Doctors at St Philip Geriatric Hospital and QEH Bungle Diagnosis and a Son is Left to Mourn the Death of His Father

Submitted by David Weekes
Why no x-ray?

Why was no x-ray ordered?

This is a very emotional issue for me so I will try to keep focused while making this submission.

Three months ago my father, the late Samuel Weekes sustained and injury while he was at the St Philip Geriatric Hospital.

Daddy was injured on the 11th of January 2013 and sustained what the attending doctor called “soft tissue damage”.

That Doctor prescribed Panadol, Paracetamol and Voltaren. Five days later, on the 16th of January, Daddy was transferred to the QEH.

Eight days later on the 24th of January, I received a call from the QEH indicating that Daddy actually suffered a fractured hip from his fall on the 11th of January during which time a doctor is prescribing Panadol and Voltaren.

QEH requested me to come and sign consent forms for an operation, which I did the same day.

129 thoughts on “Doctors at St Philip Geriatric Hospital and QEH Bungle Diagnosis and a Son is Left to Mourn the Death of His Father

  1. Simple Simon……………you are ASS U MING things you obviously know very little about, i will not confuse you any further by explaining…………..and I have never been asked in any hospital in great white North America if “i go to church” rubbish. Suffice it to say this young man has a case, whether it will be deemed neglect, incompetence or whatever or whether they will just ignore him as they usually do when they are exposed as incompetent, is left to be seen……………I leave you in your ASS U MING mode.

    Simple minded simon……………….flesh easting bacteria resides in the atmosphere, anyone can get it at anytime, does not have to be in a hospital environment………..

    Alvin…………….i too had an anti-coagulant, but for a very short period of time.

  2. Correction…………….that would be flesh eating bacteria……………..and to expand on that further, you can step out your front door or into your backyard and unknowingly breathe in this deadly bacteria, it is becoming quite common, just recently a very young girl contracted it and had to have both arms and legs amputated from this fast acting killer……………no one is safe.

  3. Well Well

    “Suffice it to say this young man has a case”

    What type of case does he have, a good case or a bad case?

    If the Court rules against him and awards cost against him, will you help him pay his newly incurred debt which could take YEARS to settle?

    Just asking.

  4. Carson………………i understand that Bim is not North America, where people are forced to show responsibility and pay for incompetence and negligence and i also realize that the justice system in Bim is not a system that welcomes such lawsuits cause everybody is in bed with each other and have an aversion for truth and no sense of fairness but, who knows…………………if the young man decides to take it further, and i will not assume to know how much finances he has, it may just make a change in the way things are done in regard to helpless patients as well as an inadequate justice system, it only takes one case to make a difference.

  5. Go ahead young man, “Well Well” is behind you!
    ……….for now.

    But just remember what the old Bajans say, Who help yuh buy a big foot horse don’t help yuh feed he.

  6. Carson……….stop trying to cover the government’s butt, you have already run out of material.

  7. @ Carson Cadogan

    Your perspective and caution are both noted and appreciated.

    Sometimes when you turn up on a blog and put up your real name and air a sensitive topic like a CARICOM lawsuit or one where the circumstances of a death are suspect, you do so not because you have a desire to become popular Mr Cadogan, in fact the converse is true.

    Overnight you become branded as that troublemaker Weekes who is so uppity to feel that he can sue CARICOM or feels that his Father was “going to live forever” or more to the point “he jes want to get some sympathy ”

    Very few people know that I dislike limelight and would rather the remoteness of a secluded beach than the “so you’re David Weekes”

    The thing that happens Carson is that you sit down and give up just a little more of yourself with each encounter, minibus men parking in the middle of the road instead of the lay by, school children forcing their way in front of your car at non pedestrian crossings, unilateral changes in terms of a financial agreement, people climbing your wall and picking your mangoes because the land is Jah’s and pretty soon as they keep coming for the artisans and unionists, you say nothing and they then come for you and there is no one there to speak out on your behalf.

    My CARICOM matter might come to nothing, this matter of purported negligence might also come to nothing but you know what Carson you sometimes have to draw a line in the sand and say this far and no further

    Look around you nowadays and you see the little encroachments upon your living space. I am not an Israel with border issues nor a Barbados with Maritime issues with Trinidad.

    I am not a Miss Myrie purportedly being fondled by Immigration Officers, but I feel that this is the right thing to do.

    What is a man if he abdicates his duty? and slinks into the darkness whenever it seems like he has to challenge the status quo?

