Jeff Broomes TRANSFERRED – Alexandra Dispute Matter Revisited: The Waterman Report

The following is a critique of the Alexandra Inquiry matter by Senior Law Lecturer at the University of the West Indies Jeff Cumberbatch and a BU family member.

Senior Law Lecturer Jeff Cumberbatch - reproduced from the Barbados Advocate - 04 October 2009

Senior Law Lecturer Jeff Cumberbatch – reproduced from the Barbados Advocate – 04 October 2009

There is an English equivalent, but the French, in their own inimitable way, put it so much more elegantly: “Plus ça change, plus la même chose” – the more things change, the more they remain the same. This might have been the exact sentiment of more than a few objective bystanders after the public release of the report of the Waterman Commission of Inquiry into the Alexandra School. From all accounts, those who were, before the report – see WATERMAN REPORT, in favour of the censure of Mr. Jeff Broomes, the principal, for his alleged misdeeds, now feel a sense of vindication by the report that has recommended, inter alia, his “separation” from that institution. On the other hand, those who were firmly in his corner previously and of the view that he had done nothing wrong, have chosen to reject the commission’s findings in that regard. These opinions are to be expected. But what of the report itself? Has the commission really achieved its objective after the comparatively substantial sums spent on its production?

First, we have to appreciate the limitations of a Commission of Inquiry. Already cribbed, cabined and confined by the provisions of the statute under which it is constituted and by its stipulated terms of reference, the commission is not in itself a punitive body, even though it does have power under section 15 of the Commissions of Inquiry Act, Cap 112, to report certain forms of procedural misconduct during its deliberations to the High Court, which may inquire into the matter and, after hearing the relevant evidence punish the offending individual as if he or she had been guilty of contempt of the High Court.

Read full report in the Barbados Advocate

0 thoughts on “Jeff Broomes TRANSFERRED – Alexandra Dispute Matter Revisited: The Waterman Report

  1. Bush Tea,

    Your thinking re minority shareholding is archaic, just as I suspect you are, with all your BBE nonsense.

    Are you not aware of the countless fortunes that have been made by minority shareholders? by owning shares in successful businesses and raking in the dividends and maybe increasing your original investment 100 fold when the share price increases?. You simply have to have the knowledge or perceptiveness to tell which is which.

    I most certainly would not risk 55% of my house with you, because you have clearly demonstrated an ignorance of good business, but I would certainly be tempted to take a chance if Butch Stewart made the same offer. See the difference?

    To the other person:

    If you want to call getting into the black by creative accounting profitability, that up to you.

  2. The question which needs to be answered is whether the NIS has a concrete plan to invest the proceeds of the RBL sale which yields the same or greater yield. If there is no such plan it means like the Four Seasons matter the support of the respective Boards were coopted/persuaded by central government policy.

    There goes the independence of the NIS Board if this is the case.

  3. Inkwell
    If you need someone else to make your decisions for you, and you are prepared to look around for competent persons to whom you can attach yourself in order to achieve success ….so be it.

    You may not have picked this up before, but personally, Bushie is NOT A HAND TO MOUTH fellow. In fact, you can say that Bushie “got money like bush”…. 🙂 . MORE IMPORTANTLY, BUSHIE GOT PRIDE, …..and BT IS NO PARASITE! So your snide presumptions about the bushman further reflects your quality of judgement.

    You would not risk 55% of your house with Bushie (who is both ethically and financially one of THE most successful men in Barbados without any doubt – Ask David!! ), but you would risk 67% of our National Bank with Trickidadians?

    You shudda resigned earlier…..

    @ David
    Bushie likes your persistent optimism. – TRULY!!
    But do you REALLY think that any of the Boards appointed by our suspect politicians are Independent?
    ….what do you not understand about PUPPETS? If more of these Board members had the GUTS to resign on PRINCIPLE, AND SPEAK OUT when the politicians intervened we would see some change…..
    …but first we would need some principle….

  4. my problem with the cumberbatch”s and the mcaarthy’s is that rather than give the unbridled truth to a yearning for the truthy public tend to skirt around the issues as if they have a political axe to grind. where was mr cumberbatch when layman mr franklyn was informing the public about the uselessness of the commission of enquiry because it had no teeth under the laws of barbados.

  5. McCarthy has an interesting article in today’s paper. Smells like a huge shot across the bow.

    Just Observing

  6. And the crap continues at Alexandra and this is with the Waterman Reort laid in parliament for more than two weeks:

    By Yvette Best | Sat, December 08, 2012 – 12:09 AM

    A number of teachers at The Alexandra School walked out of the annual awards ceremony yesterday morning.

    In what appears to have been a quiet, orderly protest, the majority of teachers represented by the Barbados Secondary Teachers’ Union (BSTU) filed out of the school hall as soon as principal Jeff Broomes was introduced to give his report.

  7. @ balance | December 4, 2012 at 6:38 PM |
    “where was mr cumberbatch when layman mr franklyn was informing the public about the uselessness of the commission of enquiry because it had no teeth under the laws of barbados.”

    And this type of parasitic bandwagon hopper has the unmitigated gall not to at least mention the visionary erudite contribution of Caswell Franklyn to public debate and enlightenment. Mr Cumberbatch follows this blog and would have benefited from Caswell’s well researched and reliably informed contributions on the futility and waste of resources of the Ax inquiry. Not even a reference to Caswell as academic decency and publication guidelines would require.

