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  1. Some one complained to Youtube and had the video removed. BU has rigged an alternative to allow others who have not seen to witness the barbarism.

  2. Dear miller etc: Clearly you bin smoking sain, and u r as high as a kite.

    Write me back when you sober.

    • The following was received by email:

      6yrs old in deton road grazettes st michael needs to be save from mother who beats her every day and night .last night it got sobad that a young man went to save the 6yrs but the mother got on bad so he leave .please someone “anyone help save this 6yrs old girl from mother beating her.

  3. What yuh learn at home, going to come out. As Bushie so valuably shows, this is why Barbados is a violence tolerant society (none a dem cowards do nothing when de girl got licks) and violence is bred at home.

    If one learns explanation from a young age, one thinks that is normal, if one gets violence non stop, one thinks THAT is normal.

    Violence breeds violence.

    Ghandi, Martin Luther King et al fought with their hearts and minds for peaceful means, yet some still think violence solves ills.

    Absolutely nonsense.

    But, as they say, if yuh cant beat them…

    I hereby call for a closure of the prison and instead, magistrats and judges should sentence convicted persons to lashes in Heroes square, with a cat o nine tails or tamrind rod, depending on crime as follows:

    misdemenour – 6 stroks wid de rod
    theft, first offense – 10 strokes wid de rod
    theft, multiple – thirty stroks wid de rod

    burglary – one stroke wid de cat
    mugging, assault or burglary with aggravated -9 strokes wid de cat
    rape or buggery – 20 strokes wid de cat
    murder -de gallows

    There, as many find no problem with violence as a measure, that should both cut prison costs at a tike when our budget needs cutting AND ensure that wunna get to watch de lashes.

    And I ASSURE you that de cat going stop crime DEAD DEAD in its tracks.

    See, Bushie YUH RIGHT. We wid you boysie.

    Might evn be able to sell tickets to de floggings. After work pun a Friday, de chicken an pork lime and licking time in Heroes Square, so de Heroes could frown upon de criminals as de getting licks.

    How dat? Bushie, yuh like um? I also guarantee that Heroes Square going be packed wid peoples coming tuh watch dem licks.

    Because, we like’um so!!!

  4. So, Bushie, yuh coming tuh Heroes Square nex week tuh eat some pork and drink some Banks an watch de lashes, it gine be SPORT.

    Tickets only 10 dollars fuh entry. Bet yuh cyan wait tuh see dem two dat shoot dem tourises get de rod, or effin de judges think it did suh bad, dem might even get de cat, bet yuh wud like dat.

    Kabraxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx pun dem back.

    Whop yuh tink goinm play, wuh band de gine get fuh de show?

  5. Crusoe…
    Perhaps you can get your friends from the band “Brass Souls” to play….
    Your simplistic analysis is unbecoming….our world is much more complex and diverse than can be accommodated by your juvenile and simplistic analysis.

    @ David
    There are lots of sicko’s with us….And they are not all lawyers and politicians. Why do you expect that every parent will have your patience and sense?
    What would you expect those who DON’T have these skills to do? …have no children? Or do THEIR best with what THEY have….?

    A criminal maniac who beats a six year old daily? ….The child should be taken from her for protective custody by a relative or the state….and she should be required to work to support the child.

    …..but a mother who has tried (in vain) to access the social services and whose daughter is on the point of no return ….who takes the extreme step of embarrassing her in public….? …with apparently positive results….?
    ….Bushie’s Jury is still out on that one.

    To those self righteous critics who can condemn her before the jury is in…. Bushie says ….go ahead and pelt wunna rocks…..

    • @Bushie

      As earlier stated the act of the mother can be explained but it certainly cannot be justified.

  6. @ David
    Don’t be simple!
    Even MURDER can be justified…..far less a good cut ass..

    No one is talking of hitting Mother Theresa…or even rude Caswell, but one in every thousand or so is an ‘Onions’ or a BAFBFP, where the only answer may be a good cut ass….
    A really good parent is the one who is wise enough to adapt as needed…..

