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It is no secret that BU is very interested in Sports and Culture as a means to express their most unique talents and the economic benefit likely to accrue to individuals and country. The Sports and Cultural communities have been kicked about like the proverbial football for years by successive governments. It is time for it to stop.

The following was extracted from the Concerned Creative Citizens Group Facebook page. The images have been provided compliments of the indefatigable Rosemary Parkinson.

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Some serious comments have been raised on THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Facebook group by Music Producer Mike Hulsmeier about the Opposition (BLP) and their ad in the Nation.

Whilst Mike is truly passionate about his particular industry, I would like to simply pose questions to both parties vying for government on February 21. I ask them not for one section of creatives but for (1) ALL creatives in ALL their individual industries and (2) I ask them because we are a very industrious people that come under the banner of one whole large industry of creatives that deserve to be respected and to be answered.

So BLP and DLP can you answer the following real straight…and when I say straight I mean straight.

1. How is the Cultural Industries Bill going to read so that ALL creatives are covered and not just a chosen few under your governance?

2. To the DLP: Will this Cultural Industries Bill be placed on the GIS Website before it is passed so that creative groups such as the Concerned Creative Citizens Group (CCCG) who have worked very hard to present to this DLP government input and amendments to the original Bill – a Bill that has caused much interest/controversy internationally and at home.

2 (a) To the BLP: Will the BLP be adding anything on the Cultural Industries Bill to their manifesto? And if so, will the details of how the Bill is now being interpreted by the BLP (seeing as they were the first to begin the Cultural Industries Bill under their previous reign) be made public before voting day February 21st?

Nos. 2 & 2(a) would allow ALL groups concerned with this Bill to meet, discuss and render any observations/changes/concerns within say a specific time frame…I know the CCCG could have those instantly in the hands of both parties as quick as it takes to click ya fingers! See Facebook page of the CCCG with all papers posted under Files for easy download and easy perusal:

And just two more questions of particular interest that basically run off the main ones above:

A. How will funds for creatives be disbursed so that they reach those they are intended for under your governance… particularly as it is a known fact that this has somehow not happened at times in the past?

B. How is the overall plan to aid creatives going to be implemented (that is imagining that you have one) and through whom? Meaning creative entrepreneurship has been touted as they way of the future of this country financially, but how will it benefit the creatives and not just the government?

*Light Bulb* – the right answers might just garner extra votes for the party concerned that might give them the edge in the upcoming elections. The enormous figures of the population that call themselves ‘creatives’ that this island has is underestimated.

Personally? the right answers with promises etched on stone and signed by the relative authorities, would be the one that should get the vote of creatives. Just my take. ‘Cause I see this as an opportunity for the Dees or the Bees to do what is right by those who are the salt of this earth and whose creativity has produced everything that this island is all about. Just my way of thinking.

“Art is to the spirit what bread is to the body: a necessity without which it cannot renew itself.”

“The life and essence of art—whether it be painting, music, or dance—lies in expressing through a wellspring of emotion the universal realm of the human spirit. It is a melding of the individual and the universal. That is why great art reaches out beyond ethnic and national barriers to move people all over the world.”

Both quotations from Buddhist Daisaku Ikeda

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  1. My bad!I do apologize…question (No.2) should read like this…

    (2) Will this Cultural Industries Bill be placed on the GIS Website before it is passed so that creative groups such as the Concerned Creative Citizens Group (CCCG) who have worked very hard to present to this DLP government input and amendments to the original Bill – a Bill that has caused much interest/controversy internationally and at home – can be made aware of government’s intentions?

  2. @Rosemary

    Has the Concerned Group met with both political parties? Do the creatives under this is the time? Do you have a jingle making the rounds…lol.

  3. Great article – sharing with my St. Lucian creatives as our brand spanking new Ministry of Tourism and Creative Industries tries to figure out what the CI are…and blunders over and over along the way

  4. Finola and others – we know that other islands are looking at us…and they should be but also should be very cognizant of the importance of such a Bill for their own creatives.

    We also know that internationally there is concern about our Cultural Industries Bill…it is a very important piece of legislation that can affect not only the masses of creatives who were born and reside in Barbados on a personal level but, very importantly, the economic viability of the island.

    Please feel free to see all the paperwork – original Cultural Industries Bill put forth by our present government included – between ourselves and our Ministry of Culture. Download from Files at the top of the page.

    David…of course the CCCG has been in touch with the Minister himself, as well as his representative with whom we had a very interesting meeting – Ms. Andrea King. All has been very open between these two parties…well on our side for sure…and all documents have been presented. We asked for meetings with The Minister but in all fairness he has been very busy…after all look at the long string of portfolios he carries…I feel for him because I personally see Sports and Culture as two huge entities that should be separated as two Ministries given the economic importance of both to make a mark in this huge outer world we are surrounded by (I say this because we all know that this rock is the centre of this world!!!)

    As far as I am concerned all of everything is ‘yesterday’. All of it. Spilled or saved milk…remember PHD can stay on a shelf for 90 days or more!

    We as a people are now going into a whole new phase for this country with elections around the corner. Instead of all the rhetoric about ‘who did what and when’ or ‘did not do’ and ‘who get more than anyone else because dem white, black, green or indifferent, surely we should be putting some questions out there and expect to get some valid answers so that THE VOTERS, YES! THE VOTERS, THE REALLY IMPORTANT ONES IN THE SCHEME OF THINGS can make up THEIR minds as to who THEY would like to have governing our beautiful island that has so much potential for its future once done well.

