Egypt – In the Service of the Great Shatan

Submitted by Pachamama
Supporters of Mr Morsi marched to the headquarters of the Republican Guard, where they believe he is being held

Supporters of Mr Morsi marched to the headquarters of the Republican Guard, where they believe he is being held

In this article we will argue that despite the best efforts of the peoples of the planet we are all being brought to the service of the Prince of Darkness. To us, it matters not whether we you are Christian, Jew, Muslim – whether you are Buddhist, Hindu or Xango. It matter not whether you are anarchist, socialist or democrat. It matters not that you are monarchist, republican or globalist. It matters not whether you live in Barbados, Egypt or Syria. It matters not whether you live between the two rivers of Iraq, Afghanistan, Europe, North American, Africa or the Islands of the Caribbean. Whatever you are, where ever you are, ‘Shatan’ has its clinched iron fist firmly on your short and curly.

The evolving events in Egypt demonstrate that the ‘biggest Shatan’ is particularly cunning. It (he) has succeeded in dividing the Egyptian people in formations which are unhelpful to either side and merely serves its grander interests of divide and rule to maintain empire. Shatan, in the person of the United States is backing both sides in this contrived crisis. They have long supported the Muslim Brotherhood and indeed if we measure the performance of Morsi it will be clear that he pressurized the Palestinians more that Mubarak, destroyed more tunnels used to convey good to Gaza and supported the Takfari/Salafist/Wahabbi extremists in Syria and elsewhere – all this under the false flag of being the leader of an Islamist government. Morsi refused the demands of the ‘revolution’ for ending relationships with Israel, was obeisant to the destructive Washington Consensus policies that since 1991 have left a country that was once totally food secure on the brink of starvation. Morsi humbled the Great Egyptian nation to the conditionalities of the IMF and the World Bank, as agents of Shatan. He belittled a great nation by presenting its beggar’s bowl to the backward Qataris and Saudis, moneyed but useful idiots.  Together these represent the major forces at work in a Western plot to destabilize and maybe partition Egyptian territory and for that matter to reshape the world to secure empire’s survival. South Sudan is a case study but they will be many more.

We now know that Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey were in constant contact with the ‘coup plotters’, knew about the coup before hand and gave the final go-ahead. We may have problems with the Brotherhood government but it was freely elected in what observers have judged to be a fair election. We also know that the USA provides Egypt with about US$1.5 billion in ‘aide’, almost totally of a military nature, annually, pursuant to the Camp David Accords. We know that the military leader of this coup d’état was trained in the United States and given the history for coup plotting, we have seen from the alumni of the place formerly known as the School of the Americas, it is reasonable to maintain that the game plan was similar. This Shatan is dredged in the blood of over a million Iraqis based on a lie. It is this Shatan which is currently destroying the Arab Republic of Syria based on big lies. This is the Shatan which pretends that it loves and supports democracy when at home and abroad the reverse is true.

While the Pentagon, military intelligence and the CIA were supporting one side of this contrived conflict other organs of Shatan were aiding the other. These include NGO’s, the State Department and international law firms or lobbyists like Patton Boggs International. Anybody who has dealing with international business, at a serious level, well understands the landscape. We will demure from disclosing their close secrets, at this time. However, these other forces were coterminously aiding Mohamed Elbaradei, as George Soros’s blue eyed boy in Egypt, to get to power in Egypt through the blood of the Egyptian people. Of course, El- Baradei had to make certain promises, in private, that reversed earlier utterances and that generally agreed to subvert the will of the people once he were in power. The Open Society Foundations (OSF) of Soros had earlier identified El-Baradei as the man to serve Western interests in Egypt and had provided him with the resources so to do. His, is just one tentacle of a hidden demonic power structure which rules the world. The people can make a lot of noise but we are just chump. Soros and his people are the masters of the universe!

Shatan’s deceitfulness was clear in statements made by Obama once the coup was made public. While not even calling these events by their proper name, Shatan pretended to be innocent, made a faint appeal to its military plotters not to imprison Brotherhood members and lied about reviewing the annual aide given Egypt when it was already public knowledge that all the money for the present year was already received by the Egyptian military and no more would be payable until next calendar year. At the same time Shatan was using the Egyptian military to close more Gaza tunnels, be more of a security guard for Israel and had previously increased United States military presence in Sinai purportedly to monitor the border regions. What theatre? We are immersed in a tapestry of lies but this great Shatan.

