Debate on the Cultural Industries Development Bill 2013 BEGINS

Stephen Lashley, Minister of Culture

Stephen Lashley, Minister of Culture

Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley took about 3 hours to introduce the Cultural Industries Development Bill 2013 to parliament today (15/10/2013). BU is happy the government recognizes the opportunity which the cultural industries sector offers. What we are not happy about is that key concerns which were highlighted by the Concerned Creative Citizens Group (CCCG) have not been included in the bill introduced. At the top of the list is the Idi Amin authority which any Minister of culture will have under the proposed bill.  What was downright egregious was the minister’s unwillingness to acknowledge the significant work done by the CCCG providing feedback on the draft bill in his three hour introduction.

Hope springs eternal and we are hopeful that it is not too late to incorporate constructive suggestions. BU takes this opportunity to congratulate Andrea King who has been appointed to the position of Film Commissioner.

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24 thoughts on “Debate on the Cultural Industries Development Bill 2013 BEGINS

  1. Film Commissioner for the Minister’s sister-in-law? Okay. We got that. Clearly no one expected that BIG surprise.


    Development Bill @ Bill means some one have to PAY it , Its Called a BILL , we dont need no dammm Billsssss, We need law enforcement ,

    We were on the plane the other day with this crook in the picture, More Bills and fraud on the Poor ,We glad you not put HON : in front of his name . It not for people like then

    • Santiago Bradshaw accused the government of not advertising the Film Commissioner’s job. If this was the case they are off to a good start.

  3. What is the Minister’s sister in law’s name again?

    And BTW … Cultural Industries is a hell of a lot more than musicians … Bradshaw is exceedingly one dimensional …

  4. what is the cultural industries all about ? what is culture ? what is meant by culture ? I really want to know because I am not sure what people mean when they say culture. Is Culture wukking up or spouge or the tying out a sheep on a pasture as Gabby sings in his calypso -Culture . What is this culture and cultural and culture . What does a cullture minister do? Seriously though what is culture


    • @Baffy

      Santiia did a good job.and she did say that music and film would dominate the discussion for obvious reasons.

  5. If the Film Commisioner’s job was not advertised and has gone to the Minister’s sister in law, then we are off to a very, very bad start. They should be ashamed of themselves. Because after all we have to pay the film commissioner, and we know a good number of people who could do a far better job than somebody’s sister in law. Anybody who gets/takes a job because of who they know rather than what they know is likely afraid of competition and not very good at what they do.

    My little Johnny for example could do a first rate job as Film Commissioner, but…

  6. Thirty million dollars … A Chairman, a Deputy Chairman, a CEO, a legal officer, a business development officer. clerical staff, three studies including an exit study, already a Film Commissioner … how much will actually go to a productive member of the cultural community … or once again such will form the excuse for others to draw salaries …!

    The problem with the model is that the 30 million when spent this way offers no direct way of a return, so it simply becomes another burdensome spend. Personally I would pay to keep the talent and production staff of a number of film producers employed (BBC style) and a number of bands and recording studios employed, and so on … Let’s face it, even if none of what they produced made money for the Government in return, it would be no worse than the above. The difference is that there is at least the chance, of a return and a chance of a talent or industry developing to a level that would make it internationally competitive …and all because people were able to practice their product based craft to perfection and draw a salary for so doing.

    • What concerns BU is two things.

      The rise of the CCCG shows that the collaboration exercise is not all that it has been cracked up to be.

      Baffy as you have correctly pointed out we are leveraging a structure which we know will be inefficient. The evidence is there, no maybes or buts.

      And in order to counter the political autocracy inefficiency which we know is part of the ethos how we do business in Barbados members of the cultural industries MUST organize AND leverage the knowledge base/learnings nd other support needed to ensure Barbados benefit. There will be no quarter given to Barbados on the excuse we are at a nascent stage of development.

  7. Minister’s sister in law was in charge/helped put together the Cultural Industries Bill from where the BLP left off turning it into a bill that favored ‘flim’ from the beginning and one of the many main reasons the CCCG was formed in the first place for it was very early seen to be lopsided towards this discipline. It is no wonder now in retrospect that the Film Commissioner would be the same person to get the big job, aspiration is not sick here, it is very well and lives in those under the wings of the mighty, no surprise either that according to the CCCG they were thrown aside and treated with such disrespect throughout this whole procedure, must have been treading on dangerous ground that would put a spoke in the ever-turning wheel of the climb up the ladder of a good salary and probably pension for life too. No no no so very wrong Nottoodumbtoknow go to the corner of the class and wear the duncy hat as one should never believe that there was a wholesome plan from the beginning although these days are filled with strange happenings of mad as ass kind. Next!

