0 thoughts on “Sandy Lane Gold Cup 2011 Marred By Controversy

  1. If you knew how to watch a race then you would realize that Apostle, like Twirling Candy in the “Cap” was fatigued and done at the time of alleged infringement thus eventual outcome would not have been different. Clean your glasses or better yet get some!!!

  2. Quart-R and Observer,

    No, Apostle was indeed not spent. As I pointed out, Trotman had only used the whip ONCE. Indeed the suggestion that Show Me The Money would have won easier is out. Samuels beat him nine times after leaving the incident, he stretched him out full and he only won by four lengths, in front of a horse that was behind Apostle when he was hindered.

    And yes, observer, I can watch races and horses and know horese very well thank you, Apostle clearly had running in him.

  3. David
    Alarmist? Sometimes you really causeme to think if you are right in your head. Did you hear the report of the two foreign jockeys? I’m sure if you did you would not have labelled me ALARMIST. The problem with a lot of you that all of a sudden every law in Barbados should be changed to suit a person or an issue, next thing all of you will want changed is the traffic laws. The point is you abide by the present rules and forget the arrogance, we don’t live in the Wild Wild West or Tombstone Country.

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