Afra Raymond:The Three Sides of Corruption

Submitted by Afra Raymond

“Afra Raymond is an anti-corruption activist/blogger whose work – – has focused on the collapse and bailout of the Caribbean’s largest conglomerate – CL Financial – and corruption in the property/construction arenas.

Afra is a Chartered Surveyor in Private Practice and is also the President of the Joint Consultative Council for the Construction Industry – – which is leading the campaign for reform of the Public Procurement system in Trinidad & Tobago.”

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Video shot and edited by Commotion Studios

0 thoughts on “Afra Raymond:The Three Sides of Corruption

  1. This is a video by a Trinidadian blogger/activist who has taken on job of fighting for transparency in Trinidad. He has rocketed to public recognition through his effort to expose the questionable decision-making surrounding the collapse of CL Financial.

  2. @ David
    Caswell listens to you….

    Tell him to watch this video and see what his ordained role in Barbados as Chairman of the National Supervisory Committee is…

  3. outside you bushie and maybe two others .who going to listen to caswell. this guy carries plenty baggage, to be an activist one has to distant themselves from the bosom of politicians past and present and caswell has been in the past too close for comfort. as of now when he speaks he comes across as a disgruntled employee . Activist! NO!

  4. @Bush Tea

    Caswell has walked through the valley of the shaddow of death and fears no evil.

    Agree with you he is one of the few who has the steely character to dessimante a message be it about corruption or maladministration in the public service etc. It is why some time ago BU asked him if he has considered video blogging or simply using his ipad to make recordings about matters of interest. Of course BU would help to push the cause (post videos) and he could post to his Facebook page. Why should Strictly Babzy and Bajan Fari be the ones pushing the message?

  5. HOw can one be considered as a serious activist when one sat in the echelons of political leaders for many years and saw the malfeasons conducted by govt and said nothing.

    • @Caswell

      They are few in Barbados who have walked among the ‘enemy’ and understand what it is like from the other side. The fact is however, it is the people who will decide if the activist has credibility or not. Why are we so quick to shoot down ideas/positions? Give it a chance to work!

      The best of anything sometimes comes from the most unlikely places. Unless omnipotent no one individual can ordain that something is wrong.

    • Here is a little encouragement for Caswell. Those who have been around BU from the start up – Bush Tea, Adrian, Yardbroom et al – may recall that many were quick to shout that BU would NOT survive after one year. This is six years we have been plodding away and although the ‘establishment’ pretends we don’t exist our dashboard and ‘intelligence’ confirms that our message continues to penetrate to those who occupy decision making. It can’t be easy for those who for years have been operating less than honourable to have their actions recorded on the Internet for eternity.

      The moral of the story is to do and not to talk.

    • Again ac you know not of what you speak. Attend any credit union AGM or trade union meeting and mention the name Caswell Franklyn and see the consternation and sometimes fear which it evokes…lol. Caswell qualifies for activist alright but he needs to ramp up his game, he needs to move from parochial to national. If his message loses credibility along the way because of ‘revelations’ so be it but you are anyone cannot sit on your armchair to determine where the catalyst for change will come from.

  6. @ ac
    How can anyone even read what you blog when it is obvious that you are a brass bowl idiot…?
    ….why don’t you shut your trap and listen sometimes….?

  7. what is there to listen to. the only idiot here is you who does not realised that when one lie down with dogs it is obviuous one gets infected, THe activist in the video has over the years demonstrated that he is willing to speak out on various issues that has infested his country regardless of poilical fallout with no political bias can we say the same for caswell.

  8. @ David
    Life is funny….
    Societies are often blessed with the exact talents needed for success. The REAL challenge is to identify and to nurture that talent to the point where it can be exploited for the benefit of the whole society.
    What we have in Barbados is the dysfunction associated with square pegs in round holes caused by persons clearly without the skills, talent or balls to carry out their functions….and an. Environment that makes it difficult to expose and remove them.

    …..much like the nut ac railing on and on on every topic- when it is clear that she is a complete idiot whose contributions justify the arguments of those who suggest that women should keep silent.

    Caswell is a case in point.

    He has always had the desire to do right for his community. He tried to do so in numerous unselfish ways…..thought the army; through the Credit Union; through the political system; thought the legal system; through the Labour movement…..