  8. I have to admit that after having been involved with one song contest and having to deal with musicians behind the scenes, I have not regained a taste for dealing with them since. As a result I really do not know that much about the Concerned people David but as you have said they really have not achieved much.

    I am always glad when tax payers money is used to keep people in pocket … even politicians, but not to the total exclusion of the truly productive people.


    David would not agree, but Bradshaw in essence formed part of the same campaign. Eg: I have to believe that this rumour of the Minister’s sister in law is not true, because if it was, and Bradshaw refused to use the opportunity to expose it in public then that should be sufficient to prove that both sides of the House are playing for the same team …!

    • With limited resources sensible decisions will have to be made the best way to allocate resources. Music and film given the reality stand a better change of generating quick revenues. It is low hanging fruit and makes sense to go this route. It does not mean other industries will be forsaken but in business one must prioritize. Generate revenues and then opportunities can be expanded. To ensure the government is kept on its toes all cultural industries players must organize.

  9. Limited resources would mean that there was an assessment of the available resources, because in fact if there was, it would be clear to all and sundry that the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation could use a hell of a lot more responsibility and the people from ignored institutions (like the Productivity Council) could be redeployed to service the needs of this new spawned entity that the Minister has spoken of. Film is exceedingly expensive and exceedingly competitive. The chances of a film becoming a hit is the real world is zero. The chances of a music production becoming a hit is better… really better, and there are other areas of activity that will hit with chances that are orders of magnitude better than either of those mentioned combined. I say spread the money around … no favours.

    Sorry David you will not win this ..!

    As for organizing, I know of a fellow who has been banished for his big mouth. I plan to have a talk with him about learning how to eat crow …!

    And BTW David, Government’s thrust is, as always, NOT directed at the development of citizens in the areas you believe, but the development of the space to be attractive to “outside” producers (and they will speak about spin offs and trickle downs) there by facilitating the continued survival of the pervasive Service Provider Syndrome …!

    • The missing variable in this equation from our view is the inability of a broad nucleus of Creatives around the table to demonstrate it has power. Until this situation changes the government will move along using established modalities.

  10. A new Statutory Institution eh……wait where the money will be coming from?
    They can’t even get the St. John Polyclinic open yet, but got the audaciousness to try this one?….Des people really think Barbadians are DAFT…….gimme a break !

    • @Baffy

      There is mucho merit in a lot of your last comment but remember this, it is all about making deals. Intransigent positions will not help anyone.

  11. No I disagree. I am chatting with one as we speak and it is clear that the die is cast. There are interests here, service sector interests to propagate and protect. Mind you, none of the successes spoken of by the Minister had anything, not one shite, to do with the efforts of any department in Government in the history of Barbados. Lashley even had the gall to mention Rihanna… and Bradshaw drew reference to a band that was even refused access to the CEO of Invest Barbados on a request to initiate a College tour for live performances. The tours went ahead without the support of those in charge of the public’s purse. Having reaped success the speech makers now see it fit to include them. This is NOT about Cultural Practitioners, they have no power other than to individually succeed and when that happens, the bureaucrats among us use the success as an excuse to create yet another department .. Look at the guys in animation … When they break through and there is a hell of a lot of competition out there, there will be a reference made by a Parliamentarian as to it being a Barbados success and there be a post created for an administrator called … wait there was one already created … Film Commissioner

    On this score, the die is cast, with or with out the input of the Creatives

    • @Baffy

      However you swing it the Creatives must unite. In all domiciles with rich cultural industries they have strong organized associations. Why would Barbados believe we will achieve with our disparate groups?

    Here is a perfectly good film festival programmer/director for the Toronto International Film Festival. And he is one of ours, from Rock Dundo, St. James. Big up the heroes from Rock Dundo, St. James. Have we asked Mr. Bailey if he is willing to help us get things up and running.

    But wait. He is not related to any politicians, then or now, B nor D. He is just very, very good at doing what he does.

    He is


  13. Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Barbados is on on the brink of bankruptcy,and our parliament is discussing culture.

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