Does Mia Mottley Have What it Takes?

Mia Mottley, Leader of the Opposition

Mia Mottley, Leader of the Opposition

Now that Minister of Agriculture David Estwick has been sworn in the political pundits will wait for The Estimates Debate to continue with the speculation. Unfortunately for the Stuart led government the slim 2-seat majority will continue to exert the weight of public scrutiny. Not sure if the public will ever achieve a comfort level in the current circumstances. This is a new political path for Barbados.

During all the post-general election debate the leadership transition from Arthur to Mottley – the heir apparent in the eyes of many – has avoided deeper discussion. This is the second bite of the cherry for Mottley since her removal by Payne, Marshall, Toppin, Clarke and Duguid – the so-called Gang of 5 – which paved the way for the return of Owen Arthur. The result of the 21 February 2012 is now history, it saw the defeat of Arthur and the BLP.

BU had hoped in the wake of all that has happened the disaffected members of the ‘Gang of 5” would have rallied behind Mottley, and in the process send a message to the world that old wounds were in an advanced state of healing. Unfortunately for Mottley the report of an 8 to 5 vote exposes a deep division within the BLP parliamentary group. And yes members of the group are entitled to vote conscience even though in the highest chamber of the land the idea of doing similarly is dispensed with.

Mia Mottley's second swearing in as Opposition Leader

Mia Mottley’s second swearing in as Opposition Leader

It was interesting also the position taken by Arthur to absent himself from the process of selecting the opposition leader. As a BLP member of parliament his participation was demanded. Even more so because of what he is on record as saying about Mottley’s leadership in a UWI interview after his other general election defeat in 2008. Does anyone buy the explanation offered by Arthur that he did not want to be a drag on the discussion to select the new leader of the BLP? By this single act he wedged the dagger a little deeper than it was lodged in 2008. Here was the perfect opportunity for Arthur and Mottley to show that the party was ready to shatter all doubts about the leadership of the party. What is to stop those Barbadians from believing that there is some angst still being shown by Arthur, and co, at the prospect of Mottley leading the BLP? What is it Arthur and co are not telling the public by their vote?

To some it seems that there is a bloc within the BLP parliamentary group who have sworn a pact to do all in their power to pervert Mottley from the path of ever becoming prime minister of Barbados. If there is a compelling reason by those in the BLP concerning Mottley becoming prime minister, the time has come to take the public into its confidence? If they don’t it will become a protracted issue which will have to be addressed the next time a general election is called. Why force Mottley to have to carry the spectre cast by this matter like an albatross on her back for the next five years? And to intensify the distrust enter Kerri Symmonds stage left.

Owen Arthur cannot regard the last parliament as poorakey and this time around suggests that he intends to fully participate.  The personnel is the same on the government side! His position reeks of hypocrisy. Perhaps the recent defeat has caused him to recant. We continue to navigate an interesting period in the political landscape of Barbados.

Mottley will have to demonstrate she has what it takes to lead the BLP into the next general election.

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  1. Sargeant you funny ! but yu know u say things that i wholeheartedlyy agree with which i could say them myself. However with the limited scratch grain i have i do my best

  2. @ ac
    Now ya denying it..lies and attacks is ur forte’….to earn the designation of certified requires a vindictiveness and persistence that could not come by way of accident…..As for Sarge…..dun know you love onion’s repousse’ …eva more than ac …

  3. @ David
    Would you say David that a party being elected to govern by only 31.2% of the electorate is a popular choice?

    Why do I say 31.2%? Well let’s do some simple maths; we are told that there are (approximately?) 230,000 persons registered to vote in Barbados. Now, of that total only 60% voted on election day. 60% of 230,000 = 138,000. Of that 138,000 voters we were told that the DLP received 52%. That gives us a total of 71760 votes (52% of 138,000) that were cast for the DEMS. That means that only 31.2% of the electorate of 230,000 persons chose the DEMS! That leaves us with a differential of 68.8% of those registered voters who did NOT choose the DEMS!

