Time to Draw on All Resources….

Submitted by Napolean Bonapart
Barbados Parliamentarians 2013

Barbados Parliamentarians 2013

Call it a think bank, tank or what ever you like. It is time Barbados put aside all political differences and like true sons and daughters of this beloved soil, start putting all shoulders to the plough. Past is past and if we truly loved this blessed land, we would all agree that Barbados is at the cross roads. We are already seeing the escalating crime and other cracks, that are sure signs of pending trouble ahead.

From all indicators, contributors to this blog have shown a capableness, and some a willingness, to help the powers that be, lift this country out from the negatives. Already the Leader of the Opposition Hon. Mia Mottley has once more extended the olive branch in Parliament, a sure sign of a willingness to work as one. Lets all hope for true acceptance. Doing otherwise would be sure folly, given the 16- 14 status.

Calling all BU politicos and nonchalants, let’s all make a difference here. Starting from now, let’s all work as one and come up with worthy insights to initiate the wheels of progress and growth moving again. Allow BU to be a true think tank where we all work as ONE in the interest of all.

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  1. It seems there is an effort being made by a few of the MPs to be less partisan in their contributions. For others it appears to be a difficult transaction. It will take time but the time can be shorter if the Prime Minister takes the bait.

  2. Your proposal is most altruistic and worthy of consideration.
    But the initiative must come from the government’s side.
    First they must stop with the childish nauseating references to a pre-2008 bygone era and stop blaming the previous administration for every wrong in this country today. Even the AG blames the BLP for incubating the young criminals today. Why not the Family or the Church?

    Second they must stop with the lies and manipulation of statistics to cover the real scary position of government finances and the country’s economic challenges. The dismissal of the gravamen of the Auditor General’s report and its ramifications for the country financial integrity is a case in point.

    They must stop with the privatization bogeyman game and admit to the nation that the most viable way of creating an entrepreneurial environment is for government to play a primarily developmental and regulatory role on the economic landscape of this country.
    Why should a government in a 2013 highly educated Barbados be fooling the people about operating daycare facilities and expanding educational facilities and enterprises; even medical facilities?

    The government must admit to the nation we have very serious problems and stop blaming Tom, Dick and Harry, BLP and some bogus international recession that even the MoF today admitted is just a figment of his imagination constantly referred to for political effect and for good sound bite.

  3. I totally agree with both you David and miller.

    In my heart, I feel the BLP would like to work with the DLPknowing the predicament this country is in, (no matter how Sinkliar try to hide it) but every time the likes of Chris Sinckliar and Donville Inniss get up to speak, they malign the BLP. So who would want to co-operate with them? When they came to power in 2008, when the BLP MP’s offered suggestions, these two shouted across the floor……….”we dont want to hear nothing from wunnah, keep wunnah suggestions to wunnah self, wunnah had 14 years, now is we time and we gine do things we way”.

    So against this mindset, what can the BLP do? We know that BU is closely monitored by the DLP in its war room at George Street, we know that 90% of the disgusting posts originate there, so we can only hope that as suggestions are made here on BU that they take some to heart. We can only hope for the good of BIM.

  4. For the BLP, this was a good election to lose. For the DLP, it can be a good election to win, if they would swallow their pride and show some maturity , and with such a slender majority, invite the BLP to join them in a by-partisan arrangement and together move to pull Barbados out of this mess. Five more years of the same policies of the DLP will sink Barbados into a position that they will find hard to recover.

  5. Most laudable suggestion indeed Mr.Bonapart I must say.Definitely one worthy of consideration. For one Barbados is in dire need of an economic “money transfusion…the sooner the better. The BCCI and other business houses in Bridgetown efforts (Easter affair) next weekend to kick start the economy is a good idea and one worthy of further pursuits.

    Time to cut off the prehempting parachutes… like the 2.5 % Vat increase, high professional license fees, over extended vehicle registrations ,and the like… that have drained all circulating cash (commerce) from the economy.This should allow the money multiplier to reel once more and allow business houses to re-employ staff…The current long over drawn increases in taxation have resulted in less revenue being collected during the last 5 years (as was forewarned)..Why subject the economy to 5 years of more? One would surely agree that this part of the MTFP has not worked and should be removed immediately before we further stagnate.

    By freeing up the money in circulation, one would definitely see people spending once more as money would be in circulation amongst the small traders and a general revival of commerce. To stop any forex drain, implement further inhibitors tarrifs on luxury goods…..in these time who have money to spend on such anyway.

