Sir Hilary Beckles Trapped Leg Before Wicket

Sir hilary Beckles

Sir Hilary Beckles

Sir Hilary Beckles is in the news again. Not content with feeding off a rich legacy created by his role in the Mutual Affair, he continues to feel the need to assuage his insatiable ego for the bright lights. If one is to appraise Sir Hilary’s post-Mutual Affair performance many may suggest he has done well. BU believes he has been forced to be less controversial in recent years given his current role of begging the private sector for money. As Principal of the UWI, Cave Hill his primary role is to raise money to build out his vision for Cave Hill. We all know who control the money flow in Barbados and they will not want to listen to the commentary of a Hilary of the 90s.

During a recent presentation of the Sir Frank Worrell Memorial Lecture in St Kitts Sir Hilary provoked the wrath of Jamaicans – Barbadians seem to be getting good at it. Here is the extract from his speech which did the damage and eventually coerced an apology.

What are the images we have of West Indies cricket and our heroes? Well, the images before us are as follows, that Frank Worrell is the Father of the Nation, ah, Sobers is the King of Cricket, ah, Clive Lloyd is the Statesman, ah, Richards is the General of the army, am, Brian Lara is the Prince, and Chris Gayle is the Don. And, and these these, these are very interesting images ah, in, in, in , indeed because the the movement from the father to the Don and, and and those who follow him and his cohort in the team do relate to him as their Don, and he has brought it is said, the Don-manship into how ‘tings’ operate in the team, and what the West Indies Board is trying to do at the moment is to uproot this Don-manship out of the culture in much the same way that the Jamaican people are trying to uproot Dudus from their politics. So the comparisons are very interesting indeed.”

It is interesting the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) has subsequently issued a statement indicating that Sir Hilary spoke in a private capacity. Since when a Director of a Board (WICB) is given leave to speak publicly to any issues which fall within the purview of the Board? Sir Hilary’s excuse that he has academic license to speak to such matters is a weak one. This is why leadership is in crisis in Barbados and the Caribbean. Sir Hilary should have proffered his resignation as soon as he made the gaffe and let the WICB decide if to accept or reject it. To continue to occupy a seat on the WICB Board of Directors will only serve to leak oil on already trouble waters. A person of Sir Hilary’s station should have been aware of the insensitivity of the remark long before he made it although BU agrees with the statement. However given his positions as a WICB Director and Principal of the UWI, Cave Hill it was an asinine statement to make in the circumstances.

Sir Hilary has engineered a gaffe of colossal proportion, being an educator he should always grasp the opportunity to set an example for his students.  The decent thing to do is to press home his apology with a resignation letter from the WICB Board of Directors.

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  1. Nah man David. Give Sir Hillary his academic license. And to besides he say “sorry” It take a big man to say sorry. So leave he alone now.

  2. Personally I don’t think that Gayle has been an asset to Caribbean cricket but when one uses the word “Don” and then conjures up Dudus in any description of Gayle that is a prescription for trouble with Jamaicans.

    Beckles has apologized but given the recent contretemps over the Myrie affair no wonder Jamaicans are mad.

    I would advise Bajans to postpone any immediate plans to visit Jamaica or if you have to visit tell them in your best Trini accent that you are a Trini, that you come from Tunapuna.

    That should buy you time.

  3. Sir Hilary seems to be gaffe prone these days; I suppose that is what comes of a greedy man, trying to dip his wick in everything going. It is time that Sir Hilary be told to stay on the Cave Hill turf (LOL) and don,t venture into areas that remain outside his academic purview. Is there nothing more meaningful to be done at Cave Hill than his toxic literary analogies into West Indies cricket.