    My question is, therefore, can anyone tell me what all the accolades and back-patting and euphoria is all about because one party was chosen with 31.2% of the possible votes? In any examination score in any part of the world a score of 31.2% of the total would definitely be a FAIL mark for that candidate. Is that AH LIE, Dr.GP? I must say interesting times (Signs of the Times, GP?) are ahead of us. Be therefore warned: John the baptizer told the people of his day, “REPENT”. Are his words not very appropriate to us in our day?

    • @de hood

      A growing disaffected electorate is something which many have shown concern for some time. Those with the power to change it will not and Bajans are too passive to advocate change. It is too esoteric an issue. Note you can’t use the 223 thousand number given the high number of voter notification pieces which were returned to the Electoral Office.

  4. Neva thought that the hood would reemerge after all the long winded talk you said about the DEMS losing the election. anyhow dehood wunna got MIA a household name one full of recognition at least you could brag about that instead of throwing cold water over the DEMS win call it what you want but a “WIN is a WIN

  5. @ ac

    Sure ac, awin ia a win. The means justifies the end, right? A win by hook or crook, right? But ac, what about the 68.8% who do not agree that the DEMS was not the best choice?

    It does not really matter to me one way or the other. I will still survive the remaining few years that the Creator promised me here.
    LoL At least I don’t have to suck up to anyone to get a loaf of bread when the day comes. Put that in yuh pipe and try to smoke um, ac.

  6. @DE HOOD
    I must say interesting times (Signs of the Times, GP?) are ahead of us. Be therefore warned: John the baptizer told the people of his day, “REPENT”. Are his words not very appropriate to us in our day?


  7. March 6, 2013 at 12:04 PM

    “Note you can’t use the 223 thousand number given the high number of voter notification pieces which were returned to the Electoral Office.”
    In answer to your above statement, Dave, the numbers may change but the PERCENTAGES would remain pretty stable. It still stands that nearly 70% did not choose the winning party (B or D, it doesn’t matter because it could easily have been the Bs that had won and the same would apply). I can now understand why in some other countries they have passed laws to make voting mandatory for those who are registered. Think it’s time for us here to follow suit?

  8. @de hood

    Compulsory voting is just part of the problem. If more people vote we have the same problem to deal with; a defective Whitehall model. Why not add the power of recall.

  9. Georgie Porgie wrote “THE FULFILLMENT OF REV 16-18 IS COMING VERY SOON.”

    How soon GP? this year? next decade? next 100 years? Soon is relative to the

  10. Hants | March 6, 2013 at 2:39 PM |
    Georgie Porgie wrote “THE FULFILLMENT OF REV 16-18 IS COMING VERY SOON.”

    How soon GP? this year? next decade? next 100 years? Soon is relative to the


  11. @ Dr. GP
    I really don’t think I would relish being around when that guy (anti-christ) makes his appearance. Those times are going to be too terrible for me to even consider being alive at that time, I would much rather be long gone (Paradise/Spirit prison?)where ever the Great Judge chooses to place me to await His next coming. But going by recent events I just might be alive to witness it! Oh well, GP, all I can do is ask Him (Supreme Judge) to have mercy on my poor sinful soul and give poor ol’ me a break (which I beg Him to do on a daily basis anyhow right now. 🙂

  12. HOODIE
    The scriptures clearly teach that those who believe in Christ WILL NOT GO THROUGH THE TRIBULATION PERIOD BUT THAT THEY WILL BE SNATCHED AWAY LIKE ENOCH AND ELIJAH .[see i Thes 4:14-18]

  13. This blog can be used constructively to help us build a better Barbados. Presently, it is being used to push bias partisan views which do not serve us well. We should refrain from using this blog to destroy people’s characters as was done in the recently held elections that caused some persons and their families great pain and distress.