    These academic parasites only come out of the woodwork when everything is settled and they can lay claim to any informed debate on national issues leading the public to believe that “Mr. Cumberbatch said this and he advised that”.

    Why should they come out early and save the taxpayers a lot of money?
    I suppose these ‘johnny-come-latelys’ need to protect the little picks on the boards and commissions and don’t want to be crossed off the various invitation lists on the cocktail circuit and free food functions. He might even have found out early in the game that any article critical of this administration’s exercise in Ax expensive futility and submitted to the Advocate would not have found favour with the self-proclaimed Murdoch whose role is to ensure the only revenue stream keeping his media empire afloat is not dried up.

  8. A Ministry of Education,with an interest in maintaining order at AX would move to immediately discipline those teachers who walked out of the function,and transfer all of them to other teaching locations including Dodds and Summervale.EWB would have done it via a fireside chat on TV.

  9. Another reason Broomes should be removed sooner rather than later .all respect Loss a smoldering lightning rod with remants of a past

  10. @david
    And the crap continues

    Boy (or girl, lol). You aint see nutten yet! Fasten your seatbelts 🙂

    The only thing that may “save” this AX saga right now is elections. We’ll see.

  11. So who called the Nation newspaper? BU understands that the protest by AX teachers was hardly noticed by anyone attending the function, the Nation photogragher had to be prepped. The games that people play.

  12. The stereotype of Caribbean people espoused by North Americans is that we are “never in a hurry”.

    The Alexandra impasse is incontrovertible evidence that some of us have no concept of “timely” dispute resolution.

    nuh problem maaan…. de children can chill.

  13. Uncle Jeff transferred to Parkinson!

    Stetson Babb’s Facebook Page
    Starcom Network News is reporting that as many as 22 teachers from the Alexandra School including Principal Jeff Broomes were to be handed transfer letters today. Mr. Broomes was to be transferred to Parkinson Secondary and the Parkinson Principal transferred to Alexandra.

  14. Broomes boy, my grandmother say the longest day has an end boy.We await the court injunction. Broomes gine fight this one. Let he go and fight in the Pine and get he f^cking head crack by them Parkinson bad boys.

    We want Broomes for policeman of the Pine. LOLOLOLOL. tek dat

  15. I am sure that if it is true that 22 teachers are being transferred that this is not the outcome they envisioned.

    So much for wanting to bring down Jeff Broomes!

    • What about the vaunted belief for the last several years that certain headmasters, Broomes included, could NOT be transferred?

      Perhaps we are about to see this matter tested in Court.

  16. E2; I am wondering if you are thinking the same way I am.
    Freundel Stuart had the option early on in this matter of sitting down with his Minister of Education, discussing the matter and arriving at a conclusion to transfer Mr. Broomes. Instead, he chose to embarass his Minister, take up the BSTU’s firerage and institute an expensive COI which as Caswell told them rubber teeth only.

    If the report above is true of this Stage X of the matter, it is a huge continuing show of the quality of decisions made by FS.

    The result (as reported above) could not be worse for the image of the PM.

    But perhaps this is just a testing of the waters. Surely the wise heads in the DLP as a party would not allow this non-decision and ridiculous action be taken on the cusp of an election.

    This looks like FS going it alone again.

    I think that FS would have disqualified himself from leadership of the DLP if he has sanctioned this denouement and its timing.

  17. This probably ties in with what I heard from an education official at a Christmas do. The person said they in the ministry expected the teachers to strike as no one in the ministry was touching this AX matter.

    The officials in the ministry feel betrayed by the PM. They felt they were embarrassed when testifying and that since Freundel had taken the matter out of their hands, he could not just toss in back in their laps.

    So who acted? Is it Freundel under advice from the worst education minister we ever had?

    • @Prodigal Son

      Didn’t the PM state in his last public utterance on this matter that the Waterman Report had triggered certain actions and that other departments of government would have to respond? In other words – if we understand him correctly – he has washed his hands of the matter as far as post-COI activity is concerned.

  18. @ Checkit-Out | December 28, 2012 at 5:07 PM |
    “Instead, he chose to embarass his Minister, take up the BSTU’s firerage and institute an expensive COI which as Caswell told them rubber teeth only.”

    You really think that this was a naive faux pas by FS? Think again, mate! This move was a deliberate act to feather the financial bed of some of his cronies from the legal brotherhood. The lawyers chosen for the CoI are either workmates from FS’s early teaching days at Princess Margaret or his practising colleagues in the profession of subterfuge.

    Check and see that each and every lawyer employed by the CoI is a pal of FS. What a brotherhood there is. Even miniature Michael is in the game with Hal as in the CLICO/LP nexus.

  19. @Anon

    sesible people like you and I know that the bank was profitable when govt started to divest itself. It was foolhardy not to have a national bank and a national insurance company, with that control, the banks and the insurance companies licking corp. It was the socalles economic guru who has never contributed to any economic journal that got rid of our silver. May he remain in the wilderness with his economics.

  20. @david 5:43
    Regarding transfer, that was ALWAYS an option. Caswell put it well when he sad new laws render old appointment conditions null and void. In the case of a transfer the only “recourse” is to argue the validity of that appointment letter, which would have to be tested in a court of law…gee, I think we said this exact same thing a full year ago. Lol.

