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  1. Is Obama stupid, or what? No, not at all, as an affirmed Leftist* it is entirely consistent that his evasive way of not answering specific questions on the Muslim Brotherhood, is confirmed by the following facts:

    “Now that Barack Obama has given a green light to Muslim Brotherhood participation in a new Egyptian government, it is unlikely that the organization will be kept out of power. And since the Brotherhood is the largest and most ideologically committed group in Egyptian politics, most likely it will end up in the driver;s seat in any new regime, and set the nation on a course toward becoming an Islamic state.”

    “Obama almost certainly knows all this, and yet approved of Brotherhood involvement. A llok at some of his appointments, associations and activities shows that this should come as no surprise.”

    “Starting in the earlist days of ministration, Obama showed an intense desire to establish friendly ties with the Islamic world, while showing little or no interest in examining his chosen partners in dialogue and targets at attempts at rapprochment for ties to jihad terrorism or Islamic supremacism. His incritical stance toward Islamic organizations included groups with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, despite the Brotherhood’s stated goal o “eliminating Western civilization from within.”

    “Obama’s first attempt at outreach to Muslims came when he chose the head of a Muslim Brotherhood-linked group, that had been named an undicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case to gave a prayer during his inauguration at the National Cathedral on Obama’s Inauguration Day – despite the fact that the previous summer, federal procecutors rejected a request from ISNA to remove the unindicted co-conspirator status.”

    “There is no record of Obama ever asking Mattson to explain ISNA’s links to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, on the contrary: he sent his Senior Adviser Valarie Jarrett to be the keynote speaker at ISNA’s national convention in 2009.”

    “Even worst, in April 2009, Obama appointed Arif Alikhan, the deputy mayor of Los Angeles, as Assistant Development at the Department of Homeland Security. Just two weeks before he received this appointment. [Alikhan once called the JIHAD terror group Hizballah a “liberation movement”] participated in a fundraiser for Muslim Public Affairs Council )MAPAC). Like ISNA, MPAC has links to the Muslim Brotherhood. In a book entitled “In Fraternity A Message to Muslims in America” coauthor Hassan Harthout, a forme MPAC president, is identified as “a close disciple of the late Hasson al- Banna of Egypt.” The MPAC-linked magazine, ‘The Minaret’ spoke of Hassan Harthout’s closeness to al-Banna of Egypt. “My father would tell me that Hassan Harthout was a companion of Hassan al-Banna. Hassan Hathout would speak with such love and adoration; he would speak of a relationship not guided by politics or law but by a basic decency.”

    Obama is a fraud, no wonder many consider him to be a closet- Muslim! As far a the Muslim Brotherhood goes, it is with out doubt, that this very well organized Islamist Organization, intellectually run from the top, know what their worldwide agenda seeks to accomplish, and are willing to be patient, as they covertly infiltrate Western countries, masquerading always, as wanting to help those foriegn nations understand the Muslim citizens, as they have already done in the US, and other European nations.

    Facts are stubborn things, and only the stubborn ( and ignorant) refuse to accept them. (Martin Luther)

  2. That nicompoop, ninny, blighted of ignorance, couldn’t even get the right Aaron Klien, RIGHT, and had to be put in his place; TRUE TO FORM, never gets any of the facts right, jerk!!!

    @maat, would you care to enlighten us how AIPAC could even remotely be the other side of the coin of the MB? Show us how AIPAC wants to control the world through jihad, or impose anything as evil as Sharia Islamic law globally?

    And while you are at it, tell us how many inventions, Nobel Prize winners came from Islamic countries, vis-a-vis Israel? Tell us how many women (girls) have had their Clitoris CUT-OFF, as 90 percent have suffered in Egypt and other Islamic nations?

    Tell how prosperous and free democratically, the Islamic nations are? Tell us how many Jews who live in Islamic nations sit as Judges in courts, as some Arabs do in Israel, Oh, this is just scratching some of the facts you must enlighten us on!

  3. Commenters, journalist et al are stupidly saying that this uprising in Egypt, is driven by a desire for Democracy, really!?

    Here is some of the facts:

    “According to a Pew opinion survey of Egyptians from June 2010, 59 percent said they back ISLAMISTS. Only 27% said they back modernizers. Half of Egyptians support HAMAS. Thirty percent support Hizbullah and 20% support al Qaida. Moreover, 95% of them would welcome Islamic influence over their politics. When this preference is translated into actual government policy, it is clear that the Islam they support is the al Qaida Salafist version.”

    “Eighty two percent of Egyptians support EXECUTING adulterers by stoning, 77% support whipping and cutting the hands off thieves, 84% support executing any Muslim who changes his religion.”

