Professor Sir Hilary Beckles on Panel to Discuss West Indies Cricket in London

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Sir Hilary Beckles, pro-vice-chancellor, University of the West Indies

Sir Hilary Beckles, pro-vice-chancellor, University of the West Indies

Eminent historian and academic, Barbadian Professor Sir Hilary Beckles is due to sit on a special panel to discuss West Indies Cricket in London. The current pro-vice-chancellor at the University of the West Indies (UWI) and former board director of the West Indies Cricket Board is due to be in London on Saturday 28th September 2013 at the Hilton Park Lane Hotel.

Sir Hilary, having been involved in the organisation of the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup is also accredited with assisting in the establishment of the university cricket team and later the Combined Campuses and Colleagues team, is expected to deliver a presentation on his brainchild the High Performance Centre (HPC).

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44 thoughts on “Professor Sir Hilary Beckles on Panel to Discuss West Indies Cricket in London

  1. This is the kind of lionization that develops an ignorance-based world. Rooted in industrial education, Hilary Beckles has failed to make any real contribution, especially in his so-called center for ‘excellence. In nearly five years, at least three not one ‘excellent’ player has been produced in his industrial park on the hill.

    • @Pacha

      What is missing from the Hilary Plan is a professional league for the guys to hone skills both mental and play.

  2. These people have been for 25 years trying to commodity the cricketing genius that first was represented by Worrell and then Lloyd and after them Richards within a modern plantation organizational structure, but that genius cannot be manufactured within an industrial, Eurocentrix, post-colonial setting for a number of reasons. These include the self-determined mindsets of all three of its fathers, as mentioned above. Beckles will have us mass produce artistic and cultural expressions as modern day slaves and within a organizational structure in which he is massa.

    • @Pacha

      Agree with you. These guys (Worrell, LLoyd, Sobers, Richards) regarded cricket as more than a game; it was their life. Today it is about making money only. There is no passion, there is no embodiment of the West Indian spirit.

  3. David

    Something has always been missing and always will be. You David has just given him the reason to shake down Sagicor for another 5MM a year. This fucking man is leading this country down a self-serving, self-interested road to nowhere.

  4. David
    There is no difference in our minds between Beckles and Sobers. While we will agree that Sobers is the best cricketer of all times, all times, he will never be a national hero for us nor and he cannot be associated with the work done by the three we mentioned. In short Sobers was and is a lackey.

    • @Pacha

      You are too harsh. We are discussing Sobers in the context of how he played and what he did for West Indies cricket. They all made contributions.

  5. David
    It was Beckles and the other criminals in the WICB(C) that stop West Indies cricket genius by dealing with Haynes and Richards the way they did in the early 1990’s and by transferring the power Worrell, Lloyd and Richards had to a bureaucracy – the Board. with the help of a traitor, Richie Richardson. West Indies cricket will never be good again. You could look into the eyes of current players and see, the lack of fighting spirit, the absence of the warrior creed of Richards – its just a job mentality. This is Beckles at work.

  6. David
    As editor, we always want to demure to your judgement. However, we are talking about a certain current of leadership. Sobers had nothing to do with that. He used to let the white people beat us all the time to play good boy whereas Worrell, Lloyd and Richards used to grind them in the ground, mercilessly. These men played cricket like war and that is what we want again. That minset is not located within the UWI or WICB(C). Sobers and Beckles are apologists.

  7. Pacha

    Your 8.44 post is spot on. And I’ll add: to shake down UWI to serve Sagicor.The man has an ego as large as Asia but point this out to him through the media and he threatens to sue. Poor fella.

    • Are we saying that Sagicor employs a bunch of incompetents who allow Hilary and the UWI to manipulate its philanthropy policy?

  8. David
    If we had our own way we would turn West Indies cricket on its head. The players would be boss and the board and admin would be the servants of the players. The 6MM people of the Caribbean will be given perennial shares in the cricket under a cooperative organisational structure – similar to credit unions but with greater power sharing etc. Beckles believes the opposite. He like the closely held clique for he and his boys.

  9. David
    When Richards and Lloyd were captain nobody could not drop any of they men without prior approval and that is how it should be. This is the only structure that has served us well. Even Worrell used to drop people who got plays because they were white but could not play any cricket.