    Finally, increased spending on Capital Works, such as a marina, is not the much needed stimulus need at this time… the majority of such payments going to the Innotechs, Maloneys and the Jada’s while very little reaching the small man, the true money agitators and conduits of home grown commerce……How can the restarting (pumping more money) into Four Seasons a limping dead horse..be seen as a stimuli? Was it not tried and tested before again and again?…. And what were the outcomes? Come now Mr. MOF ….let’s not continually repeat mistakes of the past….We need real workable solutions and we need them like yesterday. Time to really free up lil money in this all but dead economy…and FAST !

  6. too little too late.barbados done long time.
    soon the money will be devalued and the over population of the island will cause increasing lawlessness and crime.
    ‘is we culture’.yah en know.hey hey.
    good luck with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. truly love this blessed land ? is that why garbage and toxic chemicals are thrown on the ground.and disguising behavior is encouraged?
    truly love the tourist money and white women sounds more like it.
    i am sorry not all the world like total chaos and lewdness .
    why not rename barbados Sodom and Gomorrah and look at that aspect of tourism.hey how ever we can get the dollars.
    to buy we big screen TV and rum and fancy cars,
    it is like a bunch of baboons trying to run a country..
    not going to happen!.bed made ,time to lie in it. get the pun?????
    ha ha.

  8. We really need to stop the partisan nonsense. The election has come and gone and we ‘revert’ to being Bajans especially those on the rock.

    The DLP won by a narrow margin with and equally narrow popular vote. This is a signal that the country is split down the middle in our first passed the pole system.

    We need to rally as one against the global economic head winds and our political leader Mr. Integrity himself needs to step up.

  9. If there has ever been a well penned thread on BU, this is it. Direct and straight to the point; simply cutting out all the fluff.

  10. 36,000 policyholders with CLICO getting all their money would also considerably increase demand in the country.

  11. I love that photo which is now making the rounds on FACEBOOK, which shows Ms.. Agard in Parliament fast asleep during the estimates. No doubt she was snoring as loud as a Jumbo jet on takeoff.

    Is that how she intends to work for the taxpayers money? Bunch of jokers! One man spent less than 24 hours in Parliament for a whole five year term and now this.

    She is following Seethru’s poor example, she is present in Parliament but still not present!!!!

    I bet anyone that she woke in time for lunch.

  12. The MoF indicated yesterday that information gathering is advanced based on the last circulation. He appeared to warn those on the circulation list to maintain confidentiality.

    BIPA’s credibility is shot.

  13. peltdownman | March 21, 2013 at 9:39 AM

    You dont know what you are talking about.

    One time wunna said that they were 25,000 policy holders, then it went up to 30,000 policy holders, during the elections it went up again to 35,000 policy holders, now you raise it to 36,000 policy holders, some other ididot will soon raise it 40,000 policy holders.

    The PM say that all of wunna stupid. The number of policy holders total less than 15,000.

    No wonder wunna back on the opposition benches. The blind leading the blind.

  14. old onion bags | March 21, 2013 at 8:19 AM

    You really have a cast iron stomach.

    After all the foolishniss you wrote on blog in the run up to the elections and every bit of it proved to be useless information.

    If I were you I would be ashame to show my face here on this with more foolishness again.

    dont you ever get tired of being wrong?

  15. Bush Tea man, we hear Dennis J “bigging” you up big time on this morning Brasstacks.
    Tell D J hat the surpluses from the deficits are being held up stairs by the Chinaman called the BBE. The surpluses lie in the East not the West; even if it they remain in paper form in the Western Banking systems and Treasury bonded negotiable instruments.

    Only a cawmere boy like you can think outside the propaganda straight-jacketed box.
    Respect, BT!

  16. @ Aarson
    “Call it a think bank, tank or what ever you like. It is time Barbados put aside all political differences and like true sons and daughters of this beloved soil, start putting all shoulders to the plough. Past is past ”


    I always knew you had a difficulty with comprehending…..but I din know the cause was as elementary as with ‘reading’…..

  17. CARSON
    Yardbroom, who seems to be a diehard D, made his comments before the election in his usual humble way. He was laughed at, but since the elections , he has not returned to gloat or weigh us down in bovine effluxes……but he have to suffer this stupid illiterate Cadogan on a daily basis. We need a dictator who can dismiss such dummies to the dump!

  18. @ Miller
    “Bush Tea man, we hear Dennis J “bigging” you up big time on this morning Brasstacks.”
    Bushie Missed Brass Tacks this morning….
    At least that is a good change from all the licks shared on the bushman’s tail by ac, Sargeant and the usual suspects… 🙂

  19. But all the talk about drwaing resources but look at grenada can,t pay the world bank. i see some of the loans past due are small ones include. yuh think the caricom HEADS would have an emergency meeting and called upon those oil rich coubntries in the carribbean basin and others to help that struggling island pay off some of the smaller debt or would that be too much to ask of the caricom nation. neva know whose turn might be next.