    In every case, he has suffered the consequences of trying to do the right thing, in a crooked environment.

    Name another person that would not have given up by now, and joined the crooks…..(.if you can’t beat them then join them ….sort of thing…)

    As Mr Raymond has argued, our societies have been hijacked by high level institutionalized crooks and thieves in high places. Trinidad has been way ahead of us, but now that we have invited them and their tainted money to become our masters, we are catching up fast…

    It will take a Caswell and much additional support to stem this slide to doom for Barbados.

    You and your Blog is another lucky break for this country….if we can recognize it…..

    Think carefully and see if the Barbados Unity Party and the framework outlined by the Bushman is not EXACTLY the medicine needed to address the MAJOR CANCER that has taken hold in this region and this country at this time….

  9. i am not saying that Activitism is not needed in this country .however finding the right person who could resonate with the people a need for change is the way to go ,not just because some one knows something or says something. a credible voice is what the people wants to hear and not one who knew something and said nothing but only after the fact. the guy in the video is a “true ” activist saying and doing to inspire people in the present and seems to be self motivated..

  10. i am not excepting you Bush tea to agree with anything i say . But like a “TRUE ACTIVIST” that is not going to stop me. and you as a chauvinist pig have no other choice but to disagree with me . that is your pedigree keep woman silent by calling them idioits. however the fact is if you look a little closer in the mirror you will see the Real idiot looking back.

  11. What does ac know about Mr Raymond?

    “A prophet is not without honor, except in his hometown and among his relatives and in his own household.”

    …does she have any idea why recognition is always given to prophets from over and away, but not from next door…?
    …probably not!

    Even Caswell fails to appreciate his potential value to this country….

  12. @ ac
    Bushie promises that anytime that you manages to say something logical and sensible, the bushman will agree with you…..
    ….but do not hold your breath…. 🙂

  13. @ Caswell:
    Never mind the protestations from ac and her ilk you must keep exposing the corrupt crooks and liars in this hypocritical society preaching one thing and doing the opposite.
    Keep on keeping on with the sword of justice in one hand and the shield of truth in the other.
    If you were highly critical and exposing only the corruption of the BLP administration and giving this current just as corrupt DLP lot a free pass you would be greatest messiah since Jesus Christ in that eyes of that DLP pimp ac and would have won her undying sycophantic admiration and adoration.

    And to Ac, for your eyes only:
    Why don’t you listen to Bushie on this one? Even the miller sometimes do when he is making intellectual sense and morally just contributions.

    Please be a bit more objective when it comes to issues like corruption. Caswell does not deserve you constant baseless tirade. If you can’t say anything meaningful that would inform the discussion and lift it to a higher level to improve governance and minimize corruption and graft which is presently leading to the moral and financial diminution of our society then just excuse or recuse yourself on this topic.

    But then again not even the miller’s crippled foot in your mouth could shut you up.


    Thank you Afra Raymond. We could do with some transparency in the judicial system in Barbados where I was told on Dec 11, 2012, I could not take notes in High Court in a criminal matter (the Anna Druzhinina murder of 2008). Then I was told I could not have the transcript of the judge’s sentencing report. I was told on Jan 11, 2013, by the acting registrar for the Barbados Appeals Court, Ms. Betty Sealy, that I cannot have ANY documents associated with the case on the pretext that the case is finished. THEN she told me I could not have any documents on the pretext that the accused is appealing. She also insisted that the Barbados Court has NO online database for judgments and sentencing reports, which is not true. Readers can view the government database here:
    and here: . Justice Crane-Scott has the best record for posting her sentencing reports.

    However, a sentencing report from 2010 by Justice Worrell for Christopher McCollin is not yet entered into the public database nor is it available at the registrar’s office in the Supreme Court. I learned that it is typical for some of the Barbados High Court justices not to send the transcription of their sentencing statements to the registrar (for public access) for 5 or 6 years or more. Who is responsible to order JUDGES to comply with the law and make their sentencing reports public?

    So, in essence, many criminal sentencing reports remain secret for years in Barbados. The registrar’s office in the Barbados High Court is in dire need of improved documents registration and public access. When I asked the registrar for the High Court for transcripts of the DPP prosecutor’s pre-sentencing statements, I was told to put my request in writing, which I had already done. I asked when I could have the sentencing report from 2010 from Justice Worrell, “When it’s ready,” was the answer.