    “When given the opportunity, the crowds on the street are not shy about showing what motivates them. They attack Mubarak and his new Vice President Omar Suleiman as American puppets and Zionist agents. The US, protesters told CNN’s Nick Robertson, is controlled by Israel. they hate and want to destroy Israel. That is why they hate Mubarak and Suliiman.”

    “WHAT ALL of this makes clear is that if the regime fails, the successor regime will NOT be a liberal democracy. Mubarak’s military authoritarianism will be replaced by Islamic totalitarianism. The US’s greatest Arab ally will become the greatest enemy. Israel’s peace partner will again become its gravest foe.”

    World War III in the making!

  4. Like it or not the Egpytian people hve spoken . America is the champion fordemocracy . Now its only alternative is to go with the will of the people . Although i doubt it

  5. @ Zoe….

    At least when I make a mistake,I have the balls to publicly apologize!
    Mistakes do happen in life as you did when you were a Catholic!
    You have now shown who and what you are by your stupid rants above. As I have said many times before on this blog…..you are no different to the same Muslims you berate daily.
    You can insult me all you want, all it does is proves my point.
    You are just as much as an extremist in your views as the Muslims are.

  6. I was NEVER a Catholic, I have never said that on this blog; I was married to a Catholic lady, but I NEVER became a Catholic; again this ignorant ninny, just can’t get any facts straight, void of any objective thought, unable to cognitively make sense of anything, pure hogwash all the time!

  7. Techie I agree with you with one exception. We should not lump every Muslim together, like us there are some who are very open minded and liberal and those that are extremist.

    Zoe take a pill and chill!

  8. Keep the insults flowing Zoe…. we are enjoying your Christian behavior .
    Maybe ignorant ninny is what your wife thought of you, you seem to like that word.
    You think you can shove your way of thinking down people’s throat and then be abusive and insulting because we dont share your point of view?
    This from a man who claims to be a champion for democracy?
    Keep spouting your biases, you are impressing no one……if you are a christian, a spiritual person, then I am happy where I stand .
    Lets hear some more of your christian behavior sir, for we are truly learning what it is to be christian from you here on BU.
    Lets see how many souls you can win with your mouthings.
    You are truly an educated fool!!

  9. islandgal246 | February 11, 2011 at 11:23 AM |

    Techie I agree with you with one exception. We should not lump every Muslim together, like us there are some who are very open minded and liberal and those that are extremist.

    I am or would never lump every Muslim together. I was referring to the extremist in this case.
    Sadly we have them on both sides of the fence as Zoe so aptly demonstrates.
    I honestly believe Zoe was born centuries late…..he would have enjoyed the Crusades!!

  10. Wow Techie yuh puttin on de blows pon de Christian hypocrite. You have expressed clearly how these zealots come across. I really don’t think they can see their hypocrisy. Zoe I hope you retreat and take some self inventory, perhaps you have reached the point of no return. Kudos to you Techie!

  11. The Eternal Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, called Herod a FOX, not a nice name at all, the Apostle Paul whom God used to pen 2/3 of N.T. Scripture said, ‘If any man be IGNORANT , let him be ignorant. He called the Galatians, ‘O’ you foolish Galations.

    There are intelligent, well educated posters here on BU, who voice their views quietly, NOT like one islandgal246, and that idiot Technician, who have nothing of any substance to offer, only stupid, ‘redherring’ strawman like, voidless hotair, utter CRAP, unlearned in these areas of world affairs, with NO knowledge or understanding whatsoever, my witness as a Christian IS NOT dependant on your cess-pit brainless, stuper, folly, and foolishness.

    The Word of God Incarnate, Jesus Christ, was called Belzebub, (Satan) who am I not to be called what these nit-heads call me; Glory to God, for Jesus said the world first HATED Him, and they will hate those of us, who stand up for the TRUTH.

    So it be!

  12. The Anointed Eternal Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, called Herod a FOX, a dirty, deceitful FOX, the Apostle Paul, whom God used to oen 2/3 of NT Scripture, said, “If any man be IGNORANT, like him be ignorant. He called the Galatians FOOLS,

    I say to you islandgirl246, and Technician, without reserve, you are both IGNORANT, unlearned FOOLS, venturing into areas, that yo are BOTH, IGNORANT of, neither of you have any essence or substance whatsoever in any thing you say,

  13. @Zoe …..blah blah blah blah gurgle gurgle gurgle…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz As I said before go take a pill and chill!

