A Beleaguered Tourism Sector

Adrian Loveridge - Owner of Peach & Quiet Hotel

Adrian Loveridge – Owner of Peach & Quiet Hotel

From an entirely tourism perspective, what can the Minister of Finance do next week to help kick start a beleaguered sector that has been systematically smashed to the ground with unbudgeted massive increases in operational costs, while attempting to survive in a dwindling market? It is a very big question and clearly for a Government that is experiencing the most challenging fiscal malaise for decades, the options are limited.

There can be few hoteliers who fail to recognise that much of our plant desperately needs to be re-vitalised and upgraded. But with 15 consecutive months of declining long stay visitor arrivals, widespread discounting of rooms and escalating expenses, how can this be achieved?

In the recently announced Ten-Point Plan, those tourism partners who qualify, will welcome the small rebates in electricity and water charges, but realistically how far do they compensate for previous increases of 72 per cent and 60 per cent respectively. Let alone a 50 per cent increase in land taxes, 16.6 per cent hike in VAT and prolonged delays in re-paying agreed VAT refunds.

The proposed APD Voucher, seemingly unique to any tourism driven Caribbean destination, was cleverly linked to a minimum 14 night stay ‘at participating hotels’. It is still unclear after declaring that ‘villa type accommodation will be available for marketing’, if this segment will benefit from any subsidised voucher. After all, these guests also eat in our restaurants, rent cars, shop and patronise the attractions.

So two weeks after the ‘media briefing’, the lack of implementation has created a vacuum of unanswered questions, rather than produce a unambiguous marketing tool to stimulate additional bookings. Our policymakers seem to have forgotten that Barbados is largely a tour operator driven holiday island and that it is critically important to fully inform the travel trade of any conditions of use, if you wish to maximise potential business. Put your yourself in the place of the average ‘Brit’. If you were even contemplating a package holiday to Barbados, after reading about this ‘proposed’ initiative, would you not delay booking, until the financial benefits of the voucher have been enunciated?

Also posted on the BTA website is the re-launch of the Barbados Island Inclusive programme from 8th –23rd August (depending on which market) until 21st December. So are there going to be two subsidy initiatives operating at the same time, which could have a combined cost of over $1,200 per visitor?

One thing for sure, whatever is proposed in the 2013 budget, it will be absolutely meaningless, unless the measures are actualised in a timely fashion. What became of the previously described ‘newly established’ Hotel Refurbishment Fund contained in the 2012 Budget ‘in which $50 million has been earmarked for hotel refurbishment for financing to refurbish and/or upgrade their hotel plant.’ And to make it clear, we are not talking about grant monies or hand-outs here, but loans at commercial interest rates.

Sadly, to date, this particular fund does not appear to have become a reality and you cannot fail to speculate, that if such a fund was effected two or three years ago, that it may just have prevented the closure of some hotels, notably, Almond Beach Village. It brings back into focus, yet again, that while all sorts of possible aids to recovery are discussed, proclaimed and paraded in the media, ‘we’ dismally fail to implement potential solutions to the problems.

178 thoughts on “A Beleaguered Tourism Sector

  1. @ ac | August 7, 2013 at 5:48 AM |
    “sumbody likes to rub salt in wounds. the above cruise arrivals numbers that Adrian posted for the years 2008-2012 are correct. however it is indeed troubling that a need to be bias by adrien has overtaken his need to be credible …”

    Ac, we are at a loss to ‘figure’ out what you are getting at. Are you questioning the validity of the figures presented or are you questioning Adrian’s right o present them?
    Adrian doesn’t have to be biased. The figures speak for themselves.

    What would you conclude from the above figures; that St. Lucia is behind or ahead of Barbados in your continuing game of division and subtraction to justify the poor performance of the current MoT?

    St. Lucia has just been voted as one of the ten top destinations in the world to get married and spend a honeymoon.
    Are you going to blame Adrian for ‘rigging’ this vote too?

    Why can’t you accept that Barbados is not doing as well as she can and seek to find out why and act accordingly instead of trying to prove that the country is not ‘worse’ than St. Lucia?

  2. To exposed how illogical the debate is:why should Barbados, a country 30 years ahead of St.Lucia, boast about surging past St.Lucia in cruise arrivals? Have not even checked the numbers yet. Why argue for that sake of it?