    • Bushie

      You are so right: read the last Saturday Sun and you would see the DPP justify what any layman would consider to be murder. As I understand it, Elvin Thomas wounded Evanson Armstrong and somehow the case against Thomas was dismissed for want of prosecution.
      Armstrong felt that he did not get justice and he waylaid Thomas in the garage of his home at Lower Estate shot him several times in cold blood. The DPP called it provocation and accepted a plea of manslaughter.

  7. @Bush Tea
    but a mother who has tried (in vain) to access the social services and whose daughter is on the point of no return ….who takes the extreme step of embarrassing her in public….? …with apparently positive results….?
    You still on that bandwagon? That’s right “embarrassing” at the business end of a 2×4 plank. What positive results? Didn’t someone say the girl was apprehended post beating by the local constabulary for playing truant? Child abuse is child abuse there are no degrees or extenuating circumstances which gives anyone an excuse, if one talks to the woman reported as beating the six year old she will have some reason why she is disciplining her child on a daily basis.

  8. @Bushie,

    So you run to the protection of ‘simplistic and juvenile analysis’?

    But you said that ”Trust the bushman….
    ..there are a few children in this world who it would be best to beat into submission (as a last resort) when all possibilities are explored….and there are one or two who probably should be ‘put down’ for the overall good of mankind”.

    So, are these children worse than criminals who end up in Dodds for terrible deeds, that you would beat these children into submission, but not treat the criminals to your alleged panacea for wickedness???

    My analysis may be simplistic, but it focuses on the very root of the issue i.e. IS VIOLENCE A SUITABLE FORM OF CORRECTION as you are suggesting.

    If it is so effective as you suggest, the rod and cat will solve all of our crime issues.

    That is not rocket science, I am no rocket scientist, I igrunt. And I see the it as it is.

    So, instead of sidestepping the question answer it.

    Why not beat the criminals into submission too? And please no goddledegook about complexity.

    You trying to make the wicket seem worse than it is.

  9. @ Sargeant
    Again the bushman suggests that you stick with the kind of issues that you understand. There is a reason why sargeants are not encouraged in the officers’ mess…..
    One child’s “abuse” may be another’s salvation.

    @ Caswell
    It seem that fools seldom differ…. 🙂
    Bushie just raised that same issue on another thread…

    @ Crusoe
    This is not like you….. This is some imposter?….or you is one of those like Bushie who used to get their behind cut and (unlike Bushie) you continue to resent the correction….?

    What do you not understand about VASTLY DIFFERENT personalities – requiring vastly different solutions?
    Ask ANY teacher….
    There are some children (still the majority) where to raise your voice at them would be ‘abusive’…
    There are others who need to see you have a strap in your hand and raised – in order to conform to community rules…
    …and there are a few who will only conform AFTER they feel the weight of your conviction to enforce discipline.

    …then there are the one or two in every ten thousand or so who will not conform even after several encounters with the Task Force’s best…

    “Simplistic” just describes any argument that seeks to apply any single strategy in such a circumstance…. 🙂

  10. @Bush T
    One child’s “abuse” may be another’s salvation
    Do a survey on the residents at Dodds and see how many were saved by the rod and yet they ended up as guests of Her Majesty.

    In any event earlier in the thread “Onions” exposed your hypocrisy on the issue of child abuse with his ambush post, one suspects that you are still smarting from that broadside and that is why you can’t refrain from referring to your “remedy” for the issue in unrelated posts.

    The gospel according to Bush T: If your child offends you, beat him/her until they walk the path to true enlightenment, truly the philosophy of a relic from the antediluvian period.

  11. At what point does licks become abuse.
    At what point does crushing a child (while it screams “I can”t breathe”) become abuse.

    Who decides how many lashes,with a 1×3 is adequate to control a 14 year old?

    What is the allowable risk factor for the choice of instrument given that a piece of wood to the temple is supposed to be deadly.