  4. History is essential to one’s life and progress and one of the things that Sir Hilary is great at is history. Over the past years as we watched Gayle grow in the world of cricket he became for some our hero for he was giving it to the WICB which for years had appeared to be untouchable.
    He was the man. We talked about him and we smiled and slapped hands. He was the Don. My feeling is that some people are ashamed of the recent events in Jamaica and the status of Dudus, the status he held, the fact that so many were willing to stand and die for him. That is a part of Jamaican history that can not be erased. Just as Beckles as the rebel in Barbadian history will not be erased by the wicked comments being made avout him in this blog. Sir Hilary’s legacy goes far beyond the structures at Cave Hill. It goes to the hearts and minds of generations of Barbadians who were given a vision of themselves, a new purpose for living and a direction for future generations. He too would have been called a Don if that wa the language of the time. He has apologised to all let ua drop it. Let us look for real battles and slay real enemies instead of trying to destroy those who have given so much to so many people and who have done no wrong. Ps The comments form the WICB speaks a lot and that is why we do need Gayles and Sir Hilary as rebels and dons. The spineless

  5. @Nalita

    From where Sir Hilary sits he should have anticipated post-Myrie that his analogy of Gayle Dudus would have been inappropriate as a Barbadian not to mention for the Jamaicans. He should have known that as a Director on the WICB, the policy making organ he was operating ultra vires. We have to hold our leaders accountable, his students are watching.

    BTW if you think the comments on BU are wicked you should read the Jamaica Gleaner or listen to the talk shows.

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  8. @David. I am not going to get into caribben people “family quarrels” because for most part it tends to bring out the worst in some of us. But let me ask you this question: What has happen to cricket in Barbados.? For a country that use to be the cricket factory of the caribbean for years … and then all of a sudden we are struggling to find world class players is beyond me. What went wrong?

    To tell you the truth, I have stopped follow WI cricket since the the late 90s, so I have no emotion attachement to the game per se.As a matter of fact the only sport I now folllow is track and field.But after watching the recent documentay: Fire in Babylon, I now yearn to see WI cricket pick themself up from the basement floor of world cricket to the top where they once was king.

  9. @40 acres

    Indeed, we can try to improve the standard by beefing up all the ancillary support at Cave Hill but until the territorial bullshit is dealt with we are wasting time.

  10. Off topic David but would this work in Barbados? Perhaps the Invest Barbados officers in Toronto could make an offer to the “Investors”.

    “In a move hailed as the biggest rooftop solar energy project in Canada, the Toronto District School Board has approved a $445 million deal to add solar panels to almost every school roof over the next 20 years at no cost to taxpayers.
    Moreover, the company that will install the suncatchers will spend up to $121 million to replace old roofs and give the board a share of the profits expected from selling the solar energy.”

  11. What are your thoughts on a young bright and very talented Barbadian Opening Batsman in Kraigg Brathwaite making the team tomorrow ?

    This young man has the talent and the brain to be playing at the highest level and surely he can do no worse than Devon Smith.
    My congrats go out to him and I wish him great things for his career.

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  13. @Hants

    A project was mentioned in the local media recently, a collaboration between the ministry of transportation and works and Solar Dynamics. Cannot recall the exact details but it highlighted a government building retrofitted with solar panels. Will try to find the details when time allows. Conceptually it seems doable and government is the largest user of electricity so it makes sense as far as cost savings goes and leading by example.

  14. @Wishing in Vain

    It is a short 2 test series why rush him in a situation where he does not have the time to settle? Leave the winning squad intact, why breakup the team dynamic in a brief test series?

  15. However time will tell if he gets in or not but I really have no problem having him come into the limelight now.
    I think Devon Smith would be surprised to hold his place, how much worse can this young man do score 50 ?

  16. Sir Hilary is an arrogant individual who seems to think that all West Indies cricketers should either be UWI graduates or persons of that ilk. I heard him speak and sometimes his utterance borders on the type of person who has achieve beyond what was expected of him and that he is now lord above other persons with his upbringing. Yes, he have said sorry but does he really mean it or is it just a means of calming the waters so that he can remain on his lofty heights?

  17. @ the scout

    Man you beginning to sound like me …. Wa it is dah you drinkin’?
    Talk on mah brotha …!

  18. Scout is spot on. It is a shame that Sir Hilary, having achieved so much academically, would make a disparaging comparison about anyone during such a forum. To apologise at this time is not acceptable. I just hope he’s not planning on going to Jamaica soon.