    What will be interesting, is the mix of staff to be transferred….is greaves in there? The deputy? Other BSTU people? The x-factor isn’t Freundel nor Jeff…it’s actually the instigators of the strike in the first place…as well as the people who’ll be transferred into Alexandra……I’ll be listening with bated breath 🙂

  21. i think many of u are really being naive and short sighted here. the earlier article mentioned the transfer of mr broomes as well as the discipline of some teachers. now this other article mentioned that Broomes will be transferred but as usual with bajans they ignored the fact that it also mentioned that other teachers will also be transferred…so even if alexandra loses mr broomes, thank God those menopausal people who assumed the school was theirs, will also be transferred too . so no one can claim that the teachers got what they wanted without noting also that mr broomes got what he wanted

    (i am back but not for long)

  22. if mr broomes is transferred to Parkinson seconday. well good for those students, he lifted the level of success rate in the cxcs at AX so he most certainly will do the same for Parkinson

  23. Observing;

    If this report is true it will indeed be interesting to see who are the teachers that will be transferred. Will it be the 21 who were apparently on Broomes’ side? Will it be a disproportionate number of them with a few others included to give some credence to the action? How were the 21 teachers to replace the ones who will be transferred to Alexandra chosen? Will they be happy about the transfer? Would they be well represented by BSTU if representation is requested? What about the ones from AX who will be transferred, would they be happy with the transfer? Would they be represented by BSTU if requested?

    Doesn’t the transfer of 21 teachers in the second term from one secondary school seem like a totally intemperate thing to do especially by people who profess to have the Student’s welfare at heart? Are the parents and the PTA likely to be happy with this sledge hammer approach?

    I think I recall that there was a newspaper article last week in which Broomes claimed that he hadn’t been contacted by the authorities. If he indeed wasn’t contacted and didn’t agree to the transfer, Is it reasonable to conjecture that his transfer will likely be contested by his lawyers? What happens if that happens and an injunction is brought to stay execution of the transfers? Will BSTU be happy? Will the principal’s organization be happy? Will the teacher’s be happy?

    Has any action been taken on the AX Board? Will the chairman remain untouched? And what about the Ministry itself? Are they any transfers in the offing for senior persons at the MOE?

    I suspect that BSTU would have got their victory but it might well be a pyrrhic one?

    Given the quality of FS’s decisions since he was PM, is it likely that after putting things in the hands of the MOE and the Ministry of Establishments’ technocrats, from whom he’d essentially taken it earlier, that they would indeed move “with dispatch” to put such a scheme in place on their own accord or were they instructed what to do?

    The situation at AX looks very interesting, if indeed the report of the transfers is accurate.

    Verry Interesting!!

  24. Oops
    In my first paragraph above, It should have been “to replace those from Alexandra”, i.e. the ones coming into the revitalised hornets nest at alexandra.

  25. This is a fair resolution Broomes is sanctioned the teachers who like him were playing politics with the education of the kids are also sanctioned. Neither gets to stay at Ax to claim victory.

    As a result of the inquiry laymen like me got to understand the intricacies of a very complex situation at Ax.

    If the reported action is correct its a thoughtful and balanced way to deal with the participants in this sordid affair. Neither Redman/Frost or Broomes wins and the combatants are dispersed elsewhere.
    AX can settle down and move on.

  26. Independant; Your post above seems eminently fair. It now remains to be seen in which camp the transferred teachers were positioned, in order to establish the thoughtfulness and balance in the action taken. Based on Amused’s posts during the inquiry it did not appear that balance was particularly evident there, but perhaps the MOE turned it around when the ball was kicked to them.

  27. Hants; Thanks for pointing me to the Barbados Today story on the COP’s report. BT also had details of the teachers names that were being transferred to and from AX and it does appear to have been a reasonably balanced mix except that I find it difficult to understand why some of the teachers who merely appeared to have testified on Broomes behalf at the COI were also transferred. What role did they play in the problems at the school? Wasn’t the AX problem a matter of the pitched battles between Broomes and an anti-broomes faction of teachers and the intransigence of the MOE and Min of the Public Service in dealing with the problem?

    Independant; It will still be interesting to see the reactions in the next 2 weeks from the transferred principals and teachers. I wonder what inducements were used to soften any resistance to the transfers to AX since it would seem that most of the transfers were not on promotion?

  28. Glad Broomes and most of the teachers were transferred, would finally bring some peace of mind to the alexander’s pupils, who most adults seemed to forget were the true victims who had to endure alot of adult childish behavior and downright dont carish attitude from the minister of education ronald jones .

  29. @smooth chocolate at 7:46 pm. “those menopausal people”

    Dear Smooth Chocolate: Ain’t yo’ mudda a menopausal person too?

  30. @simple simon
    That’s the mentality which when reinforced in this 21st century stifles our progress in every . Piss poor schools vs. upstairs schools. Shoite talk in the highest either from an elite or an ignoramus.

    @check it out
    A clean sweep indeed. Let’s grab some popcorn and wait for the reactions! I’m certain clarke, maloney, redman and mccarthy will have something to say soon.

    @dr. The honourable
    Methinks you may be right!

    Part ya is?? Lol.

    Just observing

  31. Observing; I’m booking my BU ticket to the events to come in the coming weeks.

    But, even though I agree with you about the “big school” and “piss poor” school mentality and the need for it to change. I think that the perception of the population at large is that some schools are more equal than others and that HC and Parkinson are good exemplars of that mentality. The placement of Amaida Greaves at HC and Broomes at Parkinson is, imho, a machiavellian message either of balanced reward and punishment, or a circuitous and disguised attempt to level the educational placement playing field. Take your pick.