  5. @Rosemary

    Has the Group met with the Opposition?

    Unlike you BU feels no sympathy for the government because the CIB was already in draft – albeit in primitive form – when the DLP assumed office.

  6. The group has not ‘officially’ met with the Opposition but the Opposition have had all the information that is available on the Facebook page. As I am not on any one side and only want what is best for the country as a whole…I felt the necessity to pose the questions in the hopes that some answers on the political platform would be forthcoming with creatives in mind. Time to ask. Time to set the pace. Time to look for tomorrow. Not time to cry. Not time to bitch. We have done this for far too long.

  7. Any Creative that takes Political Parties and the mouthings of their members seriously should be shunned from the brotherhood … No time or space for silly people, sorry.


  8. But surely if creatives are asked to vote independent, then they must also know if the ‘independent’ or ‘independents’ have a policy towards the above and should be able to give creatives something to think about.

    So may I add the following BAFBFP?

    Independent or Independents can you please also answer the questions above so that creatives might be able to make a decision based on your offerings should you become the next government?

  9. The lack of respect for creatives is a Caribbean thing it appears…such an opportunity for Barbados to become the first island to actually pass a Bill that makes total sense…for ALL creatives…a Bill that the rest of the region can look at and use as a model for their own. Give us some respect nah!

    Perhaps the need to unite across the Caribbean and march and march and march and put down our tools until governments across the region are forced to ‘get it’ is our only hope for … getting it all by themselves seems to be an art that has never been mastered!

  10. Apologize…the above post makes not much sense if I do not add in the comment by the lady who posted it in St. Lucia vis a vis – so here it is:

    “Ok, Visual Artists…I know I’m being paranoid – the Green Paper talks about us right? … but … according to the icons at the top of the Ministry of Tourism, Heritage and Creative Industries registration page … the only Visual Arts are photography, maybe computer graphics and if I really stretch it… drawing with a pen? … errr… ??? No palette, paintbrush, chisel … 12 icons, film twice, voice 2/3 times…photography twice – it’s not designed by someone who knows this industry? Take a look – tell me if I’m wrong?!? ”

  11. John Roett has just put it succinctly in the Concerned Creative Citizens page. I was going to write my own commentary but I believe John puts it eloquently and so I post his comment here. I agree with him totally.

    He says

    “I’d just like to make a point at this time to any and all politicians reading this page. We are waiting patiently, no matter what happens on the 21st, for you and your party to get it RIGHT when it comes to plans regarding the creative persons of Barbados. We do not want lip service for your vote, we do not want shallow promises…we want meaningful intelligent ideas and responses to our suggestions and proposals, showing that you truly UNDERSTAND the potential we possess in playing a seriously meaningful part in taking our country forward. I urge all of you respectfully…do not waste this opportunity”.

    • @Corrie

      Let BU repeat: governments across the Caribbean with the exception of Jamaica and one or two others give very LOW priority to Sports and Culture. It will only change if a couple heads are crushed. The full ARTs Group should stage a meeting smack in the silly season to strongly articulate your concerns alive with ultimatums with a phase II action.

  12. The CCCG is committed to getting the job done meaning a Cultural Industries Bill that will put a stop to all the injustice netted out to the creative sector of Barbados…not because we are attached to any one political group….not because we are attached to any one creative group either…because we simply want to continue to do what we do best for our country so that it can have a better tomorrow for us and our children as well as for the government of the day…and also so that other Caribbean islands can use this model as the model that works.

    We do not see crushing heads as our modus operandi. That I would imagine comes when a people are so pushed into a corner there is no other way. Right now, our way is strong reason, questions that need to be answered, the pressure of words…and oh! how could I forget…the vote. These are the ways that we see common sense prevailing. Why would we be listening to our politicos right now if we did not think they possessed this common sense and vision… why would our politicos be bothering to canvass if they did not think that they required our vote.

    As I see it. The group is being respectfully vociferous and that is a good thing. We await the answers to our questions with the kind of pride that is worthy of being deemed ‘creative’. For now, all is calm. But strong and determined. As it should be.

  13. Just to report on some of the comments re John Roett’s above on Facebook with permission of course:

    Rosemary Parkinson:
    Better words have not been said…well…not quite…many good words are proclaimed by the many creatives who can so beautifully be eloquent with simplicity and direction…but when added to the words of others who feel the same way…these words show strength and unity. Creatives are such an important part – actually not part – such an IMPORTANT WHOLE of any community that politicos should be more than happy to answer our fears, our questions and look at our simple demands with pride and action. Bless.

    The same can be said for Tourism, Economy, Agriculture, Trade & Industry, Sport, …did I say Tourism?

    Rosemary Parkinson:
    …in all of these areas that make up our island and our government…the creative plays a very important part…get the part about creatives right…you have a well run successful and happy country. Even lunatics get calm when involved in the arts.

    Finola Prescott (St. Lucia):
    The thing is, creatives play a very important role in the success of all of those other areas mentioned – the visual image, words chosen to describe, music chosen to promote – the branding – all products, services etc need the input and skill of creatives to be competetive…the role of creatives is in every part of life and commerce

    Anderson M. Pilgrim:
    You are all so right on the money. Pardon the pun. This could be a turning point in our Caribbean region and our economies if we only support our indigenous talent and incorporate them into every aspect of our commerce. This goes for both governments and private sector entities.

  14. Yes. The Group is studying same and assimilating…whatever that means is indeed right. One wonders why this was placed on the GIS website (well it was not up to last night) for all to see but instead did its rounds by e-mail to particular people. But then….

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