    I hope this mother and others like her are given the help that will prevent them from taking the risk of severely injuring a child.

    Bushie I know you know everything but it is really hard for some of us to stomach what we saw in that video.
    Maybe I just have a guilt complex because I (a red boy) din get licks when I was growing up but saw others (black) get beaten with whatever was handy including rope and electric wire.

    There should be no acceptance, in a just society, for the beating of children.

  12. Bushie why don’t you get off your high horse before you fall off and break yuh rass? Bushie you are sounding so much like a Barbarian that I am going to distance myself from you. You CANNOT abuse children and call it discipline.

  13. Hants, its all very well passing the brown paper bag test for high society, but all a yellow or red boy has to do is catch some sun to turn brown black

  14. @Bushie…

    But my question is till not answered.

    IF you are riding your argument on the ‘premise’ that some children need it so, then surely those who have made it to Doods, certainly are that variety.

    Hence,would / do you support captial punishment, tamrind rod and cat onnine tails for convicted criminals???

  15. @Crusoe

    Is it that Bushie is saying that some children need to get the kind of punishment portrayed by Karen OR is it that the ‘ignorance’ of Karen made the punishment a logical choice?

  16. @David et al …from Wikipedia (could not remember details, and Wiki is not always correct, but this sounds about right)..

    ”’1993 (only to be formally declared inhumane and thus unconstitutional by the Barbados Supreme Court).”

    So, in Barbados, the cat o nine tails is ‘inhumane and thus unconstitutional’.

    But, but ……. some a wunna, see it fit, for a 2 x 4, a 2 x 4 deng!!!!!!!!, to be used on a minor!!

    Cud dear man.

  17. @David,

    That point is moot now. The fact is, she has not been charged for the severe and ‘inhumane’, beating she give the child.

    THAT is now the issue.

  18. No one is talking that what the mother is teaching the child is that violence is an answer to disagreements and conflict.

    But doan worry, dem lashes gine get repay threefold, when de gurl a lil older, or from one a de others, whom de mudda allegedly, according to de paper, does beat too.

  19. david

    As earlier stated the act of the mother can be explained but it certainly cannot be justified.

    how does one explain such and act . have we all gone stark mad that one can find any kind of rationale explanation for such a violent act outside one of the mother being mentaly deranged..

  20. Bushie is confused about disciplining children he only knows to beat them into submission and bringing them to death or near death to teach them a lesson. He is teaching them a lesson all right…..that violence is the way to settle things eve if you kill them. He talks about the BBE and the plan for mankind what a load of garbage. The BBE can never be a compassionate being if Bushie is following the teachings of the BBE. BUSH TEA YOU ARE WRONG WRONG WRONG admit it and say you are sorry and had a change of heart. If not you are one ignorant rass bowl !

    • @islandgal

      We have to accept that by her actions the mother doesn’t know any better. She probably resorted to the only way she knew how. While it does not make her barbaric behaviour right one can only do what one knows. Her exposure by this incident may actually help her to generate other disciplinary options in the future. Of interest is that bystanders/neighbors sanctioned her behaviour. We are not dealing with a one of incident here but a mentality which is prevalent in the society.

  21. @ Islandgal
    If Bushie had beaten his father into unconsciousness with a mahogany chair foot, then the bushman would not only apologise, but shut his trap on the issue in shame….

    As it is, the bushman never had cause to EVER hit anyone- far less a child…or even attempt to do so.

    It would have to be a conscience thing that making wunna so upset with a bushman whose ONLY call is to desist from judging a poor woman who seems to be doing the best that she can with what she has….

    Thank God for David of BU…
    …at least one person on the blog can read and understand.

  22. Bushie let us accept that your position is based on compassion for the mother’s unfortunate circumstance.

    However, what do you think would have happened to the child if this incident was not made public?

    You should have the some understanding for those who were abused by their parents or those like me who watched their friends get abused and could do nothing about it except cry in sympathy for them.