  20. I think Mia will be an excellent oppositon leader. She ill be assertive and strong but without the anger and bitterness of her predecessor.

  21. Candid

    Bite your tongue … do. The Jack ass that penned this nonsense believes that the actors that populate the chamber called Parliament are actually outfitted with the wherewithal to solve anything. Christ, I actually doubt that many of them can even change a flippin’ car tire. “First Past the Post” is a facade, a charade, that two unregistered private members clubs have seen it fit to make a business out of, and they have been doing it for far too long now. It is the nonsense sentiments like the above that only serve to bring a “sense” a relevance to a process that deserves nothing, NO compliments, no support, no hope, nothing.

  22. @David –
    Please do not give the opposition credit which they do not deserve.
    Here is the simple truth:
    The opposition has castigated the government for not cutting expenditure throughout the last 5 years – Mascoll said that it was “madness” to borrow to pay public sector workers.
    However,throughout , the campaign the BLP did not identify any major spending cuts to be made.Instead they promised everything to every interest group to catch votes.
    During the estimates, every BLP MP made an issue out of the reduction in allocations to various ministries.
    In other words, the BLP complains about too much spending in one breath and in another takes the political lowroad by trying rake government over the political coals for any spending reduction. Does that suggest that the opposition is serious about cutting spending?
    Sinckler called their bluff and told them to put their proposed spending cuts on the table. He extended the olive branch and asked the BLP to join the process. They have refused.
    Listen, Mia Mottley cares about one thing alone- getting political power. Do not be fooled. Mottley’s bipartisanship talk only lasted when she was in the political wilderness. Watch what she does and not what she says.

  23. @ BAFBFP | March 21, 2013 at 4:33 PM |
    “The Jack ass that penned this nonsense believes that the actors that populate the chamber called Parliament are actually outfitted with the wherewithal to solve anything.”

    You should consider engaging the services of a modern-day Guy Fawkes in the form of a suicide bomber. You prepared for the Kamikaze mission, BAF? You could take along Bushie as your co-pilot.

    The miller would be there in the final hour to egg you guys on and to wish you fond farewell while imbibing the spirits at the Old City Bar.

  24. Miller wah I ever do you ..? So you want me to blow myself up, that’s fair, but you want me tek Bust Tea wid me too, and have the Gods spew venom on my surviving family and their families for the rest of time? Wah wrong wid you ..?

  25. @ BAFBFP | March 21, 2013 at 6:06 PM |

    Man if you frighten then I could do the job for you. After all, the miller is already dead and would not mind entering paradise with 7 virgins in waiting providing life is restored to him like Lazarus.
    He got the equipment to handle any quantity. You know how much money was returned to the miller up Bush Hill because of the “dead(ly)” snake that lay in waiting. LOL!!

    Ask BT about heaven. His BBE lives some where up there. He could come along and meet his maker for good.

    BAF, that boy BT like he has taken over from you as being Dennis J blue-eye boy.
    It seems the Sun shines from BT’s backside as far as D J is concerned.
    You are no longer in the runnings. Ask David Ellis!

  26. Carson C. Cadogan | March 21, 2013 at 10:00 AM |
    I love that photo which is now making the rounds on FACEBOOK, which shows Ms.. Agard in Parliament fast asleep during the estimates. No doubt she was snoring as loud as a Jumbo jet on takeoff.
    Yeah saw it what a disgraceful shocker. Agard a classy looking chick when awake speaks intelligently but she needs to it get together quickly or be a one term-er.

    The woman putting down a wicked sleep the closest I saw to Agard snooze fest was long dose of salts Wood making sleep shoite as Castro spoke. Malik wid Teet Mascoll then leader of the DLP call for Wood’s immediate dismissal. How times change when you are a traitor.

    Not only Agard sleeping hard Edmund Hinckson the lispman knock out too. Hinckie making sleep shoite. George Payne his BFF “best friend” will keep that pic for future reference.

    Onions tell your boys and girls to stay awake in Parliament otherwise they committing fraud collecting our money. Owen though is the worst offender he stays home and sleeps. No Parliament for him.

  27. Before you and ur cohort C find some way to help Sinckair find the $600m now desperately needed to kick start this slumbering econ……you come in hey talkin your unadulterated blubber and shiite…..

  28. @ 1000 lbs Blubber
    You neanderthals just cant help nah….thread asked all for help in the way of meaningful advice …”all hands to the plough , yet you like aarson still on n on with your neblous infantile foolishness….Rubber in case you aint notice we in deep shit here..and if something don’t happen soon ….(lewe not think of that)…Is that your best contribution?