  14. If we were in agreement with you and were swallowing the shite you are spewing from you over zealous lips, we would be your friend.
    I remember when TB came to BU….it is there for all to read. As long as you can’t shove you bias down people’s throat, they are ignorant and unlearned.
    Why is it that a so called christian has such hate and venom for another human being (Muslims)?…what happened to love your brother?
    Why does a christian align himself along political lines with such animosity?
    I may have nothing of substance to add on BU but my ignorance always seem to bring out your hypocrisy and biases.
    Seems like I am good for something after all….lmao!!
    Entertain us with some more of that colourful biblical jargon will you?!?…..it makes for a good laugh at the bar….lmfao!!

  15. Now that mubarak has stepped down. Isreal has every right to be concerned as they havelost a friend who supprted them for thirty years. The opposite of that coin is that in doing so Mubarak forgot about the concerns and needs of his country His undoing was brought about by his concern for countryto the detriment of his people. However the democracy that Muslims world is going to be different from one envisioned by america. Surely Isreal should be concerned as the Muslm extremist would cease upon this opportunity not to ever return to a Egypt which put Isreal right to exist before the needs of their people

  16. My apologies to Zoe. The MB and AIPAC are not opposite sides of the same coin.

    For one the MB have yet to attack any other countries and they have not imprisoned thousands of people on a strip of land that is likened to a giant prison camp (the Gaza).

    So far the MB have not decreed a wish to deny the people in their country the right to vote for their leaders and accept the will of the people, as Israel did with the Palestinian elections that were won by Hamas and ignored by Israel and their international supporters.

    The MB has not used their influence in the USA to have America veto every UN resolution critical of there behaviour, as has AIPAC. So I admit I am wrong.

    AIPAC lobbies for and gets the largest donation of US foreign assistance for a state that has nuclear weapons and will not allow inspections or sign the non proliferation treaty; a state that ignores international inquiries into allegations of war crimes and controls one of the worlds most feared and ruthless terror cells (Mossad).

    By the by, Muslims do not hate Jews. Many Jewish communities co exist peacefully, even in Iran. To such an extent that Jews in Iran refused to accept an offer from Israel to emigrate. Many prominent orthodox Jews attend conferences and voice their opinion on international affairs in countries such as Iran. Jews have existed in the region alongside Muslims for centuries, peacefully, before the creation of Israel in the last century.

    The problem that some Muslims have is with the state called Israel. The barbaric system of Zionism (what was called apartheid in South Africa), Where a state institutes laws that oppress and unfair members of their population based on ethnic/religion or politics.

    AIPAC has been able to ride on the back of the misguided belief of Christians that historically, they have something in common with the state of Israel. Yet the Jews of this state are still awaiting their Messiah.


  17. Be careful Maat, you will now encounter the wrath of Zoe.

    The truth is not something propagandists, zealots or christian extremists like to hear about God’s “chosen” bunch.

  18. maat, You are a novice on every single point you raised, all of which are terrible perversions, red-herringed, fallicies, of the facts, re AIPAC, Gaza, Muslins not hating Jews, UN resolutions, etc, etc, all of which I’ve already posted on previous threads here in BU, citing the truth and facts, soundly refuting, the Arabic, Muslin oriented ‘Turnspeak’ a cynical inverting or distoring of FACTS, which makes the victim ‘Israel’ appear as the culprit. This vicious LIE, has been used by the Arabic/Muslims since 1948, when the Jews went back home in 1948, after 2000 years of exile from their ancient homeland, ‘Israel’, and the vehement hatred against the Jews and their God-given ancient homeland, has been the vested interest of the Arab and Muslim states, to ANNIHILATE every Jew and the state of Israel since 1948.

    The fact that one Jewis state, Israel stands ALONE surrounded against 23 Arab and Muslim states whose populations are UNITED in their HATRED of Jews necessarily requires a revision of the narrative, and their hatred IS ignored, because it is glossed over by the propaganda, ‘Turnspeak’ which the world at large has bought into for 60 odd years, of masterfully repeated over and over again, until it has become accepted as the truth.

    It was Musa Alami, a Muslim propagantist, whom said in 1948, just after Jews were granted their ancient homeland, the modern state of Israel, that:

    “The people are in great need of a “MYTH” to fill their consciousness and imagination…” -Musa Alami, 1948

    And what exactly was this “MYTH” that Alami created? The stubborn refusal of Arab nations to absorb their Palestinian kinsmen, who were NEVER a people with any statehood, wandering all over the place, because the “MYTH” of a Palestinian state prior to 1948, was then viciously repeated, for what purpose? To give the so-called Palestinians, a reason to pursue the ANNIHILATION of the state of Israel and all Jews, and they have tried repeated from 1948/49, 56, 67, 73, and each and every time they collectively ATTACK Israel, they LOOSE!