    Maybe I developed a guilt complex at seeing black children getting duh rass lick in by their “frustrated” mothers.

    But I understand you mean well Bushie.

    Now maybe BAFBFP can lobby on Brasstacks and try to get some counseling for the mother and child.

  23. Bushie you can twist what I did to however you want to BUT I will never hold my head down in shame for protecting my mother. The problem with wunna menz is that wunna feel that women and children are possessions that you can discard and kick about. Why didn’t you ask about the child’s father? You really feel that this child learnt her lesson? And you feel that the mother got her message over to her child? Stupse……. You need to go and do a parenting course at Parados. Children learn what they see and hear!

  24. Hants …I am tired of you referring to your colour. You are soo steeped in the belief that your “high” brown skin puts you above the dark brown skin that it makes me want to puke. You too old for this nonsense!

  25. @ Hants
    What exactly makes you think that either you, BAFBFP or Bushie is any better than this woman Karen ….especially BAFBFP? 🙂

    …because she don’t know any better than to beat her daughter…?
    …because she poor?
    …because she have six children?
    ..because she black?

    Bushie got compassion for all our unfortunate asses…
    …Wuh you perfect now?
    You got all the answers?
    You living a successful and fulfilling life?
    When your behind is ready for the undertaker, will you will be ready…?
    in the final analysis when the stumps are pulled, you may find yourself in the line right behind BAFBFP….and for all you know, Karen may be on the other side of the valley (wid Bushie) laughing at wunna 🙂
    It is always better NOT TO JUDGE the motives and circumstances of others…especially without knowing all the facts.

    Don’t be like Islandgal who KNOWS that she was protecting her mother but ascribes motives to Karen for doing what SHE THOUGHT WAS BEST to protect her daughter.
    How do you spell H Y P O C R I T E ?

  26. What protecting what mother what?!.

    Islandgal was waiting for a chance to burst that man’s head from the time he first attempted to change her diaper at two months old…. 🙂

  27. I nose biting me somebody ’bout hey call my name … Stupse …! Man lef me nah, I ain’ even pun dis t’read den … I discover a t’ing called “facebook” and I hey trying to get the damned t’ing use. They already threaten to ban me fah seeking “friends” wid people that don’ know me from squat … HA HA HA . Might soon got to think soon ’bout changing my handle to BAFBFPandFB … HA HA HA

  28. islandgal246 wrote “Hants …I am tired of you referring to your colour.”

    I don’t give a flying puck what you think.

    Don’t read what I write or puke.

  29. @David”We are not dealing with a one of incident here but a mentality which is prevalent in the society.”

    Exactly. Barbados IS a violence tolerant society.

    But forbid if a judge decide that a vicious rapist or bugger should get 6 from a cat o nine tails.

    All kind a fella going holla, but ‘cuh dear’ it does cut.

    Hell yes.

    All kind of compassion for criminals and none for a girl being beaten wid a 2 x 4.

    Dont you see there is something VERY wrong here?

    And where ‘de mudda dont know nuh better’, it IS for the authorities to teach her…one way or another.

  30. @Bushie,

    No, no imposter. What concerns me with this issue is that the violenc is being allowed to sit ‘cool’. We must not an any account accept, tolerate nor condone violence as a nation.

    There is NO WAY FORWARD for a country mired in violence, whether as an excuse for childhood punishment, crime or otherwise.

    It is like trying to mix cement with 1/4 mud in the mixture, it will ultimately fall apart.

    We must, in some or many ways, gradual and deliberate training, move Barbados and its people to come from a position of non aggression and peaceful measures of thought and action.

    • @Crusoe

      Based on recent media reports the matter is occupying the attention of the authorities but where are the examples to show that we pursue anything in Barbados with haste?

  31. @islandgal

    We may need to separate the arguments. We need to do a better job of listening to each other.

    What Bushie has stated in maybe his inimitable way is that Karen who appears to be from an unstable social background is likely to behave differently to someone from a socially secure and middle-upperclass background who in similar circumstances may have whisked the girl off to a clinic some where.