So today we have Egyptians fighting Egyptians in cities large and small. We have the removal of a legitimate government by a coup to serve wider geo-political, geo-strategic interests. We have an Egyptian people, who developed mathematics and science while Europeans were still living in trees and painting their faces blue, being projected in a bloody, satanic game for Empire. A people divided, marginally, by religion, divided by the same satanic master who hides his left hand from the right. A people prepared to confront their brothers and sisters on the streets in the service of foreign interests. Global interests, which have no intentions of acceding to any of the popular demands. Demands which Shatan well knows can never be met and for which there has never been any intention of meeting.

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    • Egypt’s second revolt in two years. This is what happens when you try to transplant a Western democracy to satisfy geopolitical interest.

  1. Pachamama u stressing real bad!!!!!! Careful!! The Shatan will continue to live while the ants eat your bones!!!!!!!!


    There is no need to change the Master plan , for it worked then and will keep working , you have sell -outs and house niggas who want power , Any of them ,some where some how will be bought-out ,for the lives of their people.
    We know the Games of the Americans first hand , Why cant the Bajans see it , As so-called Bajan so-called leaders do the same nasty games.
    Not Me , Never was and Never be for sale ,

  3. I am still at a lost why it is not widely recognized that similar thing has taken place in our own backyard, Haiti, and Haiti continues to be a practicing member of Cariforum

  4. The Egyptians having rid themselves of one Dictator did not want to be saddled with another one so they demonstrated in the streets. The Army decided to take matters in its own hands and somehow it is the fault of the USA and the West.

    Different day same claptrap.

  5. and yes pachaman. let that be a warning to YOU, before you grab your rubber bullets and bullet proof vest with clinched fist in your dreamlike stupor posing as an army of one or maybe two pursuing or advocating an uprising among the natives being the best for solving our nations economy.

  6. There is much justification for the toppling of Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood.
    Their sole intention was to use the façade of democracy to ‘Islamathise” Egypt by introducing Sharia law and making that pluralistic republic a full Islamic State and taking that once proud country back to a 13th Century type of Europe instead of using the true Islam to project forward the country that brought knowledge and enlightenment to the World onto a path to prepare it for a new era of rebirth in the cycle of ages called the precession of the Sun.

    We cannot have a man in this era of science and technology darkening mankind’s trek to a greater understanding of himself and his true origins. Why should the world allow another philistine and fundamentalist religious ‘nutter’ to sully the name of the country that gave birth to the organized worship of Ra and created a mystique around the father of monotheism Akhenaten?

    Que sera, sera!

    • Have a read Sarge:

      The US refuses to call the event in Egypt a military coup as it would make their support of the country’s army, which ousted president Mohamed Morsi, a criminal act, Gerald Celente, Publisher of the Trends Journal, told RT.

      Egypt’s Islamists, who support the deposed president Morsi, are vowing further protests until the Muslim Brotherhood’s leader is restored to power.

      On Saturday, the violence saw 36 people killed and more than a thousand wounded in clashes between rival groups all across the country.

      Publisher of the Trends Journal, Gerald Celente, believes that Morsi was “another incompetent rising to the level of power, for which he was not suited for” and a new wave of bloody protests was just a matter of time for Egypt.

      Of other interest is the fact the US has the South Americans up in arms as a result of the Bolivian plane which was ‘forced’ down with the president onboard. The US needs to watch that its foreign policy is not beginning to take on a Bush like facade.

  7. @ Miller
    Ya simpleton too…. 🙂
    Don’t you get it?
    Morsi’s hands were tied. Just like Obama’s …just like Kamla’s….and just like Freundy’s…..and just like his successor’s will be WHOMEVER IT MAY BE….

    There are people (forces) behind the scenes who call the shots and they are working towards a COMPLETELY different agenda to the ones made public by these political aspirants…

    Someone above asked if the world can be that complicated…?

    Skippa, you ain’t HEAR complication yet….
    …Wuh wunna REALLY feel that this whole shebang is just here for a few people to eat food, have sex, grow old and die…? …..while countless others suffer, scrunt and waste away…?

    It IS complicated, but it can be as simple as you want it to be…..’cause where ignorance is bliss it IS FOLLY to dwell on the complexities.
    Suffice it to say that the challenges currently being faced by populations across our world are not being waged against flesh and blood, but against evil forces in high places.
    There is only one possible effective defence…..and it is not to be found in any particular leader, political philosophy, party or business acumen.

    It IS indeed complicated, with unbelievably HIGH stakes. …..High enough to justify unbelievable acts of cruelty, pain and suffering on whole populations…

    A true Annunaki would certainly know this Miller 🙂

  8. Americans are getting put on a slow burn now they proved themselves untrustworthy and unintelligent with their lies and mindless spies

  9. @David
    What do better? I followed your advice and read the piece but whether it is called a coup or not by the US or not has nothing to do with my original statement. The last few leaders of Egypt were Nasser,Sadat, Mubarak and Morsi, of those only Morsi can claim to have a plurality of the Electorate vote for him but aid was still flowing from the US when the others were in charge.