  3. There is a need to determine the way forward. Cussing each other does not do that. We need to do a check of our tourism to find out if it is viable or not for our nation. If is indeed viable, we put some achievable goals in front of us and the plans to reach those goals. We may need top change the way many things are done and a lot of our systems. We must be willing to make those changes.

  4. ask adrian why did he not show brabados cruise arrivals 2013 but only showed the past four years of St. lucias, totals. isn.t barbados o deserved to be recognise equally in what gains derived or should all barbadians follow down the broken path of doom and gloom which so-called bajans seem to relish . Yes fair is fair If adrian intends to be fair and balance and maintain his credibilty then he must be unbaised and give the facts for both sides good or bad not create false illusions wih his reviews

  5. So what,s ac point.the point is that ac is not going to let halftruths and misinformation take root and presented as fact. such issues should be challenged and the public should be aware.

  6. Cruise Ship Passengers arrival numbers:

    Jan-Jun 2013

    Barbados – 335,349
    St. Lucia – 345,589

    ‘If we had to be perfectly honest, St. Lucia is at least 30 years behind Barbados in terms of tourism… that’s the reality’

    Clearly, ac and others have an entirely different definition of the words ‘honest’ and ‘reality’.

  7. @ ac | August 7, 2013 at 12:01 PM |
    Barbados – 335,349
    St. Lucia – 345,589

    So what are you going to do now? Attack Adrian instead of the numbers?

    You can always argue that the numbers have been ‘doctored’ or transposed by those in the CTO with an agenda to discredit Barbados as is your style but only when the DLP’s performance in government is under scrutiny.

    We don’t expect a response from you on this one with the facts thrown right in your face.

  8. No miller one woul only have to be a fool to believe that in one month ST LUCIA can attract 19 thouisands cruise arrival tourist given that the months between Jan and May there average cruie tourist arrivals per month was about 6-7thousand per month. if this fudging of numbers adrian credilbilty would continue to diminish

  9. 5avid w9thousand in one month when compared to an average of 7thousand per month is suspect. However who ever is driving ST.lucia wagon mght be riding on balls tires pretty soon no credibillty left. now do yourself a favour and compare some of the countries listed that are near to the USA and see if they did such an outstanding performance in one month. then u can form an honest conclusion .i will check later.

  10. Sorry david i do not have to ask anyone. the fact is that june number is not realistic unless it includes July which would be more reasonable and reasltic to understand but those numbers as presented are phony for one month only

  11. Calling who liars m.the facts speek for themselves.u david can conclude eitherv way but ac n ot that stupid o see a blantant fuddge…

  12. David, I can only reiterate than none of the numbers I quote are MY figures and are largely based on CTO website statistics. As an individual I clearly don’t have the resources of the CTO and its various offices or access to the $100 million annual allocated budget and 130 (or so) staff of the BTA , let alone what the MOT employs and spends each year. In this particular instance I am deeply grateful to the St. Lucia Tourist Board and particular individuals within that organisation for their professional, prompt and candid
    response to my questions. I would prefer not to name names because I have found in the past this often attracts vindictive responses.
    I think based on facts and our record of working with 22 Caribbean countries to grow intra regional travel for nearly ten years with the re-DISCOVER the Caribbean initiative (largely with our own funds) it would be very unfair to question our motives. I personally owe it to all the St. Lucian tourism partners who supported re-DISCOVER over the years, to ensure that the TRUTH is told. ONE thing I learnt above ALL others things with the re-DISCOVER programme is that many island share the same problems and its far better to look for collective solutions than snipe at their individual successes.

  13. But then again 5avid in the 2009 was the highest cruise arrivals and their average permonth was 5-6 thousand . their lowest year was2012 and there average was 4-5thousand per month now u expect any sensible person to believbe that ST.LUCIA has found the magic trick and can draw that manycruise tourist arrival in one month of19thousand u got to be smoking and not trumpets

  14. But then again David in the 2009 was the highest cruise arrivals and their average permonth was 5-6 thousand . their lowest year was2012 and there average was 4-5thousand per month now u expect any sensible person to believbe that ST.LUCIA has found the magic trick and can draw that manycruise tourist arrival in one month of19thousand u got to be smoking and not trumpets

  15. @ ac | August 7, 2013 at 4:08 PM |

    So you have reached the low stage of not only questioning Adrian’s loyalty and implying he has subterfuge intentions to undermine Barbados’ tourism industry but also bringing into disrepute the integrity and motives of the St. Lucian officials.