    In such circumstances is empathy the better approach or the hammer?

  32. David this happens at all socio economic levels…it is just that we don’t see it. I listened to why the mother hit her child….”she was talking back”! This incident highlights the cruelty children are faced with on a daily basis. Who speaks for the child?

    • Islandgal246

      Give it up now. Listen to what Bushie is saying: he is making more sense. Like you, I had the same initial reaction but after reading Bushie, I am a bit more sympathetic. Don’t you think that your father needed counselling: stop calling the kettle black.

  33. No matter what a person’s circumstances is, that does not give them the right to abuse their children. When my dad was beating my mother for years, no one called it abuse. It was an accepted norm to the police and neighbours that is between husband and wife. It was licks then, the difference is that it is recognized as abuse today. I am sure my father like Karen never saw themselves as an abuser. We have a sinister way of accepting that it is ok for parent to discipline children in any way they see fit.

    Look at sexual abuse of children, this was and still to extent a hush hush topic. Many in the family will know and say nothing. Many neighbours will know and say nothing. Saying and doing nothing will encourage people to continue this crime against children. Look at the many runaway girls, many have been victims of sexual abuse that started in the home.

    If you take a small sapling and nourish it, take care of it lovingly it will grow into a wonderful tree. If you don’t feed it properly, keep hitting it with sticks and weed wackers, it may not reach maturity or if it does it will bear the scars of the abuse it had gone through.

  34. Caswell I don’t need you to tell me who I should listen to. Perhaps you should heed your own advice on who is calling the kettle black.

  35. @ Crusoe
    Everything has its place in this complex world of ours….including violence. Obviously it is not a first, second, third or even tenth option, in administering discipline, but WHEN THE CIRCUMSTANCES REQUIRE, it may well become the best option available.
    Almost every country maintains an army whose role is to use violence should that option become necessary.

    Any country that CHOOSES to dispense with that option opens itself to easy manipulation by others with less stringent morals…would that be wise?
    Same thing with parents / teachers / police / judges etc…..A wise one will walk softly…..and carry a big stick….

    The main problem with Karen is that her social status and lack of resources forced her to option eleven long before it would have forced some of us more fortunate bloggers….

    @ Hants
    “Bushie let us agree that you support the beating of children as a disciplinary tool and I don’t”
    Perhaps this fact just serves to quantify our different levels of commitment to discipline.
    …..Indeed, we may even agree that Bushie “supports the execution of children as a disciplinary tool” – should the circumstances so dictate.
    There are some things that are THAT important Hants.

  36. Beat the slaves to keep them in line
    Beat the wife to keep her in line
    Beat the child to keep him/her in line
    Beat the dog to keep it in line

    Seems fair and rational to me

  37. @ Bush Tea | March 28, 2013 at 7:38 AM |
    “Almost every country maintains an army whose role is to use violence should that option become necessary.”

    That’s a very good point.
    Even little Christian Bim has a standing army aka Defence Force whose members are allowed to retire early (as opposed to the Police) on a decent pension on the grounds that they have to endure severe trauma and psychological distress due to exposure to violence and killing of the enemy.

    Since when does the incursion into fields of mary jane and the killing of the plants constitute psychological trauma and distress?

  38. OOPS! islandgal you took a big bite out of Cawell you better apologise before you get a taste of the 2×4 Bush Tea is weilding in his hand….. Why is everybody trying to convince the “old fossil” Bush Tea that is sense of reasoning is outdated and goes back to An era when men lived in caves and woman were treated as footstools

  39. @islandgal

    Yours and Sarge’s position is understood. No sensible person condones what Karen is portrayed in the video as doing. What is the argument is that a person who is firmly lodged in a socially insecure and unstable position and has reached out to the social services with no success will resort to what she knows best. It does not make it right but it is what it is. To understand the mentality at play here is to understand why poor working class people are inclined to have large families even though logic and rational thinking says that it should not be the case. Linear thinking will not help anyone understand what is at play here.