    What purpse is served by trying to pull down our politicians who are our fellow citizens and brothers and sisters. The behaviour on this blog by some persons is not a good example for our young people; surely, we can state our case without going into the ‘gutter’ and sinking to the lowest level of behaviour. Let us stop the abuse of persons and recognise the good in each person

    We might not agree with everything former Prime Minister Owen Arthur did while he was Prime Minsiter, but no one can claim that he did not make a significant contribution to the life and develoment of Barbados. It is dishonest to say that in his fourteen years as Prime Minister he did not contribute.

    We wish the new Parliament well in its deliberations and look forward to intellectual and stimulating debates of the quality we knew in the days of Tom Adams, Errol Barrow, Richie haynes, Brandford Taiit and others of that era.

  14. Having listened to the Throne Speech, I think the publishers of that document should be charged for copyright infringement. It is a direct copy of the BLP manifesto. The Throne Speech is plagiarism to its highest degree.

  15. @NEW BLOOD | March 5, 2013 at 2:33 PM |
    MAM main challenge is not the DLP, it is within the BLP …MAM is like in ST MICH NTH EAST but not in the majority of the ridings of the BLP”


  16. @JUST ASKING | March 6, 2013 at 12:51 AM |
    “What Gang of 5 ..You do not know the real situation so just Shut to Crap Up”

    Are u affiliated with the Gang of 5? are u one of them? their time (especially George Payne’s) has come and gone but time will show us that

    Their threat loom even larger now
    Freundel Stuart is the same lathargic being he was
    Wait until the shock of winning the election wears off
    This Government is lacking in so many respects

  18. What’s interesting is that the throne speech is heavy on sociology and light on economics. The government has pinned its hopes on renewable energy and its expected reduction in expenditure due to oil etc., increased forex earning activity and entrepreneurship. What may miss some people is a commitment to reducing the deficit in keeping with the MTFS, part of which is a reduction in expenditure up to and including transfers and subsidies. I eagerly await the estimates. Kudos though to the initiatives in agriculture. Those stand out the most.


  19. Somebody said earlier that the Throne Speech was plagiarism of the BLP Manifesto. To me, If there was plagiarism, it was of the DLP Manifesto; Bland, vague and promising very little outside of the area of FOIA and the new Integrity Commission which I hope will encompass agressive electoral reform. If the throne speech sets the tone for the next five years there cannot be great expectations by the public.

  20. @SC
    To you and your Queen MAM, MAM is nice sweet smooth but that doesnot make a PM. Two mistakes the Queen made : 1. appointment of Dr. Jerome Walcott as a senator , 2. Mascoll as her economic advisor.
    These two are 100% OSA, a better choice was Anthony Wood

  21. @Check-it -Out
    Take it easy. A throne speech is not a budget speech. Relax man and look forward to a better tommorrow under the competent DLP government led by the comeback kid Freundel Stuart – the best Prime Minister in the Caribbean.

  22. @NEW BLOOD | March 6, 2013 at 10:05 PM |
    if you know they are 100% OSA don’t you think MAM knows that it was so? so what does that say? you really think she made a mistake? really?

  23. @New Blood
    “appointment of Dr. Jerome Walcott as a senator , 2. Mascoll as her economic advisor ”

    The Arthur faction of the party is alive and kicking. Why do you think the meeting for opposition leader was described as “heated” ?
    Mottley had to placate that faction and Walcott had to be selected or all hell would have broken out.

    On the point about Mascoll as economic advisor. Mascoll’s ego is bigger than any accomplishment he has attained as an economist.But the BLP is stuck with him and his constant self promotion.It is well known that both Arthur and Mascoll have no regard for Mottley’s ability in economic matters and with the rest of the BLP Mps being unable to speak to such matters, they feel that they need to have Mascott around. – Another mistake but who in that current BLP group apart from Arthur would they ask to speak to economic issues: Gline Clarke ?

  24. @!
    Anthony Wood as economic advisor.,
    OSA faction is alive kicking but most of all wicked. MAM is in a cycle of her weakness and betrayal

  25. @!
    Point re. throne speech vs. budget speech taken. But I already knew that, having contributed information on more than one occasion to throne speeches. Re. the best PM in the Caribbean, we will need a lot more data points to make that judgement. A close electoral victory does not the best PM make. Check BU 2 1/2 years from now to get a better assessment of the quality of the PM, especially in leadership in things that matter to the Country especially the performance of the Economy vis a vis the rest of the Caribbean.

