CHUM Breakfast in Barbados – Concert at Holders Hill

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 Demi Lavato

Demi Lavato performed at CHUM breakfast, Holders Hill

Toronto radio station CHUM FM is hosting its 28th annual Breakfast in Barbados promotion in Barbados this week – April 13-20; highlighted by a concert on Sunday April 14 at Holders House. The link is to the the radio ads for the promotion. Note – no sound of Soca in the background music.

The following is from the Nation’s report on the concert:

THE HUNDREDS who went to Holders, St James, for the 28th CHUM FM 104.5 Breakfast In Barbados showcase last Sunday night truly got the best of both worlds.

Not only did they witness the performance of three young rising stars – Nikki Williams, Demi Lavato, and RaVaughn – with amazing voices and energy to match. They also were treated to a simple and unalloyed performance by three-time Grammy Award winner Ne-Yo, who wore not only his winning smile but his iconic trilby hatCHUM FM is entitled to include whatever performers it wishes if it is If, as I speculated in the earlier post . Barbados Today has a two page article “Star Studded Spectacle” Big Show-  four American artistes – zero Barbadian artistes.

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CHUM FM is entitled to showcase whatever entertainers it wishes to in its concert, if it (and the record labels) is paying for it.  If on the other hand, as I speculated in the earlier post, BTA is footing (a big) part of the BIB bill to showcase Barbados to 72 lucky winners (36 winners + 36 guests), it strikes me that the concert should feature Barbadian artistes. Barbados has no shortage of internationally recognized recording artists, and not so recognized artistes, to headline a concert.  Their performances would give the prize winners good reasons to come back to Barbados to enjoy the Bajan music.

A question –  Why would Barbados issue work permits to these American entertainers, when the Island is full of “starving” artists, who could use some international exposure and would spend in Barbados the money they earned from the performance fees from a concert at Holders House?

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  1. Check This Out”Why would Barbados issue work permits to these American entertainers, when the Island is full of “starving” artists,”

    It would make sense to have top local artistes included in the concerts but there is value in using foreign entertainers because of their air play and fan base in North America.

  2. Why does everyone have to be so negative on everything? I swear this is why most people go nowhere.

    I go every year to the various concerts CHUM has had here and been able to see some of the greatest stars in the world in my back yard without having to fly overseas and pay big ticket prices for stadiums / venues in the US – Super stars like Bryan Adams / Maroon 5 / Katy Perry / Jennifer Hudson / Nelly Furtado / Kelly Clarkson / Simple Plan / Michael Buble and now Ne-Yo & Demi Lavato.) What a fabulous opportunity for me and the 2000 odd Bajans who appreciate what a good deal it is and good music.

    For your information they have featured Bajan artist in the past but it is a competition that at least Barbados gets coverage on the Radio for (and I know Canadians who glue to their radios when it is on to try and call in to win a spot to be able to come to Barbados) and the prize is for the 30 winners to travel here to see the concert as a grand prize – it really has nothing to do with local entertainment for the concert.

    In fact, most of the local entertainment is there as they too enjoying the show as I saw many faces in the crowd from various cross sections of the local entertainment industry from top management / big band mamebers and solo singers.

    • The point of the author is why not use the opportunity to feature local artists as well. Also there is nothing wrong in asking questions if taxpayers money is being spent.

  3. Hants
    Thanks for joining in.

    Thanks for your comments, which perfectly demonstrate my point.

    The BIB contest is all about increasing listener ratings and in turn advertising rates for CHUM FM, by having Canadians glued to 104.5 FM on their radios when the contest is on to try and call in to win a spot to be able to win a free trip to Barbados. As you say, it really has nothing to do with local (Bajan) entertainment for the concert, nor is it primarily about promoting Barbados tourism.

    I stand to be corrected and hope I am wrong; but to me there seems to be little doubt that BTA (Barbados taxpayer) is helping to foot the BIB bill in a significant way for the lucky winners and indirectly subsidize the concert ticket price, so that you have been able to see some of the greatest stars in the world in your own back yard without having to fly overseas and pay big ticket prices for stadiums/venues in the US.

    I wonder how many of those radio listeners who were not lucky enough to win a free trip decided to hop on a plane to go to the concert, or how many would go to Barbados at another time because Ne-Yo or Demi Lovato had played a concert in Barbados.

    I think I read that Rihanna was “discovered” by a US recording company executive visiting Barbados. Wouldn’t it be great if the CHUM FM concert featured/showcased Bajan artists and the audience included various cross sections of the international entertainment industry from top management, producers and recording companies who could give the Bajans international exposure. So, instead of bringing American entertainers, would the taxpayers’ money be better spent bringing US execs.

    There may well be, and I hope there is, some value to Barbados tourism to having Barbados mentioned so frequently during the time of the contest. But it is not likely to be from the slideshow at CHUM FMs website at.

    The slideshow includes about 40 photos, of the entertainers and of the winners and the CHUM radio hosts at Tamarind Cove and at the concert; and two of the rest of Barbados – the mahogany tree canopied road between St. Nicholas Abbey and Cherry Tree Hill and of Ne-Yo and a friend in the parking area at the top of Cherry Tree Hill.

    Ironically, the photos are compliments of

    If the contest is about promoting Barbados tourism, should the sllideshow not include the iconic shots of the the Scotland District from the top of Cherry Tree Hill, the Morgan Lewis Mill, the breathtaking beaches at Long Pond, and Barclays Park, and Cattlewash and Bathsheba. Or the awesome cliffs at North Point, Farley Hill Park, Flower Forest, St Nicholas Abbey and many more locations which would cause potential tourist to want to go to Barbados to see the beauty of Barbados in person.

    According to the document at
    BTA Canada has an annual budget of Bds$6.3 million.

    Given that BTA has been virtually invisible in the Canadian media for many months now, and apparently participates in only a minimal way in tourism trade shows, one has to wonder how much of that Bds$6.3 million is allocated to the BIB promotion.

    The Barbados taxpayer should insist that it its tax dollars are getting “an acceptable ROI” and the “best value per dollar spent” to promote tourism in Barbados; and not to subsidize ticket prices to a concert of American entertainers.

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