    But implying the figures presented on the St. Lucia arrivals have been massaged, doctored or manipulated to project a more favourable position vis-à-vis Barbados, you are therefore impugning the character (casting aspersions) and questioning the professional integrity of the hardworking bureaucrats of the St. Lucian Tourism Agency.

    Can we do the same to their Bajans counterparts for good and equal measure?

  16. AC



  17. ac,

    ‘their (St. Lucia cruise passenger arrivals) per month was 5-6 thousand’

    Well, actually the average was 58,275 PER MONTH or 699,306 for the entire year of 2009 which represented an increase of 12.8 per cent over 2008.

    But through the eyes of ac, what is 52,000 to 53,000 passengers PER MONTH between friends?

    Does he/she/it think we are ALL idiots?

  18. @ David[BU]


    1.Atlantis Submarine – memorable for the non claustrophobic R5
    2.Animal Flower Cave – devoid of the anemonies R1
    3.St.James Church – Who is the audience and what is its throughput? R1
    4.Concorde Museum – memorable, what is its throughput? R5
    5.Oistins (at night) – barring the “incidents” a gastronomic delight R9
    6.Safari (see historic Barbados) – memorable for the young people, agony for we old fogeys R3
    7.Harrisons Cave – spectacular R2
    8.Crane Hotel – BEAUTIFUL R8
    9.Welchman Hall Gully – ummmmmmm R?
    10. Barbados Museum – ummmmmmm R?
    11.East Coast (Bathsheba) – breath-taking R10
    12.Chalky Mount – passable R7
    13. Sugar Museum – well laid out R?
    14.Arlington Museum – aesthetic R?

    R is my own Zagat value for repeat value, David and you can guess that low values mean that the ability of the attraction to cause one to repeat is low in that once you have seen it, it is seen.

    Unless the places are spectacular their “R” value is commensurately lower than the places where the combination factor of ambience and people contribute to a person wanting to come back.

    Say what you will about Oistins particularly when the policemen are out galivanting and are scare at Oistins, it is a place where the food and the people milling around presents a repeat value that is high.

    And therein comes the predicament David [BU] the ability of our Tourism clowns to present an “R” factor in what is going to attract people to mill around and interact and exchange words and convos without fear of de ingrunt black boys who, having imbibed the Guinesses/Stags/Banks and smoked the blackies, come and start throwing bottles and fighting to put dem hand pun your woman pooch.

    If CJ Marston and his imps were to send a stern message to the offenders of 4 weeks of week nights cleaning up the Oistins environs while in big orange jumpers, everynight from 11 to 5 am, then the guilt and sa=hame that AC says that Loveridge is making our tourism officials feel might cause the rest of the ingrunt black boys to stop and think again.

    But then again, i think not, cause some body like David Commission gine go to Amnesty Internation and report Barbados for inhumane detestable practices and we all know that Marston et al, ent got no balls for anything.

  19. yes adrrian but ac is still waiting for you to say that barbados cruise arrivals were up 6% with the same enthusiasm and vigour you advocates on behalf of ST;lucia, I don’t expect that to happen in a million years,

    • @ac

      Give it a rest. Because of Adrian we know that a market 30 years behind Barbados has been growing its tourism business. And BU will continue t blow fire up Richard Sealy’s ass.

      On 8 August 2013 03:43, Barbados Underground

  20. david u can hold fire on whosoever you wants ass. but ac would continue to put others feet to the fire who warrants it, Fair is Fair, when some one use malicious or trickery to influence ac would speak out. as far as giving it a rest, we shall see. .

    • @ac

      Admit it, St. Lucia is kicking our asses and we should do the sensible thing and see what are their strategies. Instead you sit in your arm chair god knows where and attack a man who has devoted his whole live to tourism. Here is a secret, he and BU blew hot air up Barney Lynch’s ass as well.