  26. @!
    I also do hope for a better tomorrow forged primarily by the happenstance of the close general elections that should, in some way, see closer collaboration between the two sides in together hammering out sensible and non partisan (as far as is possible in our system of governance) solutions to our several urgent problems. I think this is possible if the overtures of Mia Mottley re. collaboration and the seeming initial acceptance of some major BLP manifesto and campaign initiatives by the PM are allowed to work by the other members of the house.

    I think there is some hope. The Estimates debate will give us some clue as to if this a vain hope or not. I also hope that those debates will be conducted in a minimally combative climate that can be later mirrored by the arch combatants on BU of both stripes.

  27. While I might agree on Mia’ s choices of Mascoll and Jerome I see other reasons for her choices.

    Power base

    You needs to understand Mottley. Mia is not the average politician, she is not easily rattled, she is a clinician who is putting a political structure in place for the future.

    Yes choosing Mascoll gives her an economic advisor from the scanty benches of the BLP but you can rest assured that Mascoll is not her real economist, you need to understand Mottley, and her understanding of de neutering OSA and his neophytes, five years in advance.

    I guarantee you that the BLP IN 2018 will be a completely different animal from today, a lot of its old fogeys, like me, will be gone.

    Jerome is the new information czar, unlike ole man Goddard Ambassador Plenipotentiary, he has the voting information which almost worked, barring the inadequacies and I potencies that Owen Seethru presented for the last time.

    Take it from me, this is owen’s last time

    This is Mia’s chess board and the has been Owen is no longer a player, neither is Dale or Kerrie. Unlike the vindictive short man Mia is going to excise her detractors with the clinical precision of a smart bomb. Watch and see Barbados’ next Prime Minister ascend to Llaro Court

  28. The BLP needs some epsom salts, castor oil and senna all at once, purge the party. Its a fish that’s rotten from the head down. Owen Arthur is a disgrace and I am grateful we were not made the laughing stock of the Caribbean and the rest of the world with a shaking babbling drunk embarrassing us again. Mia Mottley needs a little time in jail for a lot of things, but woman needs to sue her for domestic violence. But then again, Barbados tolerates that kind of thing and does not protect women from being beaten up by their partners.

  29. Sheila,
    I have been trying to stay quiet and let you despicable Dems rant and rave over your pyrrhic victory. But you Sheila has really made me mad. You are such a disgusting nasty person. Yes, I dont know you but I have called you out. It is amazing how you Dems could just say the nastiest things about Bees and completely ignore the nastiness in your party.

    Owen Arthur has served this country with great distinction and no amount of DLP nasty smears can take that away. You can call him a drunkard all you want, it never affected his job and if I were you I would think twice about disparaging the BLP’s former leader when your former leader died as a result of being a strong drinker. Owen never fell off a truck and he certainly knows how to drink as he has no pancreatic cancer. Owen Arthur shone like a beacon in the Caribbean and since 2008, leadership in the Caribbean is almost non existent.

    If you have evidence against Mia, call the police. While you doing that call the police for the corrupt Dems like Estwick, Michael Lashley who cannot go to the US, Donville Inniss and his porn business.

    You are the lowest!

  30. @Prodical

    you ought to be ashamed of linking David’s pancreatic cancer to drinking. I think you ought to deal with the living.

  31. The DLP has always been the party of conflict. Deal with this!

    Lest we forget the days of Sandi………….I was adamant and they were adamant, in that case something had to give. Remember Sandi took over the Ministry of Tourism when the then minister refused to appoint Sandi’s choice after Sandi called the front runner and asked him to withdraw. And you want to talk about OSA!

    # Remember the great cuss out of Sandi by Harold Blackman in the House of Assembly and then the public meeting at St Martin’s!

    # Remember that DLP members voted with the Opposition in a no confidence motion and brought down Sandi. I well remember the headlines……..Sandi goes down.