    The HATRED of the Jew is cemented in the Quran and the Hadith ( in HAMAS covenant Article 7).

    “The day of Judgment will not come about until Muslims FIGHT the Jews (killing Jews). When the Jew will hide behind stones and trees, the stones and trees will say, O Muslim, O Abdulla [=slave or servant of Allah], there is a Jew behind me, come and KILL him…”

    3; Surah 9 QURAN EXCERPTS


    “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with a wiling submission, and feel themselves subdued.”

    maat, you don’t have a clue what you are attempting to dialogue on, the propagandistic LIES vehemently repeated over the last 60 odd years, against the Jews and Israel, including the utter bias against Israel, by the UN resolutions, formented by the Arab/Muslims at the UN, blatantly IGNORING the dasdardly crimes of other nations, silence on the vicious crimes against humanity go unheard at the UN, and Israel is the focus of HATRED at the very UN, a pack and den of LIARS!

    You want to get into the facts? Well, just wait and see!

  19. BTW, matt, tell us the facts about Gaza, not the propaganda LIES spewed forth from Hamas, PA, et al who HATE Israel.

    Tell us how these so-called Palestinians, as there was never any group of people knows as ‘Palestinians’ for their real ethincity is Syrian, Jordanian, and other Arab/Muslim nations. Whose very kinsmen, REFUSED to assimulate them into their true homeland(s) and thus KEPT them in these refugee camps, expressely for the purpose purpetuating the “MYTH” blatant LIE that the state of Israel, is the land that belongs to the fradulent Palestinians!

    Tell us maat, what year it was that Israel willingly, for the sake of peace, presured by the US President, chose to remove and uproot 10,000 Jewish families, from their rightful homes in Gaza, which IS all part of the land of the state of Israel, made these Jewish families, 10,000 of them extremely unsettled around other parts of Israel, so that the Palestinians, could have Gaza for themselves.

    “…some (Jews) you slew and others you took captive. He [Allah] made YOU MASTERS of their LAND, their HOUSES, and their goods, and yet ANOTHER LAND on which you HAD NEVER SET FOOT BEFORE. Truly, Allah has power over all things.” – The Koran, the Clans, surah xxx111.

    “Yes, the existence of a separate Palestinian identity serves only TACTICAL purposes. The founding of a Palestinian state, is a NEW tool in the continuing battle against Israel…” – Zuheir Muhsin, late Military Department head of the PLO and member of its Executive Council, Dutch daily, Trouw, March 1977

    And exactly what did Hamas do from within Gaza, after it was given over by the Israeli government to the Palestinians? Tell us maat, what did HAMAS do to Israel for the next 5 years? Did they seek to build up Gaza for the Palestianians, with the BILLIONS of dollar given in aid, to make a better life for these Palestinians, NO! NO! NO!

    Instead HAMAS launched miltiplied THOUSANDS of rockets and motar fire, REPEATEDLY into innocent civilian terrority in Israel, causing terror upon terror, on people that had been literally torn UP from their rightful homeland, for the sake of peace, the Israeli goverment did NOTHING about the vicious attacks on their civilian population, UNTIL, they could take it no longer, the rest is history, but, as usual, Israel was called every nasty name the world, for FINALLY responding to its rightful, soveriegn choice to DEFEND itself against these uncalled for ATTACKS by HAMAS in Gaza.

    The same exact thing happened in the Golan Hights in Syria, Israel withdrew from its rightful land, only to be ATTACKED from the very place they gave up for the sake of peace!

  20. One has to know the historical facts, the truth about Israel and its HATERS from Time Immerial, the Arab/Muslims.

    In 1958, former director of UNRWA Ralph Galloway, declared angrily while in Jordan that:

    “The Arab states do NOT want to solve the refugee problem. They want to keep it as an open sore, an an affront to the United Nations, as as a weapon AGAINST Israel. Arab leaders do NOT give a damn whether refugees live or die.”

    And King Hussein of Jordan, the sole Arab ader whom for reasons that later became clearer, directed intergration of the Arabs, in 160 stated:

    “Since 1948 Arab leaders have approached the Palestinian problems in an irresponsible manner…They have USED the Palestinian people for selfish political purposes. This is rediculous and, I could say, even criminal.”