  10. Pacha playing hard ball cricket tonight. Look, all that I am concerned about is that there is a real fear that parents are going to have to fund the tertiary level training of their kids because of a number of fcuked up, pie in the sky, costly initiatives by Beckles … and he gets a free-be to London … Fcuk Dat

  11. @ Pachamama | July 8, 2013 at 9:33 PM
    “If we had our own way we would turn West Indies cricket on its head. The players would be boss and the board and admin would be the servants of the players.”

    Well said, Pacha! That sums up everything wrong with WI cricket; having the cart before the horse.
    The players are really the main shareholders and the Board and its executive are just the “employees” of the real stars of the game along with their fans and customers.

    BTW, you should give poor Sir Garry Sobers a pass. It just happened that he was naturally blessed with an exceedingly outstanding, if not unique, combination of cricketing skills.

    This intellectually simple fella only achieved a primary school education and left school at 14 years spending most of his time pursuing a passion for sports whether football, basketball or cricket. He was conditioned by the social mores of the time of 1940/50’s Barbados where emulating the white man especially from England was the hallmark of success and social advancement. Remember the many intellectually degrading jokes about G S in the 60’s & 70’s?
    Please forgive him for he knew no better at the time!

    But despite what ever you say he is still a world renowned Barbadian icon second only in overall popularity to Rihanna.
    Sir Hilary will never come a billion miles close to Sir Garry in achievements, success or popular adoration either locally or internationally.

  12. Pacha

    Yes. Al the way.

    Now consider his patronizing piece on Chris Gayle in the Nation written as a lexicographer’s wildest dream – but saying very little other than ‘Gayle…you’re in again because you’re scoring runs’. And this was the ‘Dudus’ of a year ago. Actually I wondered whether it figured as a form of damages for the defamation.

    and BAF

    Yes, it would be much better if the fella worked at getting UWI out from penury instead of broadcasting himself as the answer to a cricketing dream….from beyond the boundary…..picking up directorships here and there as a child picks wild flowers..He may be Principal but principles are totally alien to him other than the principle of ‘SELF’.

  13. @ The Miller
    On Gary Sobers, our hearts are inclined to agree with you but our minds tell us differently. Sobers came up under Worrell. Worrell left him in charge and nurtured him. We are not convinced that an industrial education is a necessary precondition of leadership. Sobers saw the white people give Worrell hell, and it made no impression on him? Speaking as ones who have had ‘education’ at the highest level, we say it is vastly overrated. In a thought experiment, we would contend that, Sobers would not have been a great cricketer if he had an education at the UWI. In over 50 years these people have not produced a single genius, like Sobers. However, we understand your instinct to defend Sobers.We have also accepted that he is the greatest cricketer, maybe sportsman, the world has ever seen. That is as far as we would go. How can a man who came up under Worrell be such a lackey?

  14. @ David
    Beckles had a team in the regional/local tournament for more than 5 years and although he steals good players from elsewhere purportedly to mis-educate them, the UWI has not been able to get one single player in the west indies team in all these years, honestly, and for more than a few matches. That should tell you that his cricket project has been a dismal failure. And the UWI has better facilities and resources than anywhere else in the Caribbean. We say we are republican, we don’t recognize knighthood. If fact we tend to think that anybody with a knighthood should be declared ‘an enemy of the people’ and dealt with accordingly.

  15. Robert Ross @12:13 a.m. ” it would be much better if the fella worked at getting UWI out from penury”

    How d ass UWI can get out of penury when those who have benefited from a “free” UWI education and now earning the big money still want the same “freeness” for their children?

    I say let the poor minded phuckers pay for their children’s UWI education (they working for hundreds of thousands a year and still behaving as though they are $150 a week maids and gardeners)

  16. @ Pachamama | July 9, 2013 at 6:23 AM

    “How can a man who came up under Worrell be such a lackey?”