  40. AC…these people are products of a society that uses violence as a means of control. Violence gets us nowhere, Bush tea and Caswell are Barbarians!

    • Islandgal246

      What barbarian what? I have never laid a hand on my father in anger much less a hockey stick or a chair foot. You admitted physically abusing you father and probably sending him to an early grave and you call me a barbarian. Could you imagine how your father felt after feeding and clothing you, and you turned around and lick the piss out of him? Why couldn’t you and your siblings hold your father and kiss him, tell him how much you love him and reason with him. You, his little girl broke his heart and killed him and then you are indecent enough to come on BU and boast about it. It you have a god, pray for forgiveness. “Honour thy father and thy mother that days would be long in the land……”

  41. “To understand the mentality at play here is to understand why poor working class people are inclined to have large families even though logic and rational thinking says that it should not be the case.”

    David many poor people with large families have brought up outstanding children without the help of a 2×4.

  42. There are now cases of self mutilation in schools mainly girls doing this to themselves. Even though women have made lots of progress in this country, some of us do not value our girls, many are abused physically and sexually.

  43. @islandgal

    It is important not to generalize. Recent scientific studies all point to the fact our poverty segment is growing at an alarming rate. This is a reality we have to face s far as predictable behaviours is concerned. Yes poor families may be able to raise 12 children but there are several other cases where this is not the case and which is likely to lead to situations being discussed here.

  44. Caswell please do not go there…… I should let my father continue to brutalize my mother, the mother of his children? That is why men like you would get away with all kinds of abuse because you fed, clothe and put a roof over your children’s head.

    • Islandgirl246

      I am not saying that people should not stand up to their abusers: far from it; I am saying that there are options for dealing with the problem other than becoming an abuser yourself. You could have shown your father love. Instead, you beat him to a pulp, broke his spirit and send him to an early grave. Mind you, if he died within a year and a day of that beating, you might be guilty of murder and conspiracy to commit murder. You should note that there is no statute of limitation in a case of murder. If I ever find out who you are, I am not to sure that I will not report you to the Police. Don’t worry though, with Leacock there he would likely accept a plea of manslaughter or you might get off entirely because of diminish responsibility. Leave Karen alone you murderess.

  45. It seems that as a society we haven’t gone forward at all. Abuse of children and spouses is condoned by the courts, the police and society.
    When people stand up to their abusers they are condemned because they should be grateful because their abusers for feeding and clothing them. Such backwardness!

  46. “Leave Karen alone you murderess.”

    Caswell you have been accused here on this blog of having paedophile tendencies yet I have never call you one BUT I will now! YOU Paedophile!

  47. I got my hockey stick waiting for you Caswell. You think you could frighten me? You piece of fowl pup! Talking nuff shoite bout murder, you think you are a lawyer? I will gladly give you my name and address you fcuking idiot. COMMER I will deal with you fcuking child molester!

  48. islandgal246 on March 28, 2013 at 11:23 AM
    And I forgot that you have been accused of being a sticky finger thief too!
    Islandgal is that you…….standing up for your rights? You go girl ?

  49. @ Fractured BLP | March 28, 2013 at 12:26 PM |
    “You go girl”

    So sweet of you, Fractured, to empathize with a girl like yourself.
    I love that kind of support coming from a girl like you. Sounds like a real she/she position to take it in.
    Pity Caswell is a batty-man hater or he would give you a good grinding from behind. But we leave you to our friend Lemuel to tar and feather your backside with his 7×4 plank of wood soaked in Chinese brush.
    Pity Caswell is a batty-man hater or he would give you a good grinding from behind. But we leave you to our friend Lemuel to tar and feather your backside with his 8×4 plank of wood soaked in Chinese brush and vaseline.
    Right, honey chile? Bitch!

  50. Hi Miller by you last comment we understand it is that time of the month when most women like yourself go through their regular monthly cycle….so you are a bit angsty !