    Even after eleven years, after the leave-taking, the late United Nations Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold, reiterated that there was ample means for absorbing the Arab refugees (Palestinians) into the economy of the Aran region states, this they could have done easily, but, NO! the Arab leaders purposly KEPT their Arab kinsmen, the Palestinians in utter refugee subjection, so as to continue their diabolical HATED against Israel, for without the dire refugee situation, there would be NO ‘MYTH” situation, to justify their constant desire to ANNIHILATE Israel and all Jews from the face of the earth.

    And you Leftist* supporters of Hamas, Hizbullah, the Muslim Brotherhood, et al haters of Israel and Jews, have the gall to accuse those of us on this side, as haters, where did the HATE emanate? Go and read the Koran, read the charter of Hama listen to that madman, Ah-mad-dine-jad from Iran, listen to the agenda of CAIR within America, and so who the real disbolical, Satanic haters are!?

  21. Tell us maat, which country AIPAC wants to overthrow, and impose some Jewish law on , like Islamic Shariah law , tell us maat, tell us the charter of AIPAC maat, what suicide bombers are roaming the streets like Islamic children did in Israel blowing up innocent children, mothers and fathers, for the cause of Allah!

    Israel has enough nuks, to annihiate every Arab/Muslin capital in twenty four hours, yet all they ever do is DEFEND their soveriegn right to statehood, AGAINST these vicious Islamic HATERS of Israel, who are the real TERRORIST maat?

    If Hamas, Hizbullah, PA, Iran et al Islamic haters of Israel had a small fraction of Israeli military might, Israel would not exist, and every time in the past, 1948/49, literally hours after the declared statehood of Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Syia et all sought to annihilate this small struggling Jewish nation, and they could NOT, because Almighty God is on their side, securing His Everlasting Covenant with their forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and their descendants, the Jews.

    Where are these AIPAC terror cells maat?

    • @Zoe

      Israel has enough nuks, to annihiate every Arab/Muslin capital in twenty four hours, yet all they ever do is DEFEND their soveriegn right to statehood, AGAINST these vicious Islamic HATERS of Israel, who are the real TERRORIST maat?

      If Israel were to nuke any country in the Arab world what do you think would be the repercussion?

  22. LOL!!

    Zoe on parade!!

    I am sure that no one here supports Hamas, MB or any Arab organisations.
    I am sure that, other than Zoe, no one blindly and without question, supports Israel either.
    What I do and gather from most who comment on this topic, is the fact that it seems Israel can and has never done ANY WRONG.
    We acknowledge that they are Muslim extremist just as much as Zionist Extremist.
    However, most try to highlight the unfair and stereotypical attitude of most who obviously has a deep rooted agenda to paint ALL MUSLIMS with the same brush.

    To Zoe and his ilk, I simply ask…

    Has Israel done NO wrong throughout their existence?
    Do the Jews worship the same God and Savior as you?
    Since they can be only one, who, if the above answer is no, are on the right path?

    Zoe asks….where are the AIPAC terror cells?
    How about in the US Congress, how about the Mossad, the lobbyists….even Nostrand ave…lol.
    Terror is not only done by suicide bombers.

  23. Who are really the ones that have caused, and are still causing the ‘Refugge’ status on the Palestinians?

    The ‘Turkeyfication’ of Islam: The Enormous Impact of the Ottomans.

    Hear from one of their own kinship:

    “The Palestinians who are today’s refugees in the neighboring countries know all this – that their present nationalist EXPLOITERS are the worthy sons of their feudal EXPLOITERS of yesterday and that the THORNS of their life are of ARAB, not Jewish origin.” emphasis added.
    Abdel Razar Kader, 1969

    It is vitally important to understand the Ottoman’s Empire affect on the Middle East

    As Robert Goldston notes a significant development within the Muslim world of this time:

    “The Ottoman Turks were not, and never considered themselves to be, part of the Arab world. [They were] a cosmopolitan regime whose rulers looked upon all peoples – Bulgarians, Egyptians, Greeks, Syrians, Romanians, Persians, Lebanese, Jews and Arabs – as subject nations to be governed from, and for the benefit of, the Turkish homeland in Asia Minor. To Arabs, as to Europeans, the Ottoman Turks were essential foreign masters.”

    “Understanding this condition, which resulted from the Ottoman’s attitude about the lands and peoples they ruled, is key. They literally OBLITERATED the state identities and boundaries of the Middle East. For the next four centuries, there were NO nation states such as Syria, Lebanon, Iraq/Babylon, Arabia, Persia, etc. They were simply territories ruled by Ottoman Viziers from major cities.”

    “Palestine, for instance, included what is now known as Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel, and was ruled from Damascus. There were NO independent Arab nations and NO defined boundaries.”