    I pick the first intepretation.

  32. I went to HC in the 60s and it was an elitist school.

    The failure of governments in Barbados has been their refusal to raise the quality of teaching at all Secondary Schools to the level of HC and other top tier schools.

    In a just society the education playing field should be level.

  33. David I believe that “average” students can excel in a quality environment.

    Perhaps Barbados has a problem of too many students per teacher.

    I often wonder would have happened if Billie had been successful in implementing her zoning plan. She had a nice map with colour pins to show the number of students in each parish.

    I better hush before uh get

  34. Moving 22 teachers days before SBAs for CXC are due and disrupting students and teachers planning and preparation will lead to the DLP being the first one term government of Barbados

  35. Observing

    I was waiting for the uninformed to have their say.

    Once again, the authorities have shown that this nation’s children are not important in the scheme of things. The decision to transfer these teachers seems more political than a sensible reaction to the troubles at Alexandra. An election is looming so we must have industrial peace during the campaign would appear to have been the major consideration for these transfers.

    The decision shows a major lack of understanding of education on the part of the Public Service Commission, but worse, it shows utter disregard for the welfare of the children that would be affected by these transfers just weeks prior to the start of the 2013 CXC examination cycle. School based assessments are due within the first couple of weeks of the next term. What will happen to the students involved? Are the teachers going back to their old schools to assist the students involved? Who cares about the CHILDREN? Certainly not the Public Service Commission, not Freundel Stuart.

    If Jeff Broomes is so bad, why inflict him on another set of students and teachers. Transfer is only moving the problem: it is not solving anything.

    It is not easy to remove the Public Service Commission but I suggest that the members should do the decent thing and resign because they have now become part of the problem, not the solution.

  36. Anywhere else in the civilised world such chaos would have led to the resignation or dismissal of the Minister and the Board. Political survival seems to take priority over everything else in this country.

    One of my major concerns is that the Chairman of the Public Service Commission is a former Deputy General Secretary of the NUPW who should not participate in this madness. The PSC should follow the rules and be guided by them only. The members of that service commission cannot expect the public and civil servants in particular to believe that they were acting in the best interest of the nation’s children. The sensible among us would believe that the commission used irrelevant considerations in coming to their decision. I hope that they can live with themselves.

  37. in my view the belated transfer action is designed to give the electorate the impression that the commission of inquiry was not a waste of time and money which it was as bro franklyn so eloquently established in his earlier posts. persons working within the public service are subject to transfer as long as they are not disadvantaged with respect to salary or promotional opportunities. it was not neccessary to set up a commission to recommend the transfer of the persons under scrutiny when such decisions fall squarely within the ambit of the chief personnel officer , the public service commission and the ministry of education the administrative bodies set up to deal with such matters in the first place and not the last. these bodies failed to carry out their mr broomes correcly said, barbados is a country of law, which if applied without fear or favour can serve barbados well. god bless great britain.

  38. now bro franklyn you see why the dlp administration has floundered over the past four years. they have advisers like ac who are unfamiliar with the critical and important nuances of public administration and are unable to point their party in the right direction because they do not know.

    • David

      The Public Service Commission seems to be acting politically. It is supposed to be independent of political considerations. It is appointed by the Governor-General on the advice of the Prime Minister; having been appointed it cannot be removed by the PM which should give it its independence. It is one of those boards that does not demit office when Government changes. The problem comes with the calibre of the persons appointed and sometimes hardcore political operatives are appointed and that destroys the independence.

      In Trinidadian, the Police Service Commission publicly rebuked Jack Warner when he attempted to give instructions to the Police. Again in Trinidad, PM, Patrick Manning took the Public Service Commission and lost when they failed to act on his recommendations.

      As Bushie would say, over the years, service commissions have shown that they have no balls.u
      Sent from my iPad

    • @Caswell


      @St. Georges Dragon

      You need to reread the many AX articles including this one. The point was made very early on that the PSC is not obligated to follow the recommendations of the COI. In fact in the article above by Jeff he was at pains to point this out along with Caswell who has done so many times. From the decision being discussed it is obvious the PSC has acted on its on accord?

  39. The Governor General on advice of the Public Service Commission has the authority to transfer and NOT THE PRIME MINISTER.

  40. @To the Point

    We are not in a court arguing administrative law. We as regular citizens should be pragmatic in our evaluation of events. Which brings us to the question – who appoints members to sit on the PSC and how has it function over the years.

  41. I thought Government had said it was going to adopt the recommendations of the Inquiry.
    Waterman recommended that Broomes should be reassigned elsewhere in the Public Service or compulsorily retired; Greaves was to be reprimanded. From Waterman’s findings about Broomes (discriminated against and victimised teachers, mismanaged the school, bullied, flouted the instructions of the Chief Education Officer) it does not appear – at least to me – that he was recommending another Head of school role or that it would be appropriate).
    Parkinson has a strong possibility of suffering a similar fate to Alexandra under Broomes’ guidance in the future.
    A public sector worker has been let off – again – after being found guity of wrongdoing. Nothing will improve if we continue to shuffle failing public sector workers from one badly performed job to another.
    Meanwhile Greaves gets “promoted”. Do I remember her husband was high up in the Education Ministry? If correct I am sure that is a complete coincidence.

    • St. George’s Dragon

      You have made many mistakes in your last comment.