    Of course we needed a $600M stimulus packaage( Hal’s recent article)….and it is not too late….the application is where we differ….Individual tax relief would have a much more direct effect and kick start Btown commerce and reduce unemployment. What’s the use of higher taxation resulting in less n less collections….time to give that some consideration.

  29. A Suggestion on Convening the Think Tank.

    Since it sis obvious that ideas and resources would come from multiple sectors, idustries and disciplines I would first make a National Participatory Website which would be appropriately segmented by sector and skill set.

    The idea is to let every contributor list their proposed contribution, in brief, in what would be an open environment to accomplish the following

    (i) create a virtual site where those who are serious and committed to a national think tank can post their summaries

    (ii) have the site note who contributed what first so that authorship could be noted for future kudos and accolades

    (iii) expertise from varied sources in specific topic areas could be collated and grouped as the Think Tank sought to drill down into themes and teams

    Now here is where I pause and, due to my past legal issues with CARICOM, suggest this constraint and feature for the Virtual Think Tank

    Remember that this is just one of the many instances where the National Think Tank will be collecting ideas to address the economic hardship that we, and our CARICOM brethren are experiencing.

    While the platform would have provisions for submissions of detailed proposals, It would not be wise, given that the site is exposed to the entire world, to have that “second tier of detail” available for viewing to others of our Caribbean/global competitors.

    Please note that I am not saying that CARICOM member states would steal or appropriate the subject matter that is on the Virtual Roster for the Barbados Think Tank but i am just suggesting that people who wish to offer themselves to this national service and submit briefs of their suggestions through the facility would have to be careful or open themselves to the same fate as my company did in Weekes versus CARICOM in 2007, six years ago.

    I would be willing, FOR A FEE THAT THEY PAY BEFORE ANY ENGAGEMENT, to offer the services of my company to develop this Virtual Think Tank Roster for the Government of Barbados.

    I also will make the disclaimer that the maker of the Virtual Think Tank does not accept responsibility for what people will put on it or what the government will do with its content, after it is submitted

    We need to stop throwing stones/blame at “the other party” and putting some serious effort to deal with this problem. From my experience, a bullet downrange does not really care if you are a BLP or DLP supporter and, as I said in my EYES ON INVESTMENT proposal to the Office of the Prime Minister as the opening words of letters soliciting the assistance of the Bajan Diaspora, “Barbados Needs you as never before”

    As usual I will end by saying that I am an ICT consultant seeking work but if what I am proposing makes sense then even if you don’t like Weekes at least use the idea

  30. Not even one month yet and these parliamentarians are showing contempt to the taxpayers by sleeping in parliament at the taxpayers expense, don’t they bosses know how to discipline them, I saw it many times through the years and it is a disgusting habit. Taxpayers are not paying these imbeciles to sleep at least stay awake even if you are pretending to listen. Idiots.

  31. David Weekes………….I certainly wish you luck…………it’s all over the internet that if Bajan politicians can’t see a kickback or payoff they are not interested in any positive change that will benefit the majority citizens in Bim…………….sorry.

  32. onions

    The DLP don’t want any help from your lot.

    In the DLP We value the saying,”Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”. Tell Seethru that he can return to Antigua and help the people of Antigua.

    There is nothing that the BLP has to offer that we are interested in.

    It is a dangerous thing accepting advice form your enemies!!!! We have the solutions.

  33. 1000 thousand pounds of Blubber | March 21, 2013 at 10:18 PM

    Not only that they sleeping in Parliament, but they are telling LIES too!

    Sutherland said on the floor of Parliament that the Transport Board has less than 100 buses on the road, the Minister had to raise and inform him and Parliament and the Country that according to his data which was only two days old, there were 193 buses on the road.

    Less than ten minutes later he came up with another LIE. He said that the member for St. Lucy wanted the country to return to backyard slaughtering. The member from St. Lucy had to rise and inform him that he said no such thing.

    All he had to say then, “lets move on’. he didn’t even apologize for his LIES. And this is the BLP you jokers want the DLP to collaborate with?

    I think not!

  34. @ Carson C. Cadogan | March 22, 2013 at 8:44 AM |
    “He said that the member for St. Lucy wanted the country to return to backyard slaughtering. The member from St. Lucy had to rise and inform him that he said no such thing.”

    Sutherland is not lying on Kellman. Dennis Kellman said that in a public statement outside of Parliament and many people heard it on the radio. Of course he could get up in Parliament and deny it since it was not said there the same way your boss man can get up in the same place and denied he ever said anything along the lines of telling people who want money in their pockets to go to the drug lords.
    But at least the boss liar of them all is now trying to recant by admitting to the Four Seasons divorce and the pending death of the local King Sugar industry.