    I agree with you that Worrell was the greatest example of black power and black enfranchisement of his time who totally manifested it in his consummate leadership style which magnificently motivated and successfully influenced captains like Lloyd and Richards in that game of war that made Caribbean people both at home and in the Diaspora feel very proud.
    The role played by the W I cricket team under those guys’ captaincies brought significant cultural pride and racial confidence and a feeling of equality to their former colonial masters both on the field and off especially on the streets of London, Manchester Leeds and Birmingham.

    CLR James died a poor but supremely proud man in England just because of the unparalleled exploits and successes of Worrell, Lloyd and Richards and those soldiers both senior and junior that served under them.

    But again Sobers is/was a product of his time and prevailing social environment. His much more educated counterparts in the political arena have themselves not done any better in being lackeys. Just look at the current social and economic state of the same countries which produced the same Worrell, Lloyd and Richards and tell us if we should not hang our heads in shame to see what these so-called political captains have done to their countries.
    These pimps masquerading as leaders have sold their own black people back into social, cultural and economic serfdom if not slavery.

    Where are the political role models equivalent to our Frankie, Clive & Viv?

  17. Hateful! is an understatement for pachaman. the guy is mean spirited and intolerant only fools would follow his advice even if he was right. to state that a m gary sobers who grew up poor and asked nothing of his country but gave his best for his country and asked nothing in return is a “lackey” goes beyond the bounds of reason. If he made mistakes during his heyday one could understand given the racial enviroment of that time. his contribution should be applauded and not be smeared with smallmindness.


    Professor Sir Hilary Beckles on Panel to Discuss West Indies Cricket in London,,,???Eminent historian and academic, Barbadian Professor Sir Hilary Beckles????

    Well he the Best to ask about Plantation Deeds, Not a word???

    Sir Hilary Beckles ever heard of Violet Beckles or Beatrice Henry or COW? Ask him who own what,and when and what happen, Eminent historian and academic…

    Being Ignorant of History Can Hurt You,
    Let Us Know the truth ? Where are the Plantation Deeds Of Barbados?

  19. But wait, who is paying for Sir Hillary to go on another expensive vacation? I thought the university is flat broke? I check the rates at this hotel and rates per night start at 333 pounds per night and if you know Hillary Beckles, he would not be going into any single room but a suite.

    To achieve what? Just a whole lot of long talk! My lord, these people, eh???


    All of them want to be head of some thing , to travel and look and live big on the back of the Poor.
    More Fraud, First class plane ride also,
    If they want to meet they can use SKPYE

  21. David
    See what we’ve been saying about this west indies team – they are soft punks. Can’t even get a place in the final after barely winning the first 2 matches. This is the deeper failure of Beckles, the UWI high perfeormance centre and the Board. FAILURE.

    • @Pacha

      The biggest scandal is the fact Barbados is to be captained by the franchise player Pollard in the upcoming CPL. When one thinks of the cricket history of Barbados it is a stab in side. Where is the cricket going?

      Perhaps Sir Hilary could have delivered his contribution via Skype to recognize the scare resourced of the time.

  22. David
    You have to understand that these people don’t care about austerity, for themselves, that is only for the ‘ordinary’ people. People like Beckles will always make the best decision that serve corporate interests. The UWI is essentially a corporation funded by government.

  23. “How do you rate Beckles’ role in the Mutual Affair.”
    …a brilliant example of self service.


    2 votes for SKYPE,

  25. Wait! Anybody see the kind of wicket these complete cu*tholes at the WICB(C) have a final of a one dayer being played on. These idiots don’t cease to amaze us. We have not only failed to make the final, we also failed in making it a grand final, with high scores and packed audiences. The whole structure needs decapitation.

  26. We seem to remember that the West Indies are the only cricket playing nation which has had to cancel a test match for an unplayable pitch. Where is the decency and national honour of which you speak with a fork tongue, Beckles.

    • @Pacha

      Sir Frank on afternoon talk show has called for Sir Hilary’s house to be audited as a beneficiary of subsidies/transfers.

  27. West Indies Cricketers are Weak in the Mind

    This is the same weakness that permeates all of Caribbean society. It is no accident that at the time we had global dominance in cricket we had relatively good leaders. Correlation does not necessarily mean causation but the emergence of an improved political class may have implications for the minds space of West Indies cricketers and the results on and off the field. The UWI is implicit in this generalized failure.

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