      A public officer has not been let off after being found guilty. As a matter of fact, Mr. Broomes was not charged and tried for any offence. Waterman’s recommendation about transferring him elsewhere in the Service is utter nonsense that should not have flowed from the pen of a former judge. Broomes is a principal of a secondary school: Where else in the Service do you find principals of secondary schools?

      What promotion what? How is it that it is a promotion when a head of department moves to a similar post at Harrison College? You think that it is Combermere? Beverley Lashley was promoted, ask any Combermerian. LOL!

      Leave Mrs. Greaves’ husband out of this mess: he was acting in a post of deputy chief education officer for a while but now that post has been filled. He was never in a position to influence events surrounding this Alexandra affair. People on this blog really did him an injustice, don’t continue.

      For the record Waterman’ recommendations in respect to action against public officers were not worth the paper they were written on.

      Sent from my iPad

  42. @ Caswell:
    “Who cares about the CHILDREN? Certainly not the Public Service Commission, not Freundel Stuart.”

    Fraudel has achieved his objective to put money in his pals’ pockets. Thankfully they have agreed to wait until after the elections to collect the outstanding amounts billed.

    You think these people give two frigs about our children? As long as theirs are not involved or attend the AX or Parkinson the children are just ‘collateral damage’ in this political circus.
    This insensitive uncaring attitude to the poor and ordinary sections of this society is totally despicable.
    There we go again: Froondel keeps fumbling, bumbling, bungling and making a total joke of his decision-making skills.
    How can we have a captain like that to guide us through the on-coming economic hurricane?
    He is worse than that old TV cartoon character called Mr. Magoo. At least Mr. Magoo made us laugh. Fumble’s action and inaction will soon make us cry.

    • There we go again: Froondel keeps fumbling, bumbling, bungling and making a total joke of his decision-making skills.

      I have a problem with you calling what Freundel Stuart does a skill. Sent from my iPad

  43. I am more than happy to see the teachers who were past students and so territorial about AX acting like it was their personal property and stomping ground GONE, most of them should have been fired for not having the intelligence to see how their selfish actions did more harm than good to th AX students, TOTALLY SELFISH AND FILLED WITH SMALL ISLAND POWER. On another note there was absolutely no reason to spend 600K of taxpayers money to arrive at the conclusion that most intelligent people were voicing for well over 8 years, i say fire stuart, jones and all the other slow jackasses involved in hampering and delaying these kids progess in education. Small island power is very destructive when the people who weild it are clueless.

  44. I’m comfortable with the outcome of the enquiry the distribution of Broomes and the teachers is fair justice to all at the same time it sends a message that none of them is bigger than the educational system.

    Firing Broomes and all those teachers would cause massive legal and educational disruption. The Ax issue been around for too long the decision to break up the Ax cliques is sensible not draconian.

    Broomes is on the verge of retirement anyway why fire him him causing GOB to pay him $3mil of my taxes in settlement?

    The enquiry clearly revealed the teachers and the Redman girl are equally as culpable as Broomes. None of them should be allowed to walk away claiming they were triumphant.

  45. @Hants
    ya right ta hush. lol

    the concern is understood

    @Caswell, David, TTP et. al
    correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t the decision for transfers fall directly under the aegis of the Ministry and the Chief Education Officer as obtains now without direct PSC involvement? It happens every term in the primary system but is not a norm in the secondary. Erego the PSC’s involvement in this would only have been at the rubber stamp level. I find we’re targeting them maybe erroneously. Their time will come.

    @st. George’s, Caswell
    EGAD! I hope others also recognise that the recommendations have not been followed (slavishly). Uh tell wunna, get the popcorn and a comfortable seat! This is only the opening act!

    @retired teacher
    good point. this action is fair. But, the questions are.. will it be accepted? will the transfer process be done properly or in typical Ministry fashion? Has consideration been given to the mid-year academic disruption? Will we have a “smooth” transfer or a rocky one to the detriment of students, particularly those doing CXC and SBAs. we’re only at the surface level so far. Time to see what happens as we go deeper.

    @Well well & balance
    “there was absolutely no reason to spend 600K of taxpayers money”

    some may argue that precedents like this need a “basis.” It’s worth is another story altogether.

    just observing

  46. Well, well,well, Mr Caswell the unemployable what makes you feel that someone such as yourself should be taken seriously on the blog or in a Rum Shop for some onecwho has managed tovhave been fired from EVERY JOB you ever had then tried your hand at a one man union, by the very name a Union suggest a grouping of persons, then you tried you hand at theft and not even that you were successful at as you got charged in the Law Courts for theft of that car, remember that Mottley sent the files tocthe DPP so that you should be charged with theft.

    How dare you curse PM Stuart a man of Integrity a man of Honesty a man with Excellent Intellect and a man with a sharp brain and a man that has never been charged with theft of anything and a man that has never been fired from one job unlike yourself who has never managed to keep a job, the PM is light years ahead of you in his ability to sort the trash from the canes are you capable of doing likewise or will you attempt to steal the cane and put it up for sale and get charged for theft once again.

    Go take a sabbatical and have a read of the Bible in particular where it says Thou Shall Not STEAL.