    History will not record me as a Rosa Parks but if I should fall here in these 144 sq miles for that which is my patent or for saying Samuel Weekes is not trash to be left to suffer for 3 weeks after falling from a bed 36 inches above the ground, at 86 years old and weighing 90 lbs.

    I am aware that I can loose but if it means that care for those “abandoned” in our medical facilities will improve if only out of fear for lawsuits Mr Cadogan then Daddy would not have died in these purportedly megligent circumstances for nothing.

    Every year the Gold Cup in Barbados can get millions of dollars to sponsor horses running around a track, I am sure that Samuel’s currency for those who knew him (and a few of you who might not know him) might elicit a few dollars for legal expenses, what do you think ?

    The account is in the name of Samuel Weekes at First Caribbean International Bank 6936081

  8. davidweekes001

    “Your perspective and caution are both noted and appreciated”

    As long as you know. A lot of things appear as “open and shut cases” then you realize that you open a can of worms that you wish that you could reseal. It is alright for these jokers to tell you to do this or that, it is you who will face the music alone.

    I had a friend who had an “open and shut case” against a company, but guess what he loss and damages which was awarded against him almost crippled him.

    The Caribbean is not America. If you loose you could really get hurt financially.

  9. Let me tell you boy, cost fit for opponents two Attorneys especially if the are QC’s and Court costs don’t be cheap.

    It would seem to me that you don’t have too many coppers saved up anyway because you are begging for money.

  10. @ David Weekes

    I will deposit $500 to Sam’s account David

    @ Coitus Interuptus Cadogan

    Burying 3 people can be a major drain on one’s pocket

    From your comments it is clear that you seem hellbent even after Weekes accepts your caution to make this remark about the money he is begging for.

    You are somewhat of a cur, giving advice to Weekes, presenting a face af concern for him, “if the case should go against him” yet no sooner that you express this concern, you append your remark about his financial state.

    You were not born of woman, nor untimely ripped from any woman’s womb you are rather the offspring, not of wolf as in the tale of Romulus and Remus, but of a she-dog bitch.

    I wonder if it is the older Weekes that offended you that caused the younger Weekes to incur your ongoing ire? Certainly you comment about Sam suggests so displeasure with the old man being 86 and abjuring the heavens for his son to ignore this negligent death and “let it go”

    The thing about comments coming from you CIC is that if you say walk people had better run.

    Weeksie, if Carson tell you let it go, given my knowledge of the man, stick with it.


    Anything that to your simplistic reasoning appears to be, or potentially become a thorn in the side of the DLP you rush into the fight, singing for your supper.

    The drainage workers left unpaid by Lowe Weekes’ possible suit against these negligent parties you are the Joseph Goebbles, Minister of Propaganda of the Democratic Labour Party ably assisted by George Payne and Owen Seethru running interference within the BLP

    You pompaset in this blog space and any space you occupy but for many who know you you are an empty shell.

    Nothing shows our character more than the things we are prepared to fight for , in spite of your social or politician allegiances.

  12. Let me repeat, “who help you buy a big foot horse don’t help you feed he”.

    Good old Bajan wisdom!!!

  13. It is really very simple and obvious, the M.D. regardless of his status or attachment to the Geriatric Hospital, was negligent in not ordering x-rays. This is standard procedure, especially in the elderly and frail. Mr. Weekes, suing the doctor and the Geriatric facility will not bring your Daddy back but it is still necessary, in order to remind both the facility and the doctor what their responsibilities are in providing standards of care to patients. I hope you pursue this to the nth degree so that the elderly are protected in Barbados. You and your family were paying them to do so.

  14. My sincerest thanks to all of you who continue to write and call and give your advice, and support, during this unfortunate incident.

    I must express appreciation to the PieceoftheRockYeahRight!! for your support.

    I had spoken in passing neither believing, nor expecting any outreach from QCs nor the $$ sent.

    In offline comments from **, I clearly understand the fear any BU supporters has, is that by making a donation to any cause on BU, their identity will be known.

    PUDR, by sending a friend to make the deposit, you removed that “connecting the dots” ability, to use your words.

    @ June

    Things like these lawsuits take time but those who know me will tell you what will happen, WILL HAPPEN

    @The Advocate Newspaper

    My thanks to Mr. Anthony Brian for printing (part of) Daddy’s eulogy, (it was 7 pages long and i understand your constraint)

    I note, as did others, you devoted 2 whole pages to his Eulogy. My family’s appreciation for this act of kind remembrance.

    @ Carson Cadogan

    I hear you

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