Barbados’ Premier Sporting Event: 2013 Sandy Lane Gold Cup

Sandy Lane Gold Cup

The Big prize

It has become a tradition of sorts for BU to keep an eye on the Gold Cup horse race albeit for the controversy it has generated in recent years. The race program looks exiting to the punters, the weather is good in Barbados and all and all it looks like Turfites will be pleased.

And they will be under starters orders (watch live feed) in a few hours!

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38 thoughts on “Barbados’ Premier Sporting Event: 2013 Sandy Lane Gold Cup

  1. Thanks Hantsie, updated.

    First race according to the program is 1PM EST. One can only assume this is when they will open live feed.

  2. Dear B.U, I wanted to send you an Email but that didn’t work, so I will post my message here. Child abuse is still rife in Barbados, it always has been and will continue to be, until the Government, Schools, Church and Society realise that they all contribute equally to its survival. I have written a story, in two parts( which highlights this abuse, from the horrifying experiences of a child, and it is my wish that it be read by Barbadians everywhere. It should be. As a society, we continue to bathe in denial and hide behind religion. Please feel free to remove the link or reblog the post. It is in fact an excerpt from a much greater story, but one that I am willing to share in advance, because it is necessary. Best regards.

  3. Surprised Patrick Husbands not riding in the Gold Cup.

    The up and coming young jockeys will make it a great race.

  4. Big weekend in Ottawa, our travel show is on 150 exhibitors,st kitts st lucia aruba antiga etc … no barbados … the barbados tourist undertakers must be at the horse races. Big event …in our new congress center what goes on in their heads,

  5. lawson,

    correct me if I am wrong.
    1.2 million population in Greater Ottawa and the second highest per capta income in Canada and Barbados IS NOT THERE.

    You have to be joking!

    I have exhibited at this show personally two or three times and always had a great response. We still have guests coming back as a result of.

    What on earth are the BTA doing (or not doing)?

  6. Parravicino at the races !Poor Bob was a smart man , bought a lot of land cheap; , now all his decendants got nuff money EASY WAY ! But still had the audacity to tell Harold Davis and my mudda to sell her property (my Taylor’s Father house )For 1/3 what it was work !!Mo
    Fos! Time will Tell!

  7. @Lawson,

    Ottawa probably have more people looking for a “sun tan” than Toronto.It is also close to Montreal so it would be a great place to promote Barbados.

    The BTA does not respond to us bloggers on BU so let us be charitable and presume that they have a better game plan than exhibiting in Trade Shows in the biggest and best markets in Canada.

  8. Close Adrian we have a population of almost 900,000 and the national capital region, as we border quebec is 1,450,000. Look who are on that exhibitor list Jamaica, dominican republic, mexico all think it is worthwhile courting our dollars Even Tanzania and Zambia know where the money is..

  9. Anyhow not to stretch the issue into a furlong. I would give my Picks for the Sandy Gold Cup.
    David i told you to pick a long shot to win .Two out of four not bad, however i had a liking to meterorite but gave samuels prefernce. over bishop.

  10. David on March 2, 2013 at 5:14 PM

    2nd – DAGA(USA)
    3rd – METEORITE(BT)
    And David the horse from St. Peter (OSA) what did he place ?

    After all he was training long before some of the horses mentioned above started their training regimes .

  11. so what next for Astrodemus a young horse with great potential. never knew much about the horse but his first place winning yesterday could place him among some of the leading champion horses in the future . Meterorite is also one to watch. .

  12. I was under the impression that the real winner was Minister Stephen Lashley, by a looooooooooong nose.

  13. BTW DAVID i read where Dancin David was injured and that might have hampered his winning chances was there any mention of his injury reported in the media prior to his entry.

    • Punters who watched the exercises in the early mornings and kept close to the stables hands would obviously know the present state of the horses. Many placed bets on Dancin David for sentimental reasons; to see a repeat.

  14. yeah david but my question is was his injury reported prior to his entry in the gold cup. wouldn’t that be of interest to the wager in making a fair decision and does the rules apply or does not called for such information to go public on the condition of the horse.

  15. PEOPLE EAT :-
    Horse meat
    Rabbit meat
    Monkey meat
    Dog meat
    Pig meat -(Pork)
    Rat meat
    Snake meat
    Cat meat (especially the men)
    Sea cat

    You name they eat it.



    The real winner in the last election is MIA MOTTLEY, however you look at it.
    She was a big factor in the 2008 election result too

  17. @Fractured BLP
    ” and David what about the big horse from St Peter , what did he place”?
    You seem to forget what the PM Stuart said bout that big horse; he only good when he running round de Garrison by he self ; he pull up after a sound trashing on race day when de real race run off . LOL.

  18. Lawson,

    Some last minute intervention has ensured that the BTA
    WILL be at the Ottawa Travel Show this weekend – Stand 804.

  19. No problem David.

    I am ecstatic that Patrick Husbands BSS will generate more free advertising for Barbados during his interviews in Canada.

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