2012 Sandy Lane Gold Cup Fails To Attract Foreign Entrants

It has become a tradition on BU to cover the Sandy Lane Gold Cup albeit for the wrong reasons. Hopefully this year  CBC TV8 will not join the race in progress which was to the chagrin of the remote audience last year.

Despite BU’s best effort the only concerns swirling about this years running of the race is the startling revelation the Barbados Turf Club has not been able to persuade foreign participation, and the field will have some give as a result of heavy rains  Barbados has experienced during the week.

And they are under starters orders…

See Sandy Lane Race Day Race Programme

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  1. The Gold cup is a bad “investment” for foreign participants.Only the rich with very big egos would spend Bds$40,000 to fly a horse from the USA or Canada.

    Happy Barbados Gold cup day. Hope Patrick rides the winner.

    • @Hants

      It has not stopped them in the past.

      Plus these guys with deep pockets enter horses for the fun of it.

  2. Could it be that given last years controversy the foreign participants are not willing to go the distance and the purse is not attractive enough. there have also been lingerning concern about the Turf and its possible damage to horses maybe Friendly can give more details .

    • Here is the catalogue of the horses for those who like to bet based on write up and not sight.


      Barbados Turf Club
      Zoom could win second Gold Cup | 3/3/2012 | Barbados Advocate
      Zoom may favour the conditions in today’s feature Sandy Lane Barbados Gold Cup, with the recent rains making for a possible soft track.
      The Barbados Turf Club has scheduled 10 races for the Sandy Lane Barbados Gold Cup day, starting at the Garrison Savannah at 12.00 noon.
      The feature on the card is race nine, the Sandy Lane Barbados Gold Cup, for 3-year-olds and over (WFA), going 1800 metres, and scheduled to be run at 5.00pm.
      Zoom, finished second last year and was declared the winner after a Stewards Inquiry. This year, Zoom looks capable of winning the race outright. The soft conditions should not be a problem for him, where it will be a problem for some of the other considered horses, plus the fact that Zoom has the stamina to deal with the distance in testing ground.
      Show Me The Money, ran away from his field at the finish of last years race, but lost it in the Stewards Room. This year, he has Patrick Husbands aboard, and once he handles the conditions, he should be again in with a winning chance.
      The filly, Daga, is a classy type, who after winning six straight races lost her form. However, in her last race, she looked more like herself when she was chalking up the six wins, so it would not be surprising to see her coming from off the pace to be in contention at the end.

      In danger, is a classy type who’s career has suffered through problems, but if all is well with him today, he is capable of running a good race.
      One of the two supporting feature races is race seven, the Sandy Lane Spa Sprint Stakes & Trophy, for 3-year-olds & Over, sprinting 1100 metres.
      Preach To Me, looks like the one to beat, while Erados, and crack creole Areutalkintome, who is making a return to racing cannot be ignored, or for that matter, Peaceful Envoy, with Patrick Husbands aboard.
      The other is race five, the Tanglewood Stakes & Trophy for West Indian Bred 4-year-olds and over, going 2000 metres.
      Only eight horses are entered, but all are capable of winning on the day. However, the filly Kendal Moon and Island Memories, could be the two fighting out the finish. Heavenly Angel and Captain Sully could be the spoilers. (CG)

    • Dancin David owned by Sir David Seale wins with Samuels aboard trained by Liz Deane.

      Interesting to mention that Samuels passed the pole first last year until he was disqualified.

  3. @Hants…The cost is not Bds$40,000 but quite lower than that. If you’re paying that…you’re paying too much

  4. There is a USA listed
    How can you say that there no foreign horses ?

    Please note that I know absolutely nothing about horse racing
    Is there betting on line too like other places ??

  5. Perhaps the Barbados Turf Club needs to give clarification on why they overcharge for admission on Gold Cup Day ($75.00 versus $10.00 highway robbery !) and it turns out it is the only race day that is profitable. Will they be coming back soon for another $19.2 Million on account of the losses on all the other race days? I hope not! The Barbados Turf Club is poorly managed and some level of transparency is needed into their operations given the $19.2 Million injection of tax payers money by way of a waiver of taxes. Four or so consecutive Gold Cup races ending in controversy..One went as far as the Caribbean Court of Justice (the Melnyk case)..court marshalls moving in to levy on the assets of the Barbados Turf Club. It would be a shame if for all the rich race horse owners with all their business connections, and those expensive boxes for which they charge so much money annually, for the Barbados Turf Club to come back again to the public purse (taxpayers of Barbados) for a “waiver of taxes”

  6. Agreed that the BTC has been badly run only to be propped up by the tax payers. Remember the big plans to relocate the track to Vineyard in St Phillip? Thru’ d edders

    Remember the big elabaorate plans for night racing?? Thru d edders too

    Not at all suprised the BTC cant attract foreign horses (nothing at all to do with shipping costs of foreign horses) Remember all the objections lodged against the two Kittian horses at last years Gold Cup race? Hostile and unfriendly to foreign entrats is how that looked

    This BTC has lost a large number of sponsors over the years. The list reads like this..Digicel, Banks, Barbados National Bank

    So if you cant attract sponsors …how can the BTC expect to attract foreign horses???