  19. Somebody should remind Sa hilary that the difference between him and an illiterate is luck and opportunity.

    The sad thing about his comments is that there was no good logical reason for him to denigrate Chris Gayle.

    He should be more concerned with the failure of the WICB to manage players with diverse backgrounds and temperaments.

  20. Looks like Kraigg Brathwaite will get his chance tomorrow, he is in the squad at the expense of Smith. Unlikely they would open with a middle order batsman although possible.
    The groundsman promises a pitch for the faster bowlers, we will have to wait and see if they deliver.

  21. Kraigg Brathwaite is the best prospective TEST MATCH opening batsman in the Caribbean.

    Some people have written that he scores too slowly but anyone who knows Test cricket understands that openers need to “occupy the crease” as long as possible.

    I hope he succeeds.

  22. It is rumored that Sir Hilary was a dumb fellow when he was at C.P. Congrats to him for his achievements but shame on him for trying to make people believe that he was the brain child of the north. It was only migrating to Britain that I understand he excelled, everyone does not get that break. I challenge Sir Hilary to come out and publicly say give his autobiography, then he would prove he’s a man, when he can talk about his progression from rags to riches, from going to school in Floyd,s “pickup” to driving his own BMW or Benzs whatever. That would more inspire young people to excel than him trying to place himself on a plateau and look down scornfully on other people.

  23. This is the same scout who, on another thread says he has nothing to prove to any one, only his God?
    Now you got the balls to challenge someone to explain their life?
    What hypocrisy!!

  24. “It is rumored that Sir Hilary was a dumb fellow when he was at C.P”

    In my estimation he is still a “dumb fellow”. PhD’s are achieved through discipline and effort, not through intellect. The flaw in our way of doing things is that we place these academics on pedestals that are not designed to carry the weight of their egos. Most of them are non-productive and over paid …!

  25. Wait Technician you like you in a mood to expose hypocrites tonight. I better keep my ass quiet before you come at me bo’ …

  26. @Scout

    It is rumored that Sir Hilary was a dumb fellow when he was at C.P. Congrats to him for his achievements but shame on him for trying to make people believe that he was the brain child of the north. It was only migrating to Britain that I understand he excelled
    This is the old Bajan tactic of trying to drag someone down by claiming that they were “duncy” at school. Some people leave Barbados as poor students and flourish under other systems; some people are not receptive to learning at 14 but buckle down at 20.

    The folks who spread that “rumour” what are they doing today? Don’t judge a man according to his high school achievements of 40 years ago; judge him by what he has accomplished in his life after high school.

    I was at school with many “bright” people and their achievements pale in comparison to others in my form who were not known to be “bright” but whose names are well known in many spheres of Barbadian life.

  27. BAFBFP

    I can but I won’t, I am not ready to come in from the cold yet.. What response did you give Bimbro when he asked for your occupation?

  28. Sargeant
    You missed the boat, I’m do criticising Sir Hilary for achieving, in fact I’m proud to see him elevate, migrating to Britain was the best thing that culd have happen to him. Just think of the many persons in this country that would have taken their education more seriously had they gotten the break Sir Hilary got and the experience I heard that he encountered that caused him to settle down. Today many young children, because of free education, is seeing school as a breeze and wasting their youthful years away, that’s why if Sir Hilary wants to make his contribution to the barbadian society, he should step down from his lofty heights and give his autobiography and experience in his upbringing, had he remain in Barbados he might have been just an artisan or a truck driver. He needs to exhibit himself as a mentor to young people and this would cause them to strive to reach that position or simply to better themselves. You Sargeant need to read comments make with an open mind.

  29. @Scout

    I have an open mind, it’s your’s that’s closed to common sense and forward thinking. The issue is whether Beckles comments were fair and appropriate not what kind of high school student he was a few decades ago.

    Comments like those are reflective of a particular Bajan mindset that should have gone the way of the Dodo but unfortunately remain alive through the efforts of some people..

    Stop dealing with “what ifs”; he didn’t remain in Barbados he left and took advantage of the educational opportunities afforded him. From what I can see he is doing his best to apply his experience and knowledge to the benefit of other young Bajans.

