote getters.

    If the high oil price is the greatest economic challenge then one must agree that the DLP’s solar proposals are the most important ones in the election. Donald duck and crew studiously avoid this issue

  5. XXX


    Not as desperate as Owen when he brings red herrings like Taiwan Money and Billboards on the Highway and all the other red herrings.

    You know the funny thing about it?

    I knew no rain will fall last night and didn’t even walk with an umbrella.

    We are blessed

  6. andrew

    you real desperate if you condone the billboards when they are in clear violation of the laws of barbados that you and i have to abide by

  7. Ayub // January 9, 2008 at 9:21 pm

    This is madness!! I just finished watching CMC caribvision news and this political yardfowl Dr.George Belle on my tv saying that the BLP is out front in the poll that is to be release this weekend……….If that the case, lawd help bim.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Typical George Belle…..PUKE !

    He should be forced to turn around and eat his own…….PUKE !

    Consider this LOGIC :

    ** The BEES entered the 2008 election…..with a 5.6 % SWING against them !

    ** None of the opposition & electors issues were addressed ( e. g Cost Over runs , corruption….Owen ‘s $ 75,000.00 CHEQUE ) !

    ** George Belle first POLL talked about LEADERSHIP……but the other aspects of the same POLL were NEVER published !

    George Belle….proved that he CANNOT be TRUSTED !

    Therefore , how could the BEES have the SWING tilted their way ????

    George Belle needs to FEED Owen with LIES….so that Belle gets more money to settle his CREDIT CARD DEBTS !

    You see…..PETER WICKHAM is not a HAND – TO – MOUTH BOY… Owen Arthur cannot buy him out !

  8. You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.
    – Henry Ford

    This quote I think is adequate for this Manifesto

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