    Betting system failure some race days…POOR!

    BTC want shutting down

  7. No more tax waivers for the BTC.

    Naboddy don’t waive my taxes so why the hell they waived the BTC’s taxes for?

  8. There was in fact a new entrant, Lil Hitler made sure he was in the do…as usual…tried desperately to get in the photo and shake the hand of the winning jockey…

  9. I watched the race in my warm living room thanks to CBCtv streaming video.

    Sorry Patrick didn’t win but good to see Jalon Samuels win. I hope he continues to be successful.

    Horse racing provides employment for a lot of Bajans.

  10. @Observer | March 3, 2012 at 5:35 PM |

    One wonders if there will be another photo opp like last year with the smartest man con man in Bim sipping pink champagne with the “skin-teet” gold digger at his side and the traitor and leader of the Foiled Eleven looking more dumb than Guy Fawkes himself. After all, “the man is not a leper he is an honest successful business man and a pal of Dems”. Oh, what a year can do in politics, far less a week!

  11. Jalon Samuels is a very talented jockey and it is like poetic justice that he won today AGAIN.
    Imagine he won last year going away from the field could have stop and still win and he was disqualified because a horse that did not even place objected being interfered with.
    He was not down to ride any horse in this race because the last year horse was given to Patrick Husbands to ride.
    A horse was withdrawn at the last minute and Sir David Seale gave him a ride on Dancing David.
    The rest is now History he rode a beautiful race and repeated with the same ease as last year.
    Well done young man.

  12. @Clone,

    He was also fortunate to have the luck of the draw because the wet track killed the speed horses.

    As we old timers learned ” what for yuh yuh will get “.

  13. Agreed with you Hants, the wet going took a toll on Apostle and Show me the money.Why do they always have to be setting the pace?Could they not have change tactics to suit the going.

  14. good performance by samuels . personally Apostle has seen her best days .not surprising Apostle could not pull this race off given her age and the conditions of the track . It was a magnificent performance and well strategize by samuels

  15. @ Jalon Samuels;

    Well done, young man!
    This young man has a lot of talent and a very good head under the skull cap with a confident and engaging aura about him. He needs to self actualize in other fertile locations such as Canada and USA.

    I may be wrong but I did not hear Sir David express his appreciation to the young man without whom that horse would not have won the prized race. I heard him praise and congratulate the trainer Liz Deane and some other but did he specifically mention the key person of the day- Jalon? If he did I sincerely withdraw my ill-informed concern.

    • On the question of Samuels, it there any reason one of our most talented young jockeys would not have had a ride in the gold cup had there not been a scratch?

      Was he being punished or something?

  16. “That court agreed with counsel for the Respondent that the “finding of the trial judge that the principles of natural justice were breached by the PSB was not challenged in this appeal” and that this ruling “ipso jure rendered the proceedings a nullity and any decision made by it invalid”.4


    This decision is available online for any potential overseas entrant to see!!

    It maybe the recession, or the prize money is too low or fedexing a race horse to Barbados is too costly…. or a host of other reasons

    …… but it could also because of the reputation which goes with the decision and those magic words “principles of natural justice breached”.

  17. i was some what taken aback by some of samuels remarks given to press as in reference to the past year naturally he was disappointed at last years results but after his win yesterday he could have set the pace of his remarks in a more professional note.

  18. All I am interested in is that my sister, Liz Deane, repeated her 2007 record of having trained both winner and runner-up. Not bad. Not bad at all!!!!!

  19. ac
    Put those off the cuff remarks to his youthful exuberance on winning after being disqualified last year. He did a more professional interview in today’s Nation newspaper

  20. ac wrote “but after his win yesterday he could have set the pace of his remarks in a more professional note.”

    The boy is 18 years old. He will learn how to handle the press as he becomes more mature.

    His next big decision is where in Canada he is going ride. Woodbine beckons.

  21. The nation wide excitement the SL Gold Cup once created is dissipated by the absence of horses from Trinidad, Martinique and Jamaica. When Trinidad horses came hundreds of Trini punters descended on Barbados in a rivalry not only good for horse racing but sports tourism. Trini horse Bold Lewis was the first winner of the then Cockspur Gold Cup although their horses were often soundly beaten in ensuing years. The crowds flocked the Garrison to witness the rivalry. The tired BTC must find a way to get the Caribbean horses back in the fray again. Sir Seale call Perkins and get some tips.

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