    One can debate about his approach but his high school achievements is only noteworthy to others who take special delight in spreading small minded gossip that disparage those who have actually made a contribution to society.

  30. No Hilary !The images are before YOU !,not us !You can’t tell what is before me or before others.You did the right thing by apologising.Furthermore ,Lara,that self centred hack,could never be a prince in my books.

  31. Some Don like behaviour by Chris Gayle?

    Chris Gayle in trouble after roughing up local reporter

    The former West Indies skipper and current batting rock-star of Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), Chris Gayle, has irked the wrath of the Indian media by manhandling a local TV channel reporter who tried to film the legend while he was shopping yesterday.

    Considering the reporter’s act as an intrusion to his privacy, Gayle got infuriated and pushed the reporter down. He also tried to snatch his camera and abused him too.

    The burly West Indian cricketer often avoids media in his off-field life. After the reporter kept chasing him around a shopping mall at Brigade Road, Gayle lost his patience.

    Adding fuel to fire, Gayle’s bodyguards allegedly assaulted the media crew and started beating them in full public view. When the matter turned to be more intense, some people came to rescue the media men.

    Gayle did not even apologize to the victims and fled away from the scene.

    The affected journalists have approached the City Police Commissioner, Jyothiprakash Mirji, who has forwarded the case to the Director General Central Division. However, Mirji said, “Action will be initiated on whatever the crew gives in writing”.

    The analysts suggest that Gayle has stirred up a hornet’s nest by picking a row with the hyperactive Indian media. Gayle may not get court penalties but he will get media attention.

    Most of Gayle’s fans are surprised to know how such a cool-minded player committed such an aggressive act.

    There is no denying the fact that Gayle is hardly seen laughing, screaming, and, jumping on-field. He always plays with complete tranquillity and rarely speaks.

    Now, the RCB management is trying to have patch up with the media and settle the issue as Gayle is their most precious asset in this tournament.

    Joining the IPL-4 race midway, Gayle helped score seven victories for his team in a row. He is the only player of the tournament to have three tons so far. Moreover, he is the top-scorer of the tournament with 436 runs. He also has the highest average of 72.66.

  32. Prof. Beckles’ is a senior and highly respected academic in the world, but I find his basic argument wanting in this case. I ahve always been taught that correlation does not equal causation. The fact that two things happen together does not mean that one caused the other. Beckles seems to point to some correlations that I find questionable and then project causation.

    1. Beckles seems to be arguing that Caribbean cricket went into decline as the economies of the Caribbean went into decline.

    One of the advantges of old age is that you see a lot of things happoen. If my recollection is correct the Jamaican economy went into crisis under Michael Manley in the 1970s. I seem to recall the Guyanese economy going into crisis under Burnham in the 1970s. I also seem to recall that the Trinidadian economy went into crisis under Chambers in the early 1980s. I am not aware of any sustained or prolonged economic crisis in Barbados or the OECS.

    Again, I seem to recall that the 1970s, 1980s and early 1980s were glory days for West indies cricket as well as the early 1990s. I am yet to be persuaded as to this strong correlation between the performance of Caribbean economies and the performance of the cricket team.

    If the Owen Arthur crowd is to be believed, the period 1995 to 2007 was a period of economic nirvana in Barbados, yet it must be the period to date when Barbados has produced the fewest world class cricketers. Again, I fail to see the correlation between the economy and the cricket team.

    2. I also cannot recall globalization as we now use the term being the major economic issue in the 1970s and 1980s. Beckles has failed to make a cogent and persuasive argument linking globalization to the economic challenges of the 1970s and 1980s.

    I question the correlations and I am yet to see the causative arguments. I remain unpersuaded.

  33. I missed that article it was a good critique of the cricket issues. Exactly how CCC benefits WI cricket is far from clear.

  34. Seems to me Tony Cozier has actually criticized Hillary Beckles … I mean he actually did it … Man that is amazing, a journalist actually having the balls to challenge the status quo ’bout hey … David Ellis yuh wuss, tek note

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