    # Remember the days of blood letting and cursing as per Freundel Stuart 17 point indictment on David Thompson!

    # Remember DT resigned from the leadership after the DLP was soundly beaten in a by election in St Thomas!

    # Remember the loss sent DT into hiding!

    # Remember the blood letting when DT came back to reclaim the Presidency.

    # Remember the back stabbing when Chris Sinkliar who was not even elected got the MP’s to sign a letter they did not even read according to Michael Lashley to force Clyde Mascoll to resign so that DT could become Opposition leader.

    # Remember when Dems got in George Street and booed the very Brandford Taitt whom they will sing the world of praises to on Saturday!

    # Remember just a few months the gang of 11 wanted to overthrow the very Freundel Stuart. Talk about backstabbers, you Dems put the BLP to shame!

  32. Shelia sounds like one of these wet behind the ears persons that now come——–>.
    Shelia might be a man or woman but Shelia sounds typical of today’s –person–: ignorant as ass and having a very strange logic and argument -and a limited world view.
    The people in Barbados of today are so ignorant of their recent history . Have no resepect for those who have contributed and this is reflected in the way these UNGRATEFUL people treat their older relatives. You cannot want a better example of where these ignorant people in society are going than the way people have dumped their elderly at the Queen E. Hospital. This is totally against the traditions of the African ancenstry that rate respect for the elderly very high .The majority of bajans share an African ancestry.

    Shelia sounds like one of these people who would dump their elderly at the hospital .

    Sadly education has taught these ignorant people to be selfish . I blame the University because some of the worst people in Barbados and some of the worst attitudes towards the human being can be found IN PEOPLE WHO HAVE GONE TO UWI. IT SEEMS AS THOUGH THEY ARE TEACHING STUDENTS TO HATE PEOPLE; to have no feelings , no consideration, no empathy.

    I know a certain woman who went to University got a degree , fooped with a professor and all of a sudden the man she had was not good enough for her. Neither the man nor the children they had between them were good enough for her—She big–up now –yuh know –A degree and “working on my masters”.–so all of a sudden she is a super human–more intelligent than the most intelligent–I have a degfree–What do you have ? you are nothing !

    I am very concerned about this country and where it is going. very concerned. The way people make statements about people–like Shelia commenting about former Prime Minister.

    People like Shelia are contributing to the decline.
    How could Shelia dis-respect an elder and former Prime Minister such as the Right Honourable Owen Seymour Arthur with her nonsense-???–and she is talking things she knows nothing about—just repeating crap


  33. @
    I do not know who you are but I think you should refrain from using this medium to say untruths and destroy people’e characters. Your behaviour is not the kind that will promote our nation. Let us be honest in all that we say. Can you or anyone else say truthfully and honestly that former Prime Minister did nothing for the nation. Why was he elected three times?

    Throughout the region he is widely respected. Only today I was speaking to a Grenadian and he expressed his disappointment that former Prime Minister was not reelected. He said to me that he is an outstanding politician. Please do not allow our political ‘bias’ to stop us from giving credit to whom it is due.

    One of the sad points in the recently held elections was the naked destruction of people’s lives. It was found on both sides to some extent but the Dems mastered the art. Their campaing was build around character assassination and not issues. It is regretable that many people who attended the meetings were not interested in serious discussion of the issues. We need to move the populace beyond this.

    Let’s keep it clean and fair.

    Four information I have voted for both parties at various times.

  34. LOOK at the DLP though–
    Created a situation where people were willing to sell their kidneys for money.
    The DLP then turn around and capitalize on that situation by buying the votes of said people,
    SHAME !


  35. If we all were to judge the competency of leaders of any country by their personal private flaws, then it stands that no man is suitable for leadership in the context. However instead of getting personal, look at the job these leaders are set to do in the capacity for which they have been elected. This notwithstanding I wish after the votes are counted, that everyone could just get down to the business of the people and ensuring that the greater good for the country is priority , followed by financial transparency.

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