    “Remember this, for when the British liberated the area from the Ottoman Turks, NO Arab had any more valid claim to a specific land or state than the Jews did. As a matter of fact, the Jews had a mandate of specific land ratified by the League of Nations. Not one Arab state could claim this kind of ratification from such a world authority.” (THE EVERLASTING HATRED, The Roots of Jihad, p. 164) emphasis added.

    The real issue with the Arabs and Israel, has NEVER been over that ‘small’ area of land, that was officially mandated by the then League of Nations, the precusor to the United Nations, for the Jewish state of Israel, NO! NO! NO!, It has ALWAYS been the Jews, they must NOT exist in the Middle East, every Jew must DIE, as the Koran and Mohammad have viciously stated, one way or the other.

    And don’t forget, the worlwide Caliphate, Shariah, Islamic law agenda, of the MB, et al to eventually infiltrate through ‘cultural’ Jihad, and, if necessary, voilent Jihad, one way or the other.

  24. Do you you think we will be discussing democracy in Egypt if it wasn’t in relations to Isreal . When Tsuani had democracy therewas not all this uproar. Israel is capable of defending itself along with the help of america and other western nations. Let those nations who seek democracy moved forward .America must allow other countries there right to exist just as america defends Isreal’s

  25. @Zoe (quoting Robert Goldston (which Goldston?)): “…for when the British liberated the area from the Ottoman Turks, NO Arab had any more valid claim to a specific land or state than the Jews did.

    Language can be such a powerful force. Can it not?

    One accepted definition of “liberated” is “to set free”.

    I have to wonder if all the parties involved with such actions feel the same way.

    Has it not been said that one person’s gain is another person’s loss?

    That one person’s triumph might be another person’s tragedy?

  26. GAZA! It was August 2005, that Prime Minister of Israel Ariel Sharon, having being forced by the US, to give up the Gaza strip to the Palestianis for the sake of peace, began a forced evacuation of his own people, euphemistically called “disengagement”; basically the Jews of Gaza were made homeless, by their very own Prime Minister, all for te sake of peace, in accordance with the American President and his Secretary of State, 10,000 Jews became homeless (out of a Jewish polulation of 6 million).

    Before getting into the facts of what transpired IN America, as a result of forcing Israel to give up its OWN land, making 10,000 Jews homesless, so that the Palestinians could have a specific area of land, it is instructive to remember and NOTE carefully, that Almighty God, warned from in the Old Testament, re the LAND He gave to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, that WHOEVER divides, or separates MY LAND, the land area He Covenanted to the Jews, Israel, as an Everlasting Covenant, He would CURSE!

    Listen to what happened to America, in New Orleans, on THE VERY DAY, the Gaza operation was being concluded, in removing 10,000 Jewish families from their rightful homes!

    “America was hit by the worst natural disaster to have occured in America. In the New Orleans area, 500,000 people were made homeless (in a country with a population of 300,000,000). These numbers as a fraction 500,000/300,000,000 is equvalent to .00167 percent. The number of Jews rendered homeless in Gaza as a fraction of the total Israeli population is 10,000/6,000,000, and this fraction IS equivalent to .00167 percent of the Jewish population. The percentage of Americans rendered homeless by Hurricane Katrina is 0.167% – the exact same percentage of Israeli Jews rendered homeless in Gaza as a result of demands of the President and the State Department. The exact percentage – this cannot be a random occurrence.” (PROPHECIES For The Era Of Muslim Terror, A Torah Perspective on World Events, P 210) emphasis added.

    BTW, this is just one such occurrence of a natural disaster in America, taking place within 24 hours of some President forcing Israel to give up land, or make some concession to the Palestinians.

    Who ever messes with Israel, will feel the wrath of Almighty God.

    And yes, there are wicked Jews, Godless Jews, and yes, Israel has also done bad things, and God will deal with them, as they are NOT exempt from His Judgment; but the point IS, that HE has a Covenant, with the nation of Israel, an ENTITY, as a Nation, which has roots going back over 3,500 years ago, AND, Jerusalem WAS the capital of Israel in the O.T, now IS the capital of modern day Israel, and WILL BE Almighty God’s throne on earth, when the Lord Jesus Christ, sets up His Millennial Kingdom on earth!

    This IS precisely why the Muslim nations HATE Israel and the Jews, as Allah, who is Satan masquerading as God, knows the significance of Jerusalem, that it was the Jews through whom God gave us His divinely inspired Word, the Bible, and therefore ALL prophetic consummation IS centered on Israel and Jerusalem,

  27. @Zoe et al…

    For the record, my father is a Jew.