      On 8 August 2013 03:58, Barbados Underground

  21. if you take pride in bigging up one country over your own be my guest.that is not constructive criticism but destructive criticism,the mere fact that when someone says something negative about our sister island even if it is true the necessary need to defend says it all,,but yet when a positive is said about your own country Barbados there is the negative approach to dismiss.just going by yours David and Adrians response

  22. AC do you really read what you write? Will you stop this stupidity? You appear to be an extremely uncharitable selfish individual. All that propaganda you spewing is not helping Barbados, it is just making us look more and more stupid everyday. Can’t you get it into that coconut of yours? Girl you mekking me shame for you!

  23. ‘Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism Donovan Williams said St. Lucia has chosen to ignore the remarks as the focus is not to tear down another Caribbean nation but to build a competitive market that would attract an increasing number of visitors from all over the world’.

    ‘Tourism Minister Lorne Theophilius, insists that he will not be drawn into a verbal battle with his Barbadian counterpart over the remark’.

    Unequivocally, the MOT for Barbados has been proven wrong in every disparaging and incorrect remark he made against the St. Lucia tourism industry and now is the time to do the right thing and APOLOGISE.

    His tirade may momentarily deflect the nation from the crisis taking place in our tourism sector, but does NOT reverse the 15 consecutive months of long stay visitor decline or the five years of virtual ZERO growth during his stewardship.

  24. ac and bloggers who care for Barbados must never retreat from the lies and fabrications of Adrian Loveridge and the house slaves who join him.
    St. Lucia is a friendly neighbor who historically looks to Barbados as a Caricom leader as do most member states. Key Loveridge objectives it appears is to spread disunity and discord between Caricom nations.
    If as he dubiously posits St. Lucia is performing like Usain Bolt in tourism its all for nothing if the following indicators are not impacted:

    St. Lucia -GDP $2 billion
    Per capita income $13,000
    Unemployment 20%

    Over in Barbados:
    GDP- $8 billion
    Per capita income $26,000
    Unemployment 11%

    Will the surging numbers of st.Lucia painted by Loveridge impact on their overall economic profile? Is Barbados vaunted economic strength disappearing. Time will tell.

  25. Island gal and others don,tv worry aboutv stupidy is what driving this engine. an.unadulterated stupid article by adrian Loveridge so if my comments are so be it. stuipd knows where stupid lives. many of u in my opinion have can axed to grind therefore adrian articles serves as a vehicle whereby u can vent your frustration at govt having little or nothing to do with the ecnomic survival of barbados and to ac that,s stupid

  26. Btw island gal nobody burying their head in the sand. this is a different ball game being played out here on BU unfortunately u are ignorant of the rules. get invoved when you figure the game out instead of calling others stupid which in this case u are be guilty of.

  27. Again island until u can see way above the clouds your intellgence not going help babados as your piss poor mouthings of all thats bad about barbados does not encourage on the contra discourages others from even wanting to take a look. whose head is buried in the sand……mine but Not so far deep that i can,t smell the bad odour coming from the top.. ac will defend and push back anyone who believes that their constant drumbeat of doom and gloom aided by ADrian articles helps the economy. ADIOS amigo

  28. What is so hard to comprehend about Loveridge’s statements?

    I am the first to say “fxck Rule Britannia rules the waves and all of that” so please don’t think that I am no Uncle Tom

    Try to examine this thing dispassionately.

    Amaryllis and her sister hotel are on the sale block.

    The issue under the microscope is not whether St. Lucia is growing it market by doing something that we are nt doing

    The issue is not whether its MoT with a smaller budget and 1/2 our per capita rating is increasing its tourist throughput

    The issue IS NOT that we have an ingrunt minister of Tourism, idiocy personified, embodied in our diplomatically immature Richard Sealy, nor, judging from his politically insensitive statement about the STL Tourism product, if his balls are bigger than the St Lucian MoT’s, this is about the fact that our tourism revenue streams are drying up even as we look at the planes flying in pun a day.

    We does get tie up in the small stuff and fail to focus on “Our Beleaguered Tourism Sector” and, as is usual with the bajan psyche, after 148 comments, the attention defecit disorder syndrome that we are world renown for, starts to kick in and, distracted as we are by AC/DC and Cocky Locky Cadogan, we easily loose sight of the target.