    When I requested of the registrar and of her secretary the procedures and fees for obtaining transcripts of criminal cases, I was told to put my request for procedures in writing. I have put my requests in writing to the registrar and am awaiting a reply. In common parlance, when the public cannot find out the standard procedures for obtaining public government documents, this is known as stonewalling. Stonewalling is used to maintain secrecy and lack of accountability.

    Secrecy is the formula for corruption. Transparency is the foundation necessary for honest government. The path to transparency is to implement procedures that document transactions and track requests and actions taken on those requests: date of request, date of transaction, time, location, person(s), actions taken, and actions pending. In other words, transparency requires that the STATUS of a request be tracked, not deep-sixed. A mandatory time requirement for responding to requests and complaints is required to make transparency work.

    There is lots of off-the shelf software, often referred to as Customer Service software, available to track document handling and public requests. As an I.T. specialist, I have worked previously as IT manager on large government document management projects, large procurement software contracts (US military procurement), and anti-corruption contracts including recommendations for transparency in the government of Zambia. I was shocked to discover that Barbados might be behind Zambia when it comes to transparency.

    I am grateful to independent news sites such as BU and Barbados Free Press who put pressure on governments for transparency. The BU has previously reported on the murder case of Anna Druzhinina at .

  15. miller my objective says beware of the for the message i have no objection. but protest is like medicine very hard to sallow.

  16. 5 years from now BU will still be here and Bajans will still be on here writing good,bad,ugly and everything in between.

    Until a revolutionary Leader emerges from among us Barbados will continue to be the typical Capitalist country fueled by greed and the level of corruption will continue unabated.

    Some of you who say you live in Barbados seem to be of touch with the average Bajan or you don’t listen to them.
    The average Bajan just want to live like an American or Canadian.

    Bushie’s Barbados Unity Party will have to have the money to buy votes or have a Leader schooled by Fidel Castro and an army to back it up.

    Neva happen.

  17. I am waiting to see how far Caswell and BU David are willing to go to find the TRUTH about the Plantation Deeds affair.

    That is a really good issue that requires “activism”.

  18. I am surprised that amongst the bickering no one has pointed out that T&T had a FOI since 1999 and there is a law called the Integrity in Public Life Act on the books. At least Raymond has a starting point to pursue his investigation and although he may be stymied in some of his requests at least he can resort to the Court for some relief.

    Here in Barbados we have NAS ( Not a Shite)

  19. True Sarge at least Raymond will use the existing laws to fight for information he is requesting. Let us hope he finds an honest judge to hear his case. I agree that we are USC (up shite creek).

  20. Bu is the only thing Bajans have to expose the corruption in Bim. Will there ever be a movement to fight it?

  21. Justice Crane-Scott? need to see what deeds she worked on as a lawyer , We dont like what we see so far.

    Hants@ I will try to be that leader ,I love a good fight

    BAFBFP @ I will use most of my time and i not getting no younger , but most say i dont look old .
    Hants@ All good and clear Person are welcome to help.
    It will be good for the good lawyers to band together and repel the bad lawyers.

    Afra Raymond@ did the math and makes me smile , there is hope

  22. brudda Bim would make a good political activist in Barbados from a laymans point of view he shows no political allegiance to B or D.

  23. Brudah-Bim has stated repeatedly that he is a student based overseas. Added to which an activist is someone whose knowledge base and body of work is wide.

  24. so what! that does not exclude him. people who have the best interest of their country at heart as demonstrated by Brudda bim should not be over looked. however he should be the one making the decision. bajans seem to have this notion that they can make other peoples decisions based on limited information
    further more i notice that the little tin horn dictator Bush tea has not made mention of if or any role woman would have in this Party. well so-so- mention of isgal. AC not interested i speak for her.

  25. @ac

    You seem to have a problem with comprehension. Brudah has indicated several times that he is a student overseas and therefore cannot operate a la Afra Raymond style. In addition to which we all have preferences but it is up to any individual who has the philosophical conviction to take on the role.

  26. look david all that you said doesn’t phase me brudda bim has the makings of a True Activist. note as part as his activism he had launched a petition drive a few moths ago. all he needs is unwavering support and no excuses and i am sure he would be more than willing to accomodate.


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