  47. Mr Speaker Sir (Blog Moderator)
    I want to present the fllowing cut and paste item, which is already a document of the House.
    This would be my only comment at this stage of the debate

    Thank you Sir
    I am obliged

    JUST ASKING | December 2, 2012 at 3:27 PM | I said already that the Commission or the Prime Minister should have leaned on BU for direction and the $ 600,000.00 should have been distributed among the Blog Moderator/Owner; Caswell Franklyn; Bushie; Islandgal246; even ac and Carson C Cadogan, Hants; BAFBFP; Old Onion Bags; Scout; Prodigal ; Just Observing; Millertheanu; Checkit; Random ; Sargeant;Yardbroom and all the rest who may have contributed.
    Sound wisdom and advise came from these individuals and even where some were not in agreement, guidance could still have been taken from their values. I salute the men and women of BU even the ones I disagree with at times.

    Respect !!

  48. Retired Teacher hit de nail pon it head. Leff Freundel fuh muh. De man make sure he set up de commission tuh understand wha was really gine on up dey. Once he fine out wha gine on, he tell evrybody in de backanal tuh hush de noise, humble deyself and teach de people children! Dat’s my dear-heart Prime Minister a fair and just man full of integrity. Who want tuh drink rum and cry, drink rum and cry! Who want tuh run court, run court!

  49. Finality is the only resolution.this matter has spanned the life of a young child.taking the bull by the horn is no easy matter.hopefully concrete and profound and meanginful educational reform across the board would be aresult of the inquiry no matters whose toes are stepped on.

  50. @Simple Simon | December 28, 2012 at 11:26 PM |
    Clean sweep.

    Looks like Amaida was kicked upstairs to Harrison College and Uncle Jeff was kicked downstairs to Parkinson.

    Don’t care what wunna say, Harrison College is a big school, and Parkinson piss poor.

    u are not a simple simon, u are a retard with elementary education. u lost sight of the fact that if she .is transferred to Harrision College, due to the caliber of behaviour from teachers and students, she has little chance of carrying on her disgraceful behaviour. she also will not be in a position to decide she is not teaching a class, it simply will not be tolerated there as it might be somewhere else…glad she’s gone from AX, we will see what teaching skills she really has which i assumed amounts to nothing in comparison to the history of Mr. Broomes’.

  51. @ Caswell “Beverley Lashley was promoted, ask any Combermerian. LOL!”

    I agree with you that Beverley was promoted, and Amaida too. And I did not even go to HC or Combermere; nor am I an ignoramus as suggested by Observing.

    I just believe in elitism by MERIT.

    On our school reports we all liked the A’s better than the F’s. Why do we like to fool our children that an F is just as good as an A???

    Our children, even the ones who consistently get F’s know when we are LYING to them, which is why they hate us and have no respect for us.

    And miller etc. talked about the politicians not caring, because their children are not involved, but I’ve never seen an evidence that politicians treat their children any better than labourers treat their children.

    Yes politicians may do their children favours, but how many politicians out there are willing to say to their children “you will get through by merit or not get through at all. I will not do any favours for you.”

    Show me one.

    Show me one single one.

  52. There is now an opportunity for 20 Bajans to shine if they have any pride in themselves.

    Jeff Broomes has an opportunity to show what a competent Principal he is.

    BU will be watching.

    • @Observing

      To your earlier point, do you believe the MOE would have transferred the personnel to the extent they have if there was no COI and the threat of action from a previously inactive CPO and PSC?

  53. @Smoooth Chocolate “u are a retard with elementary education.

    No gal, I went to a couple of big name universities. If you check the top 100 universities in the world you will find mine there.

  54. @retired teacher at 9:18 a.m ” the Redman girl ”

    Girl indeed. Dear Retired teacher you should know better that to refer to a middle aged woman as a girl.

    Any old man or woman with a long expired degree can refer to a professional middled aged woman as a girl.

    I will note that not a soul on this blog has referred to Jeff as a boy.

  55. @david
    The easy answer is no. Not for lack of cause and reason but for uncertainty and inaction. As mentioned, transfers are not the “norm” in the secondary system, hence obvious hesitation to use them as a tool for resolving matters. Ac hopes for conclusive resolution, but any resolution must go through “fire.”. This mass transfer will now have to be debated, tested, and vindicated for closure to commence. Let’s see the reactions of the BSTU, Jeff’s lawyers, BAPPSS and the teachers who are being sent to AX. Therein lies the “correctness” of the action and the sense in the inquiry.

    Just observing

  56. Haunts and Simple Simon

    You are so wrong that the Government has not made any effort to train teachers across all schools.
    The newer secondary schools have the most highly qualified staffs.
    There are no better teachers in any older secondary school as against newer secondary schools in Barbados.
    In fact teachers in the newer secondary schools would have to be better teachers because THEY RECEIVE CHILDREN WHO GOT BELOW 50% in the common entrance and at school leaving some of them have ten CXCs.

    Consider your statement against these facts.
    Principal of Harrison College- Went to school at St. Leonard’s
    Principal of Queens College – Went to school at Parkinson

    Why is St. Leonard’s now called Harrison College Annex?
    Most of the Chemistry, Physics and Spanish CSEC and CAPE students do lessons there on Saturdays with teachers from St. Leonard’s from morning until evening

  57. @ Clone | December 29, 2012 at 3:43 PM |

    You have just made out an excellent watertight case for the abolition of the Eleven Plus exam.
    I am proud of you for breaking out of the mould of partisan ignorance and myopia.
    Keep it up, Clone! Next move is to petition on this blog your DLP administration to do another 1961-62 transformative policy decision in Education and make a paradigm shift in how education is to be valued.
    ICT can level the playing field and release a whole sea of talent at all levels of the socio-economic landscape of Bim. There is absolutely no need to pigeonhole and label our young people so early in their lifelong educational journey.