    CCC, could you tell the BU family where the proceeds from the sale of the BNB shares ended up? Was it put aside for the QEH upgrade or was it used to appease the bondholders of US$60 million Four Seasons divorce settlement who had threatened serious legal action should the government default further on the bond repayments?

  35. @ Carrson

    Now you can go back and tell Uncle……you understand what Onions, Co,. meant when they said….”it was a good elections to lose”….or like Hant ole fishing buddy would say ….Tief abait..

  36. millertheanunnaki | March 22, 2013 at 9:06 AM

    “Sutherland is not lying on Kellman. Dennis Kellman said that in a public statement outside of Parliament ”

    Lies on top of lies. You people are something else. The stock-in-trade of the BLP and its supporters is LIES. I cant imagine why you all are so allergic to the truth!

    And we ought to seek collaboration from you lot?

    It will be a cold day in Hell first.

  37. @ Carson C. Cadogan | March 22, 2013 at 3:57 PM |
    “And we ought to seek collaboration from you lot?”

    It is the DLP that is asking the BLP for help and ideas not the other way around.
    If that is not the case well go ahead and tell the BLP MPs to piss off and “carry their mothers’ scunt” as you did in the previous Parliament when you said you do not want to hear from the BLP since it was your time and the BLP can’t tell them what to do.
    You recall Pornville Inniss’ outburst?

    Go ahead and deny that your boss man ever said anything about people going to the drug lords if they want money in their pockets.

    Go ahead, Carson we are listening. That bitch dog of yours got your balls in her mouth?

  38. Miller

    You miss a lot of our meetings, didnt you?

    Well let me recap for you, no one on this side of the fence trust any of your lot.

    You are too corrupt. Pose your questionS to DAVID! He is listening.

  39. @ Carson C. Cadogan | March 22, 2013 at 9:20 PM |
    “Well let me recap for you, no one on this side of the fence trust any of your lot.”

    Instead of telling that to the BLP you can use it as the Refrain when the credit rating agencies come soon a calling followed by the IMF to do the due diligence tests on the 7th most indebted country in the World called HIPP (highly indebted and paro poor) Barbados.

    When you sit around the feedback table just tell them in no uncertain terms what you have just said. In other words, to piss off and get out of your sweet Buybadus bonded junkyard.
    We bet you can’t sing that song or play that tune in their presence or earshot?

    As far as corruption goes just read the most recent report from the Auditor General or is he another BLP plant now?

  40. Adrian Lovedridge for prime minister.of barbados white minority party.
    as a minority we whites should have special privileges as in most developed countries over the globe.
    one day it will happen.just like osama is president of USA.
    may be then we can get a law on loud music playing all night long and proper rules and laws.in canada it is 11 pm if you are bothering neighbors.
    you see civilized world is out there.if you resist and do not stop the party you will be arrested ,beat the crap out of or shot,which ever you go for.
    day will come.ha-ha.

  41. Incorrecto……………that is why we have to make a law and enforce it that the likes of you who are the product of centuries of inbreeding, an IQ that consists of one digit and nothing of real intellectual value to make Barbados more progressive should never, ever be allowed anywhere near the power vacuum in Bim. Our job is to pressurize the clowns in office we already have to contend with and make sure they do something positive about the existing problems, not create more dangerous problems by entertaining your poor haunted soul and others like you who have limited brain power and are clueless, you will remain in the minority through eternity.

  42. I find it distasteful that the leaders of our sovereign Houses of Parliament, the highest offices in the land , a land where PRIDE is part of its national motto, could allow themselves to be the subject of a hand out by the Chinese Government in the form of computers for parliament. Let the Chinese,Canadians, British and Germans donate items to our school churches and other institutions. What goes into our Parliament, irrespective of these harsh economic times should be provided solely by our own citizens, the taxpayers.
    Dipper Barrow would not have accepted these gifts to our parliament. He was known to frown on the mendicant attitude of some sister Caribbean nations.
    This hand out takes vote buying to a new level. In future when there is a crucial vote at the United Nations, these gifts of computers will ensure that Barbados does not forget the hand that held out toward it.
    Our leaders are no better that the recently reported 25 % of the population who are voluntary idle, preferring hand outs, and other means of getting a dollar rather than working for what they want.
    And we independent or just fast becoming a bamboo satellite. Every nationality comes to Barbados, give us gold , frankenstein and myrrh, wine and dine us and then move the house and land from under our feet.

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