    SO, one more time

    OUR TOURISM PRODUCT IS DYING & THE MoT, BTA are adrift on a sea led by one idiot whose single proposal to invigorate the industry is to get $900M approved for a 15 year airport expansion plan with a dubious travel voucher programme augmented by another idiot’s $600M plan for a port expansion calculated to kill every single store in an already beleaguered Bridgetown

    • @Technacrati the commenter of many monikers

      BU has posted the analogy on another blog. A company with 20 departments, the company is losing money BUT 1 department is meeting and surpassing its targets. Because St. Lucia’s economy is struggling like many service economies it does not mean there are not sectors in their economy where we cannot learn from.

      On 8 August 2013 14:01, Barbados Underground

    • BU understands the following:  Despite predictions  JULY 2013 long stay visitor arrivals are DOWN 6.5 per cent. This makes 16 consecutive months of arrival decline.
      Last year the same predictions were made by the Minister, BTA Chairman and tourism policymakers and JULY 2012 saw a long stay visitor decline of 12 per cent over the previous year.
      How do we get our politicians and policymakers to tell the TRUTH?

    • The following link will land you on some of the LOWEST fares to be offered out of the UK for sometime, especially out of Manchester.
      It would be absolute madness the BU family believes to offer any APD Voucher subsidy to UK visitors while these are available.

      This is important because we understand that the BTA is not paying its current outstanding bills.


  29. Piece………good comment, yall have real patience with the likes of ac, i stopped reading her nonsense about two days ago, it takes up too much space in the brain that can be used more effectively and efficiently…………two more hotels for sale in the books of the blind means everything is wonderful in Bim…………obviously a wonderful mirage created by the ac’s.

    • It should be noted those two hotels have been in receivership for a while. Why it is now making the news is another story.

      On 8 August 2013 17:55, Barbados Underground

  30. Barbados July Tourist Visits by Country
    By Ainhoa Goyeneche – Aug 8, 2013 10:45 AM GMT-0400 Facebook Share Tweet LinkedIn Google +1 0 Comments
    Print QUEUEQ
    Barbados tourist visits fell 6.5% in July from the same time last year, according to the Barbados Statistical Service in Bridgetown.

    July July Net YoY YoY%
    2013 2012 Change
    TOTAL 47,935 51,253 -3,318 -6.5%
    U.K 14,228 15,104 -876 -5.8%
    U.S.A 12,825 14,266 -1,441 -10.1%
    Canada 4,162 4,179 -17 -0.4%
    Germany 503 538 -35 -6.5%
    Other Europe 2,167 2,163 4 0.2%
    Trinidad & Tobago 3,903 4,299 -396 -9.2%
    Other Caricom 7,504 7,686 -182 -2.4%
    Other Countries 2,643 3,018 -375 -12.4%
    SOURCE: Barbados Statistical Service

    To contact the reporter on this story: Ainhoa Goyeneche in Washington

    • Now let us see what is happening in Grenada who must be 50 years behind Barbados:

      Sandals Grenada hotel sees record bookings ahead of opening
      Four months before its much-anticipated December opening, Sandals LaSource Grenada has already made its mark after Sandals Resorts International announced record breaking bookings that have seen 70 per cent of rooms at the resort already sold until February 2014.
      The newest addition to the Sandals hotel chain is creating a buzz amongst consumers and the travel trade – both excited about the chance to enjoy a spectacular new Sandals resort in a fantastic destination. With construction plans on schedule, excitement is mounting and driven by a robust marketing campaign, Sandals LaSource is being showcased on the international stage.
      Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart, Chairman of Sandals Resorts International, commented, “We’re thrilled at the response we’re receiving from both guests and the trade. Sandals LaSource Grenada is seeing the best pre-launch sales figures of any resort in our company.”

  31. “With construction plans on schedule, excitement is mounting and driven by a robust marketing campaign, Sandals LaSource is being showcased on the international stage.”


    I wonder if those words resonate in the empty skulls of some people.

  32. wait in every country business fail u guys act as if Barbados alone have business failures ,even countries fail, the hotel industry is not immune to business failure, if these owners invest in their stock sufficiently they would reap substantial rewards enough to keep them thriving in rainy days, this a free market and volatility and unforeseen circumstances are inevitable, nothing is guarantee .it is up to owners to pull out all stops to make sure their business thrive, in a capitalist system the market determines not govt. the most the govt can do is give a helping hand but can’t hold both hands at the same time. the failures would go and new and different enterprises would replaced them ,nothing surprising or nothing alarming. like everything else in life the good seeds when properly nourished survive ,the undernourished fall by the wayside, govt can”t be expected to be the daddy of all.