    I cannot claim that, since my mother was not Jewish. (Jewish descent flows though the mother, does it not?)

    But, if I may, I find it very disconcerting just how very close to Armageddon the Jews are willing to take the world for just a (very) little piece of the “rock”.

  28. @CH, I think you are confusing Richard Goldstone, re the Gaza conflict, with Robert Goldston!

    Yes, the Jews consider that they know for sure who their Mother IS, without a doubt, but they cannot vouch with absolute certainity, who their real father is (Lol!) of course this was before modern day DNA testing became available.

    Arab Population When Each Became a State after the Fall of Ottoman Empire.

    TUNISIA: French 1883. Independent Republic 1957. 4 Million
    LEBANON: French Mandate 1920. Independent Republic 1944.
    2 Million.
    SYRIA: French Mandate 1920. Independent Republic 1943. 5.5 Million
    MOROCCO: French and Spanish Protectorate 1912. Independent Kingdom 1956. 13 Million
    TRANS JORDAN: British Mandate 1920. Independent Kingdom. 2 Million
    IRAQ: Independent Kingdon 1921. Republic 1958. 8 Million.
    ALGERIA: French 1842. Independent Republic 1962. 12 Million
    LIBYA: Italian 1912. Joint Anglo-French rule 1945. Independent Kingdom 1951. 1.5 Million.
    EGYPT: British Protectorate 1914, Independent Kingdom 1922. Republic 1953. 26 Million
    SAUDI ARABIA: Independent Kingdom 1927. 6 Million
    YEMEN: Independent Republic 1952. 4 Million.
    SUDAN: Anglo-Egyptian rule 1889. Independent Republic 1956. 12 Million

  29. @CH, This little tinny piece of land, Israel, relative to the entire Middle East, millions of square miles, is not really the issue, as I’ve said before, it IS who the land rightfully belongs to, the JEWS, and this IS a thorn in the side of the Arab/Muslim nations, that area of land, Israel, and Jerusalem, Almighty God said, He would make it a stumbling stone to the nations, how true that is; and it IS a spiritual War, with the Kingdom of God, against Satan’s deceitful kingdom, using the Muslims to forment the Hated for Jews and the nation of Israel.

    I truly appreciate you’ll find all of this very perplexing, and your humman reason, will NOT be able to make sense of it all.

  30. @CH, “Please suffer me with your enlightenment.”
    Suffer me with exactly what you mean, isn’t it obvious they are two entirely different men!

    The Goldston I quoted, is not the Goldstone jurist who submitted his report to the UN, on his twisted conclusions, in favour of the terrorist on the ship attempting to get into Gaza, and had to be intercepted by the Israli military on the high seas!

  31. @Zoe: “The Goldston I quoted…

    For whom I was not able to find any supporting existence… Perhaps you can provide some?

    @Zoe: “…is not the Goldstone jurist who submitted his report to the UN, on his twisted conclusions, in favour of the terrorist on the ship attempting to get into Gaza, and had to be intercepted by the Israli military on the high seas!

    You mean those who were killed in cold blood with guns while trying to provide humanitarian aid to Gaza, and who dared to defend their ship using only their own hands and hand-to-hand weapons while paratroopers repelled down from helicopters with live guns?

    How do you sleep at night, Zoe?

  32. @Zoe: “This little tinny piece of land, Israel, relative to the entire Middle East, millions of square miles, is not really the issue, as I’ve said before, it IS who the land rightfully belongs to, the JEWS, and this IS a thorn in the side of the Arab/Muslim nations, that area of land, Israel, and Jerusalem, Almighty God said, He would make it a stumbling stone to the nations, how true that is; and it IS a spiritual War, with the Kingdom of God, against Satan’s deceitful kingdom, using the Muslims to forment the Hated for Jews and the nation of Israel.

    With all due respect…

    SOME don’t consider what was written by men two thousand years ago as being authoritative on today’s world.

    SOME others do.

    Both Christians and Muslims consider some land within modern-day Israel as sacred.

    Sadly, a short-sighted decision by the victors of WWII is actually why the world is now, once again, close to Armageddon….

  33. @Halsall, If I tell you simple things, that you comprehend not, how then can I enlighten you on matters that’s simply beyond your darkened mind!?

    But, then, If the light that be in you IS DARKNESS, O’ how great is that darkness!?

    BTW, I sleep safely and sweetly IN CHRIST JESUS!

  34. It is said that history is written by the victor whether they are right or wrong in their acts of war.
    It is more of a waste of energy to argue about the israeli Arab conflicts than it is to discuss with Zoe who was the witness to Jesus’ 40 days and nights in the wilderness and his conversation with Satan.