    Your pains will soon be over !!

  51. lol @ Islandgal
    Bushie was nicely trying to get you to see the Hypocracy in your tirade against Karen…but no….you gone and interfere with Caswell.
    ….and now looking to find yourself in the hands of the DPP fuh murhduh….or is it farhduh? 🙂
    ..this time the poor man was not even beating yuh mother…. You mean after all these years you have yet to figure out that a woman screaming out every night and lots of ruckus in the bedroom may not have anything to do with being abused….. 🙂
    …look how you going and get lock up nuh….!

  52. Bushie please do not make light of a serious case. When a man takes up a cutlass on many occasions and lashes a mother with it in front of her children it meant that he will one day kill her. When a child has seen a mother lying on the floor with blood streaming from cutlass wounds can a child forget that scene easily? When a child sees her mother thrown against a door by a father and her arm breaking the glass and getting cut can that be erased from that child’s memory? When the police confiscated several cutlasses from my father and nothing was done you call that justice? ? When a man beats his wife until she is a bloody mess you call that a rukus in a bedroom nuh? I will gladly stand in front a judge and tell him if I had to defend my mother again I will do it all over again. Who speaks for that child?

  53. Most of beat tar to go to the Olympic cinema to see the picture “Norman Is That You”. Fractured is that you, again.

  54. Bushie
    This time I must side with Island. That father needed the 2X4 regularly around his head, feet and shoulders. Please I am not getting into your ruckus. Island, over to you.

  55. Lemuel you is a real wutless gallows-bait fuh true…..
    Agreeing that some lashes was due to IG’s father is agreeing with BUSHIE, ….not Islandgal and her crew of non beaters. 🙂
    …she is saying that only she have justification to share licks….

    @ Islandgal
    Bushie apologies for joking. Hopefully you will see that to Karen, this may well be an equally deep emotional experience with trying to raise her children and just as Bushie should not make light of your personal situation, wunna should also give her the benefit of SOME doubt.

    Bushie tired with this issue now though…it a bit too obvious and pedestrian….

  56. Thank you Lemuel……Hypocrites like Caswell who quoted “honour thy father” what about honouring your wife and children first? Respect is earned and it cannot be earned by force. As I said before I didn’t hate my father, I was the one who was called to go to him when he got sick while some of my siblings told me to leave him to die where he was. I encouraged him make a will to include our mother who was divorced from him. One day I overheard him whispering to an old friend that I was the prettiest of his children. My siblings said that I was his favorite but never knew that. As I got older I would go to see him often more than any of his other children. He gave me joie de vivre , he gave me a love for all types of music so there was lots of good in him as well.

    I will agree that Karen needs some counselling on parenting before it is too late before one of her children turn on her and can anyone blame them if they did?

  57. yes the woman does need mental help . no amount of jail time can cure her. maybe out of evil might come the help she truly deserves. situations like these are desperate signs that a person is crying out for help, now may not be too late. Island gal as for situation that was completly different and only Caswell and Bush Tea can compare the two as the same. However one should think not once ! not Twice ! but mutiple times before listening to Bush Tea call for unleashing Caswell on this society in any kind of leadership role cause the two of them together we all be dead

  58. Islandgal246

    I am now back home and I see that you can dish it out but you can’t take it. When you are put under pressure, you become nasty. Just put yourself in Karen’s shoes and see how you would feel after all the judgements you posted about her situation.

    I was abhorred when I watch the video and my first reaction was like yours. Then I read Bushie’s comments and I became sympathetic for the mother’s situation. You refused to learn anything from Bushie, even though I can detect that you have some kind of crush on him. By the way, I don’t think that you murdered your father. As I understand it, you would be guilty of manslaughter because you did not intend to kill him.

    • Islandgal246

      Thanks for the invitation but I don’t think that I would be able to stomach the smell.

  59. gingerbread girl is Anthony da Silva of Innotech Services. he grew up watching his mother get beat. that is why he is as he is today.

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