    • Good morning Islandgal. You got the appointment for your plastic surgery yet? I could recommend an excellent specialist. He’s been known to do miracles and you need one.

  33. @ islandgal246 | August 9, 2013 at 12:17 AM |
    “Jesus Chrict AC I can’t believe that you are still hammering this thread! You are like a pit bully!”

    More like a pit(iful) bully!

  34. You got the appointment for your plastic surgery yet?

    The one that did a botched job on you and your wife? No thank you. As Amused said she nor you can’t hold a candle next to me. I pity the poor people who are members of your union. Going by your conduct here I am surprised that you haven’t been indicted for sexual harassment. You and Leroy exhibit the same predatory traits. Those women who are members of your union and read this blog,I am sure you are not well respected by them. As I said before you are sadly lacking sex appeal and even my dog won’t even bark at you. You remind me of a pervert, didn’t someone refer to you as one on BU?

  35. Cease and settle Islandgal
    Cease and settle
    There is a time when enough is enough. Chill out and cool yuh head -Please !

  36. Hi bajanlucians nothing good happening of recent in ST.lucia .as a matter of fact i just returned from that sister islands but if one asked me if i would reside their permanaetly .well u guesed… anyhow i like the food. but home sweet home is my place of preference.

  37. ac,
    thank you for adding to the St. Lucia arrival numbers. And there is me thinking that you would support the Barbadian economy by taking a Staycation. How wrong we can be about people.

  38. @Adrian Loveridge | August 9, 2013 at 2:44 PM |

    Adrian, we are surprised you weren’t profoundly aware of ac’s deep hypocrisy.
    Not putting her money where her nasty Bajan mouth ‘lies’ is par for her course.

    Now you can take with a pound of salt everything coming out of that windbag.
    Hopefully she would stop allowing herself to be used as the DLP BU attack dog against you leaving just Carson the racist.

    Watch and see how she waxes lyrically about the brilliant soundness of next Tuesday’s chest thumping about things previously announced but never implemented including the recently announced 10 point rescue plan for the tourism industry.
    But then she might just surprise us and take another staycation away from BU compliments of P&Q for exposing her to the light of truth.

    BTW, Adrian in the June 2012 budget the following proposals were announced to:

    “Establish a “Hotel Refurbishment, Energy Efficiency and Food
    Production Fund” as part of its investment portfolio. The fund will
    initially be capitalized with $18million of the NIS surpluses. For the
    next twelve months, in every month where the NIS earns a surplus of
    more than $10M, $1M of that surplus will be directed to further
    capitalization of the fund.
    A further $50M of financing will be provided from the receipts of the Government’s divestment programme for a total fund of $80M.”

    “50 million dollars will go to a Hotel Refurbishment and $10M to the
    National Alternative Energy.”

    “The “Hotel Refurbishment, Energy Efficiency and Food Production Fund” will
    have a board comprised of two members from the NIS, two members of BTII,
    two members from the Enterprise Growth Fund and a representative each from
    the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Agriculture. The
    board will have the mandate to commission analyses of proposals and decide
    on the proposals that will be funded.”

    Can you tell us Adrian if the proposals directly dealing with the hotel refurbishment sector have been advancing to the satisfaction of the industry?

  39. Miller,

    Sadly I cannot.
    It is the subject of the next Tourism MATTERS column and the continued lack of implementation. I suppose next Tuesday, it will be repeated again and we will wait another year for any progress.

  40. Miller said:

    Hopefully she would stop allowing herself to be used as the DLP BU attack dog against you leaving just Carson the racist.


    Carson has been declawed and defanged.

  41. Given the history of Four Seasons, can I take bets please on how long it will be before Heywoods becomes a working operation again? The Sandals LaSource experience shown above has indicated how stupid it is to try and do something yourself when experts all around are ready and willing to do it for you. Sealy has claimed that we can’t wait the length of time it takes for a major chain to re-furbish Heywoods. My bet is that under the current plan we will not see the first visitor staying there for at least three years, so what’s the difference? Any takers?