    The Muslim Brotherhood were not the only ones who were demonstrating against Mubarak in fact they were conspicuous by their absence but were better organized to take advantage of the chaos of the Elections. So what did Morsi do after the Election? He rammed a new Constitution down people’s throat which contained some of the same draconian elements as under the previous regime but under the guise of religion.

    BTW Morsi dismissed the leaders of the Army after his Election and appointed the present leadership so he got bitten by his own dogs.

  10. @ Sargeant
    “… Morsi dismissed the leaders of the Army after his Election and appointed the present leadership…”
    The Egyptian army and anyone who leads it are the “dogs” of the people who finance and arm that Army.
    Morsi can dismiss and appoint to his heart’s content. The strings are pulled by the financiers…. And those financiers are pursuing a Jewish agenda….thus the confusion in Egypt.

    …imagine being elected democratically with the expectation that you will be anti-Israel and PRO Palestine …only to find that all your strings are being pulled by global Jewish interests…..

    Morsi is probably relieved to be out of office….

  11. The political polarization in Egypt is no different than in Barbados, less current foreign backed violence. Both processes are unhelpful. BLP/DLP tribalism could, if the USA or other hegemon wanted to, could inject violence too. Different country, same dilemma.

  12. Bush Tea’s domain used to be domestic … now my man gone Middle East too … Congrats

    What is clear is that “Democracy” is a facade, a veneer, a flipping lie… and the sooner the fact is revealed for ALL to see, the better, for ALL of us.

  13. @ David
    We know that David and the others here prefer local content but we don’t see much on the local scene to capture our imagination. In any event how can you really understand Barbados and the Caribbean outside a global context.

    We are particularly disappointed that David will continue to prominently feature people, on the front, who continue with the same diatribes all the time, they show no creative writing instincts, lack the ability or courage to forecast events, constantly pretend to have a mechanical academic approach and are overly guided by the opinions they might pick up here and there. Copiers! No originality! In this respect BU cannot claim to represent anything different.

  14. But David, today all the major media are talking about Egypt, except us, (smile). You give that ugly man from England as much as two days up front sometimes. Nothing that anybody here is talking about will make any sense if the Suez Canal is blocked, civil war breaks out in the Middle East, for example. It the price of oil goes up by 100% nothing that ugly man or the trivia of your tourism man will make any sense. These events will have more fundamental impacts on Barbados than any tired tourism debate or eleven plus ignorance. We have to ‘front run’ events not engage in useless analysis once things have already happened. Maybe we are being too hard on you, maybe.

  15. @Pacha

    Your contributions are valued like all others. If you commit to enriching BU readership weekly or a frequency you can commit you can have your day. Just say the word.

  16. Alright, yours is a reasonable response. Let us think about that and get back to you with a firm arrangement.

  17. The political landscape of countries evolves over hundreds of years.
    I believe that they need to go through the same sorts of steps in order to arrive at a sustainable position.
    Each country has to follow its own roadmap but the steps appear to be:
    1. Beat up the dictator and make them give up some power and money to the people. Check out King John and the Magna Carta in England or Gaddafi in Libya.
    2. Get religion under control so religious leaders don’t run the country, See King Henry 8th in England or France and the separation of religion and state.
    3. Start to introduce democracy – something that needs to go alongside some redistribution of wealth.
    It has taken hundreds of years to go through these steps in some countries. Maybe the Middle Eastern countries can get through it quicker.

  18. The system break man child and women into figures
    Two columns for who is, and who ain’t niggaz
    Numbers is hardly real and they never have feelings
    but you push too hard, even numbers got limits
    Why did one straw break the camel’s back? Here’s the secret:
    the million other straws underneath it – it’s all mathematics

    mos def-mathematics

  19. Pachamama, the condensed read, quoting:

    “One thing I pride myself on from early is knowing what happens in the lives of our people in Barbados. This thing has been going on since the 70s and probably before. Right now, the game stepped up and the white man in the act exploiting it.

    Let me tell you something you don’t know. White women are so fascinated by black men. They love to do the oral to black men because they think that when they drink our sperm, they getting nourishment, like how you drink milk from the cow.

    So, knowing this, there are some white men who recruit white girls especially, anywhere from 14 yrs … These men solicit the better off black men to pay them to come to the resort in droves for these girls who do nothing but suck these black men for the duration of their vacations …

    “Right now, I know of at least three tours going on in the Caribbean; I mean in progress as I write … These girls so hungry that they doing it free … Well, for those who giggling, I like Sparrow, never had a white meat yet …”.

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