  58. It pleases me to read that good teachers are distributed across the secondary school landscape.
    It is the way it should be.

    Public schools should be on a level playing field.

    The Elites can send their children to private school.

  59. Miller
    Everything I put on this blog I believe in and do so anonymously because I would become a political victim. I do not see myself writing ignorance. I have posted against B and D unlike you who believe that it is alright to commit acts like taking a cheque not intended for your account but putting it there and still can become Prime Minister again.
    Barbadian have their heads buried in the sand when it comes to education and the school system.The Prime Minister did the country a great service by calling an enquiry.
    You see this behavior was going on in all of the Government schools of Barbados. Now the Ministry will have to act on reports made to the Ministry where teachers do not teach or Principals bring in teachers who they know and not following the procedures for hiring teachers.

    Sorry Miller for spoiling your day though
    You will have to go to the post which says that Dottin should pack his bags to see my political attack on Mia Mottley re-education and edutech

  60. @ Clone | December 29, 2012 at 4:43 PM |

    What’s wrong with you, Clone?
    Here I am ‘bigging’ you up and making you look important and able to think outside the partisan box and now you have gone and spoiled it by going back to old hat of a previous dispensation now long passed.
    Get real man and live in the present, although learning from the past.

    But we forget, a Clone can never be his intellectual self but a copycat of partisan ignorance and myopia.

  61. @ miller,
    Clone wrote……………..I have posted against B and D unlike you who believe that it is alright to commit acts like taking a cheque not intended for your account but putting it there and still can become Prime Minister again…

    You should know better than to ‘big up and make Clone look important and that he is able to think outside the partisan box”. These DLP hacks cannot change.

    The debate is all about the foolishness going on with AX and Clone ups and bring up a worn out story about Owen Arthur. These DLP hacks never say a word about the CLICO policyholders millions that their dead king stashed away in Families First account which this present gang cannot get their hands on nor the policyholders neither would they talk about the millions of CLICO policyholders monies he laundered away in Thompson Associates but always bringing up a dead issue of a cheque. They never talk about the questionable dealings of Kenny Worst, Michael Lashley, Dennis Lowe or Hammie La. He left such a good legacy that the only remnants of Thompson Associates today is the hole in the wall where the gold plate bearing his name was ripped off!

    Be off, Clone, the people of Barbados dealt with that issue in 2008. I am satisfied with OSA’s explanation. Too bad you believed the lies your dead king told you. Too bad he aint alive to face the facts about CLICO and now Mr Molasses trying to fool the policyholders that there will be a solution in March. It is too late for Mr Molasses!

    I was speaking to a young intelligent lady today. She said to me that she foolishly voted for the DLP in 2008, never again would she vote DLP. She said it took the BLP three terms to become arrogant but it only took the Dems one year. She then began to list all the woes and ills since 2008. So if a lot of young people are thinking like this, the DLP ass is grass! You may yet have to put up with OSA!

  62. Broomes has been doing foolishness for at least six years. The teaching-learning processes of the students of Alexandria School had been compromised yet it took a strike by teachers and a threat to ramp up the strike, Prime Ministerial intervention with a $600 000 Commission of Inquiry (which came to the same conclusions as a earlier Ministry investigation of the school) to get the Ministry of Education and the Public Service Commission to do what probably should have been done four years ago!!!.

    If it took all this bachannal to solve what was really a fairly minor issue how will this country respond to the really big issues of growing the economy and creating employment and wealth for our people, protecting the natural environment and the resources it provides (like water), securing our country from the threats of drug dealers, human traffickers and even those terrorists of many different persuaions and dealing with the health threats posed by chronic non communicable diseases (just to name a few)?

  63. Mr. Broomes is a classic example of the “Peter Principle” in action, not every school teacher is destined to become a Head Teacher nor every Priest a Bishop nor every Bank Teller a Branch manager etc. Generally the people who work with individuals like Mr. Broomes suffer in silence hoping that he can be further elevated to become someone else’s problem but how long is too long before it comes to an end?

    It is too bad that Mr. Broomes is being foisted on some other children, parents and teachers , the Ministry of Education should have the power to assign him to a desk job where he can work on individual assignments and out of harm’s way.

    There are some good educators out there who have longed toiled in their field without seeking recognition or publicity but who derive satisfaction from seeing their charges achieve success academically and in their chosen fields, let’ applaud these individuals rather than spend time dissecting the sorry spectacle of an Alexandra School under the Administration of Mr. Broomes.

  64. @Sargeant,

    If Broomes is spiteful and vindictive like me, he will park his ego and go to Parkinson and become a great Principal of that school.

    There is nothing sweeter than success when failure is expected.

  65. Caswell,

    Do you know why Queen’s College is not involved in any of the transfers? Strange, dont you think? Why was HC chosen for the cause of all this trouble? Is it because the Principal of HC took a stand for the principal? Revenge? Spite? Give the HC principal the headache? I wonder?????

    Mrs Greaves would do well to know up front that the HC principal is nobody’s fool and the stunts she pulled at AX would never be tolerated by Winston Crichlow! Just saying!

  66. @David

    I could not respond to ur query earlier because my internet was being eratic like Enuff, and that Caswell stole my thunder how the commission is appointed.