  35. If one takes the time to read and quote from the Koran, perhaps some balance can be gained from reading the Jewish Talmud and some of the writings of contemporary Talmud scholars.

    There are some choice quotes available to describe Jewish sentiment regarding Christians and all non Jews.


  36. @ David, Israel has no desire to ‘Nuk’ any Arab nation, unlike their Arab/Muslim haters, who would not blink, if they had ‘nuks’ to obliterate Israel from the earth.

    However, if anyone, should attempt to ‘Nuk’ Israel, beware, for Israel is READY to respond in FULL FORCE, she has ALWAYS been attacked first, from their statehood in 1948!

    And you know what, according to Allah, Mohammad, and the Koran, the Jew should NEVER to able to defeat Allah’s mighty Muslims terrorist warriors, they just cannot understand why they CANNOT defeat the Jew, stupid people, as the One, True and Living God, Almighty Jehovah, IS with them, and promised that when HE brought them back to their ancient homeland, after 2000 years of dispersion, that they NEVER AGAIN, we be uprooted from Jerusalem.

    Here again, the Word of God, the Bible, has been confirmed by:

    Logical consistency
    Empirical adequacy, and
    Experiential Relevancy.

    Reason is necessary for Revelation, facts, evidence to be coherent!

    Obviously, many cannot reason when facts and evidence are overwhelmingly glaring!

  37. maat, could you want a better eyewitness, to what Jesus experienced in the wilderness for forty days and nights, than JESUS CHRIST, Himself, who obviously conveyed the facts, to those who were already EYEWITNESSES of Him, personally?

    Secondly, the Jewish Talmud IS NOT the Word of God, it never was, and it was these very type of writings, that terribly perverted the Hebrew Scriptures, that caused Jesus to severly rebuke the Pharisees and their ‘traditions’ for making void, the true Commandments, of God.

  38. Something that brings balance to ones outlook and perception on life and events is to read from sources other than those that seem to automatically agree with our own preconceived notions, or the things that we want to, or have been taught to believe in.

    If a persons has been taught that the Bible is the absolute truth, and all information that they accept as truth must reinforce this notion then it is easy to understand their limitations in spiritual development.

    This type of thinking leads to people attempting to make their own interpretations in order to justify a position that they really do not believe. They end up hating themselves for having been taken in by the teachings that become exposed as less than what they once believed and throw that anger out at those who maybe trying to help them to grow.

    When in one sentence we admit that the Hebrew scriptures were ‘terribly perverted’, we are actually admitting that we sense something is wrong.
    Our spirit will tell us that those that wrote the descriptions of Mary, Joseph and the angel’s conversation with them, were no more eyewitness to these events than you or I. Yet our pride will try to find an argument like they ‘conveyed the facts to those who were already eyewitness’
    When the foundation is built on something that is not solid then the building is not as strong as it could be.


  39. If all ofthese cicumstances were predestined. Then there is nothing anybody can say or do to change the outcome but await the outcome.no matter what it would be .right Zoe

  40. The demonstrators in Egypt continues to protest their need for a new government.I think the MB is who they are seeking to replace the current remains of Mubarrak. This might cause major concern for america .

    • @ac

      The US government will not take kindly to MB playing any significant role in government given the geopolitics of the region. This mess is far from over.

    • @Techie

      Now there is standing for principle, do you think our journalists are ready to operate at such a level?

      Off topic but do we say principle?

  41. @maat, Man, what a twister of words, sentences you are, intellectual and linguistic dishonesty!

    “When in one sentence we admit that the Hebrew Scriptures were ‘terribly perverted’ we are actually admitting that we sense something is wrong.”

    You have ‘lifted’ one sentence I wrote in an entire statement, entirely OUT of ITS context, to support your twisted unlearned perception of God’s Word, to be expected by those of your ilk.

    If you can, maat, read over my entire statement, and STOP lifting a ‘sentence’ OUT of CONTEXT, I said:

    “…the Jewish Talmud IS NOT the Word of God, it never was, and it was these very type of writings that ‘terribly’ perverted the Hebrew Scripture,” meaning, with reference to your statement, “There are some choice quotes available to describe Jewish sentiments regarding Christian and all non-Jews.”

    That the Jewish Talmud in certain places, made remarks such as you suggest, that are entirely inconsistent with the Hebrew Scriptures, hence, they, the Jewish Talmudic writings, ‘terribly perveted’ the Word of God, the Hebrew Scripture. Think you can linguistically understand this?

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