  42. @ Peltdownman | August 9, 2013 at 4:38 PM |

    That is one bet where the odds are far more remote than those of winning the Euromillions lottery.
    As you said, given what took place with the Four Seasons project and the government’s current and projected fiscal emasculation we can’t see how this property can ever be upgraded for accommodation in the foreseeable future unless a cartel foreign investors can take over the property on a 100 year lease arrangement at peppercorn rent with the investors upgrading and running it under a well known brand name with a private beach, casino and private club.

    In the absence of such an extremely ‘laissez faire do-as-you-please’ operational framework it is almost impossible to see how this property can be resuscitated to rival the Port Ferdinand.
    According to its principals Port Ferdinand is expected to provide accommodation along with its marina facilities (spelling the death of the proposed Pierhead competitor) to hundreds of high net worth visitors at any one time and employing about 1,000 locals within three years.

    Clearly this upscale development just north of would take precedence over the ‘sunken’ Almond Beach Resort project and would be entitled to great ‘whatever you want’ concessions including private gaming facilities.
    Just remember the owners of Jada get what Bjorn wants and demands. Who pays the political campaign financing piper always call the tunes. Ask Leroy Parris!

  43. WOW boy Adrian you are brazen ., sending me a thank you note for adding to ST,Lucia tourist numbers Wuh Dam you jump right ahead of the minister , or is it his job you are after, Boy some dawgs surely know how to bite,

  44. ac, when exactly did you travelled to St. Lucia? And where did you stay? When did you return to Barbados?

    ac, you have been here blogging away everyday, criticizing St. Lucia at every opportunity; ac, you never left Barbados; you are a LIAR.

  45. ‘He (the PM) further stated that he was very pleased to hear from the Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy that the visitor figures looked very good during this Crop Over season’
    So can YOU explain again David, how it is possible for an intelligent blogmaster NOT to see that the end is near…?

    Here we have a PM that is EASILY the most suitable practicing politician to hold the post at this time…

    …and who ALSO clearly qualifies to be called “DAFT” as per the colloquial English meaning… “He was told that Crop Over generates $85 million and no one has questioned it..(news report).” – (SO OBVIOUSLY IT IS A FACT AND IS MEANINGFUL…)

    …he must be the ONLY one who don’t know how much shiite Sealy does talk…..

    And you continue to wrestle with “possible solutions” from these people…?

    When you ready to to explore the epistemology of the whole thing,…check in with Bushie about the BBE reality… 🙂

  46. Beleaguered Tourism Sector

    What Beleaguered Tourism Sector?

    In a March 8, 2015, Advocate article dated titled Sealy: Increasing room stock must be looked at seriously, Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy said that hotel stock must be addressed.

    “Many of our hoteliers are quite comfortable with the arrangements they have in the United Kingdom and they don’t always make inventory available for European operators, so we also have to make sure as well that they are with us because we do not want to be out there lobbying for increased business and then we simply do not have the room stock,” he said.

    Pointing to the record number of visitors to the island during this winter season, Sealy explained that this clearly illustrated the need to increase the number of rooms available.

    “We have just come out of a winter where it was near, if not impossible, to get a room anywhere in Barbados, so we have to continue to address the inventory question and making sure we get it at the right price point,” he stressed.

    Business is so good potential visitors cannot book a room because they are all sold out?

    Talk cheap, but building new rooms is not cheap.

    Where is the financing going to come from to build this new rooms.

    From the banks?

    Based on the recent Globe and Mail story “Trouble in Paradise: Inside Canadian banks’ billion-dollar Caribbean struggle” the banks’ loan portfolios are weighted down with impaired or non-performing loans after years of reckless lending to the tourism sector.

    Does the Minister believe the banks are going to turn on the taps again because of the “record number of visitors to the island during this winter season”?
    It will take more than one season of “record numbers” restore the banks’ confidence in the tourism sector.

    In a recent Nation article “Beaches resort start delayed”, Butch said SANDALS RESORTS INTERNATIONAL’S proposed Beaches hotel in St Peter will not be starting this year.

    Could it be that delay is because the banks are not prepared to extend financing to Mr. Marketing Might to build the 426 room Beaches Resort at Heywoods.

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