    Regardless to how we think, as long as politicians can appaoint they will disappoint. Caswell is quite cognisant that Owen Arthur appointed people to top positions in the Public Service under the guise of Public Service Reform. His wife benefitted from a high payying job in the service as well as Kerrie Simmon’s wife, among others. Until the power of the prime minister is curved we will get no where. Just remembered how David Simmons was appointed as CJ.

  67. You forgot the mention the blatant nepotism being practiced under this present administration that you support. Just check with John Boyce, Richard Sealy, Michael Lashley, Stephen Lashley, Esther Byer Suckoo andthe rest of them. then let us start to talk about the power of a PM!

  68. Much of the problem with Broome and Farley is that they revel in publicity .They both should have been told to follow the rules and stop speaking to the media on every and every subject- as they are prone to do- unless authorized to do so by the Ministry.They both have become a law unto themselves.Amaida Greaves,Beverley Neblett,Leslie Lett have been let off lightly.They should have been fired.They may be called teachers but were not called to the vocation.Their swinish and despicable behaviour has tarnished the AX school and its reputation, so richly deserved over the many years of its existence,and might have denied Barbados of some fine scholarship if only they had used their energy to impart knowledge and positive values in their charges.They will be forever damned.

  69. New Year’s Honours List
    printshare0 comments Sat, December 29, 2012 – 8:00 PM
    The following is the New Year’s Honours list for 2013.

    The Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE)

    Shirley Vivienne Bell

    For public service and services to the legal profession

    Everson Robinson Elcock

    For services to business

    Charles Emile Straker

    For services to tourism and the music industry in Barbados


    Joan Lorraine Blackett

    For services for education

    Anthony DeVere Browne

    For services to industry and culture

    Larry MacDonald Mayers

    For services to broadcasting


    Victor DaCosta Farrell

    For services in the field of medical laboratory technology in Barbados and other Caribbean counties

    Robert Jeffrey Kinch

    For services to tourism and hospitality

    Arlene Eleanor Miller

    For services to the financial sector

  70. The current solution to the AX problem has been largely represented and accepted as being a thoughtful and even handed solution that shows the PM in a good light and casts Broomes and the protagonist teachers in a poor one.

    But suppose that we are just viewing smoke and mirrors at the present time.
    I was made aware today that one of the teachers being transferred

  71. Oops! clicked the wrong key above. (continuing)

    ……. has not yet received any official notification of her transfer but saw her name on Barbados Today last night. There are probably several others of the 22 reverse transferrees who have been dealt with similarly. Many of them will now have additional travel expenses and other disruptions, in addition to the major disruption of being moved at an important time in the school year from the charges to whom they were committed. They are in a perverse position for people who had nothing whatsoever to do with the AX imbroglio. Random punishment I suppose, theirs not to wonder why.

    Mary Redman may be thought of as having an easy job and no need to protest the transfers, as the teachers whom she championed at AX have largely been well treated. It appears that their transfers have been thoughtfully worked out and have been to Schools that are largely considered by most bajans to be promotions OR they have not generally been transferred to schools that would result in significant disruptions to their travel schedules re. getting to and from the new school or transporting children etc. So they might not protest too much. So the architects of the transfers appear to be very thoughtful in their treatment of the AX transferees. But the uprooted teachers coming to AX might think differently. It appears that no-one consulted with them or anyone else of the teachers before the decision was implemented.

    It is going to be very interesting to see how the Unions deal with the problems of the transferees to AX, and there will be many. I also hear that a few teachers are seeking legal opinions on their unwonted and sudden disruptive transfers, given that they dealt only with their respective Boards re. their hiring and other matters not the MOE or Services Commissions.

    The timing of the disruptions was certainly not thoughful, if the intent was to cause as little disruption as possible. Indeed, I suspect that the timing was possibly to project an image of someone solving a problem in one year that his predecessors could not solve in eight and little consideration would have been given to softening the AX students’ learning environment at this time or indeed that of the other schools where new senior teachers would have to rise to a call not of their calling.

    ’twere better if the problem was kicked down the road for a solution in the next school year in September 2013 by whoever is in power then, but such a solution might not big up certain individuals and so, imho, the decision was taken to risk confusion at this time.

    There are many other considerations in this matter which are likely to start being engaged in public within the next 2 weeks that might show that the transfers were not as thoughtful or even handed as most consider.

  72. Think on these things;
    The New Year’s Honours list looks like a good one to me and I am sure the recipients are all highly deserving of the honours. I would like to congratulate all of them but would like to highlight three of them, who I know have given excellent service to Barbados over the years and have led exemplary lives. Shirley Bell; Everson Elcock and Victor Farrell.

  73. Just hope Mary Redman does not think she is a winner in this and was not meant to be one, the winners should be these poor students who had to endure years of negative, backward behavior from so called adults who are unable to resolve conflicts with respect.

  74. I should like to add my two cents worth re the New Years Honours List.Emile Straker has done more than most with his Merrymen to establish Barbados as a tourist haven for the Canadians in particular.Emile and the Merrymen,the Barbados Police Band,Paul Foster and his Publicity Committee have combined to make Barbados the favourite tourist destination of Canadians from the 70’s and they all richly deserve honours.I would recommend to the BTA that they revisit the Canadian and Venezuelan markets,both countries prospering in the current downturn.

  75. Mrs Greaves would do well to know up front that the HC principal is nobody’s fool and the stunts she pulled at AX would never be tolerated by Winston Crichlow! Just saying!
    what stunts did she pull at Ax mr prodigal?

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